i honestly forgot he was even in the series

reasons kairi’s COOL and you should LIKE HER

by tumblr user skykxd

  • shes REALLY NICE and FUN
  • good at making stuff like cave drawings and cool charms 
  • one time against all laws of nature she remembered her best friend sora even tho a) he forgot her and b) some bad guys in black coats removed those memories which means she was literally just strong enough to hold onto them by herself 
  • cool hair !! 
  • feminine AND badass 
  • one other time she lost her heart when her world was destroyed by darkness (TTWICE?!) but instead of turning into a heartless like most ppl she was so strong it just chilled in her best friends’  
  • no shit sorta attitude
  • go big or go home 
  • one other other time her best friend was turned into a heartless but instead of being afraid she literally found him and hugged and saved him 
  • shes sort of a princess of heart AND a guardian of light like wtf so cool
  • honestly why wouldn’t you like kairi 
  • i like kairi
  • u should too