i honestly have no idea what i think

Just my fucking luck. Both Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and Puella Magi Madoka Magica have synchronized in perfect harmony to deliver a double-threat of total mind-fuck episodes.

I’m only one human.
This is too much for one human.

So! Right! This episode was very interesting. Quite a lot of swift jump-cuts around. The Ross mystery is… very confusing. I honestly have no fucking idea what to think about anything, really.

I just… Don’t know Mustang well enough to know if he’s being legitimate or not. And there’s evidence pointing both ways to Ross’s potential fate.

Also we got more Ling shenanigans so that pleases me greatly.

I rate episode 17 an 8/10, and I’ll see you with more FMA:B tomorrow! Hopefully!

So I had an idea.

I keep thinking of that Harley Quinn movie that’s supposed to be like Harley and Ivy going out to kill the Joker and I might get shit for this but I don’t think it would work as a Gotham City Sirens movie because honestly?  Selina wouldn’t have a place.  She’d be shoehorned in or her motivation would be tenuous at best and I don’t think it’d work.  Ivy both hates Joker and is extremely protective of Harley, Selina is neither.

But I do have an idea of what I would like to see with this plot.  What I kind of what to see is, yes, Harley and Ivy trying to kill Joker, but I also think more characters helping would add to both the plot and character development, and the characters I think are both the best motivated for this and would be the funniest and most interesting are Jon and Croc.

Croc already knows Harley from Suicide Squad, and in most canons Jon and Croc are the equivalent of drinking buddies.  Jon usually has one reason or another to hate the Joker and has enough motivation to want him dead, and Croc being protective of two people who aren’t afraid of him I feel would be really cute and also if Harley and Ivy are a couple you could make Jon and Croc a couple too and it would just be gays for days.

As a furthering of the idea, throughout the story Harley is willfully ignoring the stakes, the danger, and the tension between her three companions (Ivy and Croc barely know each other but Jon and Ivy are usually have a sort of passive aggressive animosity about their relationship) because she’s excited to be with people she considers friends and about to kill the Joker, but eventually maybe the tension between Jon and Ivy boils over or one of them almost dies and Harley has to come to terms with the fact that what she’s doing is selfish and maybe decide whether or not she wants to force her friends to help her achieve this especially when they can barley get along with each other which I think would both be interesting, funny, and a great use of character development.

Plus, it would be damn cool with the visuals.  There could be a fear gas scene with trippy and terrifying visuals (Fear Gas literally contains LSD so it’d be awesome), not to mention really cool scenes with Jon and his scythe, plus Ivy’s plants.  We could see some really cool sfx make up on Croc and Ivy (and Jon if they want to add scars to him which would look pretty cool).  If you swing the color editing right you could actually make Jon’s eyes, which are a pretty piercing blue in most canons, seriously pop and be like, 10x more chilling especially if he has really pale skin and dark hair.

As for humor, Jon and Ivy’s passive aggressive relationship could sport some pretty witty banter and dry humor, Jon’s a literal walking ball of salt and snark who really needs a nap, Harley’s always great and so is Croc.  It could be dramatic, comedic, visually stunning.

I mean I know it won’t happen but I can dream.

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do you have any thoughts on how... idk how to put it right, compliant? len seems to be with the legion? i mean there might be some further reasoning in the next ep and then more reasoning in the fact that there are only two episodes left and len's only showing up now but i figured i'd ask

So the thing is, I’ve seen a lot of comments in the tag and from people I follow calling Len OOC for getting along so well with the Legion, but I honestly don’t understand why?

I don’t think he’s being compliant at all? 

What we can conjecture is that they came to him realizing he could help them de-stabilize the team and help steal the spear, and laid their cards out to him, enough anyway. They told him more or less that he goes off with this team and sacrifices himself, that he’s dead within two years. They no doubt offer some form of proof though I have no idea what, other than Eobard’s general time-travelling abilities. Maybe it doesn’t take much more than bringing him to the Vanishing Point and showing him what they have. He’s gotta make sense of this somehow, right? 

And they tell him there’s a solution. They’re all after the Spear of Destiny to secure their own fates, and figure he is similar to them in that regard. He doesn’t want to die, does he? Wouldn’t he like the ultimate power in the universe, the power to change his own fate, to stick it to the team that let him die for them, the ones that got under his skin in the first place and made him soft? He’d scoff at that last bit, sure. But ultimate power… that’s tempting. The perfect score. 

But he doesn’t know how to use it. How could he – he just heard it existed? He barely knows anything about it. He normally likes to be in charge of his jobs and calling the shots, but he understands this group isn’t like that. They’re all equals and he’s on the lowest rung, the new guy operating with the least information. He’s patient as fuck though, and more than willing to bide his time and see how the chips fall.

They take him to WW1 and he’s already been devising a plan. Mick’s on the team. First things first, isolate him. The Legion gave him some insight on this, they must have: Mick’s there but more like an outsider, not as trusted, clearly even they can see that doesn’t fit so well (or else how would Len jump so fast to those conclusions). But it’s worse than he thought. Mick seems confused to see him, and confirms that yes, he really did die. All Mick is trying to do is stay on mission. He doesn’t even seem to care about what he can take from this time period or anything else for that matter.

He’s a white goddamn hat.

And Len’s got all sorts of angry thoughts about that, but we’ll leave those for now and fast forward to the end of the episode. They’ve got the spear, mission accomplished. The universe’s biggest score and it was almost too easy, really. And Mick mutters that he thought it was just going to be them. Len may have given him that impression. Hard to convince him to take it otherwise, really, Len figured. Mick’s a white hat and he’s been fighting Eobard and Damien and Malcolm for months, he wasn’t going to hand over the spear to them. Len doesn’t mind a little lying when it gets the job done.

But as much as he’d love to have it for himself, again: he doesn’t know how to use the damn thing. 

And as ready as Len is to betray his tenuous allies if he needs to, there is no reason to right now. Taking the spear and running is pointless: not only does he have no plan for getting away from a time-travelling speedster with a vengeance, but they’re all currently on the same page. These guys may be assholes but they are helping him save his own skin, and so far no one’s tried to stab each other in the back. He can wait and see though. He won’t be pushed around, he’s not loyal to them in any way. But they have compatible interests at present, and that’s enough.

“There’s enough power to go around” - maybe he doesn’t normally play nice with others, but Len has always known how to work on a crew and how to split a score evenly.

Final note? Len doesn’t know much about these guys. Would know likely nothing about Damien and even less about Eobard. Malcolm is an enigma to him: a rich man turned… assassin? Apparently? Who also levelled a whole section of Starling City? So Len would understand that they’re in a league of their own, so to speak, but wouldn’t necessarily know just how evil these guys are either, and wouldn’t be looking for reasons not to want to work with the only guys offering him a chance to not-die. 

Hi guys! :D 

I just wanted to say thank you to all of you for all the love and the support you guys have shown me these past few months. Like seriously. You guys are so darn nice. I honestly never would’ve thought that my art would reach out to so many people and have people message or chat me, saying thank you and encouraging me to draw more even though I think my art is still shitty and that I need to improve more. You guys have no idea how gratifying and heart warming it is for me by just those simple things. You guys are basically the reason why I keep drawing and just generally get better at drawing.

So thank you !!! So much !!! 

it got really cheesy in the end but what the heck i’m emotional cause it’s my first day of my period lmao

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mpreg or AU stripper fic?

Okay, so you probably meant actual fic, but I’m enjoying this headcanon thing, SO… I’m just going to give you the headcanon thing for both that way you have a better idea over what those fics would be like and maybe you can pick one because I’m as indecisive as fuck, tbh.


  • For the record, Quentin actually did volunteer for this shit, he just didn’t realize it was possible for a god to actually transplant a womb complete with a baby inside of his body when he did so. Honestly, you’d think he’d know better than to question the power of a god at that point, especially one of fertility, and yes, admittedly he’s not too pleased with thinking about how many organs he’s suddenly missing and no, he’s not happy about how Margo laughed when she thanked him for saving her figure, but none of that makes Q unaware of the fact Margo really is grateful, that she’s sincere when she says thanks for helping him save the baby.
  • Truthfully, Quentin’s honoured that Margo trusted him with the details about her deal with the fairies and he’s not sure if she’s right when she says that having someone else carry the baby will save it. The deal was for the baby growing in Fen’s womb and sure, the baby’s no longer there, but it was at the time of the deal and isn’t that enough? It’s only when Quentin watches Margo comfort Fen as she cries over the rabbit no longer croaking ‘pregnant’ when she’s near that Quentin wonders if the fairies will one day come to rip a baby out of him. Margo had talked about finding ways to conceal any visual evidence of Q’s pregnancy and sending him back to earth when the time came for the baby to arrive, keeping it safe from the fairies and a secret from Eliot and Fen until after it was born, but when Quentin leaves Fen and Margo and finds Eliot pouring drink after drink that he still hasn’t gotten right, Quentin caves and tells him the truth.
  • Fen, when the truth comes out, is not pleased with Margo at all and Margo actually ends up looking wounded by some of the things Fen hurls at her. Eliot at least slows down on his drinking and Penny eventually shows up, finds out, and proceeds to laugh his ass off before getting a worried look and muttering about Quentin getting a baby brain and insists he’s not going to listen to that shit, no way. Quentin’s on the verge of saying Penny’s welcome to keep out of his head, thanks, except he’s too busy running for a nearby vase to puke in to say anything scathing. There’s a momentary worry that his body is rejecting the baby since guys don’t normally carry those, but no, it’s just plain old morning sickness, something that Fen was spared, but Quentin apparently is not, because why the hell would even a baby be nice to him?
  • Really, Quentin could do without little sideways glances Eliot gives him, especially since he has no idea what they mean, but it’s nice when Fen decides to start taking sword training because she wants to be able to help protect her baby in some way even though Quentin’s not sure how much use she’ll be against the fairies or a deal they had. Nothing Quentin had ever read boded well for them getting out of this, but his life forgot how to be more than one big fuck-up a while back, so it’s not a new situation by any means.
  • Things continue to be weird and awkward with Eliot until they suddenly aren’t with an abruptness that really makes Quentin wonder what goes through Eliot’s mind sometimes. Without any warning, Eliot sits next to him and offers Q his flask, which Quentin promptly rejects because there’s a baby on board, he can’t. Eliot only rolls his eyes and says, ‘Just trust me. Try it.’ and god help him, Quentin does trust Eliot, so he does try it… and finds out it’s juice. High King Eliot fucking Waugh has starting carrying around a flask full of juice and Quentin has no idea when it happened, but then Eliot’s hand is hovering near his stomach and Eliot’s asking ‘can I?’ and it’s not like the baby’s even moving, but Quentin says ‘sure’ and tries to pretend like Eliot yanking up his shirt to place a palm flat on his skin doesn’t get to him. 


  • The story around the club is that Eliot started out as the bartender and he was damn good at it until asked to become a stripper instead, but exactly why he did this isn’t certain - he likes the attention, he gets a better paycheck, it’s a good form of exercise that he enjoys, he‘s going to flirt with the customers anyway, might as well get the best tip possible out of it? Eliot’s motivations aren’t understood, but what is understood is that Eliot’s transition from bartender to stripper means they need another bartender and that’s where Quentin comes in.
  • As someone that got into Yale, serving bar at a strip club is really not what he expected, but Quentin was feeling lost and seriously needed something to do with himself, so when Julia said she could get him a job and he was going to take it, well… Quentin ended up taking the job. The story of how Julia ended up with any pull at a strip club is another thing that Quentin doesn’t really understand, but apparently she’s friends with possible benefits with Kady, who may or may not have been dating the bouncer Penny, who was definitely fucking the daughter of the the people who owned the club, a very busty blonde named Alice that Quentin once watched Julia do a bodyshot off of. It was undoubtedly one of the most erotic things he’s ever witnessed in his life and sort of makes him hate the fact everyone around him is so fucking attractive and getting laid way more than he is (which means they’re getting laid at all).
  • Here’s the thing - Quentin has his job because Julia got him the job, not because he’s any good at mixing drinks, so Quentin ends up feeling caught off-guard by a test he hasn’t studied for when Eliot Waugh walks behind the counter and starts talking about mixology like a professional all while making his own drink and looking like sex on legs. It makes Q’s mouth a little dry and he spills tequila all over his fingers that he quickly sucks dry and something on his face makes Eliot laugh. He gives Quentin an almost pitying look before saying ‘You don’t know what you’re doing here, do you?’ And when he takes a sip of his drink, Quentin stares at the line of his throat to watch him swallow before announcing ‘I’m so outclassed by everyone here.’ (Insultingly enough, Eliot replies ‘I could tell that just from your outfit.’)
  • Despite not asking for it, somehow Eliot makes it a point to teach Quentin how to make a new drink each night and he sometimes stops by multiple times to make sure Quentin has it memorized depending on how complicated the drinks are. As if to make it into a game, Eliot gives them all ridiculous names that relate to different people they know and the first one Eliot ever teaches him to make is named after Quentin himself, something Eliot claims he likes to sip on, but could never figure out a title for. Quentin’s pretty sure that’s some line from some charm routine Eliot used back when he was a bartender, something said to flatter customers into thinking they were so memorable that a bartender would name something after them and make them want to leave a big tip, but he doesn’t really mind.
I'm back 😊

So I thought I would be gone a lot longer but I took the day yesterday without Tumblr (with the exception of replying to internet friends once or twice on my laptop) to think and I realized how much I really love being on here and I don’t want to get rid of that, and I think it helped lessen my dependency on it somewhat too

Sorry if my last post seemed really melodramatic, I honestly had no idea when or if I was going to come back to this blog so I wanted to do a goodbye thing just in case 😅

Thanks so much to all of you who sent messages, you guys are so sweet and I have no idea what I did to deserve such amazing followers!! ❤️


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I'm on as Luna Lovegood and aah! How do you get on as someone and not like freak out and think you won't get asks?

I know!!! I saw that and I lowkey freaked out cuz omg!!!!!!!

Uh, honestly? You just kinda hope someone sends you an ask or you message a friend and casually nudge them into sending you one. Sometimes it’s difficult because people just have no idea what to ask, and it happens. I also like to distract myself a bit while I wait so I’m not focused on checking to see if I’ve got any.

Buuuuuut that being said: I’ll think of something to send you!! Your Luna is so precious I love!! :D

  • What she say: I'm fine.
  • What she means: I am actually freaking out because in under 100 hours a series that only airs once in a blue moon is airing the first episode of a new series which made the actors cry when they read the script and in the trailer the main character says 'I love you' to someone but I have no idea who and I am praying that it's his flatmate because they are both gay for each other but then in the synopsis of the second episode it says that the flatmates are drawn apart and I cannot understand under what circumstances this could've happened and I think the baby is going to die but I don't know and no one will listen to me freak out because they think its just a stupid show with famous actors when its actually so much more than that and all I honestly can do is wait.

So, I should be doing work, but I wanted to do some quick Yuri on Ice meta because reasons.  

I know there’s a lot of ideas that Victor has been spending a year wondering why Yuri’s so cold to him after being so friendly at the gala, but I honestly think it would have taken him max 1-2 days of knowing Yuri to know that drunk!Yuri isn’t nearly the same person as the staid, sober Yuri.  Moreover, I think that what’s really telling is the end of ep 2 when Victor goes looking for Yuri.

He checks at Minako’s bar, and per her he doesn’t really hang out there.  Moreover, she provides a new view of Yuri - not brilliant, but has enough time to become competent.  

So he goes to the ice rink.

Here he meets two people who consider himself Yuri’s friends now, but they weren’t his peers, and when he was growing up they were too old to be real friends to him.  They provide a new view of Yuri - competitive (he hates to lose), lonely (practices all the time at the expense of friendships) and even now struggling at connecting to people.

I think pretty early on, Victor realized that the fun loving party animal who pole danced at the gala wasn’t the real Yuri. What’s interesting to me is that I think it’s arguable Victor came to get more of the Yuri he lusted after, but fell in love with the quieter Yuri who was just as lonely as Victor was.

I think he let go of drunk!Yuri pretty early on because we all say things when we’re drunk (We should start a band! Let’s go to Europe! Let’s get a tattoo!) that either we don’t really want or that don’t fit with real life.  

It’s just sweet that while he was initially looking for the party guy, the one who cracked Victor’s ice prince veneer, he found someone who fit him so much better and decided to stick around.

Bend Over
  • Person A : Bend over
  • Person B : *blushes* OMG...I didn't think that our first time will be like this...You're so straightforward... but I'm ready! Do you have lubricant or something?
  • Person A : *puts laptop on Person B's back*
  • Person B : What...
  • Person A : The table is broken and I need to do this work real quick

i just remembered when i was watching lazytown w/ my friend and she said

“imagine sportacus having to go to a formal dinner, he’d just be doing backflips on the table the whole time” and honestly the idea of sportacus having to go to any sort of formal event is…so fucking funny to me

i like to think that he would be genuinely surprised to learn that doing any sort of gymnastics is just…not appropriate dinner party behaviour. at all.

and he’s like “???? what do i do then???”

“sit still”

“???for how long???”

he also has 0 concept of formal wear and has to get robbie to help him find appropriate clothes and this is how robbie finds out that sportacus only has one outfit and he is



The fourth entry I think (?) of The Christmas with OTP series!!

Okay, I will finally draw the request that’s been sitting in my inbox for a while!;;; You have such great ideas honestly, I don’t know what to say ^^ 

Please keep them coming! I appreciate it <3

Next comic : RHINK !!!

Stop Telling Me How To Be Asexual

With everything I’ve been hearing and seeing lately I honestly think this is long overdue.

For me, being aromantic comes with a lot of hurdles (like alterous attraction, curse my ambiguous slightly gay feelings) but they can be quite different to the hurdles that come with being asexual. Asexuality has just enough awareness that a lot of people think they know what it is but they actually have no clue.

I’d honestly much rather someone have no idea what it is and have to give a 101 lesson than them assuming they know everything about how my sexuality is “supposed” to work.

I’m sick of having to explain to people how I could have sex before I knew I was asexual (or even that one time I was drunk). I’m sick of having to explain how I can feel arousal. The only reason asexuality is “TMI” is because people like that make it TMI. I’m over here being an aroace flower, not attracted to people and you have to go asking me all these super personal questions because I don’t fit your definition of asexuality.

I can do or feel whatever the fuck I want and as long as I’m not sexually attracted to people, I’m asexual. It’s that fucking simple.

Just like there’s no one way to be gay or bi or trans there’s no one way to be asexual, either.

So, He’s a Phantom...

Since people seemed to enjoy my short ramblings on the Danny Phantom show, I think I’ll continue playing with this and talk more about the show. So what better way to start than a conversation about Dannyboy himself.

So it’s easy to talk about how the idea of a ghost powered superhero is brilliant, especially one raised in a family of ghost hunters then having to hide his identity and cool versatile but balanced powers from his folks, because all of that is amazing. However I feel talking about the mechanics of his setup and powers while cool and satisfying does a disservice to what makes Danny shine, and that’s Danny himself. I have a lot of frustration and salt over how often this show flubs it, but Danny has never been anything other than the shows greatest selling point. I feel like as the show kept irritating fans and making mistakes the strength of Danny as a character is what made this entire mismanaged program work at all. For the sake of brevity I’m going to just talk about Danny as he exists in a semi vacuum, because his relationships with the rest of the cast are too interesting and well developed for me to go into any depth without this becoming a book. So lets talk about Danny Fenton/Phantom and how he relates to just himself… by starting a conversation about Spiderman

I say semi vacuum because to talk about Danny without talking about his influences in the comic book superhero world would leave us missing a lot of his strengths. Danny is a comedic teenage outcast superhero whose super powered life comes with consequences that affect his mundane non powered life. This is not an uncommon setup but for the most part was brought into mainstream existence by Spiderman, who acts as Danny’s primary influence in terms of conceptual design. Danny’s not the first to draw from Peter’s superhero trope trove, since Virgil Hawkins, Wally West, Terry McGinnis and dozens of others have all used this character type. This similarity doesn’t make any of them less special or valuable, but it does force us to examine how they use these similarities differently in order to see more than perhaps a shallow surface examination would yield

so yeah on a surface level these characters do appear fairly similar to anyone who really wanted to ignore all other aspects of their character in order to be snotty and pompous, so lets ignore those other important character traits for a second and get to the reason these characters might appear so similar. All of them are known for their comic interjections in the middle of crime fighting. I tend to refer to this superhero archetype as a Quipster, though I’m not the first to think up the word. But these characters are generally popular, with the idea of the clever comic dogooder striking a certain cord with people. But getting back to Danny specifically, I think what makes him work so well in this trope is that he comes without the trappings that I find often limit the other characters described. That absent limit being that Danny is almost never in control. When these other characters get quipy it’s usually as a means to mock their foe because the hero is so on top of things they have time to gloat. Spidermans foes have often brought up his that they know he’s loosing when stops making jokes and they’re often right. Danny’s humor is rarely used to communicate control over a situation, and even when it is that usually comes after 10 minutes of struggling to figure out what to do so it feels earned. A majority of Danny’s quips feel more like the Muppets acknowledging their own ineffectualness to the audience directly, than the classic Spiderman taunt. And while it sounds like this might be a trait that applies only to these characters as crime fighters, the truth is this difference is the defining element for everything in his depiction. Danny is allowed to fail, while Spiderman is allowed to be wronged.

Danny has zero control. He can’t control that his parents hate his ghost identity. He can’t control that everyone thinks he’s a dweeb. He can’t control his pants staying on his body. He can’t control his teenage impulses. He can’t control his mouth from spewing stupid things constantly. These are legitimate shortcomings that the show acknowledges not only exist but insists stay in the foreground forcing Danny to constantly be the butt of the joke. Contrast that with Spiderman who is never depicted as a joke because he has to be the misunderstood victim. Because of this Danny is made vulnerable to the audience in a way that his fellow quipsters never are, because he is always the center of his problem. This is so smart and realistic and I wish I saw it more often in media. More importantly that the vulnerability though, Danny’s failures make his situation believable. I understand why a babbling doofus who an’t keep his pants up is an outcast that everyone picks on. I don’t get why handsome charming Peter Parker is needlessly made a target for cruelty other than the narrative demands it. Danny’s believably as a character sells his situation, making it a powerful narrative asset rather than a constant nonsensical irritant for made for hamfisted morals.lacking any self awareness. The way Danny as a character is set up is one of the most intelligent bits of narrative construction that Nickelodeon has ever produced. It’s so intelligent in fact that I will never be convinced that the creator of Tuff Puppy could ever have done it on purpose.

So lets stop talking about Danny from a meta constructive angle and start talking about him as a person because he’s really superbly enjoyable. He’s kind, petty, patient, angry, filled with wonder and cynicism and is constantly clawing certainty in his mangled little life and I love him. He’s the type of conflicted disaster that can only come from a cesspool of teenage hormones and he wears it without becoming unpleasant. I have to give so much credit for this to his voice actor  David Kaufman, who manages to make all these contrasting aspects of his character seem natural, while also instilling in Danny his most important trait, his Sincerity. I believe everything Danny does and in a world were people look at Superman protecting the city and wonder “Why?”, that is a huge feat. Danny’s role as a crime fighter is never questioned by you or the show. It just makes sense. How could he be anything but a hero? Look at how happy he is doing this, he was born for it. In a world were Danny has so little control, the escapism of the super hero is an almost dangerously perfect place for him to be.

Danny is such a well made character that it’s hard to find areas to improve him that don’t boil down to giving him over to smarter writers, but since this whole examination stems from my pointing out frustrations over the missed opportunists of Danny Phantom I feel I should find something to expand on him. If there was one area I’d really want to see him improved on that didn’t require us taking him out of a vacuum for the sake of this post, I’d love to see Danny deal with a more in depth look at depression and the temptation to abandon his life as Danny Fenton to become a full time Phantom. both of these are touched upon but could easily be expanded into full arcs or at least into a meaningful conversation with someone. I’d love to know how Danny specifically deals with his depression, or what reasons he specifically sees to keep his dual life, as opposed to the generic blanket statement of I have to be strong or it’s wrong and I love my family. I’d love to see Danny as self examining and able to vocalize his doubts and fears into something more communicable and mature than the original show allowed.

I feel like that’s most of what I can say right now on Danny without introducing his personal relationships. He really is a gem of a character and the fact that this fandom is still so alive and well I think is a testament to Danny himself. There is one other element to his character I think is worth talking about but I think it deserves it’s own post somewhere down the line. That all being said I’m having a blast getting to talk about Danny, but I don’t think I can properly continue without bringing in Sam and Tucker. Till then take care of yourself  and have a super day

I, a lesbian trans woman, would like to feel like I have a place I can go to. But because of Terfs, I cannot go to lesbian/gay spaces, because I am called a “straight male” and I cannot go to omen safe spaces because I’m a “male.” Why should what I was born as dictate who I am now?
I think I only identified as a boy/male for about 6 years of my life. My family was not supportive so I could not start transitioning until recently. But, I never really had any “male privilege.” I could not even go to the bathroom in public without getting severe dysphoria. And you know what? Terfs have ruined me, and my life, by “"advocating for what is right”“ and I honestly wish I could be seen as a woman. It is all I want. But Terfs are placing the nasty idea in people’s heads that i am not a woman, and it is sending me back into the dark hole of self hatred, dysphoria, and depression. I was plenty happy when I started transitioning. When I finally started getting a body that was closer to who I was. But now I am back to square one.
Terfs are disgusting. They have made me hate myself, again.

Ok so I’m re-reading Harry Potter...

On the bus during my commutes to and from school. And as I read, I’ve been making little notes and internal dialogues about things that I notice as I go (or notice again because I have no idea how many times I’ve read these books. So many times…) And I figured I might share them as I go through each book, because honestly when isn’t there a good time to geek out over the Wizarding World? Kay? Kay :)

The Philosopher’s Stone

  • Why, why, WHY does no one talk about Dumbledore’s fabulous high-heeled purple boots??
  • You know what I never noticed before? Professor McGonagall actually left Hogwarts to go to Privet Drive the day that James and Lily died. Like I mean obviously, but think about it; the first book starts out on a Tuesday (says it a couple paragraphs in to the first chapter) and we know that they died on Halloween. So the school is well into its Fall term, and it’s the middle of the week. McGonagall left the school, and all her classes, to go and sit all day long on that garden wall of Privet Drive just to wait for any information at all regarding this family. She sat there literally for hours to hear any confirmation of these wonderful yet terrible rumors. She waited and waited just to see if Harry was alright. And after just barely witnessing a distant taste of how horrid the Dursley’s were, she was completely outraged at Dumbledore’s suggestion to leave Harry there.
  • Also, there was a full day between when James and Lily were killed and when Hagrid brought Harry to Privet Drive. Imagine Hagrid taking care of baby bean Harry, loving on him so much, while probably breaking into tears every few minutes. I’m getting emotional, Hagrid and McGonagall are too wonderful.
  • I love the fact that the very first thing Mrs. Weasley does when she hears who Harry is from the twins is to make sure they treat him like a normal boy rather than going off to gawk at him. She is an amazing mother, and already so ready to protect him in a way he hadn’t known for ten years.
  • Harry and Ron’s first meeting means the world to me. These are two eleven year old boys bonding over not having much money nor being very special growing up. Will I ever make it through reading this series without getting overly-emotional at random bits? Nope, probably not!
  • I’m honestly still confused as to how Peter Pettigrew was sorted into Gryffindor. I mean he really doesn’t seem to display any of the the house traits as far as I can see. The only possible thing I can come up with is that he must’ve befriended the other three Marauders on the first train ride and was so desperate to stick close to them that he insisted the Sorting Hat place him with them. I mean the Hat does take the persons wants into consideration, he must’ve been adamant. Either that or perhaps part of the Hat’s decision is looking at where someone’s placement would benefit them most? Like “this child could do with being around these specific people so hopefully they will grow to be courageous when circumstances call for it, as well as truly loyal to those who care for and are loyal to them.” Maybe the Hat doesn’t just look at who you are but also who you need to become. And in the instance of Pettigrew, it just wasn’t enough.
  • It’s actually canon that Dumbledore likes bowling. Why does no one talk about this? More importantly, why is there no art for this??
  • Still not over how Hagrid totally sent Harry a letter with Hedwig that first week of school to make sure he didn’t feel left out.
  • Can we talk about the fact that Neville took on both Crabbe and Goyle single handed while Ron beat up Malfoy? Because FRICK YEAH go Neville!
  • Every time they mention Charlie Weasley I re-realize just how salty I am that they never had him in the movies.
  • Hagrid says Dumbledore “borrowed” Fluffy, which makes me wonder where he keeps Fluffy when he’s not living on the 3rd floor? Maybe in the forest, like Grawp? I suspect it would need to be super deep in there…
  • Honestly Snape is such an ass. I know he was technically on the good side, but he was certainly not a good person. And any Snape apologists can fight me on this.
You can never get rid of me!

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You were walking over to Jensen who was staring at the wall in front of him; he had an odd look on his face, one you’d only seen a few times before when Jared was doing something very, very strange.

You slowed your approach as you almost rounded the corner, “Hey Jay, they need us back on set, have you-what the fuck is Jared doing?” You asked as you tried to hold back the laughter as you stood besides Jensen, staring at Jared.

“I honestly have no idea.” Jensen replied with a chuckle.

“Hey! Padalecki, put your shirt down!” You playfully shouted at Jared, “Gen isn’t around, stop doing your mating dance.” You told him as Jensen burst out with laughter from your joke.

Jared continued to hold his shirt up, exposing his stomach while making a ridiculous face. You let out a sigh before looking up at Jensen, “Can we get rid of him, I think our Jared is broken.”

“You can never get rid of me!” Jared shouted before he pushed off the wall and enveloped you in a hug.

“Guys! We’re ready for you!” A P.A. said as he walked over to where you and the boys were standing.

“Okay, we’ll be there in a minute.” Jared said as he stopped hugging you but kept his arm around your shoulder.

“I um, actually.” The P.A. replied nervously as he looked to each of you.

“You’re not allowed to come back without us are you?” Jensen asked.

The P.A. shook his head in response, “Looks like they finally learned.” You responded as you let out a chuckle.

“Only took them four years.” Jensen said with a laugh.

“Yeah…” The P.A. stated, “Gen’s ready though so-”

“Oh Gen’s already up there? Then let’s go.” Jared enthusiastically cut in before he began to walk to set, dragging you with him.

“Only if you promise to show her the mating dance you were practicing.” You told him with a smirk.






“Fine.” You conceded, “I’ll just show her the video Jay was taking with his phone.”

“The vid-what?”