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Motel Room (Calum Hood blurb)

Slight nsfw due to cursing and mentions of sex.

This is a sequel to “I Hope So” which is a continuation of “Confessions”. But you can still understand this blurb even if you haven’t read it’s predecessors.

Hope you enjoy! :)

All color drained out of your cheeks when you entered your crummy motel room to find Calum there. He was perched on the bread, apologetic, anxious look in his eyes. He weakly smiled and croaked “Hey, roomie.”

Typically, 5 Seconds of Summer, one of the most popular bands of modern time, would stay in posh hotels with multiple bedrooms and clean sheets, sleeping on the most comfiest of mattresses, before appearing on stages before masses of adoring fans. And you, being the lowly assistant to their manager, would sleep in the crappiest of motels. Truly, you had seen the underworld of overnight lodgings, enduring cockroaches and mold coated showers. And, during this one particular tour, the boys ended up getting to share such luxuries - their five star hotel having, literally, burned down due to an accident with a gas stove. In total, there was six of you - and only three vacant bedrooms. Luke and Arzaylea got their own room. That was a given. Then there was the awkward decision of who was going to share a space with the girl: you. And, as you discovered upon entering your motel room with luggage and bags, Calum had been chosen. Calum: the boy who’d almost kissed you - twice, in fact. Who had feelings for you. Who was still your friend. Still your closest confidant. And a person who provoked stressful, confusing feelings that contradicted everything you past believed.

It would be simple just to date him, right? Just be his girlfriend, kiss his forehead, hold his hand, feel his knuckles brushing against your cheek as he leaned in to kiss you - breath scraping against your lips. Ah, yes. So simple. Except, you were you - nervous, shy, always worrying about the future, and 100% positive that if you were going to date someone, they’d have to be around. Like, for a long time. And that wasn’t an option with Calum. You realized that after your second-almost-kiss. That a relationship with Calum would most likely result in late night crying, sleep-deprived snapping, and frequent arguments. You knew you wouldn’t be able to handle the fact that he’s regularly surrounded by goddess-like models and busty groupies, and that you’d be sulking in crummy motels - wondering when he was going to take you on that vacation, or buy you that puppy, or actually take you out on that date like he had promised he would.

And then there was that crush you had on Luke. Or, once had. Granted, there still was a slight attraction, the allure of his blue eyes and enticing stubble always being a temptation. And maybe the reason why you’re crush on him had lasted so long was because he was completely uninterested. Without even the slightest chance of an actual relationship, you never had to confront the fact that Luke would also be busy with work, and had some traits you didn’t agree with, and sometimes acted in ways you didn’t like, and hung with people you weren’t fond of. But with Calum, you’d challenged that issue countless times. And you could list a million reasons as to why this boy was the most impractical person to ever fall for. But you can’t just shut your emotions of or reason your feelings away. Unrealistic or not, Calum was gradually appearing in your dreams more often, becoming a mysterious, attractive figure that would make your knees dissolve to jelly and your hands tremble.

And now, the same boy who was haunting your thoughts and causing your heart to race, was to be sharing a motel room with you - which had one bed.

“Hey…” You hoarsely responded, knees already beginning to liquefy. There was a deafening silence which followed after your whimpered greetings, one that gradually drowned you both before Calum, snapping up right, stated “Welp, I’ll be hanging with Michael and Ashton.”

“Yeah, I’ll take a shower.” You said as he slipped past you. You didn’t have to turn around to know that he looked back just before the motel door closed behind him, the outside night air briefly cooling your back before dissipating.

A searing but soothing hot spray of water hit your head as you stepped into the shower, soaking your hair and sore spine. You began to lather your strands with rose scented shampoo, revelling in the sensation of hot droplets trailing down your cheeks and lips. Would Calum’s kisses be just as scorching? Peppering your cheeks and becoming feverish, open mouthed pecks as they wandered down your neck, your chest, your stomach. Absentmindedly, your hands smoothed over the areas that you imagined Calum’s plump lips touching - your fingers halting just above your pelvis, right at the sensitive dip into more private areas. Trying to focus on the task on hand, you switched your activity to soap - rigorously lathering up the bar.

Calum was good in bed though. That you knew to be true. You’d heard groupies talk about it. Old flings his friends with benefits, as well. And it was just obvious too. Somebody that athletic, that attractive, that tempting - he just had a vibe that made bedroom activities all the more exhilarating. And, to an extent, you did want exhilarating. Licked searing skin and swollen love bites. Hair being pulled and spines arching back as you rode out a high. But you also wanted gentle and soft. Somebody who made love rather than fucked. Could Calum do that? Have his voice begin to whimper and waver as he begged to touch you, to love you? His eyes flutter shut as he released a long, shaky sigh? Press his forehead into your chest, worshipping the skin he got to caress, arms tightly wrapping around your spine, trying to pull you in as close as possible?

You tore the shower curtain aside, stepping out into a now sweltering bathroom. As you pressed a towel into your face, you froze up at the sound of a TV playing. Calum was in the room. He was only a few feet away, separated off by just a wall. Could he hear your breathing? Your hammering heart? Your lewd thoughts? What would he think if he could? Would he be happy that you were actually returning feelings? Hell, would he be comforted because he had thought of the same things? Of touching, kissing, even bruising you?  God, now you hands were trembling. You had to focus on something else.

You exited the bathroom followed by a cloud of steam, clad in an oversized tee and flannel pajamas - strands heavily drenched in water as small droplets fell to the carpeted floor. You nervously smiled at Calum, who had turned away from the TV to glance at you, before you quickly slipped beneath the bed covers. After settling, your back comfortably laid against a stack of pillows, you looked up to see that Calum was still peering at you from over his shoulder. You smiled again, receiving only a blank expression. Then, he stood up, scurried into the bathroom, and exited with the last dry towel before making his way over. Without even asking, he began to dry your sopping wet hair - the two of you breaking into giggles.  It was a thing between you two for Calum to dry your hair. You hadn’t meant for it to become an inside joke, but it just had. Actually, it was drying your hair that had initiated your friendship.

You recalled how once, months ago, you entered the boys trailer from a vigorous rain to announce that there was an issue with the speakers or something, so they’d have to wait a little bit more before practicing on stage. You’d arrived to find only Calum, shirtless, of course, and glaring heavily at your entrance. And then, uncharacteristically, his gaze softened once he realized that you were shivering, a small puddle of frigid rainwater beginning to form beneath your feet. And, wordlessly, like he’d just done now, he pulled out a towel and dried your hair. Both of you shocked by the act, and, after, you awkwardly stammered something before fleeing from the vehicle. But that was it. That was a defining moment. Because after that incident, your interactions warmed. Your insults became less sharp. Your presences were more appreciated.

“Was that when you started to like me?” You absentmindedly blurted out beneath the towel drying your hair.

“What?” Calum said, quickly ripping the white cloth away to get a good look at your face - wanting to ensure that such a random question wasn’t prompted by delirium.

“Sorry, that was…abrupt. Just, I was thinking, when you first dried my hair that was when we started to, well, act nicer to each other. Do you remember that? In the tour bus? It was raining and I came in and you just dried my hair.”

“Yeah, I remember.” He said, voice drifting slightly as he fondly recalled the event. Silence filled the room. Not a tense silence, but nostalgic - and a little bit sad. Both of you remembering better times. Then Calum, voice much clearer, quipped “And no. That wasn’t the moment. But I think it did add to my feelings.”

“Then what was the moment?”

“It was a few weeks before that incident. When I had forgotten my phone in the studio. Even though you had to work overtime and were super exhausted and hated my guts, you still drove all the way to my house to drop it off.”
“Oh, well, hate to burst your bubble, but my boss insisted that I do that.” You said, brushing your frizzy strands as you scooted down the bed to allow Calum a spot beside you.

“Yeah. I figured. But it wasn’t you delivering my phone that, like, impacted me. It was when you stepped into my house and - even though we didn’t know each other or like each other and I was always cold to you - you were just so…energetic.” He continued, eyes dreamily fixed on a distant spot as he recollected the moment. “You were freaking out about these embarrassing photos of me as baby and saying how cute I looked. And then my dog walked in and you just - without hesitation, without even asking me - stooped down and petted him. It was like you were my longtime friend. Like you lived there. You just seemed to fit so well in my living room, petting my dog, talking about my baby photos. I dunno. It was like you were meant to be there.”

As his voice trailed out a sudden burst of red rose in both of your cheeks, you and him snapping back to reality. Calum worried that he was getting to mushy, and you realized that you were staring a little bit too intently at him - admiring how the toasty glow of the lamp made him look, adding a shimmer to his toned arms and defined cheeks, and illuminating the soft, tranquil color of his eyes.

“So that was it? That was the moment?”
“That was the moment I realized I like you. Like, the clear, distinct fact that I had feelings for you popped into my head.”

“What did you feel for me before that moment?”
“Like, this ambiguous attraction, I guess. Up until then, I was drawn to you but I didn’t want to accept that because I thought you were, I dunno, fake. But all the little things piled up and I just gradually couldn’t muster anything to detest about you. Well, I guess I still kinda hated you. But for different things. Like for being into Luke, and never noticing me. Which, ugh, that sounds so asshole-y of me.”

“-No.” You sternly intercepted before your voice returned to a timid murmur. “It’s actually endearing.”

He looked up to smile at you. A pathetic, embarrassed smile. And you exhaled a breathy laugh, hands nervously bunching up the bedding, before your gaze wandered away. A confession was on the tip of your tongue, daring to burst forth. You inhaled once to speak. Then twice. Before finally nervously blurting, “You know, I one time felt something too.”

“What do you mean?”
“You asked me, once, in that dressing room a long time ago, if I’d ever felt any hints of attraction between us. And I had. I have.”

“Like?” He asked, voice lowering slightly, his own fingers beginning to anxiously drum.

“Do you remember that awful Christmas party last year - when I got super drunk?”

“Ah yes, and you sung a wonderful rendition of ‘Wannabe’ by the Spice Girls.” Calum mused, recalling how you hollered away atop a rickety table while holding a paper towel roll as a microphone.

“And you had promised that you wouldn’t be able to make it?”

“I didn’t promise anything!”
“You sounded pretty sure. But anyway, when I fell off the table-” You were interrupted by Calum’s laughs, which he poorly attempted to suppress. You gritted your teeth before hissing. “…And sprained my ankle…”

“Yes, yes. I remember. Sorry.” He stated between chuckles.

“Well, I felt something for you then. Or thought we had something. Something more than platonic.”
“Because you swooped in and picked me up - bridal style, no less! And I remember that when you were putting alcohol on the scrapes, you were just laughing and saying ‘only you, (y/n). Only you would get injured this way’. Like, you knew me. You knew me and you liked what I was. Blunders and all.”

“Is that the only time you’ve felt an attraction.”

“No, there’s been other times. Smaller times. Like I’d just look at you and you’d look…nice.”
“Wow. Nice. You’re quite the poet, (y/n).”
“Hey, cut me some slack. I’m bad at this stuff.” You said, slightly jabbing a laughing Calum with your elbow. Grinning shyly, you then uttered “If it makes you feel any better, I almost masturbated to the thought of you in the shower just now.”
“What?” He cried, choking slightly out of shock.

“Does that freak you out?”

“Freak me out!? - I - no! I’m not freaked out! I’m…I’m…I’m definitely not freaked out, dude. I am certainly experiencing some sort of…feeling, but it’s not freaked-out-ness.”

You giggled at his panic, liking just how cute Calum became when he was flustered. His own laughing stilled before he slyly asked “What were you thinking about?”
“You. Duh.”
“No, I mean what was I doing?”
“Oh. You were…well, you were doing a lot of things. You were kissing me. Touching me-”
“-Where?” He interrupted, voice now far lower, more confident, more teasing. Such a shift in tone caused your cheeks to burn brilliantly, and a nervous smile formed from the lip you chewed on. You slowly took his hand into yours, lifting it up slightly.  

“My hands.” You answered, motioning to your intertwined fingers. Then you rolled slightly onto your side, torso pressing into his while you were propped up by one elbow. You didn’t look into his gaze, which so heavily followed your actions - drinking up how your cheekily grinned and blushed, revelling in your responses. “Then here.” You continued, palm smoothing down the toned, defined area of his upper arm - enjoying the dips and rises of his muscles. From the corner of your eye, you could see that Calum’s smile was beginning to grow wider and wider. Your touch trailed down to his forearm, his wrist, then his fingers, which you pulled up to your lips. “And here” You said, before kissing the digits - braving a bashful look into his eyes. Teasingly, your other hand, now free once you sat up to face him, slipped under the hem of his shirt - the waistband of his pants scraping beneath your palm as the feel of scorching skin seared your fingertips.

“And that was it.” You cruelly stated, snapping your hand away from his lower torso as Calum let out an annoyed groan.

“Come on - that was mean.”

“Is it my turn?” He asked, playfully, hands smoothing down the curves of your shoulders.

“For what?”

“To show you where I’d touch you?”

“You’ve thought about doing stuff to me? Like, in that way?” You squeaked.

“Oh my god, (y/n) - of course I have.”
“Have you…have you masturbated to the thought of me?” You ashamedly murmured. Calum began to shake with laughter, hands clasping to his eyes.

“You are so weird. You know that, right? You literally have just gone from all teasing and sexy to innocent and naive.”

“What? Naive?! I’m just - I just didn’t think boys jacked off to their crushes!”
“Why wouldn’t they?”
“You have a wide array of pornstars to masturbate to - all with much larger boobs and butts. Seems to be a bit of a waste.”
“I like your boobs and butt.” He pouted, sending shivers down your spine that you had to contain - cheeks blooming red again.

“Wow, I’ve got a real Shakespeare here.”

Calum’s hands intertwined with yours, his eyes shamelessly examining you - lingering on your curled up legs and the swell of your hips beneath your tee. You felt hot, flustered, like a steaming, sappy puddle, but incredibly desperate for more. To keep on playing this game. But another part of you, the one that was still sensible, knew that things were getting too hot and heavy. That you were agreeing to things without accepting the consequences, and your smile faded as this fact dawned on you.

“Calum…” You began, his own grin dissipating at your now serious tone. “I’m not…I still need…”

“It’s ok, (y/n). I get it. I know you. I know that the person you want - that you need is someone who is, well, the exact opposite of me.” You nodded apologetically, palm still smoothing up his chest.

“Undemanding job.” Calum listed.

“Privacy.” You added.

“Not as many temptations.”


“Yeah. I get it. I know. It’s ok.”

Then there was just silence. I long, aching silence. And you wanted to go back to playful touches and risque questions, but also knew you couldn’t be fooling yourself anymore. You had to accept reality. You couldn’t be Calum’s fling. That just wasn’t for you. But it also just wasn’t possible for their to be an actual relationship. And that was that. Calum lifted up slightly, pushing himself off the bed - but you were quick to stop him, hand curling around his shoulder.

“Wait.” You said. “Please, stay here. I don’t want to do anything, you know - Well, I mean, I do want to. But I…just, can you sleep here? In my bed? With me?

Calum turned, soft, grateful expression on his face. “Just sleep.” He affirmed, before you both layed back down, your head resting on his chest - listening to how his heart raced and thrummed, as Calum’s fingers smoothed down your back. Everything was still and calm in the dead of night, your rhythmic breathing drifting the other of to sleep. For the moment, it all felt right. No mistakes were being made. No regrets. It was as if the both of you were just meant to be there.

Love and Manuscripts (9)

I’m sorry about how late this update is! I hope you enjoy it. Previous chapters are listed here: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 


Kissing Snow was way too enjoyable for Baz’s own good. The anger had faded and all he could feel was Snow’s soft lips and his own heart pounding. Buttons were coming undone faster than Baz could count and the kisses were becoming deeper.
Baz murmured happily as Snow kissed his cheeks. Distantly he knew he shouldn’t be doing this but he felt so good that he ignored that part of his brain. The last of his shirt buttons fell away and then they were skin to skin. Baz shuddered; Snow was much warmer than him, like his skin was on fire.
“Baz…” He murmured.
“Hm?” Baz was lost in his own world.
“I want you…” Snow whispered.
Baz wasn’t thinking. All he could do was enjoy the feelings pouring through him. Snow went back to kissing him and Baz threw himself into it enthusiastically. Suddenly, he realized Snow was undoing the belt of his pants. Not knowing why, Baz froze. Snow, registering the change in Baz, stopped what he was doing immediately and pulled back.
“I’m sorry…I should’ve asked.”
Baz shook his head.
“No it’s not…don’t be sorry.”
Snow’s face was flushed in an appealing way and his hair looked as if a tornado had hit it. Baz wanted nothing more than to pull Snow back to his mouth and go as far as they could go. But he was terrified. Baz had never been with anyone else before. People had wanted him before but he’d always been too afraid to open up to them. Letting Snow in had been impulsive…and a mistake, he realized. Carefully rearranging his features he pushed Snow away.
“We have work to do.”
Snow’s face looked incredulous.
“Excuse me?”
Baz buttoned his shirt back up.
“We have work to do. I’m sorry if I’ve thrown your libido out of whack but we really don’t have time for any of this.”
“Libido?” Snow seemed completely confused, “Baz I don’t know what you’re talking about…”
Baz sneered at him, “Libido, as in sexual desire.”
Snow frowned, “No I know the definition Baz, you know that’s not what I meant.”
“All I know is that we have to finish this tonight or both our asses are on the line tomorrow,” Baz replied flatly.
“So we’re not going to talk about what just happened?” Snow’s expression was dead, as if he’d already given up.
“Nothing happened to begin with.”
For a moment Snow didn’t move but then after a minute he nodded and got to work silently. Baz felt both relieved and disappointed. But he just couldn’t handle someone as intense as Simon Snow breaking his heart.


Simon walked to his apartment slowly, replaying the night’s events in his mind. Kissing Baz had been without a doubt the best experience of Simon’s life. It wasn’t like he’d never kissed anyone before or that he had no experience, but kissing Baz had been different. It felt like he’d been burning and Baz was the only relief for it in the world, heavenly relief at that.
And then Baz had pushed him away. It wasn’t just that he hadn’t wanted to go further, no, he hadn’t wanted to admit that anything had even happened in the first place. Simon wondered what he had done wrong. It must have been the belt buckle but he didn’t get it. Simon had stopped what he was doing immediately.
What if you’re just a terrible kisser? A nasty voice in his head asked. Simon sighed as he walked in the door and threw all his stuff on the couch. Knowing Baz, Simon would never find out how he’d screwed up in that moment.
He looked down at his phone, weighing a decision.
After a moment he dialed a number and called.
“Hello?” Agatha asked, her voice sleepy.
“I know it’s late. I’m sorry I woke you up. I just needed to talk to someone.”
“It’s okay Simon, what’s up?” She murmured.
He picked at a broken nail nervously.
“I think I’m falling in love with him.”
“That guy I saw you with?” Her voice perked up considerably.
“Yeah, but…I don’t think he feels the same way Agatha.”
She sighed, “That’s ridiculous Simon, you are the most caring person I know, he’d be ridiculous not to like you.”
Simon thought back to the cold way Baz had finished the rest of his work earlier in the evening. Baz had always seemed like he existed on another level, a grander dimension than Simon inhabited.
“Maybe that isn’t enough,” Simon replied sadly.
Before she could protest he hung up and rolled over on his couch. Baz slept here once. With that thought Simon let himself fall asleep, clothes and all, chasing after the memory of Baz kissing him.

its hard being a mikey girl on these breaks...
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so infamouscth requested some cuddly boxer!calum and i really hope it’s good!! this is a cute concept that i didn’t know i needed until now hope you all enjoy! :)


so you would go to support boxer!calum at his match be his biggest fan and even though what he was doing was dangerous, you knew nothing made him happier than seeing you sitting front row with a big smile on your face.  calum would be crazy good at boxing and when he won again and again you were always there to cheer THAT’S MY BOY!!! and YOU GO BABY!!!  sometimes you would make signs on neon orange paper that read “my boyfriend can kick your ass” or something like that and those only made him smile more.  you brought out the best in him really like he had no trouble getting his anger out by punching a few guys, but with you he was so happy!  even when he was in the zone sometimes losing consciousness from all the hits, he’d see you in the crowd and knew everything would be okay.   you’d clap your hands and jump up and down and just be the most supportive person in his life, and he’d do the same for everything you did.  you’d post pictures with him after the match, both wearing big smiles and holding up a #1 with your finger, saying how tough he is.  as much excitement as the games brought going home with calum afterwards and cuddling up under a pile of blankets would be so comforting.  occasionally you would have to tend to his wounds, but it was never anything major, just a few scratches that with the help of some neosporin and kisses could be fixed.  all night you would be laying in bed and you would always reassure him that he did great that night.  everyone would know how good calum was, except for calum.  it would be your job to let him know that he was “the best since rocky!” and that of course would make him smile.

FeridWeek2016 Official Announcement!

Hello all! I think we can all agree that Ferid Bathory is one of the most interesting and eccentric characters in the Owari no Seraph universe. And no matter what he does, or how he does it, he always manages to keep us entertained. That said, such an amazing character needs some glorification and love for his fans. So, without further adieu, I’m happy to announce the first official FeridWeek2016, which will be taking place from May 16th-22nd, so mark your calendars!

Themes are listened below:

Day 1: Happiness/ Compassion/ Love

Day 2: Hatred / Anger/ Sadness

Day 3: Family / Attachment / Relationships

Day 4: Power/ Cunningness/ Deception

Day 5: Clothing / Fashion/ Ribbons  

Day 6: History/ Past/ Traditions

Day 7: Anything goes!

Please help by spreading the word! And I hope that you all do enjoy this event! Ferid is such a lovable character, so let’s give him the week he deserves.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

Please visit the rules as well.

And make sure to tag any posts pertaining to Feridweek, before or during the event as #feridweek or #feridweek2016!

Until then!

Model Emotions

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                                               Stand Alone/Request
Model Emotions

Part Two of Model Behaviour

Authors Note: I hope you enjoy. Because Oh My God, Dean Winchester met Victoria Secret’s 2004 Angel Y/F/N Y/L/N. Let’s all fan girl with him.

WORD COUNT: 4000 ish

Dean was brushing his teeth and waiting for Sam to find a case. Things had been quiet on the monster side of life. It was beginning to annoy him. He heard his phone beep, he grinned when he saw who it was from. None other than Y/F/N Y/L/N, ex Victoria Secret model turned hunter.

Pop Quiz: Wendigos. Real or fake?

Dean frowned at his phone, and called her back.

‘Sweetheart, please tell me this is a random question and not something you are looking to take on?’

‘What exactly will your reaction be to both those options.’

‘Where are you?’ he sighed.

‘If I tell, you’ll come for a drive and I can handle this. I’m just wanting to make sure I got it right.’

‘Y/N,’ Dean growled.

‘Dean,’ she mimicked.

She knew that would make him smile.

‘I hunt alone for a reason.’

‘Yeah and I don’t care about the reason. You know that.’

‘Yeah and I don’t care about your reason for my reason. Put Sam on.’


‘Then I’ll go in hoping I got this right and kill it. Salt right?’

‘No, you burn the bast-,’ he yelled, before stopping, realising what she did. ‘That’s playing dirty.’

‘See not so hard. They’re real.’

‘They’re dangerous,’ he sighed.

‘Well, I’m not in this for the safety.’

‘No, if you were you’d still be modelling and I wouldn’t be stressed.’

‘If I was modelling you wouldn’t have met me.’

Dean sighed, she was right. They had met a couple of months ago, and he had managed to make an idiot of himself fan girling, over her. She was his weakness, when it came to any magazine if she was in it he had to have it. He was obsessed. Now, to have met her and realise that she was so much more than just a hot lingerie model, he was in love.

‘Please let us help,’ he said quietly. ‘Especially given you haven’t faced one of these before.’

‘I don’t do hunting partners or friends Dean.’

‘So what am I?’

‘Someone I shouldn’t even be talking to, but struggle to stay away from,’ her voice was barely above a whisper.

Dean felt a smile cross his face.

‘Y/N. Where’s the hunt?’ Dean tried again.

‘I have to go,’ she sighed, before hanging up.

‘What was the yelling about?’ Sam asked, coming in.

Dean gave him a run down.

‘That’s not good. That’s just stupid.’

‘I know,’ Dean growled. ‘There is some good news though.’

‘What’s that?’

‘She struggles to stay away from me. Y/N, Victoria Secret’s Angel of 2004, struggles to stay away from me, Dean Winchester.’

Sam shook his head and watched Dean’s rather proud face and he opened the computer and tried searching for a clue as to where she was.

‘Me. She actually likes to be around me.’

An hour later Dean’s phone beeped and he found a text message and an address and GPS coordinates.

Alder Springs, California. I’ve booked a cabin.

Dean grinned like and idiot, he called for Sammy and they headed out.

They arrived and found Y/N sitting out the front waiting for them. Dean got out the car and hugged her, kissing her cheek. Sam not far behind.

Dean took in her appearance, denim cut offs and a loose flowing tank top that showed part of her deep red bra. Her hair pulled up into a butterfly clip and off her neck. Damn she looked good. She always did. He half expected photographers to show up and start taking photos.

They went inside and Y/N showed them what she had and a photo that was taken at one of the campsites that was attacked.

‘It needs cleaning up, but you can see the image clear enough.’

‘I’d say you’re on the right path,’ Sam told her.

‘So to kill it, I burn it?’ she asked, giving Dean a happy, cheeky smile.

‘Yes,’ he muttered through gritted teeth, trying not to smile back.

Dean had learnt one thing about her over the past couple of months, that the smile she wore in the photos, on the cat walk and in interviews was fake. Even the ones he thought was real. All fake. Her real smile was a million times better than any of the other’s he’d seen on her. And he loved nothing more than seeing it.

Y/N felt Dean’s eyes on her and she dropped her gaze to the table, trying to hide a blush. The way he looked at her made her weak at the knees. She knew he was physically attracted to her. He’d already told her that. But the way he watched her, smiled at her, spoke to her. It was like she was the only woman in the world. And she had no idea how to respond to that. She had never had anyone look at or or even treat her with such devotion. And they weren’t even together. The way he looked at her made her feel like more than just a nice arse.

‘Can you figure out his rough location?’ she asked Sam.

‘Yeah, based on what you have it shouldn’t be too hard.’

‘I’m going to go get some air.’

She got up and walked out, Dean not far behind her. Sitting down on the swing along side her.

‘Thank you,’ Dean said quietly.

Y/N looked at him confused.

‘Did I miss part of the conversation? I think I may have zoned out.’

‘No,’ he chuckled. ‘Thank you, for telling me where you were.’

‘I’ll be honest. I wasn’t too keen on handling this alone, if at all. And well if I have to do it with anyone I’d rather it be you two.’

Dean grinned at her They sat quietly for a while, watching the stars, drinking beer, before Y/N spoke again.

‘My agent called.’


‘Apparently I’m wanted back in the modelling world.’

‘You going?’

‘Probably not. It’s not all it’s cracked up to be.’


‘10 pounds of makeup-.’

‘I doubt it’s that much.’

‘Dean, if you seen me or any other model make up free you wouldn’t recognise us.’

‘I doubt that. I’d recognise you anywhere,’ he grinned.

Even in the moonlight he could see her blush.

‘Sure, you keep tell yourself that.’

‘I’m serious. You barely wear any right?’

‘I wear enough. It covers all my freckles.’

‘You have freckles?’

‘Exactly. Plus, then there’s the photo shopping. I don’t actually look like you see in the magazine.’

‘No, you look even better.’

Y/N ignored him, but smiled.

‘And it’s an emotional state that took long enough to get out of.’

Dean frowned at her.

‘Models are the most self conscious people you will ever meet. Body issues all that. It’s digital enhancement and make up that makes us beautiful nothing else.’

Dean’s jaw dropped as he watched her finish her bottle. She squeezed his hand and stood up.

‘I’m going bed.’



‘You don’t need digital enhancement. You’re gorgeous inside and out. I’d rather a natural photo of you clothed or not, than the ones in the magazines.’

Dean watched as a small smile appeared on her face. She kissed his cheek and headed to bed.

Dean walked into the kitchen to see how Sam was going, grinning like an idiot. Sam gave him a questioning look.

‘She kissed my cheek,’ he blurted. ‘Y/F/N Y/L/N kissed my cheek. She actually kissed my cheek.’

Sam laughed, ‘Keep going and she won’t do it again.’

Y/N came into the kitchen the next morning in khaki shorts, a white singlet and a denim button up. Her hair pulled back into a pony tail.

‘No make up?’ Dean asked surprised, taking in her freckles.

He didn’t think it was possible, but she just got hotter.

‘Ah yeah,’ she muttered. ‘We could be out there for days and I doubt I’ll have time to fix it so you know. It seems more practical.’

Dean let his eyes linger on her face, smiling at her. He moved in closer and placed her a coffee on the table with one hand and rested the other on her hip.

‘So much hotter than in the magazines,’ he whispered, in her ear.

He grinned at her sharp intake of breath and as a shiver ran down her spine. She turned her face towards him, their lips almost touching. Dean struggled to hold back, he placed his other hand on her hip and went to lean in, noticing her lips part slightly. His mind started screaming and fan girling. He was about to kiss her. Y/F/N Y/L/N, girl of his dreams, model, hunter, hottie and completely amazing in everyway.

‘First check points about a 40-minute walk from here,’ Sam said walking into the kitchen, causing to the two to jump back.

Dean could have killed him and from the look of shame and guilt on Sam’s face he knew it.

Y/N grabbed her coffee and headed for her room not saying anything. What was she thinking? What was she doing? She didn’t get involved with people. Ever. All her family and friends had died because of this life. But Dean…Dean, she struggled with. She wanted to stay away but she couldn’t. He was worse than a drug. She found herself thinking about him almost constantly. His touch made her weak at the knees, his voice was enough that it stirred emotions inside her she had never felt and then just now, when he spoke in her ear it had turned her on that much she would have happily gone for it on the kitchen table. No one had ever had that effect on her. She had never craved anyone’s company like she did his. One of the biggest reasons she was going to turn down the modelling recall was because it meant she might not see him again. And as much as she knew it was better to stay away. She needed to be close to him.

Dean knocked on her door 20 minutes later and opened it to find her sitting on the bed.

‘You ok?’

‘Yeah. We heading out?’

Dean nodded. ‘About before, I didn’t mean to upset you or push the boundaries.’

‘You didn’t,’ she smiled softly, as she grabbed her bag.

‘What’s wrong?’


Dean grabbed her arm and turned her to face him.

‘We need to go separate ways after this. Keep our distance.’

Dean frowned. ‘Why?’


‘Y/N,’ Dean growled.

Y/N sighed. ‘You make me feel things I shouldn’t. Everyone else, they’re dead. You two are all I have left and the closest thing to friends I have. I don’t do friends because it carries a death sentence. But you, you make it hard to stick to that rule. I want more than that. With you I want…,’ she bit her lip.

Dean watched as she struggled to get the words out. She didn’t need to he knew what she was trying to say. He grinned from ear to ear.

‘I can’t risk losing you,’ she said quietly.

Dean cupped her cheek and ran his thumb over her cheek bone, watching as she closed her eyes and struggled not to lean into it. She opened her eyes and looked at him.

‘You won’t lose me. And if something happens it’s probably my own doing,’ he smiled.

She gave him a sad smile.

‘For you, I’d risk it,’ he added.

‘For me or Victoria Secret’s model Y/F/N Y/L/N.’

‘Oh I’m not going to lie. I’d totally risk it for her too. The fact that you are interested is causing my head to scream and fan girl, I think mentally I may have even fainted. Seriously, Victoria Secret Model Y/F/N Y/L/N. 2004 Angel Y/F/N Y/L/N is interested in me,’ he grinned. ‘But its you that I’ve fallen for, you being the model of my dreams is just a bonus. I’d be interested even if you’d never modelled before in your life. It’s the behind the scenes, natural, make up and photo shop free Y/N I’m interested in.’

He watched as she blushed, it was a deeper shade of pink without the make up. Dean pushed his hand behind her head and went to kiss her when Sam called out it was time to go. Y/N sighed and stepped back and grabbed her backpack. Dean followed her downstairs, his look giving Sam daggers.

By late evening they had checked four campsites that had missing people and were setting up camp. They had come across the wendigo once; at a campsite they came across. A sole camper, he was answering their questions when it grabbed him. The trio shot at it but never hit it. The speed in which it moved and how it grabbed its victims made Y/N feel uneasy.

Dean had barely left her side all day and where he could he had contact. His hand on her back, her arm, holding her hand to help her over a log.

The stopped for the evening setting up camp, Dean showing Y/N how to draw the sigils in the dirt and on trees.

Sam fell asleep, while Dean took the first watch. He watched as Y/N sat against a tree and looked around.

‘That’s not sleeping.’

‘I don’t think I will. I am so glad I never did this alone.’

‘I’m glad you didn’t do this alone,’ Dean told her. ‘I will admit we were hunting for your hunt when the text came through. I wouldn’t have stopped until I found out where you were.’

‘Is that a control issue over hunts thing?’

‘No, that’s a control issue over your safety thing.’

Dean watched as she wrapped her arms tighter around herself. They heard a scream and Y/N’s eyes grew wide.

‘It’s a trick to lure us out of the safety of the sigils.’

Dean shifted so he was next to her and put an arm around her.

‘Try and sleep. Nothings going to happen. Not while I’m here.’

Y/N snuggled into Dean’s chest and eventually closed her eyes. She felt him kiss her head as she drifted off. One hand tracing patterns on her arm the other around her waist and gripping her firmly.

Sam woke up after a few hours and raised an eyebrow at Dean, who was grinning like an idiot. He didn’t need his brother to speak to know what he was thinking. She was curled up in his arms and Dean was fan girling silently.

Dean closed his eyes and settled into a dozing nap. Still fully aware that she was in his arms.

The wendigo let out another scream, causing Y/N to jump and wake up.

‘We’re safe,’ Dean told her, grateful that she settled back into his arms and didn’t try and move away.

As the sun rose they put out the fire and got ready to move out.

‘So the old mine is about an hour south of here,’ Sam explained.

They moved through the forest, Dean refusing to let go of Y/N’s hand unless he had to. 35 minutes in they checked the map. Something caught Y/N’s eyes and she stepped back to have a look.

‘Y/N?’ Dean questioned.

She squatted down and had a look at the dark patch on the ground. Frowning, as something dripped again. She stood up and Dean’s eyes followed hers and he screamed for her to move but it was too late. The wendigo yanked her from the ground and into the trees.

The boys took off running after her, following her screams. Dean tried not to panic when they no longer came.

Y/N came to as Dean called her name, she felt him checking her pulse as she struggled to open her eyes.


‘Thank God,’ he cried, kissing her.

‘That’d go a lot better if you untied my hands,’ she mumbled, struggling to talk.

‘Right,’ he chuckled, cutting her down. ‘We need to move.’

‘He’s not dead?’ she panicked.

‘Not yet, but he will be,’ Dean growled.

Y/N could see the anger and hatred in Dean’s eyes. That protective side of him showing through.

‘Are you ok?’

‘My head hurts.’

Dean ran a hand over her head and felt a bump and some blood. His jaw tensed.

‘It’s nothing bad,’ she told him.

‘Any injury is bad. You ok to walk?’

Y/N nodded. He took her hand and went to lead her out the room when she stumbled. They heard shots and Y/N panicked.

‘Go help Sam. I’ll be fine.’

Dean hesitated.


He took off and ran in the direction of the shots getting his flare ready. He was knocked to one side as the Wendigo ran past him and towards the room that Y/N was in. Dean screamed for her and went running back after it. He raised the flare and shot as the Wendigo hovered over Y/N. He watched as the monster lit up and burned, running around it he dropped down next to her, checking her over.

‘I’m fine.’

He helped her up and the two found Sam and headed back to the cabin.

Sam excused himself and headed off to bed early, more to give Dean and Y/N some privacy than anything else.

Dean sat next to her on the sofa, watching as she shifted so she was facing him. Her leg poking out of the split in her maxi dress, one that went all the way up to her hips, where the fabric crossed over. It was hot. Really hot.

‘So what now?’ he asked.

‘I’m avoiding camping for a while.’

Dean grinned. ‘Yeah, that’s a good idea.’

‘I find another hunt. You?’

‘Hoping I can find the same hunt.’

Y/N pursed her lips together and tried not to smile. Dean put his hands on her knees and pushed them up her thighs as he lent into closer to her. His fingers running along her skin left traces of tingles behind. Dean finally kissed her properly, an ear to ear grin forming when she let out the softest of moans.

‘I so just kissed Y/F/N Y/L/N, the Victoria Secret model,’ he beamed.

She gave him a mildly amused, I’m so done with this look.

‘Sorry,’ he grinned clearing his throat. ‘I also just kissed you, the girl that I’ve been wanting since we met. And that is so much better than the Angel.’

He kissed her again, pushing her back so she was lying on the sofa and he was over the top of her.

‘So much better,’ he mumbled, kissing her neck and collar bone. His hands wandered up her dress and he stopped and looked at her questioningly.

‘I modelled them, doesn’t mean I wear them,’ she smirked.

‘Oh Sweetheart, this just got even better,’ he groaned, taking her there on the sofa.

Both forgetting Sam was in the cabin.

Afterwards, Y/N laid in Dean’s arms on the sofa.

‘We should probably move to a bed,’ Dean mumbled, as she drifted off.

‘More comfortable,’ she murmured.

Dean sat up and pulled her with him.

‘Did that just happen?’ he asked grinning. ‘Did I seriously just sleep with you? Victoria secrets Angel of 2004 Y/F/N Y/L/N?’

Y/N raised an eyebrow.

‘I’m serious, I’ve fantasized about it for so long. And I just did it. Slept with you. Like, oh my God.’

‘Are you going to do that every time we sleep together?’

‘There will be more?’

‘Not if you keep fan girling.’

Dean stopped, and looked at her. He could see the amusement in her eyes, despite the look on her face.

‘I slept with a lingerie model,’ he grinned, kissing her.

She smirked as she stepped back out of his grasp.

‘I slept with Y/F/N Y/L/N.’

‘I’m changing my name,’ she laughed, heading up the stairs.

‘I slept with an angel.’

‘That’s a piss poor pick up line.’

Dean chuckled and chased her up the stairs, hearing her squeal and run into the bedroom.

‘I am going to sleep with an angel,’ he grinned, kissing her neck as he kicked the door shut. This time pulling her dress of completely.

‘I have and am sleeping with you,’ he spoke against her skin, causing her to squirm. ‘And that is so much better.’

Dean came down stairs the next morning, grinning at Sam. He felt like a million bucks.

‘So you had a good night,’ Sam commented.

‘Dude, I slept with Y/F/N Y/L/N. Victoria Secret Model Y/N. I actually slept with my dream girl. I slept with the 2004 angel. And it was amazing, fantastic, she’s just so awesome and so perfect.’

Sam laughed at his brother. Dean had got his wish.

‘You’re going to be so screwed if this is all like some Djinn dream.’

Dean face fell, the thought upsetting him.

‘I was joking.’

Dean shot him a bitch face, before grinning again. He’d slept with Y/F/N Y/L/N.

Y/N came down stairs and was met by a passionate kiss from Dean.

‘You’re rather happy.’

‘I slept-.’

‘Don’t say it. Seriously Dean, you were even cheering in your sleep last night,’ she commented shaking her head.



‘So where you headed to?’ Sam asked over breakfast.

‘Not sure.’

‘You coming with us though?’ Dean queried.

‘Not sure.’

Dean’s face fell. ‘You don’t need to hunt alone.’

‘I know. I just. I’m not used to the group thing.’

‘We can make it work,’ Sam offered. ‘It’d be good to have someone else to talk to. Dean gets annoying when it’s just us two.’

‘He’s annoying when it’s the three of us.’

‘Hey,’ Dean complained. ‘You know what bite me. Nothing can ruin my mood. I slept with the Angel.’

‘I’m going out on my own,’ Y/N told them.

Sam caught her eye and smiled, he could see that amused, teasing look under it. She handled Dean’s moods and fan girling well, he’d give her that.

‘What? No!’ Dean panicked.

Y/N nodded.

‘I’ll stop, I promise.’

Y/N raised an eyebrow.

‘It makes the relationship harder if your elsewhere,’ Dean sulked.

‘There’s a relationship?’

‘There’s not?’

‘I thought it was just sex.’

‘Oh no, after last night there’s definitely a relationship. A monogamous, only mine to touch relationship.’

Y/N smiled at him, a small blush creeping into her cheeks.

‘But of course,’ Sam commented, getting up. ‘That won’t stop her work from plumbing other men.’

Y/N snorted and watched Dean’s face darken.

‘It’s one of the downfalls of being with Victoria Secret’s model and Angel of 2004 Y/F/N Y/L/N,’ Y/N told him, as seriously as she could.  

Dean thought for a while.

‘But I’m the one actually doing her so that’s ok,’ he smirked. ‘Because I’m dating and sleeping with Victoria Secret’s model and Angel of 2004 Y/F/N Y/L/N.’ He hit Sam a few times excitedly. ‘I actually slept with her.’

‘Congrats. Speaking of plumbing…’

‘You touch my magazines you’re dead. No one looks at my girl like that but me,’ Dean growled.

‘I’ll google,’ Sam grinned.

‘I’ll break your damn computer.’

‘I’m right here and all of this is just awkward. Sammy google Miranda Kerr. Enjoy that.’

‘Will do. I’m going to get my gear.’

‘Come with us,’ Dean said seriously after Sam left.

‘What do I do with my car?’

‘We have a garage. You can store it there.’

He grabbed her seat and pulled it so she was right in front of him.

‘All fan girl appreciation aside,’ he smiled. ‘I want you with us. Sam wants you with us. And Let me make it clear, I want Y/N, relaxed, happy, smiling, Y/N. The girl I’ve spent the last couple of months getting to know and falling for. Not the model. That’s just bragging points,’ he grinned.

He pulled her legs so they were on top of his and pulled her forward so she was straddling his lap.

‘Come with us.’

‘Will you accept no?’


‘Then sure, I’d love to come with you. Given my choices,’ she smirked.

She kissed him, her breath catching as he pulled her in tighter.

‘I can’t believe that I am travelling with Dean Winchester,’ Y/N gasped at him. ‘Actually travelling with him. And sleeping with him. I actually slept with Dean Winchester! It was like oh my God, totally amazing.’


‘And did you know he can do this thing with his mouth…’

Dean stopped pulling a face and looked at her with curiosity.

‘That thing where you squirmed and…?’

Y/N nodded.

‘I made Victoria Secret’s model and Angel of 2004 Y/F/N Y/L/N squirm, and she liked it,’ he grinned.

Y/N laughed and kissed him.

‘Wait until you see what else Dean Winchester can do,’ he grinned.

‘Looking forward to it.’

Reality//Grant Gustin

Request:  Could you do a grant imagine were the reader (his gf) is on a reality show (the kind were the put a whole bunch of people into a house) and she was a fan favorite because she was funny and badass and at the reunion (for the show) grant and the cast are in the audience watching all of her best moments and grants just super happy that she’s his girlfriend.

I hope you enjoy this! I also hope this is what you were looking for! ♥


Looking back at life moments you were grateful for what you have and how you got it.

4 years ago you were casted in a reality show, along with 5 other people. You were to all live in a house for the entire season of fall in NYC. 3 boys and 3 girls, under one roof. There was bound to be some drama.

3 years ago the first season had started and ended with a bang. You some how managed to become a fan favorite with your quick witty comebacks, your life advice, and overall your sweet personality. Season 1 ended around the same time you met Grant Gustin.

You had met Grant at the teen choice awards. Ironically you and your cast mates were seated right next to some of the glee cast. Yours and Grants seats happened to be right next to each other so of course you couldn’t go the whole night without striking up a conversation. That conversation continued at the after party and than on your first date. Before you knew it, it had been your fifth date when Grant asked you to be his girlfriend. While all this happened you went on to film season 2 during that summer.

2 years ago Grant had just booked the flash and you couldn’t be happier for him! You yourself had just wrapped up season 3 of the show. You and Grant celebrated your one year, his gift to you was a gorgeous rose gold necklace.

1 year ago that rose gold necklace turned into a rose gold banded engagement ring. Seeing as you were on a reality show that was somewhat scripted the producers wrote your relationship into the show. Grant was a big part of your life as was the show and you couldn’t not say anything to your housemates who have now become your friends. They were all so happy to hear about the engagement but than news broke that the 4th season would be the final season. You were sad the show was ending but now you can focus on your life with Grant and future jobs down the road. But thanks to the show you now had five new friends and a lifetime of memories.

5 years ago you never would have expected to be where you are today, on stage with those same 5 roommates you had. It had been a year since the show ended so of course the tv network wanted a reunion and you were all for it. You sat on stage talking about the good old times and how you have all changed in just over a year.

“So Y/N we here you are now a married women?”

You smiled at the mention of your marriage, you looked to your husband Grant who was sitting proudly smiling in the audience.

“I am, and I am the happiest I have ever been.”

The entire studio erupted in awes. You never broke your stare from Grant, smiling the whole time as you spoke about him. He was truly proud of you and the women you had become. Yes you had your fair share of not so good moments on the show like when you got drunk and passed out in a plant but that was one time and you were clean and truly beautiful inside and out. As the night went on and the memories were shared Grant heard “your wife is such a badass,” come from his costar and friend Carlos Valdes. Grant turned to him with a proud smile, “I know.”


As Michael changed his hair color to blueberry, many tumblr users have made various forms of art to commemorete this wonderful change. I wanted to make a list of all the different edits, fanart and other things I have come accross in a matter of days. Thanks to the adorkable Alexa aka fouradorkableboys for the help.


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