i honestly was expecting a better result


my favorite thing about byun baekhyun (birthday series):

i love how hardworking he is. it’s so often that idols say ‘i’ll work had to bring you a better self’ and baekhyun is honestly one of the few idols who you can definitely see the results of that hard work. he has continued to improve in dancing, singing, stage presence, and even acting and it’s so impressive. his work ethic is honestly so inspiring and honestly whenever i expect that he can’t get better, he shows me how wrong i am.” - @snapbaeks

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A scenario where Dino first meets his S/O, he was expecting her boss to go to their meeting and it ended up being her and she's feared in the mafia but she turns out to be soft-spoken and awkward in conversations? Sorry if it's too much ; v ; Ily

Your very honest nature and disregard for the feelings of others makes you an indifferent person that most people have trouble getting along with. Paired with the fact that these very values find you a friend within the Varia (and by default, other terrifying comrades), there are numerous whispers and dwellings about your status as a member.

But they’re not all for naught – you provide results and your boss keeps you close to her; always at her beck and call and you’ve never failed her before. You’ve always maintained a 100% success rate.

And you don’t pay any heed to these rumours either – you haven’t heard most of them and honestly, you don’t care either. The more people that tremble when they hear your name, the better it is as you’re not forced to result to violence, yet.

So when your Boss is a little too busy for a meeting with another Boss of an allied family, she sends you out to meet him because you’re the only other person she’d trust with this task. Though you’re tired and slighty (extremely) sleep deprived, you agree anyways.

“Oh, uh…” the blond starts, standing up when you enter the room because he was not expecting you. “Sorry, I was expecting–”

“She couldn’t make it. I’m sorry that I’m filling out for her today but I’ll try to note down all the questions that arises from this meeting.” You give him an apologetic smile, settling into the chair opposite him.

“Right, sorry – I hope she’s okay.” Dino’s taken aback by the fact that you ramble (if he wasn’t so nervous he’d find it cute).

“Yeah, no, she’s okay. She’s not sick or anything – just… needs some time off,” you answer, placing the files onto the table. “Please don’t tell anyone I said that. She’s not supposed to be taking time off. As a boss she’s supposed to be taking care of her family.” Your eyes widen a little. “Oh right, I don’t even know why I’m bothering to tell you this – you’re a boss of your own family. Of course you know what it’s like.”

Dino smiles, visibly relaxing in his seat because this flustered person is not at all what he’s expecting from you but he’ll gladly take it. “No, it’s okay. She should be allowed to take breaks.”

“Yeah, that’s what I tell her,” you chuckle, turning your attention to the files on the table. “Okay, so, you wanted to talk about the warehouses on the coast…? ” Lips are pursed as you look up at him.

He clears his throat, turning his gaze to his own files. “Uh, yeah. We’ve received some words of illegal operations happening inside and we’d like to investigate.”

Shit,” you murmur, rubbing your eyes. Your drop your hands, looking at the blond again. “Shit, I’m sorry for swearing – I just hang around a few people that swear a little too much.”

Dino only laughs, because he’s sure he knows exactly who you’re talking about. “Don’t worry about.” He’s laid-back throughout the meeting because it’s not so bad now that he’s met you in real life.


  • After he’s kept in contact with you after the meeting and has been dating you for a few months, he likes going through the rumours that the Mafia have made up about you just to see your reaction to them
  • “Your eyes are always bloodshot because you’ve killed so many people and are kept awake with the nightmares.”
  • “I… I binge TV shows until I’m too tired to stay awake. But then I have to get up early so I’m just always sleep deprived.”
  • “You’re quick to shoot because you have unresolved violent tendencies.”
  • “I get jumpy and people… scare me.”
We all look like we feel

MP100 Valentines Week
Day 5; Lanterns

pairing: terumob

Story tag


Shigeo’s immediate group of friends might not actually be very good for Teruki’s general well-being.

“So,” Tome says in an overly-casual, faux-disinterested tone that puts Teruki on his guard immediately, “you and Kageyama, huh?”

He shuffles his feet, trying not to feel as though he’s under surveillance. It would be easier, probably, if he wasn’t actually under surveillance. There’s a girl across the schoolyard leaning out from behind a tree with a small digital camera, and it looks like she’s taking verbal notes with a pocket tape recorder? Why?

“Is that strange?” he finds himself asking. “We’re going to the movies after school, and since the theater is nearby, I thought I could just meet him – ”

“The movies, huh?” Tome smacks her gum, leans a little heavier against the gate, and looks him over. Teruki isn’t shifting his weight nervously from foot to foot but that’s only because he’s steeling himself to maintain composure. He’s stared down delinquents and adult espers, he won’t squirm now. He won’t. “What are you gonna go see?”

“A new action movie. Shigeo picked it.”

Her eyebrows fly up. “'Shigeo’ picked it?”

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Languages Lessons w/ Kun
  • i’m so happy omfg
  • i miss him a lot, is he alive i don’t even know
  • but i need him
  • i want to see how much his korean has improved
  • shoutout to anon for requesting this, this request is adorable
  • but let’s start shall we!!!
  • i really miss him bro
  • so, you and baby kun actually would have lessons to learn his mother language
  • like twice a week or smth
  • yall started your relationship like a month ago or something
  • and both of you were still knowing each other and everything
  • but he really really wanted to present you to his family
  • and you were so nervous
  • you wanted to give a good first impresion and also be able to comunicate with them u know
  • so you would ask him to teach you 24/7
  • “kunn!!! how do u pronounce this??”
  • “did i wrote that well??”
  • “that means dog, right? rigHT??!!”
  • lmao he was low-key starting to hate you
  • but he loved how dedicated you were being to learn chinese just for him and his family
  • he really appreciate it
  • “y/n? really for todays lesson?”
  • “ah~~ yeah, i did the homework you told me to and I have been studying in my free times"
  • “you’re adorable y/n”
  • he would giggle at your cuteness and hug you
  • and the lesson starts okay
  • he was actually a rlly good teacher??
  • i mean he could be mine whenever he wants ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • but like, he would explain you everything really slowly and would constantly ask you if you understand of if you need him to explain again
  • also he would be an angel, giving you kisses in your cheeks when you pronunce or wrote something well
  • and when you couldn’t he would be so comprehensive towards you
  • “no, baobei, it’s 我愛你 (i love you)”
  • “no, babe put your lips like this”
  • and he deadass grabs your cheeks and tries to give ur lips the right form to pronunce it
  • and you look at him, your heart starting to beat faster
  • he was so beautiful, he was right in front of you touching your skin in such a delicated way without knowing how weak it was making you feel
  • “我愛你?”
  • and he just laugh because you look so confused and adorable and your lips looks weird because of how he’s pressing your cheeks lmao
  • he would cup your face and smile at you, his cute little smile taking all your attention
  • “感謝一切, y/n, 你是天使 (thanks for everything, y/n, you’re an angel)”
  • and you just can’t take your eyes of his lips
  • “現在做 (do it now)”
  • you got even closer to him and pressed your lips over his
  • they felt so soft
  • just like me rn
  • and oh my jESUS CHRISTT
  • honestly
  • best first kiss ever in the story of the best first kisses ever
  • also this isn’t related to the story but
  • i just saw a pic of kun and sicheng and he was doing that thingy of grabbing his cheeks!!! lmao
  • when you separate, he looks at you, still smiling
  • “looks like the lessons are giving good results, you understood perfectly everything i said”
  • and you’re there all blushy and giggly because of how embarrased you are
  • “閉嘴, 锟 (shut up, kun)”
  • and he hugs you dsfhhgfd
  • “let’s take a break, baobei”
  • “wanna cuddle?”
  • “of course i do”
  • so yeah
  • you spended the rest of the day cuddling and talking chinese to each other
  • and the rest of the china line was looking at yall like aw
  • <3
  • “i don’t know about yall but i ship it” -zhong chenle, 2k17
  • lmao
  • did you like it? this was honestly so cute
  • it ended better than i expected

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Real talk and I hope you don't find me rude for asking, but why do you ship Cloti more than Clerith? I know you ship both but I wanted to know why you like Cloti so much more.

Hahaha nice usage of “real talk” and I guess when talking about FFVII’s ltd we are getting down to the juicy bits.

Everyone has vibrant opinions and “perspectives” as they put it. I have no idea what side of the fence (the overlapping dimensional fence) you’re coming from but I- for the first time on tumblr publicly, will give you my 100% honest and critical reasons as to why I prefer Cloti as a ship.

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Interview with Tominaga Yoshihiro (producer) and Asano Naoyuki (character designer) from Osomatsu Roku Nensei.

I was looking through my half-finished translations and I found this from the Roku Nensei/ Sixth Graders magazine. No idea if anyone’s translated this before or not. The first few questions are asked by the sextuplets while the rest are just general. At the end are some comments from Asano on the origin and features of the sextuplets design.

Asano Naoyuki – Animator. Was involved in character design, animation direction and the story boarding, direction and animation direction of the opening for the TV anime Osomatsu-San.

Tominaga Yoshihiro – Born in 1978 in Miyagi Prefecture. Joined Sunrise as a production assistant in 2001. Currently a producer at Studio Pierrot after working for Manglobe. Works include Yona of the Dawn (2014), etc.

Todomatsu: Erm, which of us do you think you are the most similar to?

Asano: I lean towards Choromatsu, perhaps. Like I don’t really need any friends. Well, I try not to show that kind of darkness on the outside though. Tominaga is Osomatsu! The way he stays calm even in a tricky situation and says it’s probably alright has kind of an Osomatsu feeling.

Tominaga: Hehe, well, it’s part of my job. Inside I’m panicking. How I get carried away when I drink alcohol is probably similar to Osomatsu.

Ichimatsu: When making the anime….did you feel…..pressure or anything like that?

Asano: You know how the ending changed after the New Year? When I was making that, everyone around me was expecting a lot, so I was under pressure. I didn’t know what I’d do if they said the first one was better. I thought about changing my name if I failed.

Tominaga: Nothing much was expected from us to begin with, or rather, we were told that anime with cute character designs doesn’t sell, so I didn’t feel any pressure in particular. It was an environment where we could pursue what we liked, without sensing any obstacles.

Asano: And as a result of pursuing that, it became popular, so we were like “In your face!”

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Missing more than a Thousand Mornings

Summary: Seijuro never thought he would be leaving Tetsuya with more than just a memory of heated pleasure, but he would only learn of this six years later in a form of a child with red hair and blue eyes.

Pairing: Akakuro (omegaverse)

Chapter 1:

“Shintaro, it’s me.”

Midorima momentarily paused from scribbling notes before a sigh escaped his lips, his eyelids fluttering and bringing him back to focus.

“Akashi.” He answered. “It’s been a while.”

“Indeed. How’ve you been?”

“Fine. Busy. You?”


“I see.” Reaching the end of his paper, Midorima set it aside along with a pile with similar contents before reaching for a folder from his drawer. His phone was squeezed in between his shoulder and cheek, giving his hands the freedom to multitask.

“How is everyone?” Akashi asked from the other end, and Midorima was quick to reply.

“They’re fine, a bunch of idiots as always.” He heard Akashi chuckle, making him almost smile, but the pieces of paper before him half-captured his thoughts. There was a long pause that followed, only both of their calm breathing getting through the line. But soon enough he heard Akashi sigh.

“…and Tetsuya?” Midorima seemed to freeze, fingers slightly crumpling the edge of a sheet he was holding. Akashi sounded tired but Midorima understood well enough where Akashi’s weariness came from. Deciding to drop everything he currently was doing and postpone them for later, he sat back and reclined on his chair, legs crossed and phone now delicately held by bandaged fingers.

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I commissioned inchells to draw Pippin with an otter friend and the result is perfection - Pip’s gleeful little face and the otter’s waving paws and everything, I absolutely love it.  Thank you so much Eve! I’ve always wanted some inchells art and this is even better than I expected, I’m thrilled by how well (and quickly!) this turned out and honestly couldn’t be happier. <3


I know I’ve been going on and on about this diet change and the elimination diet and I’m hoping most of you are getting benefit from it, or at least enjoy reading it. I apologize (sort of) to those of you who are bored with it, but I think it’s important so I’m going to keep talking about it.

Here’s a quick recap in case you don’t know.

- I was feeling sick. Like… All.the.time
- doctors did the Bla-bla-bla we can’t find anything wrong. Maybe it’s cuz you’re fat.
- I didn’t feel very accomplished with my workouts.
- hit breaking point
- saw naturopath for food sensitivity blood test
- came back with A LOT of results. Dairy - eggs- gliadin (gluten) - nuts - kidney beans - corn - yeast - rice - oranges etc.
- determine eliminating ALL of these things will help repair GI tract.
- go on elimination diet for 3 weeks.
-feel better.

Now you’re all caught up. So guess what! Today I did my monthly measurements and progress pics. I FEEL AMAZING! This is 1 month!

You should note that I don’t expect these results all the time and that most of the loss is bloating but dang I’m excited! I can’t believe the difference food makes (everybody says that but it’s honestly true!)

Again, thanks to everyone who supports me

April measurements - just from diet change

Arms: 12.5 - 12"
Bust: 41" - 39" (seriously?! Stupid body)
Waist: 37" - 35.5"
Belly (the biggest part): 41.5" - 40.5"
Hips: 42" - 40.5"
Butt: 45" - 43"
Thigh: 24" - 23.5"

Weight: 208 - 201.5

I would love to hear from you, if anything I’ve said has helped you, if you have any questions, if you want to share your story or journey. I just want to hear from you! Where are you at?!

Well, I actually did it, I drew Princess Rice.

This honestly turned better than expected.

Funny enough, I once made you and I on a Gemsona Maker on Doll Divine, and once I made them fuse, the results were almost exactly the way I described Rice, except I had to add the highlights and blush. 

Response: Awww! Adorable! I love how she looks! Also, I love the gemsona maker, it’s a really good tool!

I decided to write a song with all my brutally honest thoughts…enjoy.


I spend countless nights 
Writing about interesting points of view when all I really do is stare at a screen of blue 
I spend all my free time living in the past trying not to think about how nothing ever lasts

I’m just being honest with you 
Which seems too hard for everyone to do 
I just want to get this off my chest so I can finally rest

I have many fears and one of them includes 
that you’ll listen to this song and think I’m weird or quite rude 
I shouldn’t care what others think 
About me but when I’m alone it’s all I can mange to do

Sometimes I try way too hard to fit in
Sometimes I lie about what i’ve done and where I’ve been 
I frankly have a lot to say but I spend way too much time trying to stay out of people’s way


I can never decide wither or not I like myself 
I certainly don’t like the pounds I find under my belt 
I go through phases of hating my friends and hating everyone else

I think that Jesus is Santa Claus is for adults 
I repeat myself and expect a different result 
I’m always scared I’m being unreasonable 
I’m always scared that my life goals are unreachable


These thoughts go In and out of my brain each day 
Especially when I find myself at night wide awake 
And to be truthful I’m scared that my music sucks 
But I won’t stop playing so I guess I’m shit out of luck

And now I guess I’ve done that and I’ve been honest 
and if we’re being honest I honestly I don’t feel any better

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So! In the search for breakfast this morning I decided to try out a recipe I was quite certain I had reblogged a while back for *quiche in a mug*. I was pretty pumped to do it and was very pleased with my result!

I expected it to expand more so the mug I used was fairly large but this recipe would work in one half this size, and honestly it’d probably be better because with how wide this one was, I had to double the time cooked to three minutes to get the center cooked all the way. I used a grainy english muffin rather than a bagel, added two slices of salami, about a tablespoon of shredded cheese, and three fresh baby spinach leaves. A dash of salt, garlic powder, and oregano for my herbs, and MAN OH MAN IS IT GOOD.

At the halfway point of cooking when I brought it out and realized it needed more time it smelled amazing and I knew it was gonna be good. I would absolutely recommend this recipe for a quick and satisfying breakfast :]

PS look how cute this new mug is with the little coffee themed strong man GAH I LOVE IT

if there’s one positive thing ive taken out of my entire generation’s usual path to financial stability or success being completely fucked up by the effects of a complete seachange in economic policy over the last 30 years making many things like college completely unaffordable or jobs harder than ever to find is that it has helped me come to grips with the fact that i was never gonna have everything figured out at shit at 22 and it’s honestly completely fucking fine that i took a year of college and dropped out, finding my way elsewhere, resulting in a healthier, better me, all the way at 26

the old ways and old expectations are dead because they aren’t working anymore and there was a time limit on how long they were gonna last anyway and it’s fine to take time to figure your shit out and especially in regards to figuring out who you yourself are - to know everything about yourself and what you are to be at 18? 22? ridiculous. i’m still piecing shit together

so i take thanks in that out of the horrible monstrous beast of capitalism’s shit finally revealing itself to me and millions others

How To Go From Rags To Riches

This article was written for all people who are currently facing financial difficulties, experiencing poverty or who need a certain amount of resources to be able to help others or to make their dreams come true. 

I have experienced financial difficulties & poverty myself, so I know what’s like and I also know what it truly takes to turn things around.

What does it take to turn things around? You have to change the relationship that you have with abundance. Be honest and ask yourself if you have a good relationship with abundance. If not, don’t worry because you can always change it!

External image

Have you ever looked at someone successful and got the feeling that you can’t accomplish what they have accomplished? Well, the truth is you can! 

No matter what life throws at you, you can always choose to rise above it.

That’s what most successful people have done. They never gave up on their dreams.

Do you know you already possess what you need to be successful?

It’s your mind. The ultimate manifesting tool!

External image

You don’t need anything outside of your own mind and heart (all you need is love) to create the life of your dreams. And when you become attached to any one thing outside of yourself -whether it’s money, a person, or certain circumstances — you will be bound to the attachment and ignore the power of your mind & heart, which is where all things are created.

External image

When you connect with your heart and allow it to take over your mind (making the switch from ego thinking to love thinking) then you can get what you truly desire! The heart wants what the heart wants.

External image

Each of us has the potential to change our way of thinking, to overcome self-limiting beliefs and fears. 

Allow love (your heart) to control your mind

 and you will realize that you have the power to change your life. After all.. Nothing is more powerful than love. It doesn’t matter where you are now. You have the ability to use your mind & heart to get everything you desire, no matter what your current circumstances are. So when you see a successful person, remind yourself that you both have the same potential (unlimited). If you can see and believe it.. You can achieve it!

If you remain focused on your dreams, the outcome is already written

. You will make your dreams come true. The question is how to get there. Well.. the answer is up to you! By using your amazing mind and learning and growing from mistakes and failures, by thinking outside the box, by believing in yourself and pushing yourself to become who you want to be, by working on yourself to shift to a positive mindset.

So “what is” going to stop you?

The limiting beliefs, that limit what people can accomplish — until they are reprogrammed in their thinking. Unfortunately, too many people aren’t interested in self-help so they go through their life frustrated by their inability to be successful. They accept their 

“lot in life”

 as what they are destined for, or they rebel against themselves or life in some way (drugs, alcohol, loveless sex, crime, etc.). Everyone gets some bad programming, but it can always be overcome.

If there’s enough desire to succeed – whatever success means to the individual – the way can be found. The most empowering attitude is gratitude for what you have, and a total commitment to overcome any obstacles.

Are you currently struggling with financial problems?

If you’re in a situation where you are experiencing lack then know that the universe has your back as long as you tune into abundance (give power to abundance instead of poverty, you do this by focusing on abundance instead of poverty). You decide when you want to make it right. The solution of any problem always starts with you. So let’s say you can’t pay the bills and this is giving you the chills (A checking or dampening of enthusiasm). Decide to let go of any fear and worry and be thankful for the situation that you are currently in. It’s simply a teacher that is telling you that something needs to be done and it’s only here to help you rise. You respond can respond to this teacher in two ways. The first way is by sending out with your emotions, thoughts and words: “I’m worried, I have fear so in this case you must continue to appear”. In this case the money problems will continue to exist until you learned what you needed to learn from it. The second way is by sending out with your emotions, thoughts and words: “I am grateful for this lesson and I consider it a blessing. I will let it motivate & inspire me to tune into abundance and to make myself and my life richer. I have no worry and no fear because love is here. I will focus on the solution and this will bring my abundance to fruition. I trust that the universe has my back and that I will soon receive the much needed check”. This is really the one and only way to solve money problems along with developing a healthy relationship with abundance. Love abundance, appreciate and value it and use it to light up the grid. Be generous and bless other people with your wealth. You get what you give. If you make plans to help a lot of people then the universe will support you by giving you the abundance and resources you need to bring those plans into fruition. You cannot experience lack if you always give back and conspire together with the universe to bless, help and heal as many people & animals as possible. My message is also that you are worthy! You are worthy of abundance. You are worthy of having everything you need to make your dreams come true or to fulfill all your needs, but you must feel worthy! I know this might sound weird to some people, but your life/situation really does change when you decide to start feeling rich, wealthy and worthy. If you start focusing on the good things instead of the bad things. If it’s that simple then why doesn’t everybody do it? Well, some people try it and quit because they don’t see results right away. And then they say that it simply doesn’t work that way, but they forget that things often also get worse before they get better and also that progress and real change often doesn’t come that quickly. That’s life! You can’t expect to get results overnight. Honestly, it takes months, years, decades to make any really big changes.  If you do it right then you can expect to change your entire life, radically (like going from rags to riches) in about 4, 5, 6, 7 years (sometimes it takes even longer).  Sounds hard right? But the time is going to pass anyway and all I can say to you, to make so that you never give up, is this: Life is what you put into it. And the universe has your back. You are going to get what you give and it will all be worth it. And mostly importantly, you have it in you to become who you want to be. You do.. You just have to dig deep and discover it for yourself, but you absolutely have what it takes to make your dreams come true. Everything you need is inside of you already.  It was so incredibly hard for me to keep going when I just kept experiencing disappointment & frustration. Things/projects that I thought would make everything different, didn’t do jack shit. I failed so many frigging times.. Had so many setbacks.. People who I thought were going to help me, ended up disappointing me and sometimes even hurting me. I faced rejection many, many times.  But you know what I discovered? 

External image

I found out that all this shit that happened to me.. Prepared me for my destiny, helped me rise and helped me value & cherish things so much more.

External image

And it was then… When I became the phoenix sorta speak. That everything changed.  Change how you feel.. That’s all you have to do. And you have all the time in the world to do this and eventually you will succeed. That’s a given.  You have within you a force that can never be destroyed. It’s bigger and more powerful than anything that you can ever face outside of yourself.  Unleash this force. Unleash the phoenix. Use negativity as fuel for your fire. Use everything to your advantage. Do this and nothing can stop you. You can be rich. You can make all your dreams come true, but none of this matters if you don’t know that the greatest wealth is love. This force I am talking about? It’s love.  I think through it all, I really discovered, that nothing is stronger than love and nothing is more precious or beautiful than love, your own heart. Find your strength in love :). With it you can change everything. Love conquers all. 


Beautifully written. Love is the weapon of the future, all you need is love. <3 thank you for submitting again. I’m always interesting in new perspectives if others want to submit their own experiences and revelations. We cannot do this alone, we are all helping each other together. Namaste

It Started Out With A Kiss... || Elsa & Hans


“I don’t consider you lowly, Prince Hans,” Elsa replied with a slightly uncomfortable look. She had considered him a threat and she did not know him well enough to judge his personality, but she had never considered him lower than herself. Despite being the thirteenth heir to the throne of the Southern Isles, he was a Prince and thus was regarded with that honor regardless of her personal feelings towards him and how he had acted to her sister. 

And yet there he stood, being charming and witting and sarcastic - feats that Elsa couldn’t help being drawn to. Her own dry sense of humour would have reacted well with his should they have interacted prior to the Great Freeze and it’s events and the fact that she’d kissed him numerous times now proved that something was working behind the scenes to draw her nearer to him. 

“Your advice will be appreciated, and your council considered. I am sure your family sent you to me assuming I’d have you thrown in a dungeon for my own satisfaction but I cannot see myself doing that to any, even after you wanted to take my life.” She sighed, turning to evaluate him closely. “Prince Hans, I elect you onto my council of advisers. You are hearby pardoned for your crimes against Arendelle’s crown whilst you are in our walls. Should any more acts of treason be committed you will be banished for good to a remote location." 

There, that ought to sound official enough that she could even convince herself that he wasn’t the least appealing and that he was there for council rather than pleasure. She had too much to think about than to consider the fact that she’d rather enjoyed Hans’ lips and hands against her. 

Hans was driven silent for a bit at the woman’s words. Her official declaration had been unexpected yet, entirely characteristic of the ice queen. It was an intelligent move on her part, to put him in a role of service to the kingdom he had nearly taken control of.  Elsa was at least aware of his military abilities and this kept him being out of Although he couldn’t shake the feeling that she was also using this as an excuse to keep him around; to quell her own curiosity. Not that he was complaining.  

"At least you are better than my family, then”, he laughed bitterly. For once he was grateful for the royals of the souther isles’ inability to give a damn towards the well being of their youngest son. Passing him off like he was a disease had turned out quite a bit better than he had expected. Perhaps this was due to the queen’s inherently kind nature. But Hans liked to believe it was more likely a result of his charm.

“If I am no longer a prisoner yet, I am required to remain in these walls, just where exactly do you intend for me to stay.  I, of course, am more than welcome to remain here in the castle but I don’t believe your sister is going to give me as kind a greeting as you have shown,” he nonchalantly added.

Quite honestly, he didn’t care what anyone thought. He was here now and Hans was certainly going to make the best of the situation.