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these were from the expression meme thing

ok first of all i have no idea how top right yuuri became yandere yuuri but it did and honestly it felt so weird drawing him like that yuuri no

and the bottom left wanted sick and flirty victor but i had no idea how to draw him flirty while sick so i just drew him sick

if you want you can use these is icons  With Credit but dont repost them please

also the bottom right one wasnt asked for but i wanted to do an even 4 so i just did that one lol

listen i just want to give a massive shout to the got7 fandom. like i have had an extremely rough year and this fandom has made everything so much easier. you guys bring me joy and genuine happiness, and honestly i am so thankful for all of you. i dont care what it is you did, if its tagging me in things or simply just existing, i am thankful for you and everything you have done for me. without the got7 fandom, i have no clue where i would be right now. you brighten my days and are the reason i wake up in the morning. within this fandom i found a family i didnt even know existed and i am so, so, so, so blessed to be an igot7. i can finally understand why the boys are so proud of us. you’re amazing, every single one of you.

you know .. i did love you . i loved you so much i couldnt breathe . you consumed my entire being and i guess thats why i let you treat me the way you did . i honestly don’t know what you got out of destroying me time after time but i do hope that you don’t put anyone else through that . i waited . i waited and waited for you . i gave you chance after chance and i left you with every last thing i had and you took it all without a single care in the world . i tried to hang on because i really thought you were worth it . but today i just stopped waiting . i dont want to hear “i miss you” anymore although i hope you do miss me . and you know , once upon a time i would have given my last breath for you to say that . but now i hope you see me so happy that i look like im about to explode and i hope it kills you . i hope you drop to the floor and feel like the breath is being sucked out of you and you realize what you gave up . because i gave you the world and i kept fighting long after i should have stopped and you didnt deserve that
—  daily tumblr quotes (via hannahxhardin)

For @sodomymcscurvylegs Reasons why he’s problematic and needs to delete (long post btw)  

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Title: Thinking of You
Pairing: Poe Dameron x Reader
Genre: It’s all over the place honestly I really don’t know
Warnings: Definite language, I threw some sexy talk in there so, vaguely nsfw?
Requested by: No one! I did it. Me. All me. Because I am head over heels for that stupid pilot and I can do what I want!
A/N: Honestly. I am a sinner. This went in so many directions but I am so satisfied with it. For once I’d actually like some feedback if anyone’s willing, I like praise lol. This took the better part of my night, so I’d love to know if anyone else liked it as much as I did lmao.

Trying to keep your relationship with Poe Dameron on the down low was proving to be much more difficult than you anticipated. You’d been caught leaving his room in the early hours of the morning by two different people, both of which you had to make up excuses to. You thanked the stars every day you were a decent liar. Not only that, but the other women in the Resistance would hit on your lover, unaware of his feelings for you. He had turned down practically every woman (and a few men) in the base.
It was true, you and Poe had something very special, yet unofficial. Neither of you wanted to label it, you were simply together. When you were certain you were alone, you would sneak the chastest of kisses, the briefest of whispers. It was agitating that you couldn’t scream from the rooftops that you were in love with (and most definitely banging) Poe Dameron, but you loved your little rendezvous too much to spoil it all. It only made it much more worth while to sneak into his quarters in the middle of the night and be enveloped by his affection.
The two of you decided to keep your affairs a secret, the threat of losing your jobs ever present. Though it wasn’t against the rules, you knew it would cause problems somewhere, somehow. It usually does when it comes to being as romantically involved as you were.
“Y/N, how are you?” Poe said, temporarily breaking you out of your paperwork induced trance. You had been at it all morning, and it was growing increasingly mundane. The moment you caught a glimpse of the familiar orange flight suit, tousled amber hair and crooked smile, your mood changed from fatigued to upbeat.
“I’m okay,” you replied. He took note of the deep violet circles that had made a home under your waterline, your disheveled hair, and the mile high tower of papers.
“Did you sleep last night?” he asked, narrowing his eyes at you suspiciously.
“You know I can’t sleep when I have a lot on my mind,” you confessed quietly before returning your attention to the stack of papers in front of you.
“Tell me,” he said, his expression changing from skeptical to uneasy.
“It doesn’t matter, Poe,” you responded, “Please don’t worry about it like you always do.”
“You know I fly better knowing you’re okay,” he smiled, half mocking your previous statement. You glanced up at him under your lashes, catching a glimpse of that damned half smile. His eyes were soft, caring, and genuine. It made you weak in the knees, and you were suddenly very grateful you were sitting down.
“I’m just worried about your trip is all,” you admitted finally. No use in hiding things from Poe, he’d pry it out of you eventually.
When he realized that you were worried about him, he felt his heart ache in the worst way. His smile fell and he nodded, reaching out and taking your meager hand in his. He was trying to be subtle should anyone burst in unexpectedly, but he really didn’t want to be. He wanted you to know that he cared.
“I’ll come back, I promise, Y/N,” he swore, his words bringing you little comfort.
“What if you don’t?” you questioned, squeezing his hand in yours. Your felt his grip tighten, but not enough to be painful.
“I don’t want you to think about that,” he said. He brushed the pad of his thumb over the back of your hand, a gesture he knew always calmed you down.
“Will you at least try not to get yourself blown out of the sky?” you asked, humor evident in your voice. Poe snickered, lowering his eyes and shifting his weight.
“I will try,” he said, meeting your eyes again and knowing he hadn’t convinced you in the slightest, “I am the best pilot in the Resistance, after all.”
“Y’know, it’s gonna suck for you when one day some amateur is recruited and shows up your egotistic ass,” you taunted him.
“Hey, quit thinking about my ass,” he said, acting shocked at your remark.
“I simply can’t help myself,” you smirked, then winked at him. Poe chuckled once more before leaning forward and pressing brisk kisses to your neck, holding himself up on the desk. You laughed and attempted to push him away playfully, but he had latched on like a leech, peppering kisses to any and all exposed skin on your neck.
“Hey, come on, I have to finish this,” you said, laughter in your words. Smiling against your neck, he pressed one final kiss against your lips, applying a bit more pressure than he did on the others. You lingered there, probably longer than you should have. When the fear of someone walking in washed over you, you broke the kiss, smiling up at the handsome pilot.
“One more,” he breathed, his lips ghosting over yours and sending a shudder down your spine. You couldn’t stop yourself from shivering in delight as you looked into his half lidded eyes. You hated when he gave you bedroom eyes, it always caused a familiar ache to pool in your core. He was practically undressing you with his eyes, his lips millimeters from yours.
“I can’t focus when you’re eye-fucking me, Dameron,” you whispered, locking eyes with him.
“I’d much rather be actually fucking you,” he teased. He was still leaning over your desk, one of his hands tracing patterns on the skin covering your collarbone deliciously. “I think that’s what you’d rather be doing right now. Maybe we can sneak out to my X-wing right now and have a little fun in there for a while,” his hand began trailing lower and lower down to toy with the collar of your shirt, his fingers brushing your skin delicately, his mouth coming closer and closer to your ear, “You’d have to be quiet though, and I know you have a hard time keeping quiet when I’m pounding-”
“I’d rather you fuck me when I know we can be alone,” you interrupted him. His words were definitely turning you on, but that wasn’t what you needed right now. This caused him to pout, his lower lip sticking out in defeat. “Stop,” you pushed, kissing him once more and moving away from him before you lost control and took him right there on your desk.
“Fine, your loss, Miss Y/L/N,” he sighed, striding away from your desk and sauntering toward the exit, “I guess I’ll just have to have a little fun in my ship by myself.”
“Think of me,” you said in a sing-song voice.
“You know I will be,” he winked before exiting your office. That man would be the death of you.

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Mercy main(ps4) I was playing Genji in qp to get some trophies. I met the best Mercy i had seen in a while (5 star bronze) and I did my best to protect them go back for them when they were coming back from spawn, said thanks when i got heals/damageboosted/rezzed and honestly I had a gretat time. Idk why people dont protect their mercys. I know its hard sometimes (especially as a genji with bad aim lol) but thanks mercy. If you see this you were great. Saved my skin more than a couple of times

Reason #489 to hate Kent Parson

kent always calls the cops on himself. the first time 911 got a call that kent was robbing a convenience store at gunpoint they found him sitting on the curb outside holding a candy bar.

“did you steal this?” the cop asks

“yes” kent says

“why are you sitting on the receipt”

“I have guns”


kent makes finger guns

 "you know it’s a crime to lie to an officer, son.“

 "can you take me in for that?”

the next time they got a call saying that kent was driving recklessly they found him making laps up and down the strip doing 37 in a 35. they didn’t ticket him.

the third time, they heard he was causing a scene at caesars palace they found him and kit purrson lounging poolside dressed as ghosts. After determining that sheets with holes in them were acceptable dress, they asked him politely to take his cat elsewhere.

the fourth time, they got a call that he was trespassing at the mgm they found him sitting and crying with his mascara running in a parking space outside. His car was nowhere in sight but the meter was paid so they didn’t tow him. 

the vegas police needed to keep their squads free to deal with more criminal activity so now the chief just sends a rookie to hang out with him because he figures the poor guy is lonely. The rookies are always  fighting over who gets to go because kent will do their eyebrows and let them have a tea party with kit purrson.


stiles imagine / as requested

S: “i am so sorry. Im so stupid, life has been so crazy lately and i honestly..i dont know what im doing right now. Im not smart. I didnt mean to hurt you like that and you dont deserve to get hurt. Even worse not by me, i swore i wouldnt hurt you and thats just what i did. I am so sorry. please just… i cant live without you.”

y/n: “yeah i used to believe that. Now i dont.”

you started to walk away but stiles grabbed your arm to stop you. Tears were streaming down his face and he had the most sad expression in his eyes.

S: “that okay. I understand why you dont trust me. But i do promise you i will do whatever it takes. I will ask and ask. I will never stop trying to make you forgive me. I love you and i always will.”

I just sent my ex an ask apologizing. As much as he hurt me i did alot of damage.
I feel bad honestly, truly. I dont want anything bad to come of him. But i dont take back anything i said.
I dont hate him, he was just a young kid who didnt know how to handle me.
I overreacted. I really did. I was having a very hard time and i had so much anger that i couldnt let go of.
I could see why he did what he did. He was pushed into a corner by a person who was too insecure.
I learnt so much from this. I am ready to get into another relationship and this was just going on way too long.
I already had a panic attack went i sent it. I am shaking writing this but i believe it was for the best.
I unblocked him and deleted all of the posts about him.
I am ready to move on
And hopefully i can

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Omg I LOVE that incubus avdol 🙏🙏🙏 would you mind telling me more about that AU ????? 👀👀

kefezgzeezgak thank you so much !!!!!!!!!!!! ;________;

waaaa……honestly i don’t know myself LMAO i did it on a whim……..it’s just a usual priest/demon au…….

i did something just for you though LMAO

She loves me not

*Waves my hands around frantically* This shit and I am tired but can’t sleep. SO have this i honestly don’t know what it is but here have it.

Shattered glass is what a broken heart sounds like, or what Corina thought it did, she could have sworn that she heard her heart shatter like a glass falling on the ground when she saw Eliza with someone else. Corina couldn’t even be upset about it truthfully she knew for the longest time that Eliza was never going to feel the same towards her, the entire time if she was honest with herself. Corina knew that yet she still let herself fall in love with someone that would never love her back, or even know that she loved her.

Perhaps that would be for the best in all honesty, that Eliza never knew that I loved her Corina thought to herself one night looking at the stars desperately wanting them to take her away. Knowing that they never will.

“What’s wrong angel?” Eliza asked Corina coming up behind her, Corina could hear the worry in Eliza’s voice wishing it wasn’t there, but of course it would be that was who Eliza was, someone who would give everything she could to help somebody that’s why she fell in love with her.

“Nothing,” Corina replied back softly hoping that she wasn’t betraying herself, letting her emotions seep into her voice.”I’m just tired that’s all.”

“Are you sure?” Eliza asked her concern painting across her face clearly when she sat down beside Corina.


Eliza hummed in response,and leaned against Corina’s shoulder,closing her eyes.

Corina sighed wishing that this feeling is something she could have forever, Elzia curled up against her. The feeling is something that she would give anything to have forever.

what im getting from various fandom discourse i see on my dash

steven universe: the creators are fascist apologists or someshit?? idk also apparently shitty animation

supergirl: mon el is shit and kara should be gay or smth ? idk

Riverdale: they like made a canonically aroace character straight or something then ppl got mad bc theyre taking away the aroace rep but then people got mad about ppl saying hes aroace? honestly idk everything about riverdale is a mess like why did they make a weird gritty tv show adaptation of archie comics this makes no sense

that one kids show: make that one character a trans girl i dont even know what show this is but i see this everywhere what is this its like star something idk anyways

anyways this has been Cas Tries To Figure Out What Various Fandom Discourse Is stay tuned for whatever weird discourse pops up next

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• Name: Alonzo

• Nickname: Garbanzo 

• Gender: Man

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• Height: 5 ft 11 in

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• Time right now: 12:29 am

• Cat or Dog person: Cant decide since I’m both allergic to them :)

• Favorite fictional character: Hellboy

• Favorite singer/band: CHON

• Dream trip: Japan Spain, Greece, and Canada

• Dream job: Animator, Concept artist, Comic Book artist.

• When was this blog created: I HAVE NO IDEA LOL

• Current numbers of followers: 59 and appreciated :)

• What made you decide to make a Tumblr: Posting art and stuff. LoL I dont know honestly. 

Why did you pick your URL: Demon and Friends is my gamer tag on certain games. Also the idea of a demon having friends is pretty cool.  

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