i honestly went out of my comfort zone in coloring this

Interview Confession

I sip at my coffee, sitting at the kitchen table looking at my adoring boyfriend standing in front of the stove whipping up breakfast for the two of us. I smile to myself as I watch Richard, my mind wandering back to the duration of our relationship thus far.

We met on the set of Game of Thrones, I had been visiting a friend of mine who works on the show. I had been walking around a bit until I bumped into someone, that someone being Richard. I remember that he was wearing his costume and I couldn’t help but giggle at the sight. We immediately hit it off and now here we are. Four years later, living together, and still madly in love.

“Y/N, Earth to Y/N,” Richard calls pulling me out of the memory I was reliving in my mind. “Where was your mind off too?” He questions with a laugh.

“I was thinking of a time when I bumped into someone with a fur cloak on,” I tell him with a giggle.

“You aren’t cheating on me with this mystery man are you?” He jokingly asks with a raised brow.

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Dream Team

pairing: jikook

length: oneshot, 2.3k

genre: domestic fluff, subunit!jikook, implied sexual content

summary: “Jikook would be that couple that would 100% un-ironically high five after sex”


Jimin and Jungkook are quite literally the definition of a perfect team, in all aspects of the word.

based on this post

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“You’re doing it again.”

Nimble fingers freeze where they had been so avidly typing away on the black plastic keys of a laptop. The buttons feel heated under his fingers, and now that he had noticed it, under his palms too—the computer was overheated. Had been for sometime now. But of course his brain never processed that information until someone else had brought his attention to the fact.

He spares a glance at the clock.

12:23 AM. Shit.

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Editor Credit: My twin, mothmanwrites. She is LITERALLY the best person and one of the most amazing writers I know. If you are interested in reading any of her stuff (if you haven’t already) then here is a link to her ao3!  She has an amazing series called Lovesong and its honestly my fav. 

Summary: A story in which Richie attempts to fix what he has been broken, but ends up doing more than he bargained for. 

Pairings: Reddie, Stenbrough, Benverly. Mike/OC

Word Count: 6.5 K

Warnings: angst with happy ending, one shot, prom, boys kissing and in love, strained friendships, drama, violence, jealous Richie, boys making out. 

Richie sighed as he watched the lights in the auditorium flicker between vibrant hues of color. The music was blaring and practically seeped out of the building onto the streets of Derry. After four years in high school, the Losers had finally made it to one of the nights that was supposed to make the struggle all worth it: prom. During late night sleepovers, they would all gather around in a circle and discuss what they wanted to happen.

Bill started first, “I just w-want prom to be our last h-hoorah before we start college. I am the happiest when I am with a-all of you.”

Ben went next, staring at Beverly out of the corner of his eye. “I want to be with the girl of my dreams, wearing a red lily boutonniere just like the corsage I’ll place on her wrist. I want to dance the night away and fall in love with her all over again.”

Richie laughed, pulling Eddie closer to him as he raised his flask and took a massive swig. “Ohhhhh~! Ben wants to get laid and make a prom night dumpster baby!”

Eddie rolled his eyes and punched Richie’s arm, eliciting a groan out of the older man. “First off, it wouldn’t be a prom night dumpster baby if it’s conceived the night of prom, idiot. Secondly, you’re fucking disgusting. Now shut up, Trashmouth, it’s Beverly’s turn.”

Beverly’s cheeks burned crimson; part of her felt like Ben was talking about her, but they had fizzled out a long time ago. “I just want to be as beautiful as you guys all make me feel.”

The boys all smiled halfheartedly. Now that they were older and more mature, they understood that her father had damaged her and made her feel like less of a woman. So, every opportunity that arose to make her feel special, they took without hesitation.

“I want to be free, like a bird in the sky. I just need one night where we don’t have to worry or stress out about our social class in high school. Most of all, I…want to do something entirely outside of my comfort zone.” Stan looked at Bill, but then averted his gaze to the floor before the other boy noticed.

“I kinda agree with Ben’s answer,” came from Mike, “I’d love to find a classy girl, good enough to bring home to my grandpa. He’s getting old, so I’d like to show him that I’m going to be okay.”

Stan rubbed circles on Mike’s back reassuringly, and Eddie went next. His answer seemed rushed and rehearsed as if he had been practicing in the mirror. “By the time prom comes around, I’d like to be comfortable enough to be dating.”

It was not news to all of them that Eddie’s germaphobia conflicted badly with the dates he had been on in the past. Therefore, he had never had an actual girlfriend. Which also meant that he’d never even been kissed.  Sure, he had plenty of opportunities, but every time he started to see the finish line, a mile long list of why he shouldn’t shot through his head.

“Aww, my spaghetti man, I’m sure you’ll snag yourself a perfect little meatball!” Richie cooed and grabbed Eddie’s cheeks, only to have his hands swatted away.

Eddie’s face flushed and his brown eyes glistened with annoyance, “Don’t touch my face, Richie. I have no idea where your filthy hands have been.”

Richie smiled sinfully and went to tickle the boy’s hips instead, “You should know exactly where they have been, Eds. Just ask your mother-”

The other six losers butted in simultaneously; “Beep Beep Richie.”

Richie pouted and crossed his arms in defeat, taking the time to glare at each one of them.

“Y-your the last one, Richie. How do you want your prom to go?”

“Do you even have to ask, Big Bill? I’m going to get fucking laid! Hell, maybe even twice.”

They all laughed and raised their vodka filled shot glasses up to the center, making a toast; it was a silent promise that they would all be united at prom, just as they had been in the sewers, years ago. Eddie chugged down his drink, a visible grimace on his face.

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Interview: Mark

Today we’re joined by Mark. Mark is a phenomenal visual artist who specializes in digital art. They’re mostly into drawing, although they are working on some video game design and do craft work on occasion. They also draw the most gorgeous pride dragons. They’re work is remarkably beautiful, brimming with color and detail. It’s very clear Mark’s an incredibly talented and dedicated artist, as you’ll soon read. My thanks to them for taking the time to participate in this interview.


Please, tell us about your art.

Umm, I draw things? XD Mostly I like to focus on digital drawing, but I also do some craft work and other things here and there for fun. Right now I’m working on a few different projects, the main ones being pride dragons (and eventually other pride animals), as well as working with a close friend on some game design.

What inspires you?

Anything and everything really. Other artists, movies, books, music, nature, friends… I can’t really pin inspiration down on any one thing.

What got you interested in your field?  Have you always wanted to be an artist?

I’ve been drawing pretty much as far back as I can remember, so it’s been an always thing that never went away. XD Honestly I can’t imagine NOT being an artist in some fashion.

Do you have any kind of special or unique signature, symbol, or feature you include in your work that you’d be willing to reveal?

Not really? Nothing that I’m aware of at least.

What advice would you give young aspiring artists?

(Sorry this part is going to be a tad long.)

1. If you wanna art, then art. Do it because you want to do it.

2. Some people are gonna be assholes. It’s pretty hard to avoid running into them. It sucks and it can be super disheartening, but *don’t give up*. I’ve had my art featured on “look how shitty this art is” sites and have gotten some nasty comments that made me feel super close to giving up entirely. But in the end, I’d refer you back to point 1. If you want to art, *then KEEP DOING IT* Do it because you enjoy it. Do it for you, do it for the people who DO enjoy it.

3. You’re not going to improve overnight, but that’s ok. You’ll have good days and bad days with art and sometimes you might feel like you’re not getting anywhere, but as long as you don’t give up, you WILL improve over time.

4. Going along with that, try not to compare your art to others’ art. You need to compare you to you. Look at some of your old art compared to new stuff. Can you see improvement? Doesn’t matter if it’s just a little or a lot, improvement is improvement! Everyone goes at their own pace so don’t be discouraged if you’re not getting to where you want to be right away.

5. I love stylization. It’s fantastic. All sorts of cartoony styles and what not. But I will say, regardless of how styled you want to make your art, it’s best to learn from life first. If say, you learn how to draw dogs, study real dogs and realistic dog art, because then stylizing them later on will be WAY easier and produce better results.

6. TOTALLY experiment with different things! Maybe you’ll find something you like, maybe you’ll decide you don’t like certain things. But at least after trying you’ll know. Step outside your comfort zone, don’t worry if you can do something “good” or not. Just have fun and play with it! Wanna draw cars but think you can’t manage mechanical things? Draw some cars anyway! You have to start somewhere.

7. While you shouldn’t compare yourself to other artists, it can be nice to look around at numerous other artists’ styles and methods for inspiration. Many artists will make tutorials about their processes and techniques or general art advice and these can be super valuable learning tools. (Just remember of course to be respectful and never steal someone else’s work.)

I could probably go on and on, but I think that covers the basics. XD


Where on the spectrum do you identify?

I am hella ace. XD Not demi or grey or anything. As for romantic orientation, I’m still figuring that out.

Have you encountered any kind of ace prejudice or ignorance in your field?  If so, how do you handle it?

Sort of? In general I usually don’t get any of that stuff with just posting art and what not online, though I have had some not so cool things happen in person because of being ace. I don’t want to go too in detail. One of the people who did and said some nasty things is an artist as well, but reasons for their behavior were more on a personal level than because of anything art related. (Though they did rip off a bunch of art related things from me…) Handling it can be hard sometimes, but I’m lucky to have super supportive friends, and the ace community seems to be pretty awesome and supportive as well. Lots of nice positivity posts and comments going around.

What’s the most common misconception about asexuality that you’ve encountered?

That it’s not real and aces are just lying or are late bloomers. Also that ace people are doomed to be forever alone or they’re only able to be in relationships with other aces.

What advice would you give to any asexual individuals out there who might be struggling with their orientation?

It can be tough, I sure as heck have some hard times accepting it sometimes. But anyone out there struggling, remember that you are NOT broken or alone! Asexuality is totally a natural thing, it’s NOT something new (we just are finally starting to learn more about it and bring that information to light), and it’s not something to be ashamed of. Whether you want a romantic relationship, or just good friends, or whatever else, there are definitely people out there who will accept you for who you are and who won’t try to change you. (And don’t put up with people who think they can change you or that you need to be fixed. That’s a load of BS.) All you aces are totally awesome as is!

Finally, where can people find out more about your work?

I post most of my work on my Tumblr account: http://markaleb.tumblr.com/

And I’ve started putting up a few things on a RedBubble account: https://www.redbubble.com/people/markaleb?asc=u

Thank you, Mark, for participating in this interview and this project. It’s very much appreciated.

k-slice  asked:

Number 22 for Ereri please! (If you can't that's cool too you're fab always so it's always awesome) You are fabulous may I just say okay wow I LOVE your writing and I wish I could write as well as you <33333

of course my lovely! and awww thank you so much! that means a lot to me <3 

#22: “I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice.”

Eren huffed, fingers spinning the pencil that hung between his fingers. The professor’s words were droning on and on and Eren swore that he was going to fucking die of boredom. 

But it wasn’t all that bad. Levi Ackerman was in his class too. And it was a semi-small class. Not one of the bigger lectures and because Eren sat behind the other boy, he got a perfect view of his beautiful undercut, hair pulled back so attractively so into a small pony tail and bangs left to hang out and frame his oh-so handsome face.

God he’s so hot, Eren thought to himself as his teeth took to chewing on the end of his pencil while he admired the boy from afar. Just like he had done for a couple years now. And even over that time, Levi had gotten more piercings and tattoos and even more fit and Eren would literally bend over backwards just to get a simple glimpse of his stomach. 

Yeah, he was a thirsty ho, his friends called him that all the time. Jean tried it once — didn’t work out in his favor very well. 

It just so happened that Eren and Levi were going into the same major, so for Eren, that meant at least two more years of pathetic pining and meaningless one night stands to try and get the thoughts of the raven out of his head. Yeah, like that worked.

“Mr. Jaeger.” He was pulled away from his fantasies as the professor called on him, everyone else, including Levi, now staring at him expectantly. “Would you care to answer my question?”

Eren honestly didn’t even want to give the man the time of day — he was old enough to teach fucking God, okay. 

“Only if you care to repeat it,” Eren bit back with a little more ferocity than he had meant to. But his face was flushing with a slight pink color the longer the class and Levi stared at him and he couldn’t help himself to flicker his eyes to Levi’s. Of course, to Eren’s luck, they met for a quick second and Eren swore that he fucking melted at the smirk that rose to Levi’s completely kissable lips; the lips that Eren thought about way too often.

The professor simply hummed and the next thing he said made his heart drop. “Well, moving on, I’ll be putting you all into small groups for the rest of class for discussion.” A part of Eren hoped more than anything to be with Levi, but the other part knew that he would fuck everything up and would die if he ended up with the beauty in the front of the classroom. 

“—and finally,” Eren hadn’t realized that his small panic attack had costed him the naming and pairing of everyone and he listened carefully, practically on the edge of his seat as he prayed that the professor wouldn’t say his name. “Jaeger, you will be with Ms. Magnolia and Mr. Ackerman. Mr. Church will be joining you when he returns tomorrow.”

Eren felt as though that he couldn’t breathe, all the air in his lungs had left in one sudden movement as if the professor had punched him square in the gut. He didn’t mind Isabel, if anything, she reminded him of himself since they were so alike that they could pass as siblings. In fact, many people thought they were but were always mistaken. He also didn’t mind Farlan. The boy didn’t really talk much anyway, always keeping to himself or the two other people that he stayed around with. 

Eren did, in fact, have an issues with the fact that Levi Ackerman was approaching him and — code red, pony tail, hotass is now across from me and I cannot breathe.

His thoughts were frantic and he only hoped that he wasn’t going to hyperventilate like a fucking idiot in front of his goddamn crush. And of course, like the moron that he was, Eren was staring. 

He’s way prettier up close.

“Eren?” Isabel waved a hand in front of his face and he blinked, thankful that Levi was scrolling through his phone so that he didn’t have to notice Eren’s stupid staring. “There we go,” she smiled at him. “How are you? Are you excited for the project?”

“Huh? What are you talking about?”

That seemed to catch Levi’s attention and he looked up, steely, smoldering eyes staring straight into Eren’s soul and he swore that Levi could read his very thoughts. 

“You don’t pay attention much, do you?”

No, I’m much too occupied ogling your perfect ass.

“U-uh, I tend to zone out a lot.” Which wasn’t necessarily a lie.

He hummed, a sound that melted Eren down to the core. “Well, the project that Isabel is talking about…” he paused for a minute, picking up his phone with a thinking look on his face and his thumbs typed away quickly before setting it down. Then it was Isabel’s phone that buzzed and she grinned, picking it up and giggled to herself, hand covering over her mouth. 

“Okay,” she said cheerfully. 

Eren felt so out of the loop. 


“I’ll just explain it to you when we meet up to work on it.”

That was the last thing that Eren was expecting from him. All the color left his face and he stared at Levi with too many emotions flickering through his eyes as fast as the thoughts that were racing through his head. 

“Here’s my number, I’ll get yours from Isabel and we’ll meet up tonight.” Without another word, Levi slung his backpack over his shoulder and walked out. 

Eren was so shocked, eyes raking over the numbers that were scribbled on the torn piece of paper in front of him. Isabel was still giggling when he turned to her. 

“What the fuck just happened?”

“You and Levi are partners for the project.”

He was still trying to wrap his brain and his thoughts around the fact that he was actually in front of Levi’s apartment door, hesitant to knock as he gripped his phone in his hand because he needed something to hold onto to keep his sanity in check. 

“Hey, you made it,” Levi said as he opened the door. 

“Y-yeah?” Eren stuttered and he wanted to jump over the railing behind him.

“C’mon. Don’t stand out there like an idiot.” He opened the door wider for Eren to step through, which he did, reluctantly. It was immaculately clean. Something he didn’t expect any less of Levi honestly. 

He said something, pausing when Eren didn’t answer. “Jesus, you do zone out a lot.”

Eren blushed, adjusting his backpack on his shoulders. “Sorry.”

“Don’t worry about it.” Levi padded into the kitchen. “Make yourself comfortable. Just take your shoes off. Do you want something to drink? Seems like you need it, you’re kinda tense.” Eren wasn’t sure if it was playful tone that laced through his words, and he seemed to be thinking way too into it because Levi did bring him a drink. It was practically thrust into his hands. 

They sat quietly, Eren much more tense than Levi even with the couple glasses of wine that ran through his system. “Seriously, I’m not gonna bite,” Levi finally said and Eren glanced over at him. “I mean, unless you want me to.” He made his comment as though he was talking about casual things like the weather as Eren’s face burst into a bright red.

It didn’t make it any better that Levi chuckled, seemingly laughing at him. “You’re cuter than I expected you to be.”

“Huh?” There was panic in Eren’s eyes that Levi picked up instantly. 

“Like, I had been planning to invite you over to obviously, I had thought about it before. You’re cute.”

Eren had to be dreaming. There had to be way more alcohol in his system than he thought there was. “So, uh,” he cleared his throat. “A-about the project?”

“That’s not why I invited you over. I knew that if I just simply invited you over to hang out and talk, you’d say no and so I needed an excuse.” Eren was fucking shocked, his jaw hanging open, astonished. He didn’t know what to say or what to do and Levi was moving much to close for him to react.

“I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice.” Levi voice was like silk, his breath fanning over Eren’s already hot face and he was shaking. Levi’s hand was on his, giving it a small squeeze while the other reached up. He grabbed Eren’s chin gently between his thumb and index finger and turned it so that he could place a gentle and chaste kiss on his.

Eren squeaked, actually fucking squeaked and Levi laughed. Honest-to-God laughed and Eren knew this was the moment that he had died and went to heaven. 

“Wh-what—why—I don’t—”

“Relax, Eren.” Levi shushed. “You don’t have to say anything. Actions speak louder than words you know.” There was that smile and Eren couldn’t help but lean into his touch. “I know you like me, have for a long time. And also Isabel told me but that’s beside the point—”

“Are you fucking kidding me?”

“The point is,” Levi continued, ignoring his outburst. “Is that I like you too and so you don’t need to act like you’re not staring anymore. You’re really bad at hiding it anyway.”

Eren was still speechless. He was at a loss for words and just stared at Levi, eyes exmaining his face and taking in the fact that they kissed and that Levi actually likes him too

“Wait,” Eren pulls away for a second. “Was there even a project then?”

Levi smiles, pressing a kiss to Eren’s nose. “Nope.”

Send me a pairing and a number and I’ll write you

I wrote this for Taylor who knows how long ago and just completely forgot about it. While at work today I went through my old notes and found it and told myself that I had to post this today. I don’t even remember what the request was I think it was shklance were Lance is sick during a presentation. I hope this is OK I don’t know I just… I don’t know. Here ya go @taylor-tut

Lance knew he was sick. Normally he wasn’t one to admit to others, or to himself, that he wasn’t feeling well. He usually just powers through his colds, working until he can’t anymore and then he has to take a day off to recuperate if needed. But this time his breaking point was on the day of his presentation with Keith AND SHIRO.

The presentation he honest to God forgot about until the night before.

Staying up all night doing a presentation, for his personal most difficult class wasn’t a good move on Lance’s part, but there wasn’t anything he could do, other than just not doing it all.

And that’s how he got into this mess. The world spinning, in his micro biology class, sitting down in the front waiting for his turn to speak. Every bone in his body ached, it was so freaking cold, and his jacket was doing nothing to aid his shivers. Sitting was the only relief at the moment but just knowing that once Shiro was done his slide, he was going to have to stand AND READ.

Lance felt someone shake his shoulder, and he could hear his name being called in an aggravated tone. He sat up straight so fast Lance got whiplash. His world was a blue of color as he tried to reassess where he was. When did he fall asleep?

Then Keith came into focus. Keith was wearing a scowl as he looked down at Lance.

“Goddammit Lance, it’s your turn.” Keith scolded.

Lance’s didn’t say a thing as he stood up and stumbled to the front of the class, while Keith and Shiro shared a look of concern. And as Lance’s slides came on screen, their hearts dropped.

Aesthetic wise the slides were done, but the information about the experiment was all wrong. The data looked like Lance hadn’t comprehended what he had been reading the least bit. And Lance was stuttering as he spoke. His eyes squinted as he tried to read off the slides.

They didn’t know if they should step in and help, but soon Lance was done. His face was red, and not just from embarrassment. Lance mumbled out and apology and he ran out of the room, too embarrassed to look at Keith and Shiro’s faces.

Shiro and Keith haven’t heard anything from Lance for at least 10 minutes now. It was obvious Lance wasn’t on his A game and they were both extremely worried about him. They’ve called and texted, but he wasn’t answering. They’ve been wandering the school, trying every classroom they’ve come across, until they stumbled e across a locked janitors closet. The one that isn’t normally locked.

It’s Shiro that knocks on the door. "Lance, buddy are you in there?”

“No” was his only response. Keith couldn’t help the snort that came out.

“Why don’t you come on out? We have to answer questions and then we’ll be done.” Shiro tried. “You don’t even need to answer any.”

“Then you can go back to the dorms and get some rest.” Keith cut in. They didn’t really have time for this. Their grade already wasn’t looking too good.

The lock clicked and the door opened.

Everything was going well for the few minutes, until Lance started swaying on his feet. It was clear to both Keith and Shiro that Lance was much worse than they had anticipated.

“I need to sit.” Lance mumbled so quietly, Shiro almost hadn’t heard it.

“Just another minute Lance, your doing great.” Shiro tried for soothing, but it was clear it wasn’t doing much.

But then their professor had a question.
“Lance, why was the data presented on your slide different then the one Keith and Shiro had on theirs?”

Lance took a moment to process the question, and honestly he couldn’t have repeated what their professor just said.

“I–I don’t know.” Lance stuttered.

Their professor wasn’t pleased by this answer whatsoever.

“What do you mean you ‘don’t know’? That’s not an acceptable reason.” They spoke in a stern voice.

Lance face seemed to have paled even more than before and his eyes darted around the room, as if he was trying to find the acceptable answer somewhere hidden.

Before either Keith or Shiro could step in, Lance kinda just… broke. His eyes watered, and he shakily tried to give a response. His mind was so muddled and he was just so tired. It was Shiro that stepped in first. With a gentle hand to his back, he guided Lance out of the room, before he could embarrass himself. Keith waited in the hall as Shiro went to speak with the professor. Lance was still crying, slumped against Keith’s chest as he sobbed.

Keith was very out of his comfort zone. He rubbed small circles into the others back and shushed him whenever he made a choked sound. “Sorry"s and "I didn’t mean to"s were mixed in and Keith tried his best to reassure Lance, that neither of them were angry at him. They were both just extremely worried.

Getting Lance back to the dorms was a lot more difficult than they expected. The poor boy could barely walk, even though he put all his weight onto Keith. When his legs gave out, It was decided that he had to be carried and that is how Lance ended up being carried on Shiro’s back. It wasn’t exactly ideal either since Lance was pretty tall and lanky. But they eventually got there. Lance was asleep when they entered the dorm. His room was a mess, clothes and papers thrown about. Food containers littered his desk and it was odd to see the oh so tidy Lance to keep his BEDROOM of all places so… disorganized.

Shiro maneuvered Lance and set him on the bed. He placed the back of his hand to the others forehead and curse under his breath.

"What is it?” Keith asked worried

“His fevers really high.” Shiro mumbled
“You stay here with him, I’m gonna go grave some things.” Shiro said.
Keith made a worried face, and shiro knew just how anxious he felt. he placed a comforting hand on Keith’s shoulder.
“It’ll be alright. I’m just in the other room.”

Keith relaxed and nodded his head.

Keith sat down on the bed next to Lance. The others face looked uncomfortable and Keith felt powerless. It was almost on instinct that Keith’s hand found its way into Lance’s hair, combing through it in a way Keith hoped was comforting. His face instantly relaxed and he mumbled something that sorta sounded spanish. After a few minutes of petting, Lance opened his bleary eyes, and tried to blink away the fuzziness.

Shiro came in then. “Oh he’s awake.” He said as he placed a damp cloth on his forehead. Lance mumbled more words that didn’t sound English and then a very clear “I love you guys.” Made Keith and Shiro share a look of pure surprise.

But that could wait till later. Shiro still needed to get Lance to take the medicine he brought and to take his temperature.
They would definitely talk to Lance after this. They didn’t exactly want to get their hopes up, even though it was too late. They were already pretty smitten with the boy.

Library boy (Namjoon || Hogwarts AU)

 ⌲ Description: The seventh year Ravenclaw boy, by the name of Namjoon was someone that interested you more than anyone else. 

♢ Pairing: Namjoon x reader -> Hogwarts AU

♢ Word count: 3.1k

♢ Genre: fluff, suggestive content

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RFA+V+Saeran Reacts to MC’s Strange Music Tastes

AKA Mc has complete and utter shit taste in music and they must suffer along with her (*゜▽゜ノノ゛☆ (This is so silly I’m so sorry)


- While you were cleaning, you had decided to put on your favorite musical (sans Zen) and wash the dishes.

- I mean, there wasn’t a lot, but it gave you an excuse for being so slow with them

- Of course, as cheesy as the musical was, you found yourself singing along the best you could, despite the language barriers

- And of course, while you were attempting to belt out both lines to the duet, Zen decided to come home

- At first he was extremely confused. Was that English? Did you know English? Why didn’t you ever mention that! That was so impressive!

- But once he notices you have no idea he’s there, and you’re singing your heart out, he slowly steps up behind you, peering at the….weird musical on your laptop.

- “Babe, if you wanted to sing a duet, you could have told me.”

- You jumped, having water and suds splash back at you, as Zen chuckled and apologizes.

- “Ah, sorry babe, I didn’t mean to scare you. What are you watching though?”

- With a very red (and soapy face) you explain your love of this musical’s soundtrack, even though it’s… Not on the great side.

- But the moment you admit its a favorite of yours, he’s talking about a movie night and that the two of you could probably watch it tonight.

- (God, Zen, Please no)

- Honestly, when the two of you did manage to watch it, he didn’t tease you too much for loving the songs due to how embarrassed you were

- I mean…He’s definitely sung worse.


- After a long and annoying workday, he often found it comforting to see you and Elizabeth 3rd bonding.

- But coming home to a speaker system blaring god awful noise, and Elizabeth 3rd in your arms as you rocked your hips in time with the music, was not exactly what he found comforting.

- After taking a moment to find the stereo remote and quickly turning it down, he took a deep breath before speaking.

- “Mc. What are you doing to Elizabeth 3rd.” His voice was so monotone you couldn’t tell what he was thinking.

- “I, uh, was just dancing with her to some music. She’s okay, see?”

- You turned to face him, showing how lazily Elizabeth 3rd was curled in your arms.

- It didn’t stop him from slowly taking her out of your grasp and holding her close.

- “That was music?”

- “Uhm….Yes…Electro kinda swing music.” Embarrassed already, you turned to go cut the stereo off completely, trying to avoid his gaze.

- Of course that didn’t stop his questions

- He went on and on. What was Electric Swing? Why did it sound like his phone was dropping a call with someone in an old records store? What was the weird slang?

- After spending around an hour showing him examples, why you were listening to it, explaining to him how he could use urban dictionary for most slang questions, he finally let the subject drop for a bit.

- “Do a lot of people listen to this type of music?”

- “Not really, I just have shit taste in music, honestly.”

- Catching on that you feel a bit embarrassed, he decided to clear his throat.

- “Well, I rather….Like it.” (He did not) “It’s….unique.”

- “Jumin, you don’t have to lie-”

- “No, no, teach me how to dance in tune with this. You were dancing with Elizabeth 3rd, and I will admit I was a bit jealous.”

- This dork. But… At least he was willing to at least pretend he liked it, and not tease you.


- So, Seven was busy working. Usually when he was in so deep into his work, you could literally say or do anything and he wouldn’t notice. And hey, you had listened to music before when he was like this. Why not listen to the one song that had been stuck in your head all day?

- You loaded up your playlist, took another look at him as you started up your music. When he didn’t react whatsoever, you popped up your internet browser and started to goof around offline, enjoying your music.

- You zoned out pretty quickly, not paying attention as it switched to a very perverse song, and Seven finally perking up from his own computer screen.”

- “….Mc, what are you listening to?”

- “Hm?” You refocused on the lyrics, recognizing one of your japanese songs playing. You cringed a bit, not realising the language change to hide from Seven, but, oh well. “It’s just a silly song.”

- “….A silly song about prostitutes?”

- You felt the color drain from your face. “You know what it was saying?”

- “You really think out of all the languages I’ve learned, japanese wouldn’t be on that list?” He smirked as you groaned and covered your face. “So, uh, were you in the mood? Were you wanting to try those things she was saying? Like makin-”

- “Don’tyoufuckingdare.”

- He busted out laughing, getting out of his computer chair to walk over and ruffle your hair. 

- “But I mean, seriously, are you in the mood because…”

- “…Okay, fine.”


- Okay, so Yoosung probably has the same amount of shit taste of music as you do. At least, that’s what you tell yourself as you finally bring over some of your games to play at his house.

- You told him you loved shooters, scary games, or just basically anything with a good story plot.

- But…You hadn’t told him about your love for a certain music game yet.

- Once you two were all settled in his room with gaming drinks and snacks, you let out a deep breath.

- “Yoosung….Please don’t judge me for this.”

- ???

- You turned on the game, a certain popular computer idol filling the screen in such a cute pose. You expected him to laugh at you, to wiggle around uncomfortably trying to figure out if you were a ‘real’ gamer or not.

- But he just let out a little chuckle.

- “Mc, why would I judge you for that? A lot of my friends play some of her games. They like her music, too! I guess that goes without saying…”

- You looked at him in shock. “What!?”

- “Yeah, I kinda wanted to play it too. Will you show me?”

- Oh my god, you loved this man.


- When you two closed the cafe down at night, you would start a playlist the two for you set up filled with your favorite chore songs and start cleaning. It helped speed things up, and helped the two of you have a few cute moments.

- She would hum along with some of Zen’s songs, or other songs from musicals. If you starting signing along, she would slowly join you, both of you giggling afterwards.

- It wasn’t often a song of yours popped up, mainly due to the fact you wanted to try and hear her sing as much as possible, but tonight one of your favorites popped on and you didn’t have the heart to skip it.

- So soon, as the slow music started playing, you steadily stopped sweeping, swaying side to side with the broom in your hand.

- Jaehee tried to hide her laugh as she watched, failing a bit. “Mc, what are you doing?”

- “I love this song soo much, it’s so relaxing.”

- She listened to the lyrics, some strange japanese tinted broken english, and was lucky she was able to understand it. Lingering affects of working with such a huge business, even though she hadn’t had to use english in a while.

- But you put your broom aside and held your arms out to her.

- “I know it’s silly, but dance with me, please? I’ve always wanted to dance with someone to this song.”

- Aaaaa, you were making her face so red.

- She walked over, letting you wrap your arms around her and sway to the music. Slowly she did the same, resting her head on yours and letting her shoulders drop a bit.

- Even though it was a strange song…. It was nice being able to do this with you, especially if it made you happy.


- Usually when he came home, he was used to you being somewhere in the living room, since it was connected to the front door. 

- I mean it’s not like he absolutely needed your help, but it was always sweet walking up and hearing you hop off the couch to hug him and subtly try to guide him where he needed to go

- Instead, he was greeted by some solemn sounding music coming from the bedroom. After a bit of of navigating, he made it in, the music nearly blasting.

- As the crescendo lowered, he spoke up a bit.

- “Mc?”

- “I’m laying on the bed.”

- He nodded, finding a spot where the bed didn’t dip too much and sat down, happy he managed to sit beside you but a safe distance.

- He listened to the music pick up again, a male voice sounding low and grief stricken. Due to being overseas and picking up some english, he recognized some words, but not all.

- “Mc, what is this?”

- “It’s like…A novel, but an album? Each song tells a continuous story, but it’s so… I don’t know. Sad, but good?”

- “Are you feeling okay?”

- “…A bit. I don’t know.”

-  He took off his glasses, placing them in his shirt pocket and carefully laying down. Once his hand found yours, he managed to pull you to him, encouraging you to snuggle up.

- “Do you want me to listen to this with you?”

- “…Yeah.”

- He didn’t understand the lyrics fully, or why you were wanting to listen to something sad, but he just kissed your forehead and let you zone out to the music.

- Later on, when he found out that album helped you become more creative, he was wanting you to explain and translate a bit of it for him on the off chance it would inspire him as well.


- You were a bit ashamed of your music tastes around him, especially since he wasn’t afraid to tell you if something you liked was ridiculous or not (to him, at least), but he managed to find out anyway.

- You were just picking up a bit since the two of you still lived with Seven and the house was horrible, and you were humming along with your music blasting from your headphones. Since it was loud, and you were more focused on cleaning in time with the music, you didn’t notice Saeran had been trying to talk to you.

- Until he yanked out your earbud.

- You yelped, even though it didn’t hurt too much, and turned to scold at him, but he spoke before you could.

- “How many times do I have to tell you to let him clean up his own mess? He won’t learn otherwise,” He paused for a moment, hearing the music coming from the earbud in his hand. “What kind of emo shit is this?”

- You frowned, yanking the earbud back away from him. “Don’t try to act like you don’t listen to this kind of music!”

- “I did when I was younger, and now I’m an adult, Mc. Something you’re apparently not.”

- Ooooho! That jerk. You cut off your mp3, bringing out your phone instead.

- “Don’t try to hide it!”

- “I’m not hiding anything, Mc.”

- Your fingers typed away on your phone, searching for a song you knew he couldn’t argue against.

- “…What are you doing?”

- You smiled as you found good audio of the song, pressing play and turning the volume up. He looked confused, until a certain G note rang out, and he instantly looked furious.

- “Don’t you play that shit, cut it off. “

- “Nope~!”

- “Mc, I swear to fucking god-”

- The vocals started, and you sang along with them, causing him to start stomping out of the room. But, you followed him anyway, making him yell at you more.

- “I will ruin your phone if you keep this up!”

- “Apologize, then I’ll cut it off!”

- The only thing stopping your argument was Seven coming home, and him even laughing at your music choices.

- You just couldn’t win with either of them.

Private Lives Chapter Eleven

Title: Private Lives Chapter Eleven

Author:  Kat

Reader Gender:  Female (Y/N Hastings)

Word Count: 1889

Series Summary: Jensen Ackles is an incredible actor. You’re taking a break from being a doctor to figure out what to do with your life. When your worlds crash together, what secrets will be revealed?

Warnings:   This fic will have feels, okay? It’s going to be a drama.

Chapter Warnings: Little bit of blood, nothing too descriptive, bullying

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A/N: OMG FINALLY. I am so sorry to everyone for how long this took and also I’m sorry it’s a tad short. I ran into some writer’s block that has finally seemed to have cleared up. I hope you like this chapter. The wait was soooooo long. I’m so excited with it’s following and where it’s going. I just hope you all don’t kill me for it. Enjoy!! 

Character: Jensen Ackles

Tags:  @deans-princess-crybaby  @space-cats-in-purgatory  @bloodysideofhell  @thing-you-do-with-that-thing    @mrswhozeewhatsis  @mamaimpala  @timewoundsallheals1210  @the-mrs-deanwinchester  @aprofoundbondwithdean  @queenofhellisafangirl  @anastasiarosez  @ackleholic96  @mama-impala  @mamapeterson  @redlittlefox  @sinceriouslyamellpadalecki  @beautiful-disaster143  @sleepywinchester  @adaisinwonderland  @theweirdymcweirderson  @mysaintsasinner  @oh-jesus-sammy  @jencharlan  @blacktithe7  @winchesterforever12  @iamflanneltrash  @blushingsamgirl  @deandoesthingstome  @mrsjohnsmith  @samtomydeanwinchester  @sis-tafics  @ackleslaugh  @fangirling-instead-of-working  @eyes-of-a-disney-princess  @for-the-love-of-dean  @lipstickandwhiskey  @skybinx-blog  @loveitsallineed @purgatoan  @shipping-people-writing-things  @spectaculacular-sammy  @superbluhoo2  @winchesterswoonathon  @iwantthedean  @crzcorgi  @ilostmyshoe-79  @torn-and-frayed  @supernatural-jackles  @impalapossible  @jotink78  @hillface89  @kittenofdoomage  @nichelle-my-belle  @percywinchester27  @whit85-blog  @rizlow1  @bringmesomepie56  @atc74  @cici0507  @gemini75eeyore  @girl-with-a-fandom-fettish  @kristaparadowski  @mayasmedberg   @prncss-nefelibata  @smoothdogsgirl  @beachy2014  @freaksforthewin  @jensen-gal  @theoriginalvicki  @missieb76  @vougebandit  @raeganr99  @your-not-invisible-to-me  @vaisabu  @bakabozza  @britt-spn  @fernandasvaldi  @silver-and-green  @yaya-snowflakes  @imnotalosechester  @motleymoose  @ruprecht0420  @iamnotsaneatall  @gecko9596  @anokhi07  @tiffanycaruso  @spnolivia  @the-jette  @boredoutofmymindstuff  @lovin-ackles  @dancingalone21  @laurenw1025  @tas898 @extreme-supernatural-lover  @jayankles  @supernatural-fan-123   @moonstonemystyk  @perpetualabsurdity  @frenchybell  @allthatsupernaturallife  @irishdoll80  @walkercauff  @nerdwholikesword  @supernatural508  @ledzeppelinrules  @rattyretro-blog-blog  @fandomsneverdie14  @anxuanpham  @mysteriouslyme81  @felly-pepper  @sleep-silent-angel  @caityrice  @ezauraemmaline  @steampunkd16  @fullmetalkassie  @sandlee44  @cemmia  @wwecrazed2010  @winchesterhunters67  @symphony25  @oceanblue-and-forestgreen  @dorky-and-i-know-it  @trustnobodyshootfirst  @ria132love  @grace-for-sale


“Well, what do you think about the house that Marta showed Y/N?” Jared asked, sipping his beer.

“Oh, I don’t know, it’s not a huge house, but the yard is big and the neighborhood is great. I think I’ll make an offer tomorrow,” I said back, taking a drink from my beer.

“Oh, good, Y/N still on the fence about it?”

“A little,” I replied, pondering. Y/N was worried she wouldn’t be around enough for Gen if she lived with me, but I had assured her multiple times that everything would work itself out.

My phone began to ring from the coffee table. As I reached forward to silence it, I saw that it was Y/N. She was at work at the moment, which meant it must have been important for her to be calling during her shift. I answered the phone instead.

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100 Reasons to Live

I know that your life may be hard, but there are so many things to live for, like:

~the warm feeling of sun on your skin
~the little crinkle of people’s noses when you make them laugh
~the feeling of your bare toes sinking into mud during a heavy rain
~the little twinkle in people’s eyes when you make their day
~that feeling you get right after you take a REALLY necessary trip to the bathroom (ahhh…sweet relief)
~the obnoxious, yet totally adorable snort thing that people do when they laugh really hard
~the crunch of leaves under your feet
~the refreshing feel of a warm rain that brings the scent of dew
~the sound of packing snow
~the fuzzy feeling when someone thanks you for something you’ve done
~the burn of a good workout that shows your commitment to progress
~a good fart joke (because honestly, I have the humor of a 12 year old)
~a good song that plays through your head and takes you back to a time when life was great
~the tingles you get when someone caresses your skin or slides their fingers down your scalp or through your hair
~the feeling of wind on your back that encourages you to keep moving forward
~the laugh of a young child who only sees the good in everything
~the slow meaningful breaths of a person who is deep in sleep
~people who can wiggle their ears (definitely one of my favs)
~the gratification of guessing something correctly (even if it was a total guess)
~appreciation from others on something you did well, even if it was something as menial as taking to do something extra to your morning routine
~the feeling of accomplishment when you finally achieve a goal that you have put time and energy towards
~the way your heart pounds when you do something extraordinary or venture slightly out of your comfort zone
~the comfort and safety of a tight hug
~the rush of relief when you yell at the sky
~the responsibility when you play a role in someone else’s life
~the loss of time when you get enraptured in a good story
~the loud clapping noise when you finally are part of the world’s greatest high five
~the mix of fear and freedom that you get when you roll down a hill
~the gust of wind that trail behind you when you run as fast as you can
~the pitter-patter of rain drops falling on a roof, or an umbrella, or your car
~the warm glow of a campfire
~the many faces that people make that are naturally funny
~the smell of freshly baked goods (like fresh cookies, mmmmmmm)
~the connection when you gently tease a friend and you place your trust in them
~the way hiccups jolt your body, and while can be annoying, it is accompanied by little chirps
~the satisfaction from organizing things
~the mystic nature of talking with people who have accents, or eccentric pronunciations, or even speak an entirely different language
~the way you can communicate with someone without even saying a single word
~the idea of reinventing yourself by getting a new wardrobe or doing something to alter people’s perception of you
~the swaying of a boat on smooth waters
~the orange/red/yellow/pink hues that accompany every dawn and every dusk
~the crackle of a candle or a fire
~the feeling of sand swallowing your feet as you walk along a beach
~the moment of amazement when you are puzzled over a magic trick
~the sense of wonder when mankind does some significant task, like fly to the moon
~the energy of letting go and dancing like no one is watching
~the relaxation that hits you when you finally lay down after a long day
~the whooshing of the waves as the lap against a cliff or a beach
~the warmth of human contact
~the taste of your favorite food
~the sounds of birds singing in the woods
~the bubbling noises of a babbling creek
~the swish of a basketball that went in nothing-but-net (this might just be a personal one)
~the vivid colors all around us that add more to our lives
~the feeling when you are completely honest and open with someone
~the light from the moon that creates a sense of wonder
~the flickering of lightning bugs (or fireflies, whatever)
~the concept of a vast universe all around us (it just amazes me)
~the connection when you succeed as part of a group or team
~the thing that people’s mouths and throats do when the laugh
~the feeling when music has great chords
~the way that goosebumps heighten your sense of touch and make you more aware of your senses
~dogs, that’s all I need to say on that one
~the feeling when you reconnect with someone you haven’t seen in a while
~the many colors of people’s eyes
~that hopeful feeling when you make a wish in a wishing well, or for 11:11, or on a shooting star
~the confidence boost when you finally understand something that you had struggled with (I’m looking at you, AP Calculus)
~the excitement of waiting for something important
~the electricity that shoots through your body when you touch something with a strange texture (i.e. Oobleck)
~when you sit completely still and become hyper-aware of your heartbeat and your breathing and the countless other functions your body does without you realizing
~the gratification of blowing a puff dandelion (way to support our ecosystem)
~the pounding of the bass in a song that rattles your chest
~the internet
~the serenity of just sitting on a swing and escaping from reality
~the release of emotions from belting out a song as loud as you can
~the popping/cracking of your knuckles/back/neck/etc
~the feeling of significance when someone remembers your name or who you are
~the feeling when you wear your favorite clothes (or lack thereof) and just feel completely confident in yourself
~the joy when someone does small favors, such as holding the door open for you
~the stomach-burning, ab-forming, breath-reducing feeling of laughing uncontrollably straight from the gut
~the happiness that comes with a compliment
~the sparkle that reflects off of water/ice from the sun
~the feeling of wading/swimming
~the earthy taste of fresh fruits/vegetables
~the quenching power of cold water
~the aroma of flowers, or burning things, or gasoline (if you’re weird and into that)
~the comfort of snuggling up and going to sleep
~the many incredible things the human mind and body can accomplish
~and the fact that you still haven’t tapped your full potential

~the adventure of going somewhere new for the first time
~the feeling of going atop a hill and just looking out over everything
~the tranquility of coloring/drawing/painting
~the raw innocence of wild animals
~the ability to pursue whatever you choose (there are over 7 billion humans on Earth, don’t be afraid to be you)
~the feeling of sharing a bond with someone, whether through a friendship or through a romantic relationship
~the many shapes we see in the clouds that hover overhead
~the success you find by exploiting your talent (everyone has at least one talent)
~the acceptance when someone agrees with your opinions (but don’t be afraid to have opinions that differ from someone else’s)
~the sense of security and safety day-to-day

And most importantly:
~you are wanted. I want you to exist. I want to be your friend. I love you. Whether you are a stranger to me, or my closest friend, or my “enemy”, I want you in my life. You play a big role in my life. Please, don’t ever doubt yourself.

I will always be here to help whoever may need it. Even if I am just a shoulder to cry on, I will do whatever it takes to help.

Feel free to message me anytime on Tumblr @saxophonehero
Or, you can Snapchat me @saxxophonehero

I love you guys!!

anonymous asked:

i want there to be a hc about possibly anonymous designer! adrien who designs to escape but doesn't want it to seem his father is helping and anonymous fashion blogger! marinette starting to talk and they send letters to one another and their pen names are chat noir and ladybug and on her blog you know it's something by her because of a little ladybug symbol next to what she wrote and you know he's designed something because of the little paw always on it. or possibly those roles are reversed?

i know you said headcanons but i couldnt help myself im so sorry

man no one should encourage me to do aaaanything. although this did bump me a bit out of my writing funk so thank you for that this is kind of like…..a how this situation would happen fic? sorta?

honestly i wrote most of this after 1am so no promises on quality of literally anything. i haven’t sewn in y e a r s. enjoy?

[on ao3 in case of problems opening]

Adrien knows that there’s a bit more than just a hint of irony in this situation. The son of a world famous designer, one of the top designers in the industry, hiding his designs. Adrien could easily announce that he’s going into fashion and be given not only all the supplies he could ever need but also all the publicity in the world in a matter of seconds.

But he won’t do that. He never will.

Being the son of Gabriel Agreste means two things:

  1. He’s expected to be perfect in every way.
  2. If he went into fashion, no one would believe he got there with his talent and hard work alone.

If people didn’t think his father got him a job directly, they’d think it was the name. The name Agreste is synonymous with high end fashion. The name and the designer are impossible to separate, even with Gabriel’s line being called Gabriel.

It doesn’t help that Adrien’s been modeling since he was born.

It’s kind of…cliche? that Adrien wants to go into fashion. You’d think that after so many years of being surrounded by it and smothered in it he’d stay far far away. But it’s the opposite. Adrien is expected to inherit the Gabriel fashion empire. He’s expected to possibly handle the business side but mostly just be the face. He doesn’t want that. He wants to be hands on, he wants to be creating. He wants to be like his father. There are very few times he is able to say that.

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Rose (Vampire!Jimin)

Plot: Meeting vampire!Jimin

Word Count: 921

A/N: so I’m thinking about making this a series???? I’m thinking maybe some lowkey Beauty and the Beast vibes, some good old fashioned vampire romance bc vampires were the actual reason I even got into reading and then writing, one of the first things I wrote was about vampires, I’ve done entire stories on them, I’ve written 600+ pages in one of them so vampires, for me, are pretty nostalgic so the link for this is vampire!Jimin (here)

Originally posted by sugabeats

Vampires weren’t as terrifying as you’d expected them to be. You had gone into the castle expecting blood to drip from their mouths and sharp fangs, soulless eyes and cold words. But instead, you met the son of the “king,” a gentle soul with more compassion in his little finger than a lot of humans you knew. He enjoyed the little things in life, things you would overlook in a heartbeat. The way music could transport you, the way some friendships truly could last a lifetimes, several in his case.

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Word Count : 2327 

A/N : okay so i got carried away, once i got the story into my head that was it i was gone. I hope you like it though. 


Warnings : none 

Requested : by @elivanah  

Do you do requests for Chris Evans ? if you do can you write one for him ? where he meets a girl at a patriots game and directly falls in love with her. But then he finds out she is the little sister of Tom Brady. Tnx 

Chris wouldn’t say he was the New England Patriots biggest fan but he was definitely up there. When he was away filming or doing press he would always make sure to either watch the games in his hotel room, record them or he would try to get to a game of it was being held close enough. He had finished doing press for his movie gifted a few days ago so he’d taken advantage of being home and so close to the Gillette Stadium and had decided that tonight was to be one of those rare nights where he actually went and watch them play a home game.

Chris pulled into the stadium parking lot and quickly found a space as close to the doors as he could so that he could get inside and to his seats quickly avoiding being spotted as best he could, yes he loved taking pictures with fans and talking to people but sometimes he just wanted to have some time to himself to enjoy a football game without being crowded.

Chris felt his phone buzz in his pocket just as he was entering the stadium, he quickly pulled it out and saw that it was his brother Scott who he knew was already inside and had found their seats.

“Hey Scott”

”Hey Chris are you nearly here yet? the game’s gonna start soon”

“I’ve literally just walked through the doors, i’m going to grab a few drinks then i’ll be up with you soon, okay?”

“Okay, bring me a beer, see you when you get up here”

Placing his phone back in his pocket he started walking towards the bar that was closest to where his seats were. Chris ordered and payed for two beers was just as he turned around and head to his seat he slammed straight into something, he didn’t realize what it was until he looked down and saw you on the ground covered in beer that had been crushed between you both, you’d fallen because of the force he’d hit you with. He quickly got to the ground beside you asking if you were okay and apologizing, offering his hand to help you up you took his hand and he gently pulled you up, as soon as you stood up you removed your soaked jersey to avoid further soaking the top you had on underneath, Chris made sure you were steady on your feet before he started apologizing again.

“I’m so sorry, Oh my god are you okay, i am so sorry, i didn’t see you” You raised your head to look at him, giving him a small smile “it’s okay honestly, it’s my fault i wasn’t looking where i was going, not the first time I’ve had beer all over me either” you said the last sentence a little quieter but still let out a small giggle.

Just as you had raised your head to look at him his heart almost stopped before it began pounding in his chest, she is absolutely beautiful, the way the hair that had fallen out of the messy bun she had on top of her head, the color of her eyes stood out against the color of her skin, he’d been so caught up in her beauty, “wow she’s beautiful and likes football, could she get any more perfect” he didn’t even realize he’d said anything until she was waving her hand in front of his face trying to get his attention, shaking his head he came back to reality, rubbing the back of his neck and clearing his throat he smiled down at her “sorry i zoned out there, i’m Chris Evans by the way” he held his hand out towards you to shake, you shook his hand smiling at him “ it’s nice to meet you Chris, im y/n”, looking down at your phone you saw the time, “sorry Chris i got to go,the game’s about to start and i don’t want to miss the teams coming onto the field” you started to walk away when Chris called your name “y/n wait, could i possibly get your number, i’d really like to talk to you more” you smiles and nodded at Chris as you held your hand out to Chris for him to pass you his phone, you typed in your information before sending yourself a text so you’d have his number as well, “ thank you” he said looking down at his phone with a smile, “i look forward to hearing from you Chris” you said sending him a small wave before heading off in the direction of your seats.

Chris sighed as he ran his hand over his face before he joined the line to the bar and ordered two more beers before heading up to his seat where his brother was waiting, Scott turned to look at Chris as he sat down and handed him his drink, “what took you so long?”, “uh i met a girl” he said as a blush crept onto his cheeks, “i bumped into her and spilled two drinks all over her, i had to wait in line again to get more that’s what made me take a little longer”, Scott gave his brother a knowing look “okay well did you at least get her number ?”, “of course i did now shut up the game’s starting.”

You and Chris text, called and face timed for weeks before eventually arranging a date. For your first date he took you out to a fancy restaurant where you sat chatting about anything and everything. You didn’t realize how long you’d both been sat there until your server came over to tell you that the restaurant was closing so you needed to leave, after Chris payed the bill he grabbed your hand and led you outside, you decided to go for a walk around the park which had a massive lake in the middle of it, because it was so late the moon shone brightly and reflected on the lake, it looked absolutely beautiful. 

You walked hand in hand for a little before finding a bench beside the lake. As you sat down Chris placed his arm around your shoulders and pulled you closer to him, you both sat there for a few minutes, just looking out at the lake enjoying the comfortable silence. You didn’t realize how cold it was until you felt yourself shiver, Chris pulled away from you and looked down at you with a small smile on his face he removed his jacket and draped it over your shoulders, he placed a kiss on your temple as you cuddled back into his chest and sat talking about football and his job. After sitting in the park for a while you decided it was time to go home.

Chris had picked you up in his car so he drove you back home again, Chris walked you up to your door and thanked you for agreeing to go on a date with him,”thank you for such a great night Chris, i had a great time, can’t wait to see what you have planned for our next date” you said smiling as you pulled his jacket off and handed it back to him, just as you placed your key in the door to open it Chris took your hand in his and pulled you into his chest, he placed one hand on your waist and one on your cheek, you watched his eyes flicker from your eyes to your lips, not even a second later his lips were on yours in a sweet kiss, his lips fit perfectly on yours, your lips moved in sync with his until air became a necessary, you pulled away slowly, your eyes fluttered open to see Chris smiling down at you, “goodnight y/n”, “goodnight Chris” you watched as he walked back down your path towards his car, sending him a small wave as he drove off.  

After a few months of dating Chris decided it was time to make it official and asked you to be his girlfriend, when your family heard that you guys were official they told you to invite Chris over for a BBQ, you were reluctant to ask him in case they embarrassed you or something because that is generally the rule of family BBQ’s if you decide to bring along a significant other, your family have to something to make you want to curl up in a ball and let the earth swallow you up, but sure enough your family assured you that they would do no such thing. Eventually you gave up trying to fight it and convinced yourself that this would be a good idea.

You waited until you were out on a date at the zoo with Chris before you brought up the BBQ, “hey Chris how would you feel about maybe meeting my family?” you felt him go stiff beside you, looking up at him you saw him swallow hard before looking down at you and stuttering out “emm yeah i mean you’ve met mine so why not, when do you wanna do it ?”, “well we’re having this BBQ next week and my parents told me to ask if maybe you could come along, my siblings are bringing their significant others so you won’t be the odd one out”, he looked down at you with a smile and placed a quick kiss on your lips before responding “well if your parents want me there then i’ll be there.”

The week flew in and before you knew it you were answering the door to Chris, “hey finally you’re here, i was starting to think your weren’t going to turn up” leaning up you placed a quick kiss on his lips, “ to be honest i’m nervous i mean this is your family, but i would never bail on you”, wrapping your arms around his waist and pulling him into a hug, you stood there for a few seconds before you kept grabbed his hand and pulled him towards the back yard where everyone was already standing.

Walking outside you were spotted by your mother, “ah y/n there you are, this must be the wonderful Chris we’ve been hearing about” she smiled at Chris as she held her hand out towards him to shake, he took her hand and placed a small kiss on her knuckles, “it’s nice to meet you Mrs Brady”, “oh quite the charmer you got here y/n” she leaned over to whisper to you “keep him please” you let out a small chuckle “okay mom” you turned to Chris and began pulling him towards your sisters were all sat around a table with their partners and your father, you cleared your throat to grab everyone’s attention, quickly your sisters along with your father turned their heads toward you smiles spread across their faces when they spotted Chris.

Your father was first to stand from the table and greet Chris,” this is my father” he shook your father’s hand “well if it isn’t the famous Chris we’ve been hearing so much about, y/n hasn’t stopped talking about you since you spilled the beer over her at the game” you buried your face in your hands, you heard Chris start talking “it’s nice to meet you Mr Brady, thank you for inviting me today”, “okay let’s move on, these are my sisters Julie, Nancy and Maureen” you pointed each of them out to him, they smiled and gave a small wave to him as you said their names

You took a deep breath as you spotted your brother walking out of the house and towards you, you wrapped your arm around your partners waist and turned him around to face your brother, “and this here is my brother” you said as you gestured towards Tom who was standing in front of you, he was very protective because you were the youngest so this could go one of two ways, you felt Chris go stiff beside you as he finally looked up at your brother, “uh…..hi……wow……your… oh my god…….y/n why didn’t you tell me your brother was the Tom Brady?”,”well it never really came up, i wasn’t going to just blurt it out in the middle of a conversation like ‘oh yeah just so you know my brothers tom Brady, quarterback of the New England Patriots and winner of five super bowls’ plus you never asked” you said with a sarcastic tone before looking down at your feet, you heard your brother chuckle as he shook Chris’s hand “ she probably didn’t want to shock you, I’ve heard how big a fan you are, how about this, next time we play a game why don’t you just hit me up and i’ll hook you up with awesome tickets”,”uh yeah that sounds awesome thanks” Chris bid goodbye to your brother and took a seat beside you at the table as everyone chatted and enjoyed the food

After a while everyone went inside or went home, you and Chris stayed outside to enjoy the sunset, he pulled you towards one of the outdoor sofas that was on the grass, you sat close beside him as he placed an arm around your shoulder and pulled you tight against him, “thank you for inviting me y/n, i loved meeting your family”, “i’m glad they all liked you, turned out to be a pretty great day” you felt Chris chest rumble as he chuckled “a pretty great day spent with a pretty great woman” you smiled up at him before leaning up and placing a sweet kiss on his lips.

Ari’s 2 Year Re-Birthday a.k.a Halloween 2016

As I mentioned in my last post, I have hit my 2-year mark of being on Hormone Replacement Therapy. I celebrate this day as a second birthday. It marks the beginning of the period in my life when gender dysphoria no longer had its horrific grip on me. (I still deal with it at times of course, but HRT is a life saving treatment. This is truly my Re-Birthday :)

A year ago, I was in a situation where I was still getting used to living on my own and I was just starting to be able to be in public while letting the walls down and just being myself. That year, I spent my Re-Birthday alone and posted some costume pics on Tumblr about it. While I was grateful to have the outlet of Tumblr at the time and you all sent me encouraging messages of support.. I also vowed to myself that next year would be different. I promised myself that I would have a group of friends that knew only the real me to celebrate this special day with me. This year that happened. It did take effort on my part. I had to be intentional about being more social. If you followed me for a long time, you know that I started going to meetup groups. I went to a Dungeons and Dragons meetup first and there I made two amazing new friends who I visit with weekly now. I also joined a women’s group on meetup. This meetup in particular is just incredible. They accepted me into their fold and I have made several friendships through that group. The events are always a blast even though some of them take me out of my “comfort” zone :)

I am so grateful to be in the position I am in now, where I have new friends that just know Ari and accept her and like her for who she is. I am actually crying a little while writing this because I remember how I felt last year and how worried I was that I would be feeling alone for a very, very long time. Sure I have family members that still love me but they struggle greatly to accept me for who I am.

But.. on to the pics of the celebration! This is a happy occasion!

My friends are amazing when it comes to costumes. I was at first planning on going as Counselor Troi from Star Trek TNG. However, there is a serious lack of costumes out there for her. There is an off-color short dress that really does not come close to matching her outfits. There is the standard TNG uniforms but I did not want to look androgynous in any way for this outing ;)

So, I went with a Dr. Carol Marcus costume that I found online. I also got a blond wig, but ultimately I decided not to use the wig. I was worried it would be too hot as this was going to be a bar crawl and long night. Also, the wig framed my face poorly and reminded me of the time when I was desperately trying to grow my hair out. I was able to snap a few cute pictures with the wig, but trust me it only looked cute in those pics as that camera angle worked the best for the look. Pics from the side view and such made me look like I was wearing a child’s wig. I decided I could just be a Science Crew Member from the reboot universe :) Science Officer Ari reporting for duty, Sir!

Also, after shopping at several stores with my daughter I found some futuristic looking earrings at Charming Charlie that I thought were perfect. You can see those in one of the pics.

Anyway, here are photos both with the wig and without, followed by pictures from one of the most fun nights I have had in recent memory :)

I could not find a “phaser” so I bought a mini, but very loud toy laser gun from World Market..

My purse almost looks like that side bag that Dr. McCoy used to carry, doesn’t it??

Lens flare pic! :) lol

One last note about this night, I had some real fear leading up to it. As a transgender woman, despite my best efforts, I still fear being called out by someone in public. In particular I still have that uneasy feeling when I need to use the restroom. Being Halloween, with many non-transgender men dressing as women.. it amplified this fear. Once again all of my fears were unwarranted. In fact, as I was about to leave the restroom at one of our many stops on our pub crawl, a random young woman said to me, “Hey are you..” she paused and I took in a breath.. “Star Trek??” Lol! Her wording was funny, but she was just trying to confirm that she “got” my costume. I said, “Yes!” She responded, “I LLLove it!” As you can imagine that was great for me to hear ;) I simply smiled and told her thank you because I honestly was not sure what her costume was supposed to be so I said nothing about it! 

I hope you all have an amazing Halloween. If you are in a place where you wish you could make some new friends please make a direct effort to do so. You will find them!


My goal in sharing my transition is to represent transgender people in the positive light that we all deserve. Re-blogs are always okay if they are for this purpose, but if you are a fetish blog or fetish website then I want nothing to do with you and you do not have my permission to use my images.

anonymous asked:

hey im going to orientation in a few days and im rly nervous abt starting college, i was just wondering if you had any tips or any ~advice~ bc im like, lowkey freaking out ((also i also stage manage and i love musicals and astronomy (sry i was snooping around your about page)))

hey!!! ok i am so so so sorry this took so long lol i actually just went back to school myself to help out with a pre-orientation program and we’ve been having like 17 hour days so i’m Exhausted and haven’t had a lot of time to really give a thoughtful answer (UNTIL NOW). some of this is gonna sound cheesy, but this is Emma Danisnotofire’s Official Real List of Pro-Tips for College, so if it’s on here it’s true. that being said, i go to a medium/small school (4,000 students) in the middle of fucking nowhere, so some of my experiences are gonna be a lil different. most still apply. 

first off, it’s TOTALLY OKAY that you’re nervous. i know when i went i was highkey freaking out even more bc everybody else seemed to be just excited and i felt like i was the only one actually losing my mind from how scared i was. i didn’t sleep at all the night before i moved in. being scared is fine. you’ll probably be scared for awhile after you get there, too, and that’s absolutely okay. i remember it took me a solid few weeks for me to stop feeling nauseous from nerves whenever i woke up. i promise i promise this will go away. you will settle in and you’ll make friends and you’ll figure out where everything is and how things work, i PROMISE. 

second, once you get there, don’t be afraid to talk to people!! i know that sounds super cheesy and unhelpful, but seriously. talk to your orientation leaders!! they’re usually upperclassmen and 99% of the time they had to APPLY to get that position, and it’s because they’re so so excited to meet you!! i’m a mentor for this pre-o program (it’s arts-focused), and we all had to apply, and every single other mentor is super passionate not only about the arts but about making sure the incoming freshman feel comfortable and happy and at home right off the bat. we want to like you!! talk to us!!! talk to each other!! at my school, (bucknell), orientation is actually pretty fucking legendary (it’s 5 straight days of just. nonstop activities), so getting to know your group is always nice. good conversation starters include: compliment something they’re wearing/have done, mention pets, ask about what classes they’re taking. that’s usually where i start when i’m talking to my kids!! 

okay, now for some Actual Tangible Advice. most of this is actually taken from when i gave my friend natalie some advice about college, but it’s still applicable to you!! i’m putting it under a readmore bc It’s So Very Long, I’m Sorry, I Really Hope This Helps/Makes Up For Me Not Answering For So Long

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Fuck Like A Kennedy

Request: So, if you’re too backed up with requests, or don’t wanna do it, that’s fine, but can I get some Dom Fun Ghoul smut thats really kinky? I love your blog so much! im sorry if this sounds rude!

(TW: Suicide. Angst angst angst angst)

According to the junkies in the ones and the bums living in the slums of Battery City, killjoys were heroes. “They have it all” they would say,”Freedom, adventure, color, they are truly living”. And we were. For the most part. It was days like today that no one told drunken stories about or whispered behind closed doors about. The days where I attended another burial. The days were I awoke to Kobra screaming, and spent half the night trying to comfort him from his night terrors. The days were Party would give in and we all sat emotionless as he screamed and sobbed in his room, cursing himself for drinking that bottle and cursing his fucking government for driving him to this. The days when Jet and I would attempt to drown out a bad day by fixing up that god damn leaking radiator, but would sit in silence as Dr. D’s traffic report rattled another list of names that was way too fucking long. “The world’s so fucked up Y/n,” he would say, clenching onto the steering wheel with bruised knuckles,”so fucked up”. Bad days are inevitable, no matter how beautiful yesterday was. Like today, the day were we finally got blessed with rain. It was a good day, we cranked up Mad Gear and Missile Kid and had the biggest mud war in the zones. It’s been far too long since I’ve heard Party let out his cackle laugh. It was a good day. Was. I should’ve known really, nothing as beautiful as seeing the Fabulous Four act like the kids they truly, not the ones who grew up to fast, could last too long in ts shit world. It was bitter cold, it always was at night, but the rain intensified it. I could barely see with how hard it was coming down, the only light source was the moan and the millions of stars that provided a dim glow against the sand. I could see Ghoul though, a few feet in front of me. My mind flashed to merely hours ago, Ghoul completely covered in mud, tackling Kobra and Party into a puddle with a cheer of victory. I looked at him now, blood shot eyes as he stood on the very edge of the roof. I shuddered at the though of him falling backwards, letting himself go. “They have it all,” they say. “Ghoul?” My voice was strained and sounded like I’ve been screaming for hours. For once, that wasn’t the case. He looked at me blankly, as if the words went right through him. His eyes suddenly flicked up at me, I took a startled step back. I always admired Ghoul’s eyes, they were warm and full of life. Looking into them felt like a combination of a roaring engine and tight hug. They were dead now. Figuratively, not literally. Or yet, anyway.

“What are you doing up here?” His voice was smooth and calm, reminding me of how he S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W units would yell “Hault!” at the Trans Am when we drive by. It was scary how much he reminded me of Battery City citizen at the moment. 

“What are you doing here?” I replied, keeping my voice as genuine and concerning as I could muster. 

“I…I…I can’t feel anything,” he rasped out, his voice cracking with a broken sob. “Why can’t I feel anything?!” I took a step forward, testing his reaction. He didn’t seemed bothered, looking back down at the shimmering puddles below. In a way, I didn’t feel anything either. It almost shocked me how calm I was. Instead of pleading, begging for him to get off the fucking roof and talk to me, my mind was playing an old song, from an old band before this B.L.I. mess. Hey Ho, let’s go

“Ghoul…talk to me,” I reached, a small flicker of hope sparking in me when he made eye contact. “You don’t have to do this.”

“Why not? Honestly, why the fuck not. The world is dying Y/n, fucking dying. We’re dying. We’re chasing a broken dream, running from anything and everything. I’m tired of running.” I’m tired of running. The sentenced replayed over and over in my head. I’m tired of running. Weren’t we all? Hey ho, let’s go.

“There’s nothing wrong with running, Ghoul. Nothing. We’re changing lives. Whether you can see it or not, we are. Hope is back, the people have hope because of you. Because of us.”

“It’s not easy out here…”he murmured, I could tell he was no longer talking to me. ”We all though it would be better out here, better on our own. It’s fucking hell. Fucking. Hell. I can’t do it anymore.”

“Remember today Ghoul? The rain? The mud war? We have one shot at living Ghoul, and were doing it. Were alive. We need you alive. I need you.”

“What did you say?”

“I. Need. You. I can’t spend a day in this wasteland without seeing your eyes or hearing your laugh. I need you here. So get off that roof and kiss me you animal.” I croaked out, offering a hand. He smiled for the first time that night, a broken one, but still a smile. He took my hand and collided our lips together. Hey ho, let’s go. The kiss was messy, teeth grinding against teeth and tongues sloppily swirling together. His nails dug into my waist, definitely leaving marks. He was taking all of his built up rage out on me and I was more than happy to take it. Anything to get him off this damn roof. It wasn’t until he moved to my shirt that I stopped him. “Not here, inside.” He nodded, speed walking next to me as we finally got off the roof and headed to his room. Hey ho, let’s go. The boys were gone, thank God, responding to a supply drop transmission. We collapsed onto his bed, completely disregarding how wet we were from the rain. We practically ripped each others clothes off, using as much force as it took to strip down the fastest. 

“I’m gonna make you feel so god, kitten. Make you fucking scream.” He growls, quickly kneeling in front of me, draping one leg over his shoulder. He chuckles darkly as he pulls my panties to the side with his teeth. He kissed my clit earning a shaky breath from me. He glances up at me, smirking with that fucking smirk that makes my knees wobble. He takes a long, slow lick between my folds. I moan, fisting his raven hair in my hands as he sucks on my clit. His teeth lightly graze it before plunging his tongue deep into my core 

“Oh my god” I moan, tilting my head back into the pillow. He chuckles, sending vibrations through my body, causing my orgasm to quickly build up. Fuck, it’s been way too long. Hey ho, let’s go. I cross my ankles behind his upper back, pulling him closer to me by his hair.

“Now baby, no need for that” he chuckles, sounding more like a growl. He grabs both of my hands in his, pushing them against my sides. He pushes his face deeper, sending his tongue inside me deeper then before.

Fuck i’m cumming!” I scream, arching my back. Ghoul continues to lick and suck, pushing me over the edge releasing on to his tongue. I rolled my hips against his mouth, softly moaning. He releases my arms, bringing two fingers between the two of us, running them up my dripping folds before holding them up to me. I take them in your mouth, swirling your tongue around, enjoying how his eyes darkened at the sight.

“So sweet baby, sweetest cum I’ve ever tasted” he says cleaning me up.

“Ghoul, I want to suck your cock” I say breathlessly under him. He removes my legs from his shoulder, flipping us over. I automatically lick a trail down his stomach, admiring his tone figure and all of his tattoos. I stared at his dick in slight awe, long and thick. I lightly gripped his base, giving him a soft pump.

“Don’t tease me baby, I want to see how good you are with that pretty little mouth” he says, leaning down to get level with me. He runs his thumb over my bottom lip before connecting his lips with mine. He shoves his tongue between my lips, exploring every inch of my mouth. I continue to pump his shaft, causing his eyebrows to furrow with pleasure. I pull away and take his dick in my mouth. He moans, fisting my hair into a makeshift ponytail to have more control. I looked up at him and hollowed my cheeks, swirling my tongue around his thick length, and massage what I can’t fit in my mouth and his balls all at the same time. “You’re so sexy sucking my dick baby, giving me the best blowjob I’ve ever had” he says as I deep throat his length, I close my eyes and focus on taking all of him, which I quickly learn to be impossible. I gag pulling him completely out of my mouth to catch my breath. Admiring how gorgeous he looks like this.

“Do you like it when I suck your dick? Do you like having my lips around you?”

“Oh fuck yes Y/n, you’re so good with your mouth” He grunts, my confidence soaring. He continues to thrust into my mouth, moaning every time I would gag on him, He pulls out of my mouth, letting me catch my breath. I take one breath and take him back into my mouth.

“Oh you’re a little cock slut huh, you like having my cock in your mouth” He growls, his grip tightening in my hair. His dirty talk was intoxicating and became my second favorite thing he could do with his mouth. “Fuck baby, you’re gonna make me cum” He warns, causing me to pick up the speed and take him deeper. He roughly pulls me up to my feet.

“If I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum in that tight little pussy of yours.” I moan at his words, smashing our lips together.

“Talk dirty to me baby” I moan as he pushes inside of me. Neither of us were gonna last long, we both knew that. It’s been way too fucking long.

“You have the tightest pussy I’ve ever felt around my dick baby. God you’re so fucking hot. I can feel how close you are already, cum on me Y/n, cum for me kitten” he says in my ear. That was enough to send me over the edge alone.

“Frank!” I scream, using his real name. I open my eyes to stare into his as I released, whimpering his name over and over again as my nails fasten into his shoulders.

“We aren’t done yet sugar” he says slapping your ass signaling for me to get up. I stumble slightly, legs wobbly after two orgasms. “Let’s see, how do I want to fuck you on my desk” He smirks, pushing everything off his desk before bending me over it,. He spreads my legs slightly before thrusting into me as hard as he possibly could. I cry out, the new angle giving him deeper access.

“Oh fuck” I moan, gripping the edge of the desk. My nails dug into the hardwood, probably leaving marks.

“So tight,” he growled into my ear. “So tight and warm around my throbbing cock” he says pounding into me without mercy. I could feel all of his rage, all of his hatred at everything. He needed this, we needed this. “Oh god Y/n” he says grabbing my ass cheeks in his large hands, kneading them and slapping them playfully. “Y/n baby I’m going to cum” Ghoul groans, closing his eyes and trying to steady his breathing. 

“Me too…” I barley rasped out the words, struggling to speak at how good everything felt. My breaths became short as he thrust at top speed, making my vision go blurry. I knew my thighs would be bruised in the morning from his intense fucking, but I could really care less about tomorrow. My third orgasm builds up quickly this time with more pressure, the pleasure becoming far too much. Ghoul’s thrust began to get sloppy, and he reached down with the hand that wasn’t grabbing my breast to rub my swollen clit fiercely. I arched my back, throwing my head back in pleasure, “I’m cumming” I say weakly, playing with the curls at the nape of his neck.

“Wait,” he demands, speeding up his thrusts.

“Ghoul, I can’t hold it much longer” I pant, feeling his thrust get sloppy. 

“Okay baby, on three” he grunts. “1….2….3!” I scream his name as my orgasm washed through my body, my blood running hot. Ghoul releases deep inside of me, my orgasm sending him over the edge. He waits a few minutes before pulling out of me, picking up bridal style and back over to his bed. I curl up into his chest once he lays down, stroking his soppy wet hair. He smiles and cups my cheek, kissing my gently. The kiss was soft and gentle, everything the sex wasn’t. There’s a beautiful irony in that. “I didn’t mean to be that rough,”he frowned, running his thumb over one of the many bruises on my waist.

“It was great, you were great,” I reassured, and it was true. The rough side of him was hypnotizing and I couldn’t get enough of it. 

“Did you mean what you said? About needing me?”

“Of course I did, I honestly couldn’t live without you. I will always need you.”

“I need you too, in every way possible.” He said quietly, running a hand through my hair.

“We have a good life Ghoul, we do. It’s not perfect, bu it’s something worth fighting for.”

“You’re worth fighting for.”


Imagine #53 || Request #32

Another imagine!!! Hope you guys like this one :) I kind of changed it, hope you don’t mind and so sorry it took so long I had difficulty on how it would go and we’ve been really busy renovating a part of the house so it was too noisy to concentrate. 

PS… i love Scott and Stiles always excusing themselves here idk why =))

Part 2


You could still feel his arms wrapped around you, your cheek on his chest as he softy snored beside you without a care in the world nor the strength to face the fact that he was leaving the next day to go to France with the Argents. He held you ‘til morning, never wanting to let go and would always keep you in arm’s reach as much as possible. He promised you at the airport that he won’t be gone for too long, that he’d return as soon as. But you tried not to get your hopes up by believing Isaac’s words, because you knew that that was impossible-especially now.

You were currently helping at the animal clinic to earn at least a little to help yourself and your parents, Scott was kind enough to be there to aid you with it. He texted you earlier that he’ll pick you up from your house on his way to the clinic, mentioning that Stiles would also be joining the two of you.

“Y/N?” You suddenly heard Scott call from downstairs, a tone of caution lacing his voice as you heard his heavy footsteps going up the stairs followed by Stiles’.

“What’s wrong?” You asked, immediately opening the door to find the two boys looking worried and alert.

“You need to leave. Now.” Scott said almost hurriedly, Stiles agreeing with his best friend while confusing you at the same time. The werewolf went in your room and immediately opened the door to your bathroom before opening the door to your closet, seemingly looking for something.

“Wait, why?” You immediately took your phone, wallet and keys from your nightstand and shoved them in your pockets before following them down the stairs. “What’s going on?”

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squares, triangles, and other shapes; ch1: definitely dating. definitely not lying about it.

alternate title: the most convoluted fake dating au of all time

on Ao3 | on ffnet

(that’s one hell of a title) 

i was lucky enough to hear about @chatuoir​’s incredibl(y messy) double fake dating au a month or two ago! we did a lot of screaming about it, which was always fun. anyway, lucia was awesome enough to let me try my hand at it, so here we are.

this is definitely the most complex thing i’ve written for the fandom, purely because of all the things that are happening in it. the basics of it aren’t exactly…basic. double fake dating in a love square. always fun!! also: rated t because they’re teenagers and there’s a lot of swearing.

i’ve only got the first chapter written, so updates for this fic might be a bit more spaced out! buckle up everyone, this is one hell of a rollercoaster.

Chat kicks his legs over the side of the Tower. It’s been a long patrol of mostly nothing, it’s rare that much comes up during these anyway. Usually it’s small things like robberies and assholes, almost never anything close to the size of an akuma.

Besides, it’s nice to hang out with Ladybug outside of akuma fights. When they were first starting out, patrols were mostly quiet and serious, despite his relentless attempts to crack jokes. But now he’s able to drop onto the Eiffel Tower with a greeting of, “Evening, My Lady. You look radiant as the moon tonight,” and she’ll just smile. They’re able to let conversation flow freely or sit in comfortable silence.

Chat adores having this relationship with Ladybug. He’s never had anything like this before. He never wants to lose it.

“…you’re not such a bad guy.”

He blinks. Okay, if he doesn’t want to lose her friendship, he should probably start paying more attention. “Yes,” he says, because that seems like a good response. Yeah, he’s not a bad guy. That’s true.

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Kay im gonna post this here too bc im just proud. (also pls dont judge old me, old me didnt knew better)

hey I’m pretty satisfied that i improved these past 3 years, like damn i went through a lot of art styles, like 50+ i kid you not, i even made a post about it lol, anywayyyy I’m glad i underwent that phase because you know I got where i want to be, I found the way I want to draw (it might change over time but heyyy at least people kinda recognize my style now?), I am really happy that I wasn’t afraid to try new things, like coloring and linearting and painting because I discovered a whole lot of things? Seriously, one layer painting is the bomb?? I discovered that i can do lineless art which is fuckin rad as hell bc lineart fucking sucks tbh. I discovered that I really like making comics? Even though theyre fucking torturous. I also discovered that anime (the super anime with big eyes and whatnot) isnt really my style? That i’m really comfortable with my semi realistic shits like these? Anyway wow this got really sappy lmao lemme end this shit here.

Idk if it’s my place to say this but to anyone who’s having trouble finding their own style, do not be afraid to try new things, who cares if no one recognizes your art now? In time, they will. You need to build yourself up first. Experiment, get out of your comfort zone and one day you’ll have your own unique style where people will go “Ah, this was made by (name)!!” when they see your art. Honestly, it’s so fulfilling. It takes time ok? Like, we all experience the self doubt, the comparing and shit, and that’s normal. That happens, it can’t be helped, but after you’re done with it, don’t stop drawing,  don’t ever stop, because once you do, you will never achieve the things that you envy from other people. I always fucking compare myself with others and it fucking sucks, i cant help it but I try hard, I draw and draw and draw so that someday I’ll be able to draw like the ones I adore, maybe even better! I know that I’m only gonna improve from here, and you guys will too! Art is a one way road, once you drive, there’s no other way but to move in that direction, move forward. Keep on drawing!

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I have prompst if you still do them :) Kara is jealous over Cat's attraction to Clark but it's actually her lighthouse technique to get Kara... Second prompt: Kara constantly sits on the balcony as Supergirl when Cat's away. Cat finds her there one night when she comes back.

two??? how about both in the same fic hell yeah lets go (got a bit long/?? almost 3k words lol)

“…Everything just falls away.” Cat turned on her heel, strutting back into the office, Kara following her close behind.

She huffed, trying to hide the frown stuck on her face at the open display of interest Cat gave over her cousin. She was hopeless, she had had a crush on Cat for so long, and seeing her interest laid on someone other than her was… annoying.

“I organised a few interviews for tomorrow, here’s the list of all the candidates each with pros and cons.” Kara placed the manila folder on Cat’s desk, folding her arms across her chest as Cat took up her throne behind the desk.

Cat put the folder aside for the moment, clasping her hands together. “Do you think Clark Kent would be interested in dinner?”


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