i honestly have no idea how to answer this

pinof 8

this is my first pinof as a part of the phandom and i’m so excited but also nervous! what’s gonna happen?!? what questions will they answer and how long will it be? honestly i can see myself hesitating to play the video for a few minutes just because i need to prepare myself for it. once i hit play i’ll have no idea what i’ll be in for. and once it’s over that’ll be it for another year.

honestly the number of people who apparently have no idea how to use google themselves to find an answer to a very simple question instead of sending me a really long ask about it isnt just annoying af for me but also really worrying?? like.. how the hell are u supposed to be self directed enough to learn a language on ur own if u cant even google “how to pronounce norwegian alphabet”???? im extremely concerned..

Stupid questions for Pagans

I know there’s a lot of different types of paganism but I hope anyone can answer some general questions that I’ve always been confused about.

Have there been any contemporary sightings of the Gods? (I KNOW this is the most stupid question but honestly I’m just so curious)

In Christianity your relationship with God is so personal usually, you can pray and ask for help/things in your life etc. Can pagans do this with their Gods too? Do you chose a specific God? Can you have a personal relationship with them?

What is your relationship with the Gods like? As a Christian my relationship with God is very loving and I guess I don’t imagine the idea of Gods as the same.

Does sin exist in paganism? In what way?

How do you worship the Gods in your life? Are your prayers usually answered?

I know this will vary depending on what type of pagan you are but how does your religion view things such as the creation of the world/humans/good/evil/the end of the world?

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Challenge/question/fun game - how would you describe each class gameplay with as few words as possible? Like, Ele - most skills, Necro/Reaper - awesome tank, etc? If you want to, make it shitty descriptions because these are always funny :D

OH boy lmao ok, yeah! That sounds fun, I’ll give it a go. Let’s see… I’ll start w/ what I know the best, based on my own experiences. I can answer any questions about my descriptions btw. ;)

Elementalist: Many Buttons…
Tempest: Buttons Overloaded™ 

Warrior: 2111111111
F2F1 2111111111

Necromancer: Anti-Babysitter
Reaper: Anti-Babysitter (w/ more Yelling)

Engineer: Button Hell
Scrapper: Button Hell 2, The Sequel

Ranger: Disney Legolas
Druid: Babysitter Hell

Guardian: boring
Dragonhunter: bow-ring

Revenant: 888)
Herald: Boon Machine

Thief: ????? honestly I have no idea how to thief
Daredevil: ????? but faster

Mesmer: ????? shit idk mesmer either
Chronomancer: Can’t Triple-Blink

White Noise

(the sequel: Sing for You)

A/N: the longest fic I have ever written so it’s split into two parts!! part two will be uploaded tomorrow  a special shoutout to Zoe, who practically co-wrote this with me (i honestly don’t know what I would do without you) and to Angela for always being there to answer my super random questions and reading it over :))) you guys are all i could have asked for!!

genre: garageband!Chanyeol // neighbour!Chanyeol // angsty af

word count: 7687

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I am super interested in your Phoenix AU! I honestly have so many questions but I have no idea how to word/phrase them because honestly, this AU just sounds so amazing and I would honestly give my right arm (hehehe bad pun I know) to read it. Also, Klance for the win!

AAAHHHH IM SO GLAD YOU LIKE IT :”””) I’ll see if I can answer the questions that you left on this post

Do or are half-something people treated badly or as second class citizens by normal people?

Ah well the thing with this is that half-people aren’t a known existence by the public. While the public knows that the Garrison (and the Galra for that matter) is researching these supernatural beings, they do not know whether they actually exist or not. The only confirmed supernatural existence is ghosts/spirits. This is why people are constantly looking for these supernatural phenomenon because its something that most people want to find out.

Keith’s birthplace was a very small sort of village (like one of those farm ones) who were scared of Keith’s abilities. They didn’t know what he was (unlike most people of modern society) and hence banished him from the village.

Does the government/ruling body do anything to help them or do they leave people to deal with it by themselves?

The government provides huge subsidies for the Garrison :) but other than that they leave the Garrison alone, they don’t play a huge part in this au

Is it technically as advanced as it is in canon or is it more realistic today type tech?

It’s closer to canonverse, except technological advancement didn’t go toward space/finding extraterrestrial beings, but more toward finding supernatural beings on Earth. Transport and all is more or less the same as in there are no hoverboards and such, but analytical technology and all that is very highly advanced.

Do people studying Phoenix/Half-Phoenix have some sort of jetpack/self-flying thing so they can ply with the subjects of their research?

The thing with this is that half-phoenix are super rare, the only ones that will be mentioned in the au are Shiro and Keith (currently debating whether or not to make it so that they are the only ones in existence). The Holts are also the only ones studying Phoenix and they’re far ahead of any other research department. They don’t let anyone else in for fear that they will discover Shiro, which is they’re only research subject right now. Dw they treat him really well and don’t do weird shit to him, but no the Holts don’t feel the need to have to fly with Shiro as it could disrupt his flight.

Do people who study things that are related to the Phoenix/Siren get less funding than those that don’t?

The Holts get the most funding yep. Allura and Coran are the only people left in the Siren research department, no one else wants to join after the incident that got her father and his entire crew killed. But they get second most funding.

Are there types of mythical creatures that cause the people who research them to get ridiculed?

Not really, I mean no one really has solid evidence for any sort of supernatural/mythical being as of yet (publicly released info at least). It depends on the success of your department, the more successful you are the more respect you earn. Hence why the Phoenix and Siren research departments are legendary, but other than that everyone else is roughly on the same level.

whoops this got really long again :””)

I'm really bored guys please ask me questions, I'll answer them all honestly

1. What song are you listening to right now?
2. Story of my first kiss?
3. Idea of the perfect date?
4. Celebrity role model?
5. Dream car?
6. Dirty little secret?
7. Current crush?
8. Do you regret any relationships?
9. Kiss and Tell?
10. How far have you gone with someone?
11. If you could have any super power, what would it be?
12. Favorite class?
13. Where do you want to go to college?
14. Where do you live?
15. If you could move to anywhere in the world, where would it be?
16. What do you want for your birthday?
17. Have you had any disaster dates?
18. Guilty Pleasure?
19. If you were given $5,000 right now, what would you spend it on?
20. Most visited website?
21. Do you do drugs?
22. Most played song on ipod?
23. Grab the book closest to you, flip to page 52, what’s the 5th sentence?
24. Have you ever gone up to a stranger and hugged them.
25. Do you drink?
26. What’s the stupidest thing you’ve done when you were under the influence?
27. Turn ons?
28. Turn offs?
29. What would make the perfect bf/gf?
30. Last text you sent
31. Last text recieved
32. Best friend?
33. Favorite blog on tumblr?
34. Describe your crush
35. Who was the last person you kissed?
36. Virgin?
37. Favorite season?
38. Play any sports?
39. What do you plan on doing with your life?
40. Someone you love?
41. Someone you hate?
42. Someone you miss?
43. Someone you wish you knew better?
45. Favorite show?
46. If you could dye your hair, what color would you dye it?
47. Three words you would use to describe yourself?
48. Biggest insecurities?
49. Something you like about your appearance?
50. Something you like about your personality?
51. You can’t be friends with someone if
52. Opinion on long distance relationships?
53. How long would you date someone before you sleep with them?
54. Pro life or pro choice?
55. Obama or Romney?
56. Favorite band/ music artist?
57. Favorite quote?
58. Celebrity crush?
59. How many countries have you been to?
60. Weirdest place you’ve had sex?
61. Strangest dream you’ve ever had?
64. Relationship status?
65. Do you smoke?
66. Ever done drugs?
67. Hook up or relationship?
68. Kiss on the first date?
69. Friends with benefits or boyfriend/girlfriend?
70. Most embarrasing thing that’s ever happened to you?

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i love how you just make a whole understandable conversation with only little pictures *0* *gives mebbs a big waffle with chantilly on top*

Thank you! *3* <noms on waffle>

Really, you understood that? Holy damn, u must know a lot about cars…I have no idea what they talked about there…

Bon Appetit. Bucky Barnes.

Requests:  I’d like to first day I love your work. I was wondering if I could request a story about Bucky and the reader being the Avengers Tower personal chef and she gets him to open up by cooking meals for him. He won’t say much, but she get to know him through the foods he eats and doesn’t eat. I honestly have no idea if this even makes any sense. Please answer this privately if at all possible. This is my first request so I’m a little shy. Thank you!// Could you do a story where the reader is the Avengers personal chef and Bucky is attracted to her. To show how much he likes her, he cooks for her on her day off. When she discovers how delicious his food is, she starts moaning not realizing how it sounds like sex noises. Bucky gets so turned on, he has his dirty way with her. Thank you!

Triggers: Smut. Oral (FR/MR)

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Enjoy ;D

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Okay but imagine being like a hamster-esque tiny who lives in a hamster cage and runs around and has a crap ton of fun just hanging around with a giant who feeds them and loves them.

Honestly? If I were a tiny this is how I’d want to live. A hamster cage can be converted into a mini house in almost no time, and also imagine having something like this to run around in :O (that’s one lucky hamster!)

also I imagine some tinies would be a little against the idea, but hamster balls could be a safe way to run around without danger of falling or getting stood on by accident

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I wish all the RPers in the DC fandom were as openly friendly and skilled as you are. Usually its one or the other... You know what I mean? Like all the nice RPers are one-liners who are too busy making icons than working on their writing skills and all the really literate people are the super selective mutual-only people that think they're better than everyone else. Not you, you are super skilled, open to everyone, so nice and funny and have some nice icons on top of all that.

I’m not entirely sure how to answer this to be honest

Thank you for the sort of roundabout compliment… I wasn’t entirely comfortable answering this, because in complimenting my blog, you’ve also sort of lump generalized about other rp blogs in a negative way. 

Well everyone runs their blogs differently and that’s okay. (Diversity is the spice of life and all that) Blogs may be selective for whatever reason (personal choice, previous experiences, lack of time, or just for their own sanity). And yeah, might suck if you really want to try writing with them and they’re selective, but it’s a hobby and not a job, so they can make their own parameters as to what is comfortable for them as the writer.

I’m fortunate in that I have the excess time and muse to dedicate to my blog. ( I also only have rp two blogs, while I know other writers with like six that they split their time between.)

As for icons, all my #Sugar ones are made by my talented friend @dappercobblepot​ (as well as my current Icon and background). 

The non-watermarked/unedited ones are from free-use icon packs, or quick edits done by myself (usually the crack looking ones like popcorn/cake/etc), Because I’m a potato when it comes to photoshop.

Some Random OTP Prompts
  1. “What do you think you’re looking at?” “You.”
  2. “I want to say ‘I told you so,’ but…yeah, no, I honestly never could have even imagined that this would happen.”
  3. “Well fuck me.” “Gladly, but later.”
  4. “…Do I even want to know?”
  5. “If you don’t stop organzing literally fucking everything I’m going to punch you in the teeth.”
  6. “Hey, uh, are we dating? Because somebody asked me today if we’re dating and I honestly had no idea how to answer the question.”
  7. “Can you please take your hand off of my ass while we’re at/in ___ (public place of your choosing)?”
  8. “Is that my toothbrush?”
  9. “If I had to be handcuffed to anybody in the whole entire world for 48 hours, then I’d want it to be you.”
  10. “This is the last time I let you talk me into this…”
  11. “FUCK KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!” “It’s just a spider, babe.”
  12. “You’re a fucking nerd.” “But I’m /your/ fucking nerd.”
  13. “You know, I was really hoping to propose in a more romantic scenario than this, but…”
  14. “I didn’t lose it! I know that it’s…somewhere in the world.”
  15. “We have to stop meeting like this.”
  16. “Remember our first kiss?” “Yeah. It was horrible. Your lips were dry and it lasted for like half a second and then I spent the next twenty minutes crying in a public bathroom and you had to calm me down.”
  17. “So, uh, I kind of found a baby?”

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how do you move on from a guy you love

U don’t… Ummmm honestly I have no idea it’s so hard. You just need time ☹️🙄 Delete them off of all your social medias, delete pictures of them. Distract yourself! I’m trying to find an answer to that too hunty

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I love how you made almost everyone a rowaelin shipper in Give Me Love! xD but does rowan have parents? will we see the whole whitethorn family or is it too early to know?

Honestly. I never tried it, but I guess everyone just ships Rowaelin😂

I have a few plans and ideas about Rowan’s family. In some, he has parents. In others, he doesn’t. So I have to sit down in the next few days and figure everything out.

is there anyone?

In the past (omg a year already) I was not active. I did not even touch the pencils and I forgot the word: paint. I am honestly sorry. I understand why I have lost over 500 followers so far. But I want to grab the chance here and now to thank to all of those, who are still with me during the time and not cared about how many times I update. You are the best, and this is why I am still here, and now, I am speaking to You, dear Friends!

Is there anyone who wants to see some new arts from me?

If your answer is yes, please tell me, what you wish to see more often! You can choose from the list below, but any other idea is welcomed!

~ fanarts: Larry, twenty-one-pilots, Shameless, others
~ original arts
~ illustrations
~ tutorials

I appreciate every little sign! Thank you to everyone who had a sec to read this. I wish the best year in your life!

Thank You!

So instead of writing like I should be doing at the moment, all I have been doing lately is playing this mess:

I honestly didn’t even know this was a thing until I saw it in game shop and I was just like “there is another Digimon game and I’m just now hearing about this?!” XD

So yeah, playing through it, still at the beginning, and while doing so, this comes along…

You guys have no idea how badly I laughed at this XD 

Yugo got a makeover and is now a tamer apparently LMAO

But that did make me think. What Digimon would the counterparts have? 

And I have an answer for Yuya straight away:

Originally posted by wolfmons

Tell me it doesn’t fit. If you seen Tamers and know what this little guys actually is, it is scary how well it fits with Yuya and his whole demon thing.

I’m really tempered now to make a crossover because I really want to give my Demon!Yuya a Guilmon just so he can have this…

Oh the temptation is real…and horrifying. 

Honestly who the fuck thought that it would be a good idea to invent online homework for topics like physics, chemistry, and calculus?? Like literally who is that fucking detached from reality that they thought online homework for topics dealing heavily with calculations that have a very specific answer and are extremely sensitive to rounding would be a good idea?!?

These stupid fucking programs don’t actually fucking test if I know how to do the work, all they test is if I can punch in the right answer. How the fuck am I supposed to improve my understanding of the topic when I’m not submitting my written work to the professor so he can show me where I went wrong? I could be doing all of the work correctly and still lose points because of something fucking stupid like rounding or significant digits. If I were able to submit written homework I could at least prove that I understand the fucking concept. But with these stupid fucking online programs I can’t prove anything. If I get the answer off by one fucking digit then the entire problem is wrong and it’s FUCKING BULLSHIT.

God I fucking hate online homework.

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sorry to bother you but do you know how one can find out what sexuality they are? i'm not sure which of my attractions and feelings have been real and which have been imagined? I've been confused about this for 12 years and it's starting to be annoying. thank you for an aswer

i honestly have no idea lmao i’m sticking with bisexual as a label for myself for now bc it seems the most accurate but i often have no concrete answer either. i mean it’s not like there’s a buzzfeed quiz you can take to find out what your sexuality is or anything. or maybe there is idk buzzfeed has a quiz for everything nowadays

but it’s also important to know that if you don’t know how to label yourself you don’t have to! there’s a lot of pressure to categorize yourself or find out exactly What you are but it’s ok if you don’t feel comfortable w/ doing that just yet. or ever, really. take it at your own pace and try not to let it get you down

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how about the birds and the bees talk w max and raf 😳

Oh my god. My dude. My guy. My #1 anon. You have no idea how deeply I care about this concept. How much I’ve thought about it. How much life it gives me.

Because obviously these men are smart, and they’re sex positive, and they want to promote really healthy communication between them and their kids. As two men in a marriage, they’re not gonna give them any ‘when a man loves a woman very much’ bullshit. As men with two adopted babies, they’re not gonna give them any ‘stork’ bullshit. They’re smarter than that, and beating around the bush doesn’t do anyone any good. They make sure everything is said in the right context and in a way that’s understandable to kids, of course. But they know that when the time comes to finally deal with stuff like this, they want to be upfront and open about everything. They’re just not entirely sure how to tell when it’s the right time.

But, let’s be honest, with two kids who are not at all shy about going into Dad and Papa’s bedroom at all hours of the night (and don’t really understand the concept of knocking), at some point, someone is going to walk in on something they’re not supposed to see. 

And while that is naturally the most mortifying thing that has ever happened to Magnus and Alec, it’s also a pretty good impetus to kickstart all The Talk stuff they’ve been planning. After all, they’ve been saying for all these years that they always want to be honest and upfront about sex, so it’s not like they can back out and make up some bullshit excuse now. Needless to say, it’s a little rough, and very awkward. But they all survive. Max and Rafe start knocking on any door before opening it. Magnus and Alec feel pretty accomplished as parents. Overall, it’s pretty successful.

Of course, when you’re on top of things and actually explain sex to your kids when they’re kids, that means that there’s another form of The Talk that needs to happen later. The one about sex as it pertains to them, once they’re old enough to possibly develop interest in that sort of thing. That’s the one that Alec is absolutely dreading. Because even though he’s a married man who’s damn near forty, the second he considers having to talk to his kids about having sex, he immediately turns back into the guy who couldn’t say the word ‘penis’ to his own boyfriend for the first three months of their relationship. And it’s even harder for him because they give the boys a lot of privacy, and don’t try to pry into their personal lives, so by the time The Talk starts floating around in Magnus and Alec’s heads, they have no idea what either of their children think about attraction. They’re vaguely suspicious that Max has had a few crushes on friends of multiple genders, but with Rafa, they’ve got nothing. No damn clue. Which isn’t a very useful starting place. 

But again, when the time comes for each of the boys, they get through it just fine. Magnus does end up doing the bulk of the talking (because Alec keeps choking on the word ‘sex’, and also, when a certain part of the conversation starts: “I just assumed I wouldn’t be the one responsible for teaching our sons how to have sex with women”), but it’s still a team effort. Rafa accepts his Talk in quiet horror, and then doesn’t speak to either of them for two days. Max is loudly mortified about his Talk (even though he’s much more involved, and actually has a surprising amount of questions ready for them), and continues to remind them of how mortifying it was for several months after it’s over.