i honestly don't know what to do right now

hey, so long story short: my personal life is shitty as fuck right now, and i honestly haven’t been this low since december. with that being said, i’m going to take the weekend and this last week of march to…mull things over, i guess. there’s a lot going on, and i haven’t had enough time to process it all fully, let alone figure out how to ‘ fix ‘ things.

i know that i’ve had my bouts of lows in the past and that those have usually resulted in me becoming grossly inactive and coming back…but also not really at the same time…but i feel as though this time will be different. i really like it here, and i really like you guys, so i will come back, and i’ll make a genuine effort to make my returned presence here as constant as possible like i ( kinda ) have been these past few weeks…

…for now, however, i’m signing off. i’ll be on snapchat ( frickthepopo ) and discord ( Memecita#9085 ) if you wish to keep in touch, so hmu there. i’m so, so, so sorry that this is happening, but i’ll try to bounce back as soon as possible. thank you so much for understanding nonetheless, and i’ll catch y’all whenever. please take care of yourselves.♥

  • me outside: I'm fine.
  • me inside: okay but who honestly gave jeon wonwoo the permission to slay us all with this new ashy blonde hair thingamabob hair thing and the fact that we are all feeling so attacked right now and the fact that he doesn't even have any idea we're feeling so attacked right now this is too much but his hair looks too good buT ITS TOO MUCH WHAT IS THE MEANING OF LIFE ANYMORE I DON'T FEEL FINE AT ALL wonwoo obviously feels fine and looks fine too bUT NO THIS IS ILLEGAL I REPEAT THIS IS ILLEGAL DID I EVER MENTION THIS.IS.ILLEGAL.
  • Gray: Stealing makes everything better!
  • Erza: No! Wait! Gray! You mustn't do this thing! Think! What would your brother say if he could see you right now?
  • Lyon (in Gray's imagination): Well done, Gray! Now steal something from Lucy, too!
  • Erza: Okay, but what would he say if he wasn't a complete douchebag?
I Don’t Trust Any of the Pines Boys, TBH.

Filbrick: Always creepily hovering and NEVER takes off his goddamn glasses. What do you have to hide, Filbrick?

Stanley: Lied and cheated his entire way through life. Need I say more?

Stanford: Comes out of the portal totally “fine”, but something is up. We still don’t know what he saw; what he experienced. What happened to you, Stanford Pines?

Shermy: Baby? Older sibling? Boy? Girl? Grandparent? Cousin? Don’t trust “Shermy’ as far as I can throw them.


Dipper Pines: You had a run in with Bill, you aren’t mad or distrustful of Mabel, WHY ARE YOU POINTING THAT MEMORY WIPE GUN AT ANYONE GO TO YOUR ROOM YOUNG MAN.

Diabolik Lovers OC Challenge- Day Twenty One

Challenge Twenty One: What is your favorite subject at school? Do you like school?

Tsukiko: “Um… I honestly love math since it’s my best subject. I also really like art… When the art teacher doesn’t notice me. He keeps a close eye on me and it scares me a little bit. I suppose I like school. I don’t hate it but I don’t love it, I don’t really care much for it. It can be interesting at times, but classes seem to be too long and my classmates are just nightmares…”

Umeko: “Science is fun to do with our class. Someone’s bound to mess up with their projects and it’s pretty fun when they do. Normally it’s the class clowns who are trying to do it to make everyone laugh, but it ends up being terrible for the teacher, it’s not like I can blame him. I don’t care much for school. Yes, you can meet new people and there is some interesting events sometimes, but I don’t find myself to be very fond of school.”