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listen i just want to give a massive shout to the got7 fandom. like i have had an extremely rough year and this fandom has made everything so much easier. you guys bring me joy and genuine happiness, and honestly i am so thankful for all of you. i dont care what it is you did, if its tagging me in things or simply just existing, i am thankful for you and everything you have done for me. without the got7 fandom, i have no clue where i would be right now. you brighten my days and are the reason i wake up in the morning. within this fandom i found a family i didnt even know existed and i am so, so, so, so blessed to be an igot7. i can finally understand why the boys are so proud of us. you’re amazing, every single one of you.

I wanted to let you all know thank you for letting me be apart of your group or whatever it is idek what it is. Im always quiet and hardly speak ever but i just wanted all of you to know how happy and nice it is to bw apart of something like this. I just logged on to tublr after like 3 weeks and saw all the things you guys tagged me in and trust me when the group thing started i was like wtf is this but trust im really happy to be a sliver of some of your lives even if you honestly dont know me. But thanks for it you guys are amazing. So yeah thats all i got to say
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CAN I JUST SAY.... YOUR ART IS SO INCREDIBLY GORGEOUS. like I've said it in my tags before, but I'm just stunned every time you post something honestly. like legit it's just so... visually pleasing? I just end up staring at it for a while whenever it pops up. I'M TRYING TO THINK OF MORE THINGS TO SAY BUT IT'S 2AM AND WORDS KEEP GETTING LOST IN MY HEAD.... PLEASE KEEP UP THE HARD WORK YOUR ART IS SO INSPIRING 🙏🙏🙏🙏

I’m sorry for hoarding this ask it was just so nice and I wanted to go back and read it in my askbox some more times ehehe :9

Thank you so much for the kind message! You’ve p much described everything an artist would ever want to hear, I’m incredibly flattered and hope you, you wonderfully thoughtful person, have a fantastic rest of the month (and year, and life)

our fav dorito trying to comfort lil lappy,, what a gem :’)

I was tagged by @dobby-the-free-elf-01 and probably some others cause honestly these question tags just blur together in my brain

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Nicknames: mantis/praying mantis, Ducky, Pavey (dont call me pavey, I hate it so much)

Zodiac: Aries

Height: 5′10

Last thing i googled: ‘shredding on ukelele’

Song stuck in my head: Seventeen- Heathers the Musical

Last movie i watched: Megamind (my friends are weird)

What am i wearing right now: A captain america sports bra that my friend got me and boxers (at 12:30 in the afternoon cause I’m a bum)

What do i post: A lot of harry potter stuff (rp when I have time…) and occasionally some discourse with @dobby-the-free-elf-01

Why did i choose my url: Cause I’m salty and I’m a slytherin. I’m not that little though… Maybe saltylankyslytherin would fit better but it just doesnt sound that good. 

Religious or spiritual: Idk… Both? Idk yet

Fave color: Black (or “rainbow overdose” as I like to call it)

Avg hours of sleep: depends of if there is a hangout, but usually like 7

Lucky number: 13

Favorite character: luna lovegood

How many blankets i sleep with: all of them. Every blanket in existence. (my house is freezing)

Dream job: Um spoken word poet/women’s studies professor?

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do you know what kind of content can make you gain followers faster?

i mean….. wdy mean like? content like films? tv shows? sports? or…?

from what i get just honestly gif what you like, people like people who are genuine. dont go after followers and do things you’re not interested in. gif fast ??? i guess, like when new content come. make clean gifs. tag fansites. ? hope i helped

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So you have no proof and you don't watch cowchop? Sounds like you just wanna whine and be angry. Why are you bitching about ppl you don't watch and don't know their humor? Honestly, if you don't like them for something you stumbled upon w/ no clear idea of the situation and who they are, then gfto of their business. Don't go into their tags to bitch. Just get on w/ your life and stay away from things you don't like. It's better for all parties.

oh i have proof of their transphobia, i just dont know what video it was in and whoever was being a dick to fans deleted it. 

also i wasn’t in any tag, i just said i refuse to support people who think transphobic slurs are funny. learn to read shit sweetie.

hansol the type of kid to be a full on bad boy and having profanities in his mixtapes but when u enter his room you see a bible and a dictionary and a huge shelf of books and his science experiments and posters of puppies covering his walls and just things that makes him a total sweetheart

haha ehhhh honestly i dont even know why my muse had left me for so long again ^-^’ to quote parle productions on this,blame it on the cosplay..
anyway,did this quick little thing as a random present for my mum,and on this note wth it seems like its the new edgy cool thing to hate on blenderdick cupboardpatch? right,thats a trend you definitely wont see me follow in 2016….

a chapter 7 excerpt. this chapter is killing me honestly but here take this until i can finish the damn thing.


“Well, well, well. Look at what the cat coughed up.”

Everyone looks toward Chloe who stands nearby with her arms crossed over her chest, her ice blue eyes drilling into Marinette. The superhero’s face gets hot, more than comfortable. She thinks about how her private relationship with Chat, with Adrien, has been ruined, been tainted by this grotesque publicity, and clenches her fists at her sides.

“What do you want, Chloe?” Marinette asks through gritted teeth. She’s not in the mood for this.

“It’s fitting isn’t it? That someone like you would settle for a second-rate hero.” She smirks, but her jealousy is entirely transparent. She’s practically glowing green with envy.

Marinette licks her lips, allowing herself to smile in a cat-like, unfriendly way. “Jealous much?” Second rate. Chloe better watch herself.

The rich girl scoffs, sticking her nose up into the air. “Ha! Why would I be jealous of you?”

Beside Marinette, Alya props her hands on her hips. “I don’t see you making out with hot guys in spandex.”