Wow, I don’t get it...

I really don’t, Oncers. I see a lot of people critizing the Dark Swan look, like “but that’s not sexy” (”oh but at least HEELZ! *phew*”), “what’s those greazy hair…” (“they’re even tied up ew where are the sexy CURLZ?!”), “omg her skin is gross”, “the outfit is kind of badass but not sexy damn”, etc.

I mean, did you see Crocodile Rumple???

Darth Zoso???

The Darkness itself is this gross petrol-ish thing, what did you expect?

How did you expect that Emma was gonna be beautiful or sexy af?! 

(don’t answer “because it’s a woman”… I might want to punch you) 

It would have been strange and mysoginistic for them to make a sexy af evil!cleavage Dark!Emma (seriously, how many cleavages do you need in this show, there are already too many, come on). For once we’ve got an evil female character who is not entirely objectified. We’ve got a Dark Swan who is coherent with the previous Dark Ones and you’re complaining…

I just don’t get it.

*rant over*

(Okay, I’ll admit that the full leather outfit is a little bit too cliché, she’s not a vampire or in the Matrix… but it’s OUAT, they’re all wearing cliché/too much/I don’t even know where they got that idea from outfits. I was actually imagining worse… this is almost simple, it’s cool, she looks fierce and dark and I like the way her posing and hairstyle remind of a ballerina, you know, the black swan… and her outfits is kind of refering to the Darkness itself, all shady floating in the air and oil black and with a little bit of crocodile skin too but I’m rambling now so… yeah.)

anonymous asked:

This was such a good opportunity for them to make more connections cause so many artists and important people there. I know Lau most likely tried to get larry to go and that vid was his way of getting back. Larry obviously got invited to. Right??????

Hmmmm didn’t think of that.  You may be right, and you bring up some very good points anon.  It’s the same reason I say they should have been in Coachella.  

Poor boring Larry.


I don’t know how recent this, but I just discovered that tumblr has made it easier to report reposts (and as you can see reposting is not okay. Just stop stealing people’s things!).

You can report people for either reposting or selfpromoting on your post

And then you just have to fill out a little form with links to the repost and a link to your original post as well as your email (so they can let you know what happens next)

Note: You can only report for posts you are the owner of - so if you see somebody else’s post has been stolen, just notify them, and maybe give them this link if they didn’t know it existed

You can also file a DMCA takedown request via this form (useful if you haven’t posted your thing to tumblr but somewhere else on the internet)

Please reblog this so we can make tumblr a better place for creators, not the lazy reposters!

Mass Effect Andromeda Lady

Quickly sort of fixed it? Although admittedly, there is a high probability that the background picture is actually the Milky Way, I am not 100% sure.


Text AU’s:

Ashton Irwin

Michael Clifford

Calum Hood

Luke Hemmings


Ashton Irwin

Michael Clifford

Calum Hood

Luke Hemmings


Smut Warning*

5SOS Preference - Awkward Situation

5SOS Preference 2 - On Full Display*

Imagine Series:


*Smut Warning

Ashton / Michael (x) Part 1 / (x) Part 2 / Calum / Luke


Ashton / Michael (x) 1 / (x) 2  / Calum / Luke

The Four Horseman

This series only goes up to 5 for each guy.

*Smut Warning

Ashton (x) 1 (x) 2

Michael (x) 1 (x) 2 (x) 3 (x) 4* (x) 5

Calum (x) 1 (x) 2 (x) 3

Luke (x) 1* (x) 2 (x) 3 (x) 4

Luke Hemmings Series

*Smut Warning

Competing with Calum: (x) Part 1 / (x) Part 2

Getting Locked In A Room Backstage: (x) Part 1 / (x) Part 2

Pirate!Luke: (x) Part 1 / (x) Part 2* / (x) Part 3

Drunk!Y/N Getting Taught A Lesson: (x) Part 1 / (x) Part 2

Calum Hood Series

*Smut Warning

Werewolf!Calum: (x) Part 1 / (x) Part 2 / (x) Part 3

Complicated Relationship: (x) Part 1 / (x) Part 2

Sex Life Slipping Up: (x) Part 1 / (x) Part 2

Prince!Calum: (x) Part 1 / (x) Part 2

Michael Clifford Series

*Smut Warning

Fingering You At Dinner: (x) Part 1* / (x) Part 2*

Musician!Michael: (x) Part 1 / (x) Part 2

Ashton Irwin Series

*Smut Warning

Coming Back From Tour: (x) Part 1 / (x) Part 2

Master!Ashton: (x) Part 1* / (x) Part 2* / (x) Part 3

Disney!Ashton: (x) Part 1 / (x) Part 2

‘You’re Not My Aesthetic’: (x) Part 1 / (x) Part 2

Future!5SOS Meets Past!5SOS

The text I didn't send but needed to write

If you’re staying with this girl tonight, I hope you read this shit in bed next to her. Hell, I hope she reads it over your shoulder. I hope her favorite song is my favorite song, and I hope when she sings it off tune in your passenger seat that you get flashbacks to our road trips. I hope she doesn’t laugh every time that you do your funny drunk dance. I hope she never finds your favorite massage spot. I hope your family meets her and is disappointed. I hope your little sister still asks you where I am. I hope that she’s too drunk or high to be of any help on your lonely nights. I hope the demons in your head remind you of how wrong you are. I hope you find pieces of my hair in your room and bed and shower and floor for years to come, reminding you that my ghost will always live there. I hope that Tropical Fruit Minute Maid reminds you of the nights where I tried to get drunk with you, but ended up kissing you too much as soon as I got tipsy. I hope that every time you hear Coldplay, you think of that night where we fell in love. I hope a sunrise is never as pretty. I hope people compliment you on your outfit when you’re wearing a shirt that I bought you. I hope you hear my voice when she moans your name. I hope each knock on your bedpost reminds you of our passion. I hope that when you try and fall asleep with her in your bed for the first time, that the thought of me keeps your mind racing. I hope that when she sun rises, the light hits her in a certain way so that her hair looks blonde and you see me. I hope when you get up, you have a pit in your throat that you can never swallow. I hope your heart drops when you see me finally happy. You’ve officially lost me.