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All It Took Was A Simple Question - A Grant Gustin One Shot

Can’t even explain how much I adore Grant :) He’s literally the cutest human being on the plant and if there wasn’t a significant age gap between us, I would totally tap that. Just saying. 

It had been an uneventful day so far but that was about to change. I was on my way to the Kids Choice Awards and boy was I excited. I very rarely had any time to go to these shows, seeing as how I worked on various different TV Shows, had several animals to care for and my younger sister was currently staying with me. That on top of all of the dating rumours that were currently floating around about me and some random celebrity, you could say that I didn’t want to be in the public eye. But alas, I was up for an award so I had to show my face and I hadn’t seen my friends in so long so it would be great to reunite with them whilst we were all off work. I was all decked out for the event, wearing a nude strapless bustier with a high waist chiffon shirt and a white blazer with black detailing. My hair had been straightened to perfection and my makeup done simple yet sexy, seeing as my makeup artist was determined to find me a man tonight, not that it would happen. I had my sights sent on one particular guy but alas, it would never work, seeing as how both of our schedules were absolutely crazy as well as the simple factor that he could have anyone else, so why would he ever choose me.

“Alright, now don’t fiddle with your hair, I know you do that where you’re nervous. If your shoes start to hurt, power through it. Beauty is pain. Now go show em what your made of,” my hairstylist Charlie said, giving me a playful slap on the butt. I rolled my eyes at the over enthused male before sliding out of the car, letting him adjust my outfit so it look good. Once he gave me a nod of approval I set off in hopes of getting the interviews out of the way so I could see my old work buddies.
Ear splitting screams attacked me from every direction, making me wince slightly, not at all used to the over excited fans. My manager led me over to the fans, telling me I had 10 minutes to take photos before I would have to go do some interviews. I simple waved her off, approaching the first crying fan and striking up a conversation. This was always my favourite part of what I do; meeting the people who enjoyed my work and who came from all around the world just to meet me. It was incredible to think that all of these people loved a small town Sydney girl who was just pursuing her dream.
“Oh my god I can’t even explain how much I love you this is insane! I never thought I would actually meet you!” the first girl cried, gripping her phone tightly in her hand. I cooed at her cuteness, wrapping my arms around her and giving her a tight hug. We spoke for a few minutes, taking several selfies on her phone before I moved down the line.
“Y/N who are you most excited to see tonight!” a yell caught my attention, making me look up from where I was signing someones phone case into the crowd to see a group of girls looking at me expectantly.
“Oh umm I don’t know actually. I really just came to see you guys and talk to some old friends to be honest,” I shrugged, handing the phone back to the crying fan.
“Is that code for ‘I want to see Grant again?’” another girl piped up, causing the fans to giggle in response. My eyes widened, cheeks heating up at her question.
“W-what? No! I just…” I couldn’t even think of a proper answer for that.
“We all know that they’re going to get together one of these days and have adorkable (that is now an official word!) babies and live happily ever after,” someone chimed in, causing everyone to erupt into excited squeals.
“Since you guys seemed to have my life all sorted out, who wants to be the wedding planner?” I teased, taking another photo with another fan.
“I totally call dibs on being flower girl!” someone yelled, resulting in everyone screaming out what part they wanted in my ‘future wedding’.
“Who’s getting married?” a husky voice whispered in my ear, making me jump in shock and squeal slightly at the intrusion.
“OH MY GOD OTP!” the ‘flower girl’ shrieked, taking a million photos of myself and whoever was behind me. I tilted my head to the side, seeing Grant behind me, smiling down at me. I rolled my eyes, turning around in his arms that were conveniently placed around my waist and wrapping mine around his neck, squeezing him tightly.
“Hey you,” I murmured, melting into his embrace.
“Hi,” he sighed, tightening his arms around my waist and lifting me off the ground slightly, making all of the fans coo.
“Grant when are you gonna propose to Y/N?” someone asked, making me pull away from his hold, squeaking in protest.
“I think I have to take her on a date first guys,” he laughed, manoeuvring my frozen body so he was standing behind me, head resting on my shoulder.
“Today can be our first date,” I joked, patting his cheek affectionately.  He nuzzled his face into my shoulder, planting 'secretive’ kisses along my exposed neck, making me hum in delight.
“Alright, come on lovebirds. Time’s up!” my manager, shouted, gripping my hand tightly and pulling me away from the warm embrace, making me pout. Grant latched into my other hand, allowing my manager to pull us both along like we were misbehaving  children.
“I don’t even know why we try to keep you both separated,” Grant’s manager shook her head, fixing our outfits once we had stopped.
“It’s like a gravitational pull…” he sighed, lightly bumping hips with me.
“Yeh, you can’t keep me away from my bae,” I giggled, gazing up at him dreamily. He grinned, leaning down and pressing a kiss to my cheek, nuzzling my nose with his.
“God that was so cute, it made me want to puke,” my manager gagged, turning away from our affection. I rolled my eyes, wrapping my arm around Grant’s waist and leaning on him, having complete faith in him not walking away and leaving me sprawled on the ground.
“So when are you guys getting together then?” a new voice piped up, making my eyes snap open, seeing Candice standing in front of us, hands on her hips and smirking.
“I better be invited to the wedding,” Danielle added in, turning around from where she was waving at the overly excited fans.
“Why is everyone trying to plan our wedding! We aren’t even dating yet!” I threw my hands up in the air in disbelief.
“Yet?” Grant’s brows raised, looking down at my blushing form.
“Oh my god she said yet!” Candice squealed, jumping up and down excitedly.
“Wait no! That’s no what I meant!” I squeaked, covering my blushing cheeks. Grant spun me in his hold so I was facing him, dropping his head so he was looking up at me through the cracks in my hands. I groaned, smiling slightly at the sight but still embarrassed as hell. He grinned cutely, prying my hands away from my face and holding them in his own, standing back up at his full height. He leaned forward slightly, resting his forehead on mine, nose bumping slightly against mine. My lips twitched in amusement, nuzzling against it cutely, eyes fluttering closed.
“God if you don’t hurry up and kiss her, I will,” Danielle groaned, making us both burst out into giggles.
“You can give me a smooch any time Dani,” I winked, blowing her an air kiss. She raised her brows seductively, playing along with my game.
“Hold on, have you two kissed before?” Grant asked, head shooting back and forth between us. Neither of us said a word, opting to simply giggle and shrug, patting his shoulder.
“Dom’t be jealous,” I grinned, pecking his lips lightly. He stared at me incredulously, shocked that I would do that so casually. After a moment of simply staring at me, the biggest and cutest smile broke out onto his face, arms hoisting me up into the air, spinning me around like we were in a Nicholas Sparks movie.
“God you’re so cute I can’t!” he squealed, yes squealed, hugging me close to his chest whilst still holding me, legs wrapped around his waist for my own safety.
“Ok sweetie we can talk about how cute I am later, just put me down,” I chuckled nervously, not liking being in his hold when he could potentially drop me.
“I would never drop you if that’s what you’re worried about,” he kept on smiling, tightening his hold on me. It was then that I realised that
a) His hands were currently resting on my poorly covered butt, probably showing off my less than appropriate underwear to the entirely of the world
b) Everyone was currently either watching us or filming us.
“Seriously… Honey…. Put me down,” my eyes were the size of golfballs once I had realised everyones eyes were on us, hands self consciously coming down to rest on his, sighing in relief when I realised that he was actually covering my butt.
“No one can see your butt… Don’t worry… That’s only for me,” he winked cheekily, grunting when I slapped his chest. He placed me back down on the floor, holding his chest in mock pain, groaning about how hard I had hit him and ‘only a kiss could make the pain go away’. I simply rolled my eyes, pressing my lips against his for a few short seconds, pulling away when he tried to deepen it.
“Bad boys don’t get kiss,” I shock my finger mockingly, turning around to properly greet the girls that were staring at us, phones out recording.
“So Grant, how does it feel to have finally kissed your long time lover,” Candice giggled, phone focusing on the smug looking boy. He shrugged his shoulders, nodding cockily and mumbling something along the lines of “she can’t resist me”, playing it cool for the camera, when we all knew inside he was fangirling and squealing like a 12 year old girl that just got her first valentine.
“Yeh sure Mr Arrogant,” I stuck my tongue out, yelping when he grabbed me suddenly, placing kisses all over my face. “Ok ok stop god!”
“Have I told you how beautiful you look?” he smiled, eyes raking down my body.
“Keep it in your pants Grant!” Danielle screamed, making the actor blush a bright shade of red, tucking his head into my neck, wailing about how mean his friends were being.
Yep, these were my co workers, weird as hell. But I wouldn’t change a thing.

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This is the cocky face I imagine he pulls at the end when Candice is recording him: