i honestly had to put the book down bc look at the character development

okay I’m STILL not done the book yet because #life™ but some follow up reactions

  • The entire scene where Calypso and Apollo were trying to escape on the slow kiddy train at the Zoo had me in stitches holy shit
  • Apollo frantically hitting the gas and Calypso is just leisurely walking next to it while glaring at him??? And the guards? omfg I was dying
  • Meg’s entrance was dramatic and awesome good for her
  • Why the fuck is this 12 year old so good at sword fighting she can keep up with one of the deadliest swordfighters of the ancient world™
  • When Lit threatened Leo and Calypso essentially morphed into the knife emoji on spot. A plus.
  • I mean I’m just saying: I feel like a pregnant griffin isn’t more important than helping a tortured seven year old girl. But I still love Britomartis so I guess it’s whatever
  • I love how Lit was going on like he has a score to settle with Leo because ‘he and his friends’ fucked him up in Oklahoma but like….Leo didn’t contribute to that at all like Jason literally did everything during that fight??? That was kinda like important to Jason’s development and shit??? Leo and Piper were golden statues and Hedge was outside eating grass??? Shouldn’t Lit’s anger be focused on Jason??? lol
  • Idk I just found it funny (I want to see Jason Grace again)
  • Calypso managing to shove out some magic yeah girl!!!!
  • Leo meeting Meg was way too fucking funny omfg “so I understand you can like…control him?” and when Apollo tried denying it she makes him slap himself??? 😂
  • How did we fucking segue from lighthearted banter directly into Apollo having a vivid flashback of the time he had to murder the love of his life with his bare hands
  • Like I??? Was sobbing??? So hard???? Because a batshit insane Roman empire was getting killed by someone who loved him bc it was necessary for the world and the lover couldn’t stand to see anyone else hurt him??? Fuck me???? Rick Riordan ain’t real
  • “I couldn’t bare to look into the water without seeing my beloved’s betrayed face starring back” or whatever the fuck the line was but FUCK
  • Jo was a teenage girl crossdressing to fuck around with gangsters in the 1920′s before Artemis found her and honestly??? Goals
  • Also the scene where she was helping Apollo after his flashback was very sweet
  • Can’t believe the nerd spent like six hours playing soothing music just to get a griffin to lay an egg
  • Leo and Calypso better be whispering amongst themselves what I think they’re whispering
  • Leo seems a lot more…subdued than usual in this book? I don’t know if that’s just because we aren’t reading from his POV, or if it’s like a “I literally died and came back and then spent six months getting attacked every single day while trying to find home and now I’m stuck on another dangerous quest I’m fucking stressed” type thing, or if it could be from the relationship problems he’s having with Calypso, but either way he seems a little off and I’m worried about him
  • The Dread Pirate Valdez…leave.
  • How was that joke never made once on the Argo tho??? lol
  • The speed at which Leo seems to have emotionally adopted Meg is astounding and also #relatable
  • Meg’s far from my favorite character tbh but like??? I will probably punch everyone who’s ever frowned in her general direction in the face. Holy shit give this kid a break
  • She thinks Nero is scared of the mystery third emperor on the West Coast??? So….Caligula, probably? Laying my bets down on him now
  • I triggered the First Law of Percy Jackson” I had to put the book down bc I was laughing so hard I think that lines gonna end up on my gravestone or as the afterword in my autobiography omfg
  • “I’ve always had a phobia of snakes, especially if you included my step-mother Hera. BOOM!” I choked.
  • I like that half the time Apollo is able to figure out what to do to win because he has a general understanding of science
  • Like he knew his burst of godly voice power would only help so much, but he also knew if he stood in the right spot and yelled in the right frequency it would reverberate and knock over the bricks and shit??? NICE
  • How long were these kids wadding through a sewer how do none of them have hypothermia
  • Leo: *sets himself on fire* “Gather round, children.”
  • Like first off someone saying ‘gather round children’ is always going to make me laugh for some reason that’s just a fact but human torching it up really added to the effect lmao
  • Like okay I understand the set up of the room so that no one would look in the canal and see them but like…how the fuck did no one realize they were there that just felt too easy I’m sorry
  • Chia Girl
  • When they found the prisoners was horrifying omfg???
  • The two fucked up boys on a hunger strike???
  • “…Hunter the Hunter?” “Yeah, I’ve never heard that before.”
  • Tall, Dark and Jamie.
  • Apollo babe you’re on a rescue mission with a time crunch please you can check out Jamie later holy shit
  • Georgie made me wanna cry get her back to her Combat Moms immediately
  • The entire sequence of Apollo getting the door open: S C I E N C E  B I T C H
  • “Lemme just fill up some syringes with ammonia just in case”
  • Alright I’ll admit when Meg started insisting she had a feeling they needed to go through the door: I was really worried she was about to double cross him.
  • Glad I was wrong but tbh that whole arena dress rehearsal bullshit was STRESSFULL
  • S T R E S S F U L L
  • First of all: Apollo’s out here constantly complaining about his puny mortal body but manages to fight and climb and run with a heavy ass chair strapped to his back: okay,
  • Second of all: why did no one warn me about Livia the elephant I was on the verge of tears every time he mentioned her
  • Third of all: Monsters, ostriches, race cars, basketballs, football, human mercenaries, animals, like…what even the fuck else SO MUCH WAS GOING ON I would’ve died in ten seconds flat???
  • Fifth of all: THE FUCKING HUNTERS SHOW UP AND CAUSE EVEN M O R E CHAOS. Truly I don’t know how any of the main heroes survived that there was just too much.
  • The entire time I was reading it I was like “This feels like a giant fight at the climax of the book how the fuck are there more pages left what else is going to happen???” AND IM STILL WONDERING THAT LIKE
  • Thalia Grace has been returned to me.
  • Apollo’s strong urge to save Lit??? Okay I guess. It’s nice to see him being compassionate and shit but. I was kinda with Leo on that one lol
  • “Thalia Grace slid behind me on the elephant, which fulfilled one of the fantasies I’d had about the Hunter, although I never quite imagined it playing out like this” M E
  • What was his elephant-involved fantasy with Thalia I need a complete play by play lmao
  • Also the scene where Commodus dropped his composure for a sec and had a full-blown Angry Ex moment (which…he’s definitely entitled to). That was good and also I was highkey worried he might just try to kill my nerd then and there
  • Also that he’s not just mad that Apollo killed him but like. All their fucking history together. Shit’s intense.
  • Apollo loves this elephant so much after only like 15 minutes the first thing he’s gonna do when he’s immortal again is bless her or some shit
  • Also I’m glad they got that awful chainmail off her
  • The Hunters apparently just have a magical energy drink with mercury in it okay
  • Honestly??? I’m a little mad Artemis has been ordered not to contact him THE BOY JUST WANTS TO SEE HIS SISTER HOLY SHIT
  • Aaaaaand that’s about where I left off. Hoping to finish it all together the next time I get a chance. Hoping all the losers are alright. LOVING this book so far. Waiting to see an official reunion between Georgie and her Combat Moms. The Headless Ghost’s cryptic warning has me worried. Until next time…
About the narrative of The Get Down

Beware, because this will be long. 

I just wanted to get some things down about the overall structure of The Get Down, or, as I like to call it, the next big thing since Homer. 

No, obviously not Homer Simpson. I mean the hypothetical author of the Iliad, the poet who tells an entire narrative of wrath and war and honour and shame among a setting of war and another one about finding home and your love- two  epic poems that were recited orally and developed and changed over generations of poets reciting their lines, and defined the truth of a civilization across centuries. 

Sound familiar?

Because I’m about to claim a possibly ludicrous thing- but rap/hip hop is exactly like this millennia-old way of storytelling, and no other piece illustrates that better than the Get Down. 

Let’s look at the facts: The Get Down starts every episode with an adult Zeke rapping for a huge audience, and telling his life story through his art. He tells his story through his poetry, and from that point onwards, the story and every episode unfolds: He often addresses either Mylene or Shaolin when doing this. This reminds of the very first thing every epic poet does: “Muse, sing to me of…” Zeke starts off his story by positing a clear narrative and fiction, even though he is telling us his story. Often he also ends the episode, creating a frame story, which is a widely used narratological structure in epic poetry. Through verses, and rhythm, and rhyme, he tells us an epic tale of brotherhood and love during a time of war; is that not the very core it shares with the Iliad? And this of course, is true about all hip hop; it’s stories of started from the bottom now we’re here, it’s stories of straight outta Compton, it’s stories of unity. It’s telling it how it is through rhythm and rhyme, but The Get Down puts all of this, the birth of this, into a narrative, making it even more obvious.  

This connection between this ancient method and modern artform is actually strengthened by some very obvious classical references as well: for example, in the first episode, Zeke goes to Les Inferno to ‘rescue’ Mylene from Cadillac, which calls to mind the Indian Ramayana, where prince Rama needs to rescue his wife Sita from the demon king Ravana, who keeps her captive on the island Lanka. Zeke calls the Get Down Brothers orators during the battle against the Notorious Three. Shao loves giving people epiteths and different names; He calls Dizzee ‘my alien brother’, Ra-Ra a ‘god of the sun’ and obv he calls Zeke Books; if there’s ever been an aspect of oral poetry that defines the genre it’s the wide range of names for every character. The club that Mylene performs at being a reference to the Rubicon, the line that Julius Caesar had to cross for shit to get real, to start a civil war, to let behind all ideas of safety and hesitation. I could honestly even add Kool Herc(ules) and his Caesars or showing them as hip hop gods, where Kool Herc sports Greek armour and Afrika Bambaata sports a pharao outfit; the Zulu queens explicitly naming the pyramids and obelisks (also a clapback to classicists! Egypt was African y’all keep that ‘cradle of Western civilization” away from me!) even the comic book style the show takes on in part 2 can be seen as a way of storytelling that was used mostly before the Renaissance! 

And then we have the references to both opera and musical: you have Ra-Ra being obsessed with a space opera, and Dizzee with his alien-what other mediums are purely about expressing story through music??

Anyway, using this method, The Get Down quite literally shows how legendary and mythological this birthplace of hip hop has become, and shows how legendary the origin of rap is and what other story deserves that more than this one? Grnadmaster Flash is a legend and this show is doing its very best to underline that at all costs

I’m just saying, very incoherently, that the very structure of the Get Down defines hip hop- it’s about telling your story, defining yourself and your people, by oral poetry that is supported by strong rhythm-it’s a literal descendant of epic poetry and therefore the oldest and most basic way of expression known by humankind- and isn’t that wonderful?

TL;DR The Get Down uses the structure of epic oral poetry á la Homer and it adds so much to the whole idea of where hip hop came from-it’s the story of a people told through a method that is as old as humankind itself and deserves all the kudos it can get bc it’s a fucking masterpiece

2 am rant

Ok I’ve been considering this for a while now but it’s something that needs to be said. KEEPER is by fAR my favorite books series, maybe ever, but like,,, OH MY GOD THERES SO MANY THINGS
-the world is shit. Like, it’s this perfect place of happy magical wonders, and like,,, NO. It feels like there’s too little culture, too little developmental errors that’s have just become general flaws in the society, etc. it’s bland, and there’s so many flaws and plot holes- like if they live all over the world how do time zones work????? I understand that “oh hehe they’re basically magic but it’s all SCIENCE” is supposed to fix everything but really, take some more time to develop the society as a whole. We see way to little of that already with Sophie being who she is and like,,, it needs so much more development and culture and ugh. The universe is like a huge building that towers way to high for its crummy foundation and broken windows.
-Sophie. Oh god I could go on for hours. HOURS. About how terrible of a character she is in general. Not a terrible person- character. She’s undeveloped, COMPLETELY. We have almost no information about any of her past and that’s boring. We literally know more about Dex and the way he’s lived than we do about pre- first chapter of keeper Sophie. And that’s NOT good for a main character. I may be a tad over exaggerating but if we dont know more about Dex then we definitely know more about Tam and Linh. Like- I know we might get more with the next book, and we most likely will get a LOT more. But the thing is- WE HAVE FIVE BOOKS OF CRAP ABOUT WHAT MAKES SOPHIE SOPHIE. GOD, THATS AGITATING. Her past is so empty and all i can remember off of the top of my head is she had a tradition of having alfredo once a week (I think it was Thursday???) and that she beat a fifth grader in a spelling bee in kindergarten. ((Idk maybe it’s cuz she read the whole encyclopedia by then and had a photographic memory.)) Not only that, but she’s,,,, BORING. CLICHE. OP. HONESTLY, I hate it. Giving her two powers? That was enough. Oh wait there’s anoth- anot- fuck more- DAMN IT PLEASE NO. I swear, she pretty much got a power a book. Like,, no. She’s cliche af bc EVERYTHING SHE DOES IS SO PREDICTABLE. It feels like Shannon is trying to mash this perfect being into an anxious and fearful meat suit and like,,, I get the anxious and fearful but in general her personality is more bland than uncooked spaghetti. She’s not INTERESTING. Shannon tried fixing it with humor but it doesn’t working on Sophie. When she made that joke? With the stark flower stew? I cringed bc THAT WAS SO UNNATURAL GOD. I’m sorry but personality= negative 0. She’s legit my least favorite character bc I can’t relate to her, I can’t connect to her, I can’t see myself in her, I can’t feel empathy for her (for a smart elf she’s a freaking dumbass a lot of the time) I’m not able to connect with her. Sure she was put down a lot in education and has been through some crap but like,,, it’s hard to reflect on that and see myself in her bc she just kinda,,, ugh. Honestly if I was put in a room with her, hitler, and Joseph Stalin, I’d shoot her then myself. GOD.
-WHERE THE FUCK IS THE DIVERSITY. And I’m not talking race- wait yes I am. It feels like there’s way to few poc for a species that’s so bent on diversity that they ruin marriages and destroy families to achieve it. Then there’s the fact that there’s no mention of LGBT. SOPHIE LITERALLY LIVED IN SAN FRANCISCO. g o D HAVE MERCY BC IF THE BOOK IS SUPPOSED TO BE DIVERSE AND ACCEPTING SHOULDNT IT AT LEAST HINT AT SOME LGBT STUFF.
-“you can wear whatever you want ya just for beauty blah blah blah” my ASS. Sorry della, but if that were true why the fUCK isn’t Keefe going around wearing dresses and nice ass makeup??? One of the things that points that girls are degraded is the fact that guys aren’t expected/ allowed to wear feminine clothes. It’s not just about what girls wear, it’s about it not being looked down upon to be ‘girly’. GOD.

There’s so much more but I’ve been writing for over half an hour and it’s 2:21 am so,,, yeet.

/also why is Keefe and Tam teased at one point for wearing more hair product than Biana? Is it because it’s… *gasp* gIrLy!?!?!?!?!? NeVeR!!!!!

anonymous asked:

Hey, earlier today i sent an ask in wich i was asking about your opinion on leafpool, cuz she just miiight be one of my favourite characters. I'm not here to beg you to answer it, but I didn't have internet when i sent it, so it's quite possible that it didn't make it i guess. So i sent this just to be sure (if you've seen it tough, just pretend this doesn't exist, lol). Also, i'm not trying to put pressure on you, you answer it if you want to ofc

Hi there! I’m afraid your lack of internet connection might indeed have played a part here, because I cannot find your original ask in my list at all. 

But as for the question in and of itself… sadly, my opinion of Leafpool isn’t very good. Has never been, and probably never will be, unless she’s rehashed from the ground up. My memory is a little fuzzy, but I remember the main points as to why I don’t like her. 

She wasn’t outright bad from the start to me, she felt pretty boring however, as this “perfect medicine cat apprentice” with the -special- StarClan connection; that stank of preferential treatment a long way off, and didn’t make for an interesting pov. And going by how good and perfect she supposedly was, it was then very disappointing to see how she showed no skill to reflect this - of course at the given time she was just an apprentice, but she has never been a -superb- medicine cat, even as she became older. Good enough, yes, but not one that you would cheer as “omigosh that’s some genius.” And there was nothing epic about her StarClan connection either, her visions weren’t stronger than anyone else’s (except Cinderpelt and that was frankly just unfair fuck you StarClan) and what it really meant was that StarClan had shit lined up for her in the future, nothing more. 

But I am of the firm belief that among so many others, Leafpool too, has been very mistreated by her authors. They launch her as the perfect medicine cat, one who is supposedly breathing and dreaming healing, who actually feels the calling. And for a moment you think that yes, we’ll have a medicine cat who’s not going to break the code, oh joy~

Alas, no. Instead they ship Leafpool down the forbidden romance lane, and it’s all been there done that before, and given that they make her a… how did I put it last, a “candy-coated stalker” for Crowfeather… did not help matters. It wasn’t so much a story of young love as it was this lonely little medicine cat who got so hung up about WindClan’s no. 1 emo. For basically no other reason than how she felt so bad for him losing Feathertail and it was oh-so sad. And because far back in her heart she regrets her med-cat choice and wishes she can have babies. Now THAT I don’t hold against her, honestly I NEVER understood why med-cats shouldn’t be allowed to take mates?? “They have to care for the whole clan and be objective” PFFFFF yeah lol as if that’s realistic. Unless you’re emotionally closed off or a complete stranger with no in-clan connections it just doesn’t work that way. And it would totally have worked if you had an established system, say a med-cat can take a mate and even have babies, so long as they either have a living mentor/co-med-cat, or a healthy and promising apprentice that can fill in during those two moons the med-cat is busy with their young. (After they’re weaned they can basically go back to work, they’ll still be in camp most of the day so the kittens wouldn’t even feel so lonely) See, that’s not so hard it is? We saw snippets of how it could have worked in Yellowfang’s Secret, when she had Brokenkit in the med-cat den. No need to rain brimstone over something so natural as wanting children. 

Also the whole med-cat celibacy rule got such a dreadfully bad basis with Moth Flight’s book, like… okay so she cannot deal with her responsibilities and having babies, and for that reason, she has to take the chance away from every other med-cat in existence?? “If I can’t have it, you can’t either!!” You’re not telling me your heart didn’t break on Acorn Fur’s behalf in that shitty book. 

Ahem… back to Leafpool. So yes, she’s a stepping mat for the Erins, and they’ve always done with her as they please, without a thought. They make her out to be this noble, “woe-is-me-I-made-a-bad-decision” but instead it came off as Leafpool never fully willing to face up to her own actions, and making it sound more self-sacrifical than it actually was. For one moment she’s ready to ditch the clans but then she can’t go through and so comes crawling back; it would have been more interesting if she had the guts to own up her mistake properly - it’s not like ThunderClan could have chucked her out anyway, given she was their last remaining med-cat. And she’d still have her supportive sister, and there would’ve been no need for all the secrecy and the BULLYING of Squirrel in Leafpool’s Wish. 

That book was horrid. How the Erins could even believe their readers still bought how Leaf and Squirrel were such close sisters after that disaster, I don’t know… Leaf gets to shove all her responsibility on her sister’s shoulder, who can’t disagree because StarClan thinks this is the perfect moment to shatter all her hopes by saying “LOL it’s not like you’re barren or anything so if you don’t take these kittens you’ll never have any - oups!” Thank you. That’s so kind. Barbaric is what it was, a disgusting action, and the worst part is that Leaf takes almost no time to reflect on this. She’s become a key figure in a wound her sister will bear the rest of her life, but she’s too scared of losing her med-cat position to even care. Thanks sister. Not so much as a single word of comfort. 

But they always felt more pity for Leafpool than they ever did her sister. It’s Leafpool who is this sadface all of PoT, inbetween her cruel jabs at Jayfeather (I get she was scared of showing him any maternal sides but honestly, derision and assholery isn’t a very good alternative, and there’s no excuse for it) and her “mystical acting” bc she can’t act to save her life honestly. Because again, pity and burdens are important parts of Erin’s favoured characters, and if you got nothing of that, you got nothing to expect either. 

Also what I don’t get is how people hail her as such a good mother, which we have no proof of. It seemed that in the time between giving birth to them, to getting “re-acquainted” with the kittens as apprentices, Leafpool’s maternal instincts had all but wilted and died. And that would be fine with me - she chose her profession, she made that conscious choice, so of course she would try to rid herself of any lingering emotions - and if she succeeded at that, then all kudos to her. She was looking forward to a lifetime without her children ever knowing her; being stone-faced about it would afterall have been the better alternative, no? But no, not enough drama in that. The authors were always so eager to promote her as the loving mother who sacrificed everything, when the character herself had given up any claim to the title. She’d left the raising and loving of her children to her sister, who was the one they really regarded as their mother, biological or no. And Leafpool would have accepted that, if it weren’t for how the Erins had to constantly chuck her into awkward scenes with them where the only thing we got out of it, was how uncomfortable she was become with the whole idea of herself as a mother. 

So like… I think I would have liked Leafpool better if the Erins hadn’t felt the need to stamp on other characters in order to “lift” her up to this weird saintly level, and if her development had been more stable than sporadic, in that it was mainly based on where she fit best in drama. Because then it becomes apparent that Leafpool in a casual setting, just pales, disappears; there, she has nothing to do, because the Erins only gave her a reaction pattern for pulsing drama, not everyday life. And that’s just not fair. 

carolynlve  asked:

I saw you mention wanting to talk about hp, so I was wondering what your favourite sirius/remus headcannons are? How do you think things would have turned out in an 'everyone lives' AU, or if pettigrew had actually been captured instead of Sirius?

Nice!! Thank u!!

Some pre-war headcanons that get me through:

  • Sirius has feelings first, but doesn’t recognize them. Until about 6th year he’s super unintentionally flirty w Remus. I think he’s a very tactile person anyways, but he’s always touching Remus, either just casually slinging an arm over his shoulder or sorta playing w his hair after the full moon. One day he realizes he likes Moony and it hits him like a ton of bricks and he just. panics lmao
  • Remus is quieter about it, rather insecure and afraid of 1. messing up the dynamic of the group and 2. ruining his friendship with Sirius. Remus knows he’s bi since like 3rd or 4th year (5th year secret closet makeouts w a Ravenclaw quidditch player). I think he starts to develop feelings for Sirius maybe during the summer going into the 6th year, or late in 5th year.
  • Capital T ‘Things’ don’t happen btwn them until midway/towards the end of 6th year and aren’t ~together~ until beginning of 7th year.
  • The Apartment is one of my fave headcanons. Despite not having any canon evidence, it’s basically become canon for a lot of people. A collective headcanon. So, it’s this shitty London apartment right? That Sirius gets after he moves out of the Potters’ place when his uncle dies n leaves him $$$
  • It’s dingy and he constantly has to cast heating charms but he fucking loves it. Remus moves in w him after graduation. Remus tries to make it on his own but he can’t hold down a job and is probably literally starving. He gets money from James but hates to. Sirius is constantly telling him he should just move in, why are u doing this to urself Moony. He caves after nearly 3 months. 
  • Remus brings his stuff to the place and puts it into the spare bedroom but they just spend all their time in Sirius’s bedroom. R never moves his stuff in there, he just pops into the other room to get his things, but he sleeps in S’s room.
  • I love this apartment. Things are so good here at first (later when things are bad it feels suffocating). It’s messy and all the furniture is second hand. They’ve got photos on the walls (not in frames just charmed up) and lots and lots of books (one book throw itself at u bc it knows you’re supposed to be reading it). Neither of them are great at cooking so the place smells of carry-out. The plumbing is probably bad but they magic their way around that. There’s a balcony in the back. It’s almost too small for two people, but they sit out there and smoke sometimes and look at the stars.
  • The place is honestly a mess. They have weird shit all over the place. Muggle albums and potted plants that are almost always on the verge of dying. Stacks of books on the shelves and the floors… their clothes constantly get mixed up and Sirius will just lounge around in Remus’s sweaters (that Sirius Black is a notorious sweater thief). Gifts from Lily. James’s quidditch jersey he left over one time. The Leather Jacket. Magic junk everywhere. Cauldrons and potions, lil experiments bc Sirius blew all his money on a motorbike and is trying to make it FLY of all things. Small occasional explosions. It smells like tea and motor oil if you can get through the Indian food smell. 
  • It’s really good for both of them, to feel like they have this safe place and being independent is really nice, esp for Sirius (Remus, too, doesn’t get along w his dad). 
  • In these first few months they’re so happy and feel rly mentally healthy and James and Lily and Peter come over and it’s Good.
  • There’s a photo of Remus and Sirius that, whenever no one but RS are in the room, make out w each other
  • Remus falls in love w Sirius because he’s funny and fun and confident and loved and so much of what he wants to be and cannot be, and he admires Sirius’s fierceness and capacity for joy and let it all out. Sirius throws himself whole heartedly into things and Remus loves that and admires it.
  • Sirius falls in love w Remus because of his wit and how he appears Good and Responsible, but can be wicked af and smarmy and sarcastic and a really good prankster and you would never expect it from the quiet, well-behaved boy in class.  Sirius admires Remus’s bravery and optimism and kindness. 
  • Lots of UST until 7th year. They argue a lot and banter, but it’s mostly good. They can piss each other off. Remus is a silent treatment kind of guy. Sirius complains to James and huffs loudly. 
  • They’re both smart and witty and rather isolated and had hard childhoods so they connect in that way. They both recognize the ~darkness~ each of them has and it makes their relationship stronger or weaker depending on circumstance (ie the war). 

AU stuff behind the cut!

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Generally, I have a rule of thumb. If you need to put down, write out, kill off, retcon, push aside a character for a ship to work then the ship is not a good one on it’s own.

That’s exactly the problem with Ol*city. In order to push them to a better level you have to rip Laurel from Oliver, which is stupid. They have been friends since childhood. They dated. It didn’t work for a million reasons no one needs to listen to, and they grew up. If Oliver found love with Felicity? Fine. Great. Dandy.

That shouldn’t have been at the expense of Laurel, Diggle, and villains being villains.

p.s. this is really long & most of the time I skip long posts because I’m a lazy fuck and can’t be bothered, so if you actually read this you should get a cookie.. Also, I’ve gotten a lot of Ol*city shippers following me lately. Little blurb about how if you love them then continue on. It’s not so much the ship, as the writing for the ship, that I have true issues with.

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