i honestly don't think i can better myself at sketches after this one

State of Mind

Chapter 1/5
Rating: T for now :)))
Word Count: 3,479
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So I’ve just let Dream Daddy consume my life and I’m emotionally invested in these goddamn dudes. I actually really liked Robert’s ending but I started thinking about how it deserved an epilogue or something so… I guess I took it upon myself to write one? This will probably be a 3 or 4 part thing and smut will come (haha) soon. Probably. Idk let’s see what happens.

The clock reads 7:26. It’s a full month into Amanda’s summer vacation and I still haven’t adjusted to sleeping late. I’m so used to getting up to make her breakfast before school; apparently habits over a decade in the making are hard to break. Amanda probably won’t even be conscious until noon (I can hardly blame her) but I can’t seem to fall back asleep. And I can only enjoy my comfy bed for so long before I start itching for a familiar routine.

I roll into the kitchen and crack a few eggs in the frying pan. I rummage through the cabinets for a few different spices and toss them in – a pinch here, a dash there – and throw some bacon on another skillet. The whole kitchen is sizzling and warm. Glancing out the window, I see Craig pass on a morning run. He’d have something to say about all this greasy bacon, for sure. I’ll have to burn the evidence before the next time he comes over. Uh, wait – I mean eat the evidence. Yeah. That’s better. Mmmm, bacon.

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dandelionandbuttercup  asked:

How do you get inspired? I'm asking you because you seem like an inspired artist

Inspiration is an illusion

Real answer, at no point in my day do I feel inspired, and yet here i am making art. The more you progress with your art the more you realise that feeling really inspired to create something specific is very rare, and it doesn’t necessarily lead to better artwork. In short the trick is to create without feeling “inspired”, but it’s not a very good answer so I’m going to elaborate ahead. This is super long, but I feel like you deserve a serious answer.

1. Step one: get a sketchbook

You’re going to want a place to generate ideas in. Get a sketchbook, it doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive (and for what I’m about to suggest I think it’s actually better to get a cheaper one), ditch the loose sheets flying around your room, keep them for finished illustrations (but we’re not there yet). Aside from keeping all your drawings organized together (thus preventing you from losing your drawings), a sketchbook is fun to flip through.

I’ve had these two for this purpose and was very pleased with both (yeah, they’ve got scribbles all over them. don’t worry about it) the good thing about them is that they’re relatively cheap, but the paper is still of a decent quality.  They have lots of pages,so you’re not as afraid to “waste” them.

2. Step two: Scribble in it, a TON

Keep doodling and scribbling all over it, keep throwing ideas at the paper to see what sticks, even if it’s a shitty idea. Don’t be afraid of “wasting paper”, that’s why you bought a cheaper sketchbook. It doesn’t need to look pretty, a sketchbook is for learning and brainstorming. Looking and my art blog (and most artists’ honestly) you see mostly finished illustrations, so it’s easy to think that I just come up with an idea and then finish it. But in reality what I upload is a fraction of what I draw. My sketchbook is FULL of sketches that nothing came out of. Fill an entire page with doodles of hamsters, or landscapes, or even instagram models. It doesn’t matter, keep drawing.

Here are some examples of pages I did not upload.

3. Step three: don’t worry about it

About six months ago I was looking to get into art school, and of course to pass the exams I needed to present a portfolio. At the time I’ve been drawing in sketchbooks nearly exclusively for over two years, so I had very few illustrations to show. So I had about a month to build a stronger portfolio, and naturally I decided to make more, and more “inspired” ones. Let me tell you I have never produced more artworks I hated than I did then. Not even a single one was included in my portfolio. And of course after I had already presented and the pressure to create good artwork was off I finally was able to create more things I liked (I did get in to art school, so no need to worry). Point of the story is that you’re a better artist when you don’t put yourself under the pressure of constantly being good, so don’t worry about it (specially if you’re not a professional).

4. Step four: keep throwing shit at the wall and eventually something will stick

Ideas are like an avalanche. They can just stand there for ages if you’re not doing anything with them until they eventually melt and disappear. But it also means that it takes just a small push to bring all of them down. What you initially thought was a bad idea might lead you to a different better idea, and that one might lead you to another idea, and it would lead you to two more. Keep the momentum going until sometime in the future when you find and idea you’d like to turn to a finished painting. I am not the best example (because I don’t draw as much as I should), but even then there are times when I can seat for days and not draw a single thing, and then all of a sudden one sketch leads me to burn through 5 pages of my sketchbook in an hour. It took me 7 sketchbook pages from initial concept to final design when I was coming up with Major Tom, all done on the same day. And I drew even more characters that day that I haven’t uploaded.

5. Not exactly a step five: don’t neglect your technique

That’s a piece of advice I wish teenage me hadn’t ignored. Your technical skills are the tools you use to create. The better you skill are the more ideas you can execute. that means drawing the boring shit, like hands, perspective, still life etc. I started out like a lot of artists, drawing mainly anime, avoiding drawing hands, or any perspective to speak of. My art today suffers because of it. I’m 22 and still struggle with drawing proper hands, my perspective is off at best. Learn from my mistakes, it’s ok to draw the fun stuff, but also draw the important boring stuff.
(Disclaimer: this is a lesson I haven’t quite finished learning myself)

6. Step six: don’t limit yourself to one style

Beware the trap of “that’s my style”, beside limiting you in skill, committing to a style when you’re still young will limit you in what you can draw. Again, when I was younger I drew nearly exclusively anime. That meant I was very limited in what I could draw, and worse - I was getting sick of it. By the time I graduated highschool I couldn’t stand the idea of making another single anime drawing. i was going through a small art crisis, since all of a sudden I didn’t have a set style anymore. At that time I tried a bunch of different styles from realism, to american cartoon, and for a short time even french catoon. Today I draw in a fairly realistic style, leaning towards more or less cartoon depending on the specific subject. The best style is having no style. Your art will always have your touch to it, it’s something you can’t escape. Make the style work for you, not the other way. When in doubt look to Picasso. This guy exchanged styles like socks and he’s one of the greatest artists of our time, and even though his artworks are sometimes completely different from each other they are all still undoubtedly Picasso.

This answer ended up being super long because most artists online would reply to this question with something along the lines of “look for things that inspire you!” which I think is a cop out answer and it completely misses the point (sorry basically every youtube artist), it’s an important question that deserves better. You’re asking for advice to get inspired because things don’t inspire you, thats the whole problem. I also think this isn’t a very good advice in general, I feel really inspired maybe four times a year, and yet I created more than four artworks. Don’t sit around looking for inspiration because it won’t come. Draw without “inspiration”, you don’t need her anyway.

anonymous asked:

I don't mean to pressure you by any means but I was wondering why you haven't been putting out any more videos these days? Are you not making any more?

This will get pretty long but its something I’ve been wanting to talk about for quite a while, so sorry if this is something you guys are not interested in. 

The short and direct answer is, don’t worry about it! I’m still going to be making videos in the near future.

The long, extensive answer is this, though. If you guys have been following me for a few months, you guys know that I’ve been struggling with making content overall for quite a while now. Its made me depressed and frustrated even thinking about it. I consider myself a content creator, and when I cannot come up with a concept for a video that it worth making or showing publicly, I feel like a complete failure and end up unmotivated. This, however, is due to how I manage my Youtube channel and the type of content I’ve been putting out for a long time. It’s all been crackin’ silly jokes and improvising pretty much all of them. I know many of you guys like the videos like I HATE PULP and TOILET PAPER ANGER and the POKEMON CRIES videos, but honestly they require zero effort. Even so, after a while the jokes start to get pretty old, and I don’t want to force content down your throats over something that’s already run its course. These videos never really requires any effort on my side and the quality was mediocre at best.

There’s a lot I want to do, but I really enjoy doing things my current audience likes. However, I feel like its time for me to start doing things a little bit more for myself, while also retaining an audience and also growing it little by little.

I admit, I enjoy the attention and am slightly embarrassed to admit it. It’s not something I never really imagined myself saying publicly, but I feel it needs to be said for this post. I love the artwork you guys make for me, I love messages from you all, I love when you guys visit my streams, etc. However, for the past few months, I’ve become pretty irrelevant in the communities I used to be part of. Even in my own. It’s not really that big of a deal or a bad thing by any means, but since I’ve gotten a tiny taste of success, I kind of want to build up more upon it and do my very best to reach more people to make them laugh and have a better day because of stuff I make. This is the sole reason why I started making videos and audio in the first place. When my work can’t do that anymore, I feel useless. Therefore, I’ve been thinking long and hard on who I am and what I want to do with my work. I’ve been considering pure animation, sketches, vlogs, etc. There’s a lot I can do, but I think I’ve arrived at a conclusion that I’m not really willing to reveal just yet. Making stuff is more of a gamble, and when people like me worry a lot about these sorts of things, it can end up being pretty stressful. However, I feel like this entire “creator’s block” period and slight existential crisis was all critical to who I am and will be soon. 

I hope you guys understand where I’m coming from and why I haven’t been as active these past few days, and I really hope I haven’t betrayed your guys’ trust by not keeping up with more content… You guys are seriously one of the best things that have ever happened in my life, and I would feel really bad if I lost all of you some day. That’s why I’ll keep working hard on what I do and never give up on my hopes and dreams, living up to my own expectations and ambitions, with hopes that I reach your expectations as well! Again, sorry for the long post. I felt it was necessary for me to give some sort of explanation to my absence. Thank you so much for reading this, and if you have any more questions please don’t hesitate to ask away!! You guys are the best people in the planet, and I love hearing from you all. Keep being absolutely incredible.