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Broken- Part 15.2 (A Chen Ending)

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A/N: They all start the same at first, so bare that in mind, and please don’t get confused ^^. They are 3 separate endings so check the name in the title!

Ending 2: Chen’s version

Your eyes fluttered open, and you looked around in confusion. You noticed the sky was a deep blue as you looked through you window. You stretched slightly; you couldn’t believe you had fallen asleep.

“Hey there sleepy head” You heard Xiumin’s voice whisper to you, you looked up at him with a smile.

“Feel better?” He asked you, pushing your hair away from your face. You nodded, and he smiled at you.

“I have to go tell them, don’t i?” You asked him, smiling weakly as you rubbed your stomach. He sighed deeply, before making eye contact with you.

“You should, but only if you have made up your mind. You can’t keep playing with them, and you can’t keep lying to yourself. Tell me Y/N, do you know who your heart belongs to?” He asked you, and for a moment you were stunned, you stared at him with your eyes open wide, and your heart beating quickly in your chest.

“I-I… I do…” You whispered back, realizing suddenly all of your true feelings. You began feeling overwhelmed by the sudden realization, your head spun, and you became dizzy. He didn’t seem surprised at all though, after all, he knew you better than you knew yourself, and deep down he had always known who held your heart.

“Then go get it” He whispered softly with a smile, as he caressed his cheek. You nodded, and asked him to help you up, so you could shower. He didn’t seem happy at the idea of your weakened state alone in the bathroom, but he agreed to letting you shower when you allowed him to stay outside the unlocked bathroom door, and gave him permission to come in if he heard you get hurt.

While you got yourself cleaned up, he sighed, and texted both boys, telling them you were on your way, and that you needed to speak to them, just to make sure they were on their best behavior. He didn’t want their stress making you feel even worse, especially now that you were pregnant. He bit his lip as he read over their replies, and decided to text Suho and Lay just in case.

You came out of the bathroom smelling fresh and clean, and fully dressed. Xiumin looked at you and smiled, even as sick and stressed as you felt, you were still glowing. The pregnancy looked really good on you. He held his arm out and you laced your own with it, as he walked you out of the apartment. He wanted to drive you, but you insisted that the car drive would surely enhance the sickness you were beginning to feel.

You walked silently, enjoying his quiet support, and he held you tight, knowing that soon enough he would have to let go of you, and hand you to another man. The idea pained him, and he knew he would no longer be your number one, but he knew it was what was best for you.

Suddenly, you spot Chanyeol and Chen talking across the road, and the sight of both of them makes your heart flutter, and your stomach tie up in a knot. You began feeling incredibly nervous, but you walked on anyway, with your head high, and your thoughts and feelings in place. You knew what you were about to do, and you were sure of it. There was no turning back now.

As soon as he spotted you, Chanyeol began running towards you, with Chen following him straight after. You saw the smiles on their faces and it broke you to know one of them would leave with their heart torn.

Suddenly, you notice a car driving straight towards the boys, a little out of control. They didn’t notice, they were too focused on you. Why the hell did they cross the road without looking? What were they thinking? You noticed the car coming closer and closer, and still they didn’t see it. Why was the car not stopping?

Before you knew it, you had begun running straight towards them, yelling, and waving your arms, desperate to get their attention. They looked confused.

It all happened too fast.

You ran straight at them, your legs not quite fast enough, the car kept coming closer, and before you knew it, Chen had pushed Chanyeol forward, getting him out of the way, but he couldn’t move fast enough to get away himself.

The moment the car crushed against his side, you felt your soul leave your body. You screamed out his name, your voice strained, full of pain and desperation. You rushed to his side, and knelt down by his body. You could see a thin string of blood emanating from his lips. You heard Suho call an ambulance somewhere near you, and Xiumin’s quickened footsteps right rushing towards you. Chanyeol scurried to reach his former friend, all of the previous bitterness long forgotten.

“Chen… Chen please don’t leave me Chen… Chen Please!” You begged, as tears fell down your face like waterfalls. Chanyeol was crying too, as he grabbed his hyung’s hand.

“I’m sorry…” Chen managed to cough out. You kissed his hand repeatedly, and asked him what for.

“I’m sorry for getting in the way… You two deserve to be happy… I’m sorry for being a bad friend… I’m sorry for whatever pain I caused you Y/N…” He whispered, his strength fading fast.

“I love you” He whispered again, looking straight into your eyes, before the world became pure darkness. You screamed, and kissed his face, over and over again, begging him not to leave, begging him to stay with you, telling him you needed him, and you loved him, but you didn’t think he could hear….

Beep. Beep. Beep.

You hated that stupid sound. It drove you crazy, but at the same time, you had learned to love it, because it meant that Chen was still here, still alive. You were terrified though, what if he never came back? What if you had lost him forever? Your life would be meaningless. You touched your stomach subconsciously. Come on Jongdae, we both need you.

Suddenly your heart skipped a beat, Jongdae’s eyes had fluttered open. He groaned in pain as he tried to sit up on the bed, but you shushed him, and pushed him back down gently.

“Y/N? You’re here…” He croaked out in surprise, and you nodded, tears springing in your eyes. How could he be so clueless?

“Of course I’m here silly. I’ve been here all the time, waiting for you to wake up. I missed you Chen. I’m so glad you are awake, so so glad. I thought I had lost you, what would I do without the man I love?” You whispered, as you grabbed his hand and kissed his knuckles. His eyes opened wide at what you said, and he looked around, shaking his head.

“I’m in Heaven right? This must be Heaven. I died. Oh God, I died.” He said, his voice a weird mix between amusement and frustration. You let out a giggle, he was being so stupid.

“You are alive Chen. You are very much alive. I missed you so much…. I didn’t know what we were going to do without you.” You blurted out, as you caressed his cheek with one hand, and rested the other on your slowly growing baby bump. His eyes widened at your statement, and then travelled down to your stomach. You watched the wheels in his head turning as he processed what you had said. Suddenly, a cheek splitting grin formed on his face, with those precious kitty lips of his.

“I’m going to be a dad?” He asked you, tears beginning to spring in his eyes, and you nodded, tearing up yourself. You heard him make an inhuman sound of glee, as he opened his eyes for you to hug him.

“Thank you. Thank you so much. I promise I will be the best father ever! We will be such a happy family… I mean… If you want us to be. “ He spoke, growing shy at his last statement. He still wasn’t sure if you had chosen him or not. His mind was still caught up on thoughts of you and Chanyeol. Honestly, that had been part of the reason he jumped in front of the car. He couldn’t stand the idea of losing his friend, and he felt he owed him as much after all the pain he had caused him, but also, he had been so convinced you were in love with the taller guy, he knew that if anything happened to him, you’d be in pain, and the last thing he wanted was to see you hurt, so he sacrificed himself instead, so you could be happy. He finally chose to be selfless.

“Of course I do Chen. The three of us, will be a happy family. I love you. So much, so, so much.” You told him, as you cupped his face, and kissed him passionately. He smiled into the kiss, feeling his heart ready to explode with glee.

“This means you’ll have to marry me, you know?” He said, and you laughed nodding, as you comfortably sat beside him on his hospital bed, fitting perfectly into his arms. He was happy, you were happy. Life was perfect.  And that’s when Chanyeol walked in, with some cups of coffee in his hands, and a small smile on his face. Chen immediately tensed up, and looked at the boy with eyes filled with guilt.

“I’m so sorry Chanyeol…” he spoke, almost pleaded, but the taller boy brushed him off.

“You jumped in front of a car for me, I think we are fine. And don’t worry about me, I accept my defeat like a man, I’ll be happy if you guys are happy. Seriously, I’m glad you are awake though, Y/N here has been crying her eyes out for days, and I was scared she was going to dehydrate. Oh! And by the way, congrats on the baby! It probably will be gorgeous, after all it is Y/N’s baby” Chanyeol spoke with a laugh, and you noticed that although his voice was slightly strained, he really meant everything he said.

He had come to terms with his own feelings, and had realized his friendship with the guys, and his friendship with you was more important than anything else to him. He realized that Chen had been the honest one with his feelings from the start, while he acted like a friend, just so you would like him back. But he was determined to change. He would be your friend, just like Xiumin and Baek were, and he would find someone who he could love truly and wholly. He couldn’t lose the people that were most important to him.

Finally, everyone was happy.

“Mommy! Daddy is at the door with the uncles” You heard your three year old son exclaim, as he pointed towards the door with his tiny finger. You smiled at him, he was so cute.  You had never seen a baby more gorgeous than he was. He was the perfect blend between Jongdae and you, with his kitty smile, and your eyes. He had been the best gift you could have ever asked for.

“Hey there buddy!” Chen spoke, as he picked his son up in his arms, and walked towards you, to kiss you. Your son giggled at the gesture, making you laugh and kiss him on the cheek.

“You guys really are a perfect family” You heard Kai speak, as he watched the cute family scene happening before him.

The boys had been more than happy when you guys told him the news. Jongdae insisted you got married before the baby was born, so you quickly pulled a wedding together, while your stomach was still pretty flat. It was a surprise to your families, but as soon as they saw you and Jongdae together, they understood the perfect chemistry between you, how you just seemed to be meant to be. You played with your wedding band on your finger nervously, and Jongdae grabbed your hand, squeezing it tight for comfort. He gave you a reassuring smile, before clearing his throat. Everyone turned to look at you, including your son, who was now currently playing with uncle Baek’s face.

“We have news guys, so listen up! You too buddy!” Jongdae spoke, pointing at your son, who giggled and nodded obediently. Jongdae smiled. He really was a great father.

“We are having another baby!” You and Jongdae exclaimed in unison, and suddenly, all the men in the room broke into cheers, even your little son, who had no idea what was going on.

“ANOTHER BABY CHEN!” Shouted Sehun, as he picked up your son, and spun him around.

“Congratulations guys, you really do deserve this. I’m happy for you guys.” Chanyeol told you guys, as he engulfed you both in a tight bear hug.

“No! Congrats to you for the engagement! I can’t wait to meet her, she sounds like such a beautiful person.” You replied, as you poked his chest, and he blushed profusely.

“She is, she is amazing. I hope one day we can be just like you and Jongdae.” He confessed, playing with his hands nervously, a shy smile on his lips. And you knew just then, things were finally the way they were supposed to be.

“Second child already, wow! How many are you planning to have?” Asked Suho, as he got closer, and hugged you both to congratulate you. Chen gave you a cheeky wink.

“As many as we can. I guess this means that we will be busy for a very long time, eh babe?” He teased, making the boys burst out into peals of laughter, and making you blush bright red. You laughed too though, kind of excited at the idea of having such a large family with the man you loved.

Life couldn’t be better, and for once, you were truly happy, with the man of your dreams.

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