i honestly thought about putting rose on the guy but that seemed really rude

Patater Week Day 3 - Fake Dating ( Part 1/?)

Another partially complete one because this fic has decided it wants to be really long. Here’s like 4k though.


Kent looked up from his cocktail to see Jack looking at him with a frown on his face, various Falconers arrayed behind him and looking on curiously. Oh shit. He had been successfully avoiding Jack for months, and now he goes and picks the same goddamn bar after the game. Is this the universe telling him to stop drinking? Fuck you, universe.

“Jack,” he said evenly. There is an absolutely zero percent chance that Jack will believe him that this is just a coincidence, especially because none of his teammates are here. Sue him for wanting to have a quiet night. Next time he’d just go with them to the shitty club.

“Why are you here?” Jack said forbiddingly. “I thought I made myself clear—“

“Yeah, yeah, I got it, Zimms, you don’t want to see me.” He pushed back from the bar, mouth twisting bitterly, and abandoned his drink. “I’m not stalking you, promise.” He made a split-second, impulsive decision. “I’m here to see him.” He reached out and pulls in the nearest Falconer, not even looking at his face.

“You’re here to see…Tater?” Jack asked incredulously.

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Writing this prompt for reigingheart22, who wanted a Winteriron Bachelor! AU with slightly intimidating Bachelor!Bucky with a confused and intimidated Tony, who didn’t sign up to be a contestant, but Bucky sees him in the crew and decides he likes him. Sorry if it’s a little different than what you wanted, hope you like it!

Also, as a side note, I have no idea what Bucky’s company does, or why he has the money and fame to be the next Bachelor, but oh well. He’s ex-army and suffers from PTSD, but it’s not public knowledge. So, that’s why he’s a little intimidating. Had to add a little drama.

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Torn (Seth Rollins x Reader) Part 2/2

Part 1

Do not post this story without my consent (on any site or platform), under any circumstance, unless I specifically told you that you could. Thanks!

A/N: Hey babes! This took me way longer than expected, and it is WAY LONGER THAN EXPECTED. But oh well. This is the second and last part of this fic, and I sure hope it lives up to the reaction I got from the first one (crossing my fingers). Leave me a comment if you did enjoy it, I loooooove them so much I cry. Also, sorry if I forget to tag anyone, I’m really bad at it. Hit me up if you want to be part of my tag list though!

Also, the gif I used is kind of misleading, even if there is smut. It’s just way fluffy. I just… the gif… I… yeah.

Warnings: Swearing and fluffy smut.

Word count: 7356 (oops)

Tags: @hardcorewwetrash @imagines–assemble @imagineall-the-fandoms @insearchofsunlight @blondekel77 @thiickreigns @m-a-t-91 @valeonmars @littlemissava13 @nuroxic @ihtscuddlesbeeetchx3 @superrezzy00 @momis30 @laochbaineann @alexispoo @taryndbiase @ehvil7 @shadow-of-wonder @ringsidexdreaming @wrestlewriting


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Do you sometimes get the feeling you’re always coming back to the same place? You’ll think you’re moving forward, but really you’re going in circles, bringing yourself back over and over again. It can be frustrating, but I think, sometimes, it’s the universe giving you a second chance. Maybe, just maybe, it’s telling you to get back to the beginning to look for a better end.

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Alpacas Over Flowers

who? : MXM’s Im Youngmin
bullet-point ver. 

the ‘Our Two Lips’ flower boys

LGL [ coming soon ] | JH [ coming soon ] 

blog navigator.

ndlahdkdhdj last few instalments of the flower boy AU series….for now. Please don’t request anymore for this series until further notice but I thank you to all who requested, these were really fun to write and experiment with but it is not something I want to dwell on for too long. I don’t think I’m very good at it either…lol rip. There’s still Guanlin and Justin left. Since it is October, it’s time to get spooky. 👻 Request Halloween, fall-related things, please! Never had a go at them but I will try.
Thank you so much to everyone who has contributed to this series, especially all the sweet and kind comments you guys leave. 💕 It was fun, and until Guanlin’s!

- Admin L

• so there’s this cute adorable lovable amiable guy in your uni lecture
• you have a major
• major
• major crush on him but honestly, who doesn’t ???
• but he doesn’t attend classes very often bc he’s sick
• jokes
• he’s just out there being an underground rapper
• you don’t really pay attention to that scene but your best friend found out and pretty much told the whole squad
• and she also spilled the part where you really liked him
• wow thanks a lot andrea 

• 2017 best friend award
• it’s embarrassing asf
• now everyone ships you too together
• Jinsoul offers to accompany you to one of his gigs but you decline since it’s super close to mid-terms and you aren’t sure how Youngmin can keep his grades, music and life balanced
• plus, you can’t exactly picture cute, red haired Youngmin with an alpaca keychain on his backpack as a rapper
• let alone one that spits utter fire
• it’s lit 🔥🔥🔥
• you listened to two seconds of his diss track for Mnet and shut your laptop
• contemplating life and sobbing over how good he was
• it was that good
• the track was titled was titled SnakeNet™ ft. Park Woojin
• bouta catch snakes with my net
• * insert badly edited picture of Admin L swinging a net at Mnet and SM *
• I need to stop making Mnet snake jokes i’m sorry

• so
• yeah, Woojin, that shy, awkward kid who majored in dance
• Brand New College thrived with the talent
• so anyway, your alpaca boy rarely came to class but whenever he did, you tried to sit as near as him as possible
• he radiated sunshine and happiness
• it made you all fuzzy and happy on the inside too, it was like he rarely had a bad day
• trying to suck some of that positive energy
moving on……………..
• somehow, you always ended up like three seats away
• Youngmin seemed to always be flanked by his best friends, Jeong Sewoon and Kim Donghyun
• they always protected him from the world
asdfghjkl stop separating me from my man
• but it’s cute to have such an amazing protection squad, they’re a force to be reckoned with
• one day, you decided to approach him after your lecture
• yes you did it
• two steps away
• his back was towards you, displaying some expensive brand of the shirt he wore
• unfortunately, he seemed to be hurried and rushed off,  a few pieces of paper dropped out of his backpack
• even his cute little plushie alpaca keychain thudded to the ground
“hey! Youngmin!” you had yelled but he was already dashing down the corridor with his friends struggling to keep up
• you were the last one in the lecture hall
• deciding to return it to him another day, you picked up the soft plushie and the sheets of paper that fell out of his bag
• c'mon you were a decent classmate
• as you shuffled through the papers, a pastel coloured flyer fell out from one of them
• it was very pretty
• puzzled, you picked it up and examined it
“Our Two Lips?”
• you showed it to the queen of knowing everything that happened in your city, Jennie
“ahhh, so the rumours are true.” she said, amused
• furrowing your brows and frowning, you cocked your head to one side “what?”
“ahhh, Im Youngmin, Park Woojin and Lee Daehwi are rumoured to have been hired to work at this new cafe”
• you swore you walked passed the place before when it was all boarded up and had no clue what tf it was
• you nodded as Andrea cackled away
“oh my god Y/N you would love that place so much”
• your friends confused you beyond imagination
“huh, why?”
• Jennie and Andrea burst into laughter
“It’s a flower boy cafe!”
• oh my god
w a s t e d
• i’m still confused by this idea though…never heard of it until now and even though I’m able to grasp the basic concept, idk much i’m sorry :((
• okay just imagine
• Im Youngmin as a barista
• Im Youngmin as a barista in a flower boy cafe
• Red-haired Im Youngmin as a barista in a flower boy cafe, Our Two Lips wearing a flower crown
• Red-haired Im Youngmin as a barista in a flower boy cafe, Our Two Lips, wearing a flower crown as he serves you coffee
• and food
• food is important I hope you guys are eating well
• you pretty much spit out a bunch of gibberish as your face becomes tomato red
• “Oh! Wasn’t your last lecture today? Looks like you’ll have to visit him if you want to return his charm”
• a s d f g h j k l
• you really can just wait until the summer is up but that’s mean and he might want his charm back immediately
• of course, he loves his charm, it is adorable
• you love it too
• it’s a soft, small plushie that has been patched on the side
• :“)
• you make it sit on your bed side table so it’s the first thing you see when you wake up and the last thing you see when you sleep
• also because you’re scared of losing it
• how would you explain to the flower boy?
• it takes you a couple of days to visit the place
• a few of your classmates went on the opening day
• it’s safe to say they almost fainted from the cuteness
• they facetimed you right after
“oHMy gOD y/N yOu goTTa cOMe anD SEE YounGMIn” Jinsoul yelled as she shakily held her phone
“yO i’m shOokeTH” - Andrea, about the cafe, 2017
“bye bye sweetie”
• honestly, you were a anxious mess, your palms were sweating, your legs felt like jelly
• it’s just to return his charm!
• and his lecture notes
• calm down!!!!!

• nah
• you fretted about it until you reached the cafe and put on a fake relax look
• the plan was simple, approach the counter, ignore the food, pass Youngmin his charm back and leave
• that was the original plan
• until you saw how breathtakingly beautiful he looked
• it was probably the first proper glance you had gotten at him
• that was not from your seat, far away, through the lens of a pair of binoculars, like a creep
“hello! I’m Youngmin, and I’ll be your flower,” proceeds to grab a rose out of his apron pocket, “boy for today”
• you weren’t joking when you said you felt a teensy bit light headed
• your hand closed around the plastic-wrapped rose and you stared at it in awe
stick!! to!! the!! plan!!
• you cleared your throat, “actually-”
“ahhh, table for one”
• youngmin wasn’t being rude - at least he hoped you thought so- he just wanted to get to know you a bit better, plus, you willingly came to the cafe
“you’re in the same friday and wednesday lecture as me right?” he asked as he escorted you to your seat, ignoring your reluctant protests. Youngmin was going to keep you here
“um yes.” you replied softly, heartbeat accelerating by the seconds
• he nodded, “ahhh, no wonder your face seemed familiar”
• eye contact, charming smile, faint tinges of pink of his cheeks
“i knew i’d never forget a beauty like you”
• he left you with the menu and your red face with a disorganised plan
• that boy is smooth
• @ Youngmin, I see you
it’ll be rude if i reject him as a server…..no i can’t do that
• you ordered something because you were hungry though, it seemed too good to resist
“what’s a beauty doing here all alone?” Youngmin posed as he collected your menu
• you mumbled out an incoherent, embarrassed reply
• he chuckled, “will my aegyo get you to open up?”
• instead of speaking, you plucked the plushie charm from your pocket. “i found this in the hall the other day, I figured I should return it.”
• truthfully, Youngmin allowed it to fall, hoping you would return it and take it as a sign
• Donghyun had taught him a trick or two on how to be the nation’s boyfriend and he was ready to win your heart
“are you serious? I went crazy trying to find this! Thank you so much! Isn’t your name y/n? Can I call you that?”
• he appeared a little flustered and surprised, clutching his plushie close
• he genuinely treasures his plushie okay, fight me
• it was cute
• ugh
“y/n, and yeah sure”
• Youngmin opened his mouth to speak but he was called away by another server. He smiled apologetically and thanked you again, promising to be back with your order soon
• you scrambled to text your friends but your hands were trembling like a leaf that you missed all the keys
• do leaves tremble?
• your texts to them were a mess but they got your drift anyway
• Youngmin arrived with your order, “I’m here to give you your food and my heart.”
• you really couldn’t help but burst into giggles
“will you accept it, Y/N?”
• beaming brightly, you nodded but was still unable to keep the laughter at bay
• youngmin chuckled along with you
• boi i kid you not hearing his laugh was a blessing
• b l e s s
• since the cafe was pretty empty, Youngmin settled down in the seat across from your own because “everyone should have company”
• he wasn’t much of a talker but he was a good listener, the more he warmed up to you the more he spoke
• his eyes lit up when you mentioned you listened to his mix tapes
“you’re a really great rapper”
• he just blushed and mumbled a ‘thank you’ in reply, the ability to speak left him
“ahh, t-thank you.”
• you took note of how well his red hair contrasted against his peach coloured flower crown. It only made him all the more charming and prince like
• Youngmin’s company was enjoyable and you could foresee him becoming one of your good friends
• you were reluctant to leave
• he felt the same way
• Youngmin isn’t the kind for a hella lot of aegyo but he has a way with words
• even though he says he doesn’t
“y/n? do you have a map? cause honey, I’m getting lost in your eyes,” he said, tapping the pot of honey on your table
• o i love puns
“you’re so sweet, are you made out of sugar?” *lifts up jar of sugar*
you’re just out there dying at his lame ass puns
• but at the same time, dying bc he’s FLIRTING WITH YOU
• imagine your crush flirting with you
• hah can’t relate
“y/n, we’re like a four-leafed clover, you are C, I’m R and there’s love between us” he purred out, making finger hearts
• you’re nearly dead and although these are somewhat awful, it’s cute
“i never knew you were like this, you never really talk in class…..” you muttered. “so innocent…”
“the only crime I’ll commit is stealing your heart”
• it gets late and you eventually have to bid him goodbye
• but before you leave, he slides you a note and says, “y/n, if you can accept my love, how about accepting my number?”
“yes! I’ll text you.”
• you hastily punch his number into your phone, nearly messing up because you’re still freaking out
• there’s an alpaca, llama emoji next to his name, whatever you can find on your phone
• suddenly, you become the envy of all the customers, especially when he gives you a matching alpaca plushie
*makes a mental reminder to attach it to your uni bag*
• Youngmin smiles bashfully at you but says nothing
• when you hand back the board to him after writing your signature - because you paid by credit card, he whistles
“damn, i was looking for a signature on you because a masterpiece always has one”
• you are about to punch him
• but only out of love
• your heart is going to explode
• he winks from behind the counter as you head out
“see you soon, Y/N.” 

anonymous asked:

J with Sonamy? Also, can i tell you how much I love your writing!!! 💖 You always make the characters as canon as possible and your writings just amazing ❤❤❤ you are literally my favorite ❤❤❤❤

I’m not perfect but-

I try.

Thank you, precious Anon! I’ll do my best! (x) Second Prompt Meme.

-Reads ‘J’- 



With lightning striking the ground, the mysterious hooded figure fell back towards the time temple, following the Sonic gang that also did the same at Chaos’s ultimate form swiping a watery rush of an appendage at them.

Amy coughed, and the hooded figure quickly looked to her, and placed a hand on her back. “Are you alright?!”

Sonic took note of that on the ground, and quickly got up, still not trusting this guy.

“We need to get everyone to safety!” he stated, as Tails also spat out water and wiped his face. “We’ll die of hypothermia before Chaos ever gets his hands on us!” he cried out, as Knuckles shook himself off from the wet rain that Chaos was using to power up himself up.

“A storm… there had to be a storm…” he growled out, before hoisting himself up. “Auughhh!!! If only Eggman hadn’t broken up the Master Emerald again! I’d have-!!!”

“Enough! Everyone! Into the shrine!” The hooded figure had helped them out of a few scraps, but did seem particularly focused on protecting Amy, which didn’t sit too well with Sonic…

Once everyone got passed slipping and sliding up the now muddy terrain to the time temple where they met the mysterious fellow, Sonic shut the doors as everyone rested up.

“Hey, new guy…” he gestured with his head, as the hooded man was helping Amy down, and looked up.

“Let’s talk.” Sonic narrowed his eyes, before walking into another section of the temple.

Amy grew concerned, and looked to the hooded man, putting a hand to his shoulder. “He really does like you… he’s just worried about everything that’s happening… you know a lot about it. He probably just wants to know how-”

“Dude! If you haven’t already guessed it, I’m not really one to be patient…” he folded his arms and looked over his shoulder, having his back to the man, and slightly tapping his foot in annoyance.

Amy puffed up her cheek at Sonic’s behavior, making him ‘hmph’ and look away from the two.

She turned lovingly back to the man, almost pleading, “Please… be considerate of what we’re all going through too… I trust you, but that doesn’t mean I won’t put Sonic’s opinion behind me…”

He nodded, softly lifting her hand off his shoulder and walking towards the room Sonic’s had entered into.

With no doors, Sonic looked behind him once more before speaking a bit more quietly to the hooded stranger.

“You’ve really helped us out of a lot of scraps, for that- I’m grateful.” he gestured a hand out, as the hooded man looked down, knowing what was coming next.

“But that’s just the good news.” Sonic folded his arms again, looking a bit cautious. “We don’t know much about you… and honestly, I could care less.” he dipped his head a bit down into his arms, before raising an eyebrow up and smiling.

The hooded man seemed startled by that, and looked back up at him.

“But I put my friend’s first. What’s the catch? If you know all this stuff is going to happen, why not stop it yourself?” He broke his ‘tough-guy act’ and asked a normal inquiry.

The hooded man stayed silent.

“I get that you’re going for the ‘mysterious’ vibe, and that may work on Amy, sure…. but that doesn’t fly by me.” He shook his head, and also lightly swished his arm out to show he was done with the act. “If you want trust, you’re going to have to give it out first…”

“…I’m…” The hooded man dipped his head down. “.. Unable to do it myself. If I affect the future too severely… I may as well never have been born.”

“What are you talking about?” Sonic gestured his arms out, before getting surprised as the man lowered his hoodie down.

“….I know what you’re thinking.” he looked away, having the identical look of Amy Rose, but being a man…

“…And I hope you have something to add to that statement.” Sonic turned himself slightly away, twisting his torso and looking very disturbed.

“…Because you look almost exactly like-”

“I’m here to protect her! Well- and you. And everyone!” The boy stepped more into the light, and Sonic realized… the man was younger than he thought…

“I know it’s shocking… believe me, I do.” he gestured to his chest, and then looked sincerely, with urgency, back to Sonic.

“But you have to trust me! I’m not going to be around much longer… I-”

“Are from the future?” Sonic raised an eyebrow, seeing if he was right.

Cutting off the boy worked, and he looked startled, before looking away as though guilty of the assumption.

He nodded his head, “But you can’t tell anyone.”

“….And you’re…” Sonic squinted his eyes a moment… lifting a pointed finger towards him.

“…I’m…” he shook his head, changing the subject yet again. “Look, we don’t have time for this! By altering the future, I’m not going to exist! So who’s kid I am doesn’t matter! What’s important is-!”

“You’re mine! Aren’t you?!”



The boy stepped back, looking afraid as Amy came charging into the room, before tenderly putting her hands together up by her chest, and leaning towards him.

“You are, aren’t you? You look just like me, you gotta be!”

“….Em-hmm…” he nodded, and looked away.

“That’s why you were so kind to me… you knew who I was… didn’t you?” Amy stepped a little away, but continued to give him a kind and loving look.

“I knew when you told me to trust you… that I could. Now I.. I think I know why.”

“Wow, a child from the future!”

Sonic had his head down, a hand out as if he had momentarily reached out to stop Amy beforehand, but then looked back to see Tails and Knuckles coming in.

“Was everyone ease-dropping?” he gestured his arms out to the two, looking like he was forfeiting the match, as Tails smiled and nodded.

“Well-heh-ell! Lookie here! He looks just like the spitting image of you, Amy!” Knuckles found some amusement out of that, moving up and around the boy, before laughing a moment and tapping his three long quills out by his face.

“He even has your look!”

“That’s what ‘spitting image’ means, Knuckles…” Tails shook his head.

“I meant the hair, Tails.” Knuckles tried to redeem himself, but the result was still the same as he gestured sarcastically to the boy’s quills.

“I don’t mean to be rude, but-”

“H-hey! That is like Amy!”

“Knuckles, shut up.”

“…B-but we have to act fast!” he threw himself forward, asserting their attention immediately.

Sonic moved ahead of the three others, and held a hand out to the boy. “If were gonna trust you.. at least give us a name first.”

“No! Wait!” Amy jumped in between the ‘offered handshake’ and spread her arms out in persistent urgency.

“You said if we do what you say… you won’t exist, right?” She looked worried, “I don’t want that to happen!”

“If we don’t do this… Everyone will-!”

Before the boy could continue, the time temple shook and they all were losing their balance.

“Shoot! It’s starting!” he took Sonic’s hand and raced him out. “The only advice I can give you from here on out is to not destroy Chaos! The world needs him to keep the order of nature preserved! You have to seal him away! It’s the only way!”

The temple started to crumbled, as the five got out safe but the boy tripped, feeling his legs begin to disappear, and the temple falling apart, he looked to Sonic and the gang.

Sonic turned around, skidding to the ground to try and grab him but the boy slapped his hand away.

“No! Leave me! I’m disappearing anyway… looks like my time is already changing… meaning…” he looked back, seeing his legs already fading…

“…I won’t be your son.” he looked a little guilty as he turned himself back to Sonic.

Sonic’s eyes widened a moment before blinking a second more..

“…Heh.” he chuckled.

“Somehow,… I felt that too.”

The two shared a smile, before locking hands and giving a firm shake.

“Whose to say there won’t be another future you?” Sonic commented, as the others were already backing away from the rubble, unable to hear them speaking…

“Sonic! Kid! Look out!” Amy cried out, as Sonic looked up, and the boy just closed his eyes.

“Well, that’d be a nice, other life then.” he pushed Sonic away.

“Wait! No!” Sonic fell back, but reached out for the kid.

Maybe that one will make you proud!” he called out, before the rubble came crashing down…

Though… Sonic saw his face fading even before the building collapsed on him, and he knew he was fine… seeing his signature smile upon his face.

He dusted himself off and got up, looking to the team.. then specifically Amy…

Amy rushed over and hit his chest, pounding it with the side of her fists. “You… you could have saved him! You could have…”

He lovingly took his own arms and placed them on the sides of her arms as she cried, “He’s not going anywhere, Amy.”

Amy wiped the tears from her eyes.

“He’s gonna have another future. He’s not gone forever.”

Amy nodded, and looked back up at him.

“…I… I hope that he’s your-”

Sonic placed a finger over her mouth, surprising her into stopping her last sentence…

“…I think… that’s up to you.” he winked, and got up. “After all…” he offered her his hand to help her get up.

                                     “He only said he was your son.”

A Rose By Any Other Name (Part Ten)

Harry styles AU

Warnings: lil smut

Read previous chapters here

thank you @hardliquorhaz , @whoopsharrystyles , and @papercrownskidd for the amazing feedback!

They hadn’t gone to sleep until about 4 in the morning. All night they fucked, talked, and kissed. Harry wouldn’t have changed the night if he could. It was perfect, Fiona was perfect.

Harry woke up at 7am to pee and then ended up waking Fiona up again so they could fool around some more.

They didn’t wake up the next day until about 12 in the afternoon. This time when he reached out to her, she was still there. Harry woke up first but he used this time to look at how peaceful she was. They were facing each other and her head was next to his chest with her hand on his stomach. The moment was blissful until he heard a phone ring.

She was slowly waking up and she groaned at the loud ringtone that she recognized as her own. She slowly sat up and stretched, moaning at how good it felt. She looked over to Harry and pouted.

“I don’t want to get up.” She said in a childish voice.

“Then don’t, we can just throw our phones out the window and stay in here forever. Niall can leave food and water at the door.”

Fiona chuckled. He was such a dork but she loved that about him.

Liked, she meant liked.

Her phone had finally stopped ringing so she took this chance to kiss Harry.

“Good morning.” She smiled onto his lips. Before Harry could start saying anything his phone started ringing. They both groaned as he got up to get his phone that was still in his pant pocket. Fiona definitely enjoyed the view.

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GSM boys reacting to MC being kidnapped and MIA for almost two days? I love your HCs! Keep up the good work!

(I actually had some trouble mulling over how I wanted to address it so I hope you enjoy this!)

MC stretched as she strode home.  There had been an offer for a ride which she had turned down.  It was just too beautiful an evening to waste and she had spent almost all day indoors.  There were spots where the roads and streets were lively, but there were still sections where she’d go without hearing another soul for a few blocks.  She felt a roller coaster of feelings shifting from nervousness at the solitude, laughing it off as being silly, and points where she felt powerful in the night air.  

She wondered what her boyfriend was doing, how his day went, if they wouldn’t mind having a late meal with her.  Their face preoccupying her mind, confidence awake in each click of her heels against the sidewalk.   She didn’t see the guy or the gun until they were pressed against her, forcing her into a nearby car.  

There was no ransom note…

Sherlock Holmes

His irritability would only increased over the 48 hours.  It started climbing very shortly after MC should’ve returned home.  When she did not arrive on time he brushed it off, figuring she must be walking home or have taken a detour, and adjusted her expected time to be home accordingly.  When that had come to pass Sherlock had started talking a little bit more out loud and faster, reasoning what could possibly be taking her so long.  

Morning came and Sherlock had not slept a wink, instead he had sent emails out to all the contacts on MC’s laptop requesting them to call him with information on the last place they had seen her.  By that evening Sherlock had retraced her steps and all possible paths she could’ve taken.  There was a point where he did find her purse with a few of the contents still nearby scattered on the road.  He could only deduce that it had been thrown out of a fast moving vehicle traveling west.

However that did not help him much and at the end of the day he had very little to work with.  Accepting that he was having a tough time by himself. Sherlock struggled against his pride and called for help.  

John was already calling around to other various hospitals in case she had an accident and they didn’t know who to contact.  But Sherlock had another option.  “Dear brother~” the voice cooed in his ear, but it was no time for pleasantries, normal or the annoying kind.  

“She’s missing, find her!”  Sherlock shouts into his phone and hangs up.  He would take a few calming breaths, reminding himself that if he lost his cool and didn’t think straight he would only hinder his own chances of finding MC.  

Within the next 24 hours Mycroft will have called a very deranged and raving ball of anxiety that is barely recognizable as the logistical Sherlock.  Without MC there and being unable to locate her himself, is driving him mad.  So when Mycroft tells him that a traffic cam caught a woman who looked like MC asleep in the backseat of a vehicle belonging to a specific person Sherlock was already moving.  

He did not want to be without MC for another moment, it felt like his sanity depended on it, and it probably does.      

John Watson

Barely waited for any time to pass before he called her.  Checking to see when she is coming home, should he order something for them to eat together?  Would she be picking up something on her way home?  He hadn’t really been able to see her all day and was anxious to hear her voice.  But after the third miss call worst case scenarios were playing in his head.  

He called another time and thought he heard a strange noise before the line went dead.  Afterwards every call went straight to voice mail.  His gut told him there was something wrong, he had no proof, and would gladly take Sherlock’s criticism for it, but he had to talk to someone.  He went downstairs to interrupted Sherlock during a peculiar looking experiment.  “MC isn’t home yet.  She isn’t answering her phone either.”

“She’s probably just doing other stuff John, don’t be so suffocating to her…. though on second thought go ahead.”  Sherlock’s smug expression flickered across his face a moment.  John felt a slight quiver in his insides and was honestly surprised when he saw he wasn’t trembling, but despite the feeling of foreboding John curled up on the sofa and decided to wait for her to get home.  

The next morning he is awoken by Sherlock’s surprised face to close to his as Sherlock shook him awake.  “MC is missing John.”

“What?  How do you know?”  

“She did not return last night, otherwise she would’ve fetched you and there are no messages on either of our phones and Mikah has not heard anything either.  

With this new information feeding his panic John and Sherlock go off to find MC.  John has to call into to work and asks his coworker to check around for any Jane Doe that might match MC’s description.  Sherlock set off on the different paths that they new MC to take on their way home leaving John to try to smile and keep a brave face even as Simon paled in panic. With Simon with him John set to asking around if anyone remembered anything weird from last night.  Not much, just that MC had turned down this new guy on a ride so she could walk home.  

John called Sherlock, expecting to be berated for having no interesting information to give.  Instead Sherlock was silent and asked John to repeat with the exact first and last names of the people he spoke too.  This time Simon took the phone and repeated with whatever knowledge she knew in regards to the cast and crew.

A while later Sherlock would tell John to meet him at home, John promised Simon that he would contact her with information as soon as he knew himself, and rushed back.  Curious as to what couldn’t be spoken about on the phone.  

Sherlock offered John a cup of tea to help his calm his nerves before he told John what he found out.  John took a few sips, but under Sherlock’s expectant stare he downed the cup.  It clattered loudly as he set it aside.  “Alright Sherlock what is the information, what have you found out.”

“Well absolutely nothing yet.  But we also have Hercule checking into some backgrounds on some of these people and George is out patrolling right now searching for any sight of her.  Your coworker tried to call you, I answered, and they have found nothing.  Is that the same coworker from that case with the cows?”


“They could see a doctor, their voice sounded funny.”

“Sherlock!” John shouted, “why did you have me rush home if you had nothing useful?!”  

“Oh so you could get some sleep while we waited for more information.  You are spectacularly useless when exhausted.”

“What…?” This is when John finally noticed the way his vision is starting to cloud and fog up.  A glance at the cup and he put two and two together.  “Oh fuc-”  His tongue refused to finish the sentence as he leaned against the arm of the chair.  

“Here’s hoping that I’ll have good news for you when you wake.”  Sherlock nodded as John fell into a deep slumber.

It would be nearing the 48 hours when Sherlock would be patting John’s face to wake him up.  “John, John, we have an address for where MC is.  Probably.  Come on let’s go.”

John wasn’t even fully awake before he was stumbling over himself to both hit Sherlock and to get a hold of the information about the address.

James Moriarty

He was not able to send a car to meet her, nor was he in a position to let Sebastian walk her home.  Jack was simply out of the question. So instead James kept his phone on hand so his informant could alert him in case the GPS on MCs phone did anything peculiar.  The meetings was going on far too long and while he kept a smile on he couldn’t help but be annoyed at this man.  He didn’t seem to think that James was the leader of ‘M’ which worked out in some cases, but he was being incredibly rude, even Sebastian recognized it and was starting to get visibly agitated.  All he would have to do is signal Sebastian and the meeting would end messy.  

His phone dinged and ignoring the huffs of protest from the man across from him he read the message ‘she stopped’.  James didn’t let it bother him too much, maybe she was chatting with others.  But as time went on and there was no report of any change James got more and more agitated.  The meeting was still going when he decided enough was enough and left without a word.

He went to the spot where MC was supposed to be, finding only her purse and contents scattered, including her broken phone.  James was calling to inform Jack that MC was indeed missing and that he would need people to keep an eye out and to get back to him as soon as possible.

The next day and a half is spent with James pacing the bedroom he shared with MC, an article of her clothing clutched in his hand, occasionally he rose it to his cheek and caressed his face with it, breathing in her sent.  Sebastian stood guard outside the door talking with everyone who came to report anything that might be useful, most of it wasn’t.  But to avoid any unnecessary deaths it was Sebastian they dealt with, even if he was also aggravated by these events.  

Finally they received word that someone had seen someone matching MCs description asleep in the back of someone’s car while they can into a hardware store.  With this little information James had his people running and getting that person’s information.  It was barely evening when he got the address.  It was only going to be himself, Jack, and Sebastian, but he made sure there were cleaners available for later.

Mycroft Holmes

Sadly it takes Mycroft almost a full 24 hours before he accepts that there is a problem.  Not that he wasn’t nervous when MC did not greet him the night before, he just wanted to believe she was seeking her own space to do things.  That she wanted to be alone.  That she was safe.  Finally accepting that there was a problem Mycroft goes back to the office and starts his search.  

He pulls up a copy of MC’s schedule and starts messaging Simon asking for more information on who is supposed to be working on MC’s current production.  Double checking Simon’s information against what the files he had.  Searching for any contradictory information.  He multi-tasked checking the files and contacting others who were working with MC, trying to see what had happened the last day he say her.  She definitely went missing after that rehearsal.  He started checking the cameras, security footage, anything.

Nicholas stopped by, surprised to see Mycroft after hours, and got roped easily into being another set of eyes.  Not ones that Mycroft trusted per say, but another pair to help ease the burden of looking through all the footage.  “There!”  Nicholas’s finger smudged the screen has he pointed at a parked car with a guy holding onto MC’s arm, she’s yelling at him, tugging at her arm and trying to get away.  The guy held a gun to her, but still she struggled against him.  Mycroft held his breath as the gun raised it and stuck her in the head with the butt of the gun.  His chair fell to the ground as he stood up, watching her fall down.  The man pulled at his hair and paced a little between the car and her before he bent down, scooping her up and throwing her into the backseat. 

“That bastard.”  Nicholas hissed through his clenched jaw.  Mycroft was running down the hallways with Nicholas following close behind.  “I’ll drive.  You pull his address.”  Mycroft’s step faltered a little, he had started to run in blind panic unknowing where he was even going.  This was what MC did to him.  

Mycroft gave a shaking sigh, calming the whirling images of MC dropping like that so he could think straight.  He pulled out his phone and starts typing, “alright.”

Jack Stillman

He knew the moment she went missing he was there hiding in the shadows, ready to surprise her.  They had plans to meet at her place so he could spend time with her.  Since their relationship had come out James had been more keen to remove any and all competition from the picture, especially Jack.  He ran after the car even after the purse was tossed out the window, smacking him hard on the shoulder.  However there was no hope on catching up with the vehicle.  It was only after it peeled around the corner that Jack started coming up with a plan, he had the car’s license plate, but he didn’t have the resources he once had.  

The sound of his yell echoed off the buildings, everything hurt, nothing was injured, but he felt like his skin had been ripped off in one swift motion.  What if he never saw her again because he couldn’t protect her this time.  He couldn’t save her, at least not like things were now.  

Jack made a plan and shortly before dawn he tried to put it into action, by sneaking into the ‘M’ estate.  He knew the place like the back of his hand, problem was Sebastian was as alert as his damn cats and easily catches him while he was picking the lock to the computer room.  The fight ended up with Sebastian holding Jack in a choke hold until he passed out.

He didn’t know how much time had passed when he finally came to.  Restrained and in some other location than the mansion.  He glanced around and took a moment before he realized it was the shed and Sebastian was right there with a gun, watching him closely.  “Why shouldn’t James have me kill you right now?”

“Because I only came back to get help in saving MC, she’s been taken.”  Sebastian’s eyes narrowed at him when the door flew open, revealing an angry looking James. The hatred smoldering in his gaze was one Jack wasn’t sure he’d ever get use to seeing directed at him.  

“Truce then Mr. Stillman.  If I find out however that you were responsible in putting her in danger I will kill you myself.” 

“Thank you James.”

“Now let’s find my girl.” He turned his back on Jack, taking strides back to his home.

“You mean my girl.”  Jack smirked as he tried to stand.

“Sebastian, hit him.”

Sebastian Moran

The moment MC wasn’t home when she was supposed to be Sebastian went and found some of the cats and sat down to help stay calm while he waited.  He always wanted to walk with MC and wait for her, but James had reprimanded him on MC needing her space.  How a gentleman should not suffocate a lady with his presence.  Maybe she had stuck around to work on a scene, or had something to talk to the director about.  

Sebastian fell asleep cuddling with a few of the cats, but nightmares had his moving around and they ran off.  He was so worried that when he woke in the middle of the night he ran to their bedroom. Hoping that he would find her there asleep and that everything would be as it should be.  She was not.  James approached him in the door way puzzling over where she could be himself. 

He took off running down the hallway, he couldn’t put together the sounds to make words and communicate with James.  There was one goal in his head.  Find MC.  He took out into the night to find her, at first he was running, but forced himself to slow down.  That way he could watch and wait and make sure not to miss anything.  Was she unconscious in an alley?  Was she mugged?  Where could she be?  Every moment, every gesture was twitchy as he felt the tension building in his shoulders.  A twinge of guilt in his gut. Splashes of cold running through him with the mental images of walking her home clashing with the images of her laying somewhere hurt.  

Somewhere in his mind he was aware when the sun rose, and was aware at the side glances he got from people as he continued his search.  It didn’t take too long for him to cross out any paths from the theater to the estate.  So he had to increase his search radius.  Carefully slipping through the shadows he started peeking in buildings, imagining her somewhere waiting for him.  

A touch of nausea swept him for a few hours later before the sun set.  Sebastian was getting more careless at this point and had barely heard people yelling at him as he slipped in and out of alley ways.  Despite all the circles he had walked he knew this city well, the ins and outs.  That nightfall he went to check closer to where he grew up, hoping not to find her there.

Though as the sun rose again, he would’ve accepted it.  Sebastian yelled in frustration at the rising sun.  A while later he felt a hand fall on his shoulder and while his hand fell on his gun very readily, a familiar scent stilled his actions.

“We think we found her Sebastian, I have sent people ahead to check it out, but we’re positive it’s the location.”

“Go.”  Sebastian started lumbering towards James’s car, surprised to see Jack driving, his knuckles white as he held onto the steering wheel.  

“No Sebastian.  We get you home first while they confirm the location, if MC has been kidnapped we don’t want to tip them off by going after the wrong location do we?  No we should get you home, have you rest while they check.”

“And get you into a shower.”  Jack forced a smirk.

“Go.”  Sebastian insisted.  

“No Sebastian, in your current state I’m sure you’d scare her more than anything else.”

At James’s calm logic Sebastian took a deep breath, his body ached from lack of sleep and his stomach churned from lack of food.  His body could wait, he needed MC.  “MC.”

“We will save her Sebastian.  But i’m ordering you to go to the estate and make yourself presentable to be her knight in shining armor.”


Jeremy Cassel

His business trip was going to have to be cut short when he got the call from Simon asking if he had heard from MC.  They had plans to have a video call and eat together and talk the other day, but she never showed up.  He had figured she was just distracted with a script and he’d be getting a cute email any time apologizing.  Instead she had been missing for 24 hours and no one had heard from her.  His heart felt like it was ripping at his chest. This was the problem with their mostly long distance relationship; when things turned sour, as they often did, he was the last to know.  When she was helping Sherlock and had been mildly poisoned he didn’t know till she was out of the hospital.  When she was used as bait, he had no idea until she was laughing over it three weeks later when he was able to come visit.

At the airport he did his best to keep calm and be charming as always to get the earliest available flight.  His smile though, it was too tight, too forced, and in the right light looked dangerous.  He didn’t even have bags with him.  Still he managed to get a ticket and get on the plane.  As the plane took off his mind kept racing on all the horrible things that could’ve happened to her.  Was she hurt somewhere?  Was she being held against her will? Was she with someone else?  He cut the whine that started deep in his throat off.  She wasn’t like that, not his MC.  She wasn’t with someone else, she was waiting for him.  It hurt to think he couldn’t just call her up and hear her voice, know she was okay, and feel the warmth she had just wash over it.  

As soon as he could Jeremy was off running, dialing anyone and everyone.

“Simon, has anyone found her yet?”

“Well no, but Sherlock and John think they have a lead-”  

“Thank you.”  He barely thanked her before he was moving onto calling Sherlock.  It had been close to two days now, he couldn’t think of many reasons a captor would hold onto someone they’ve kidnapped this long without torture being involved, or someone left alone with an injury this long going without long sustained damages.  


“Oh Mikah!  Where is ‘Erlock?”  

“They’re out, they think they have the address where MC’s at.”

“Mikah, what is that address, I need to know.”


“Mikah this is MC we’re talking about.”

With an hesitant sigh Mikah gave the address and for the first time since hearing she was missing Jeremy felt some bit of joy. It wasn’t too far from where he was. He hung up this time without a thank you and rushed there.  With the distance between where 221B was and the location he would most likely beat Sherlock and John there.  

Hercule Poirot

Hercule was sitting calmly in his study.  A new book on his lap, but he had not turned a page in over an hour, his eyes were glued to the clock watching the minutes creep by.  His relaxed smile was completely overtaken by the sour expression that was deepening. It was getting late, and he had not heard from MC if she was staying late and she wasn’t answering the phone. But he believed she was firmly capable by herself and he had a schedule to keep, his knees wobbled a little under him as he stood up. The tremor traveled up his body and he gave a little gasp as the chill hit his heart.  He attributed it to being tired and having put off dinner so he could have it with her.

Pulling the smile back onto his face, looking more disgusted than his normal pleasant self, Hercule went to the kitchen.  The thought of her wanting to eat with him when she got back, became a distraction as he went about making dinner.  Still, after he was done she had yet to return home, he placed a plate for her in the fridge and went about his nightly routine.  

Still there was no MC.  

He decided to lay down in bed with a book and wait for her.  However he did realize he had fallen asleep at some point, still no MC.  He figured it must not have been that long and set the book aside.  She would wake him up when she got home.  It took a little but he did fall back asleep.  This rotation of sleep and wake kept going in cycles, until he found himself staring at the wall, more specifically the line of light that had crept onto his through his curtains.  

Hercule sat upright, pulling out his phone to double check the time.  She had not come to bed.  A quick check of their home proved she had not come back at all that night.  A touch of bile rose burning the back of his throat. He squeezed his eyes shut and took a few calming breaths, he approached the closet and rested his head against the hanger holding one of her shawls.  Her scent helped him clear his mind, and with a snap the closet was shut and his phone was out.  He started the rounds of phone calls wondering if anyone had heard from her. Perhaps she had gotten sick on her way home and had stopped at someone elses place.  He even called James. “By chance did you get a little kitten caught in one of your nets last night?  I’m looking for a beautifully talented one that we both know.”

“Oh what a shame what a shame, no strays have wandered down my path, but I’ll help you look if you’d like.”

“That would be kind, but I assume there would be a price to pay.”

“Finders keepers.”  Hercule hung up, before the growl in his throat was too audible.  Now was no time to lose control.  Hercule double checked with Simon is there was anything else after rehearsals that MC was expected at, alas there wasn’t anything. So it was time for Hercule to do what he does best.  Investigate.

A quick interview with those who showed up that day for rehearsals gave him very little information until later when he inquired with the director if that was everyone, asking one last time if there had been anything peculiar the night before.  Finally Audrey spoke up, “didn’t… didn’t that new guy offer to give MC a ride yesterday?  I thought she turned him down though.”

“And where is this guy?”  He looked through his notes at the names.

“Oh, he called in sick today.”

“I see, does anyone have an address for him?”

The director hung his head in shame, no, he had not gotten all the paperwork from the new employee yet.  He had only started working there but had shown some talent that he didn’t think it would be too much of a problem.

Hercule smiled, but his normal playfulness did not come through, nor did he attempt to make any quips.  He had a name, and hopefully the man was not smart enough to use a fake one; because a name can lead him to an address.

George Lestrade

He knows something is up when his call goes straight to voicemail.  Throughout the entire relationship between him and MC she would always let him know if she was going someplace without signal.  She understood him, and he always appreciated it.  As he tried again and again, leaving a voicemail on every third call, his worry grew.  He started pacing and talking to himself out loud.  What if she had decided to leave him?  No her books were there.  What if she’s visiting another guy?  That… that was a possibility, but-George sunk down into a crouch, taking deep breaths with his head between his knees.  Nope, no, not MC.  He knew she could be trusted… but could others?  

George pushes aside those thoughts and continues waiting and hoping. He doesn’t find something to occupy his time with; he waits by the door, checking his watch every couple of minutes.  It is a few more hours before he rushes MC’s desk and pulls out a notebook she has of different contacts.  He scans the list for someone he recognizes.  “Audrey?!”  His voice is practically a squeak when she answers.

“Ugh, what time is it?  Who is this?”

“This is Inspector Lestrade of Scotland yard, and I need to know when was the last time you saw MC.”

“Uh? Inspector… Inspector?!  Oh um… I was close to 7 when we were all leaving the rehearsal.  MC was being offered a ride home by this sleazy new guy in the stage crew.  She turned him down though and she said she wanted to walk home.  Didn’t even take Edgar up on drinks afterwards, so a few went there but after that I’m pretty sure she went straight home.”

“But she didn’t… thank you Audrey, I’ll contact if I have any other questions.”

“Did she get in trouble?”  There was a slight joy to her tone of voice that had George twitching, keeping his mouth shut he hung up before he screamed at her.  She thought he was working, that was his mistake for introducing himself like that.  How often did he call people when not for work?  

George took out into the street, she was walking home? He tried to think what routes she would take and started walking, he got his hope up approaching every turn that he would run into her.  Maybe she was just taking a while because she twisted her ankle.    The sight of her purse and scattered belongings washed away any of that hope. He neared it and started taking pictures with his phone, he had been berated enough in the past for not preserving things.   He stood there ready to move things out of the way if any other vehicles came his way while he called his office.

“I have reason to believe that MC has been taken.” His jaw was clenched tight and his words were practically growled.


“Just send someone out here.”

He hung up and hunched over, his lungs were starting to burn.  His breathing quickened.  While he was having trouble focusing and seeing straight he chided himself, he couldn’t let himself be weak.  MC needed him, George straightened his back and took a long look on the background of his phone.  A picture of MC smiling at him while cutting up some veggies, from when they were trying to make curry together just the weekend before.  As he exhaled a long sigh he made a promise that he would find her. He would be her knight.  

The idea of getting Sherlock involved made his stomach churn, but he knew if there was anyone who could help him, it was Sherlock. The first three calls went unanswered, and the fourth went straight to voicemail.  George had to settle with sending Sherlock a text: [MC missing, help].

Finally his people arrived on the scene, they started taking pictures as George glanced around, finally he spotted the nearest traffic came.  It was a ways down and there was no good way to know that the guy didn’t turn any blocks sooner, but it was better than nothing.  

It was well into the next day and a quarter of a bottle of eye drops when George got a reply from Sherlock.  He was on his way to help.  He took pause from the videos, placing someone else on them while he went to catch Sherlock up on what they had.

“So as usual. Scotland yard is no help.  Don’t worry Lestrade I will solve this easily. I’ll let you know when I have MC with me.”  

“Sherlock! I expect you to work with us on this!” He yelled out, but Sherlock barely shrugged in response.  

Lestrade was met by his coworkers when we went back inside, they had set up a cot for him.  “We’ll wake you up if we find anything.  Come on George you know how people can mess up when they don’t get enough sleep.”

“True thank you.”  

George wasn’t sure how long he was asleep before he was being shoved, “we got him, we got him George.”  He fell out of the bed, fumbling for his shoes, he had to go.

“Address, address, let’s go.”  He was snapping his figures.  Just having woken up George Lestrade looked like a mess of a man, hair sticking up everywhere and drool dried on his cheek from  just having been asleep.  But the determined look in his eyes gave the young man no second guess in handing out the information to him. 

George was on his way when his phone lit up with a phone call from John.  He could only assume they were able to find the information too, and John wanted to give him a heads up.  Probably. Or he would meet them there.  Either way, as he missed the call from John his phone went to his locked screen of MC smiling at him.  It would only be a few more minute before he could keep his promise and see that smile in person.

MC put down the script and wrinkled her nose up at the strange man.  “This doesn’t… I can’t get a feel for what this character is thinking.  I thought I did, but… this?  Why would be suddenly give up everything, especially after the fight she has with her father, talking about how she wants something better and longs for space to spread her wings and not be known as the town drunk’s daughter… only to change her mind because this guy kissed her while getting off a boat before continuing to run past her?”  

She was so wrapped up in trying to make heads or tails of the script he had given her that she didn’t catch when he neared her.  His hand raised and struck her across the face, again.  There were no mirrors in the tiny basement she has spent the last 2 days in, but she could be certain that there must be bruises forming with how it hurt to even move her jaw at that point.  It general it hurt to move, the shackles on her ankles that she woke up in were too tight.  But despite her pleas he did not loosen them.  

“You’re a brilliant actress, you can figure it out!  It’s a beautiful play about love being more fulfilling than any amount of adventure.  How you don’t need adventure when you’re in love, because that’s the adventure.”  His face was turning red as he shouted at her.

She wanted to debate with him, but the tiniest bit of movement sent the aches dancing across her jaw and cheekbone.  She was still seeing a little bit of dancing lights in the eye closest to where the blow landed.  Accepting that it wasn’t worth it she sighed and went back to the script and made a note quoting him.  He was supposedly a fan and was working lighting in her current production.  When he had offered her a ride home and she had turned him down this is not what she had anticipated.  

The room shuddered with a loud exploding noise coming from upstairs.  Her capturer’s eyes widened. “What was that?”  He whispered.

“MC!”  The voice bellowed throughout the building, and brought tears to her eyes.  She recognized that voice, still she kept a tight hold on the fear, anger, and anxiety that clawed at her chest.  Hope was all she wanted to focus on, and it wasn’t until she saw his face that she allowed herself to start sobbing.  Watching through her tears as the guy who had grabbed her was easily out matched.  As her boyfriend’s eyes fell on her bruised and tear streaked face he barely contained himself as he struck out, punching the guy unconscious in one go.  He stood there trembling staring down at the man, when he reached down MC thought he was going to strike the kidnapper again, but instead he plucked the keys from his pocket.

“MC… oh MC…”  He quickly undid the restraints and no sooner than they clattered falling away MC was throwing herself at him.  Finally, feeling safe, she let the feelings she had denied herself  shake through her, and she sobbed into his neck.  Feeling his arms wrap around her, cradling her softly against them and softly kissing the top of her head.  MC preoccupied taking in the soothing and familiar sent of the man she loved when she heard the man on the floor groan.  Her boyfriend stiffened in her arms, “don’t worry MC, I’ll make sure this man gets what’s coming to him.”

Restaurant Dates Are The Worst! (Seb Stan x Reader) - Epilogue


Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5

Word count: 1.9k

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“I don’t know if you noticed, but I usually go for the bad boys, that’s just the kinda guys I’m attracted to,” you started, already feeling cliché and stupid before even entering the main subject.

“I’m a bad boy?” Sebastian asked, his brows suddenly shooting up in surprise.

“Who said I was talking about you?” You teased him. His smile fell and you immediately laughed and took his chin between your fingers, pulling him down a bit to place a quick kiss on his mouth, making him relax. “I’m kidding, of fucking course I am. Although no, you’re not really a bad boy, you’re quite the opposite actually, but you have the looks of it and that’s enough for me. The ‘mysterious guy clad in dark clothes sitting alone at a bar and drinking a beer’ worked pretty well, huh?” You grinned widely, wiggling your eyebrows and laughing lightly, not wanting to draw attention to you. For once, nobody seemed to have recognized Sebastian and you wouldn’t want to ruin that.

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anonymous asked:

I'm having a really rough day - nothing's going right and I've been on the recovery for my depression for over a year now and all of a sudden I can feel myself slipping and I was wondering if you would write some sterek fluff to cheer me up?

Stiles skids into Love At First Bite and slows to a halt. “Woah, god, I don’t know where to start!”

Allison and Scott follow him in, giggling at each other, Scott’s fingers twirling in Allison’s hair. Stiles rolls his eyes at them fondly and goes back to what’s important here.

The cakes.

He stares up at a four tiered chocolate cake with cascading cream roses trailing down the side. The detail in the roses is incredible and Stiles feels his mouth watering. He wants to know if they taste as sweet as they look—

“Don’t touch that.”

He jumps backwards and almost falls into a brick wall.

“Jeez,” he twists and sees it is not, in fact, a wall, but a ridiculously hot specimen of a man with an angry glare on his face. “Sorry, man, is this one for you?”

The man snorts, folding his arms and inclining his head at the cake. “No, I made that one.”

“Oh my god,” Stiles feels his mouth fall open. “You’re Derek Hale?”

Derek Hale’s ridiculously beautiful eyes narrow suspiciously at him. It’s really not fair. Stiles has been lusting after his cakes for years. Now he knows Derek isn’t some tiny old man with greying hair and spectacles he’s doomed. His dick is doomed. He’s never going to get a more delicious package than Derek Hale plus his cakes. He’s ruined for life.

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Scott- Just In Case

Request-  Number 10 (Holiday Prompts) with Scott? It sounds really cute, so I’m looking forward to it 😁 Happy Holidays!

10. “You’re trying to find a last minute gift for your friend/family member and I’m just trying to work here, but you keep interrupting me to ask my opinion and i’m secretly enjoying it.”

A/N- Happy Holidays! Enjoy!

You grumbled to yourself as you placed candle after candle on a gaudy Christmas display. You felt exhausted, even though all you had done for the past six hours was stock shelves, and you wanted nothing more than to get off early.
Working retail during the holiday season wasn’t your ideal job, but Beacon Hills was a small town, and there weren’t many other places to apply. That was why you were stuck at one of the few superstores in Beacon Hills, trying to restock the shelves three days before Christmas.
You didn’t understand why your boss was making you stock everything again, considering that most people had already finished shopping for gifts. But Stan was a bit of an ass, so it didn’t really surprise you that he would keep you there until ten just to make sure the Vivacious Vanilla candles were correctly placed.
“Hey, Y/n!” you heard a gruff voice call, causing you to turn around hopefully.
Stan was standing at the end of the aisle, a smirk on his pudgy face. “Smile, why don’t you? We’re not paying you to look miserable while you stock the shelves.”
“Maybe I’d smile if you decided to let me off early,” you suggested.
Stan laughed. “Maybe you should keep stocking. You’re not going home until every case in that stockroom is gone.”
You narrowed your eyes at Stan as he walked away, chuckling to himself. You huffed and turned back to the shelves, angrily placing candle after candle on the display. This is so not worth minimum wage, you thought to yourself, just as another voice hit your ears.
“Um, excuse me?”
You blinked and turned around, only to find a boy around your age, looking very lost and confused with two candles in his hands. He had dark hair, a few good inches on you, and you noticed that his jaw was slightly crooked.
“How can I help you?” you asked.
“Well, I’m looking for a Christmas present for my mom,” he explained. “And I don’t really know what she wants, so I’m trying to figure it out, and I thought maybe a candle…but I don’t really know what scents she likes either. So, um, which of these are good?”
“Uh, well, I’m no expert,” you told him. “But the Berry Bliss scent is pretty good. And the Captivating Coconut, I guess.”
The guy nodded, but you could tell his was unsure. “What about this one?”
Your eyes widened as he practically thrust a candle into your face, but you inhaled nonetheless. If Stan saw you being rude to a customer, or even making an unpleasant face, he would no doubt bitch you out for an hour.
“It’s nice,” you assured him. “Very fruity.”
The boy frowned. “Huh, okay.”
You pursed your lips. “Does she have a hobby or something? Or does she like to read?”
“I…I’m honestly not sure,” he told you, slightly ashamed. “She works so much…I feel like she doesn’t have much time for herself.”
“You know, I’m just a stockgirl,” you told him. “You might wanna ask someone else…”
“Oh, right,” he said, his shoulders slumping. “Sorry if I bothered you.”
He walked over to the other shelf and put the candles back, exactly where he had found them, causing you to smile. It made your day when people did that, and you suddenly felt bad for turning him away.
“Hey, wait a second,” you called, causing him to turn.
You walked over and pointed to an aisle across the store. “You said she doesn’t have time for herself? Maybe you should give her that. We’ve got some fuzzy bathrobes in aisle seven, and there are some really nice teas in aisle twelve. Coffee too, if she’s not a tea person. There’s also a pretty cheap massage place on Main Street, but they’re really good.”
The guy beamed, his brown eyes lighting up. “Those are all really good suggestions. Thank you so much.”
He was looking at you like you had just saved his life, which caused you to raised your eyebrows at him. No one had ever been that grateful to you before, but you weren’t complaining, and besides, this guy seemed to really love his mom.
“You’re welcome,” you told him. “Just let me know if you need anything else.”
He nodded and headed off, and you went back to stocking. Even though he was out of sight, you found yourself thinking about the cute guy that had asked for your help. It might have been a little silly, but it wasn’t like you had much else to look forward to at the moment.
You told yourself to forget about him, but that was nearly impossible, and when you heard that familiar voice behind you, you felt a twinge of excitement.
“What do you think?”
You rose to your feet and crossed your arms over your chest. “Back again?”
The guy smiled sheepishly, glancing down at the armful of stuff he was holding. There was a fuzzy, cream-colored bathrobe, two boxes of chamomile tea, and a few books.
“I thought I’d get your opinion,” he told you.
“I think she’ll love it,” you told him honestly.
“Really?” he asked hopefully.
“Really,” you confirmed.
“Awesome,” he breathed. “I can’t even tell you how much this means to me. Thank you so much, uh,…?”
He raised his eyebrows and it took you a few seconds to realize what he was asking, but you finally figured it out. “Oh! Y/n,” you stated, pointing to your nametag.
He blushed slightly. “Oh, right. I’m Scott.”
“Well, Scott,” you said. “It’s been my pleasure.”
He smiled at you, and you smiled back. The two of you just stood there for a few seconds, grinning at each other under the dingy fluorescent lights. Scott took a step forward, and the thought crossed your mind that he might have been about to kiss you, when a sharp voice yelled out “Y/n! Get back to work!”
You and Scott both jumped, and you glanced over to see Stan glaring at you. “We don’t pay you to flirt with customers!”
You gritted your teeth, but nodded obediently until he seemed satisfied and left. You turned back to Scott, who raised his eyebrows. “Your boss seems like a charming guy.”
“You have no idea,” you told him. “But I do kind of have to get back to work.”
Scott nodded. “I get it…but, uh, just in case I need any more advice on gifts, would it be okay if I got your number?”
You tilted your head and flashed him a knowing smile. “Are you sure you’re gonna need my help?”
“No,” he admitted shyly. “Is it still okay if I text you sometime?”
You laughed softly. “Yes.”
“Awesome,” he said with a grin.
He pulled his phone out of his back pocket and pulled up his contacts, grinning the whole time you put your number in. “I’ll see you around, I guess.”
“See you around, Scott.”
He turned his back on you, still smiling, but you could see that there was an extra little bounce in his step. You waited until he disappeared around a corner, and then you began to stack more candles. Maybe your job wasn’t so bad after all.

Summer Haze pt.2

Min Yoongi Wolf AU: Part One | Part Three Part Four

Originally posted by lethargicmin

Yoongi laid curled up in the roots of a large tree, tail occasionally lifting off the ground in hopes of a breeze. He and Seokjin were placed in charge of the pups by the main branch that day, and they were both tuckered out. Seokjin had collapsed in the middle of the yard, just letting the small wolves prance all over him. Ivory was in the kitchen making lunch for everyone, and Yoongi was extremely grateful for Seokjin’s mate as she walked outside with Namjoon, both carrying large plates of sandwiches. He stood from his place in the shade and followed the small stampede of fur-balls, shifting half way and nudging Seokjin with his shoe.

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Title: I Battled My Heart (And Lost)

Pairing: Sargenut (Sarge/Donut)

Rating: Mature for gay sex and PTSD

Summary: When Sarge’s car breaks down in the middle of Iowa, he’s forced to walk to the nearest farm in search of help. He doesn’t expect the owner to be an attractive young man that goes by Donut, neither did he intend to have four hours to blow with him.

Word Count: 3,424

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Werewolf!Calum Part II

“You don’t have to stay.”

“I know.”

“I won’t say anything.”

“I know.”

Calum Hood sent you a soft smile from his position on the chair across next to the temporary hospital bed. He reached out a hand to grip one of your own.

I want to stay, to make sure you’re okay. You’re in here because of us-” he cut off as the nurse re-entered the curtained area to continue dressing your wounded leg.

Luckily for you it’s not too deep so we’ve dressed it up and prescribed some pain medication for the hell its probably going to give you. You can be discharged now but make sure your rest and don’t walk on it for long periods of time, you hear? It’ll be a few weeks before you’re up and running again. Now, how did you manage to get shot by an arrow?”

Calum opened his mouth to speak but you cut in before he could.

Drunk archery incident. My friend here forgets he can’t shoot when drunk. I tried to stop him before anyone got, you know, killed but he insisted he was the best archer Australia’s ever seen and proceeded to shoot me in the leg. That’s what I get for trying to help, I guess.” You rolled your eyes and swatted at his arm, giving the nurse a ‘fed up’ look. You were used to putting up false pretenses and the nurse fell for it instantly, chiding Calum for his irresponsibility before grabbing your files and studying them closely. He seemed almost surprised at your acting as he helped you off the bed. Wrapping an arm around your waist, he leaned in to whisper something in your ear.

Didn’t think you were the lying type, Y/L/N. Even I was a little convinced.” The feeling of his skin brushing against your cheek brought heat to your cheeks and you pulled away from him, chuckling.

You know nothing about me, Hood.

“I know that you’re an interesting one… Listen, about me a-and the boys. Well… We’re wolves you know that but it’s-”

“Calum. I’m actually not that freaked out… which is a little weird really. But honestly, you don’t need to explain. We can forget about all of this and go back to the way it was on Monday, okay?”

You’d never thought walking could be so painful.

With each step you took, even when supported by the newly discovered werewolf, bolts of pain shot through your body and brought tears to your eyes.

Though you’d protested earlier, you were thankful for Calum being there… Or more thankful for his car really. Your hometown was miles from the city and you had no idea how you would’ve gotten home without him.

Okay, that’s it. You really shouldn’t be walking, I’ll carry you.” And without much warning he’d swept you off your feet and into his (more than capable) arms. His grip was gentle but firm around you, staring straight ahead but from your view –with your face smooshed into his chest- you could see his eyes flicking down to you every few steps.

Finally you reached his car and he slowly lowered you into the passenger seat, crouching down to help you in.

Hey hey hey, no don’t cry. It’s okay, you’re going to be okay.” Wiping the tears from your cheeks, he chuckled slightly at the blue and white makeup staining his fingertips. He leaned over you to the centre console and passed back a bottle of water. “Look, take some of your tablets now and hopefully it should be feeling better by the time we get you home.

* * *

You’d been greeted by a dark and quiet house. Calum had dropped you by your door and waited until you’d walked in and shut the door before driving off. What a sweetheart.

Your parents still weren’t home from work so you took your time grabbing a drink and hobbling up to your room to change for bed.

A brisk draught swept in through your cracked window. Shivering, you walked over to your windows that faced the forest which surrounded most of the small town.

How cliché…

A disturbance in the trees caught your attention. A large, black shape emerged and eventually took the form of a wolf twice the size of any other. But the unforgettable, wide brown eyes of the creature meant you knew exactly who it was.

Calum… Thank you” you whispered through the glass and, unsure if he could understand you, blew him a quick kiss.

* * *

The nurse had been right about how much your leg would hurt but wrong about how long the healing would take.

Within a few days you were back on your feet and back at school, which definitely helped with explaining to your parents what happened that night.

“Hey, Y/N… You okay?” You dropped your head to the table, the sound drawing attention from the other students in the library. Meredith had been watching you closely all week and hadn’t let you out of her sight. It was the 11th time she’d asked you if you were okay that day: you’d been keeping track.

For god’s sake. Will you leave me alone for two minutes?! I’m fine Meredith. It’s nearly healed, I can-” someone sliding into the chair opposite cut you off. Calum Hood rested his chin in his palm and smiled innocently at you.

How are you two lovely ladies doing today?”  

Fine. Now go away Calum, haven’t you and your boys caused enough trouble?” Meredith growled, narrowing her eyes at the black-haired boy.

Don’t be rude, Meredith.” You scolded before turning to Calum, “We’re doing good. But she has a point, didn’t we agree it would all go back to normal?”

An odd blush rose to Calum’s cheeks and he rubbed at the back of his neck, chuckling slightly.

“Yeah I know, I was just checking up on you. I’m surprised you’re already walking, ‘s all.” Your face heated to match at his words.

No. These guys are pricks, Y/N! They break hearts and don’t even care! You got shot because of them! You tried to convince yourself.

It wasn’t working.

You couldn’t stop thinking about Calum for the rest of the day, you couldn’t even concentrate on your favourite subject. His concern and tenderness when helping you the night of Ashton’s party was a complete contradiction to the cocky, heartless boy who roamed the school halls with his group of equally dickish friends… Or, uh… Pack?

It wasn’t the only time you saw him either;

In the English lesson you both shared he abandoned his usual gaggle of girls and Michael to fold himself into the empty seat beside you. Only after unpacking the entire contents of his bag and staring intently at the front board for ten minutes did he turn to you.

Do you understand all this ‘ham’ shit? Cause I don’t have a clue.” You almost fell for the innocently confused look on his face.

Hamartia, Calum. It a fatal flaw that usually leads to the downfall of a character or person. Aristotle was the first to use it, usually it’s used in drama and poetry.” You answered under your breath, not taking your eyes off the board.

Right, fatal flaw. So… What’s yours? Love letters? Romance? Arrows? ‘Hot jocks’?

No Calum. Those are vulnerabilities not flaws. For example, your vulnerabilities might be silver or wolfsbane. Whereas your Hamartia would be your big head.”

Ouch. I don’t know what’s worse: the ego dig or the wolf jokes.” You laughed at his remark but were swiftly silenced by dark looks from the teacher and other students. Even Lauren Mathews, Calum’s most recent ‘thing’ turned to glare in your direction. Thought you expected it wasn’t because you were disrupting the class.

Then again he approached you by your locker at the end of the day.


“Wow, three times in one day. Someone doesn’t understand what going ‘back to normal’ means.” You quipped, putting the last of your books into your locker and smirking at the boy.

Calum dug his hands further into the pockets of his jeans and cleared his throat before speaking,

I know you said back to normal but I was wondering if maybe you’d want to go for coffee if you’re free?”

Wait. Calum hood, The Calum Hood – ladies man. sport hero, music prodigy and” you lowered your voice” secret werewolf,  is asking little ol’ me out for coffee? Well I never.

Yeah well you should be lucky I’m even talking to you!” The outburst took you by surprise and your own hackles rose instantly.

Geez Calum, I was joking. No need to be such a dick, I wanted it to be back the way it was anyway.” You shut the locker door with a slam and picked up your bag, preparing to leave.

No, wait, please, I’m sorry. It’s the wolf thing, sometimes I lose control of my temper. Look, I really do want to take you out tonight if you’ll forgive me?” You were reluctant and ready to refuse until he did it. He brought out the infamous puppy-dog eyes and you found yourself nodding before you could think.

Fine, but I’m working tonight so meet me at the lounge my parents own. You know where it is right?”

* * *

Calum arrived at the small coffee shop/lounge on the outskirts of town earlier that you had agreed. He figured you’d be waiting on customers so he took a seat at a small table and ordered a drink. The place was a popular coffee shop by day but turned into a singing lounge and bar on the night, he’d heard of it and knew that local musicians often played on the small stage.

Here you go, Hun.” A middle aged woman approached him and set his drink down.

Is, uh, is Y/N here tonight?”

Of course, we’re never this full otherwise. She’ll be out soon.” The woman walked off to serve other customers, leaving Calum to his confusion.

He knew very little about you if he was honest, something about you drew him closer. Before Ashton’s party he’d only really known your name and hadn’t given you a second glance but after what happened? And the hospital? There was something in the way you didn’t instantly give in to him, while he knew you found him attractive.

Calum was pulled from his musings by loud cheering from the people surrounding him.

Looking to the stage he saw you step up behind the mic and introduce yourself.

Then you sang.

Calum was captivated instantly. The melodic tones of your voice cut deep into his soul and seared their mark. The way your eyes fluttered closed throughout most of the song and the way you swayed slightly to the guitar melody was a sight he’d never forget.

The air seemed to leave his lungs completely and Calum found he could not look away. He needed to be closer. He needed you.

In that moment Calum knew he would not be content until he had you in his arms.

He had to have you.

Facades and Jealousy

Title: Facades and Jealousy

Pairing: Reader/Simon

Word Count: 2,026

Warning: Some swears and mentions of past bullying. 

Summary: You and Simon have never seemed to get along - even though you guys have the same friend group. You never understood why he hated you so much but when you get asked out by someone - it becomes pretty clear.

Author’s Note: I hope you enjoy! I made this long due to the fact I haven’t uploaded at all this week! Enjoy :)

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(( Three times Alfred did something wrong and one time Alfred [unknowingly] did something right. ))

Arthur knew growing up that his husband or wife–the King–would be some unknown. A continual mystery that plagued his existence. Each and every day he was awoken to train as the subservient force of two great powers. He was destined advise the King, supervise relations with the other great houses, and run the magical military.

Arthur was well-trained and immaculately prepared to take on his role of Queen.

And then he met his newly discovered betrothed.

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A Handsome Stranger

Jikook Fluff feat. Jackson Wang being a bit shitty

(Disclaimer: I love Jackson Wang to bits and his character in this is in absolutely no way based off of his actual personality. He is in angel and I love him.)

I wrote a thingy! It was inspired by this post, which had nothing to do with Kpop but I saw it with the tag “#Someone please make a Jikook out of this”… So I did! I Hope you enjoy!

~ Sophie

The rain on the coffee shop window never dribbled down in a straight line. Or at least, it hadn’t done in the last two hours.

“Would you like to order your food yet, sir?”

Jimin snapped out of his stupor, took a second to reorient himself and then looked wide-eyed at the waitress.

She had her long dark hair up in two little bunches and she wore a beaming smile with soft pink lipstick. She looked understanding, he thought. “Just another coffee will do, thanks.” his stomach growled in defiance. “I’m waiting for someone.”

The waitress gave him the same pitiful look she’d given him with the last 5 coffees, but bowed her head slightly and retreated all the same.

Jimin turned his attention back to the raindrops on the window, and his thoughts back to Jackson.
Was he coming? Maybe he’s held up at work.
Unfortunately, that happened quite often. Jimin was starting to lose track of the amount of time Jackson spent in ‘emergency practice’. The company must really be on the rocks to have an emergency practice session every other weekend, when Jackson was supposed to have the day off. But it was Friday evening, so maybe he was just being held in a little later. 
That wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world, would it?

Jimin hated having doubts. He pushed them to the back of his mind as often as he could, made excuses on behalf of Jackson because he knew he had to be a sensible, reasonable person and be the best boyfriend he could be. But with every passing minute and every cold coffee, the back of Jimin’s mind was filling to bursting point.
When the group of girls in the corner began whisper and giggle behind their hands at him, Jimin finally lost his cool. He pulled all the loose change from his wallet and threw it on the table.
That was it. Jackson could buy his own dinner, it clearly didn’t matter to him who he ate it with.

Fumbling with the straps of his rucksack, Jimin heard the sound of chair legs scraping opposite him.
Jackson? He actually came!

“Sorry, babe. The weather is causing hell with the traffic. But I’m here now.”

Jimin froze. That was not Jackson.

What was happening? Did this man know who he was alking to? Slowly, he lifted his gaze. Maybe then he’ll realize he’s sat at the wrong table.

The stranger lent over the table to kiss him on the cheek. As he came closer, he whispered under his breath “Just go with it. My name is Jungkook. I’m not usually this brave, if I’m honest.”
He lent back into the seat opposite Jimin but continued to talk in a hushed voice as the noise level in the shop rose again. “Listen, whoever stood you up is an ass. They don’t deserve you. And I’m not usually this bold, but I couldn’t let you walk out of this shop alone because I saw you and I just… I just had to do something okay I’m not really sure what to do now?”

Jimin giggled. The sudden ramble was cute. And realistically, so was Jungkook. Jimin could not believe his luck. He was slightly creeped out, granted, but the nervous rambling assured him that Jungkook knew how weird this was. And he wasn’t going to let looks like that go to waste. Jungkook looked young, but not much younger than himself. His dark hair flopped over one eye, and he wore small earings and a baggy black t-shirt.
Jimin noted how deep his voice was for someone who looked so young.

“…Thank you.” was all Jimin could muster.

The stranger looked down at his hands under the table. He was twisting his thumbs in an anxious sort of way, but he was smiling. A wide, beaming smile as though he was rather proud of himself indeed. It suited him very much, and Jimin began to get the pleasant little butterflies in his stomach that were so rare these days.

“Do you…want me to get you a drink?” Jimin suggested. He wasn’t really sure what Jungkook had been expecting, but he had a feeling neither did Jungkook.

“I’ll get it. You’ve clearly been here a while and I don’t want you buying more! What do you like to eat?” The wide grin returned to Jungkook’s face as he waved a hand in the waitress’ direction.

Jimin was taken aback at the offer. He really was about to get dinner with a complete stranger, and yet somehow he felt as though it was just what he needed. He glanced at the menu and picked the cheapest thing he could see without taking too long - “Just a sandwich will do, thank you.” - he was starving but realistically he had spent so much money on pointless coffees that he was going to have to let Jungkook get this.

Jungkook ordered them food, and Jimin noticed the same nervous ramble that he had demonstrated when he first sat down. If he was such a nervous person, why was he doing this? It seemed to Jimin that this really was a big deal to Jungkook, so he couldn’t understand why he hadn’t just left the shop.
I can’t be that good looking, Jimin thought.

Jungkook, on the other hand, thought quite the opposite.

“Sorry. About this. I’m not sure why I’m doing this.”

“Yeah, what are you doing?” Jimin asked. He wasn’t trying to be rude, he was just very confused.

“I’m not sure, if I’m honest. I just thought… if some ass doesn’t want a date with you then why can’t I? Also, those girls are always here and they laugh at anyone they fancy all the time. Sometimes it’s me if they decide I’m wearing a stupid hat or whatever. I know how it feels and I thought if I just came and sat here, we’d be able to show them together that we have lives, unlike them.”

“It um… does suck to get laughed at, yeah. Thanks.” Jimin was struggling to understand everything Jungkook was saying.

“Hey…” the grin had suddenly disappeared from Jungkook’s face. To Jimin’s surprise, Jungkook lent forwards and grabbed his right hand with both of his. Jimin’s heart rate doubled in that moment. “Your hand is shaking like mad! Are you that hungry? How long have you been waiting here?”

Jimin looked at his free hand. It was shaking. He realised that must have been why things were taking so long to make sense. He really was feeling quite weak. He checked his watch… nine pm. “Oh, I think I’ve maybe been here for about 4 hours.”

Jungkook’s jaw dropped. “Are you kidding me? You waited around for 4 hours and starved yourself for some ass and he didn’t even call you and make you eat?! I swear, if I ever meet the guy-” Jungkook took in a deep breath, trying to control his anger. “- if it was me and I really couldn’t come I would not have stopped calling until you promised to eat. Has he not even texted?”

Jimin felt as though the attack on Jackson was an attack on him.
He always felt like this, and would usually jump to defend him. But four hours of starvation had changed things a little. Jungkook had changed things a little. With all this in mind, he opted for "He, um, he just has a lot on his mind.“

“And you clearly aren’t one of them.” Jungkook looked as though he honestly could not believe what he was hearing. “Don’t tell me you’re going to let him forget this?”

“Well , I usually do, but now that you say it like that, I guess…”

“Are you telling me this has happened before? Look, I know you’re together, but the asshat obviously doesn’t know you exist and you clearly aren’t going to give him what he deserves unless somebody shows you how much better it could be. So will you please let me take you out? Bowling. On me. You can bring a friend if you’re afraid of cheating, or whatever. And you can leave whenever you like if you want to go running back to your asshat. But give me a shot?”

Jimin didn’t know what made him do it. He had never even considered the possibility of something like this happening, but now that it was here, he began to. Would Jackson even notice? If he did, would he care? The idea that Jimin seriously had to think about that gave him a strong desire to put Jackson to the test.
But isn’t that cheating? Wouldn’t that make him a terrible boyfriend?
But then again, after listening to Jungkook, Jackson was a terrible boyfriend. Did they even speak properly any more? Jimin very much doubted that Jackson would even ask where he was going if he disappeared off bowling with a stranger for the evening.

All of a sudden, Jungkook didn’t feel like a stranger to him.

“Yeah, okay. If you’re sure.”

Jungkook let out a huge sigh of relief.

Jimin smiled at the floor. Jungkook really was working up a lot of courage today, and it was all to save his skin. It was more than Jackson had ever done for him.

As Jungkook’s grin spread across his face once more, Jimin admired the way it lit up his eyes and mirrored the expression. It had been a long time since Jimin had been able to grin like this, and he felt warm and content inside.

Jungkook didn’t let go of Jimin’s hand.

Imagine - out of bounds

Pairing: Luke & Y/n

“ Mm, choose that one.” Luke points towards the left dress I was holding up.

“ Ew I was hoping you’d choose this one.” I chuckled holding the dress that was on my right higher.

“ Oh my god y/n, don’t ask me if you’re not gonna like my decision!”
He groaned falling back on my bed, making me laugh.

“ I was kidding Luke! Wait here, I’m gonna try it on.” I said throwing him the other dress. “ Why can’t you just change here?” He smirked making me laugh even more.

“ Shut up.” I playfully glared at him. As I headed towards my bathroom I was looking at the dress he chose. Tonight was our prom. I thought about how fun it’s gonna be.

But that thought disappeared when my mind went to Luke, and how he’s not going with me. He’s going with his girlfriend. And guess who his girlfriend is, my best friend. How horrible is that for me?

They guy I’m stupidly in love with is in love with my best friend. I still can’t get over that. Seriously I think I might just kill someone if it doesn’t escape my head. I’ve pretty much been his best friend since we were like 5.

Now I’m pretty sure you know what my situation is. Yes, I have been thrown and crashed right into the friendzone. Now I could tell you a really sappy story on how I ended up in the friendzone, but I won’t. Cause everyone pretty much knows how people end up in it.

And you know how people say you can never get out? Trust me. It’s true. But hey, sometimes there can be miracles. But when that happens, usually the person who thought they were in the friendzone in the first place, was never really in it.

It seems like my love life is based on a cheesy love story. Though I always have that feeling that it won’t end in a happy ending. Despite that Luke and y/bf/n are completely in love.

As much as I love Luke, I love y/bf/n and I respect that she’s going out with him. But it hurts so much holy shit. I looked at myself in the mirror and smiled to myself. I’m not gonna let them ruin my night though.

And I was definitely not going alone, I’m going with Calum. My childhood crush. I used to talk to Luke about him all the time. Until I figured that Luke was actually the one I was in love with. As cheesy as it sounds.

I undressed and slid into the dress. I gotta admit, I looked pretty hot. I love having self confidence, I honestly think it’s the best feature to have. Though I do have moments where I can be insecure.

“ You done yet y/n?” I heard Luke’s voice muffle through the door as he knocked. “ Yeah, come in.” I said my eyes locked on myself in the dress. I fixed my hair slightly.

“ Oh wow.” I heard Luke breathe out from behind me. “ Is it okay?” I asked turning around in a full circle. “ I think you look horrible to be honest.” He said jokingly looking at me through the mirror.

“ Thanks.” I glared at him. “ You know you look amazing, why do you need my opinion?” He chuckled walking up next to me. I could see his eyes trying not to look down my dress making me chuckle.

“ I like hearing you call me pretty.” I said as I did the most stupidest pose I could possibly do making him laugh.

“ You look gorgeous.” He smiled hugging me from behind. “ So this is what your wearing?” He asked as he laid his chin on my shoulder. My arms wrapped around his as I nodded.

“ Calum’s pretty lucky.” He said looking into my eyes through the mirror. “ Y/bf/n is lucky.” I said in a flat tone. He rose his eyebrows at me.

” Well, I can’t argue with that.” He chuckled looking down smiling. God I hated when he did that. As my hands found his, they rested on them as they were around my waist. I felt butterflies. Wait no rephrase that. I felt an entire earthquake and a slight pain in my chest as his hands got a grip of mine, putting his hand underneath as if he was comparing size. ” Wow, my hands are huge.” He chuckled. That’s when he slowly intertwined his fingers with mine. I was speechless. My feelings were everywhere, I didn’t know what to feel. ” Yeah,” I breathed, slowly curling my fingers as well, but as soon as I did y/bf/n came to my mind. This is wrong. I pulled away. Not just from the grip of his hands, but from the sweet, comfortable and caring hug he just gave me. I stepped forward as I escaped his loving touch. I didn’t look at him. I couldn’t. ” I think my hands are just tiny.” I kept eye contact with my flushed face in the mirror, trying not to show anything. ” You alright there?” ” yeah.” ” Why’d you leave my hug? I was comfortable.” Shit, there goes another struck of pain across my chest. ” I was uncomfortable sorry.” I bit my lip as I played with the end of my hair examining myself. Don’t look at him. ” You love my hugs.” ” I think you should leave.” Yep, just blurted that out. And it was more rude than I expected it to be. Dammit, why does this happen to me. ~.~.~.~.~ Part two? 😁 thanks for reading x
Preference #114 Alone Time


You and Niall hadn’t had time to yourselves since having Whitney. It had been about 5 months since the last time you had done something just the two of you. Niall decided it was time for a break; he called Harry to see if he could take Whitney for a few hours just so the two of you could have an evening of peace. Harry happily agreed and stopped by the house at 6 to pick Whitney up. “Have fun kids, don’t get TOO crazy!” Harry winked as he ran back to the car, carrying Whitney in his arms.
Finally, you and Niall were alone. It wasn’t one of those situations where you got rid of the kids to have sex; the two of you just wanted some alone time together. You let out a long sigh of relief when an overwhelming silence came over you. Niall was already in the kitchen cooking a wonderful dinner for the two of you to enjoy. The conversations that night were un-interrupted by the cries of your toddler making it all the more enjoyable. It wasn’t that you didn’t like having a child, there just comes a point where having the time to be alone is much needed.
After dinner the two of you went to watch a few movies on the couch. Your cuddle on the couch soon turned into a heated make out session after Niall whispered a slew of playful things into your ear. You didn’t want it to end but it was quickly cut short when Harry and Whitney came bounding through the door. You and Niall immediately moved off each other and looked to Harry. “Am I interrupting something, hm?” "Oh shut it!” Niall retorted, as he threw one of the pillows at Harry who had his hands up in mock defense. “Hi mummy! Did you have fun with daddy? Me and uncle Harry had loads of fun and we got ice cream!” “Oh, isn’t that wonderful! Me and daddy watched some movies and had a very nice dinner! I’m glad you had fun!”
Even though the evening didn’t carry on like you hoped, it was still nice to have those few hours reserved for just you and Niall.


You had been wanting to have some alone time with Liam because dealing with twins can be hectic at times. Niall had offered to take Michael and Adriana for a few hours so you could do just that. He stopped by to pick them up and take them back to his flat for the evening. "Bye mummy! Have a fun play-date with daddy” Adriana waved and gave you a kiss before leading Niall out the door; Michael was already waiting outside, he loved hanging out with his uncle, even though he was only 4 and the options for things to do together were limited. You shut the door behind Niall and immediately felt Liam’s arms wrap around you. “Finally…alone” Liam whispered, sending chills up your back. “Now we can catch up on Celebrity Big Brother” you laughed at Liam’s comment. You had finally gotten the kids out of the house and the two of you planned on spending the evening watching TV.
You and Liam were snuggled up on the couch watching the last recorded episode when you heard the door open and heavy footsteps running down the hall. “Mummy! Daddy!” “Hi princess, where’s your brother?” Liam questioned as he picked Adriana up and walked toward the door. He was met with Niall who was carrying a sleeping Michael. “Aye, thanks mate for taking the kids tonight.” “No worries, I think I tired them out!”, Niall handed Michael to you and left shortly after. You took the kids up to put them to bed and by then you were both exhausted, falling asleep as soon as your bodies hit the mattress.


The kids were gone for the day; Sophia offered to take them to the movies along with their two children, Adriana and Michael.  
Having time alone with Louis was rare, he was either gone or you were both taking care of the kids. The two of you didn’t know what to do with yourselves. It was the first time in months that you didn’t have to think about cleaning up spills, making snacks, or supervising playtime.
You had just finished making yourself a cup of tea when you heard Louis’ footsteps approaching the kitchen. “Would you like a cup? I forgot to ask you” “I think I’ve got something a bit more relaxing upstairs, would you like to join me?”, Louis reached out for your hand and you took it willingly, not knowing what he had upstairs but liking the sound of something relaxing. He brought you upstairs to an awaiting bath. Candles were burning and the subtle scent of rose petals wafted up from the bubbly water. “This is amazing, Lou” “Well, I know how hard it is for you when I’m away and even when I’m here; taking care of the kids and working so hard…” you gave him a kiss before undressing and getting in the water, Louis joined in only moments later.
The rest of the afternoon was spent sulking in the bathtub. The two of you talked about things that would otherwise not be shared due to lack of hours in the day. Jokes were exchanged and so were laughs, it felt like you were back in the dating stage again. “I’m glad we had some time to ourselves, I miss doing things like this…” you let out a long sigh before looking up to Lou, “Well maybe we could do it a couple times a month; I just have to call one of the boys and I’m sure they’d be glad to take the kids, even though they can be little devils at times.” He grinned knowing that it’d make you laugh.
Louis helped you out of tub handing you a warm towel to dry off. You then returned downstairs to the tea that you had made hours prior.
It wasn’t long before the front door opened and both kids ran in with Sophia following behind them. “Thank you so much Soph, it was really nice to have the time to ourselves. Anytime you and Liam need us to watch the kids, just call!”


Eric was at Louis’ house for the afternoon which meant you and Harry could have some much needed time to yourselves. Eric was still young which meant midnight diaper changes, early bottle feeds, and many sleepless nights for the two of you.
It seemed as though you should’ve taken advantage of the time without Eric to do something nice with Harry, but the thought of sleep was just way to irresistible to pass up. You both cuddled up in bed, turning on Netflix to watch shows that you just hadn’t the time to sit down and thoroughly enjoy. It wasn’t long before the two of you were sound asleep, arms and legs tangled up in one another as you slept peacefully, no cries or interruptions.
You felt like you could’ve slept all day but there was going to be no chance of that. You were rudely awakened by Louis when he came back to drop Eric off at the time you had arranged earlier and had forgotten all about. “WAKE UP STYLES FAMILY!” He shouted as he jumped up and down on the bed. It was as if he was a 5 year old child, trying to get the attention of his parents. “Bloody hell!” Harry jolted from his sleep to see a laughing Louis standing over him. Meanwhile you had your hand to your chest, it felt as though your heart was going to burst from your chest due to the sudden screams that filled your room. “Where’s Eric?” Harry questioned, “Ohh, that’s what I forgot! I knew I left something at home!” “Louis that’s not fucking funny!” Louis thought otherwise as he continued to laugh. He then picked up the carrier next to him, revealing Eric who was giggling as well. “I think your daddy got up on the wrong side of the bed today, yeah?” Harry only rolled his eyes before taking his child from Louis. “Thank you so much for watching him, Lou” you gave him a smile and he returned the gesture. “Not a problem!” “I’m not sure how much I can really trust you watching my kid, but thanks for taking him today, honestly.” Harry finally lightened up a bit as Louis calmed down on the jokes. “To be honest I think I’m one of the best babysitters there is! You guys know where to find me!” he laughed once more before leaving. Making both you and Harry doubt his child watching abilities. 


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