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Khadgar - Happy Holidays!
I wanted something sweet for my card design this year so … have a little Khadgar to put magic in your Holiday :D I loved Ben Schnetzer as young!khadgar. So this was a lot of fun to paint. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Oh, and hey! Still room in my ‘Holiday Card Exchange’ list, so sign up!

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You have endured a lot of pain and survived many challenges together these past two years. Thank you for consistently making and sharing quality music for us fans to enjoy. We hope you continue to be a WINNER that shines through tough times and  keeps on growing as real artists and musicians. INNER CIRCLE of WINNER, by WINNER, for WINNER! Happy second anniversary, boys! We love you! #WINNERVE2SARY ❤️

Do it for Her (Miraculous Ladybug Version)
Philsterman01 as Felix and Lil Chat
Do it for Her (Miraculous Ladybug Version)

Okay, *mini spoiler alert*, I recorded for Felix, now here we go! I hope you like this!

I’m sorry I don’t have a proper instrumental!

Original art from @starrycove

Original post: http://starrycove.tumblr.com/post/140055322715/there-is-a-lot-because-i-am-so-weak-for-this-au


I’m still partially dead so forgive me for just editing my sidebar image

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Nicknames: Nay, Naynay, Ponky Pie

Star sign: Taurus

Height: 163 CM (5'4")

Time right now: 6:23 PM

Last thing you Googled: Chibi Sanada Yukimura (hehe I love donut boi a lot)

Favorite music artist(s): I listen to a lot, tbh. But some of them are Marina and the Diamonds, Phantogram, Oh Land, Rihanna, Coldplay, OneRepublic, Alex and Sierra, Troye Sivan, Halsey and Adele

Last song syndrome: Partizan Hope - Oh!!! Skate (Yuri!!! On Ice Soundtrack)

Last movie: Kimi No Na Wa

Clothes right now: A dress and some cycling shorts

When did I create this blog: January 2017

Stuvves I post: Mystic Messenger art and graphic design things, I also reblog my friends’ art (support!!!) and ~aesthetics~ for my designer soul

Asks?: Nah, very rare actually. Like, 3-ish in a month’s time

Why did you choose your URL?: Originally was supposed to be seikowitz, but it was taken. So was nayeonnie. And here I am, nayeonniekim

Gender: Female

Hogwarts house: Ravenclaw all the way, baby!

Pokemon team: (I haven’t played Pokemon Go so sorry) But my friends dragged me into Mystic hell so does that count?

Favorite color: Prussian Blue!

Dream job: To support my family by doing what I love while making a positive impact on the world. Or just, being a Creative Director. Yeah that would do too.

Number of blankets: One

Followers: 108 lovely people

Yo, hombres: @sander-sonia@txgrerra, @windaura, @11daysofhell, @mintykoi

★The Mysterious Case of Sherlock Holmes! Page 36★

Heyyy!! (‘∀'●)♡
Here are the two new pages (35/36) of my BBC Sherlock fancomic!! I really hope that you will enjoy it!! And if you do, could you maybe hit the like/reblog button – that would be so awesome!! I mean, your support would really keep me motivated to work hard on the comic!! <3 <3 <3 I will come up with new pages as soon as possible!! Thanks a lot for your interest!! <3 <3 <3 Have a super great day!! *HUGS*

Page 1

Page 35

★ NEW PAGE: 37★

Miraculous Times!

Attention Miraculous Fandom!!

It has come to my attention, that there has been a lot. And I mean a lot of art theft in this fandom. And so that got me thinking.  How to counter it? Then it hit me.

A newsletter! Now, how does this help, well think of it this way. We see art everywhere,  and reblog it and so on and so forth. Well, with a newsletter, I hope it gives artists the opportunity to be recognized for their art, therefore when people see that hella art, they know who did it, and who didn’t.

But this isn’t just for artists! Nah, it’s for everyone! Writers, voice actors, amv makers everything and everything in the miraculous fandom! So how is this going to work? Easy!

I’m asking you guys, to submit/message/contact me. With fanart, fanfics, comics, amvs, voice overs, photoshop edits,everything. All of them, I will put them in the newsletter. Now there’s a lot of you right? So, to make it a lot more manageable, and if it catches on, the  'issues’ will be sectioned off by ship or character.

But of course there are some guidelines for submissions! To make this a bit more clear! If you are interested, please keep reading, if not, and you know someone who would be, please give this a reblog! But please check it out!

Here is a preview of the cover! The sketch is of course by my girlfriend: Chebits.tumblr.com. And she allowed me to use it for this preview <3 The watermark was made by me, but artists will be in charge how that will look!

Keep reading

Thank you to everyone who helped me find punkflunked and their art! (The post I made a few days ago, it’s since been deleted) I won’t be posting their art on my Instagram, and I hope everyone else can respect that the artist is not ok with that and do the same. Thanks again for helping me!


I guess this is it. First of all, thank you so much to everyone who still actually follows me even though I kept going on hiatus for like half of my tumblr stay lmao. I don’t understand how I’m still able to have so much amazing followers in my entire stay here because I’m just a lame naruto weeb trash blog. But thank you so much to each and every one of you guys!!! I hope you guys won’t get tired of blogging and still enjoy Naruto even if the manga already ended.

Secondly, thank you so much to my senpais and the people I follow. I did lose a lot of interest from Naruto ever since the manga ended, but following a lot of you guys made me still have a little bit of motivation to click that reblog button once in a while. To all the fan artists, graphic and edit makers, and fanfic writers, don’t ever stop doing what makes you guys happy! I hope you guys will continue to shower this amazing fandom with all your fantastic edits, fanfics, and art! Keep up with the wonderful work!

Lastly, a lot of people told me that I should just switch fandoms and continue to blog here in tumblr, but the deciding factor for me leaving is definitely because of my grades. My GPA used to be pretty high, but every time I come back from hiatus, my grades would always suffer. Right now, I have so much pressures and expectations that I have to fulfill, and I really want to try my best to in my studies because I know I can do so much better than what I can right now.

So yeah! Thank you Naruto fandom for being such a great fandom! We all have our ups and downs, but we’re all still one big ninja clan! Thank you so much for all the love, and I hope you guys continue to be a wonderful fandom. I’m pretty sure there are much better Naruto blogs than this one ahahahhaa.

Don’t worry. I won’t delete this blog. I don’t want to delete the doujins my sister and I have translated over the years and the mangacaps/edits I’ve made.

To my mutuals, don’t worry!! I can chat here once in a while to catch up (since I won’t delete this blog), but I’ll most likely be late in replying, haha.

Once again, the reason why it took me a long time to leave Tumblr was because of my followers ;A;. All 18k of you guys are such precious people to me, and I thank you guys for sticking up to me whenever I make stupid rants here. Love you guys and stay amazing! Don’t ever forget about Naruto! Never give up on your dreams, and always work hard for them. Just like Naruto! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

さよなら!!    \^ウ^/ Thank you Naruto fandom! I’ll be taking my leave now. For good this time. I think since Naruto already ended, I can leave this blog without any worries haha. Goodbye, and I hope you guys will still have fun blogging here! (≧∇≦)/

knowing your partner well can potentially make writing together a lot easier !
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name : sparrow.
pronouns : they/them.
sexuality : lesbian.
taken or single : single.


  1. right now , i’m studying mostly spanish & german but lowkey like 5 other languages.
  2. i have a loooot of collections : rocks ( like gemstones & agates & stuff ) , pop ! figurines , go.tham cit.y si.rens stuff in general , plushies , pencils / pens , hoodies / beanies probably , idk.
  3. i’m hoping to be a comic artist / author.


how long ( months / years ) : like ,, 4 - 5 - ish yrs.
platforms you’ve used : pokefarm / chicken smoothie ( dont drag me ) , tumblr.
best experience : shrugs ?? probably now ig.


female or male : doesnt matter.
fluff , angst or smut : A N G S T.
plots or memes : memes.
long or short replies : short. easier to maintain lmao.
best time to write : like … whenever. what is a consistent , steady motivation.
are you like your muse ( s ) : in a lot of ways , yeah —— i think the actual muse i’m closest to is ava , but i’m. very similar to tooru as well. not really cami or hyeon , though.

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Highrollers doodles! The first Is of Elora in what I imagined her Feast dress to be like- I had lots of fun drawing it!

The second is Trellimar chilling with his little dragon buddy- who’s name I have forgotten. I am really happy with both of these and hope you enjoy my dears!

I don’t know if they are still doing fan art videos, but if you are- please feel free to put these into the stream Highrollers!

Please respect artists! I put hard work and personal time into my work- reblog, don’t repost, give proper credit if reposting somewhere else, and report anyone you see posting this without credit please! And don’t remove the source!

★The Mysterious Case of Sherlock Holmes! Page 42★

Here is page 42 - I really hope you will like it!! And if you do, could you maybe hit the like/reblog button – that would be so awesome!! Because your support would really keep me motivated to work hard on the comic!! <3 <3 <3 I will make new pages as soon as possible!! Thanks a lot for your interest!! <3 <3 <3 Have a super great day!! *HUGS*

Page 1

Page 41

★ NEW PAGE: 43★

the-mouse-majorette-and-shell  asked:

(go on anon and tell me at least 3 facts you’ve learned about me since following me) You are a bug enthusiast, you seem to reblog a lot about being an artist but I'm not sure if I've ever seen you post art(?), and you are relatable(TM) in a lot of aspects tbh like there's often stuff that are relatable to me that you post in tags in stuff idk. (Bonus) I've found you seem to be a rad and fantastic person overall B)

thanks! <3 and yeah i only really dabble in art these days - i lowkey gave up on the whole thing but i still got that hope for Someday™ haha

Confession #84: i just love the naruhina fandom because i see a lot of us like or reblog with nice tags on beginner artists, it shows how much we appreciate and support our fandom.  It doesnt matter if you’re a beginner at it, maybe you cant draw hands or noses, any content of naruhina i see its a instant like or reblog, because i appreciate your feelings towards the ship. i hope more people in our fandom support beginner artists! being one myself, support is really amazing. i really do love this fandom


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– basics.

NAME:  Moxie
PRONOUNS:  she/her
SEXUALITY:  Asexual but confused. I really have no clue anymore.

– three facts.

1. I cook way too much.

2. Linguistics is a favorite study of mine, right after Mythology and Artistic History.

3. Eventually I hope to cosplay as Diana, I’ve just never had the courage with my current body type. Need to thin down my waist a tad first.

– experience.

HOW LONG (MONTHS / YEARS?):  At least 7 years now.
PLATFORMS YOU’VE USED:  Tumblr, Skype, Discord
BEST EXPERIENCE: Deciding to write a canon character. It was intimidating at first but I really love it. So, now I guess.

– muse preferences.

FEMALE OR MALE: I can do either, but I feel that powerful female muses need a bit more representation so that’s what I gravitate towards.
FLUFF, ANGST OR SMUT: Angst and fluff preferred, I find that I like detail too much for standard smutty RPs. Crack is also great for when my muse is lower but still wants to play.
PLOTS OR MEMES:  Both! Each have their purpose.
LONG OR SHORT REPLIES: Usually longer, but I do get in moods for shorter ones at times.
BEST TIME TO WRITE: Anytime. Writing is my form of self medicating.
ARE YOU LIKE YOUR MUSE(S):  My muse is a standard I am striving for, but don’t feel I will ever reach. But hey, it’s the reaching that counts, right?

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hi  haha it  makes me wonder if other people are confused too?. ill reply this here quickly!

reblogging is fine ! but taking my drawings and you uploading them onto your blog as if you are the person who did the pictures or just because you like them (most not even giving credit-) is not fine! it happens a lot to many artists mostly the ones who draw fanart haha but i have seen some reposts of my drawings..and i wish they just reblogged instead of doing that haha because then the source is gone, even if is reposting with credits i just dont like it…

because I have my own blog/twitter and stuff so they could always just reblog instead! haha thats why I added it!

here i googled the differences and this appeared


better explained haha

I hope this help! sorry for the confusion ! @zephula @whynoteventry


Request: Peridot in Flannel

Its in same style with my past Peridot fanart, as you wish. Its my first request in Tumblr. So i put a lot of effort in this. Also this time i drew background on my own . This came a little late because im in a exam week. And also , thanks for the compliments. These compliments, reblogs , likes and comments are my motivation. So here u go m8,thx 4 my firts request, u da 1 :D - ihooded

I hope I’ve understood the request correctly:o