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Hogwarts 8th year:

So McGonagall announces a surprise mock-NEWT in class one day and everyone is super stressing out and Harry accidentally snaps his quill because ‘are you shitting me, NEWTs are two months away, dammit.’

And then he can’t find a spare quill anywhere in his bag and next to him Ron looks like he might burst into tears and on the table across the aisle on his other side Hermione is vigorously bunching up her hair into a top knot while reciting every Transfiguration theory they’d learnt in the past five months under her breath, her expression fierce as fuck, and just looking at her makes Harry even more nervous because what the fuck was she murmuring about Trans-Species Transformations, had they even covered that?! 

But McGonagall is already coming around handing out their tests and so he turns to Malfoy who’s sitting in front of him trying to cram in five months worth of notes in thirty seconds and taps him on the shoulder with a desperate, “Baby, you got an extra quill on you?” and Malfoy simply nods before feverishly rummaging through his bag and producing a slightly ruffled eagle feather quill and handing it over with a harassed, “Here, love”, before going back to tearing through his notes.

And then Harry hears an odd squeaking sound and turns to find Ron looking at him like he’d spontaneously turned into a giant spider and it’s only then he becomes aware of his exchange with his (still secret) boyfriend. Ron genuinely looks like he’s about to faint and Draco seems none the wiser as he accepts the test from McGonagall with trembling hands.

Ron makes a strangled choking sound up at McGonagall who sighs exasperatedly as she hands Harry and Ron their tests, “Now Mr. Weasley, do pull yourself together. Today’s results won’t count for your final grade.”

And honestly Harry can’t deal with any of this now because hell he loves Draco and doesn’t care what anyone says and why do mock-NEWTs even exist, like the actual ones weren’t bad enough and Ron is still staring at him in horror and Harry just grits out a, “We’re in love, mate, alright? Now close your mouth and fucking breathe before you faint and also, did we cover Trans-Species yet?” To which Ron just croaks out a, “I don’t know anything anymore, I need to lie down.”

okay so like unpopular opinion, and its probs not the time bc i’ve had 1.5 very large margaritas (yes, its a wednesday, and yes, i do have work tomorrow) but i’ve had 1.5 very large margaritas and i do not care, so:

i cannot believe that jkr thought severus snape and peter pettigrew were sympathetic characters worthy of redemption, and that draco malfoy was not

like???? draco was a child for so much of the series! they were all children! and of course he made terrible choices and of course he did things that were wrong. but how can you compare him to snape and pettigrew and find him lacking? snape betrayed a woman he claimed to love out of a desire for acceptance and abused her son for years. pettigrew betrayed his best friends who would have died for him, which ended with one in jail, one dead, and the other destitude, and then he went and betrayed them all AGAIN 13 years later!

draco joined voldemort for his family, because he was raised to be this way, because he loved his parents and wanted to do what his father wanted. he wasn’t happy! he didn’t enjoy it! and no, that doesn’t make his actions any better, it doesn’t make the terrible things okay.

but he betrayed voldemort in the end! he wasn’t evil or cruel, he was awful, sure, but those things are worlds apart.

just. how can you look at grown men who betrayed the people closest to them, again and again, for selfish reasons, and look at a teenager who did horrible things because he loved his family, and say the former is more deserving of redemption and forgiveness than the latter? how???

honestly i’ll fight jkr and anyone who disagrees with this post in a denny’s parking lot at dawn


Why did this moment happen and why did i decide to gif it

Sugar Daddy!Hoseok - BTS Imagine

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requested. im sweAting. also this is a tad shorter than usual but :/ its hoseok… anything hoseok is great.

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  • listen, this boy is the biggest dork EVER if there were an award for ‘world’s biggest dork’ he’d win it
  • meaning he’d be the silliest boyfriend in the whole entire world
  • but you’d love him for that exact reason
  • seriously you two would be so in love it would be disgusting
  • he would completely change when you two actually start dating he would’ve been so shy when he was crushing on you but after having you say yes to a date with him he’d calm down (mostly)
  • but when you wear his clothes, he’d go back to being that shy little boy again
  • he’d tell you you look so beautiful whilst doing that little smile he does yOU KNOW THE ONE
  • he’d always candid shots of you and some of them would actually be really nice
  • but other ones would be ones of you eating with food all over your face
  • you’d get him back though by screenshotting all his ugly snapchats
  • you’d be each others lockscreens
  • but it wouldn’t be a nice aesthetic photo, it’d be one of those stupid photos he took of you
  • your text conversations can be one of four things: memes, cheesiness, stupid deep conversations or you complaining to him about something he did
  • the meme conversations would be you spamming him with memes of himself and he’d haTE IT (well he’d pretend to but he lowkey saves them in an album)
  • the cheesiness ones are obvious, him getting emotional at 4 in the morning and texting you about how much he adores you and loves you and never wants to lose you
  • you, of course, respond 'you woke me up for this?’
  • the stupid deep conversations would be the same thing, hansol texting you at 4 in the morning about aliens or some new conspiracy theory he read about later in the day
  • you actually don’t mind these texts because you’re both dorks who like to research and talk about conspiracy theories
  • the complaining ones would be when the tables turn and you text him at 4 in the morning asking him why he ate all your snacks
  • 'hansol you were only here for 5 minutes yet my pantry is empty’
  • 'honestly i dont know how i did it either i kinda blacked out and next thing i know all the food is gone’
  • he’d get upset when you say 'ily’ or 'love u’ instead of 'i love you’
  • you’d touch his butt all the time and he’d get so flustered the cutie
  • he’d touch your butt back and giggle
  • arcade dates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • cuddly movie marathon wrapped in blankets dates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • staying in bed all morning snuggling and smooching!!!!!!!
  • as soon as he finds a new song he’d send it to you
  • and every single lovey dovey romance song he finds, he says it reminds him of you and that its “our song”
  • keep in mind he finds about 10 every day that are 'our song’
  • and every time, you remind him that you have about 200 'our songs’ already
  • you love it a lot though because some of the songs are so sweet and basically say how in love with you he is, you won’t admit this or show it though
  • he’d be really bad at trying to be upset with you because he’d just do something silly like throw a blanket over you
  • you’d purposely annoy him even though he doesn’t get annoyed
  • but then when he does it to you you get so annoyed
  • when you’re not together you’d facetime for hours and hours
  • you’d end up falling asleep on facetime together every time no matter what
  • you’d basically just be best friends who are completely inseperable and everyone around you hates it because you’re so cute


kohakus-double-suicide  asked:

senseiiiiiiiiiiiiii *runs like a penguin and climbs up your legs* I dont know if you still do the top 5 ask but if you do can i ask for your top five official Soukoku arts? (I am sorry but i am just getting so much feels just from stalking your tags) PLEASE PROCEED TO KILL ME WITH YOUR HOLINESS, THANK YOU SO MUCH

*picks you up and ruffles your hair* HELLO LOVE! It’s been a while since I did my last top 5, but why not? I’m such in a very much soukoku mood tonight! (also I’m going from 5 to 1 just for the dramatics of it. And honestly, because you all know which art is on top already, I MEAN)


We know how rare it is to see them together in the manga, especially in covers or extra stuff. So I hold this mafia!skk manga art very close to my heart because honestly…THE POWER COUPLE AESTHETIC 


Two dudes…chilling on a bed of flowers…not even one feet apart because THEY ARE SUPER GAY 


I remember the day this art appeared like it was yesterday, we had one of the biggest collective meltdowns EVER. Dazai is looking at Chuuya so softly I want to slap him in the face. Not to mention that is a common romantic spot in Yokohama…I see what you did here. I really do. 


This is the art that inspired the infamous photo of young soukoku in FLAR. I am so weak for mafia!skk and I love the way Dazai is leaning on him with that mischievous expression of his, I love how close and clearly comfortable with each other they are, I love Chuuya, I love everything about this ok daamn it. 


LISTEN. L I S T E N. I could talk about this art literally for two months straight because ??? You can try to convince me all you want, but this is made to be somehow romantic. Look at the way Dazai is tilting his chin up, it looks like he’s waiting for a kiss. And Chuuya is looking in our direction but if he was to look down he’ll be right above Dazai’s lips and ???? WHAT THE FUCK??? Not to mention what’s probably the most fucked up thing here that is THE FLOWERS. It’s a Camellia Japonica, or Japanese Quince, and they are the symbol of love, temptation, passion and deep desire. 

That’s it y’all. I’m out. I don’t even know what to say anymore. Soukoku might not be canon, but sure as hell someone in that marketing office is shipping them as much as we do.

Thank you for your message!

Ask me my top 5 things!

My absolute favorite part of The Princess and The Frog

was when Tiana accidently fell over and fucked up the beniet station at Lottie’s party; then when Lottie came over and she’d been sayin “ok tiana its time to hit prince naveen with those man-Catchin beniets!”

But when she noticed Tiana and how there was a big ol mess she’s like “oh no! What happened? Are you ok? Oh my poor friend lets get you upstairs and cleaned up and in a tiara thatll help”

It makes me SO HAPPY because if we set aside all the other reasons why its good, on top of that if it were any other story, Lottie wouldve been like “TIANA WTF DID YOU DO?!? HOW IS NAVEEN GONNA FALL IN LOVE WITH ME NOW, UGH!!!!”


Anyways, whenever i watch this movie, that part always warms my heart bc its finally a sweet and healthy friendship that isnt broken at any point over something fucking pointless and unrealistic.

Thanks for listening to my ted talk.

Reasons why Lando is the best character:

  •  He was an honourable smuggler
  • Repays his debts even when he doesn’t have to!!! (In the comics and to Han Solo)
  • He’s so cool. He even runs cool. Did you know you can get seduced by someone’s suave running? Neither did I.
  • Has a sweet af mustache. guys i dont even like mustaches but he looks good ™
  • Smooth as hell, honestly I bet everybody he has met is a little bit in love with him
  • Was a legendary smuggler but left the business because it nearly got his friend killed and he decided it wasn’t worth it
  • Then worked his ass off to become the loyal and dedicated leader of Cloud City and a responsible man
  • LOYAL af!! To his friend Lobot, to the citizens of Cloud City, to his friends
  • Does his best under less than good circumstances
  • Calls people buddy 
  • The ultimate Bi-Icon
  • BRAVE! Stands up to Darth Vader! Who does that? Lando bc he’s the coolest!
  • Becomes a general in the resistance and leads the attack on the Death Star and saves the lives of everyone on that mission with his intuition! guys he SAVES THE GALAXY and i just. love him so much
  • Charming smile 
  • He’s just so good. Such a good person who lives by his morals, and works hard, and does his best at all times (and I’m willing to bet his best is 100% better than most other ppl)
  • I can’t stress how effortlessly cool he is. He embodies coolness with everything he does. He stands cool. He walks cool. He talks cool. He dresses cool. It’s just the best word to describe him and I can’t get over how cool he is.
Bts reacting to you two breaking up!

Request: Bts reaction-breakup


He wouldn’t necessarily be upset at you or put you at fault, he’d just want to talk it out and see exactly where you guys went wrong. This doesn’t mean his heart wouldn’t ache. He’d also try to turn everything into a life lesson… more than usual.

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Jin would probably let the kids starve including himself. He wouldn’t be very useful and would just lay around. Fake smiles and no dad puns. He would talk to his mates, one on one, if they asked him if he needed to talk. He’d cry to them and accept their hugs.

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He’d try to put up a front but once the boys figured out something was wrong and asked him he’d start bawling then and there. He’d want to do something to keep his mind off of it, dancing. He’d be in the practice room practicing for hours until someone made him stop and rest.

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I know he may seem like a tough guy but I feel like he’d cry himself to sleep for a while. He’d use this as a life lesson and interpret it into his music. Would want some space away from the boys and would take lone walks at night.

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He’d try to cover his sad aura with jokes and smiles. If he wasn’t distracting himself and everything was still and quiet he’d think about the break up and become a sad mopey Tae. Would most definitely cry but all in all would try his best to keep being bright for the ones around him.

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He would be visibly upset. Pouty, mad, sad, all the negative emotions would be there. He wouldn’t want to talk to anyone about it and would stay away from the members. Would slowly but surely get over it but he’d want to do it by himself.

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He’d become irratable, get mad very easily. Wouldn’t want to talk about it with anyone until he felt the urges to cry go away. If he did feel the urges he’d storm away into his room and wouldnt come out for a long time. Would try to distract himself with hours of the gym and days of video games.

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Are these accurate? Most likely not but I honestly don’t know how they’d react bc I dont like imagining my babies sad let alone seeing them cry. So at the anon who sent me this, why you hurt me? I started crying once I got to Yoongi. ;-; Tell me what you think about this!

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why did you say everypony im shittign myself

what the buck is up everypony. please keep all bronyphobia out of my inbox :^/

why i hate the words, "i hope you get better soon"/"i hope youll be healed up soon" as someone with a chronic illness

so, the obvious answer here is that chronically ill means that i wont get better but, theres a lot more to this.

yes, i get that people who say this to chronically ill peeps tend to have good intentions and i know they dont mean to sound ignorant, but the problem is that when they say this, all it proves is that they ARE ignorant, and so are their words, no matter how well intentioned they might be.

i also hate it because it reminds me that im not getting better, and that people dont care enough or generally dont know enough to acknowledge that, so them trying to be comforting, telling me that “itll be okay soon” and “they hope i get better soon” is a lot like giving me a tissue to wipe off spit on my face, but they didnt realize that that tissue is also covered in spit.

like, thanks, the intention is nice and all but it doesnt help and it can make me feel worse. idk if im making sense but honestly im tired of being told that people are just trying to be nice so i should deal with it, like, how about i talk to them and try to make them understand why its not the best thing to say.

i want to tell them that it makes me uncomfortable, that im not sure how to respond because what i was ignorant and frustrating but because they didnt mean to be rude i should just let it be? nah my guy, listen, theres a ton of things you can say that would help, like “im sorry you have to go through that, you shouldnt have to” or “i dont know what to say, but i wish i did” or literally anything else

cause honestly when you say “i hope you get better soon” or “i bet youll be healed in no time”, all youre doing is showing how little you know about my issues and my struggle, because often a part of my struggle is knowing that i wont get better.

Sid the Kid - Sidney Crosby #1.2

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about/request: Hey, I really liked your Sidney Crobsy imagine. Could you do part 2?! Can’t wait to know how it continues… (x100000 this was all you all wanted.)

warnings: cursing and fighting and angst and crying

authors note: honestly i don’t even like this guy why is this becoming the best thing im writing wtf anyway it got long and i dont even know what direction its going in but here it is i really liked the restaurant scene bye

word count: 1910

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How They Ask You Out

BRUCE: After him walking you to class you both became friends. Bruce invited you to hang out in the Manor and now you were both on his room playing games. You liked Bruce, hell you really liked him. He was sweet, kind, carying, handsome and adorably awkward but he only saw you as a friend. You realised that he was speaking to you while you were in your thoughts. “Sorry I wasn’t really listening, what did you say?” He chuckled as he knew how deep you could go in your head. “I was saying that, maybe if you wanted we could go to the movies you and I. Of course you don’t have to say yes I was just wonder-” he start talking everytime faster as your let a laugh go. ‘I would love to.“ You smiles at him still shocked by the fact that he liked you.

DICK: Since Jason introduced you to Bruce, Wayne Manor has become a second home for you. You grew rather close to Tim, Bruce and Alfred but with Dick it was something different. You liked him since the Wayne Charity Ball when he asked you to dance. You found out that he was the adoptive brother of your brother, crazy yeah.  You were studying in the kitchen of the Manor when someone walked in. "Hey beautiful, what you’re doing?” “Studying? I have this huge psychology exam and I’m going nuts.” “Dont you worry, you’re the smartest person I know. You want help?”  You looked at him coking an eyebrow. “What do you know about psychology?” “Nothing if I’m honest. But I do know what your doing tomorrow night.” “Yeah?” “Yep. You’re going to wear a nice short black dress and I’m taking you dance.” You blushed looking at your notes, but you fast recovered lookat at his piercing blue eyes. “Is it a date?” “You bet it is. See you tomorrow night beautiful.” He walked out winking at you.

TIM: Everyday it was the same, school then work then take care of your little twin brothers Logan and Lysander, it was boring and you hated it. But the highlight of the day is always when Tim comes to the coffee and talks with you. He orders his black coffee and just sits there, talking and staring at you, occasionally he would ask if you wanted to grab coffee someday which you always replied with maybe. Your liked him, he was different than his brothers or any guy you’ve met before. He always was smiling, even when you rejected the coffee date he just smiled and kept talking about whatever you guys were talking before. Today was no different, like clockwork Tim walked into the coffee and made his way to you, sitting on the first chair he saw. “Hello (Y/N).” “Hi there.” You greeted grabbing his already made coffee. “Here, your black coffee.” He thanked you and started talking about some stupid thing his siblings did, you laughed and told him about what Logan and Lysander did last night. “Hey so, maybe you would like to grab a coffee sometime?” He asked, his smile never leaved his eyes and face. “Sure. Here.” You said giving him a piece of paper with your phone in it. He looked shock, Tim was hoping that you’d go out with him, but as you always said no; now agreeing was something he dreamt about. “For real? It’s not a joke?” “Nope. I’m looking forwards that date.” Like a kid with a candy, Tim had the biggest smile you had ever seen. “You’ll love it.” “I bet I’ll do, by the way, the coffee is on the house.” You winked at him leaving him to attend other clients.

: Since the night that Red Hood savedyou, he’s being visiting you a lot. Being honest, you enjoyed his presence. He made you feel safe, and he was funny to talk to, kind of sarcastic and a total flirt. You’re laying in your couch watching Rick & Morty when you heard a tap in the window turning around there he is. You open the window letting him enter at your apartment. “Good night gorgeous.” “Reddie. How’s it going? Wait… Is that blood?” “Yep, they hit me, it’s fine no need to worry.” “Like hell, you need stitches. Come here.” You help him crash in your couch, running you grabed the first aid kit. You start stitching him up in silence until he cleared his throat. “You’re trully gorgeous (Y/).” “Thanks?” “I mean it. The most gorgeous girl I’ve ever met.” “Stop flirting with my when i’m stitching you up, its distracting me.” “I’ll stop if you reply to one question.” “What is it?” “Will you go out with me?” His question made your heart beating faster, not watnting him to know the effect he had on you you only gave him a quick gaze. “Will you wear the helmet?” “Nope.” “okay then. Now move it, you’re ruinning my couch with you blood.” You said siling making him laugh.

DAMIAN: Having free nights was boring to you, not doing anything and relax was somethign that only made you get on your own nerves. So, as a really stubborn you decided to suit up and walk aroud Gotham. The cold air made your body shiver making you wondering why the hell didint you made a suit for winter and other for summer. ‘Cause geez it was freezing and the black leather suit didnt help you. You were currently in the roof of one of the many clubs that The Joker owned, you hanged out there normally as long as you didnt mean any trouble to the clown. Suddenly you felt someone behind you. You only smirked, already knowing who he was. “Can’t stay away can you?” “What you’re doing here?” was all he said. “Didnt your mother teach you that is rude to answer a question with other? Anyway i was in the neighborhood and i like this rooftop, its calm and has nice views. What are you doing here? and where’s Batsy? I havent done anything.” I bring my hands up in a defensive way. He just stares at you and walks next to you, sitting in the edge of the roof like you. “I’m alone. I was doing patrol you know. I was looking for you.” ”What for?” “Why did you kiss me?” You looked at him softly. “I dunno. you’re different from the other Robins and the Bat. Like you’re your own person and not just a sidekick.” You reply honestly “You’re wierd. But there’s something in you that makes you a different type of criminal. You have a story, Black Angel and i want to hear it.” You shock your head laughing. “I dont think so Wonder Boy.” “You know my name, it’s only fair that i know yours.” He says lookig at you as you get up. “Where you’re going?” “Meet me in Gotham Park tomorrow night if you want to know my incredible story.” You whisper in his ear, placing a light kiss on his cheek. “Oh, and wear somehing nice. It’s a date.” You wink at him seeing how he blushed before disappearing into the dark night.