i honestly feel this way about most of the blogs on tumblr

Tips on how to be a happier Laurel Lance fan on Tumblr
Hello guys, since Arrow is back I decided to share my happiness secret with a few of my fellow Laurel Lance/Katie Cassidy supporters.

I honestly hope this helps.

1. Use the block button! ALWAYS use the block button, this will clean your Laurel Lance/Katie Cassidy tag of all the hate eventually, trust me, I can navigate around these two tags these days without reading any sort of crap.

The best way to find haters is during live episodes, that’s when most of the annoying people show up, so just block people without feeling weak because this is your blog and if the LL tag is your home, protect it, you don’t need to read shit about your favorite actress/character here.

2. Don’t panic, sometimes it feels like there’s tons of hate for Laurel, most of this is just disguised fear. TRUST ME, season 2 was were the hate reigned, those days are gone.

Most people appreciate and like Laurel now, you can see for yourself by following KC’s numbers on social media, she gains almost 30k new followers on instagram every week, her facebook numbers are pretty solid as well, same for twitter, also, try to compare the numbers of likes her photos get on facebook, they increased considerably since season 3, her Black Canary revel photo is one of the most liked pictures of the page and her “fight club” poster has more likes than Oliver’s.

3. Follow the right people, I follow tons of pro-Katie/Laurel pages, and they are always reblogging LL supporters, some of my personal favorites are @laurellancesource / @queensarrow / @gamorahww / @fuckyeahlaurellance / @queencanaries / @blackcanaryrises and of course @ilovekcassidy

4. DON’T FIGHT, trust me, I know is hard sometimes, especially because some people are so fucking hypocrites but don’t waste your time, the thing with KC/LL haters is to pick with EVERYTHING Laurel does, every week is another thing, so don’t get evolved in this toxic part of the fandom because is really stressful and doesn’t worth your time.

5. Never generalize, just because a user ships Olicity doesn’t mean she/he is a Laurel/KC hater. I met tons of nice/sweet Olicity fans here on tumblr who had nothing but sweet stuff to say about Laurel and Katie.

6. Share your love, help keeping the LL/KC tag clean and healthy.

7. Never take crap from any anonymous hater, if a person has the audacity to come to your personal blog and hate you for your thoughts (especially if you used the right tags), NEVER surrender, shut them up.

8. Remember this is just a show, Arrow is supposed to be fun, don’t get trap inside your house reading crap from lunatics who doesn’t seem to have a life outside Tumblr, go out, have fun, this is a show, not your life.

9. Don’t hate the other female characters. (maybe if is Cupid… nope, nope, don’t do it!)

10. Appreciate how amazing Laurel is and specially how happy Katie is since last season, you can really see this through her interviews and selfies, she’s in a good place, be happy for her because I’m sure she doesn’t even bother about some hateful immature fangirls over facebook at this point.

everlarkedalways & arbyeatscheesebuns

THG changed my life.

I read this powerful, captivating, beautiful story and I could not shake it. I read it and honestly mourned over the end. I needed more. I found fanfiction which led me to tumblr and then to Everlarked & Always. I started E&A because every day something would remind me of Katniss and Peeta. I was Everlarked.

Reading Everlark’s story and adoring Peeta, helped me to see how grateful I am for my husband and notice the small things we do for each other. It’s honestly helped my marriage in a wonderful way.

Blogging about Everlark provided a creative outlet for me. I have an obsession with words. I needed to see Everlark’s words written out and share it with you.

I’ve made friends online and in real life that I wouldn’t have otherwise done. I’ve had the most amazing times fangirling with you over the beach kiss and red carpet walks; crying with you on the last day of filming and raging against the frustrations we feel with trolls and stans. You have shared some of my best days.

This ship has changed me for the better. It’s been an amazing blessing. I’m so grateful for all of this.

Okay, so I’m sure a lot of you would like to just ignore the blog that is tearing Klaroliners down, but honestly we all need to put a stop to it. I’m sure the blog runner loves the attention, no matter how it’s coming her way but it’s really getting out of hand.

I don’t want someone with a less thick skin than most to be placed on that blog because of how passionate they feel about a certain ship.

Tumblr is a place to voice your opinion, no matter what it is, and when someone blatantly attacks these blogs it hurts the entire experience. There’s a difference between voicing your opinion about certain subjects and seeking out someone specific with the sole purpose of tearing them down then it’s just outright malicious hate.

If you are a Klaroliner or even a Steroliner and you disagree with this blog. Please let the Tumblr people know about it!

I’m tagging all the tags, because I want all people to see it, no matter if you hate my ship and love Steroline or any of the others.

This blog is disrespectful, harmful and it needs to go away.

Please go here for instructions on how to report them to Tumblr.

Please reblog and spread the word if you agree!