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Are you not afraid to d a n c e with me?

(((Ignore the awful graphic, I made it in 5 minutes and it looks terrible)))

So I recently hit 500 followers and this is crazy, I started this blog a few months ago and the support I have received has been amazing, I love you all. I have met some pretty incredible people in this short time who I love with all my heart.

Before I get into the follow forever I’d like to just express my love for a few people (everyone should go follow them cause they are all wonderful and lovely and I honestly have no idea why they follow me):

@catharinaloss ♥ JO MY BEAUTIFUL WIFE! Even though you can be problematic I still love you (yes even I am calling you problematic now, you crossed a line by putting milk in before the cereal). You always manage to cheer me up and put up with me in my varying moods and for that, I am so grateful. You are amazing, you bring people together and make so many people happy (even if we don’t always show it ;) ). You manage to put a smile on my face each and every day, you’re a lil ball of sunshine and ilysm. You are just so wonderful and lovely and thoughtful and kind and funny and talented and I am so glad I met married you.

@alexanderglghtwood   ♥ Eli, where do I even start? You know I love you so much honestly, I don’t know what I’d do without you. Have I told you how much I love watching you narrate your life to me over Snapchat? It’s my favourite thing, and I still love your voice okay. I just opened a Snapchat from you and I just need to remind you of how much I love your hair cause omg it’s amazing and I’m still not over it. I love reading your fics so much, even though you always manage to kill me with them. I always love our conversations, it feels weird if I haven’t talked to you in a few hours I can’t even find the words I want cause you are just so incredible and lovely and funny and I just can’t do you justice.

@magnificentbane  ♥ Meg, our friendship began when I decided to scream at you about my malec headcanons, isn’t that beautiful. We were talking for hours I didn’t even realise how long it had been, then you introduced me to Jo and for that, I will forever be grateful. Can you believe that our first conversation led to so many group chats lmao. I love reading your writing, you’re so talented and more people need to read your work. You’re such a fun person to talk to, you and your blog are perfect and ilysm <3

@thirstyalec  ♥ Dani, the love of my life, the most beautiful goddess to ever live I love you to pieces. I don’t even remember how we became friends… I think it was me just coming into your inbox and calling you out on your icon addiction lmao. Have I mentioned how proud I am that you have managed to keep your icon for this long, cause I am. Your posts are always amazing, you brighten my life and I’m so glad I met you. You are honestly one of my all time favourite people, seeing you on my dash makes me so happy you are amazing ilysm.

@softshumjr  ♥ Marta, killing you with Harry is my favourite pastime, you are my go to for quality Harry content. You are one of my favourite people, I still can’t believe you follow my ass. (The fact you have an ‘abi tag’ still has me dying okay ilysm.) Your tags always give me life, I like how I even know they are your tags before I see your url. Your posts are always amazing, seeing you on my dash makes me smile, you are an actual ray of sunshine and I feel so blessed to have you as a mutual. <3<3

Now onto the follow forever:  faves in italics, mutuals bolded

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blackbat09  asked:

Legion of Doom Len gets his hands on the Flash. Barry tries to appeal to a man that doesn't know him to remember a relationship that hasn't happened yet.

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Top 20 Art Hoe Closet Basics

So I was asked by a lovely anon to make a list of the top 20 pieces an art hoe might have in their closet ~

I based this on what I’ve seen a lot of on the tumblr tag as well as what I personally like to wear!

1. Circle Shades

I see these everywhere and I think they’re so cute! My best friend has a pair that she wears all the time <3

lucyfromtheskyxx looks absolutely adorable in hers: x

2. High Waisted Jean Shorts

Bonus points if they’re patched, painted, patterned, or embroidered!

jaseyb looks like a goddess in hers!! x

3. Black & White Striped Top

The black & white striped top is a pretty big staple I think, whether it’s a crop, tank, tee, ect ~

cactusforce looks so cute in her stripey tee tbh x

4. Red & White Striped Top

Sort of an alternate of the black & white, I haven’t seen this as much but it’s still very cute!

vegangodess shows us how it’s done: x

5. Art Socks

Art socks are one of my favorite staples, I have a pair of knee high starry night ones that I just adore <3

peachyfro‘s art socks are amazing!! x

6. Overalls

I think they look especially cute with one strap undone!

sighingbud looks so cute in hers omg: x

7. Floral Buttondown

Buttoned, unbuttoned, or tied around your waist <3

picassoplants looks v v nice in hers!! x

8. Kanken Backpack

Usually in yellow, green, blue, or red ~

9. Black Crop Top

This isn’t a specifically “art hoe” piece, but I’ve seen it a lot paired with high waisted shorts and mom jeans

witchbetterhavemymonet looks like a goddess in hers!! x

10. Doc Martens

You mostly see the original black pairs, but I think the floral ones are nice too <3

11. Jean Jacket

Bonus points for cute pins!!

daniliion pulls it off so well and her whole aesthetic is honestly great: x

12. Choker Necklace

The black squiggly ones are most common, and the ones with yin-yang signs

otterprints daisy choker is causing me major choker envy tbh: x

13. Mustard Yellow SOMETHING

Sweaters, crop tops, shirts, skirts – as long as it’s mustard yellow, you’re “gold” <3

skatewitch4lyfe looks like she was born to wear this color omg <3 x

14. Cobalt Blue SOMETHING

Just like with mustard yellow, cobalt blue is a really important color! Wear it on anything ~

honey-vanhoe‘s blue tank top is the cutest!! x

15. Grid-Print SOMETHING

Bonus points for a matching top and bottom set! <333

sexy-avocado-party looks like art in hers: x

16. Mom Jeans

I’ve heard that you can usually thrift these, and they’re super comfy?! I’m still on the lookout for a pair

hellobowlme‘s mom jeans are on point: x

17. Quirky Baseball Cap

Usually forwards, sometimes backwards, always cute <3

18. Oversized Artsy Graphic Shirt

The bigger the better! Bonus points for tucking it into your high waisted shorts/jeans and rolling up the sleeves!!

coqnac‘s is A+++ x

19. Converse

I mostly see white converse, and some black as well ~

distortxd paired hers with art socks!! x

20. Huge Cardigan

Again, the bigger the better! Wear them all the time with anything <3

idiot4art has such a cool cardigan: x

So that’s my top 20!! Like I said it’s based mostly on what I’ve seen and worn, everyone’s unique and everyone’s got their own idea of what the “art hoe” style is ~

anonymous asked:

your graphics are honestly so amazing...I used to do lots of graphics with my old blog but it's literally been a year and I've just forgotten everything, do you have any tips?

awh thanks so much nonny !! <3

after a year of not doing graphics your style has probably changed a bit, but i find when i take a break and then go back to making them, they look a lot better if you get what im saying :) 

here’s the 4 main graphic-making tips i use below the cut <33

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calmandcalculating  asked:

team legends

God yes I love group BROTP asks 

  • Which one is more fond of scary movies: Rip has a whole litany of scary movies on hand, from different eras. He loves scary movies but can’t bear to watch them alone, so he’s glad he has an entire crew who is willing to sit and watch through the movies with him. 
    • There are like, definitely VR versions of horror movies or ones that transform your whole room into the setting of a movie. Those are not allowed to be watched by members of the team. Nobody’s pointing fingers at anyone else, but last time, someone broke a headset, and two other people blasted the headsets (hint, one was burned, the other was miniaturized, but again, nobody’s pointing fingers). 
  • Which one gets the most excited about Halloween: God if this isn’t a Ray Palmer thing to do I don’t know what is. He puts up decorations around the Waverider and puts in candy and forces the team to go trick or treating. 
    • “Professor Stein, your bowl is empty!” Stein, inside the room: “Not my problem, I said one candy per person.” “Who took all the ca-Sara, Mick, you have to respect the rules, come on we talked about this!” 
  • Which one would be more likely to survive the apocalypse: Mick because he has great street smarts. Maybe Amaya too. Like, Sara and the Hawks have died about 500 times already, Stein would be the person who gets bit first, Jax would go well until he sacrifices himself for someone else, Rip would probably function well as a hermit and then die the second he found a group, and Ray and Nate would inevitably die. Mick and Amaya though? I feel like they’d have a good shot. Throw in Len too, he’d do well enough with Mick at least. 
  • Which one would literally kill for the other: lmfao like….all of them? Rip’s literally killed for Jax, Rogue Canary would do it in a heartbeat, I’m sure Nate would kill for Amaya and if the mission called for it, I’m sure everyone else would do it too. Maybe Kendra didn’t, aka Miss “It Was Literally My Job To Kill Savage and I Still Wasn’t The One to Do It”. 
  • Which one likes to scare or startle the other: RIP AND RAY ARE EASILY THE EASIEST ONES TO SCARE OH MY GOD. 
    • Jax and Sara do this all the fucking time, and they usually pull in Len to help them out so he works with technical things (like turning the lights off or making it more chilly in the rooms Rip & Ray are in) while Jax and Sara start making the noises. Rip and Ray once screamed and hugged each other under a table, only for the lights to turn on and see Jax and Sara on the floor laughing.
    • Gideon recorded the whole thing, the traitor. 
  • Which one is more likely to need comforting when they get spooked: Rip does but does anyone comfort each other? Not really. Gideon just tries to make him feel better afterwards. If anything the team will tease each other if they’re spooked until the person is more annoyed than scared. 
  • Which one always puts on a brave face: Ray tries but he very quickly fails lmfao
  • Which one would be more dangerous if they suddenly became violent: god Mick, Kendra, and Sara. They are not to be startled by accident. 
  • Which one would be more likely to commit a crime: HAAAA Sara, Mick, and Len. 
    • Honestly though Stein would probably somehow get himself mixed up in a crime ring.
  • Which one believes in ghosts: Jax!!!! Jax does!!! He does not mess with the supernatural and he gets frustrated because Nate and Ray are constantly bringing in creepy shit onto the ship and he is convinced there is going to be a possession. 
    • As fellow POCs I would like to believe that Kendra, Len, and Amaya also believe in ghosts. Kendra’s probably seen a few exorcisms and been a ghost hunter in a past life. 
  • Which one likes to watch spooky show on television: Mick loves the graphicness. Stein will walk in, look at the tv, go “oh god no not this again” and walk out.
  • Which one has nightmares more often: Rip for sure. 
  • Which one would want to explore a real haunted house: Again, Nate and Ray, Horror White Boys™. They also suggest splitting up oh my god. 
    • Sara probably tags along because she kind of believes in spirits but she’s also convinced that she could drop-kick one if needed. 

[I tried to make a fancy graphic but I wasn’t happy with any of it so here I go and write. 

First of all:


Life has been pretty terrible as of late again. I am living off 100 euros a month and only by careful planning can I make it work but I don’t have money for anything unless I have a coupon or something else that gives me a huge discount. I won’t get paid until August at the earliest so that’s really tough. I’d feel terrible asking for money though.

This blog means the world to me and being able to share it with this many people is fantastic!!!

I’m actually going to try and tag some people and write something nice about them. It is stressing me out as I want to thank a lot of people but I can’t thank over 600 people so aaaah here it goes:

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anonymous asked:

Auntie Z, I'm kinda worried that the current shitty Cap storyline and Marvel's shitty behaviour will turn so many people away from who Steve Rogers is meant to be that the shitty neo-nazis will 'win', claiming him as theirs because people stopped fighting for him. I know he's just a character, but he's a symbol as well and I don't want them to be able to say he's theirs. Am I being stupid about this?

I will start by validating you, Non: you are not being stupid!

The thing about this awful storyline/event/whatever is that it is basically, in real life, One Year. It will end at the end of the summer, hopefully. There will be aftershocks and repercussions, but the Big Two have “turned the universe on its head” so many times that both the main DC universe and the 616 are perpetually doing cartwheels at this point.

Put it into perspective in the long term: Steve Rogers has been Captain America, Jewish golem and symbol of the American commitment to justice, for seventy-five years. One Year out of three quarters of a century of Steve being mangled to near-unrecognizable by poor editorial and writing decisions will not undo Seventy-Five Years of legacy if we don’t allow it.

This brings up a very interesting question, though, about the nature of intellectual property and who owns the canon.

In a very real, financial sense, Disney and Marvel own Captain America, and they can do whatever they want with it. However.

Consider Sherlock Holmes.

Consider The Wizard of Oz.

Any idea, or character, or fiction beautiful and needful enough to embed itself in the minds and hearts of hundreds and thousands and hundred thousands of fans eventually slips out of their unknowing hands, and becomes a shared creation that belongs as much to the audience as to the copyright holder, and this can be true of any fictional thing of any dimensions.

Consider Sailormoon.

Consider Harry Potter.

The boycott of @nickspencerly‘s ugly story seems like a shout in the dark.

ACD wanted to quit writing SH and move on. The fans were merciless. His hand was forced.

Baum wrote a great deal of his non-Ozian, non-fantasy work under a feminine pen name, because his own name was so tightly bound to that for which he was famous.

Takeuchi tried to kill the senshi at the end of every arc, and the publishers made her bring them back, because the fans clamored so loudly they could not be ignored.

Would we still remember HP as fondly if we had not had the budding internet and Rowling’s blessing for our transformative works?

Consider Homestuck.

Consider twelve entire seasons of Supernatural.

If we, the fans, love something so much that we are become incapable of being ignored, we will, however gradually, move the needle. It won’t always be in the right direction-

Consider Agent Carter.

-but we will move it nonetheless.

It may seem Sisyphean, honestly. It certainly feels it. Today a graphic of the sales for CA:SR went across my dash, and the graph went inexorably down. So far, so good. But standing across from us are the fans who want this awful garbage to continue as an “experiment,” who say that they invest more money in this franchise than we do and so their voices matter more.

Do they actually invest more money? Debatable!

I don’t spend most of my CA money on comics, because I slipped back into reading comics in 2014 after a seven year hiatus where I read nothing but manga, and the storylines since I came back have felt like one “event” after another, with far too much cross-contamination of books that made it difficult to pick up a story. From me, Disney/Marvel mostly gets merch money, and I know a lot of the fans that I associate with are the same. (They also get BP/MGDD money, but I’m not going down the digression highway tonight, I have a point to get to eventually.)

So when we, the SJ!Cap fans, say “We’re boycotting,” to be sure, sales are plummeting. But there’s no way to prove the sales are plummeting because of us, and even smaller sales are still selling. The curative fans are some of the loudest Spencer defenders, sadly, which makes it hard to tell them from the alt-right, neo-Nazi HydraCap fans. They can protest that all they like, but it looks the same from the outside. The damage done is certainly the same.

On the surface, also, there are still people in transformative fandom doing HydraCap art from their own AUs or other fandom generated properties whose enthusiasm cannot be differentiated from those supporting Spencer’s vomit. To my fellow transformative fans I would make a humble request: if you don’t support Spencer’s HydraCap, please refrain from sharing your HydraCap art until the ugly has passed as a sort of “art boycott.”

(I know full well that I can’t make artists stop doing art. I’m just an academically trained pop culture analyst- ask me about that some other time- who can point to various times when art has been influential to the culture as well as influenced by it. It’s a request, not an expectation.)

Other than boycotting, what can we do? We can write editorials explaining why this is not okay. We can create transformative works, including t-shirts and such, for ourselves that reclaim our Steve as the real Steve, and we can keep up the letter writing, telephoning, and social media deluge to let Disney know how badly Marvel Comics is hurting the Captain America brand and damaging the Captain America legacy. We can introduce the character ourselves, show who we know Steve to be, present our evidence, discredit the HydraCap faithful.

We can try to hold the line, essentially.

I’m totally with you in feeling that the fact we even have to do this at all is gross. It hurts my head, as a pop culture specialist, and it hurts my heart as a fan. #catws ruined my life is meant to be an ironic hashtag: in 2014, I found Steve Rogers again the way some people find religion. I wrote about it in my mental health tag, how I decided I can’t give up on myself because Steve would never give up on Bucky. Steve has been my mental health recovery inspiration, and Spencer and his cadre of tasteless, vile Dementors can pry him from my fat little cold dead hands. Until I’m on the conveyor belt for the crematorium and they’ve snapped my fingers off with their Hydra-insignia stamped crowbars, I’m gonna plant myself like a tree beside the river of truth and keep spreading the story of who and what Jack Kirby and Joe Simon meant Steve Rogers and Captain America to be, and I invite you to do the same.

They can’t uproot us all. Fuck ‘em.

hi wisteria , thanks for stopping by my blog ! this is for you.

so in light of everything ever that’s went down with tumblr user seduire / venuscrown / peachcrown / kitsinu otherwise known as WISTERIA , something really interesting has just come up. at their request and out of respect for this wonderful human being , i will not be providing any names or urls for the following screen caps and text and omitting certain details that imply their identity.

WISTERIA , i honestly thought i was going crazy. i thought it was stupid to think you’d be intentionally mimicking everything i do just for the spite of it all. guess i should follow my gut more often ! not only have you been intentionally creating the same blogs as me right after i make my own JUST TO GET A REACTION OUT OF ME , you’ve been forgoing your own original ideas JUST TO DO THIS ? there’s something wrong with you , sincerely. you’ve plagued my tumblr experience for half a year already. you’ve been a source of anxiety , paranoia , anger , and frustration. but turns out , i’m not the only one you’ve affected ! your actions and behaviors have been heavily manipulative and anxiety inducing in others , but i guess i’ve been claiming you’ve been a manipulative and toxic person all along. this just confirms it. you’re so obsessed with creating distress in my life by mimicking every thing i do and stealing from me and copying me that you’ve ended up making the people you know uncomfortable. you’ll barely talk about anything else with your friends but me , apparently. that’s ……….. yeah.

you preach on your blog about how ‘ no one deserves anon hate / negativity ‘ and then you proceed to intentionally do things that you know will get to me. i’m not active on ahri ? you have no reason to be then , so you’re not either. i make a peach ? suddenly you’ve made one too under peachcrown ! i make an aphrodite ? wow ! you’ve been thinking about making one ALL ALONG so you’re definitely not mimicking me when you create venuscrown immediately after me right ? you just spontaneously thought to ‘ finally ‘ make her right ? don’t make me laugh. you’ve literally word - for - word stolen my tags , you’ve stolen my graphics , you’ve plagiarised my head canons , you create the exact same muses as me right after i make them , you HAD ICONS COMMISSIONED TO BE SIMILAR TO MINE SPECIFICALLY , you’ve tried to use one of my pen names that you’ve known me as , YOU COMMISSIONED A PSD FROM VALORSLAINPSDS BECAUSE IT LOOKED LIKE MINE ? and worst of all you’ve manipulated people to actually think i’m the one in the wrong here ! you have a victim complex , you’re a manipulator , you’re toxic , and you’re spiteful. you’re a terrible person. you’ve driven me up the wall and i hope this post is a huge slap in the face for you.

a friend of yours , wisteria , has come forward about everything. that’s how bad you’ve become over all this time. and thank god for them. they did not deserve any of the manipulation or anxiety or feeling of alienation they felt because of you , nor did they deserve to be coupled with your name at any time.

you’re not allowed to act like you’ve done nothing wrong. you’re not allowed to deny anything anymore. sorry.

i sincerely hope this puts an end to everything.

LOTS OF SCREEN CAPS BELOW. ( discord screenshots at the very bottom have been edited only to fit the length of them in the post so they are readable ).

just a disclaimer that every single one of these screencaps is text from the mentioned friend.

please enjoy.

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Rebelcaptain Fic Recs

So @how-i-met-your-mulder didn’t so much as ‘ask’ for a list of rebelcaptain fic recs, as opposed to saying ok when I aggressively asked her ‘DO YOU WANT SOME REBECAPTAIN FIC RECS???’ so Grace, bless you. Here’s your list.

All these fics are on AO3, in no particular order, and I @ -ed the tumblr if the author mentioned it. Please note, loads of Rogue One spoilers ahead (Also if you’re an author of one of the fics I’ve recommended and you either don’t want your tumblr mentioned or do or anything else, seriously just let me know!). 


Hush By Maggiemaye (@fatesofstarlight
G, oneshot
ALL ABORD THE FEELS EXPRESS. If you’re looking for something sweet and relaxing where no one is dead, this is your fic. It’s 827 words of snuggling, a quiet moment after escaping Scarif. This is the kinda fic you read when you’ve had enough of the pain and destruction and just want some Everybody Lives feels. Cassian and Jyn cuddle, it’s adorable, that’s all yall need to know.

Hello, Goodbye By MoonwalkingCrab ( @moonwalkingcrab
G, oneshot
Did they kiss in the elevator? You bet your fucking arse they kissed in that elevator. That’s literally all this fic is, and it’s literally all you need.

old light By Errantmushroom
G, oneshot
Utterly perfect collage AU complete with drunken hook-ups and Cassian and Jyn being happy and like, not dead. This one just feels Nice and Good and manages to mix in come canon Cassian/Jyn moments into the AU. Also includes some background Baze/Chirrut as professors and a non-binary K-2 as the BFF! (And apparently more may possibly be added to this). 

you were my new home By katsumi ( @leralynne
T, oneshot 
Ahdshshfshfhjfdh ok so basically, the tragedy of Cassian and Jyn was definitely that they were killed before anything could really happen between them, like it was all about the what-ifs and stuff, right?? This fic expands on canon Cassian and Jyn and explores moments in between. It covers them during the time spent while trying to find Saw and they grow closer and it’s fucking beautiful. There’s some Sharing Body Heat and Excessive Touching and it just feels real and gives some more depth to their canon relationship. I love this fic fjhfhjdfh.

Steady as she goes By noelia_g (@realitycheckbounced)
G, oneshot
The one thing I love about this fandom is that we have all collectively taken up the ‘NOPE THEY NOT DEAD’ train and just gone with it. This is a perfect Everybody Lives fic dealing with the aftermath of Rogue One, along with Cassian and Jyn feels. Like, I’m serious, EVEYRONE is alive, and throughout the fic Jyn works on fixing up a back-up of K-2. There’s a Leia cameo and this one feels True and Realistic and I love it.

AT THE END OF ALL THINGS — By vergilsbee (little_elleth)
T, oneshot (major character death)
Look, I am in firm Denial camp, but I guess I kinda had to include a canon-compliant fic and if I was gonna include any, it would be this masterpiece. It’s basically The Beach Scene (u know the one) and it damn near kills u, but like, you’re glad about it??? Idk I’m crying and you’re crying and this movie fucked us all up heeeyyyoooo. This fic is written so beautifully.

Surviving, Welcome home and So let’s find a bar By Moonprincess92 (IE. me) 
G/T, oneshots 
WHAT’S THIS? SHAMELESS SLEF-PROMOTION??? U BET #sorry not sorry (all of them they don’t die, the last one is a what if they met before Rogue One) 


pretty scars. By Porcelainsimplicity ( @porcelainsimplicity )
M, multichapter
I cannot fucking recommend this fic enough. It’s a modern AU, short gist is Cassian and Jyn were computer nerds in collage, Jyn steals Cassian’s idea for a social media site that eventually gets big, and now she’s BACK (dun dun dun). Basically, I love this because first a) Cassian has a circle of bros who all love him (Bodhi is me, I swear to god) b) Chirrut and Baze own an antique shop (!!!) and c) it deals with the idea of forgiveness and what it takes to forgive someone. Like, it’s easy to hate Jyn in this story, but honestly I love it because she makes terrible choices while still being a genuine person and honestly, who doesn’t make terrible choices every once in a while? She and Cassian feel so real in this fic, their relationship is problematic but that’s what makes it so Good. (There’s some sexy times in this fic, but it’s not really explicit).

Her Red, Red Lipstick (The Imprint It Leaves On His Cheek) By 13letters
M, multichapter
Another modern AU (can you sense a pattern?). This one is written so uniquely, omg. Cassian and Jyn are both tortured souls who get introduced and their relationship basically is just explored in this really cool non-linear format. Like, the story is told out of order and admittedly it took me a moment to get it (because I am DUMB) but the aha moment was GOLD. Chirrut and Baze are the adopted parents everyone’s looking for, Cassian is a bounty hunter who stole a car, Jyn is a pianist, and their relationship is gorgeous, like I love this fic.

The Softening Blows By sighclops
Not rated, multichapter
Collage AU because I am shameless and apparently I can’t recommend anything else but. Cassian and Jyn meet at a Halloween party basically, but this story is written So Damn Beautifully, omg. Like, there’s a huge emphasis on the colours and the lights, just the feel of the fic is awesome, it defo gives off the impression that everything is tipsy and upside down. The Cassian and Jyn dynamic is great, and there’s some cool Leia and Han cameos which I am Here For, and Bodhi is the BFF that everyone can only dream of, so yes, I love this fic. Multichapter, but the first chapter could read like a oneshot.

Inevitable By cellorocket ( @kafrenes )
T, multichapter, (graphic violence, major character death)
Finally something that’s not a modern AU. Basically, what happens after Rogue One in a universe where they don’t die. It’s basically all you could want, right? I love how this is written, it feels like the characters, it feels real. Bodhi is there as well and he is naturally awesome (have I mentioned I love Bodhi? I love Bodhi) and basically, the tags say Awkward Romance, Slow Burn and Hijinks and Shenanigans, so literally, I clicked on this fic so hard and wasn’t disappointed.

Captains, Rebels & Survivors By captainsandsoldiers
T, multichapter
Ok, so the premise of this is an AU where they escape Scarif on an Imperial boat and land on a desert island in the middle of the ocean. It’s pretty much Castaway meets Rebelcaptain, but like, it’s super in character? (And no Tom Hanks). It’s pretty much an excuse for Cassian and Jyn to get closer, time for them to get to know each other, and it’s a beautiful slow burn as they climb trees for food, make shelters and sit on the beach together. It’s kinda like a tale of survival, shows how they can work together really well and it’s just written super awesome. 

(That’s it for now, I may add more to this as I no doubt read more fic) 

An Open Letter

I mentioned this in the previous ask with plutonis, but yeah, I really fell off the map with this blog. There has been a separate art project going on, but nothing I felt the need to link over here. So I just…fell off updating. But when I log in, I’m glad to see y’all still here.

So…on to another topic. I’ve come to notice sometimes that when certain characters become popular, be they cartoons, video games, or anything, one of the popular ways to make those people feel bad for genuinely enjoying something and having fun is by saying that their fave is “the next onceler.”

Now, I feel like we should be over the concept of “cringe interests” as a thing, and how stifling they can be for young artists and just people in general when all they want to do is just have…harmless fun with something. Buuuut more often than not people try and justify themselves by saying they’re totally not like these guys. And I suppose, it’s understandable, but it’s still disheartening to see when it happens. So, personal thoughts.

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ushas42  asked:

I suppose at some point I should ask what the Evil Within is about, other than a hot policeman with an ax. Wikipedia just confused me.

get ready baby I’m gonna give you all the full version of the story because I am bored and I need people to hop on the trash train with me.

I can’t believe I typed all this. It really shows how much I love you. Or mostly what happens when tumblr puts me in straight baby jail for reblogging too much joseph oda and doesn’t allow me to post for 20+ hours. 

The Evil Within — A serious story recap by Vale plz R&R


The amazing hero of our story Detective Sebastian Castellanos gets sent to the Beacon Mental Hospital to investigate the usual “oh no the radio is mostly static *bzzz bzzz* someone help *bbzzz bzzz*  of course we are not getting all killed *bzzzzz* *high pitched noise* *radio silence*” kind of problems that you always find in survival horrors games.

And of course since he is such a hot dad™ (I am not mocking he is actually a dad also hot in that kind of average game protagonist way) he needs not one but TWO amazing sidekicks to ship him with do all the job for him help him in his adventure. 

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Welcome To My Lie of the Land AU Group-verse Thing
Look y’all if you expected me to make a quality, professional welcome thing for this you have come to the wrong blog. I don’t know what I’m doing I’ve never even been part of a groupverse before.

Here’s the Skinny

Same basic premise as the original episode in that: There is an alien species referred to as The Monks. Through a psychic connection with Bill they have taken over the planet, and brainwashed most everyone into believing that they have been ruling Earth from the very beginning of our history. Bill knows the truth.
What has changed is that now Bill isn’t the only one. There are others who can see through the Monk’s deceptions, namely former companions of the Doctor. Bill and these other companions will create an underground resistance to break the hold of the Monks on those that have been brainwashed, and rescue the Doctor. The other big change is that the Doctor is now imprisoned and working for the monks under duress.

How To Join This Party:
Come yell at me after you’ve read this thing and make sure you’re able to follow all the rules and know what’s up. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT ANYTHING AT ALL COME TO ME OR SOPH (@verydoctory)

The Rules
I really hate making rules because I don’t like saying no to anyone ever.
But they’re necessary so here goes:
1. No duplicates - Sorry it just makes group verses confusing when there’s more than one of the same character.
2. Tag your groupverse related posts with v; the truth of the land - makes it easy for everyone to find everyone else’s stuff, and for blacklisting purposes if anyone gets sick of us you know the drill.
3. No one knows where the Doctor ( @verydoctory ) is NOT EVEN THOSE ON THE SIDE OF THE MONKS - He’s being held by the Monks, somewhere secret, and the resistance is trying to find him. Just a big sticking story point there so I felt the need to make it a Formal Rule.
4. Have fun - This is the most important rule. It also includes don’t be a jerk but honestly you’re all wonderful so I don’t think I need to tell you that.

As an aside that I don’t know where to put anywhere else but here:
If you for any reason cannot be part of this verse, but love the idea and want to do something with it, feel free to take this idea and run with it in your own way. I don’t want anyone feeling left out, and I’d just be happy that y’all got inspired to do a thing. 

Okay Now I Am Part of This Party What Do I Do:
Receive a hug from me and a cool graphic from Soph. Make a little post detailing what your muse has been doing during this alien invasion like I did HERE. You don’t have to follow my example or style to the letter, just make sure that people reading it have an idea about what’s going on with your character! Also when you’re done yell at me to make sure I’ve seen it and appreciate its beauty.
And then look HERE to find a list of everyone currently involved and write stuff and plot stuff out with them. 

cristybug0207  asked:

Hey um... Do you have any more kinky spidypool fics...? I read all the others and... Honestly I'm an addict by now tbh..

( ͡͡ ° ͜ ʖ ͡ °)( ͡͡ ° ͜ ʖ ͡ °)( ͡͡ ° ͜ ʖ ͡ °) Sin with us, my friend. Sin with us <3

Kinky Spideypool Recs #2!!

Okay so kink list number 1 is here: Click Me 
Another Spideypool rec list is here: Click Me

And then a few others you could try are: (Also sorry if some of these appear on the “Another Spideypool rec list!)

Well by Lafaiette // Complete Rated E - Graphic Depictions of Violence Tag
“I wasn’t like… like this before, you know? I was normal. My life was shitty, but not like this, never like this, and I could think without sounds and voices in my head, I had respect for myself! God, I don’t even remember how that feels like!”Deadpool knows he is not a hero and that something is definitely wrong with him. Spider-Man wants to help.

Hand Made Alarms by ArraFrost // Oneshot Rated E - 4th Wall Breaking
Peter wakes up with Wade Wilson’s hands down his pajama bottoms.

That Part Where You Said You Were a Virgin by undercovermoffat // Oneshot Rated E - Loss of Virginity Kink
“I’m a merc with a mouth, there’s no such thing as not talking,” Wade smirks, moving his hips upwards to counteract Peter’s earlier movement. “You’re sorely mistaken dearest Spidey, if you thought for half a moment you were going to lose your virginity to silence.”

Gotta Fly Now by Write_like_an_American // Complete Rated E- Stony is also a pairing.
In which Wade loves to take it up the ass and is worried that scrawny, meek little Peter won’t be able to give him what he needs.Peter proves him wrong.

Summer & Other Heated Things by Atsvie // Complete Rated E - Underage, Loss of Virginity Kink
It happens on a regular summer day that’s too hot and sticky, but Peter is pretty happy with it. Peter loses his virginity to Wade.

I need a hero by Kazhiru // Complete Rated E- Command Kink
Deadpool Get’s a bit lonely at times, and what he needs to fight his loneliness is a friend. If that friend is a live size doll of Spider-man, then so be it.
And that is how Wade ends up carrying a doll Spider-man everywhere he goes. That must of have been his best Idea to date. Too bad he is a klutz who accidentally manages to get the real Spider-man messed up in this mix, and here’s how that led up.

Do It Yourself by ArraFrost // Oneshot Rated E - Autofellatio
“I bet you’re flexible enough to suck your own dick.” Wade plants that thought in Peter’s head and he can’t help where curiosity leads him.

I have this exploding urge to rant about bullshit i see regarding NH/SS on my dashboard ( curse mobile for not having blacklist )

But then i remember how judgemental, idotic and ignorant people can be ( especially in the naruto fandom ) and how flawed the naruto ending really is —

I’m studying and working with film/graphic illustraions. I’m planning to hopefully work as a filmmaker/animator in the future. I continously see the same old stories repeated, the same structure between characters, and with that said, the same representation of romantic love. The same pairings are being canon, the same stereotypical idea of love is being gloryfied.

I am SICK of this.

It’s like eating too much ice-cream and feeling ill but continously being fed to a point you end up vomiting all over the place.

You just wanna say ENOUGH. Give me something ELSE to enjoy. Too much of something is never good.

I do not ship 90% of the naruto pairings because i don’t support the represented idea of romantic love in this manga. It’s not only sexist, but also expressed in the wrong way.

The majority of the girls are only focused on being with the guys they love — and somehow people glorify this.

Only a FEW guys have shown romantic interests in girls in the manga and most of them don’t end up with the girl they liked — Minato being the only exception. I still don’t know if Obito ended up with Rin but that’s up to you to decide —

You get the point though— when it comes to romance the guys are not taken seriously — why? I never understood why people never bothered to support the guys as much as they supported the girls?

What makes people think that womens feelings matter more or are stronger? Obito basically gave up on his life when he found out about Rin, because he loved her THAT much.

But really, if kishimoto didn’t place obito in the spotlight like that i honestly DOUBT that people would care about Obito’s feelings. I think people who support Rins feelings for Kakashi much more!

Naruto himself liked Sakura — but as soon as you point that out, people get angry and tell you that SAKURA loves SASUKE! why yes, she does — but we are talking about NARUTO’S feelings here, we already know who Sakura is interested in.

I just think it’s interesting— because when people talk about Hinata being in love with Naruto, nobody brings up or pays any importance to his feelings for Sakura? I don’t care if you call it a crush or whatever, HE SAW HER IN A ROMANTIC WAY.

This is so unbelievably sexist. I really really reaaaally hope that this idea of love will stop being gloryfied. I really hope that filmmaking/series in the future will focus on boys feelings just as much. I hope guilt-tripping and pity stops being the reason boys have to end up with other girls. I hope no character becomes the prize of the other.

I hope romantic love stops being bound to a gender — i hope we could have seen this from the naruto manga. It hurts too much because i really really enjoyed this manga, i grew up with it. Naruto was my hero..and even if i knew somewhere in my heart that the chance of him ending up with the girl he was interested in naturally was small ( just like the rest of the guys in naruto tbh ) i still wanted to see him grow up.

If people can support the girls, i sure as heck can support the guys when it comes to romance — because to me personally, the only true love i witnessed was the selfless silence of the boys whoms hearts shouted nothing but love. Simple, relatable and realistic love.

Fic Rec list 2017 - Week 1
Eric/Jack - Check Pleaseevery long-lost dream (led me to where you are) (6800 words) by PorcupineGirl
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Check Please! (Webcomic)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Eric Bittle/Jack Zimmermann, background ransom/holster, past jack/kent - Relationship
Characters: Eric Bittle, Jack Zimmermann, John Johnson, everyone is there a tiny bit
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Soulmates, Romantic Soulmates, sometimes they play hockey, Head Injury, Jack doesn’t like himself very much, runs parallel to year 1 canon, Hurt/Comfort, Mild Blood

But when he looks down, the world comes to a halt for the second time in five minutes.

Because his fingers are smeared not with bright red, but with dark bluish-purple.

Jack finds his soulmate in the middle of a hockey game, concussions make it hard to have life-changing conversations, and Johnson is the best way to end a fic.

Don’t Write Yourself Off Yet (6495 words) by PorcupineGirl
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Check Please! (Webcomic)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Eric Bittle/Jack Zimmermann, very brief eric bittle/others
Characters: Eric Bittle, Jack Zimmermann
Additional Tags: Demisexuality, Demisexual Character, demi bitty, Coming of Age, this fic starts when bitty is 12 and involves his thoughts about his sexuality as a young teen, with very brief non-graphic mentions of masturbation, and kids bragging about sex they probably did not have, No Underage Sex, but an exploration of, Adolescent Sexuality, Kid Fic, Canon Compliant

Eric is twelve when he asks his mama what a crush feels like.

He’s thirteen when he starts to think maybe it’s different for him.

He’s twenty before he decides that that’s okay.

hit me baby one more time (8114 words) by Springsteen
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Check Please! (Webcomic)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Eric Bittle/Jack Zimmermann
Characters: Eric Bittle, Jack Zimmermann, Larissa “Lardo” Duan, Shitty Knight, Chris “Chowder” Chow
Additional Tags: Fluff, Alternate Universe - Bakery

The facts were these: Eric Bittle owned a pie shop, Jack Zimmermann played professional hockey, and an early morning encounter had slightly painful and entirely unforeseen consequences. (This is not a pushing daisies au, but there is an adorable tiny blonde character, a tall awkward dark-haired character, and a bakery.)

To Even Fall (5636 words) by perihelionic
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Check Please! (Webcomic)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Eric Bittle/Jack Zimmermann, Shitty Knight & Jack Zimmermann
Characters: Eric Bittle, Jack Zimmermann, Shitty Knight, Chris “Chowder” Chow, Derek “Nursey” Nurse, William “Dex” Poindexter, Coach Hall, Coach Murray

Sometimes Bitty sleeps in Jack’s bed. It’s not a thing, until it is.

Odd Man Rush (5606 words) by Lexie
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Check Please! (Webcomic)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Eric Bittle/Jack Zimmermann
Characters: Eric Bittle, Chris “Chowder” Chow, Jack Zimmermann, Shitty Knight, Larissa “Lardo” Duan, William “Dex” Poindexter, Derek “Nursey” Nurse
Additional Tags: Unrequited crush (OR IS IT??)

“Chowder, my son: we’re gonna get you hammered, you fuckin’ beaut.”

“I don’t know if that’s the best idea,” Bitty says dubiously, looking at the back of Chowder’s dejected head.

“Bits, it’s Haus tradition!” Shitty exclaims, warming to his subject. He’s probably about five seconds from striking a Captain Morgan pose with his foot on a chair. “It’s got to be done!”

“Okay,” Chowder says, unexpectedly. He bolts upright. There is a gigantic red mark on his forehead from the table. “Yeah, okay! Let’s get hammered!!”

Ransom/Holster - Check PleaseProper Date Manners (6971 words) by sunshineinthestorm
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Check Please! (Webcomic)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Adam “Holster” Birkholtz/Justin “Ransom” Oluransi
Characters: Adam “Holster” Birkholtz, Justin “Ransom” Oluransi, Original Female Character(s)
Additional Tags: the OFCs are dating each other, because female/female relationships are the only thing omgcp lacks, Fluff, Mutual Pining, Adam doesn’t realize it’s mutual pining until the end though, Because that’s how these things work, Fake/Pretend Relationship, plus sushi and ice cream and jane austen, honestly what more could you want

It wasn’t the way Holster had envisioned finally getting a date with his d-man partner.

(Not that he’d ever envisioned getting a date with his d-man partner, because what they had was fucking good enough already, and it wasn’t like romantic relationships were any better or worse than platonic ones, or any more important, and he was happy with Ransom as his best friend, he really was, and he didn’t need anything else.)

It wasn’t the way Holster had envisioned finally getting a date with his d-man partner, but it was fun anyway.

While trying to be a good bro and help his best friend get over his recent breakup with March, Holster accidentally sets them up on a double date with two girls who are already dating… each other.

What is the correct response to this revelation?

Fake dating. Obviously.

Bookmarker’s Notes:


how to not fall in love with your best friend + other holiday activities (7404 words) by quidhitch
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Check Please! (Webcomic)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Adam “Holster” Birkholtz/Justin “Ransom” Oluransi
Additional Tags: slowest of burns, fluffy fluff fluff, also if u know me irl ur not allowed to read this lolol, its not v explicit but like…….for me it is lololol

When Ransom meets Adam Birkholtz for the first time he’s wearing a t-shirt that’s half a size too small for him, jeans that are worn out in the ratty way, and Birkenstocks that look about a thousand years old. His glasses are crooked on his nose and he introduces himself with a loud, booming laugh even though Ransom hasn’t said anything particularly funny. Ransom thinks it’s the kind of laugh that moves mountains, full and round and beautiful.

“Everyone calls me Holster,” Adam says, squeezing Ransom’s hand before he lets it go.

“Cool,” Ransom’s smile back is a reflex, the easiest, most natural response to Holster’s toothy grin. “I’m Ransom.”

“Sick nickname,” Holster tosses an arm around Ransom’s shoulder’s without warning. He is very large and very warm, and his breath smells like cinnamon. “You know what, Ransom? I think we’re gonna be tight.”

Ransom laughs, it rises up in him fast and urgent, like excess happiness spilling from his lips, “sure, bro. Whatever you say.”

someone as good for me as you (7056 words) by ninjee
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Check Please! (Webcomic)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Adam “Holster” Birkholtz/Justin “Ransom” Oluransi
Characters: Justin “Ransom” Oluransi, Adam “Holster” Birkholtz
Additional Tags: Future Fic, ransom deals with his anxiety a lot in this but he’s Trying, Ransom is a coral reef

“So tell me,” Justin’s mother says, all business, “is your boy going to propose?”

“What, Jack?” Justin says, and doesn’t really think much of it, because his mother eats up the details of Jack and Bitty and JackandBitty like Holster eats up rom-coms.

His mother sighs, and he can practically hear her rolling her eyes. “No, baby, I meant Adam.”

Enjolras/Grantaire - Les Miserablesthis is fact not fiction (28842 words) by Rianne
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Les Misérables - All Media Types, Les Misérables - Victor Hugo
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Enjolras/Grantaire, Combeferre/Courfeyrac, Minor or Background Relationship(s), Joly/Bossuet Laigle/Musichetta, Cosette Fauchelevent/Marius Pontmercy, Bahorel/Feuilly
Characters: Enjolras (Les Misérables), Grantaire (Les Misérables), Courfeyrac (Les Misérables), Combeferre (Les Misérables), Éponine Thénardier, Joly (Les Misérables), Bossuet Laigle, Musichetta (Les Misérables), Cosette Fauchelevent, Marius Pontmercy, Feuilly (Les Misérables), Jean “Jehan” Prouvaire
Additional Tags: Asexuality, Asexual Character, Trans Male Character, Trans Character, Non-Binary Jean Prouvaire, Depression, Anxiety, Disability, Disabled Character, Diabetes, LGBTQ Character of Color, Bets & Wagers, Christmas, Christmas Fluff, Christmas Presents, Developing Relationship, Pining, Mutual Pining, Fluff, Alternate Universe - Modern Setting, Gender Dysphoria, Friends to Lovers

“How about this,” Grantaire told Combeferre. “You have to give Courfeyrac a gift for every day of the Twelve Days of Christmas. December twenty-fifth till January fifth. And when he figures out that it’s you, which he inevitably will, you lose the bet and you have to ask him out.”

Combeferre bit his lip, eyes narrowed as he thought the proposal through. “On one condition,” he said after a moment.

“What’s that?”

“You do the same.”
Combeferre and Grantaire enter a bet. Even though it lasts only twelve days, the consequences are far greater than they could ever have expected.

Poe/Finna city built on water (13668 words) by Deputychairman
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (2015)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Poe Dameron/Finn
Characters: Leia Organa
Additional Tags: First Time, diplomacy and bureaucracy will save the galaxy, Finn is good at more than fighting, but he is also very good at fighting, salt n pepper undercut Poe, a space!motorbike, Swimming, and sex on the beach
Series: Part 1 of a peace without victory

things that happen after the war: diplomacy, bureaucracy, sex

See all my other recs here.

i got tagged by @shcherbatsgaya and honestly despite the fact it’s 3a.m. i have nothing better to do so let’s go for it

  • relationship status: im literally dating the worlds best loras tyrell lookalike hes my favourite bisexual
  • favourite color: im hella particular its like lime green but only the right shade of lime green, lemon yellow, and this one shade of blue ive literally seen maybe twice but im so in love w/ it
  • lipstick or chapstick: lipstick tbh i always lick chapstick off. its not my fault i swear they just always make it taste so good
  • last song I listened to: (@shcherbatsgaya im very curious about your song choices) king and lionheart by of monsters and men because i was making monchevy graphics
  • last movie I watched: percy jackson and the sea of monsters because fight me im a whore (in a nonsexual way) for percy jackson
  • top three shows: fuck i have no idea… probably versailles, game of thrones (im a glutton for punishment) and poldark and yes those are just the ones im watching at the moment
  • top three characters: LORAS TYRELL, and idk probably renly and ross
  • top three ships: loras/renly, philippe/chevalier and steve/bucky i like my ships canon clearly
im tagging people i wanna get to know better so lets go: @faedennis @faun-songs @paint-and-roses and anyone else who wants to and also theres no pressure you three youre just the first people to pop into my head whose urls i could remember tbh

I was tagged by @peteir so thank you Patricia!

First edit? my first “proper” graphic was this lady kenna one (but I did do a holland roden photoshoot edit way before that)
Favorite edit/s? hmm I think my delinquents edit and my most recent sam and dean edit
Edit with the most notes? my sebstan edit
Edit you spent the most time on? probably my delinquents edit with all the colouring and cutting and since there was 6 graphics (I realise people spend way longer on edits than me haha)
What styles inspire your edits? honestly I just go with the flow I don’t think I have a particular style but I do enjoy doing more than one graphic in a post with bright colours and I love adding flowers to edits (I have no idea what I’m doing)
How do you make your edits? as a broke college student I use whatever free software I can :’) 
Edit that got more notes than expected? probably my first deancas edit, it was the first time I tried colouring my screencaps and I don’t think I did such a great job but people seemed to like it haha
Edit that got less notes than expected? I don’t really expect many notes from any of my edits so whenever it goes above 100 I am shooketh tbh
Any edits you wish you hadn’t made? nope the only reason I really make edits is because it makes me happy so I don’t regret any 
Finally, how long have you been making edits? I started making really bad gifs in 2015 then 2016 I started making graphics with no real knowledge on colouring etc. but I feel like I’ve gotten better with that?? 

I’m tagging @daisyridlay @hallowedbecastiel @targayrens @clarraoswald @amyskhaleesi Only if you want to!