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i’m not particularly fond of talking about my follower counts anywhere (i dont mind when other people do! just not really my thing) but i broke 10,000 followers on here today and that feels super whoaaa. 

this account is probs around 6 years old and i know i inconveniently hop interests all the time, but some ppl have told me how they stick around because they like my art anyway, regardless of what i’m drawing, and honestly that’s quite touching to me. :’^) really anyone who’s taken the time to send a nice message or write a nice tag… thank u so much. i really do love drawing for the sake of drawing, and that stuff only makes what i do even sweeter.

listen i just want to give a massive shout to the got7 fandom. like i have had an extremely rough year and this fandom has made everything so much easier. you guys bring me joy and genuine happiness, and honestly i am so thankful for all of you. i dont care what it is you did, if its tagging me in things or simply just existing, i am thankful for you and everything you have done for me. without the got7 fandom, i have no clue where i would be right now. you brighten my days and are the reason i wake up in the morning. within this fandom i found a family i didnt even know existed and i am so, so, so, so blessed to be an igot7. i can finally understand why the boys are so proud of us. you’re amazing, every single one of you.

I saved a bird today (I named him Joseph.)

The story:

On our way to get dinner with friends, me, my boyfriend ( @ssm496) and my best friend (Ambria. In picture w/ me, on the phone) were in the car and as we were pulling up to a semi-busy 3-way intersection on the outskirts of town I noticed there was an injured bird on the far side of the intersection. 

I demanded that we stop the car, I was going to save the bird, we were going to bring it somewhere. I was NOT going to leave it. So we make our turn and park on the road just outside the intersection, and I get out and try to use a towel that we had (thankfully) had in the car to try and get the bird. Didn’t work. I ended up scaring him back across the intersection to a ditch by the road we had just turned off of. Instead of chasing him the full way across all four lanes of traffic (at night, mind you) I decided to go back to the car after getting past two lanes, and told my boyfriend to make a U-turn so we could go back to the road closest to the bird and save him. 

After getting there and parked on the side of the road, I jumped out of the car with Ambria and we made our way carefully down into the ditch to the bird. He was huddled under a small thorn tree. When we got close, though, he made a last ditch (pardon the pun) effort to get away, and ended up falling beak-first into the water at the bottom of the ditch.

I hurriedly but gently got him out of the water, and wrapped him up both so he couldn’t escape and so he could warm up a bit and maybe calm down. I got into the back seat of the car and off we drove to an emergency vet center.

Through most of the way the goose was too in shock to do anything or try to get away, but right before we got to the vet, he gained enough control back to try and peck off my hand. Thankfully I was prepared and after the first jab I hid my hand more securely under the towel.

Getting out of the car was a bit tricky, I actually had to set him loose to readjust enough to get us both out of the car, especially with him now trying more forcefully to escape.

You would think getting inside would have been the end of it, but no. The receptionist was preoccupied with a person on the phone, who wouldn’t hang up, and refused to be put on hold even though there, to quote the receptionist “IS A PERSON WHO JUST WALKED IN HOLDING A DUCK.” They ended up having to juggle the phone with the person on the line AND ANOTHER PHONE to call the vets. It only took the vets a minute to come out once they heard there was a fucking duck in the waiting room and when they did the receptionist just held the phone down and said “Yes, the Senator would like to know if he can give his dog a half a tylenol?” (I’m not even shitting you, one of the senators of my state wouldn’t get off of his phone for that. Oh and the best part?:) The vet told her “Tell him we are not his veterinarians, the dog isn’t our patient, so we can not suggest treatment.” (not even his vet.) 

They then took the goose back, the receptionist hung up the phone, and we went to go get @ultrashittyopinions (bf’s best friend, probably one of my best friends too) and resume regularly scheduled programing.

TL;DR: I saved an injured goose, and tbh I feel pretty damned good about it

just for fun...

…and because I haven’t done one of theses in literally years. Tagged by @fleetofshippyships 

Rules: answer the questions and tag 20 blogs you want to know better (i dont even know if 20 folks follow me, so i’m just going to answer these)

Name: Alex

Family name: I’ll keep it private, because the internet is forever

Star Sign: Libra

Height: 5′ 5″

Age: 29

Fave Color: Blue, but like a greeny-blue

Time RN: 11pm

Hours of Sleep: 6 or 7. or 8.

Lucky Number: 5

Last Thing I Googled: “What dinosaurs are in New Mexico?” (answer: stegosaurus, which is my favorite) 

Fave Fictional Character: Elizabeth and Mr Darcy (honestly, his first name is Fitzwilliam, how can you not love a man with a name like that) are a tie. Also, Candy Quakenbush from the Abarat series by Clive Barker.

Blankets I Sleep With: All the blankets.

Favorite Artists: Franz Marc and Der Blaue Reiter movement, Kandinsky, Van Gogh, Manet, Georgia O’Keefe, the German Expressionists, literally any gothic cathedral (but particularly Chartes).

Dream Trip: Chartes Cathedral (but like realistically do a Northern France thing), a Scotland/Ireland trip (they do trips where you can ride horses across the country?!), some sort of Africa trip that included Kenya/Tanzania/Zimbawbe/Madagascar/see all the animals

Dream Job: If someone would pay me to travel around the world and learn about art and new cultures and read books all day, that would be it.

What You’re Wearing Right Now: Cozy pants and a tshirt

Follower Count: 13 lol. 

Why Did You Make This Blog: To see what my favorite authors are up to.

Why Did You Choose Your URL: its my internet nickname. and a nod to my grandma - her maiden name was Hayden, and she was very close with her sisters. The women in my extended family are very close, and so we all call ourselves Hayden sisters after Grandma :)

Countries You’ve Lived In: The US and Italy (briefly)

Favorite Fandom: Harry Potter

Languages You Speak: English, with some rusty Spanish and a smattering of Italian

Favorite Film: Well, I like a lot of them, but the ones that I go back to all the time are Amelie and the most recent Pride and Prejudice. 

Last Article You Read: I read my local newspaper today - my horses always show up in it when we have a lot of snow bc they look pretty in the field - they have a fanclub haha

Last Thing You Bought Online: Plane tickets!! For my awesome trip that im soooooo excited about!

Last Person You Dreamt Of: I literally couldn’t recall

A Recurring Dream: I don’t have any of those. But I do consistently have dreams that I’ve overslept. And I usually have.

Phobias/Fears: No Phobias, but I wish spiders would exist in a space that is not the same space as me.

How Would Your Friends Describe You: Smart, caring, enthusiastic!

If You Had $$$ To Spend What Would You Buy First: Literally plane tickets. My passport is new and looks sad without stamps. And I would board my horse rather than have her at home.

Shuffle Your Song Library And List The First Three Songs That Play: …I dont have a song library anymore? But my recent 3 Pandora stations are Milky Chance, Queen, and The Decemberists.

That’s it!

our fav dorito trying to comfort lil lappy,, what a gem :’)

tagged by @destroywhore 😘

rules: answer the questions and tag 20 blogs you want to get to know better

nickname: alex
star sign: libruh
height: 5'5
time right now: 7:51 pm
last thing you googled: fox news
favorite music artist: right now its the sex pistols and the beatles but i listen to a lot sooo
song stuck in my head: rape me by nirvana i think is what its called??? idk im just now starting with them
last tv show i watched: tawog
what i’m wearing right now: a sun studios shirt and black jeans
when i created this blog: 2-3 years ago
do i get asks regularly: nope lmao
why did i choose my url: mikey ways ass in those jeans
gender: dude
hogwarts house: slytherin
pokémon team: valor
favorite color: green and blue
favorite characters: right now??? holden from the catcher in the rye
dream job: i want to be in a band of course, reeeeaaaaalllyyyy bad, but i also wanna get into the psychology field. a therapist if i cant make it into criminology, a musical therapist.
number of blankets: two
number of followers: 315

i tag: @ryroappreciation @adamtsiska @falloutboy idk im branchin out a litte

hansol the type of kid to be a full on bad boy and having profanities in his mixtapes but when u enter his room you see a bible and a dictionary and a huge shelf of books and his science experiments and posters of puppies covering his walls and just things that makes him a total sweetheart

haha ehhhh honestly i dont even know why my muse had left me for so long again ^-^’ to quote parle productions on this,blame it on the cosplay..
anyway,did this quick little thing as a random present for my mum,and on this note wth it seems like its the new edgy cool thing to hate on blenderdick cupboardpatch? right,thats a trend you definitely wont see me follow in 2016….

a chapter 7 excerpt. this chapter is killing me honestly but here take this until i can finish the damn thing.


“Well, well, well. Look at what the cat coughed up.”

Everyone looks toward Chloe who stands nearby with her arms crossed over her chest, her ice blue eyes drilling into Marinette. The superhero’s face gets hot, more than comfortable. She thinks about how her private relationship with Chat, with Adrien, has been ruined, been tainted by this grotesque publicity, and clenches her fists at her sides.

“What do you want, Chloe?” Marinette asks through gritted teeth. She’s not in the mood for this.

“It’s fitting isn’t it? That someone like you would settle for a second-rate hero.” She smirks, but her jealousy is entirely transparent. She’s practically glowing green with envy.

Marinette licks her lips, allowing herself to smile in a cat-like, unfriendly way. “Jealous much?” Second rate. Chloe better watch herself.

The rich girl scoffs, sticking her nose up into the air. “Ha! Why would I be jealous of you?”

Beside Marinette, Alya props her hands on her hips. “I don’t see you making out with hot guys in spandex.”