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Could I please request one where Bakugou & his s/o get into a heated argument & she starts crying, which puts a stop to it because he feels extremely guilty & it ends with him comforting her/them apologizing? I can't wait to see you and this amazing blog grow & be a part of it!! ❤️❤️❤️

Sure thing, sweetie! I really hope you enjoy this request and I’m sorry that I didn’t quite follow what you requested but I still hope you like it? and thank you so much for being a part of this experience with me! You are too kind, angel!♡

He was fucking mad and honestly, you could talk all you fucking wanted to but it wouldn’t change a goddamn thing. You were stubborn, he would almost say you were as fucking persistent as him but nobody is or would ever fucking be better than him, and he’d kill over and die before he admitted such a thing out loud.

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Losing Your Virginity To Ethan Would Include

• Candles everywhere

• A shit-ton of foreplay

• Neck kisses

• Him walking you through everything

• Taking things incredibly slow

casually skips the legitimately smutty part because I honestly suck at writing things like that

• Cuddles afterwards

• “How do you feel, Babe?”

• “Amazing.”

• More neck kisses

• More “I love you"s than you can count

~ As per usual, no idea how to close these….. sooo I hope y'all like this one, it’s quite different compared to other lists I have😂 but yeah stay in school you guys

Hockey Camp - Auston Matthews (Part 19)

 Auston Matthews x Reader

Word Count: 2381

Warnings: Swearing, emotional scenes

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It’s Sunday. Your meeting with the scouts is happening in less than an hour, and two things are on your mind: 1. The fact that neither Will nor Auston have spoken to you since the scouting session two days ago, and 2. Your meeting with the scouts can and will alter your future forever. Whether that will be in a good or bad way is undetermined yet, but your stomach has been in a tight knot of nerves ever since you woke.
“Steph,” you whine, “I don’t think I can do this.” You feel like you’re going to throw-up at any given second.

Steph steps out of the bathroom, dressed smartly in a blazer and long, tailored pants. Her hair is pulled back into a low bun, and her makeup is light. Her entire appearance screams, ‘professional.’

“Wow, you look amazing!”

“Thank-you. And you can do this, your only limitation is yourself, Y/N.”

“Did you steal that quote from your Pinterest?”

“Maybe.” Steph giggles. “But, hush. Honestly, regardless of whether it’s the CWHL or the NWHL, you’re going to be offered a contract today. If someone plays the way you did on Friday and doesn’t get signed, then something’s wrong with the scouts, not you.”

You laugh, your nerves dissipating slightly. “Thanks, Steph. You always know what to say to make me feel better.”

“That’s what I’m here for. Now, let’s get you dressed in something a little more professional.”

You glance down at your old gym shorts and beloved Maple Leafs’ top. “Why, you don’t think the scouts would be impressed if I rolled up looking like this?” you ask sarcastically.

“Not exactly.”

“Y/N, Y/L/N. Please come with me.” A middle-aged man in a fitted polo shirt and dress pants motions for you to follow him down the corridor. “The scouts are waiting for you.”

You stand up from you chair in the holding hall, where many other players are patiently waiting for their name to be called. Steph had been called in fifteen minutes earlier, but still isn’t back yet. You hope that’s a good sign.

As you’re walking past the rows of chairs lining the sides of the hall, you catch a glimpse of Will out of the corner of your eye. He gives you a thumbs up and an awkward grin, and you can’t help but smile back at him before continuing to follow the man in the polo shirt.

“Now,” the man says, stopping by an office door. “The NWHL scouts would like to meet with you in here.”

Your heart drops. You didn’t impress the CWHL scouts after all.

“However, afterwards, the CWHL scouts would also like to meet with you. He glances down at his clipboard. “You did well during the scouting session, I presume?”

Your pulse quickens in anticipation. “Um, I guess. Well, at least I think I did?” you say it like a question. “I suppose only time will tell.”

The guy nods at you. “I wish you the best of luck,” he says, and then knocks twice on the door.

“Come in!” you hear someone call out.

Nervously, you smooth down the skirt Steph had lent you, and push open the door. Three scouts sit behind a long table, with one open chair in front of them.

“Y/N!” a friendly-looking woman with auburn hair greets you warmly. You feel like you’ve met her before somehow, and her presence instantly soothes you. “Please, take a seat.”

You sit down and try to take deep breaths. The scouts flip through their binders and files as you wait, crossing your hands neatly in your lap.

“Now, Y/N, you played for the junior Y/T/N for the past two years, correct?” an older, stern looking man asks.

You nod. “Yes. It’s been a wonderful learning opportunity for me.”

He makes a noise of agreement. “We’ve noticed. Now, let’s cut to the chase.” He leans forward, clasping his hands together. “You’re fast, you see the ice well, you can score, but also you pass the puck. You’re a package forward. A well-rounded player both on and off the ice…” He flips through your transcript. “It says here you were actively involved with leadership programs in your high school?”

“Yes. It’s a program that helps incoming freshmen feel more welcome. We run icebreaker games and host themed movie nights to help all the grade nines feel like they’re a part of the school community.” Your mom had forced you into doing the program, which hardly made sense to you at the time, considering how shy you become around new people, and the program consisted of you trying to teach others how not to be shy. But you’re glad she had made you do it now.

“Excellent. You’ve also been the assistant captain of your team two years running?”

“Yes, I was nominated for the position by my teammates.”

“Well then, it must be no surprise to you that we’d like to offer you a spot on the New York Riveters.”

“Oh, wow. Um, thank-you.” You don’t know what to say, or how to react.

He notices this. “Now, don’t feel pressured that you have to give us an answer straight away. I know that you are the top candidate for a lot of scouts, and surely you will have other offers presented to you. However, if you do decide that you’d like to join our club, please fill out this form and call us at this number and we can set-up another meeting later this week to discuss pay grade, sign contracts, and the like.” He slides you several sheets of paper stapled together, all covered with information. “If not, please just send us these forms back to us using the return address listed in the top right corner.”

“Okay, I understand. Thank-you very much for your time.” You take the forms and fold them neatly into your bag.

“It was very nice meeting with you, Y/N,” the auburn-haired woman says and you smile at her.

“It was very nice meeting you as well. Thank-you again.” You stand up and the man in the polo shirt from earlier opens the door.

“All good?” he asks.

“All good.”

“Right, let’s head over to the CWHL office. They’re just finishing up their last meeting, and then they’ll be ready for you.”

You follow him down the hall and then sit back down in a wooden chair propped up outside a door labelled, “CWHL” in bold writing. It feels like an eternity passes before the door opens and a blonde girl walks out. She sniffs and wipes at her eyes, clipping down the hall at a fast pace.

Your heartbeat quickens. Hopefully that won’t be you in ten minutes.

The polo shirt guy peeks his head through the door and exchanges a few words with the scouts, before turning back to you. “They’re ready.”

Somehow you feel even more nervous, regardless of the fact you had already completed one out of two interviews, but you know this is the one that matters most to you in the end.

“Hello,” you say, walking up and sitting down in the chair placed in front of the table of scouts, a nearly identical set-up to the NWHL’s room.

“Good morning, Y/N. How are you today?” the scout, Catherine asks. Her grey hair is pulled back in a tight ponytail, and upon her nose sits a pair of tortoiseshell glasses. She looks exactly like a terrifying librarian, minus the librarian part. She intimidates the crap out of you.

“I’m good thanks, and you?” you respond politely, trying to keep your voice level and conceal your rising levels of anxiety.

“I’m well.” She flips over a page in her binder. “Y/N,” she says, looking directly into your eyes. You try not to squirm under the weight of her gaze. “I’d like to introduce you to general manager Rebecca Davies, assistant coach Mark Penelton, and head coach Sommer West, all of the Toronto Furies.”

You shake each member of the coaching staff’s hand and exchange greetings before sitting back down. “It’s an honour to meet you all.”

“And it’s an honour to meet you,” Sommer replies warmly. You like her already.

“Now, Y/N, normally I would not invite the individual members of a particular team’s coaching staff to a preliminary meeting like this, however, you are an exception. When I spoke on the phone to Mrs. Davies here, she was very interested in meeting with you.” Catherine nods at Rebecca. “Mrs. Davies?”

Rebecca smiles and turns to you. “Yes. From what Catherine was reporting over the course of your most recent junior year playing for the Y/T/N, and looking over the scores and feedback from your trainers here at camp, I wanted to keep a close eye on your performance on Friday during the scouting session.” Her professional expression breaks for a second. “I was amazed at your results, quite honestly.”

You blush, flattered. “Thank-you.”

She nods. “That’s why we wanted to meet with you today, to offer you a three-year entry level contract with the Toronto Furies.”

You can hardly believe the words you’re hearing. You’ve been fantasizing about this moment so much that it feels like just another dream. “Really?”

“Yes. We would be delighted to have you on our team for the 2015-16 season and for as many seasons as we can after that. We believe your skill, leadership, and passion for the game will be extremely beneficial to our club.”


“Now, I understand that you probably have other offers on the table, and that-”

You cut her off. “I’ll take it.”

“Are you sure you don’t need more time to-”

You shake your head firmly. “Nope. I’ve had the dream of being on the Furies since I first heard about the league. And before that, I wanted to be a Maple Leaf.”

Rebecca laughs. “Well, I’m very glad to hear that. Now, we’ll give you a call tomorrow so we can meet with you and your parents to sign the contract and work out your salary before you leave camp, but consider yourself the newest member of the Toronto Furies.”

“Yes, of course - I’ll let my parents know. Thank you so, so much.” You look around at each coach and smile.

“Thank you, Y/N,” Sommer says. “We’ll see you tomorrow.”

“See you tomorrow,” you echo, and turn on your heel, walking out of the room feeling like you’re floating on a cloud.

After you meet with your parents and Steph over a celebratory dinner to tell them the good news (Steph had been offered a contract to both the Brampton Thunder and Boston Pride - she wasn’t sure which team she was going to pick yet), you have a little alone time to yourself to take in everything that just happened.

You walk out to your favourite spot on the dock and sit down, dipping your feet in the water and leaning back on your hands. You breathe in deeply, taking the fresh air into your lungs and savouring the feeling of this moment.

You don’t know how long you stay there, but you open your eyes when you feel the dock shift. You twist around to see Auston, walking over towards you.

“I thought I might find you here,” he says as he reaches the end of the dock and sits down beside you.

“Yeah, I came out here to escape the craziness for a minute.”

“Tell me about it.”

There’s a tense silence before he speaks up. “We need to talk.”

“I know,” you say and look down at your feet in the water. “What you saw yesterday…that was not what you think it was.”

“To you or to him?” You’re surprised at how hostile his voice sounds.

“Auston, I know Will likes me, but that doesn’t change the way I feel about you.”

“Does me playing hockey in Zurich next year change the way you feel about me?”

“What? No way! You got-”

“I got offered a contract to play in the Swiss league. And I accepted.”

“Auston, that’s incredible. I’m so proud of you. Like so fucking proud.”

Auston smiles, but he doesn’t let it reach his eyes. “Thanks. Did you hear anything back from the CWHL?”

You nod and grin widely, still not believing it yourself. “I’m officially a Toronto Fury come September.”

“I never doubted you would get the spot.”

“Thank you. Your support really helped me through this, you know. I couldn’t have done it without you.”

Auston shakes his head. “Nah. You just needed a little push. You had it in you all along.”

You smile at each other, but your stomach turns uneasily. You know where the conversation is headed. The unspoken question hangs in the air, heavy and unanswered.

You decide to bite the bullet and be blunt. “So, what’s going to happen to us?”

Auston looks you dead in the eye, like he’s practiced this moment in his head a hundred times over. “Nothing is going to happen, Y/N. Because,” he sighs. “There is no us.”

Your heart shatters into a thousand tiny splinters. “What do you mean?” You’re hoping he’s playing a cruel joke on you.

Auston laughs bitterly. His brown eyes have become like two stones, cold and hard. “Did you honestly think we would have a future together? Me in Zurich, and you in Toronto?”

“Long distance relationships can work you know. Skype, FaceTime…” you reach across to touch his arm, but he yanks it away from you like he’s been shocked.

“No, Y/N - I don’t want that.”

“So what you’re saying is…”

“I don’t want this - us. I don’t want you anymore.”

“But Auston…” you whimper. “If you’re that worried about the distance, we can make it work, I know we can.”

He shakes his head. “No, it won’t. It won’t work.”

“So that’s it? We’re done? You’re going to give up on us just like that?”

He stands up, silently answering your question. “I wish you the best of luck in Toronto. I know you’ll do great.“

And with that, he leaves you on the dock, frozen in place, staring after what had been and what could have been.

[Part 20]

It makes me kinda sad that I see no progression on my blog?

I truly appreciate those who support me and almost all of you have been here for quite a while! But I feel like I’m not pleasing anyone new? And everyone says that ‘notes don’t matter’ but honestly, that’s not entirely true, is it? I edit and write not only for myself. I see simblrs blowing up over night that looks so amazing, not that I’m unhappy with what I have right now but I thought that by now I would have a better blog lol

EXO’s Reaction to You Wanting to Keep Your Relationship A Secret

Baekhyun: might be a little disappointed because all he’d really want is to show you off to everybody. You’d better be prepared for a ton of adorable pouting from this little puppy, ‘cause he’d be a little sad that he wouldn’t be able to brag about you. “Fine, I guess if that’s what you want, maybe it’s for the best.”

Chanyeol: would be somewhat upset that you’d feel like you’d be on the receiving end of a ton of hate, but he’d know that you had good reason to feel that way, as it was likely true. He’d hate that you were in a position where you both felt like you had to keep something that made you so happy a secret from everybody.

Chen: would be surprisingly okay with this, mostly because he could turn it into a game, of sorts. Like, how much you two could get away with doing, and how long you could get away with it before you were found out. “Maybe next time we could try going on a date in actual daylight, Jagi-yah!”

D.O: would be all for this idea. Not that he didn’t want people to know about the two of you, but he’d agree one hundred percent that there’s a good chance you’d get at least some hate. Not to mention, he’d really just enjoy having you all to himself, not having to share you with anyone else.

Kai: would be similar to Baek, in that he’d really just want to show you off and be able to be comfortable in a public relationship with you. But, he wouldn’t be quite as obviously upset by it. He’d still keep a good attitude about it all, and would ensure that he showed you all the love he could in private, since that’d be his only chance.

Kris: would probably be the most likely to convince you otherwise, stating that he’d be by your side to try to protect you from the possibility of hurtful comments from his fans. He’d just find it easier to get it all out in the open, and he’d try to make you believe that the words of other people shouldn’t have the power to affect you too much. this friggin’ gif, though

Lay: would be okay with your desire to keep your relationship a secret, but would also be the most likely to accidentally let the secret out. Like, he’d just be so happy about having you by his side and it’d just slip out of his lips before he could stop it. However, once he realized what he did, he’d try to make sure people were as supportive of you as possible. “A-Ahh, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to say that! Please everyone, be kind to Y/N, she makes me happy and deserves to be happy herself.”

Luhan: Like Kris, I think Luhan would try to make you feel comfortable with the idea of simply announcing your relationship. He’d try his best to ensure that the fans would be supportive if it was revealed, and wouldn’t have a problem issuing a statement were things to get out of control. “I was really hoping everybody would be able to support both me and Y/N in this decision. She doesn’t deserve any kind of hate, and I only ask that you treat her kindly. It’s not that hard to do.”

Sehun: would actually agree with you that it would be the smartest thing to do. He’d be well aware that there would definitely be some backlash on you for dating him, and he wouldn’t want to put you through that. “You’re right. We’ll know when the time is right to let everyone know.”

Suho: would purely be upset at the fact that you felt the need to hide your relationship. Even though he knew you were likely right, he’d be disappointed that his girlfriend had to keep it secret, when it was something that is meant to be joyous. Despite all of that, he’d be alright with going along with your idea and would do everything in his power to keep it to yourselves until you were ready to let people know.

Tao: I feel like Tao’s the type of guy that would totally want to brag about the fact that he snagged a girlfriend, so he’d be quite disappointed when that chance was taken away from him. It would honestly be extremely difficult for him to keep it inside, but he’d pull through it since he knew it was something you had wanted quite badly. “It’s not fair, Y/N. I have an amazing girlfriend now, but nobody is allowed to know about it, how is that okay? This is so cruel!”

Xiumin:wouldn’t really care either way, whichever option made you the most happy would be the one he would go with. He’d be completely okay with revealing your relationship, but if you really wanted to keep it to yourselves, he’d go with that as well. “We’ll set up a reveal whenever you feel like you’re ready, Y/N. We don’t have any reason to rush it, okay?”


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Part of me wants to join in on the fun with you and all your friends but at the same time I don't wanna feel like I'm intruding even though it seems like you guys are more than willing to welcome more people; I even follow the majority of you. It's one of those feelings, you know? And not to sound pathetic/pitiful but I'm honestly anxious not being on anon to approach any of you on this. If we all met in person I would have no problem. Anyways, I love you guys and hope you have a great day!

Well, first of all, I’d like to thank you for writing this, even on anon, and you’re totally not sounding neither pathetic nor pitiful!

You won’t believe but I am often anxious, too. However, for me it is the opposite. I am quite shy irl and I probably would never approach all those amazing people here if I met them in person. While in social media, it is quite different for me. But even though I am more outgoing here, in the internet, I had (and have) the same problems. I often get hit by the thought that I’m annoying other bloggers, that they don’t actually want to talk to me, that there’s too much of me here. When I just created this blog, I had to gather all my courage to send an ask to some of the bloggers I really liked without thinking that I was stalking them (which I believe I actually did lol, I sent a huge number of asks to @catarinalosss and cancelled many many more). But now, when I got into this fandom, I realised how sweet and accepting these guys were. You’re right, they are indeed eager to welcome more people. They are willing to answer questions, they are willing to talk to you, to create funny posts together. Some of them may seem cold to new people but believe me they are not. They will try to help you as much as they can. I know it’s kinda hard, but if you really want to be a part of this all, try not to be shy, try to get closer to them by tagging those people in tag games, by sending asks, by discussing something with them. You will see how they gradually get closer to you. Everything just needs time! 

I love you, too, and I also wish you to have a great day/night!!!!

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Thoughts on summer game overwatch skins? Some of them feel a little fan servicey but then again, tactical socks and sandals

honestly, i’m pretty satisfied with this batch! Grill Gramps and BMX reaper are absolutely amazing, and diving sombra and cricket junkrat are solid as well

mccree is alright, although something feels vaguely off about his model that i can’t quite put my finger on

the widowmaker one feels like it was pretty inevitable (if anything, i’m surprised it took ‘em this long) - i personally think a beach mei with a water gun would be cute as fuck, but after how her lunar new year skins turned out, i don’t think i really trust blizzard not to completely fuck up her model in the process

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Hi! I'm a really big fan of your podfics,you were the person who I first started listening to and still only listen to now-I started listening to you about two years ago.I have recently discovered this fanfiction called 'The Violet Hour' by Breathedout, I thought I would recommend it to you,if you have not already heard of it,as I feel you would like it and I can imagine you doing a podfic of it.Thank you for all the work you do,your podfics have helped me quite a bit through stressful times.

Originally posted by gfycat

Thank you so much for this lovely ask, nonny! I feel extremely lucky to have been allowed to record so many fics from this fandom’s talented and hardworking writers, and then to find out that those recordings are something that have helped you and others during stressful times is honestly amazing. I only started podficcing because I wanted to show fic authors how much their efforts and selflessness is appreciated. And yet, the kudos/comments/messages I’ve been gifted with in response to those podfics have easily been the best part of my life the last few years, no exaggeration. It’s made me believe Lewis Carroll was right about “One of the deep secrets of life is that all that is really worth doing is what we do for others.” 

I have already recorded one of the fics in the same series as ‘The Violet Hour’ (’Ein Zimmer Mit Bad’) and one of my FTH winners picked ‘How the mouth changes its shape’ (hope to start posting it in late June, depending on work/dissertation deadlines), so I very much adore hbbo’s writing and would jump at the prospect of recording more of it. So, as long as @havingbeenbreathedout is willing and you don’t mind waiting for a few months, I’d love to podfic ‘The Violet Hour’ (and maybe the rest of the series, too?) as soon as I’m caught up on all the other podfics I owe for FTH and all the other fics I’ve been given permission to record.

I hope you have fewer stressful times ahead of you, dear nonny. I’m sending you all my love and positive energy.
♡ CS

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Are you calm? I really don’t think you are. BUT I ALSO LOVE ME SOME EXO, AND SOME KINKS, SO LIKE LET’S DO THIS. Also gonna do it OT12 because I miss my babies…I apologize if anyone has an issue with it. In the future, anyone can specify if they want OT12, just current members, or just specific ones.


Originally posted by minseokked

Minseok: take a deep breath emperorjin because your boy is up first Okay…so Minseok. He’s interesting. Cute face and killer body, is basically what it boils down to. He’s also the oldest member, and arguably one of the most mature (if not the most). It stands to reason that he’s bound to have stumbled upon plenty of kinks, and is perfectly comfortable with admitting that not to mention have you seen how his body moves tho? like ZAYUM. what am i saying, of course you have now for Minseok. He’d be very into teasing. He’d be very into PUBLIC teasing. His favorite time to corner you and feel you up, or just score a hot make out, is backstage before a show. He loves to leave you hanging. I can see him having a slight daddy kink, so if you pull this out on him in the bedroom. He’d like light bondage, such as wrist restraints. He’d like sex when the risk of being caught or heard was high. He’d be one of the members most likely to enjoy trying new positions or new “tricks” so to speak in the bedroom. I also see him having a bit of a voyeurism kink, so it’s very likely he might make you please yourself while he watches.

Originally posted by psyrain

Luhan: deer lord slay me haha get it i said deer…he’s killing me please help Oh boy…this will be interesting. We all know that Luhan’s primary goal in life is to be “manly”. We also all know by now that behind that cute, sweet little face and doe eyes is quite the little perv we’ve heard Lu…there’s no coming back from that Lulu me boy I could see him being a very dominant personality in bed. He would love getting blowjobs, but rather than just letting you do your thing and show off your skill, he’d be the type to hold your head in place, thrusting into your mouth a bit and get off on the sound of you gagging. He’d love pinning you down, making you scream. He’d love fucking you against the wall, forcing you to cling onto him with everything you have just so you don’t fall, nails digging into his back and shoulders. I also think he’d have a mild kink for choking and spanking. 

Originally posted by krisat4am

Yifan: Alright I just got random Kris feels that I’m not used to dealing with. Kris strikes me as the type to be a bit more “traditional” and by that I don’t mean to say he’s “vanilla,” I just mean that he wouldn’t really so much care for all of the extra frills and kinks that some of the other guys would like. He’d be into rough sex though. He would be very dominant. The kinkiest I see him getting (and tbh this is lowkey a really big kink for him imo) is calling you princess/you calling him daddy or oppa, whichever you’re more comfortable with. 

Originally posted by wintershower

Junmyeon: On the scale of vanilla cupcake to dungeon sex master from hell, I think he’d fall closer to the vanilla region. It’s not to say that he wouldn’t be into trying some new things, but I just honestly think he’d be a little more hesitant, and definitely a bit more shy if you were to bring them up to him. He’d be very into sweet and slow love making, maybe switching it up with a rough pace every once in a while. I honestly see his biggest kink being an innocence kink, so basically if you give him your best doe eyes, bat your eyelashes, bite your lip and call him oppa he’ll be feeling a little more than just affection in that moment.

Originally posted by purpleuhan

Yixing: Alright, I think he’d be less of the kinky type and more of the type to get turned on by the simple things. He’d like lingerie and would probably often spoil you by buying new ones. He’d also be one of the actually more submissive guys. He wouldn’t mind, and would actually find it attractive, if you took the reigns. I’m not talking anything extreme, like don’t pull out any BDSM shit on him, but some blindfolds, sensory play (run a feather down his body gently while he’s blindfolded and I bet he’ll lose his mind), and you riding him would be enough to fuel him into overdrive.

Originally posted by wooyoung

Baekhyun: I might not make it out of this one alive I mean already just look at the way his fingers gently glide along his own neck and the way he’s looking just like FUCK ME UP someone help me I need air He’s definitely on the kinkier side.I could see him being very versatile as far as if he’s dominant or submissive, but I think he’d prefer you taking the dominant role. He’d be completely into being tied up, He’d LOVE hair pulling. I could see dirty talk being a big turn on for him, both when you do it, and when he’s whispering filth into your ears to get a reaction out of you. I think he’d be kinda into wearing a collar for you to tug on and boss him around a bit. He’d call you mistress/princess/baby/mommy/noona depending on his mood that day, but pet names are a big thing for him, especially in bed. He’d like to finger you often, and honestly…have you seen his beautiful fingers? They’re amazing! Also, he’d be the type of sub who would be actually quite bossy. Expect a lot of “noona, faster!” “mommy, harder!” “choke me!” out of this one. wow admin haru had to take a two day break after writing this because it ruined her ok bye

Originally posted by luhansguardian

Jongdae: I get the feel that he would prefer playful sex to anything super kinky. Anything where you guys could just enjoy each other, laugh together, he’d like romantic. But since this is a kink post, I do think there are some that he’d really be fond of! He would be the type to like public…pretty much anything! Some public teasing where his hand was on your thigh and sliding up under the table, maybe having you sit on his lap in a crowded room and grinding on you a little bit. He would be the type to want to try dressing room sex, at least once. He’d love it if you were trying on lingerie for him in a store and if he snuck in…you can guarantee you’d be trying some things out. I think he’d also be pretty into trying out different types of roleplay or outfits in the bedroom. You want him in police officer uniform? Sign him up. Consider it done. 

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Chanyeol: Honestly, I think his biggest turn on in terms of kinks would be a praise kink. He’d really love to take his time worshipping and admiring every part of your body, making you feel special and beautiful. He’d be a big fan of oral, both giving and receiving, but I think mostly giving. He’d be big into dirty talk, and honestly he has the voice for it. His deep and sexy voice in your ear while you’re having sex and telling you what a good job you’re doing? Yeah goodbye world.

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Kyungsoo: I had to get a little help from my bestie @daddyafnamjoon for this one so please check her out and give her love. Kyungsoo would be the type to be turned on by seeing his lover in lingerie, especially something lace or silk. He wouldn’t be into anything too extreme, but would be a rough guy in bed for sure. He’d like to take control, be the one in charge. He’d expect you to listen to him. He would be the type to give punishments if you weren’t  obeying to his standards and honestly his favorite type of punishment to give would be spankings. He’d like pet names, and his favorite one to use on you would be “baby girl”. 

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Zitao: that gif though wow is it getting hot in here Tao strikes me as the type to be a bit of a romantic in bed. Actually no, I take that back. He would have two settings depending on his mood for the day. On some days, he’d be very romantic and affectionate. He might be willing to let you take control just a little bit. He’d really like seeing you on top of him, his hands gliding along your smooth thighs to hold at your hips. He’d be the type to whisper sweet “I love you”s between kisses. However, on his feistier days, he’d want to be in charge. He’d expect you worshipping him, on your knees ready to do as he commands. He’d want to hear a lot of begging, a lot of praise directed at him, and would love to pull your hair and spank your ass. He’d expect blowjobs, but honestly they’d heat up quickly into more of just him fucking your face. Rather than releasing in your mouth, he’d love the dirty look of releasing on your chest and face instead. 

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Jongin: As we all know, there’s quite a difference between “Kai” and “Jongin” so this could get really interesting for you. Like Tao, I feel like depending on his mood you would get either Kai or Jongin. When he’s feeling like Kai, he’s going to be rough and dirty, loving to really push your limits, and needing to hear you scream. He might be so inclined to tie your wrists behind your back and immobilize you just a bit while he either toys with you or makes you give him head. Now, I would say probably 90% of the time you’re getting Jongin instead of Kai, and he’s a whole different story. Jongin is sweet, making sure to always tell you what he loves about you and how beautiful you are. He would be the type to leave soft, sweet kisses along every inch of your body. He’d be a very selfless lover, always asking what you want and need and making sure to give you exactly that. I think he’d really like oral, watching the pleasure on your face as he does his best to give you a piece of heaven. He’d love any position that was intimate and close where you could hold each other and kiss the entire time. 

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Sehun: help me i am dying i am dead inside Alright, listen. It’s probably not news to anyone that probably 95% of my time is spent thinking about Sehun. haha someone call a doctor am i right…please help me he’s absorbed my soul That being said, I feel like he’s a bit trickier to really peg down. His image is very tough and sexy, very much the role of the “badboy”. Point blank, he’s beautiful and plays the role well. I think it’s just a role though. He’s the youngest, and quite honestly seems very VERY sensitive. Deep down, he’s sweet to the core and I think even when it comes to sex he’d be on the softer side. He’s still a bit innocent, despite his bad boy image, and more than anything seems to like cuddles. I think it’s reasonable to say that, kinda like Jongin, romance is a big turn on for him. He’d want every inch of your body to be tingling with sensations, he’d have your lips close or connected almost the whole time. He would be the type to whisper sweet nothings to you, telling you how much he loved you and how beautiful you are. Some neck kisses would definitely be a bonus, and I think he’d actually be a bit into biting. can we talk about how sharp his teeth are tho like i think he’d also maybe wanna bite you When he was feeling rougher though, which does happen from time to time, I still don’t think you’d see any extreme wild sides from him. I think he’d be a little bit more likely to get vocal and quite frankly very whiny, than the other guys, especially if he felt very comfortable with you. He’d like both having you on top and being on top of you, not caring so much who was in charge (but even so not hardcore dominant like Kris OR hardcore submissive like Baek, just somewhere in between). I think he’d have a kink for dirty talk and very VERY light bondage, I’m talking wrists restraints and nothing more. When he was feeling sassy rather than romantic, he would be so totally in favor of playful banter back and forth, you’d see his sarcasm come out and he’d like to pick on you. He’d probably like calling you noona (seems like he’d be into noonas) and would like if you called him baby. Don’t freak him out with anything too wild in the nicknames department.

okay for the love of god i think i’m done….i’m so sorry about how carried away i got with Sehun…again. 

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•ok so first things first
•I’m the realist
•oH christ no I’m sorry
•honestly tho, yugyeom = shyest boyfriend ever
•i can literally imagine him alwAys being so adorably shy around you when u guys stArt dating
•he’d alWays alWAYS ALWAYS go to like hug u or hold your hand bUt would be like
•"should I? ShOULDnt i?“
•if u’ve ever seen that video from the ‘A’ era when yugyeom is on a date
•he wOuld acTually be like that
•honestly he would just look at you and smile and just be like "wow”
•most likely would in fact sit infront of the mirror and embarrass himself
•"i love you!!!“
•"im going to put it bluntly, I love you.”
•"I love you, jagiiiiiii"
•"ok god no, just tell her straight. I love you y/n"
•that would for sure be the first time you hear him sAy it
•I see yugyeom getting attached quite easily so he would probably love u very quickly if thaT makes sense
•when u see him sitting infront of the mIRror
•would turn around so quick and PROBABly scream
•you would just go over and sit down next to him
•grab his face
•and whisper
•"I love you, too.“
•the bluSh and smiLe on hIS FACE WOULD BE UNBELIEVABLE
•then he totally gets this sudden thing of confidence and like gentlY touches your face and kisses you
•oKAY KIssiN yUgyeom !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
•at first for sure, there would be these little shoRt pecks
•bUt tHeN
•boOmage he’d like alwAys want kisses
•the boys wouLd sometimes find it super annoying whEn you go to see them all
•and he just holds u and kisses ur face
•yugyeom also = cute clingy boyfriend but not actually majorly clingy but it’s super adorable
•making out
•so basically it would all start off with
•Netflix and chill
•or am I hMmm???
•when u first make out yugyeom would be really sa d and
•yugyeom sad ???? What????
•you would honestly list everything you love about him and hold him so t I g h t L y
•u would just wait for that frown to turn upside down
•so u can see his beautiful fuCking smile
•you would pull away from holding him and he’d kiss you just to say "thank you”
•but that “thank u” kiss turns into sometHing more
•when his lips press more agAinst yours
•you would meLt because hIs liPS ARE SO SOFT AND THOSE SOFT LIPS FEEL AMazIng against yours
•would most likely be quite cliche and just hold you respectfully and softly trace his fingers against the small of ur back
•you let out the tiNest whimper
•and he just fucking wow he just holy shit goes crazy
•would pull you against him and allow u to straddle hIm
•your hands would go under his shirt and he’d shiver against ur touch
•softly his hands would run uP your thighs and
•bUT MAKINT OUT WIth yuGyeom would be super hot but also super passionate and super swEet
•yugyeom is the cUte funny that just makes u giggle and blush
•he’d fiNd it so adorable and laugh just as hard
•with you not at you
•ok no maybe he’d be laughing at you
•when you gO to the shows and when they perform 'if you do’ and the bODY ROLLS HAND DOWN THE BODY THING HAPPENS
•you do n t knOW What to d o
•you’re so like hot and bothered
•bUt ur both only young
•cuddles with yugyeom
•they’d be so simple but you’d feel so safe
•he’d probably just have his arm around you and your head would be on his chest
•while ur arm is over his stomach, cuddling him tightly
•when he talks about you to the boys he would be so tEASED
•"aw yugyeom has a girlfrienddddd"
•"our littLe maKnAE HAS A LADY"
•for sure for sure for sure, yugyeom would most likely brag about you the most out of all the boys
•because he finally has someone that understands him and loves him just as much as everyone else does
•more than everyone else even
•and he loves having you in his life
•he loves everything about you and how you’re always there
•yugyeom and his shyness/sexiness/amazingness/awesomeness/his everythingness (that’s not even a word but it should be for yugyeom ok)
•in conclusion
•yours and yugyeoms relationship would be amazing and cute and super hot and super wow
•I’m outie

Free! series Creation Notebook v2 Dialogue: Director: Hiroko Utsumi X Series Composer: Masahiro Yokotani X Character Designer: Futoshi Nishiya

Hiroko Utsumi
Animation Do member. Director of Free! and Free! –Eternal Summer-
Masahiro Yokotani
Series composer of Free! and Free! – Eternal Summer-. In charge of scripts
Futoshi Nishiya
Kyoto Animation member. Character designer/chief animation director for Free! and Free! –Eternal Summer-.

(umx notes: This is over 5,000 words long and talks a lot about the OVA from -Eternal Summer-. This is your warning for length and spoilers. There’s some footnotes at the bottom with the accordingly bolded number in the main text. Thanks to aliasanonyme for the scan for one picture used in this translation.)

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Okay everyone. Breathe.

Take a deep breath and–


But I will get to that in a moment because quite honestly, this chapter was all around amazing and has left me with some questions!

Lets start with Makarov:

If you take into consideration how upset Makarov was about not being able to use Lumen Histoire and not having the resolve to not only protect all of his little brats but the entire world, this is pretty telling. He does not feel he has the right to be the master of a guild, and he has failed them multiple times. If were Makarov, I would feel pretty bad and like a failure because had I not cast Lumen Histoire and there were no dragons, everyone would be dead. It was a stroke of luck, and luck is not what protects and upholds a guild.

It is only appropriate that this will and feeling is reflected in Laxus.

Right now, Makarov has no one to fulfill his place and yet, he feels he has long since been out of his prime and in need of a successor. Gildarts left and Laxus is still not ready and slightly tainted by the Fighting Festival fiasco. He has no one left, and Makarov has to make a decision concerning the brokenness of his brats, his failure to them and their city, and the destruction has occurred on his watch.

So he disbands the guild, knowing his brats are all in different places of despair and there is seemingly no reason to rebuild something he cannot protect. The darkness of Fairy Tail– their Lumen Histoire– is it’s most powerful and darkest kept secret, and only those who have the power, integrity and resolve to weild it are fit to become Master of the guild. There is no one he can entrust that to and he has failed himself, even with Mavis’s words that it must not have been time for such a spell.

My assumption is that Lumen Histoire encompasses all of the darkness of Fairy Tail– maybe something related to Zeira or whatever occurred between Zeref and Mavis, some deep seated rage that is the only magic that is known to be able to defeat Zeref. Mavis has always opposed Zeref and Zeref was locked on Tenroujima along with her, so I am sure Lumen Histoire was created to defeat the darkest and most evil of all magics. It must be equally as dark and devastating.

What Makarov has in his hands is a guild of broken people whom he cannot protect that will all go their separate ways to discover who they are, what their purpose is and how they wish to go forward. They are always Fairy Tail mages, but without a central location. He is bowing out, but I don’t think this is forever. 

I fully expect Laxus to be the one to pull Fairy Tail back together because of the resolve he stated above to become more because he cannot protect what he cares about. We saw in the GMG his passion for his “family” of Fairy Tail, which is the exact same way Makarov views them, and it would be a fitting resolution to Laxus’s story of redempetion to draw back together that which he once sought to destory. He is a mage all of the members of Fairy Tail look up to.

I don’t think Fairy Tail is gone forever, because of Doranbolt.

What was the point of showing Doranbolt the truth of his position with the guild he can’t seem to escape (which I felt was so good because everything about him as Mest in Tenroujima felt so off and this really clears that up a lot– surprising, but definitely something I am glad to have had happen), only to tell him it was pointless because Fairy Tail is disbanded? I think this is to show the true power of family– this is the time for the brats to save Makarov and for them to usher in the new generation Mavis spoke about at the end of the GMG. 

It is also important to remember Makarov stated everyone has chosen their own paths. 

Laxus has set his resolve to stop holding back and allow himself to admit he cares (he hugs his team, calls himself pathetic, and states being that way cannot allow him to protect what he cares about). He is about using his powers to protect, allowing himself to admit what he cares about truck forward to protect and keep close that which matters. 

Then you have Wendy:

This page pretty much says everything I felt– the short hair for Wendy was not as climatic as it should have been and did not have the same effect of other similiar sacrifices in other series, such as Sakura cutting her hair in the Forest of Death in Naruto. It did signify a change in Wendy, but she has gone back to her usual appearance with a bit more resolve.

Gajeel is definitely not himself, for all his big talk about sending the dragons off with resolve and his bantering with Metallicana, he is truly upset about losing his dragon. I expect him to play a big part in what will happen next, and I do not expect Levy to leave his side. Her concern is palpable, and more than ever Gajeel needs her.

Erza has suffered terrible tortures that brought back horrendous memories for her, and here we see how a simple comment from Jellal seems to be the only reminder she needs that she is redeemable and so much more than anything that occur to her. He is making the best of his life as he can with what he has done, and she should do the same.

Also, the conversation with the Oracion Seis solidifies that Jellal’s distant and yet ability to appear right when Erza needs him (emotionally needs him) deals with Love. He wants nothing but the best for Erza and at the moment does not feel he is int he place to offer her what she deserves.

It’s unspoken.

Apparently, the same with Wendy’s hair, Mashima didn’t feel any need to address Minvera’s demonification which I find completely okay. Minerva is a completely different woman now thanks to the same power of Fairy Tail that was what changed the minds of Sabertooth and gave them the influence to recreate themselves. I am glad she is back.



Gray has gone to visit the grave of his family, added his father’s name, and Juvia has followed him– probably all the way to a different continent (I cannot remember off the top of my head if his home was somewhere else or not– but judging by the snow here and lack of snow where everyone else is I assume so). He is shocked to see her and I would venture to say a little unnerved and upset, but unlike usual Juvia fashion she starts off apologizing.

I am sure it took all of her resolve to follow him, and even more to finally step up to him and tell him what happened. If it has been a week, Juvia must have seen him in the time between and been unable to say what she needed to say.

This is pretty powerful. Not only is Juvia obviously ridden with guilt, she knows that telling Gray this will change everything. She has already convinced herself she has no right to his heart and is preparing to step away with all the cards laid out on the table. That not only shows how much she respects Gray, but also how sincere her feelings are. This isn’t about her. This is about him and how betrayed he will feel.

Gray knows already when she says she killed Keith that she was responsible for his father, but Gray doesn’t know that she knows that. You can tell by how he is not angry in these panels. He is looking straight at her– not like other panels where his emotions and Jvuia are involved, where he is not facing her or he bows his head to hide his eyes. 

Then Juvia says that she has no right to love him, and she drops the bomb.

She tells him that not only did she kill the necromancer (which Gray knew from the previous panel would have killed his father), but that she did it knowing it would kill Silver. She came to him apologizing with her heart out in the open and he is suddenly angry– his face goes dark, we lose the ability to see his eyes but he is still facing Juvia head on and she can see his face. He is mad.

Why is Gray mad? It’s a combination of things– the idea of Juvia being responsible for his is probably at first a feeling of deep betrayal, but so are her words to say she has no right to love him. He’s angry that she had to do it, and he’s angry that his own inability is what put her in that place. He’s mad that she would ever thing he would hold something like that against her. He grabs her, the same as he would someone he’s close to like Natsu or Lyon, prepared to tell her everything has to say– that she’s wrong, that she can’t say stuff like that, that she was the person he thought of last before he almost gave away his life and broke his promise of being with her in order to kill his father and he can’t. He’s angry because he chose to live so he wouldn’t have to see the tears of those he cared about and here is the woman he cares for the most crying and feeling as if she is to resign from him forever.

And his resolve shakes, because he cares. His father wanted nothing more than to be with his mother, and now he was. And Here is with the girl who he has spent so much time protecting, the one who has never given up on him– giving up on him.

She has done so much for him. It was Juvia who started to show him he did not have to do this thing called life on his own. It was Juvia who he wanted to protect– the same kind of protection his father wanted and failed to do for Gray and his mother. This is the Juvia who increases his power with her own, the girl who’s face broke his resolve in ending his life with casting Iced Shell. This is the girl who filled in for everything he failed to do and took on the guilt of ending his father’s life again by defeating a demon that nearly killed her.

He thanks her and then collapses into her and apologizes, over and over, for so many things. 

He is sorry his weakness put her in the position for having to kill his father. He is sorry for all the harsh things he has said to her. He is sorry he almost broke his promise to be with her. He is sorry he ever made her feel that his love was something she had to deserve and earn. To him Juvia has never been someone who had to earn anything– she deserved it and if anyone is weak, it was him for pushing her away.

The important thing to remember is that Makarov said all of the brats had chosen their path.




I am going to go out on a limb and say that Gray and Juvia are canon, because if this was the end to a series they would be. This is the first arc that did not end with Gruvia comedy. It ended with Gray unable to fight off his feelings anymore and with him succombing to the comfort of Juvia and then chosing to continue on with her. 

It ends with Lucy, broken and sincerely breaking my heart, running to find Natsu and Happy who were the ones who mad Fairy Tail into her home. She was precious enough to Natsu that she was the only one who he let know he was leaving and Natsu even said that was the hard part. I expect Lucy will find them; I do not want to think about where she will be without Fairy Tail and without Natsu. 

Natsu is END. Gray is going to destory END, and Juvia is with him. I expect Lucy will find Natsu. I expect this ending battle to be one of the most heartwrenching thing.

We thought Tartaros was bad? Just wait. It’s about to get even worse.

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I really didn't want to say it either but as nice as he is I honestly don't kow/think monaghans a good kisser either, it's so mouth gaping and fast and strange.. Noel truly must be amazing which would make sense cause he has a really pretty mouth 👄

Well I hope for the sake of the tall, leggy, brunette models of the world that Cameron’s real life kissing game is better than his on-stage kissing game with Elliot.

I agree that Noel has a pretty mouth. Let’s examine the evidence;

Lips seem flexible, quite full, nice and pink.

Verdict:  Very kissable indeed.

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After reading your fic, I now desperately want Felicity to be the one to propose on the show. Like we could see several instances throughout the season where Oliver tries but gets interrupted for whatever reason, and then surprise! Felicity ends up being the one to do it. I've read meta before about how Olicity reverses a lot of gender norms as well, and I this would fit perfectly into that. Also it'd be so cute seeing Oliver's reaction, he wouldn't even hesitate, like with Luke & Lorelai on GG

It would be amazing! Amazing! Honestly, any comparison to Luke and Lorelai hits me right in the feels, they have quite a few parallels that work so well. I can absolutely see that…

“Will you marry me?”


“Oliver… will you-”


His abrupt answer caught her off guard and Felicity blinked. “Well, you don’t have to ans-”


“You can take a minute to-”


Felicity stared up at him where he stood before her, still wearing his Arrow gear, his bow still in-hand, his hood back… and a giant smile on his lips.


She just… stared at him. She’d honestly expected something less… no, something more, something along the lines of, ‘Wow, this is really fast, maybe we should slow down,’ but instead, here he was, staring at her like… 


Suddenly everything clicked.

All the interrupted dinner dates, the nervous smiles that only appeared on certain nights, nights when it was supposed to be just them before something came up, nights when he fiddled with something in his pocket, nights she’d attributed his fidgetiness to the current catastrophe rocking their world, to something that had been bothering him earlier…

His abruptly cut-off words when he changed his mind…

The special dinners he cooked that somehow always ended up including an extra guest - usually Thea - for whatever reason that came up…

His playing with her hand when he thought she was asleep, the tip of his finger tracing her ring finger…

It all suddenly made sense… and wow, she was an incredibly dense idiot.


Oliver grinned, setting his bow down. He dropped to his knees before her, pulling her chair closer, forcing her to spread her legs to make room for him. They instinctively curled around him as he wrapped his hands around her waist.

“We’re getting married?” Felicity whispered, cupping his face, and his grin grew, his stubble scraping her palms as he nodded. “We’re getting married.”

“We’re getting married,” he said and he pulled back just enough to unzip his jacket and pull out a long chain. She furrowed her brow - since when did he wear that? - until she saw the ring it held. “I’ve been carrying this around for a very, very long time.”

He didn’t bother pulling it off just yet. Instead he grabbed her left hand and slid it on her ring finger, still on the chain wrapped around his neck.

“Oh wow,” she breathed, a surge of tears blurring the ring before she blinked them away. She stared at it - it was stunning, perfect… and then she giggled, covering her mouth. 

This was real. She was getting married. To Oliver

Oh wow… 

Felicity looked back at him and nodded. “Yes.”

“You already asked,” he whispered and she laughed, shaking her head, making him chuckle. “Yes.”

“Yes,” she repeated, nodding. She cupped his face again. “I’m really glad we’re on the same page.”

Oliver laughed, hugging her close, pulling her flush against him. Felicity wrapped herself around him tightly and pulled back just enough to press her lips to his, sealing the deal.

Coming out to my parents

Well, it finally happened.  After months of gaining the courage to do so, I came out as gay to my parents.  I knew all day that that night was the night to finally do it.  I returned home from a date with an amazing boy and sat and looked at them for a minute.  I finally spoke up and said, “I am sure you both already know this, but I’m gay.”  My mom just smiled and said she knew, while my dad sat there staring for a good ten minutes while my mom and I talked about it.  He finally stood up, gave me a hug, started crying, and said, “I’m not sure how to take all this but you have to know that I love you and will always love you.  I’m here for you and support you 110%.”

I knew they would be supportive and knew they already had an idea it was coming.  I was so scared for nothing.  My mom actually asked, “What took you so long to tell us?”  I got a kick out of that, honestly.  It is the most amazing feeling knowing I can finally be myself with them.  I feel like a completely different person.  Who knew something as simple as that would make me feel happy again?  Between a certain someone in my life and telling my parents, I’m finally starting to feel truly happy again.  I couldn’t quit saying that to myself after it happened, “I’m happy, I’m happy, I’m actually happy right now,” I repeated over and over again.

I am free.  I can be myself.  I am who I am and nobody can change that.  And if someone doesn’t want to accept it, well then so be it.

Night Terror (Luke Hemmings)

Requested: yes

maybe one where you have a really bad nightmare and luke has to comfort you((: 

Rating: No smut

Word Count: 1.876

The sound of someone shouting your name resonated in your mind clearly. But you were terrified, being chased by things that you knew were there, but were right in the darkness. Far enough back so that they wouldn’t be able to show you who they were. You shook with fear, and suddenly you were being pushed down by a force that you had no clue as to where it had come from. But then your eyes fluttered opened, hesitant blue one’s meeting yours. It was the second straight week in a row you had the night terror, and your body shook with the thoughts.

“It was just a dream,” your boyfriend whispered, his fingers brushing your hair back easily. “I’m here. It’s okay, I’m here.”

“Luke,” you barely breathed before tears began to stream down your cheeks.

The memories of your past came flying back, thoughts of when you were being chased something you could never forget. It had been the reason for your night terrors, and Luke appeared to be more than worried, the boy moving so that he was sitting up beside you, pulling you into his grasp. He allowed you to cry against his bare chest, his lips littering kisses over your face. Honestly, you were amazed with the idea of how he had acted towards you, and quite frankly, you couldn’t imagine being anywhere else.

“Shh, baby,” he murmured, his strong arms making you feel a little safer. “I’m right here, alright? I won’t leave you.”

And you knew that. You knew Luke wouldn’t leave you because the way he promised. He wasn’t like any of your previous piece of shit boyfriends, and you were positive that he would never do anything to purposefully hurt you. Taking a deep breath, you found yourself to finally be calming down, Luke kissing your neck easily.

“Do you want to get a snack? Or should we take a bath?” he questioned, knowing that both of the things comforted you.

Shrugging, Luke pulled you with him off the bed, wrapping your legs around his waist. Following suit, you wrapped your arms around his neck, Luke opening the door of the bedroom you two shared before heading to the kitchen. Once he had flicked the light on, he set you on the counter top, his fingers thumbing away the wetness on your face.

“We’re going to take a bath and eat cookies,” he smiled, and you nodded, knowing all he wanted to do was be sure that you were okay.

But suddenly he was walking away from your and you couldn’t handle it. You needed him touching you, your brain not working correctly and taking it as though he were leaving. Without thought, you hopped off the counter, grabbing onto his wrist and pulling him toward you.

“Don’t leave me,” you murmured, tears stinging your eyes once more. “Please, don’t leave me.”

Luke appeared pained, his hands cupping your cheeks. “No, baby. No, I am not going to leave you. I promise, okay? I’m just getting Oreo’s and then we can go take a bath. I wouldn’t leave you, Y/N. I would never leave you.”

You gulped, feeling guilty for the thoughts of him even leaving you crossing your mind. Luke was the first boy that had loved you back in such an affectionate way, and you couldn’t help the ideas of him leaving entering your mind. Your past boyfriends were useless, and up until you met Luke, you had never even realized what it was like to actually be loved. But the thoughts were pulled away when you felt fingers intertwine with yours, Luke pulling you over to the pantry. He pulled out the Oreo’s, shutting the door before walking you back to your bedroom. The both of you headed for the bathroom, your mind briefly slipping back to your night terror here and there, but the boy in front of you distracted your mind. The way his muscles contracted when he leaned over to turn the tub on. Or how his stomach slightly tightened when he pushed his boxers off. The way his eyes shined a little brighter when he pulled your top over your head. Not to mention the way that he appeared somewhat relieved when he had gotten you down to nothing, his body warm against your own when he pulled you into his arms.

“I love you so much,” he said softly, your skin chilling with the soft words uttered against the top of your head. “With all my heart, Y/N. It kills me that I can’t prevent the dream from happening. God, I just want to fight off the little shits that frighten you.”

“Luke?” you mumbled, the boy pulling away slightly so that he could look at you. “Luke, I’m sorry that you haven’t been able to -”

“Don’t you dare apologize,” he muttered, shaking his head as though the thought were ridiculous. “If I hadn’t been out partying, you wouldn’t have even been chased by those fuckers.”

“But -”

“Stop,” he sighed, brushing your hair back easily. “Baby, it’s okay. If I have lack of sleep because of you, that’s fine. It really is.”

You just agreed, knowing that he wasn’t going to let you win this battle. Taking a deep breath, you pulled away to grab your Oreo’s, Luke chuckling. He held onto you as you climbed into the tub, his touch warm against your chilled skin. Once you were sitting down, Luke sat in behind you, the water warming and relaxing your tense nerves.

“Can I have an Oreo?” Luke asked nicely, your back against his front. “Hmm?”

“Uh, sure,” you told him, opening the pack and giving him a few. “Lukey?”


You leaned back against him, your nerves tingling with nervousness. It had been a while since the both of you took a bath, and you were almost shy. It’d even been a while since the both of you had sex because of your stupid night terrors, but you knew Luke didn’t care. Although at the same time you weren’t really sure. You were scared that he was going to get tired of this constant waking up in the middle of the night because of you and leave indefinitely.

“It doesn’t bother you that we haven’t had sex in a while, right?” you asked him.

Taking a bite of your Oreo, you set the pack on the side of the tub, feeling his free hand snake around your waist under the water. It was up to your stomach now and Luke hadn’t added bubbles, but you didn’t even want them. All you needed was Luke.

“No, it doesn’t bother me,” he started, putting an entire Oreo in his mouth at the same time you put the other half of yours in your mouth. “When you start sleeping through the night is when we’ll have sex again. Unless you feel like having it sooner than that.”

“I mean, I don’t care, it’s just that I’m worried…”

Your voice was quiet as you finished chewing your cookie, Luke kissing your shoulder. He was quiet for a minute, both arms around your waist now.

“Worried? What are you worried about, sweetheart?”

That you’ll leave me because I’m not good enough. Because I’m too much work to handle.


“I just….” you sighed, shaking your head as tears welled up in your eyes again. “You mean the entire world to me, Luke. Everything I do is with some thought of you, and if you left me, I have no fucking idea what I would do.”

Tears started falling down your face, the boy behind your cursing quietly. He held onto your even tighter, but that only made you cry harder. Luke was your entire world after everything that had happened in your past, and you couldn’t help but think about him turning into someone that wouldn’t love you anymore. The idea that he could quite literally end the relationship between the two of you at anytime was terrifying and you just couldn’t imagine what your life would be like without the blonde-haired blue-eyed boy.

“I’m never leaving you, will you stop thinking that?” he asked, moving so that he was in front of you. Water splashed out of the tub, but you knew that was the last of his worries. “I would risk my life to keep you out of danger, Y/N. I would do anything to make you happy. And honestly, I have every intention in marrying you. The fucking ring is sitting in my drawer and I want to propose. We’ve been together nearly two years and all I can think about is our life in the future. You’re my entire world, Y/N, and when I see you this upset, it breaks me. It tears me into tiny pieces and I want to fix you. God, if I could legally kill your exes, I would. You are so broken, and I’ve been piecing you back together, but ever since that damn night when I had to be out and you weren’t with me, I can’t help but blame myself for your night terrors. They’re my fault. If I had been with you, this wouldn’t be happening. Jesus, I love you, please believe me when I say that. With all my heart, I love you, Y/N, and I want you to marry me.”

You didn’t know what to do. Your heart was racing and you just stared at the boy in front of you, blue eyes alight with hope and worry all the same. He kissed your forehead, your hand cupping his cheek carefully.

“Did you just ask me to marry you?” you asked.

He nodded. “I can take you out to dinner and officially propose, but, like….” his cheeks were flushed and the boy in front of you smiled timidly. “Will you marry me?”

“Yes,” you said softly.

He kissed you briefly, smiling at you before kissing your forehead again. It was a few minutes before the both of you got out of the tub, Luke helping you dry off before he worked on himself.

“Do you want any medicine?” he asked, picking up the Oreo’s from the floor before setting a towel down beside the tub.

“For what?” you giggled, not ever expecting this evening to lead to this. To be engaged with the man you loved entirely. “It’s not like I have cramps.”

“Sorry,” he chuckled, his arm around your waist as you both walked into the bedroom. “Normally when we take a bath it’s because you’re on your period.”

You smiled, your cheeks red but the color faded quickly. It wasn’t long before you both had put on some clothes, Luke and you laying in bed together. He pulled you against him easily, kissing your neck cheerfully. You could tell he was as giddy as you were with the thought of being engaged - somewhat - and he even wrapped his leg around yours, keeping you in his grasp. And it was only minutes before you fell asleep after Luke whispered a goodnight, his warm embrace seeming as though it were a shield from all the bad dreams you had ever had. As well as all the night terrors that would want to come.

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Fight.. Harry Part 2

“Daddy will come back soon, hopefully.” You tried to reassure your daughter even though you muttered the last word. You really were concerned about Harry. You had no clue where he meant, maybe he went back to he bar. You were deep in a troubling thought when the doorbell rang. “Let’s go downstairs, Darc.” You said as you gingerly picked your daughter up. Before answering the door you placed Darcy gently on the couch. You hurried over to the door and right when you opened it, you were gripped in a fierce hug. “It’ll be okay, Y/N.” Louis’ Doncaster accent gruffly whispered. He then swept past you and went into the living room to see Darcie. Eleanor then stepped in the door and hugged you just like Lou. “Are you alright?” Eleanor asked concerned. “Yes, I think so.” You answered while staring at the ground. “Are you sure?” El questioned again. “I don’t know, I guess so. I’m just worried about Harry.” As you said this you let El into your house. You started explaining more about the fight and how much you were worrying about Harry on the way to the living room. When you and El reach the room you saw Lou and Darcie playing even though it was so late at night. You both plopped down on the couch. “How could you miss him, Y/N? He hit you, are you crazy?” El asked extremely confused and quite frustrated. After Darcie heard the part about the hitting her head snapped up, causing her curls to bounce. Her eyes began to water and she took her bottom lip hostage in her mouth. “Oh honey it’s okay. Auntie El didn’t mean that.” Eleanor cooed to your daughter. Darcie quickly went back to playing with Lou as they chatted about random things. “I’m worried about him because I don’t know what he’s gonna do. Harry’s done some really really rude things when he’s angry. Especially when he’s drunk.” You said to Eleanor as you tried your best to explain your confusing situation. “Yeah and one of those ‘rude’ things is hitting you. Last time I checked, hitting someone isn’t just rude.” Eleanor explained clearly baffled at your stance in this peculiar predicament. Someone how this got to you. You jumped up from the house and began searching for your phone and keys. “Where are ya goin’ mummy?” Darcie said. “I’ll be back okay, Darc? I love you.” You said kissing her head softly before grabbing your phone and coat you finally located. “Can you put Darcie to bed? Kay! Thanks!” You said without waiting for Louis’ and Eleanor’s answer as you sprinted out the door. Where could Harry be? You thought as your wrapped your coat tighter around your body trying to bear the cold UK weather. One part of your brain said to go check all the local bars, but the other side said he 'No, he wouldn’t go get drunk again, right?“ You eventually decided to take your chances and look around town. You had hit the 24 hour Nando’s where Niall was a frequent customer(lol) and you went over to the recording studio to see if his car was in the parking lot. His car sadly wasn’t and you quite honestly were stumped. You decided to slowly stroll back home and wait until he came back. You passed the park. At night the lake glistened under the lights that brightened the path that surrounded it. The once loud and cheerful playground that Darcie often went to eerily quiet and still. Jeez, this would be a good place to think. Just as you said that, you noticed the dark figure hunched over. The figure was sitting on one of the benches and their chest rose up and down heavily like they were crying. You walked behind the person and called out, "Harry?” The figure’s head shot up and turned at you. The sudden movement caused the boy’s curls to bounce, just like Darcie’s. “Harry!” You squealed while dropping to your knees and embracing him in a hug. Harry, however, did not hug back. You leaned back to study his face, releasing him from your grip. “I-I didn't even tell you I was sorry. And did you see Darcie? She was so scared of, of me.” Harry whimpered this out while several sobs wracked through his body. “It’s ok-” You started to begin but you were quickly cut off by Harry. “No, no it’s not. I scared you and I scared Darcie. I left without even trying to apologize and now nothing I can do is gonna fix it! Do you know how much I feel like I fuck up? Everyone thinks I’m perfect and amazing and so sweet but I’m not!” Harry yelled releasing all his pent up anger and emotions. You half expected yourself to be scared, but you weren’t. “Harry, you’re perfect to Darcie and I an that’s all that matters. We both love you very much and we all screw up, okay? Everything’s gonna be fine.” You told Harry as you hugged him again. This time, he returned the favor. You could feel Harry’s breath on your skin as he whispered out, “What about Darc?” “Well, I think she’ll forgive you. Come one let’s go home.” You said to Harry as you two left the park together hand in hand.

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