i hope all of these move

I wish I could relate Bryan’s full speech at the closing ceremony but - between his speech and how respected and appreciated this man’s made me feel, he literally moved me to tears so I can’t tell you word by word.

He did thank us again though, and said that we all need to be understood and to be seen and basically that’s what we do with each other in fandom, that he’s amazed we treat each other with such love, that in the entertainment industry they are lucky to be in the business of curing loneliness, and that is what this community is doing, curing loneliness.

I hope there’s a video ‘cause I’m not fully doing that speech justice though.

Deku and his 'uneasy look'

I’ve been thinking about this since Nighteye was introduced: how the people are not looking for a faint light but a dazzling one; how the one on the top shouldn’t express worry or doubt; how All Might was able to instill fear in villains and hope in people.

How All Might is able to inspire calm in people without a shadow of a doubt, and have them completely rely on him with smiles on their faces. But Deku isn’t like All Might in that manner, not yet, he’s got a long way to go.

Instead of calm and absolute reliance, Deku inspires people to move, take action, and help themselves, as he deals with the problem or villain. I’m not going to go as far as claim that’s better, it’s just something to think about. Because more than calling it ‘uneasy’, it was a look of sincere concern. And that’s what gets the people around him to move.

The best example of this would be Kouta, the kid who was introduced to dislike heroes, and think saving people isn’t something to gloat about when you can’t even save yourself. But what happened with him when Deku was saving him, and protecting him against that villain? It wasn’t like what you would expect of All Might, where people rejoice and are confident they’ll be saved. Instead, he was crying, they were both panicking. They both think they were going to die, because Deku didn’t look like he could beat the guy, he didn’t think that either.

So what did he do? He moved his ass, and used the quirk he inherited from his parents to fight back. Even as the littlest of distractions, he took action. Because that’s what he saw in Deku’s face, the need for help. At the same time, Deku’s concern for him, when Deku told him to escape.

Coincidentally, this same expression is what Deku claims to see in Kacchan’s face, that gets him to move and save Kacchan when the need arises. (I don’t ship it tho)

But this doesn’t just affect people that need saving, because the very reason All Might chose Deku in the first place was because Deku inspired All Might to move. And more than the expression of needing help, it was the concern.

Bottomline, I love the contrast of All Might’s smile showing confidence and inspiring calm, while Deku shows sincere concern and inspires action.

I’m sure there are more examples of this point, I just didn’t have time to re-read the entire manga. And I may have forgotten some too, I just wanted to get this off my chest. 🙃

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Hi ^^ BTS reaction to you meeting them for the first time at a fansign

Taehyung: He he would find you one of the cutest things he had seen all day. He would want to leave a good impression on you, something that you would go home and replay in your head for the next few hours if not days. He would move the loose hair out of your face or tuck a few strands behind your ear if you let him.

You’re too sweet- How am I supposed to be cool around you?”

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Yoongi: I think he would like Taehyung and try to make an impression on the person so that he would stand out from the rest of the boys. He would compliment the person and listen carefully to what they had to say to him, holding your hand in the process.He would nod along and reply softly to what you said.

I’’m listening, please keep talking.” “What a brat.” “I’m really glad that’s working out for you-”

Originally posted by jeonbase

Jungkook: Boi the fan service in this one is strong as it is, so if he saw someone who caught his attention, this would multiply by three. He would hold your hand the whole time if you let him, laughing at the things you said and just overall enjoying your company. Taehyung would tease him and try to steal your attention, causing Jungkook to playfully shove the other boy

Wait your turn! Can’t you see we’re having a very important conversation?”

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Hoseok: He would instantly melt when he saw you, especially since you were so nervous. Whenever you got over to him, he would do his best to make you feel more comfortable and relaxed while you spoke with him. He would ask if you were going to one of their concerts, pouting slightly when you said you couldn’t because of a test.

Ahhh, you’re not?- That’s too bad, I really wanted to see you again, I’m really enjoying our conversation! Wishing you luck on your test, you’ll do great, I’m sure of it!” 

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Jin: He would get lost in your conversation, not listening to the things around him, just you and your voice. He would nod here and there and smile softly at certain things you said. Your voice was just so soothing to him. Whenever you asked him if he was okay, he would take your hand in his and smile. 

Of course, I guess I just got lost in your voice. Please, continue.” 

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Namjoon: He would be very into your conversation, listening very carefully in the loud, crowded area just to make sure he heard everything you had to say. He would be quite giggly, showing off his precious dimples. When you gently poked one of them he would become a little shy before grabbing on of your hands and making you poke yourself in the cheek. 

You’re too cute-” *poke* “So that’s how it’s gonna be?” *poke*

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Jimin: He would be the one to get flustered the most when you compliment and tell him that you’re extremely proud of him and the other boys. Overall, you supporting him and telling him how them and their music makes you feel would make him gush, reaching for your hand when you looked as if you were going to cry. Using his other hand to lift your chin so you were looking into his eyes, he would give you a warm smile. 

Don’t cry. If you cry then I’ll cry, and trust me. I’m nowhere near as pretty as you when I cry.” “If you ever feel bad, just listen to me sing, listen to my voice. If that doesn’t work, cheesecake makes everything better.”

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Thank you so much for requesting! I hope you enjoy!

What happened at the airport was an embarrassing mess. The boys and staff could barely move. Rocky supposedly fell. MJ got separated from the group on the way to the van. They all looked super stressed. i really hope no one got hurt. (In on vid it looked like mj was limping but i hope its not an actual injury) And i hope aroha in the future know better than to do this. Its not that hard to give people personal space and respect. Wanting to be close to your fave doesn’t give you the right to put other people’s safety at risk.

*She didn’t comb her hair.  And she smokes.  And she has a man’s bow-tie.  And she drinks coffee.  And she reads without moving her lips.  And worst of all, she’s Italian.  

*This may be the end of civilization.  Look, she put her elbow right on the table.  It’s pretty bad.  I hope this warning doesn’t come too late.

Bloody Smiles

Characters: Dean, Reader & a random girl.

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warning: This is dark. Kidnapping, violence, talks of blood, sexual content, codependency & blood kink.

Summary: Dean and Reader are in an established relationship, that’s not at all healthy in the eyes of society. However, according to them what they have is perfect. They move from town to town wreaking havoc and leaving bodies in their wake.

A/N: The lovely @minininjanerd had sent in a request for a dean x reader, with this song as inspiration. Tear you apart by She wants revenge. I hope you all enjoy because serial killer!dean is one of my favorites. You like? Let me know because I love feedback! Have a great Monday!

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My life is over. My mom got ahold of my unlocked phone and definitely knows that I have a girlfriend. My dad too. They weren't supposed to find out ever. At least until I moved out. I don't know what they are going to do. I'm scared.

Stop.  Breathe.  Stay safe.  If they react violently, tell someone.  Get help, and do everything you can to stay out of harms way.  Make sure you have a safe place (friends house, lgbt youth shelter, etc.) that you can go to if you are in danger or get kicked out.  It will be okay, no matter how they react, you can and will survive.  We believe in you.  We all hope that they react well!  Wishing you love and peace, Mod Hooper.

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so do you see Taako coded as a POC?? just genuinely curious. honestly ive always just thought of him as white bc Justin is and i think it would be weird of him to try and play out nuances that he doesnt have any experience with? if that makes sense? like i definitely see a lot of other characters in taz as POC. like imo i can see Ango being played by a kid like Forrest Wheeler or Kraavitz in my head just looks like Chadwick Boseman 1/2

but again these characters arent like. focal? they come in as secondary characters to move the story along but we dont hear much on their background so its open for interpretation. i feel like im being scatterbrained but i hope that made sense? i am white, though, so i could be way off base here and in that case, i apologize. i dont dislike POC Taako at all- i love it-just in my head ive always pictured him white. but id really love to hear you have to say about it! 2/2

i want you to analyze why you can easily see the side characters as poc but not a main character (taako in this case) even tho both justin and griffin are white and playing Characters in the same game. just think about why that might sound a bit :/

especially considering THB’s backgrounds

trying to help your community and the people you care about, losing a loved one(s), dealing with (or neglecting to address) trauma, taking care of yourself from an early age, becoming a chef, accidentally hurting people, being a bad dad, being ashamed of past mistakes and trying to make up for them, having a crisis of faith

none of those experiences are exclusive to white characters, they can happen to anyone, so just….ruminate on that for a minute

but anyway yeah, i see taako (literally named after a mexican dish) as a brown mexican man. magnus? also a moc. merle? you guessed it, moc. as far as i’m concerned no one is white

fantasy of color is the reason the sun rises in the morning. it’s all i want forever and ever, until the end of time, to infinity and beyond times ten (x10) the end

Very Important News

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Hey everyone,

Some unforeseen developments have arisen in RL business affairs, and as a result, for the next month after the end of this coming weekend all my RP and replies will be kept entirely to weekends.

It’s not great, but if the month is successful, more time will again be had, and it will be on better terms.

In light of this, some things will have to be moved up or pushed back, and I NEED you all to communicate with me.

@halenvar @kurel-andiel @shaded-hawke We need to figure out some timeframe or thing to do about what we’re doing reviving Kurel’s ship without slowing everyone else’s RP down much.

@willowgust @halenvar We’re still good for setting up Sunspire’s titan defenses this weekend, but I’m hoping Peia can also do the enchantment thing to help Aranya find @rarivsha and Ra you can just poke me when it works for you to be found, I know you’re handling RL, too.

@zaderick We can RP in Shattrath some weekend, we just need to get that on the calendar.

@tenuouslytenebrous @auorora Jade stuff = some weekend or at the next @tattered event, or some night this week if you’re both on.

@grandynetheroshan Still writing you that starter.

@safrona-shadowsun I may not get you that reply. *epic sad* :(

@wolf-queen @rizzythemonk @kurel-andiel The naga prophecy MAY get delayed to summer, but I still want to get back closer connections with Celestine so we’ll figure out some other business.

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So I just read an article about Andrew talking upcoming episodes and stuff and Mon El's secret is coming in the episode after next weeks. I'm worried for my Karamel babies!

I’m sorry if I can’t be as articulate and reassuring as usually because I’m still all hyped up about this episode and very emotional. You know we need drama after so much sweetness and adorableness! But they’ll be okay. I’m sure Kara will understand that Mon-El only wanted to move on from his past and from who he was and who cares about who he was?? What matters is the person he is becoming. And Kara will realize that (I hope!).

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same anon who asked when you are moving to KC. I should not send questions in the middle of the night sorry for the typos! Hannah is pretty funny and adding your humor on top of that is just icing on the cake! I'm pretty sarcastic most of the time but I find it funny when people don't get my sarcasm! Anyways you seem like a fun person to hangout with! I only live about 3 1/2 hrs from KC but I hope you like it!

Hannah wishes she was as funny as me. I hear her mumbling it in her sleep all the time. Sarcasm is the way to my heart, so if you’re ever in KC when I move let me know. I’m going to need some new friends to hang out with!

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Should we have heard about TBL's season 5 renewal by now?

Not necessarily.  While NBC has in the past couple of years announced a lot of renewals by February, they seem to be moving slowly this year all around.  For example, they haven’t renewed any of the core Chicago franchise series which are basically all considered absolutely safe for renewal.  As I understand it, the outside date for renewal is usually before advertiser upfronts in mid-May.  So it’s possible we may be left hanging until well after TBL returns on April 20 (though I hope not!)  

I hate applying for jobs. One application usually takes 2 hours and all my energy. Maybe that’s why I haven’t found a job. I move so slowly but there aren’t many jobs in Philly in my field anyway. Was hoping to get a few done today and all I got was one. I have no confidence in getting in any of these jobs anyway. I feel inadequate. I’m beat. And broke. And unemployed.

And my car needs 600$ of repairs over some random valve that broke and I have about 80$ in my bank account. I’m not even supposed to drive it until it’s fixed but I have no choice.

I need a job so fucking badly. 

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Sorry to ask but your theory about cross promotion/ PR is based on the notion that people who work together can not date otherwise it doesn't prove anything except that GA and PM are moving in the same circles and are connected through talent agents/ publishers/ networks etc. Haven't you ever seen romances starting in a professional environment or through common friends, co workers etc? And how your assumption that work and romance can't be mixed up apply to GA and DD? I hope you answer.

Of course relationships and romances start through work connections at times.  

All I’m saying, and I’ll repeat it again, is that there’s nothing that shows us in any way that Gillian and PM are romantically connected.  The story and rumour can be traced back into the fandom and, even if you choose to remove that aspect, there would still be those of us who would be able to offer professional thoughts and insight and just plain logical views that there’s something very off in the way Gillian and PM interact, the timing of their sudden appearances together, and the one-sided nature of everything that reflects on PM, not Gillian.  When something’s off, there’s always an explanation for why.  It just requires thought and knowledge.

Just because fans don’t see it or don’t know the ins-and-outs of how things work doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist or isn’t real.  

And exactly because there are connections that can explain all the unusual imbalances, awkwardness, timing and strange appearances, is exactly why they should be considered and thought about.

If, after you do that you still don’t agree, that’s fine.  Time will tell.

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IM CRYING THIS EPISODE WAS AMAZING😍😍😍 i know you're not a fan of Sherry but I cried over her note to dwight 😭😭😭😭 personally I hope she comes back

Are you being sarcastic? LOL

I liked the episode (someone should give Josh Mcdermitt ALL THE AWARDS) but I only liked the Negan and Eugene parts. Obviously, didn’t like Sherry’s part at all lol

Were you seriously moved by that letter? LOL I’ll admit I don’t remember most of the letter (I zoned out) but I remember thinking it was one of the most manipulative passive-aggressive letters ever LOL

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Rules: Answer the questions and tag 9 people you want to get to know better.

How old are you? 22

Current Job? none ;_______;

What are you talented at? i honestly don’t know singing, i guess? sometimes i like to think i can write but lately that hasn’t been going well at all

What is a big goal you are working towards (or have already achieved)? graduating from college (though honestly at this point i have Stopped Caring that i still have one upper-level class left for my major and that i will never finish the paper required to complete the one i took last semester and now i’m just hoping i can move out of the house before my parents figure out that i haven’t actually graduated), getting a job, moving out of my parents’ house because i love them but they’re driving me a little crazy lately, living in the same place as my gf

What’s your aesthetic? depending on the day, it could be something like “i live in 9th-century northern Europe and Christianity hasn’t made it up here yet,” or it could be “i’m in high school and i run cross country and it’s summer so all i’ve been doing is running and eating and spending time with my friends and i dress accordingly” 

Do you collect anything? i used to collect small decorative boxes and i still have them all but i haven’t added any new ones in years

A topic you always talk about? my personal relationship with atheism and why it’s important to me (when i’m drunk), having too many books to read, my anxiety 

Pet peeve? people on the internet using Edain as a singular noun or referring to humans after the first age as Edain, the fact that i will never again live in the same town as all or even most of my current friends  

Good advice? refill your meds early or you’ll end up like me, several days into withdrawal and feeling like your head is full of cotton balls 

Recommend 3 songs: This Is What it Feels Like - Banks, In Memoriam - The Oh Hellos, Shark - Oh Wonder

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Anyways, thank you for following my blog!! I know some people are still waiting for their asks to be answered, but things have been happening in my life, and I sadly have to move my time for Tumblr aside. Hope you loves understand!

Remember, you all made me cry tears of joy (which by the way, made my day better)! You motivate me to work harder, and I will! 

Again, thank you!