i honestly think this is flawless

Don’t let sin keep you from God. Seek Him even while you’re in sin. Don’t think that you have to present yourself in a flawless manner for Him. God knows everything about you: what you did/thought/said and what you will eventually do/think/say. He still wants you. He still loves you. If the Holy Spirit makes His home in you, He doesn’t plan on moving out before He finishes what He started in you. As imperfect as you are, God still wants you to come to Him.

i don’t think izzy’s condescending and frankly gross lines as she restrained that werewolf are out of character (’stay. good doggie.’), she and alec were also very :D when they were killing vampires in the hotel dumort in 1.03 or when she threw back raphael’s line back at him 1.13

yes, she is against the systematic oppression against downworlders as committed by shadowhunters as demonstrated in 1.11, but that doesn’t mean she’s going to be flawless in her day to day actions as all allies slip up and engage in microagressions/racist behavior

it’s an ugly line (that y’all should not celebrate as badass oh my god), but honestly not out of character or out of line with how she’s acted before, it’s a typical ally sjw is not the best as they so think

BTS Jungkook’s popularity completely overshadows how much V has to offer. I honestly think that V’s range, tone, and control are all better than Jungkook’s. And why is he never included as part of the BTS Dance Line? He’s an awesome dancer and he slays their choreography every time. Literally everything he does is flawless. I worry sometimes that people choose other members over V just because V likes to make weird faces and be goofy instead of looking conventionally attractive all the time.

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Yo fam, can I just show you guys this CRAZY comparison? Top photo is from summer 2014, bottom photo is from just YESTERDAY. 😂😍😳 I remember taking the top photo and thinking how masculine I looked! These comparisons definitely solidify that change is truly happen physically for me. Tomorrow is my 6 months on T! Can’t wait to upload my voice update. Hopefully I’ll be over this cold or whatever so my voice isn’t too altered. 💪🏽💪🏽 and honestly I have to say that I miss having that “flawless” skin and what not but I’m more so LOVING how masculine my jawline has come. #youcancallmedaddynow

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I share your frustration about the slavery issue in Captive Prince. I found it incredibly irritating when Damen's arguments about slavery were repeated as as though they were objective truth, and now I see the argument that it's simply racist to have a POC sent as a slave to a white character. The books aren't flawless, but the slavery discussion swings between two overdone extremes.

as the second argument is put forward more and more it seems like people fall into the first one in response, and i wish we could discuss it more thoughtfully than that :\

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Honestly I h8 this trend that says the only real heroes are flawless cinnamon buns, and therefore if a character is flawed they can't be GOOD anymore. It makes me feel like shit too, I can't relate to flawless characters, and the idea that good people can't be flawed is messed up. And then they wonder why some ppl relate more to sympathetic villains. Its because heroes can't be flawed without being called trash on this site, and that's why ppl think its Finn bashing to say he's not perfect.

I think it’s symptomatic of Tumblr’s total inability to handle nuance. Everything is in absolutes. It’s this idea that for a “good” character to be Truly Good, everything they do has to be good. If they deviate even slightly from that or do anything questionable or even possess flaws (like, you know, all rounded characters do), it’s either glossed over or everyone turns on that character for not being pure enough anymore (same thing if a “bad” character does something good – people rationalize and hem and haw about how they’re still Truly Bad, it doesn’t erase their past, etc.).

Finn gets this treatment from the SW fandom, which is baffling to me. As I’ve mentioned, Finn is unquestionably heroic IN SPITE OF his flaws, and that’s one of the things that makes him so damn powerful as a character. It makes him rounded and dynamic. If you reduce a character down to their positive traits, you stop giving them room to grow. They don’t evolve. They just stay hermetically sealed so they can’t make mistakes or learn lessons or do anything that would further their character. They’re STATIC.

But then, that’s how Tumblr often operates. It’s very all-or-nothing. Think about what happens whenever someone does something deemed “problematic”. Even if it’s a mistake, even if it’s minor, they get run out of town. Like something that Tumblr doesn’t like (e.g. Reylo) and it supersedes anything else about you. It’s so reductive and childish.

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I really regret being a bitch to this guy I liked I honestly dont know what I was thinking I have so many regrets but now he likes this girl whos his same grade, her skin is flawless, and he liked a picture of her boobs, yeah she has a picture of her in her bra on insta, he barely even like my selfies when we used to follow each other, shes just really beautiful, and her personality is all peace and love, and I have a shitty personality, im quiet and depresssed but I can also be funny pt 2.

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@aurorpercival​​: yaren i fricking love your blog!!! so much okay like idk i feel like i’ve been following you forever despite me only being on here for a few months but idk i think that’s a great thing i just!! yeah i love your blog + the little owl on your sidebar is so cute omg!!

@lilywittyevans​​: hey hey marissa i feel like i’ve told you this before but i love your url a lot it’s very very lily!! i love following you tbh all of your hp posts are so nice and i just!! i love ur blog tbh

@weascleys​​: honestly deven!!! i think your blog is flawless tbh like i can’t even believe that you actually follow me because that’s how fricking great your blog is!! um also i’m gonna go read your fic now instead of doing any homework because literally how did i not know you wrote fic?? oh also my fave part of your blog is your url!! i love it

@finniganthomas​​: ahh cerian i love your blog so much!! first of all your url is fantastic and i like how bright and vibrant your icon is!! plus all of your edits and moodboards and such are always soooo soo nice i love them!! your blog is just fantastic tbh

@prhoserpina(+f): omg okay so i love all of the hp content you reblog it’s all very very nice!! also i just scrolled through a bit of your edits tag and all of your edits and mooboards are lovely!!

@scamandersnewt(+f): omg okay so i don’t know how i wasn’t following you before um?? especially because i’ve definitely seen some of your edits on my dash and i Love them they’re incredible!! also i love your url a whole lot it’s very cute!!

@hosgmeade(+f): um okay first of all!!! your url nice!!! i love it also all of your moodboards are adorable i love them as well and i’m reading that little letter you wrote that was from teddy to remus and i’m so ))): sad but it’s okay because i Live for the angst

want one? no more please!!

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Hey, i just read your jacknursey story, and it was awesome!! I think you've just introduced me to my new rarepair :) I just saw a few translation mistakes tho nothing big. When jack is leaving nursey after giving him the pie, nursey says Promettre, when it should be Promis. Its just that promis is like promised and promettre is more "to promise". And a few lines later there's an i missing in Capitaine. The story in itself was flawless and I died at the cuddling scene at the end!! You made my day

i honestly have never known how to spell anything ever so the capitaine is all on me but thank u for the grammar shit. i speak like rudimentary french i.e. “eat your food”, “stop”, “are you okay”, “what’s in your mouth” because the french spoken in my house is only the shit you say to babies and it’s québécois

anyways i am trying to get better at french bc one of my friends speaks french and speaking it makes them feel more at home also i want to go to afropunk fest paris!! so def mad thanks for this and i’ll make the corrections.

Imagine: being Thranduil's personal guard when he is a prince and when he is corrinated he asks you to be his queen

You watched as the prince praticed sword fighting. The sound of the clashing of the swords filled the cold winter air. You sat patiently and clapped when the prince won. He turned and flashed you a bright smile. He requested that you come to all his practices. He never did that before so you were confused by the request, but complied either way. Honestly you didn’t mind spending more time with him. He was beautiful. From his platinum hair to his flawless skin to his pink li- no! You can’t think like that! Your his guard not a noble. You had no chance with him.

“______! I won! Did you see that?!”, Thranduil brought you back from your thoughts. You smiled at him.

“You did great!”, you stood up and walked to him,“ now you have your fitting for your corrination. We should not keep the tailors waiting.”

He nodded and walked over to you. He stood right in front of you and stared into your unique {{e/c}} eyes. He wanted to tell you how he felt. How he wanted to hold you and kiss you and never let anyone hurt you, but he always hesitated. His father would tell him that it would be highly frowned upon because she was not of noble blood, but he didn’t care. You weren’t like other girls. You were no damsel in distress. You didn’t fawn over him. You didn’t throw yourself at him. Instead you treated him like a normal elf. You were also strong and independant which caught his eye imidiatly. Not to metion your beautiful {{h/c}} hair and unique {{e/c}} eyes.

If only he could work up the courage to tell you he would. You looked up into his eyes with a worried glance,“ Is everything alright?”

“Yes, lets head off to the tailor,” he said quickly and rushed to the tailor. You followed in suit while still trying to figure out why he was staring at you. When you both reached the tailor’s, it didn’t take long for them to start getting him fitted for his outfit. You were seated across from the fitting room. You had started tapping your foot on the ground out of bordem when you heard the soft footsteps of someone. You looked up to see Thranduil in a silver dress like outfit that was flat and tight.

“How do I look?” He asked.

“Great,” you offered him a smile. Seeing him all dressed up made you wish you were royalty. You didn’t care about power, you just really liked the outfits.

“Good. Now will you please fit _____ for her dress for the corination,” he turned to the tailors and asked.

“But I did not ask to be fitted,” you looked at him confused.

“I know. I did,” he walked out and the tailors pulled you back to the fitting room.


You sat in front of a mirror as your friend was putting the finishing touches on your hair. You looked at the mirror and smiled. You felt like a Princess. Someone knocked on your door and you turned around,“ come in.”

Thranduil walked in and stared at you awestruck. You stood up and flattened your dress. He smiled at you then held his hand out,“ Let’s not keep them waiting.”

“What do you mean ‘keep them waiting’?” You looked at him confused.

“Well as my guest of honor I can’t just walk in without you,” he said.

“Guest of honor?”, you asked. There was no way he could be serious…. Could he? He walked behind you and put something around your neck. When you look at it you noticed it was a necklace with a leaf charm and a green crystal on it.

“There, now let’s go,” he said and gently held your hand. You gulped and followed him to the main hall. You had no idea what to do. You figured someone would help you. Thranduil walked up to the double doors and looked down at you,“ Do not worry Elleth.”

“If I screw up I’m blaming you,” you glared at him. He laughed and the huge doors opened. All eyes turned to you and the Prince. You held onto his hand tighter and the two of you walked forward. Honestly it felt more like a wedding than a corrination. Once you two reached the end of the room a guard came up and had you step back a bit. You complied and mouthed 'you got this’ to Thranduil. He smiled and walked forward to the corinator {{or whatever the heck they’re called}} who was waiting patiently.

“Thank you for comming, today is the day we recieve our new King. Sadly our former King had fallen in battle. But we must not grieve forever. We must continue on and announce our new King. Prince Thranduil, as King you will take responsibility of Mirkwood, it’s citizens, wars, treaties, and trade. It is a big responsibility. While taking this responsibility you accept all the ups and downs and promise to be a great and fair King. Do you accept this responsibility?”, the corinator turned to Thranduil.

“I accept,” Thranduil responded.

“Then I shall now crown you as King of Mirkwood,” the corinator turned and picked up the crown then set it on Thranduil’s head,“ May you prospar, King Thranduil.”

Thranduil turned around as people cheered for their new King. You smiled and clapped. He motioned for everyone to silence then looked at you and smiled. He pulled you to beside him then turned back to the crowd and spoke,“ Now as King I will need someone to rule by side. To help me and stay by my side. Someone strong and beautiful, who isn’t afraid to stand up to anyone,” he turned to you along with every eye in the room. He got down on one knee and held your hand.

“{{F/N}} {{L/N}}, would you do me the incredible honor of being my Queen?”, he looked up at you with soft eyes and a bright smile.

You stood their shocked. You didn’t expect this. You weren’t at all worthy to be HIS Queen. You noticed him starting to frown at your delayed answer. You were given the chance to be with the man you had secretly loved for years and you weren’t going to push it away,“ I would be honored.”

He smiled and put a ring on your finger before standing up. Another crown was brought out and it placed upon your head. You smiled and hugged him tightly. You were deffinantly ready for the wonderful life that laid ahead.

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Lmao your tag on that zayn pic "I've honestly had it" ME TOO. THIS IS TOO MUCH, ZAYN. We can't handle it


When his NME photoshoot came out, I actually asked my co-worker if she’d ever seen someone so beautiful, it made her kind of angry. He just makes me feel lots of feelings! 😂

(My co-worker looked at me weird and said no btw.)  

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I know you are pretending because I see what you like on the confessions blog It's clear you don't even like Robert and don't want them together.

I DO *like* Robert, I am just extremely critical of him. I DO *want* robron to be together, I just prefer that the writing challenged robron as a pairing. I don’t think I can convince you that I ship it because you don’t seem to want to believe me? Even when I tell you upfront that I ship it? Which is fine! I respect that. But, really, why would I be bothered lying? Why would I hyper-actively swoon every time wedding spoilers get dropped? If I didn’t ship it?

I realize I don’t treat robron as a flawless couple, but it’s honestly because I want the best for them. I want them to get to a point where they’re honest, supportive, etc. And they’re making amazing progress at that!!! They both fuck up A LOT and I tend to want to criticize them when they make mistakes, because they’re both self-sabotagers. (Yeah, I’m more critical of Robert because the writing tends to be a lot more sympathetic to Aaron and because in my opinion Robert has had a lot more room to grow.)

But there is a difference between disliking Robert and being critical of him. I resent some of his behaviors, but I don’t resent him as a character. I feel so much for him and what he’s been through in the past, and I respect that those experiences have led to the mistakes he’s made in his life. I also adore that all that history has led him to committing to Aaron, loving Aaron openly, and becoming a much better person altogether.

I try to tag potentially and/or seemingly anti-robron content with ‘negativity’ so feel free to blacklist that. If you see anything I haven’t tagged, please let me know. I will try to stay more on top of it.

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How do I get comfortable calling my reps./sens.? I've called them a couple of times before but still get nervous, and it's always the same intern/staffer that answers my calls

you’ll only get better if you practice calling. with how many phone calls they get each day they honestly aren’t going to remember how often a certain constituent calls. if you think it’s helpful to have a script or some bullet points of what your call is going to be about, do that. the call should be taking tops 2 minutes too, what you say doesn’t have to be flawless and perfect, you aren’t trying to convince or persuade the staff assistant, they won’t try to argue with you. what they will do is take your message and then enter it into their constituent database where they log phone calls. having been on the other end of these phone calls, know that the staffer or intern isn’t going to care if you are nervous or stumble over your words. half the time the intern answering is equally as nervous as having to answer calls all day too.