i honestly dont know but i like the colors

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how can you say they're SO INVOLVED in the album when they didn't even write the songs like they did in the past? i love fun concepts and all the bts fun songs and i want them to grow musically. to me, what happened was a step back. i dont have a problem with the colors or visual, i LOVED the guitar and the whistle in the beginning of DNA and then...meh. you keep expecting for something in the song that never comes. (i'll continue my concerns in another ask)

cant relate on dna i honestly love this song so fcking much i think its amazing

UH tbh i didnt know about how little they worked on it until i literally Just got anons about it, i based that on bts themselves saying how hard they worked on it and the vlive when yoongi and namjoon talked about the melodies they wrote

but i suppose the “we” in “we worked hard” is the collective bighit idk


concept: a self-indulgent outrageous 80s au where sidon is a hot lifeguard and link is a babe that likes jazzercise


you were my future,
i was your yesterday

I literally drew this the day that @suggestivescribe uploaded the fic Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You. I just never colored it and it’s been sitting there since then BUT I will probably color it eventually and upload the finished one. 

Honestly, I didn’t finish the fic until after I drew the scene with Iwaizumi and Oikawa dancing. I needed to see it lmao

Some Cinder in her coronation dress cause I’ve never tried drawing her, and it was so fun honestly!

I’m also addicted to saturated colors so let’s all have in count that the dress is actually silver and it looks purple cause I like messing around lol.

emoji review : love letter

a good emoji, very nice to look at, she is good and would never hurt a single soul 10/10

shes trying her best, i like the colors, the pink is nice but i personally think it would look cuter with a pink a bit brighter 8/10

yet another emoji Microsoft messed up with the border, very bland, kinda choppy?? 5/10

v small v nice to look at, i like the 3D effect on this one a bit more then the apple one, kinda bulky looking though 8/10

looks like the ‘’change it so it dosent look like you copied meme’’ but theyre copying apple, i like this more then the apple one in every way? very cute and nice 10/10

still kinda bland but not as bad as microsofts, the heart is a free independent women she dont need no envelope, the envelope itself looks nice tho 6/10

envelope? i dont know her, the heart is very big, they tried to shade but failed 4/10

all these emojis are copying eachother they need 2 calm, i like the rounded edges on the envelope, the red is nice 7/10

i dont like this one at all honestly?? the colors arent very pleasing and the borders are too big; 4/10

shes so full of love, the hearts look nice and the envelope dosent look that bad at all ? 7/10

she looks like she had 5 minutes to get ready for work and threw something together, not a good 3d effect, the colors arent that nice 3/10

kinda hurts my eyes???, they tried to shade it but didnt shade the red, not as bad as the other emojidex emojis tho 4/10


from a mountain in the middle of the cabins // panic! at the disco (x) (x)

This whole situation has made me realize that….Steven universe is not as racially conscious and diverse as everyone made it out to be way back when. And i dont know why it took me so long to realize it because i was always wary about the fact that the show was written and storyboarded mostly by white weabs (save for like 3-5 people).

Its just like…why am i disappointed in the racial aspects of a show that were written by mostly white people

They tried, they really did and ill give them that. But in the end only a small percentage of them are actually people of color and in the end racial diversity,honestly, can only truly be written properly by people of color

i dont know if this is an unpopular opinion but like. white lesbians need to understand that many lesbians of color just arent going to feel comfortable around them and like thats that. we have a long history of racism both as a whole and also individually and we’re allowed to feel wary towards white people. you being a lesbian isnt magically going to undo your race lmao.

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when designing chudley what the actual fuck was your thought process??

honestly??? i dont really remember, i just needed a good punchline to this post and it was like 3am. i do remember the dog body was extremely spur of the moment like i knew he was gonna have that specific head but i didnt know what his body was going to look like until it was just kind of.. there


gilmore girls meme: scenes [4/5]

oh yeah so i never mentioned this but, i always take art requests because i really enjoy working off of a prompt n such…. like its a nice challenge,  so feel free to send in a request if you want and ill most likely do it

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would you have any tips for going back to school? :U i’m really nervous for art class and although i’m pretty outgoing and a good kid i’m afraid of the new classes and stuff.. so if you have any organization tips that would be amazing! ps) love your art, so pretty and pleasing to look at :D

aaaa i can feel you! honestly i dont know if i can help much bc im The Most Unorganized Student tm (i should win an award srsly) but heres all ive got!

  • get urself cute stationary. i promise you….. if u have budget (unlike me)…. this will motivate u a lot, like ud want to write nice tidy notes with ur cool stationary and nice notes are Key
  • try get some sleep? or drink tea every morning so that youre calmer, apparently thats what teas do? idk i do that & i think it helps me focus in the mornings
  • color code your papers! i like to stick strips of diff color sticky notes on the edge of my papers sometimes. it makes it easier to tell what subject it is even when theyre scattered
  • try….check…studyblrs? i follow a lot of studyblrs and the tips are always helpful for me!!! and wow theyre goals. how can ppl be that organized thats literally my Dream

yeah sorry if this isnt helpful dsjfhk but aah good luck!!! do ur best in art class (and every class)! im rooting for u!!

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• Name: Nelson

• Nickname: Cama, Nellie Fertado, Nelsanion, 

• Gender: Male

• Star sign: Aquarius

• Height: 6′2″

• Sexual orientation: Gay

• Hogwarts house: idk

• Favorite color: fuchsia 

• Favorite animal: seals

• Time right now: 12:32am

• Cat or Dog person: I like both.

• Favorite fictional character: Bayonetta 

• Favorite singer/band: Daoko and Panic!At the Disco

• Dream trip: honestly dont know ;w;

• Dream job: one where im not miserable and can support myself

• When was this blog created: 2013 i think

• Current numbers of followers: 8,230.

• What made you decide to make a Tumblr: everyone was switching over from DA so

Why did you pick your URL: two of my favorite flowers “Chamomile” and “Liliums”

Tag 20 followers you want to get to know better :nah


So a couple of months back, all the mods of @securecontainplsno tried to draw each other in their styles and ah….well I was doing stuff so I didn’t have time until now also i forgot and so I decided to do them today while I had time, Top one is my usual style, but i havent drawn myself in forever so i just did it quick to get it overwith lol

@beheeyem honestly I dont know how you make everything you draw so cute??? like your art style distills everything into its cutest form and idk how to even begin to replicate that??? and how you color looks like colored pencil and anyway????

@caffeinateddecaf I made you a homestuck im so sorry. Your art style is super hard like???? your colors are top notch and i dont even know how you do lineless like its nothin? and making ppl round but also sharp? um?