i honestly don't know what to do right now

OK so (rant)

The richest thing I’ve ever been told, via an anonymous comment on my fic on AO3, was that I “tricked” them into reading my fic because I didn’t tag properly, and that it was “duplicitous” and they shouldn’t have to fight with someone over basic tagging (though they made sure to add how ‘out of character’ my whole fic was, despite the fact that it’s based off of a prompt that’s - from the get go - literally not canon. They even mention that they know this comment is a moot point because of the fact that it’s based off of a non-canon prompt, but yet still felt the need to tell me anyway).

I’ve never been so annoyed.

Listen, people - I don’t want to sound whiny, or like I can’t take criticism. I’m not a professional, and I certainly have a lot to learn (to put it mildly). 

However, if you don’t like something, instead of reading the whole thing and then leaving a rude comment, pretending to dress it up like you’re leaving ‘constructive criticism’ (which, may I add, was never asked for nor encouraged)  despite the fact that it was all personal opinion with no actual constructive components involved, just…. don’t. Close out of the fic. Walk away.

 I totally get that it’s not for everyone, and every single person is allowed to have their opinion. But there’s no reason to be rude to an author because you don’t like what they wrote, or because you feel that each individual plot point should be tagged.

(Like I’m not even joking - they are legitimately mad that a voyeur/exhibitionist tagged fic had these elements involved in it.)

The beauty of being an adult on the internet is when you don’t like things, you can just walk away from them. Or, hey, if you really just feel the need to leave your comment, because you really want the whole world to know how you feel about it, maybe spend the extra four seconds to pretend to be a decent human and make it actual concrit. 

I dunno, man. Just some food for thought on this lovely Sunday evening. 

bellamy blake - digital painting (2017)

DEH as Things My Mom Has Texted Me/Convos We've Had
  • Evan Hansen: *a photo of a puddle of milk* A little spilled milk. Bc there's a saying no use crying over spilled milk and I just came across a giant puddle of milk and it's funny.
  • Jared Kleinman: All I want right now is to go to KMart to avoid this situation and you KNOW how much I hate KMart.
  • Zoe Murphy: Literally why would you do that what the fu- heck?
  • Alana Beck: *photo of a meme that says "Me: don't be weird at this social event. Also me: give strangers unnecessary information about serial killers.
  • Heidi Hansen: I really want these sunglasses but honestly they're too hip and cool for me what do you think?
  • Cynthia Murphy: You need to learn tact, girl. You can NOT just ask for money outright. You have to manipulate grandma.
  • Larry Murphy: You can always exit your room if you need me, I can't always text.
Please Help Me

Hey guys! If you’ve been following me for a while you know I hate asking for help from people, but I’m stuck right now. I just found out I won’t be receiving my paycheck this week because of a mixup with the paperwork, which means I’m about $400 short for rent for the month. If I set something up would anyone be willing to help out? Any penny you can spare would be useful.


Prayer request

I’m feeling really bad, my chest feels tight and I don’t have much of an appetite at all. I’m going to the doctor tomorrow but honestly I wish I was going right now so I could figure out what I need to fix to feel better. Prayers that I’ll feel better and that the doctor will know what to do to help would be appreciated. Thanks

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Honestly if Jughead and Toni sleep together that will be the end of me shipping Bughead and possibly watching that shitfest of a show. I don't know if I would want Betty to be with Jughead after he loses his virginity to that walking parasite. I hope RAS know what the fuck he's doing cause right now he's pissed of more than half the fandom. I'm all for angst, but this crap he calls angst ? He can keep it.

I think RAS knows not to do that. I mean, I sincerely hope so anyway. they will lose A LOT of viewers, that’s for sure, me included. but honestly although the angst has ripped my heart out, I had no problem with it until the kiss. I like angst because I just know that when they reunite and get back together it is going to be EPIC. (but again, I didn’t think the kiss was necessary at all)

Because I want to

Okay, so, I’ve had these asks on my inbox for a while, but I honestly don’t know how to respond to them. All the words I can think of are not enough to answer this properly. I’m just going to let the stuydblr community (or anyone) answer this. I want to see what all the incredible minds here do with this. 

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tenrose + 29 ?

WHOA, sorry this is like hours late! I was on mobile and I didn’t expect I got anything. Thank you!!

433 words, human AU

29. “Can I take you on a date?”

“So…” The Doctor began, fidgeting, “Can I take you on a date?”

Rose gaped at him. 

He hastened to continue, “Well, that’s—if you don’t mind, that is. No pressure, really, I don’t want to make you feel like you have an obligation. I just thought, ‘Hey, maybe she wouldn’t mind?’ and I—”

“Doctor,” Rose interrupted. She placed a hand over his, where it was threatening to completely throttle an innocent jar of preserves. He met her eyes with a slight grimace, relaxing his grip. “What’re you talking about?”

He regarded her then, some of his nervous energy melting into confusion. “I—Did I say the wrong thing somehow? Rose, I’m asking you on a date.”

She rolled her eyes. “No, I know that,” she said.

At her response, the Doctor looked hurt. His immediate thought was that she was rejecting him and it must’ve shown on his expression, because the next thing he knew she was sitting up. Something in her eyes shifted, a thought clicking in place.

“Doctor, look around you,” Rose said. She gestured at their surroundings. “Tell me where we are.”

He answered automatically. “The park. Why?”

She sounded like she was explaining a particularly difficult concept to a particularly troubled child. “What do you think we’re doing at the park?”

“Having a picnic, obviously. Rose, I really don’t get how this is supposed to—”

“And who decided we’d be having a picnic in the first place?”

“Well, I did.”

“And who brought all the food?”

“I did.”

“Who drove us here?”

He paused. “I… I did.”

Rose waited for him to continue, to get the big picture, but it flew right by him. “Can’t you see it, Doctor?” she finally asked. “We’re already on a date.”

“Oh.” His eyes widened, “Oh.”

“Yeah.” Her lips curved into a teasing grin. “Took you long enough, you plum.”

The Doctor gave her a sheepish smile, rubbing the back of his neck. “I figured you thought we were just hanging out as mates. So… if this is a date… then what does that make the others? The, uh, planetarium? The aquarium?”

Rose nodded, “They were too! And the fair, the museum, all those movie nights…”

“Were they any good?”

“I wouldn’t be here now if they weren’t, now would I?”

“Right, right—of course—yes,” he babbled. Then he caught her eye. “Do you want to go on another one?”

Rose scooted up closer to him and bumped him playfully in the shoulder. “Let’s finish this one first, yeah?”

The Doctor bumped her back, a grin breaking across his face. “Yeah,” he beamed.

  • Akashi: [over Skype] I can't wait to see you tomorrow. I'll arrive in Tokyo at 9, as usual
  • Furihata: Ah, about that.. I don't think I can meet you tomorrow
  • Akashi: .. What? Why?
  • Furihata: Um, sorry Sei, but I'm kind of short on money this week.. but I'll get my salary from my part time job next week! And we can go on date next Saturday! We'll do whatever you want and it'll be my treat, hehe
  • Akashi: ...
  • Akashi: No
  • Furihata: .. No?
  • Akashi: I don't want to meet you next week. I want to meet you tomorrow. I'll pay for everything
  • Furihata: You know I can't let you do that-
  • Akashi: [annoyed] I told you.. I told you to not make money an issue and yet.. and yet you.. why are you so stubborn?
  • Furihata: [surprised] Sei..
  • Akashi: You can borrow my money, you can pay me back later, you can do whatever you want, why are you making this difficult? I just want to see you! Don't you want to see me too?
  • Furihata: Sei, I-
  • Akashi: No, don't.. don't say anything. I.. I..
  • Furihata: ...
  • Akashi: [sighs] I'm sorry about my.. sudden outburst, I.. I'll talk to you tomorrow, I guess? [smiles sadly] Good night
  • Furihata: Sei, wait!
  • Akashi: .. Yes?
  • Furihata: When was the last time you had a proper sleep?
  • Akashi: [stiffens] I'm fine
  • Furihata: Seijuurou..
  • Akashi: I.. honestly don't remember [closes his eyes tiredly]
  • Furihata: ...
  • Furihata: Buy me one train ticket to Kyoto
  • Akashi: What?
  • Furihata: I'm going over there tomorrow morning.. I'll pay you back later
  • Akashi: You're going to come here?
  • Furihata: [smiles] Yes
  • Akashi: .. I don't know why you suddenly change your mind but I'll buy the ticket right now, so don't ever think you can change it again
  • Furihata: I won't
  • Akashi: [brightens up] Great! Where do you want to go? Maybe we can go to that restaurant that you like so-
  • Furihata: We're not going anywhere
  • Akashi: .. Excuse me?
  • Furihata: We're going to stay at your house.. and you're going to sleep and I'm going to.. watch you
  • Akashi: ...
  • Akashi: You're going to come all the way to Kyoto to watch me sleep? [chuckles] Do you know how creepy that sounds? Such a waste of time too
  • Furihata: [blushes] My point is, I want to make sure you get a proper rest. I'll cook for you if you want? We can also watch Netflix in the evening.. or play shogi.. maybe? [shrugs]
  • Akashi: That.. doesn't sound so bad
  • Furihata: I do hope you take a nap at one point, and when you wake up, I'll be there [smiles]
  • Akashi: I see.. when I, uh.. take that nap, can we [clears his throat] cuddle?
  • Furihata: [chuckles] Of course
  • Akashi: Excellent! And I just sent the ticket to your email by the way
  • Furihata: Thank you
  • Akashi: I can't wait for you to come here and watch me sleep tomorrow! [grins]
  • Furihata: [raises his eyebrows] One more of that kind of remarks and I'm aborting my mission immediately
  • Akashi: [laughs] Kidding, kidding.. but I really can't wait to see you tomorrow
  • Furihata: [grins] Me too
The Coffee/Tim/Sleep Love Triangle

Imagine Tim in a loving and committed relationship with Sleep (the sweet, unassuming darling that loves and cares for him and keeps him healthy in body and mind). Now imagine Coffee coming onto the scene. Maybe she’s a manipulative b***h that isolates him from his family and abuses his body and mind, but maybe she makes him capable of Great Things (Besides, the chemistry is to die for). It gets to the point where Tim thinks he can’t live without her. What does Tim do?!

@imnotafan​ and @buckysl3ftarm​, I’m drowning in tears of hysterical laughter right now. Please send help.

oh fuck my life already
I’m seeing TS4 on my dash
and I want to play it sooo badly cause it looks phenomenal
but also 0 value for money whatsoever? kinda shitty community (don’t mean to generalize but the whole patreon thing etc)??? extremely shitty gameplay?????? EXTREMELY SHITTY EXPANSIONS?????? EXTREMELY SHITTY EA???????????

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I know we're all are on tony defend squad but wdy think about Steve? I know in the mcu he's a shit but in other universes? And about Chris Evans? You don't have to answer ofc but I just wanted ur insight on this, I like the stuff u post :)





From a lot of what I post, you would probably think I dislike Steve. Honestly, right now I’m going through EXTREME STARKQUILL/GUARDIANS FUCKING OFF INTO SPACE WITH TONY/ BITTER TONY moods, and so…

There’s a lot of shade being thrown in Steve’s direction.

But listen. Okay. I LOVE STEVE. I DO. I mean MCU Steve is, in my opinion, a very wobbly character, who could have been done so much more in-depth and meaningfully than what we got.

 Like, for starters, his relationship with Tony is just. What. Where are the sly sex jokes and secret passwords @? All we got was Steve being a bit of a prick to him as soon as he laid eyes on the guy, and then a continuation of that, manifesting itself through judgment and lack of trust. which is completely OOC for the Steve we know and love.

Secondly, the whole Civil War argument was just turned into Saving Bucky Barnes, The Saga- which is totally not what happened in the comics at all, and made everything he did and said so shallow, because we knew he was just fighting for his bestie. 

But yeah I mean aside from occasional moments (CATWS I thought did a pretty good job overall with him), I… I gotta say MCU Steve Is Not For Me. 


BURIED SOMEWHERE. UNDERNEATH THE BITTERNESS AND ANGER THAT RESIDES FROM CIVIL WAR, HE IS SUCH A GOOD BOY. i think it’s just… it’s very difficult to really place a specific set of characteristics for him, purely because of that fact that every writer does him differently. Some (hey Nick) write him like utter shit and make me want to burn out my retinas- some write him in what I consider to be perfectly in character (hey AA writers). 

I mean AA Steve is my dad. End of. He’s number one. You don’t get better than AA Steve. 

(Plus he and Tony are just. married. so that sweetens the deal a lot)

But like I said, it’s all about personal preference. Some are gonna be reading this like ???? Steve was perfectly in character in CW wdym???? and some are gonna be relating a lot. But for me, the Steve I know and love is the guy who believes in his team- the guy who is sly and dry-witted and unconditionally selfless. 

And who fuckin treats Tony like he deserves. But whatever.

so like i said- AA Steve is the winner for me, purely because he’s very consistent and pretty much ticks off everything I just listed a few seconds ago. Comic Steve- when not a nazi- is, as far as i gathered, a pretty cool dude? Although I don’t read comics with him, he seems to have his head screwed on straight. MCU Steve is Very Much Average And Inconsistent, plus he highkey mistreated Tony, which is a Large Offence for me, not to mention OOC.


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Umm, as a Chinese Exo-L I gotta say there is another reason why Yixing isn't participating in EXO's activities. Chinese ppl are worried that Hallyu is going to make chinese entertainment less popular. (Ex: ywcfts craze, recent descendant from the sun craze etc.) So China is trying to boycott everything produces by Korea. China is (sorry to say) a little old fashioned. They don't want a country to become 'better' than them. Since EXO is from a Korean company they think Yixing is betraying them :(

Yes I know very much of China and their policies and how they run things after watching a bunch of documentaries when becoming curious a few months back. Honestly I’m surprised they didn’t try to yank Lay out of EXO from what’s been happening. The poor boy must really be in an inner state of turmoil right now with all this happening so all we can do is support him no matter what he does and hope things turn out for the better.


This is for every Shiro involved ship cause I’m tired of everyone coming for each other cause ya all extra as hell 🙄 ship what you wanna seriously cause the creators are saying a bunch of shit then theres things like this on their official shit. Like they saying five teenagers from earth, that includes Shiro. Also if you seen the video where the creators were agreeing to Shiro being an adult they looked like they were just tired of everyone and just agreed to it so people would stop asking cause they seem not to even know wtf they’re doing right now. People have mentioned this in other posts so here are the receipts lol.

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I truly can't tell if Robin actually added those glitches in today's video without Jack knowing or not... I'm honestly really confused right now D: They could have genuinely miscommunicated about it, but what if Jack knew about it and it's intentionally there? After all there was that post on Jack's tumblr with the picture of him captioned "Don't believe his lies" with SOS as the tag... Do we believe Robin added it on his own or do we believe it's really Anti fucking with us again?? aagghh

My worst fear is not being able to tell the difference between Jack and Anti through deception. I HATE when we are forced to question “who/ which one do we trust?!” simply for the fact we don’t know who we’re seeing or is talking to us.

Is it Jack who genuinely needs ‘help’? Or is it Anti, just pretending to be him?

If we’re such good “fans” of Jack, surely we should be able to see through this.

… Right?

… I can’t answer your question Kayne.

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how do you feel about Bakugou and Uraraka? I saw people saying that they would be canon rather than Izuocha. But I don't see how? Like, I read the manga I I think I missed something. What do you think?

Yo! You know I honestly don’t know if I’m the right person to ask/if I’ll give the best answer but I’ll take a shot at explaining how I look at it~

(sorry for the late reply it took me a while to answer this)

*possibly manga spoilers for non-manga readers*

as of right now, I think there is more evidence that Horikoshi plans to make Izuku x Uraraka canon considering recent developments between them and how Uraraka acknowledges her feelings. At this point, concerning the relationship between them, I would say we know most about how Uraraka feels about Deku, she definitely feels something for him and she is conflicted about what to do with her feelings:

A friend of mine pointed out how admirable it is that she acknowledges that she has these feelings for him but also recognizes that she has a goal, so she decides to work towards that goal rather than pursue a relationship with him. What a girl, working towards her ambitions and not giving them up for the sake of a crush!

And it’s evident here that the foundation of her feelings for Deku are how his hard work and amazing determination inspires her to be more like him, to push herself to become a stronger hero.

We don’t really know how Izuku really feels about Uraraka yet, but we do know that he does care about her a lot and treats her with a great deal of respect, I’d say even more so than Bakugou because of these panels from Ch. 37 after their fight during the Sports Festival arc:

Like, of course Bakugou knows that Uraraka is indeed a capable fighter (hence the part when he says ”Where do you see fragile?” when people talked about her) and I know people root for Kacchako because of this, but when I was looking at these panels again, it seems more like he assumed Uraraka’s capability during their fight was because he thought Deku helped her instead of doing it herself, while Deku argues that Uraraka was smart and capable enough to strategize herself and go up against Bakugou. So there’s definitely a great deal of respect and acknowledgement from Deku of her amazing capabilities/qualities.

and this:

showing his genuine concern for her emotional well-being and a feeling of helplessness, not being able to do anything for her.

We have yet to see how he feels romantically about her, but I feel like these interactions between them hold a lot more weight right now than anything between Bakugou and Uraraka.

Kacchako isn’t a bad ship, and I am not hating on it at all!! This is just my take on how the relationships are portrayed, and I feel it’s leaning more towards their development. I wish I had the screenshot, but I know Horikoshi really did say he had a lot of plans for “matching Deku with Uraraka” so there’s that as well!

Bonus also these panels hint at Uraraka showing a bit of concern/jealousy when other females (*cough* Hatsume) interact with Deku and I just find it hilarious

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What do you think Amon's purpose in the manga is now? Urie is pretty much in the role Amon had in TG, then Amon is absent for most of :Re and resigns himself to just spectating. I honestly don't know where this is leading with him. Like the best time for Amon to rejoin the main cast was after his talk with Kaneki, and if he doesn't want to join Goat, why not join Hide and Marude? Does he not care about all the panic and chaos Furuta has caused? Are his speeches of right and wrong just all talk?

No offense to Amon but I still don’t know what this means. After rereading it like, eleventy billion times. 

My best guess is he wants to go meditate on the mountains to figure himself out, or something… It sounds deep but… if anybody can explain this to me go ahead I’d love the opportunity to be wrong here. 

I’m more inclined to believe Seidou’s take though.

Part of Amon’s problem in general is his inability to step off of the pedestal he’s placed himself on. It’s not enough for him to simply live, he has to live with a purpose to justify his existence, and when he becomes disillusioned with that purpose it means he then has no ability to step forward at all. 

He’s been a knight his entire life and not a person. He is inherently bad at personing. His conflict with Akira in the first manga, was entirely about trying to treat her like a normal person and go out to drinks with her. Just you know, having a basic human relationship with a coworker, is actually several times harder than fighting ghouls. So my theory about Amon in :Re in general is that it’s explicitly about him losing his purpose, so he can learn to be a person. That is the gift Seidou gives to Amon, he gives his everything to strip him out of his own armor. 

Before doing anything else next, that’s what Amon has to do. To learn to see himself as Amon the person, then Amon the ghoul, and only then can he actually start to act like a proper ghoul investigator again.