i honestly don't know what to do with colors


The way that we are
Is the reason I stay
As long as you’re here with me
I know I’ll be OK

Once, someone told me that my art looks like painted with wind and I never stop thinking about this comment since then. It made me smile, because my art reflected - at least for someone - the way I behave when I paint. I never realised that on my own. My brain accelerates and I hear all kinds of noises except my own thoughts. I paint fast, but it’s not like I want to win a race. Painting fast doesn’t leave time to think or hesitate.  Thinking avoid accidents. My art is made of accidents.

If I stop, for any reason, there is silence and my inspiration to paint that particular piece simply disappears. it’s like my painting or drawing is something brief. Like. not exactly a feeling, but a sensation that I translate into the canvas and it only last in that particular moment.

As a Digital Artist, I started to ask myself if I would be able to surprise myself again. Nothing I was doing now seemed to be enough in Photoshop or any other software. I tried to find solutions without knowing the solution was out of the computer this time. I got out of my comfort zone a lot of time, but when do I got out of a one called technology? Rarely - and this was making me doubt about my hability as a visual artist.

Watercolor is exactly what I need at this moment of my life. Every bushstroke is a surprise for me. It’s more about my feelings and sensation than technique and execution itself. There are no ctrl+z this time. It is what it is and I love this, because it shows more of my identity than any other media. I trully believe I’m doing something weird with watercolor, technically. I should spend more time mixing colors - but that would break my concentration and it just doesn’t work for me to spend 5 minutes mixing colors in the palette. And, honestly, I don’t want to be technical. I just want to feel good. And it’s working :)

(more watercolor sketches at instagram @blvnk.art!)

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What are the school colors of EU? Is it lucky or unlucky to be found wearing them? I know Green is actually Bad Luck in Ireland whereas Blue is Good Luck instead. I know they don't have a mascot anymore but what sort of School Pride do they show?

Green might be bad luck, but it’s still the school colours (although the actual shades change frequently).That would explain a lot, honestly.

I imagine they have Spirit Week like a lot of similar schools do; despite the best efforts of the student council things get Weird by the end of the week. And the school chant sung at home games does some Bad Things to the opposing team’s dreams for a week afterwards.

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People saying the ring promo was Ali and Emily and honestly I don't agree

You know what i was about to be all like “omg yes it is! the fingers were obviously thin and feminine!!” but then i took off my shipper hat and put on my theorist glasses.

While one set of hands do look like they could be Emily’s because of how thin, long, and “soft” they look….she’s wearing a certain nail polish. 

Emily is wearing a very loud, white color unlike the nude nails in the promo. 

@shcrmans also noted how there is a tattoo on the wrist. Ladies and gents, it is highly possible that this is not footage of Emison getting engaged……………..

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hey someone made a post on how lance is selfish and manipulative. everyone's telling op that they did a really good job and they're all like 😫👏 in the tags but i honestly don't see anything good about this. why should ppl congratulate op for trashing lance? we get it, he's flawed. just like Every other character is. i don't understand why she had to single out lance like that. it just doesn't sit well with me. what do you think?

short answer: this fandom doesnt know when to shut up

long answer: theres a double standard with lance in this fandom for some gd reason? god forbid you crit keith but then people will make ugly posts like that and be like ‘ah yes… i meta’d’. tbh the colorism lance hunk and allura all face is so different imo. lance gets hated on and gets posts made like that where he gets criticized just for breathing i swear, hunk gets ignored (along with the fatphobic rhetoric), and allura gets a nice combo of both depending on the day (who else remembers when allura got called racist/homophobic after s2 bc she wasnt the nicest to keith lmao)

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Hey... Ms or Mr Good Angel. You've made me wanna create a skelinkton and I'm working on on now but I need to do a soul thing but wondering how and I honestly don't know how to colour it.. ;A; Help.

Well - it would be dependent on what traits the soul has!(these are formed by the stronger traits around the soul as it was forming)

The main trait controls the shape and the second trait controls the color!

Like you could have a cyan circle soul if they had the trait of Patience and only that…

or you could have a red trapezoid if they had Bravery as the main and determination as the secondary traits. 

All depends on the traits! ^^

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To help pass the time, what are some things (i.e. songs, seasons, colors, i don't know, anything) that you associate with the Reiberts?!

Ohhh this is such an interesting and creative question! I’ll do my best to answer this now, although now it’s got me thinking and I’ll probably think of five times as much stuff in a few days 😌

Honestly, I think a lot of my Reibert associations happen after I’ve spent a long time on fanart or a fic, and it kinda just stays with me. Or I’ll experience something myself and imagine them in that scenario, draw/write it, and then permanently be reminded of that, if that makes sense. And I think I have more experiences and like… physical things that remind me of them together, or stuff they would enjoy together. They’re very different from each other, so their individual associations are fairly opposite for me, I think. That’s a major reason why I love this ship so much and why it can be so much fun to have them explore different things that the other is more comfortable with. They can teach each other so much and they complement each other so well 💕

Reiner: gold, red, summer, answers, dogs, coffee, sun, oak trees

Bert: silver, blue, winter, questions, cats, tea, moon, pine trees

(It kinda cracks me up and also is very fitting that they’re star signs are Leo and Capricorn - very different but I feel like those both make perfect sense)

((Also I started a little fic once that included some of these in sort of a poetry-like format, buuuuut I’ve never finished it 😬))

I would say though that for colors, green and purple remind me a lot of Reibert. The outdoors, especially forests and mountains, also have a strong connection and would be something that they both appreciate and cherish.

For songs, I made a little playlist a couple of years ago for Reibert Week, and all of those songs still hit me pretty hard when I hear them. I’ll also listen to nicer, happier songs while I’m working on pieces that do kind of form that association, although there aren’t really in particular that stand out to me.

One time, I stumbled across these pictures when I was searching for drawing refs:

Again, I think I have associations anyway from drawing, but I thought those were super cute and reminded me of the Reiberts. I may do a “redraw” thing at some point 😁 Basically any giraffe or rhino now reminds me of them haha (my plush rhino that lives on my bed is named Reiner). Turtles also have an amusing association with the Bertl for obvious reasons.

Also, there are a few supernatural/mythical creatures that I associate with Reibert, but I think I’ll wait to reveal those so as not to spoil any upcoming fics 😉

Wow that was a lot of rambling… I hope this made a little sense and is at least somewhat organized because I just have a lot of feelings and I’m still incredibly hyped up on caffeine 😲 Thank you and I hope you enjoy!

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I like kind of low-key have a small crush on this trombone player and he's always so nice to me and everything in class (we have math together. I'm in color guard and don't play a instrument). But like he's super nice to me and always talks to me cause I'm really fricking quiet in that class since I don't know anyone, and he taught me about safety procedures to help calm myself down when I get super nervous and panic. And I don't know what to do cause he may like me but I can't tell?? Ahhh??!!!

lowkey mention it and honestly that’s so fucking sweet


PSD #5, for The 100 darkest scenes.

It seems like, at some point in the show, The 100 dark scenes stopped being dark, and became darker; especially scenes at night in the woods. Since my original base psd only worked for “average” dark scenes (it was supposed to work for all of them, but oh well), I was requested to make yet another psd for at least one of the darkest scenes. I promised I’d try, and I always prefer to make it more general so it’s more useful. Therefore, this is my result. It’s the best I could come up with. Hope you like it or that, at least, it works for you.

Additional optional layers:

  • For blue-ish scenes.
  • For yellow-ish scenes.

Important: it WON’T work for the usual dark scenes like the ones lighted by fire, or flash lights, cos it will be too bright for that. If you want one for the rest of the dark scenes, you can try my original The 100 base psd


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i recently discovered how to make decent icons (i think?? i hope??) and this is what happened lmaoo so yeah… each cut out has between 2 and 8 variations of coloring and that gives us a total of 70 shingeki no kyojin icons (150x150) featuring some mikasa, annie, levi…

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Wanted to draw something different, so here’s the robot WX-78 from the game “Don’t Starve”. This game is challenging but so much fun especially with multiplayer! I like survival games, as long as they aren’t stereotypical zombie horror. WX-78 is my favorite to play as because he can eat stale food and his upgrades. Not to mention, I can explore really faster after getting struck by lighting :D He’s adorable and :B

Rainy picture done with water colors. I honestly don’t know what I’m doing, at some point I really should read a tutorial. Running WX-78 done in copic makers.


Queen Naerys—the one woman Aegon IV bedded in whom he took no pleasure—was pious and gentle and frail, and all these things the king misliked. Childbirth also proved a trial to Naerys, for she was small and delicate. When Prince Daeron was born on the last day of 153 AC, Grand Maester Alford warned that another pregnancy might kill her. Naerys was said to address her brother thus: “I have done my duty by you, and given you an heir. I beg you, let us live henceforth as brother and sister.” We are told that Aegon replied: “That is what we are doing.” Aegon continued to insist his sister perform her wifely duties for the rest of her life.

It honestly feels like years since I’ve gotten a real haircut, you know the whole “update my look” kind. But I’m proudly debuting a new look. No matter what else happens to me today, I have managed to fall in love and dance around happily with a new cut and color. Tell me your good news friends! Or your bad news and we can conquer the world together. 

Muse meeting Aqours (second years)
  • Honoka and Chika
  • Chika: wow! Honoka-san can I have your signiture as my tattoo?
  • Honoka: sure!but lets do something dumb first
  • Umi and Riko
  • Riko: can you give me an advice to survive in this kind of idol hell thing?
  • Umi: well I honestly don't know how did I even survive on that
  • Kotori and You
  • You: the color of your hair is gray right? Wait no, its brown? And whats up with that fur?
  • Kotori: the color of my hair is both but the fur is....a...bird hair

So from what I’m getting the interview with BTS that everyone is upset about more than likely is NOT real. It doesn’t even sound like BTS to even talk about skin color or give two shits about it. They’re honest, good people who seriously do not care about things that superficial. If you honestly think they would say that shit it’s ridiculous. It’s 2017. Check your sources. You should know by now that you’re gonna have to fact check everything that comes out and fact check it again.

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Enters softly hey I really like the way you color hair and I would like to know ur secret if you don't mind givin me a lil low down on what you do if you have time ily

here is the low down ..4 U


1. start with ur flats obv (im really off my game 2day) here are the settings i used for lineart

2. airbrush in lighter and darker colors

3. with a dark color add basic shadows, it honestly doesnt matter how messy you make em (any kind of brush works, i prefer hardbrushes tho)

4. (this is all on the same layer btw) with a marker brush just start doing, idk, this kinda shit, where you’re stroking down and then upward (its hard to explain sorry) this is the marker brush i used

5. with ur hardbrush, just add darker shadows

6. using your marker, smooth em out a lil, add shines, color your linework (you can stop at this step if the next couple ones arent your cup of tea)

7. now we’re painting over the whole drawing, so make a new layer and just paint over it as obnoxiously as you can, i mainly use a hardbrush and the marker, add the background color to the hair as well idk yolo

8. lower the opacity of this layer to like %60, whatever strikes your fancy

9. add an orange overlay layer and ur done, i hope this didnt suck

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Hey UT, I have a question: What program do you use to draw? I'm trying to learn how to do it myself, but I'm kinda trash at it. TwT I'm much better at just pencil and paper, but coloring is the bane of my existence...

i use paint tool sai! but i’m still really new to it, ahah

and good on you for trying! it takes a long time for someone to get to a level where they’re happy with their artistic ability - i’ve been drawing since i was like.. seven or something and i’m still not happy with mine.
but just keep at it, friend! if you want to use pencil and paper, go for it - maybe if it’s easier for you to colour digitally, you could scan your drawings onto your computer and colour them there?