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Writing is Hard, Part 5: Headcanons

Summary: Dean shows the reader that there’s truth to a famous headcanon.

Read Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

Warning: Smut

Word Count: 3000ish

A/N: This is all written with love for fan fic. I’m teasing, not putting it down in any way. Hope you enjoy! (Sorry, tag list is closed!) XOXO

“Reading anything good?” Dean asks.

Sam’s inside the gas station, picking up some snacks instead of listening to this conversation, so your face doesn’t feel the need to flush with embarrassment. Dean already knows exactly what you’re reading.

“I guess,” you tell him. No need to feed his ego by telling him how hot the story is.

“What is it?”

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Instagram- Sidney Crosby

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Ok so I didn’t know where to go with this one, but I hope you guys like it. If you want more of this kind of prompt check out Sidney Crosby #5 by @drabblemesilly. It’s such a great little story! Enjoy guys!

Warning: none

Anon Request: newbie hockey fan here! *waves hello* can I have a sidney crosby imagine? Maybe a fluffy/angsty combo where the reader is a few years younger than sidney, so his parents and/or teammates don’t like her because they think she’s immature or only dating sidney for the fame and money? so sid’s all “yo, it ain’t cool to be mean to her. she’s my girlfriend and I love her. so stop” and his parents/teammates learn she’s a good person and like her in the end? thank you! ur a babe!


              You knew Sid’s mom didn’t like you.

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Trauma and Healing: The End [Jason Todd x Reader]

A/n: Oh man! The final chapter!! I hope you guys enjoy it and I thank you for all the support on this series! PLEASE PAY MIND TO THE WARNINGS.

Warning: Multi-Personality Disorder, Death, Suicide

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Ch. 1 - Ch. 2 - Ch. 3 - Ch. 4 - Ch. 5 - Ch. 6 - Ch. 7 - Ch. 8 - Alternate Ending


Ch. 9

The first thing Jason felt was his head pounding. It felt like his skull would crack open at any second due to the immense pressure within it. Cracking open his eyes he squinted in the dim room. A single spot light hung above him, it being the only illumination of the room. For a moment, he thought he was in one of his nightmares. That the Joker would show up in front of him, dragging a crowbar along the concrete floor.

But no, he was very awake. Not hearing the sound of metal scraping against concrete, just the sound of breathing. Looking next to him, Roy and Kori were tied up beside him on opposite sides of the pillar. “Roy! Kori!” Saying in a harsh whisper, trying to bring consciousness to his friends. He heard Roy groan, shifting his body Jason brought his leg back to nudge him. Roy opened his eyes and looked around. “Where are we?”

“I don’t know, Kori’s still out.” Jason answered. “Do you remember anything?” Looking over at his friend. Roy thought for a moment, “They came up behind me, whoever it was. You?” Jason shook his head, “Only they wore an all black suit except the eyes” remembering the white lenses of the suit. Roy groaned and leaned against the pillar. Jason looked around the room while trying to get Kori to wake up. After a few minutes her eyes fluttered open. She tried melting through her restraints but had no luck.

“It’s cute you thought that would work.” Seven spoke from within the shadows of the ceiling. She’d been there the entire time. “I mean, I did capture you. You think I wouldn’t have the correct restraints?”

Jason and the others looked for the owner of the voice. God, he wishes he had his helmet. Night vision would be great. “Who are you?” Roy called and the sound of her climbing down and her feet hitting the floor could be heard. “Wouldn’t you like to know.” She said before a laugh.

“Come into the light you coward!” Kori challenged as they followed the sound of footsteps. The footsteps stopped before Seven stepped into the light. They all stared at the white lenses that covered her eyes. Jason narrowed his eyes at her, “Who are you?” Seven laughed, “‘What am I?’ would be a better question.”

Seven grinned under her mask. “Me, well I go by Seven. And well, I’m the person you love Jason.” Jason stared at the masked person in front of him. Trying to decipher who they were. “No guesses? Well, you three aren’t much fun.”

They watched as she reached up to the top of her mask. Pulling it off as [h/c] hair framed a familiar face.


Seven laughed, “In a way. You see, I’ve been inside [F/n] since the particle accelerator exploded. Since the night that wave of dark matter hit her. You see, I came from a very dark place inside [F/n]. That night, she was planning on killing herself. The mix of drugs and darkness seemed to fuse with the dark matter. Creating her powers which are connected to her emotions, along with me. I’m the embodiment of that darkness. I’m here to protect her from other dark things, from things that might hurt her. So I’ve taken the forefront, and she’s never coming back. I have to do this to protect her from those things. To protect me.” She kneeled in front of Jason, taking his chin between her fingers. “Things, like you.”

He narrowed his eyes at her. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’d never hurt her.” Growling back at her, not breaking eye contact. Seven chuckled, “It’s a shame really, she actually loved you.” Jason’s eyes widened when she said that, ‘she loves me’ thinking to himself. “[F/n], please I know you’re in there. I need you to fight.” He begged trying to get through to her.

[F/n] was witnessing this entire thing, trapped in her own mind. ‘Please don’t do this’ She begged Seven, who didn’t pay her any mind. “[F/n], she is weak.” She let go of Jason’s chin, standing and turning around. ‘I am not weak! I can take care of myself, LET ME OUT!’ Her voice rang in her skull, Seven stopped walking. Holding her temple.

“[F/n] come on you’re stronger than her!” Roy yelled next, pulling at his restraints. “You’ve proven how strong you are, fight her!” Kori was next. Jason stared at Seven as she held her head. “[F/n] please, I need you. I… I love you!”

Seven spun around that instant, though it wasn’t Seven who faced them. Those words seemed to trigger something, a warmth inside your soul that was just enough to bring you back. Collapsing on the floor you looked up at Jason. “You love me?” whispering. “[F/n]” Jason smiled, sighing in relief. “God yes. I love you more than anything. I love you more than life itself.” You felt tears prick your eyes as you rushed over, pulling a knife from your belt and cutting Jason & Roy’s restraints and unlocking the special cuffs used for Kori. Immediately Jason stood and wrapped his arms around you. “I was so worried about you. Thank god you’re alright.”

You cried into his soldier, “I did so many awful things, I’m so sorry Jason. I’m so sorry.” He rubbed your back trying to help you calm down. “It’s not your fault, it was Seven. It’s going to be okay.” He began to lead you out of the room, Roy and Kori in front of you both. Kori was checking for anyone in the corridors. While Roy sent out a distress beacon.

As he helped you, thoughts ran through your head. What if you couldn’t control this? What if she comes back? She tries to hurt Roy again? Kori again? Jason again? What if you’re really not strong enough for this? You couldn’t live with yourself if something happened to them.

Looking up at Jason, his eyes were glued on your exit. You took in his features; his blue eyes, the sharpness of his jaw, the white streak decorating the front of his raven black hair. Remembering how it felt to sleep in his arms and how he protected you every second of your life since you met him. How could you put him in this danger? It’s time you protected him.

In a split second you grabbed one of the guns from it’s holster on his thigh. Pushing away from him and pressing the barrel to your temple as your finger rested on the trigger.

“[F/n]! What are you doing?!” He yelled, seeing the tears stream from your eyes. Roy and Kori came running over, “[F/n] put the gun down!” Roy yelled.

“I can’t.” You shook your head. “I can’t put you all in that danger. With Seven, I can’t control her. She’s evil and murderous. I can’t do it, I’m not strong enough.” Sobs broke up your words. Jason shook his head, “No, you can do it. I know you can. [F/n] please put the gun down, I love you. Please, I’m begging you.” His voice trembled, in fear of the finger resting on the trigger. He took a few steps closer to you.

You kept your distance, taking steps back, “Don’t come any closer!” Your hand tightened on the gun, finger still on the trigger. “I’m sorry Jason. I’m doing this because I love you. It’s time I protected you. So, this.. This is goodbye.”

More tears streamed from your eyes. Jason shook his head, tears brimming his cerulean blues. “[F/n], I’m begging you. Please.”

“I love you Jason.”

As soon as the words left your mouth your eyes just tight and your finger pulled the trigger.

“Oh my god no no no!” Jason ran over, catching you before your body met the floor. “[F/n] please! Please wake up!” His hand caressed your hair as tears poured from his eyes.

Kori was clinging to Roy, hiding in his neck as Roy just stared shocked.

Jason pulled you into his chest, cradling you in his arms as he cried into your neck. “Please, don’t leave me. I need you, I love you.” Your body remained limp and lifeless as he continued to sob. Time seemed to stand still as Jason held your lifeless body in his arms.

It not picking up again until footsteps running into the room could be heard. Jason looked up, seeing Bruce running in with Dick, Damian, and Tim on his tail. With Oliver and Dinah running to Roy and Kori. “Oh no” Bruce could be heard mumbling.

Jason looked back down at you.

You. The love of his life.


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Ok so this is random but do you have a top 5 lucho sass moments 😂😂😂

you have come to the right place friend, okay so this list will probably change a bit but let me lay it on you:

1. his very first presser for barcelona (@blaugr4na gets the credit for the gif)

2. all of these goals against his former club

3. lucho being all of us (@blaugr4na gets the credit again)

4. after being touched by a peasant (@iniesta-s gets credit for the gifs!)

5. he is truly a gem

bonus paint me like one of your french girls

Disconnected- Auston Matthews

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Hi so I know I haven’t updated A Daydream Away but I got inspired and I had to write this, I’m a huge 5 Seconds of Summer fan and this is one of my favorite songs by them. So I wrote and I’m pretty happy with this one, I love writing about Auston and this is just super freaking cute so here you guys go. I hope you enjoy!

“Life’s a tangled web, of cellphone calls and hashtag I don’t knows.

And you, you’re so caught up in all the blinking lights and dial tones.”

“I can’t believe we are in New York City” (Y/N) said while looking out the window of Auston’s car rental. The two decided to get away as soon as he got a break to do something that allowed him to take more than a day off and her not having any big tests. They were going to be complete tourists during this trip and no one was stopping them, even if their friends made fun of this plan. Both of them turning off their texts and calls so they could just talk to each other, their lives becoming a whirlwind and not in the best way. They were both constantly busy and their relationship showed this, him constantly busy with hockey and her busy with college and trying to stay at the top of her class. They had bags under their eyes, constantly yawning and hazy looks in their eyes due to them just coming off of a flight. “Hey it’s your favorite city, it was an easy choice for me” Auston said while grabbing her hand, kissing her knuckles before putting both hands back on the wheel of the rental car again and smiling at his girlfriend who seemed at peace for once. If she was at peace that was enough for him to be too.

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Title: Ride With Me - part eight
Serie’s prompt: Alternate Universe (AU) in which the reader is a horse rider who goes to a ranch in Arizona to gain work experience. During her time on the ranch she develops a strong connection with a wrangler and horse trainer named Dean. A story about a cowboy who falls for the girl, a story about the importance of family.
Prompt part 8: The day starts wonderful with a cattle break out, keeping the crew busy in the early hours. It’s turns out to be an omen of what to come, because as the day progresses, the day only gets worse. Then Ash gets the news and doesn’t take losing his job too well.
Words: 5115 words
Characters: Dean, Jo, Ash, Bobby, Ellen, Benny, Garth, Rufus Turner, Reader
Pairings: Dean x reader (not in this part yet, but I’m getting there!)
Warnings: language, heavy argument, angst(ish), drama
Author’s note: I just cannot be able to keep these chapters short, but who cares. This chapter is different from the other ones, heavier and a little more drama. I hope you enjoy! 
Tags: Below the story. Want to get tagged? Send me a message!
Previous parts: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7

7.30 AM, Monday morning. Several hundred hooves tremble the ground. Earthily colored dust has turned into dark mud overnight as the heavens unleashed a rainstorm that still hasn’t stopped coming down. The cattle moohs restless, anxiously trying to stick together as the herd. A dog barks over the sound of it all, his enthusiastic calls trumped by the shouts and whistles of the wranglers.
  “Yah!”, Dean shouts, cutting off young stock that threatens to fan out.
Droplets as big as marbles come down, the water that pools in the brim of his hat pours down whenever he tips it forward. It’s still cold this morning, now that there is no sunshine to burn the night away. The long leather coat he’s wearing protects him from that, but the rain started coming through the seems on his shoulders and elbows two hours ago and a steady drip down his neck has drenched his shirt already. Dean has been in the saddle since four O'clock, ever since the thunder woke him up and an eerie gut feeling began to unsettle him. Something was wrong, he felt it in his bones. As he stepped out onto the porch, shrugging on his coat and putting on his ivory colored Sheplers hat, he immediately noticed the distressed young stock on the other side of the fence than where they were supposed to be. Apparently the cattle panicked in the thunderstorm, took down a gate and escaped the pen, splitting the herd in two. They were absolutely all over the place. With a buyer coming in at 9 AM, he had to gather the two hundred cows and bulls fast if he wanted to turn off a financial disaster. So here they are; wet through, tired and miserable, trying to maneuver their horses on the slick surface. A perfect start for this dreadful Monday.

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Motel Room (Calum Hood blurb)

Slight nsfw due to cursing and mentions of sex.

This is a sequel to “I Hope So” which is a continuation of “Confessions”. But you can still understand this blurb even if you haven’t read it’s predecessors.

Hope you enjoy! :)

All color drained out of your cheeks when you entered your crummy motel room to find Calum there. He was perched on the bread, apologetic, anxious look in his eyes. He weakly smiled and croaked “Hey, roomie.”

Typically, 5 Seconds of Summer, one of the most popular bands of modern time, would stay in posh hotels with multiple bedrooms and clean sheets, sleeping on the most comfiest of mattresses, before appearing on stages before masses of adoring fans. And you, being the lowly assistant to their manager, would sleep in the crappiest of motels. Truly, you had seen the underworld of overnight lodgings, enduring cockroaches and mold coated showers. And, during this one particular tour, the boys ended up getting to share such luxuries - their five star hotel having, literally, burned down due to an accident with a gas stove. In total, there was six of you - and only three vacant bedrooms. Luke and Arzaylea got their own room. That was a given. Then there was the awkward decision of who was going to share a space with the girl: you. And, as you discovered upon entering your motel room with luggage and bags, Calum had been chosen. Calum: the boy who’d almost kissed you - twice, in fact. Who had feelings for you. Who was still your friend. Still your closest confidant. And a person who provoked stressful, confusing feelings that contradicted everything you past believed.

It would be simple just to date him, right? Just be his girlfriend, kiss his forehead, hold his hand, feel his knuckles brushing against your cheek as he leaned in to kiss you - breath scraping against your lips. Ah, yes. So simple. Except, you were you - nervous, shy, always worrying about the future, and 100% positive that if you were going to date someone, they’d have to be around. Like, for a long time. And that wasn’t an option with Calum. You realized that after your second-almost-kiss. That a relationship with Calum would most likely result in late night crying, sleep-deprived snapping, and frequent arguments. You knew you wouldn’t be able to handle the fact that he’s regularly surrounded by goddess-like models and busty groupies, and that you’d be sulking in crummy motels - wondering when he was going to take you on that vacation, or buy you that puppy, or actually take you out on that date like he had promised he would.

And then there was that crush you had on Luke. Or, once had. Granted, there still was a slight attraction, the allure of his blue eyes and enticing stubble always being a temptation. And maybe the reason why you’re crush on him had lasted so long was because he was completely uninterested. Without even the slightest chance of an actual relationship, you never had to confront the fact that Luke would also be busy with work, and had some traits you didn’t agree with, and sometimes acted in ways you didn’t like, and hung with people you weren’t fond of. But with Calum, you’d challenged that issue countless times. And you could list a million reasons as to why this boy was the most impractical person to ever fall for. But you can’t just shut your emotions of or reason your feelings away. Unrealistic or not, Calum was gradually appearing in your dreams more often, becoming a mysterious, attractive figure that would make your knees dissolve to jelly and your hands tremble.

And now, the same boy who was haunting your thoughts and causing your heart to race, was to be sharing a motel room with you - which had one bed.

“Hey…” You hoarsely responded, knees already beginning to liquefy. There was a deafening silence which followed after your whimpered greetings, one that gradually drowned you both before Calum, snapping up right, stated “Welp, I’ll be hanging with Michael and Ashton.”

“Yeah, I’ll take a shower.” You said as he slipped past you. You didn’t have to turn around to know that he looked back just before the motel door closed behind him, the outside night air briefly cooling your back before dissipating.

A searing but soothing hot spray of water hit your head as you stepped into the shower, soaking your hair and sore spine. You began to lather your strands with rose scented shampoo, revelling in the sensation of hot droplets trailing down your cheeks and lips. Would Calum’s kisses be just as scorching? Peppering your cheeks and becoming feverish, open mouthed pecks as they wandered down your neck, your chest, your stomach. Absentmindedly, your hands smoothed over the areas that you imagined Calum’s plump lips touching - your fingers halting just above your pelvis, right at the sensitive dip into more private areas. Trying to focus on the task on hand, you switched your activity to soap - rigorously lathering up the bar.

Calum was good in bed though. That you knew to be true. You’d heard groupies talk about it. Old flings his friends with benefits, as well. And it was just obvious too. Somebody that athletic, that attractive, that tempting - he just had a vibe that made bedroom activities all the more exhilarating. And, to an extent, you did want exhilarating. Licked searing skin and swollen love bites. Hair being pulled and spines arching back as you rode out a high. But you also wanted gentle and soft. Somebody who made love rather than fucked. Could Calum do that? Have his voice begin to whimper and waver as he begged to touch you, to love you? His eyes flutter shut as he released a long, shaky sigh? Press his forehead into your chest, worshipping the skin he got to caress, arms tightly wrapping around your spine, trying to pull you in as close as possible?

You tore the shower curtain aside, stepping out into a now sweltering bathroom. As you pressed a towel into your face, you froze up at the sound of a TV playing. Calum was in the room. He was only a few feet away, separated off by just a wall. Could he hear your breathing? Your hammering heart? Your lewd thoughts? What would he think if he could? Would he be happy that you were actually returning feelings? Hell, would he be comforted because he had thought of the same things? Of touching, kissing, even bruising you?  God, now you hands were trembling. You had to focus on something else.

You exited the bathroom followed by a cloud of steam, clad in an oversized tee and flannel pajamas - strands heavily drenched in water as small droplets fell to the carpeted floor. You nervously smiled at Calum, who had turned away from the TV to glance at you, before you quickly slipped beneath the bed covers. After settling, your back comfortably laid against a stack of pillows, you looked up to see that Calum was still peering at you from over his shoulder. You smiled again, receiving only a blank expression. Then, he stood up, scurried into the bathroom, and exited with the last dry towel before making his way over. Without even asking, he began to dry your sopping wet hair - the two of you breaking into giggles.  It was a thing between you two for Calum to dry your hair. You hadn’t meant for it to become an inside joke, but it just had. Actually, it was drying your hair that had initiated your friendship.

You recalled how once, months ago, you entered the boys trailer from a vigorous rain to announce that there was an issue with the speakers or something, so they’d have to wait a little bit more before practicing on stage. You’d arrived to find only Calum, shirtless, of course, and glaring heavily at your entrance. And then, uncharacteristically, his gaze softened once he realized that you were shivering, a small puddle of frigid rainwater beginning to form beneath your feet. And, wordlessly, like he’d just done now, he pulled out a towel and dried your hair. Both of you shocked by the act, and, after, you awkwardly stammered something before fleeing from the vehicle. But that was it. That was a defining moment. Because after that incident, your interactions warmed. Your insults became less sharp. Your presences were more appreciated.

“Was that when you started to like me?” You absentmindedly blurted out beneath the towel drying your hair.

“What?” Calum said, quickly ripping the white cloth away to get a good look at your face - wanting to ensure that such a random question wasn’t prompted by delirium.

“Sorry, that was…abrupt. Just, I was thinking, when you first dried my hair that was when we started to, well, act nicer to each other. Do you remember that? In the tour bus? It was raining and I came in and you just dried my hair.”

“Yeah, I remember.” He said, voice drifting slightly as he fondly recalled the event. Silence filled the room. Not a tense silence, but nostalgic - and a little bit sad. Both of you remembering better times. Then Calum, voice much clearer, quipped “And no. That wasn’t the moment. But I think it did add to my feelings.”

“Then what was the moment?”

“It was a few weeks before that incident. When I had forgotten my phone in the studio. Even though you had to work overtime and were super exhausted and hated my guts, you still drove all the way to my house to drop it off.”
“Oh, well, hate to burst your bubble, but my boss insisted that I do that.” You said, brushing your frizzy strands as you scooted down the bed to allow Calum a spot beside you.

“Yeah. I figured. But it wasn’t you delivering my phone that, like, impacted me. It was when you stepped into my house and - even though we didn’t know each other or like each other and I was always cold to you - you were just so…energetic.” He continued, eyes dreamily fixed on a distant spot as he recollected the moment. “You were freaking out about these embarrassing photos of me as baby and saying how cute I looked. And then my dog walked in and you just - without hesitation, without even asking me - stooped down and petted him. It was like you were my longtime friend. Like you lived there. You just seemed to fit so well in my living room, petting my dog, talking about my baby photos. I dunno. It was like you were meant to be there.”

As his voice trailed out a sudden burst of red rose in both of your cheeks, you and him snapping back to reality. Calum worried that he was getting to mushy, and you realized that you were staring a little bit too intently at him - admiring how the toasty glow of the lamp made him look, adding a shimmer to his toned arms and defined cheeks, and illuminating the soft, tranquil color of his eyes.

“So that was it? That was the moment?”
“That was the moment I realized I like you. Like, the clear, distinct fact that I had feelings for you popped into my head.”

“What did you feel for me before that moment?”
“Like, this ambiguous attraction, I guess. Up until then, I was drawn to you but I didn’t want to accept that because I thought you were, I dunno, fake. But all the little things piled up and I just gradually couldn’t muster anything to detest about you. Well, I guess I still kinda hated you. But for different things. Like for being into Luke, and never noticing me. Which, ugh, that sounds so asshole-y of me.”

“-No.” You sternly intercepted before your voice returned to a timid murmur. “It’s actually endearing.”

He looked up to smile at you. A pathetic, embarrassed smile. And you exhaled a breathy laugh, hands nervously bunching up the bedding, before your gaze wandered away. A confession was on the tip of your tongue, daring to burst forth. You inhaled once to speak. Then twice. Before finally nervously blurting, “You know, I one time felt something too.”

“What do you mean?”
“You asked me, once, in that dressing room a long time ago, if I’d ever felt any hints of attraction between us. And I had. I have.”

“Like?” He asked, voice lowering slightly, his own fingers beginning to anxiously drum.

“Do you remember that awful Christmas party last year - when I got super drunk?”

“Ah yes, and you sung a wonderful rendition of ‘Wannabe’ by the Spice Girls.” Calum mused, recalling how you hollered away atop a rickety table while holding a paper towel roll as a microphone.

“And you had promised that you wouldn’t be able to make it?”

“I didn’t promise anything!”
“You sounded pretty sure. But anyway, when I fell off the table-” You were interrupted by Calum’s laughs, which he poorly attempted to suppress. You gritted your teeth before hissing. “…And sprained my ankle…”

“Yes, yes. I remember. Sorry.” He stated between chuckles.

“Well, I felt something for you then. Or thought we had something. Something more than platonic.”
“Because you swooped in and picked me up - bridal style, no less! And I remember that when you were putting alcohol on the scrapes, you were just laughing and saying ‘only you, (y/n). Only you would get injured this way’. Like, you knew me. You knew me and you liked what I was. Blunders and all.”

“Is that the only time you’ve felt an attraction.”

“No, there’s been other times. Smaller times. Like I’d just look at you and you’d look…nice.”
“Wow. Nice. You’re quite the poet, (y/n).”
“Hey, cut me some slack. I’m bad at this stuff.” You said, slightly jabbing a laughing Calum with your elbow. Grinning shyly, you then uttered “If it makes you feel any better, I almost masturbated to the thought of you in the shower just now.”
“What?” He cried, choking slightly out of shock.

“Does that freak you out?”

“Freak me out!? - I - no! I’m not freaked out! I’m…I’m…I’m definitely not freaked out, dude. I am certainly experiencing some sort of…feeling, but it’s not freaked-out-ness.”

You giggled at his panic, liking just how cute Calum became when he was flustered. His own laughing stilled before he slyly asked “What were you thinking about?”
“You. Duh.”
“No, I mean what was I doing?”
“Oh. You were…well, you were doing a lot of things. You were kissing me. Touching me-”
“-Where?” He interrupted, voice now far lower, more confident, more teasing. Such a shift in tone caused your cheeks to burn brilliantly, and a nervous smile formed from the lip you chewed on. You slowly took his hand into yours, lifting it up slightly.  

“My hands.” You answered, motioning to your intertwined fingers. Then you rolled slightly onto your side, torso pressing into his while you were propped up by one elbow. You didn’t look into his gaze, which so heavily followed your actions - drinking up how your cheekily grinned and blushed, revelling in your responses. “Then here.” You continued, palm smoothing down the toned, defined area of his upper arm - enjoying the dips and rises of his muscles. From the corner of your eye, you could see that Calum’s smile was beginning to grow wider and wider. Your touch trailed down to his forearm, his wrist, then his fingers, which you pulled up to your lips. “And here” You said, before kissing the digits - braving a bashful look into his eyes. Teasingly, your other hand, now free once you sat up to face him, slipped under the hem of his shirt - the waistband of his pants scraping beneath your palm as the feel of scorching skin seared your fingertips.

“And that was it.” You cruelly stated, snapping your hand away from his lower torso as Calum let out an annoyed groan.

“Come on - that was mean.”

“Is it my turn?” He asked, playfully, hands smoothing down the curves of your shoulders.

“For what?”

“To show you where I’d touch you?”

“You’ve thought about doing stuff to me? Like, in that way?” You squeaked.

“Oh my god, (y/n) - of course I have.”
“Have you…have you masturbated to the thought of me?” You ashamedly murmured. Calum began to shake with laughter, hands clasping to his eyes.

“You are so weird. You know that, right? You literally have just gone from all teasing and sexy to innocent and naive.”

“What? Naive?! I’m just - I just didn’t think boys jacked off to their crushes!”
“Why wouldn’t they?”
“You have a wide array of pornstars to masturbate to - all with much larger boobs and butts. Seems to be a bit of a waste.”
“I like your boobs and butt.” He pouted, sending shivers down your spine that you had to contain - cheeks blooming red again.

“Wow, I’ve got a real Shakespeare here.”

Calum’s hands intertwined with yours, his eyes shamelessly examining you - lingering on your curled up legs and the swell of your hips beneath your tee. You felt hot, flustered, like a steaming, sappy puddle, but incredibly desperate for more. To keep on playing this game. But another part of you, the one that was still sensible, knew that things were getting too hot and heavy. That you were agreeing to things without accepting the consequences, and your smile faded as this fact dawned on you.

“Calum…” You began, his own grin dissipating at your now serious tone. “I’m not…I still need…”

“It’s ok, (y/n). I get it. I know you. I know that the person you want - that you need is someone who is, well, the exact opposite of me.” You nodded apologetically, palm still smoothing up his chest.

“Undemanding job.” Calum listed.

“Privacy.” You added.

“Not as many temptations.”


“Yeah. I get it. I know. It’s ok.”

Then there was just silence. I long, aching silence. And you wanted to go back to playful touches and risque questions, but also knew you couldn’t be fooling yourself anymore. You had to accept reality. You couldn’t be Calum’s fling. That just wasn’t for you. But it also just wasn’t possible for their to be an actual relationship. And that was that. Calum lifted up slightly, pushing himself off the bed - but you were quick to stop him, hand curling around his shoulder.

“Wait.” You said. “Please, stay here. I don’t want to do anything, you know - Well, I mean, I do want to. But I…just, can you sleep here? In my bed? With me?

Calum turned, soft, grateful expression on his face. “Just sleep.” He affirmed, before you both layed back down, your head resting on his chest - listening to how his heart raced and thrummed, as Calum’s fingers smoothed down your back. Everything was still and calm in the dead of night, your rhythmic breathing drifting the other of to sleep. For the moment, it all felt right. No mistakes were being made. No regrets. It was as if the both of you were just meant to be there.

Big Bang Reacts to You Receiving Hate Because of Your Looks

Hey guys! I have some free time for the next two hours or so, so I’m going to do some writing and posting to make up for how sparse they’ll be for the next three days or so. As always, if there’s anything that you want to see, please feel free to send me any requests you might have! I love writing what you guys want to see! Lets get into this, shall we? (I decided to do a Big Bang Sober appreciation series for this lol. I couldn’t resist.)


     Anonymous:  Bb reaction to you receveing hate from fans cause of you looks 👆

         Hey sweetie. I know that you wanted me to do it about the specific looks you did in the whole of the request but I wanted to make it something that would apply to everyone because I feel like it wouldn’t change depending on the exact looks. I really hope that you’re okay with that….

1. TOP

     TOP would be the first one to tell you to just not care about what anyone else said. He would never be one to date someone that he doesn’t find physically attractive, though there’s really not anyone that he doesn’t think is physically attractive. He’s definitely someone to tell you that you just need to ignore them and that their words are useless to you.

2. Taeyang

     Taeyang is heart broken. He loves you and doesn’t think that it’s fair that people would hate on you simply because you’re dating him or unconventionally attractive. He’s definitely one to respond with cute pictures of the two of you together and asking them to please stop.

3. G-Dragon

     G-Dragon is actually just livid. He’s never been a man of conventional taste so he’s super annoyed about anyone questioning his taste. He’s one to easily put them in their place for saying something bad about someone he cares about.

4. Daesung

     Daesung is someone who would comfort you for the words being said. He would tell you to ignore what they say and just know that he loves you. He’s a sweet fluff ball and it would hard to ever feel sad in his presence.

5. Seungri

     Seungri has got this shit on lock. He’s got back up plans for his back up plans. His plan is to get them all used to seeing you so you guys are going all kinds of places together, making sure to never leave you by yourself. He’s very committed to making sure that his fans like you.

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed! Please feel free to send me any requests you might have!

Professor Tom: Chapter 5

Summary: This wasn’t the first time a student had fallen for him. Hell, it wasn’t the first time this year. But something etched deep in his bones told him that this time, it was different.

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A/N: First of all: holy shit! I can’t believe I got mentioned on one of my fav blogs!! @momosakaki-san I’m such a huge fan of your writing, to even think that you would consider reading something I’d write is an incredible honor! As soon as I saw you in my activity, I rushed to finish this chapter! I hope you guys enjoy! Hopefully there’s gonna be some Sebastian action in the next chapter, so stay tuned y’all. As always, my ask box is always open! Love y’all and have fun with your prof!Tom fantasies

Tom is sitting next to Sebastian on the couch with his head clenched in his hands when Reeves took down Costa in the box. He’s absolutely killed him.

Sebastian’s arm is draped around Tom’s shoulders tapping a smug victory rhythm. “They’ve drawn a penalty,” The crowd erupted in cheers. “…And a yellow card.” Tom groaned.

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When Snow Falls Part Six

Exo mafia au; you are the sister of Chanyeol, a powerful mob boss who has just hired Kyungsoo (D.O) to protect you.

Kyungsoo (D.O.) x Reader ft. Chanyeol, Baekhyun, Sehun, Kai

Part 6/11  Part 1 here Part 2 here Part 4 here Part 5 here Part 6 here Part 7 here Part 8 here Part 9 here Part 10 here Part 11 here


Word Count 1413

Warning- This fan fiction contains suggestive themes involving violence and death. Please read at your own digression. This is just a fictional story and does not represent the personalities or factual stories of real people.

Kyungsoo’s pushed you behind him as Kai began to approach, his eyes shown deadly intentions. 

“Kai, please let me explain,” Kyungsoo began, pleading. Explain? What was Kyungsoo doing? You dug your nails into Kyungsoo’s arm yet he didn’t seem to notice. 

“Explain?” Kai laughed, his hands balled into fists. “Shouldn’t you be explaining things to Y/N?” Kai asked cocking his head to the side to look at you. 

“Kyungsoo,” you whispered, “what is going on?” Kyungsoo’s shoulders slackened and his breathing became hollow. 

“Y/N, check our dear Kyungsoo’s coat pocket will you?” Kai grinned. 

You were terrified yet you slipped your hand into his pocket. 

“Y/N,” Kyungsoo whimpered but he didn’t push you away. Your fingers enveloped something cold and dense, you lifted it out of Kyungsoo’s pocket, a gun. How did Kai know Kyungsoo had a gun? Your mind traced back to the moment, just earlier that day when you had spotted Kyungsoo, his hands were in his pockets, he had even hesitated to remove them. 

“Kyungsoo, what the hell is this?” You murmured trying to process the situation. Kai loudly laughed again. 

“You’re so naive believing Kyungsoo was trustworthy! Don’t feel too bad Y/N, Chanyeol fell for it too.” He ruffled snowflakes out his hair and you realized that he wasn’t even wearing a jacket.

“Kyungsoo, what were planning on using this for?” You asked sternly trying to make him look at you. 

“Y/N,” Kyungsoo whimpered again, “I’m so sorry.“ 

“I’m sorry for everything Y/N. I’m sorry for all of the things I’ve done and all of the things that you don’t even know about. I’m just really sorry.” Kyungsoo’s words played back in your mind. Suddenly you felt like someone sat on your chest, your mouth went dry and your stomach began to ache.

Silent tears streamed down Kyungsoo’s face and you didn’t even need him to admit it. You already knew. He was going to kill you. Then he would have killed Chanyeol. Baekhyun too? Probably. He would have been able too, in fact, there was really no reason as to why he didn’t or at least to you there wasn’t. 

"So why didn’t you?” You asked, surprised as to how calm you sounded. 

“I didn’t do it because I-" 

"He didn’t do it because he’s weak,” Kai responded for him. “Aren’t you wondering how long Kyungsoo has been working under me? Aren’t you wondering when his loyalty ceased? Do you want confirmation that he doesn’t give a shit about you?!” Kai was shouting now and you could tell your calmness bothered him. He was panting, his face contorted. 

You stepped away from Kyungsoo who immediately reached out and grabbed your wrists. “Y/N, I know that I seem like the worst person in the entire world. I know what you must think of me and I’m sorry I really am." 

You didn’t believe a single word. Kyungsoo had been working with Kai and even allowed Sehun to beat him so everything seemed believable. Kyungsoo had you wrapped around your finger, he made you care about him and risk your life and you had been stupid enough to believe it. What about Sehun? Kyungsoo had killed him and you had driven your feelings away because Sehun was a traitor. Your oldest friend was dead and you didn’t allow yourself to mourn since he betrayed you. So what would you do with your feelings for Kyungsoo now? 

"I trusted you,” you murmured, “I risked my life for you." 

"Now your life will end because of him,” Kai grinned. “You have no one to protect you, this was all a ploy to get you to away from your brother. Then we’ll kill him, just how I killed your mother.”

A horrifying feeling overwhelmed you, breathing became difficult and your vision blurred. You could see your mother, stumbling through the snow, trying to reach your brother. A small figure in all black pulling out a gun. It had been Kai. This entire time and you had never known. Chanyeol had never told you. He had been so young, how had he been able to do something like that?

Kai relished in your pain and confusion, he laughed as you stumbled backward, pushing Kyungsoo away. 

“Your brother killed my father. I killed his mother. Now I’m going to kill you both.” Kai raced forward, the snow completely unaffecting him. His fingers grabbed your coat collar but Kyungsoo dragged him away. 

“Stop! Kai Stop!” He was shouting. You had slipped back and were now laying on your back. Hatred brewed in you as you blinked back tears. Everything came down all at once, Sehun’s death, Kyungsoo’s betrayal, Kai being your mother’s killer. It was all too overwhelming to handle all at once. You could hear Kai and Kyungsoo fighting so you propped yourself up on your elbows. Kyungsoo was trying his hardest to keep Kai pinned down but it was a challenge. Soon, Kyungsoo would become tired and Kai would overtake him. 

You frantically looked around until you stopped the gun, just an arm’s length away. You reached for it, your fingers wrapping around it until someone’s shoe stepped roughly on your hand. You cried out and tried to pull away but they only stepped harder. You looked up to Sehun smiling brightly at you.

Your heart nearly burst out of your chest. You were so shocked you forgot about the pain in your hand. “Sehun?” You whimpered. 

He knelt down beside you, his shoe still crushing your hand. “Y/N, did you miss oppa?” He asked, cocking his head to the side, a small smile on his lips. 

You opened and closed your mouth several times, your mind still processing everything. You barely noticed Kai and Kyungsoo struggling. 

“Y/N, Kyungsoo told you he killed me and you didn’t react. How could you do something like that? How could you do that to me? You should hate him yet you ran away with him. Did you really think you could live a happy life with him?” He questioned, finally removing his shoe from your hand. 

You pulled your hand away still eyeing the gun. He noticed and picked it up, playing with it in his hands. 

“You betrayed us. You didn’t care about me Sehun! You tried to kill someone just because of your jealousy! You wanted me to mourn for you when you almost got my brother killed?” You shouted, tears streaming down your cheeks. 

“Kyungsoo betrayed you too. So I don’t see why you would mourn him if he died.” Sehun stood and cocked the gun, aiming it towards Kyungsoo. Kai had finally overtaken him, pinning him roughly down. Sehun was an excellent shot, you knew this. He wouldn’t miss. Your stomach twisted as you scrambled to you feet. 

“Sehun, I did mourn for you. I mourned for you inside. I couldn’t believe what you did and I hated you but I did mourn, I just buried it. Please, look at me!” You pleaded, hands gripping Sehun’s coat. 

He looked at you, and you knew you had no time to waste, your fingers traced up to his neck. Sehun didn’t resist. His arms fell to his sides and he turned to you, craving you. All Sehun ever wanted was a kiss from you, to be loved. He didn’t care what was happening, this is what he needed. 

You leaned in, one hand on his neck and the other on his wrist, slowly inching down to the gun. 

You glanced over to Kyungsoo who was still trying to contain Kai, his eyes on you.

Just before your lips brushed over Sehun’s you grabbed the gun and ripped it from his grip. In one swift motion, you struck Sehun on the head. He crumbled, blood seeping lightly from his wound. 

Kyungsoo shoved Kai over and wrestled the gun from you. “Y/N, stop. Let go now!” He shouted.

You let go and braced yourself. If Kyungsoo was going to kill you, he had the chance right now. Kai was stumbling towards you, hands trying to reach you.

“Kyungsoo, if you care about me, if you’re really sorry, shoot him” You pleaded. 

Kai was just steps away and Kyungsoo couldn’t look away from you. Tears already brimming his eyes. 

“I can’t,” He whispered. 

“Why?!” You shouted stumbling away from Kai.

Kyungsoo still didn’t look away from you, his lips formed the words and it hit you like a ton of bricks. 

“I can’t because he’s my brother.” 

❅ ❅ ❅

This is it for part 6! I hope you’re all enjoying my writing so far. Feedback is appreciated, thank you for your support!

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its hard being a mikey girl on these breaks...
  • Luke: *makes public snapchat* *constantly updating us*
  • Calum: *seen in LA* *fan pics* *updates on insta*
  • Ash: *updates on insta* *spotted in LA with cal*
  • michael:
ToonYoungster’s PokéAni Challenge

With over 850 episodes to its name, the Pokémon anime has a lot under its belt. As seasons pass, with old and new fans coming and going, there’s no doubt that the PokéAni community is still alive and well. So in honor of it’s longevity, I’ve decided to contribute to the fandom with a meme of sorts. I hope all you PokéAni fans enjoy this as much as I enjoyed making it. 

So without further ado, let us begin!   

1) Who is your favorite main character? (This includes Ash, Pikachu, all his traveling companions, and Team Rocket)

2) Who is your favorite professor?

3) Who is your favorite rival character in general and in each region?

4) What is your favorite region? (Kanto, Orange Islands, Johto, Hoenn, Battle Frontier, Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos)

4.5) What is your favorite special/side story episode? 

5) Aside from Pikachu, who is your favorite pokémon of Ash’s? As an extra challenge, who is your favorite pokémon of each main character? 

6) Who is your favorite family of a main character?

7) Who is your favorite villainous team and villainous character?

8) What was the first episode you ever saw?

9) What is your favorite capture episode?

10) What is your favorite release episode?

11) What is your favorite Ash-focused episode?

12) What is your favorite Pikachu-focused episode?

13) What your favorite Team Rocket-focused episode? You can split this up into your favorite Jessie, James, and Meowth episodes. 

14) What is your favorite Misty-focused episode? 

15) What is your favorite Brock-focused episode?

16) What is your favorite Professor Oak-focused episode?

17) What is your favorite Delia-focused episode?

18) What is your favorite Kanto gym leader/battle?

19) What is your favorite Indigo League battle?

20) What is your favorite Tracey-focused episode?

21) What is your favorite Orange League gym leader/battle?

22) What is your favorite Johto gym leader/battle?

23) What is your favorite Silver Conference battle?

24) What is your favorite May-focused episode?

25) What is your favorite Max-focused episode?

26) What is your favorite Hoenn gym leader/battle?

27) Who is your favorite Hoenn coordinator? 

28) What is your favorite Hoenn contest?

29) What is your favorite Ever Grande Conference battle? 

30) What is your favorite Kanto Battle Frontier Brain/battle?

31) What is your favorite Kanto coordinator? 

32) What is your favorite Kanto contest? 

33) What is your favorite Dawn-focused episode? 

34) What is your favorite Paul-focused episode?

35) What is your favorite Gary-focused episode?

36) What is your favorite Sinnoh gym leader/battle?

37) Who is your favorite Sinnoh coordinator? 

38) What is your favorite Sinnoh contest?

39) What is your favorite Lily of the Valley Conference battle?

40) What is your favorite Iris-focused episode?

41) What is your favorite Cilan-focused episode?

42) What is your favorite Unova gym leader/battle?

43) What is your favorite Vertress Conference battle?

44) What is your favorite N-related episode?

45) What is your favorite episode of the Decolora Islands?

46) What is your favorite Serena-focused episode?

47) What is your favorite Clemont-focused episode? 

48) What is your favorite Bonnie-focused episode? 

49) What is your favorite Kalos gym leader/battle thus far?

50) Who is your favorite Pokémon performer? 

51) What is your favorite Pokémon Showcase episode thus far?

52) What is your Mega Evolution Special episode thus far?

55) What is your favorite Pokémon movie?

56) Wh0 is your favorite Pokémon movie character?

57) Who is your favorite telepathic pokémon from the movies?

58) What is your favorite filler episode in general and in each region?

59) Who is your favorite COTD in general and in each region?

60) Who is favorite main Pokéboy and Pokégirl?

61) What is your favorite separation episode?

62) What is your favorite “haunted house” episode?

63) What is favorite movie/radio-related episode?  

64) Who is your favorite of Brock’s love interests?

65) Who is your favorite Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny?

66) Who is your favorite Pokémon Champion?

67) Who is your favorite pokémon that hatched from an egg?

68) What is your favorite festival-type episode?

69) What is your favorite fishing episode?

70) What is your favorite Team Rocket Motto?

71) What is your favorite Team Rocket mecha?

72) What is your favorite arc either for a human character or pokémon?

73) What is your favorite OST track from the anime? 

75) What is your favorite OP and ED, both American and Japanese?

76) Which of Ash’s regional outfits is your favorite?

77) What is your favorite introduction and parting episode of a region?

78) What is your dream team with any of Ash’s pokémon? 

79) What is favorite running gag? 

80) Name your top three OTPs. 

81) What is your favorite PokéAni moment of all time?

FeridWeek2016 Official Announcement!

Hello all! I think we can all agree that Ferid Bathory is one of the most interesting and eccentric characters in the Owari no Seraph universe. And no matter what he does, or how he does it, he always manages to keep us entertained. That said, such an amazing character needs some glorification and love for his fans. So, without further adieu, I’m happy to announce the first official FeridWeek2016, which will be taking place from May 16th-22nd, so mark your calendars!

Themes are listened below:

Day 1: Happiness/ Compassion/ Love

Day 2: Hatred / Anger/ Sadness

Day 3: Family / Attachment / Relationships

Day 4: Power/ Cunningness/ Deception

Day 5: Clothing / Fashion/ Ribbons  

Day 6: History/ Past/ Traditions

Day 7: Anything goes!

Please help by spreading the word! And I hope that you all do enjoy this event! Ferid is such a lovable character, so let’s give him the week he deserves.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

Please visit the rules as well.

And make sure to tag any posts pertaining to Feridweek, before or during the event as #feridweek or #feridweek2016!

Until then!

Reality//Grant Gustin

Request:  Could you do a grant imagine were the reader (his gf) is on a reality show (the kind were the put a whole bunch of people into a house) and she was a fan favorite because she was funny and badass and at the reunion (for the show) grant and the cast are in the audience watching all of her best moments and grants just super happy that she’s his girlfriend.

I hope you enjoy this! I also hope this is what you were looking for! ♥


Looking back at life moments you were grateful for what you have and how you got it.

4 years ago you were casted in a reality show, along with 5 other people. You were to all live in a house for the entire season of fall in NYC. 3 boys and 3 girls, under one roof. There was bound to be some drama.

3 years ago the first season had started and ended with a bang. You some how managed to become a fan favorite with your quick witty comebacks, your life advice, and overall your sweet personality. Season 1 ended around the same time you met Grant Gustin.

You had met Grant at the teen choice awards. Ironically you and your cast mates were seated right next to some of the glee cast. Yours and Grants seats happened to be right next to each other so of course you couldn’t go the whole night without striking up a conversation. That conversation continued at the after party and than on your first date. Before you knew it, it had been your fifth date when Grant asked you to be his girlfriend. While all this happened you went on to film season 2 during that summer.

2 years ago Grant had just booked the flash and you couldn’t be happier for him! You yourself had just wrapped up season 3 of the show. You and Grant celebrated your one year, his gift to you was a gorgeous rose gold necklace.

1 year ago that rose gold necklace turned into a rose gold banded engagement ring. Seeing as you were on a reality show that was somewhat scripted the producers wrote your relationship into the show. Grant was a big part of your life as was the show and you couldn’t not say anything to your housemates who have now become your friends. They were all so happy to hear about the engagement but than news broke that the 4th season would be the final season. You were sad the show was ending but now you can focus on your life with Grant and future jobs down the road. But thanks to the show you now had five new friends and a lifetime of memories.

5 years ago you never would have expected to be where you are today, on stage with those same 5 roommates you had. It had been a year since the show ended so of course the tv network wanted a reunion and you were all for it. You sat on stage talking about the good old times and how you have all changed in just over a year.

“So Y/N we here you are now a married women?”

You smiled at the mention of your marriage, you looked to your husband Grant who was sitting proudly smiling in the audience.

“I am, and I am the happiest I have ever been.”

The entire studio erupted in awes. You never broke your stare from Grant, smiling the whole time as you spoke about him. He was truly proud of you and the women you had become. Yes you had your fair share of not so good moments on the show like when you got drunk and passed out in a plant but that was one time and you were clean and truly beautiful inside and out. As the night went on and the memories were shared Grant heard “your wife is such a badass,” come from his costar and friend Carlos Valdes. Grant turned to him with a proud smile, “I know.”

Storm the World with Reckless Abandon

Snippet #11

“So,” Finnick stiffened at the drawling tone that came too close for comfort. Haymitch ignored the reaction and slumped down in the chair next to him, swirling a glass of whiskey in his hand. “That was quite a show back at the parade.”

They were in the lounge where the mentors usually resided while their tributes practiced in the training room. Nobody was in a ten feet radius of Finnick though, still pissed over the fact Finnick ultimately took their chance of small reprieve away. Johanna certainly wasn’t hiding the fact she wanted to rip out his spine and shove it up his ass.

Haymitch couldn’t help but roll his eyes at everybody’s childish behavior. Finnick taking the fall was so characteristic of him that Haymitch honestly was surprised that no one has caught on to his real reasons for volunteering. Seriously, the kid had a martyr complex the size of his liquor storage. It was almost heartbreaking to watch, even for an unsentimental bastard like himself.

Finnick shrugged loftily with a sheepish grin that Haymitch knew was unapologetic as hell.

“It was the kid’s idea.” Finnick’s tone was full of shallow amusement, as if he was secretly laughing at the world when really, the joke was on him instead. “I had nothing to do with it.”

Haymitch believed him. Despite what popular belief says, Finnick was one of the trickiest, careful liars in the entire business. Even Haymitch couldn’t tell half the time when the District 4 victor was spouting bullshit. It was a testament to Finnick’s silvertongue that he managed to hoard in so many secrets right underneath Snow’s nose without getting caught.

What happened at the parade was so far off Finnick’s usual style of subtle deception that Haymitch had almost spit-took his drink when he saw the blatant show of defiance that all but demanded attention from its audience. He had half expected Snow to shoot the kid down right then and there from how recklessly bold the act was.

So to say Haymitch was a little concerned was an understatement. After all, the kid had to be alive in order to be a symbol. If he kept taking these stupid risks, well, they could forget about the stupid rebellion.

Haymitch made a humming noise.

“Heard from the rumor mill that the kid kicked out the stylist.” He couldn’t help but give a wicked smirk as he imagined what that must’ve been like. “That it wasn’t his first time either.”

The news didn’t seem to surprise Finnick in the least, which said a lot about the kid’s personality.

“Sounds like him.” Finnick commented mildly.

Well, time to step it up a notch.

“Oh really?” Haymitch said dryly. “From what my brats say, the kid doesn’t even do anything in training. He apparently just sits on the floor and sleeps. From what impression I’m getting, everyone thinks he’s a fucking nutcase. Did you know that?”

The looks on his tributes faces when they came back from training and told him about the strange, orange haired outsider who didn’t move one inch from where he immovably sat had been at the time amusing. They looked baffled and insulted at the fact this outsider was treating the games as a joke.

From the stained, tightened expression on the victor’s face, no. No, he hadn’t known that.

“He’s not.” Finnick said a tad too harshly, eyes flashing. Haymitch’s eyebrows shot to the hairline at his uncharacteristic tone.

“No need to get all snappy trident head. I’m just the messenger here.” Haymitch defended with a calculative grin on his face. “Though it sounds to me you really like this kid.”

And then Finnick did something that revealed all his cards.

He hesitated.

Something close to dreaded panic leapt in those sea-green eyes, an emotion that all victors knew all too well. The fear of losing their loved ones, the horror of even the thought of Snow knowing and poking at their weak points with a beatific, cruel smile that mocked their pain. The desperation to do anything to protect what was theirs even at the cost of their own sanity and happiness.

Haymitch inwardly swore up a storm at the rare vulnerability that reflected off of Finnick’s eyes.

Well fuck.

The whole thing was giving Haymitch a headache. Some part of him regretted that Finnick had to be the one to face this. It would’ve been easier for everyone involved if it had been anyone but Finnick who took the kid under his wing. The fourth district Career was fragile enough already. To elicit this kind of reaction from the usually closed off victor was not a good sign. Finnick was in too deep and it was already too late to stop it.

Haymitch has the sinking feeling that if the outsider dies in the arena, it might finally be Finnick’s breaking point.

But Haymitch has never been the type to give platitudes and be the sympathetic ear. He’s always been the one to tell the situation as it is, no matter how bad it was. Finnick needed to know what the costs were and pull himself together.

So Haymitch kept talking, ignoring the fact Finnick hasn’t answered his question. His hesitation was answer enough.

Haymitch grunted and took a sip of his drink. “You do realize he’s going to get himself killed if he keeps doing these stunts though, right?”

If you don’t want the kid to die, then make sure he doesn’t do anything stupid.

Finnick’s grip on the armchair tightened to the point it made an involuntary creaking noise. It took him a long moment to finally relax his grip and paste on a twisted smile that looked so bitter it left a bad taste in Haymitch’s mouth.

“I know.” he said quietly, hidden anguish behind the layers of masks that Finnick was adept in using.

I don’t think I can.

Well, wasn’t that just fan-fucking-tastic.

Haymitch tossed his drink back and grimly thought to himself they were all doomed.

Notes: Haymitch POV. I have no idea if I did his voice right. And oh my god. I just couldn’t let this go so I had to post. Even though my exam is tomorrow. Fuck. (sigh) Hope you enjoy! Please comment, reblog, or message me after you’re done!

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Body of Roses (Punk!Luke Fan Fiction) Chapter - 11

Photo not mine (Though I did edit it a bit)

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Rating: A-14 (Read at own risk)

Word Count: 1,443

I had no idea what living in a perfect world felt like until this week past by with being Luke’s girlfriend. Of course no one in my family was too thrilled about the idea of me dating Luke, but it didn’t change a thing about how I felt about him. The day after the hospital I came back over to his house for a visit. Liz of course was the one to open the door welcoming me into her warm arms then telling me that Luke was downstairs playing video games with Calum, Michael and Ashton whom I learned were the three boys in the photo I was so fixated on the other day. I remember entering the games room and being ambushed by the three of them as if they’ve never seen a  a real live girl.

The thought of that day made me laugh as Luke held me in his arms, his leg making a speedy recovery while I sat in between them.

“What?” He whispered in my ear kissing the skin just under it.

I shook my head, “Nothing.” I whispered back to him. We were sat on a torn sofa that was placed in the middle of Michael’s garage. Luke invited me for the first time to their band practice and I finally got to hear his voice. It was the most beautiful sound I’ve ever heard. He was so incredibly talented that it hurt my heart. Luke was literally the definition of perfection. “It’s just the boys.” I told him as we both studied the three of them.

Ashton was behind his drum set turned around taking a selfie with Luke and I in the background. Calum and michael were sitting on the floor in front of us arguing over why Spiderman is better than Superman.

“They’re definitely something alright.” Luke commented causing me to let out a soft laugh.

“You kinda fit here though,” I began. “I mean even though they’re no rebellious, tattooed bad boy who enjoys getting high and ripping apart gangs, they’re still dorks.”

“Are you calling me a dork?” He asked raising his eyebrows but I only gave him a shrug not answering.

“Guys I have to get going,” Ashton said. “I forgot to pick up Harry from swimming lessons and my mom’s gonna freak.”

After Ashton was gone, we all decided to call it quits knowing that not much would get done without a drummer. I waited by the garage door as Luke put away his guitar in its case and made his way over to me.

“Wanna come back to my house?” I asked him but he shook his head.

“I can’t,” He told me wrapping his arm around my waist to guide me over to his car. “I have other plans today.”

“Oh,” Was the only thing I could manage out my mouth as we both got into his car. The drive back to my house was quiet and awkward with the thought of why he didn’t tell me about his plans today or that he didn’t ask me to tag along came running through my mind. Finally he turned on the street that my house was on before pulling into the drive way. “Thanks for the drive.” I told him unbuckling my seat belt.

“‘Course, babe.” He smiled leaning in to kiss by lips but I swiftly turned my head so his lips met my cheek. His jaw was tense when he pulled back from me knowing something was wrong. “I’ll call you tonight.” He yelled from the car while I made my way up to the front door.

I hummed back to him in response though I wasn’t to sure if he heard it before letting myself inside my house and closing the door tightly behind me.


“So how much trouble did you get into?” I asked Ash who was on the other end of the phone line.

“Not much surprisingly.” He told me. “I told my mom that Luke’s car broke down so I had to drive you and him back home before I could pick up Harry.”

“Good save, Irwin.” I smiled hearing his soft laugh through the phone.

“Lets do something tonight.” Ashton ordered.

“And what do you have in mind?” His end went silent for a moment as he went into thought. 

“Got it.” Ashton began. “There’s this really cool club downtown that plays amazing music.”

“Are you forgetting I’m underage?”

“Did I forget to mention it’s super sketchy and they have no bouncers checking for ID?”

I sat there on my bed for a long moment thinking about the idea. Partying was never my thing and almost everyone knew that, but I guess a bit of clubbing with a friend while your boyfriend was who know’s where wasn’t that bad.

“Okay fine.” I told him firmly.

“Calum owes me twenty bunks.” Ashton laughed. “He told me you’d never agree to go.”

“You made a bet out of me?” I foreigned outrage.

“Maybe…I’ll pick you up in thirty.”


I decided on a pair of high waisted, black dress pant shorts and a formal printed crop top that revealed a bit of my toned, tanned stomach. I decided to slick my straight, brown hair back into a high ponytail that fell to the center of my back before slipping on short heels that were pointed at the front. Checking myself in the mirror for the third time I heard the doorbell go off sending me flying down the stairs.

“Hey,” I smiled opening the door finding Ashton standing behind it.

He looked me from head to toe before smiling too. “You look incredible.”

“You don’t look all that bad either, Irwin.” I told him before yelling into the house, “I’m going out for a bit, I’ll be home by midnight.” When I heard no argument I took that as my que that it was alright to leave.

The club was a 10 minute drive from my house. Ashton parked the car in a parking lot across from the building that was pulsing from the loud music as we both got out and made our way to the entrance. In no time we got inside without anyone asking for ID or money. As if Ashton knew I had no idea what I was doing he pulled me into the center of the room taking my hands in his and beginning to move to the beat of the music. I followed him laughing as we danced around like idiots in the sea of random people.

“Do you want something to drink?” Ashton asked me after the third song that we danced to came to an end.

I nodded my head. “That would be nice, just water though!” I added before he began making his way to the bar to get our drinks.

In the meantime, I got enough courage throughout the night to continue dancing letting random people take hold of me and follow my moves. Never in my entire life had I felt as alive as what I felt tonight. It was like a fire was burning inside me not wanting it to go out. After the song ended I tore myself away from the two people who’d joined me when Ashton didn’t return yet with our drinks. From memory I tried remembering which way the bar was only to look up and find a giant sign that read “Bar” with an arrow pointed to the right. I began moving in that direction pushing past people hating how short I was in this moment. When I finally merged from the crowd I took in a long breath as though I was being suffocated back in the sea of people.

My eyes began scanning the bar trying to find the curly locks that belonged to Ashton but my eyes stopped on someone else.

I watched as Luke leaned down to a girl whispering something in her ear before kissing the skin underneath it like he did to me this morning. The giggling that erupted from her told me that he was being flirtatious. I began to feel my heart being torn away from my body continuing to watch on as the love of my life was slipping through my fingers.

At that moment it was like Luke felt me watching him as he looked up and locked eyes with mine. For a minute all we did was stare at one another, not even a single tear escaped from my eyes. Then he began making his way over to me but with his leg still healing I knew I was faster than him and I ran.


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As Calum walked through the door he heard soft sniffling from upstairs rather than your excited chatter.
He carefully ascended up the stairs towards the open door.

“Babe…you okay?” He softly asked.
You looked up as he opened the door, tears streaming and face blotched.

“You said it would change and it hasn’t. They still hate me.”

He say your discarded phone, Twitter open and it became clear.

“I don’t how much more I can take, Cal.” Your eyes drifted down to your hands rather than looking at him. He crouched and gripped your hand in his, pulling your chin up so his eyes meet your bloodshot ones.

“I’m sorry okay. I’ll say something if you want, but please..please don’t give up.”

Your eyes filled once again with tears as he continues to speak.

“What the say should mean nothing, they don’t know you and they don’t know us. They aren’t fans. I’ve met ones who adore you. Just..please..say you won’t give up.”

And looking into his soft, pleading eyes you agreed. He tweeted later about it and the fans who cared about him -and you by extension- flooded Twitter with positivity. But none of it really mattered, because Calum was still by your side.

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Hate U Like I Love U (Part 3)

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(Part 2)

I lay there on my bed staring at the ceiling. Downstairs, I could hear my family laughing and talking about something they consider interesting I guess. I had the radio on in my room to block out the noise. They were playing The Velvet Underground on the FM. The faint strumming of the guitar filled the silent lifeless air in my room. I closed my eyes and hummed along with the tune, trying to forget the unfortunate occurrence.

I couldn’t help but wonder how he met my sister. He was younger than my sister, I was sure of that. My sister must have been in second year of college by the time he was in his final year of school. She is not even into the kind of music he played with the band he was in. He was a punk rock kid. My sister is a ballet girl. I remember, how because of Y/S/N I had to take up dance. She would drag me to ballet classes along with her.
I opened my eyes and stared back at the uninteresting ceiling which happened to capture my attention once again. I narrowed my eyes and tried to figure it all out. However, I didn’t know what could I have probably achieved from figuring out this meaningless subject I was pondering over. They were together now and it didn’t make sense to just me. What was the use after all when everyone is happy?

The song on the radio changed. It was my favourite band now, with one of their best song. Asleep by The Smiths came on the radio and my eyes were close once again. The soothing melody and the lullaby-like track instantly made me calm and forget about the pain I was experiencing after seeing his face once more after all these years.

I slowly started to feel numb and sleep and exhaustion was slowly taking over my body. As I was dozing off, I swear I heard the door open and a few steady footsteps on my wooden floor.

*after an hour*

As I tried opening my eyes, I saw a tall blurry image of a guy sat next to me. Lazily, rubbing off the remaining sleep from my eyes, I finally opened my eyes.
There he was, sat on the armchair next to my bed, Clifford. Michael had a sad apologetic look on his face and his eyes were glassy from the tears welling them. I could see him gulp down his fear as his adam’s apple moved.

“Hey Michael.” I tried to get rid of the awkward tension.

“Your parents and Y/S/N went out for some shopping. I decided to stay back.” I nodded

“You didn’t go with them?”

“No. I guess we needed to talk right?” He stuttered. He was a wreck from the nervousness.

“Talk about what? Wasn’t everything settled that year?”

He raised his eyebrow and the pain left now, replaced by anger.

“You know, shit happens Michael!”

“Yeah you would say so” leaning in closer he looked straight into my eyes. His piercing green eyes were a shade darker from the annoyance “cuz you didn’t suffer the pain I went through. This was the biggest shit that happened to me. I am not happy Y/N. There wasn’t a day I didn’t think of you. Yet with time, we became so close to strangers that it seemed like I was non existent in your life.”

He looked down towards his feet and I couldn’t have felt worse for what he was going through, all because of me.

“Michael, life is eventful I guess. That’s all I can say. There is no use of saying all this anymore. When things ended between us, it ended for a reason and we are here today because it was supposed to be like this!”

“Oh!” All the emotions left his face and his face was as pale as snow, with no feelings.

“I sound harsh don’t I?” I smiled to seem okay. Though, I wasn’t and I am not sure how was I going to pretend to be okay.
“So how are you?” I tried making small talks. I tried to make things okay.

“Fine I guess if you are so okay.” He got up and turned around to leave. His pace reflected the anger residing inside of him.

I shook my head at his remark and watched him leave. I made a big mistake letting him go and it was something I cannot stop regretting about. Today it all came tumbling down on me. Now, how was I to carry this burden and move on?

Part 2

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