i honestly don't know how they appeared

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Do you think dd and ga's lack of... um... togetherness at the upfronts has anything to do with pm? I don't have an opinion on it either way. Just asking an honest question. I'm wondering what everyone thinks. Can we open it up to discussion? It was pretty bizarre, we can all agree to that. The only time we saw them together that day at all was onstage at the Webby's. Seems weird to me. I honestly don't see how it could've benefited fox at all. I think it could be something else. Don't know what

We can always open discussion, anon! If not the Webbys, I would have find it weird that they didn’t appear more together, didn’t do the photocall together, and didn’t give any interview together. It is weird. But then, they went to Webbys, and the magic operated. There’s no doubt David and Gillian are fine with each other, that nothing has changed between them since the last time we saw them together. I really do think it happened like that not because it was their request, but because Fox had planned it this way. 

Even if you assume she’s dating someone else, which I don’t but anyway, what would be the point of asking your network to make separate appearances with your costar for one business event, and then show up together being all giddy and cute at a totally non-business related (at least for David) event, and finally spend 6 months on the other side of the world 24/7 with this other man? It makes no sense. 

So if it isn’t their choice, if it isn’t due to their schedule, it has to come from their publicist or from Fox. It has to be a communication strategy. A weird one, but still…

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I wonder how many people on my dash are secretly thinking the same things and sending you anons. I feel like a big part of the fandom feels the same way right now, but no one dares saying much because of the few big blogs who control everything and shit on anyone who doesn't believe what their bs.

Anon, I have people who appear to be hardcore Harry fans following me. And yet some of them are liking posts (not usually reblogging them) and others are just hanging out, sticking around, and and and (!!) following some of my similarly-minded blogging friends.

At first I thought they were around to hate read or send me nasty anons, but I’m honestly wondering if people are keeping up pretenses on their blogs because of their friendships with mutuals, and secretly following/reading me because they kind of maybe possibly agree?

So, my original intention was to make a fancy Armaud moodboard, but then this comic appeared on the template website I was looking though, and my middle-of-the-night self thought I was being hilarious. Anyway, here’s a weird low quality Armaud and Phillips thing for you, Izzy. I adore how you write our local cardinal, humanizing a character who could so easily be reduced to his manipulative nature. Also your ms paint skills are magnificent hahaa


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What's going to happen to them once they get back? I'm concerned for them because even though certain things that happened are inexcusable I don't want it to ruin their careers after all the work they put into it. I'm new to the kpop world so I don't know how they handle these things

[IMPORTANT EDIT: I have learned that my information regarding the legality of Yugyeom drinking was incorrect. I sincerely apologize for spreading misinformation!! Also:

Korean fans, fansites, and news sites appear to be currently ignoring the pool party incident. ( x ) This means that GOT7 will hopefully not face a horrible backlash in Korea]

Hello, my dear. <3

I completely understand your concern. Honestly, it is very hard to say at this point what will happen to the boys when they get back because there hasn’t been a situation quite like this before where the boys were out of the country when the incident occurred. Being a 15 hour flight away from the company (at the very least) has put a delay on everything getting handled and dealt with, and it’s made tensions even higher. However, there are a few things that must be kept in mind that will play into how everything goes down. I just ask that everyone keep in mind that these are only my thoughts, opinions, and hypotheses based on my experience and research over time.

1) I’m going to say this plainly, and I know a lot of people might get offended, but Bambam saying the n-word is only the issue that it is in America and in some other parts of the Western world. For the Korean fans, Bambam’s bad decision is not going to be a huge issue. His mistake means more for the company than it does for the fans.

Now, this is not to say that it’s not a huge issue and that it doesn’t need to be addressed and addressed thoroughly, because it is a huge issue, but everyone needs to understand that the very first thing that they teach you in a basic Anthropology class is that the sense of ethnocentrism that we are raised with that gives us the idea that something that is commonplace in our culture should be common place everywhere, is wrong. Cultural difference means that something that is common, inescapable knowledge in one culture could never even be heard of in another culture. I mean, does everyone reading this know how horribly offensive and terrible it is to pass food between chopsticks for Japanese people? Not knowing doesn’t make you a bad person, it makes you uninformed. It shows that you’re not from that culture. The same is true for Bambam, and let’s keep that in mind. Bambam is not a bad person, he is uneducated and misinformed.

2) Yugyeom’s drinking was a poor decision, but it was not illegal. This post goes into more detail on the ins and outs of that statement, but it’s important to understand that Yugyeom did not do anything legally wrong. (EDIT: Underaged drinking is illegal in California in all contexts.) However, it is the issue with Yugyeom that might cause the biggest issue for Korean fans

(UPDATE: Korean fans are ignoring the pool party scandal, so this is not proving to be an issue.)

Although South Korea has a very active drinking culture and Yugyeom is legally old enough to drink there, the Korean idol culture has a lot of rigorous standards for idols, and being seen looking drunk is definitely a big no-no. Even long-debuted groups like SHINee and even Super Junior with older members still get negative reactions when fans believe they’ve caught their idols drinking and let’s not even start on the standards for girl groups, and B1A4 can’t even include the world ‘alcohol’ in their music. As such, Yugyeom being caught on camera the way he was is going to be incredibly, horribly, and likely irreversibly damaging to his reputation and his career. For many Korean and other non-American/Western fans, Bambam’s inappropriate use of the n-word will likely be largely forgotten in time, but Yugyeom’s perfectly legal (EDIT: not legal in the state he was in) consumption of alcohol at a party could haunt him for years. 

3) The responsibility for the actions of Bambam and Yugyeom is going to fall heavily on Jaebum. 

Not only is he the leader, which is a role with heavy implications in Korean fan culture, but the two boys caught in this scandal are the maknaes, which means that Korean fans will see it as being even more the responsibility of the older members, and particularly the leader to have kept them in line and protected them. He as much as Yugyeom and possibly more than Bambam is likely going to be the victim of a lot of hate and aggression from the Korean fans and antis and he will also be held the most responsible by the company and probably JYP himself.

4) Most decisions made by the company are going to be made based on financial estimations and determinations

This is a hard point to acknowledge, but it needs to be considered. As hurt as everyone is and as much as people what justice for the very wrong actions that Bambam, Mark’s friends, and even Mark himself took, this is not actually going to be the primary concern of the company. The primary concern of the company is going to be making sure that they don’t lose too many fans and hence too much income. So what does this mean? The company is going to focus on soothing the hurt feelings and anger of the people who contribute the most to the group. While I expect JYP to definitely make sure that includes all the fans hurt by Bambam’s words, we have to remember points 1 and 2 and please do not blame the boys if they don’t make the statements that you are wanting and hoping for. Because this leads me to the final and most important thing to remember:

5) From this point on, the boys are no longer in control of what they are allowed to say or do. All of the communication from them, from their families, from their managers, staff, etc. is going to be monitored and controlled by JYPE as much as possible.

This is in order to minimize more damage and to give JYP the full control needed to deal with the situation in the way he decides is best. But everyone needs to understand that the boys literally cannot make statements right now. The company will not let them. I guarantee you that Bambam has been beating himself up at least as much as 90% of the people sending him hate for the last day and if he could apologize, we’d probably have about a million messages from him already. The silence on Bambam’s end and that parts of the other boys is not his decision. It is the company’s. There is also no telling how long the imposed silence will last. Someone screwed up in DAY6 and all the members lost their SNS privileges. We will have to wait and see what happens with GOT7.

I am far from an expert on Korean culture and the Korean entertainment industry and these are all just the things I expect from experience and research, but I can tell you that this situation is no longer in the hands of any of the members, and probably not their managers (honestly, I expect we’ll be seeing new managers next time we see the boys…). However, I don’t believe that this is going to end their careers. I think it has certainly damaged their reputation and has hindered their progress when they were finally starting to get somewhere, but BTS, MissA and MAMAMOO, as well as others, have had similar issues to the Bambam one, and there have been dozens of drinking scandals (including an underage one with EXO’s Baekhyun that he survived), and these groups have all managed to survive. I also don’t think that JYP is going to change anything regarding the JYP Nation concert, though the most likely change would be to give Yugyeom’s solo to someone else. However, I do think that there might be a delay on any further promotions while JYP waits for some of the dust of the storm to settle.

I also expect an apology, or multiple, from the company and possibly from the members themselves if JYP thinks that’s the right move to pull. However, whether Bambam and Yugyeom offer personal apologies or not, I beg everyone to keep in mind that it is not their call. I promise you that they are both incredibly sorry. This is the boy who felt guilty and terrible when he almost used an offensive sign during their LA concert, and the boy who cries when he thinks his group is fighting because of him. If all you want is for them to be sorry, you have it. I have no doubt that the most lasting consequence of this incident on the group will be the emotional scars and verbal abuse that will follow them forever.

So please, everyone, be patient as we wait for a statement and an apology, be understanding towards the boys, and please let’s stop the hate. They never meant any, and they’ve already been given enough.

just gonna sad vent for a hot minute, not putting it under a cut because I’m not gonna expend energy to get off mobile abd use my laptop for this shit

my self-image is honestly at all-time low. I haven’t hated my body/appearance this much since junior high and i don’t know why

like there’s lots of little things that are really dragging me down. my relationship is kind of rocky rn – i never get laid or even romanced – and i have super bad dysphoria, and it’s also been a good four years since anyone besides my so has found me attractive enough to crush on me

but are those things enough to make me feel /this/ shitty??? I know maybe it seems superficial to be concerned with my appearance but it’s been making me hardcore dissociate from my physical self. a few days ago i noticed my arm pit hair was the longest it’s ever gotten and that shit grows SLOWLY on me. I’m so unhappy with my body that i have no idea what’s happening with it anymore

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Melly! I've tried to turn my phone while using snap chat filters and it won't let me because of the face recognition and because it's perfectly on both of their faces, it would stuff up the filter and not sit on just Gigi like it is. I think it's photoshopped. Also the rose on Zayn's jacket ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

I thought something abt him looked off too!! *rolls eyes* at least the stunting wasn’t too bad. Zayn’s name is still out there and he still looked the most interesting out of the couple tbh

Heyyyy, Melly. I just saw your tags on that Gigi snap and I WAS THINKING THE SAME. Zayn’s head is at such a weird angle, too, it just seemed off as soon as I saw it. Idk. I’m not super familiar with Snapchat filters and what magic they work, but this is suspect. Also funny that we didn’t get a video of her with Zayn like we did with Aziz… Thanks for your continued greatness!


So I was going to be enterprising Melly and try and check if this was indeed photoshopped for you:

 and I learned something new today! It’s actually harder to detect if an image has been photoshopped if it’s a photograph of an image (like a screen shot of a snap), because the ELA will only register from that original particular photograph (which may be obvs to everyone but everytime i take a photo it looks like blurry footage of Sasquatch). 

It may be that it wasn’t actually photoshopped at all, but it’s rather clever to upload the more photoshoppy images that way ( or  Gigith’s favorite photograph of a photograph method).

But rose anon, you are totally eagle eyed and correct, there is indeed a rose up in there:

You could 100% make the argument that he just likes that particular jacket (Zayn does have A+ jacket game and that one is particularly excellent), and I don’t know that the appearance of the rose on his jacket is particularly meaningful. But it also could be like the three roses that appeared here:

and also the roses that appear on Liam’s hand here:

And arm here:

It could just be one of those things - i’m honestly not entirely sure.

edited to add because I think some Anons were confused! If you wanted to upload a photoshopped photo to your snapchat story it’s simple. Loads of third party apps provide that service - SnapUpload for one. Just wanted to be clear since apparently some folks were confused about how you could do such a thing.

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Hello. Can you help me out? For a few months now, I have liked Seventeen but i'm getting strange vibes from Vernon. (Please don't hate me ahh) he appears very defiant and brattish (again sorry) I was hoping if you could teach me more about him and change my view because I don't want to judge him? 💌ty

honestly, i had to get advice from fellow seventeen fans on how to answer this question because i didn’t really know how to answer it myself!

vernon is very charismatic and confident especially on stage but it surprises me that it makes people think he’s bratty (and it’s not just you, other people have said similar things about him too). he’s actually a sweet kid and was once picked by his members as the shyest. his nickname is “hansol situation” because he has a funny way of looking at things. he works very hard, from choreographing a lot of the early like seventeen stages to constantly writing his own rap lyrics. he has a younger sister who he absolutely cherishes and they were on a program together when they were younger where he would read to her. at a young age, he even talked about being mixed race. he also loves his members and is pretty affectionate with them. when former member mingming first entered the group, he didn’t know much korean but knew some english so hansol helped him by speaking english with him. and, of course, one look at his huge laugh and you know he’s just a lovable dork. 

i hope with this people will see hansol more favorably because he deserves it, as do all the members.

141102 Sunny's FM Date Radio .2
  • Sunny: How would you rate HongBin form Error MV?
  • Hyuk: 9 out of 10.
  • Sunny: Why not full. one point left out?
  • Hyuk: I know he did well on the MV. I left out one point so that he will take it on his future work as to see improvement!
  • Ken: Honestly, I don't like the MV coz I didn't appear much in MV. I only give one point.
  • Hong Bin: He gave one point that Hyuk left out.
  • Sunny: So you got 10 out of 10 now!!
  • Hong Bin: LOL what are we doing right now?
  • Sunny: I am not sure either.

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I don't know if this is true or not, but did you hear how Calpain (of EQD) might be canceling that SU site because of tumblr? We lost a great opportunity to introduce new people to the show, but tumblr had to open their big dumb mouths and scream, and scream, and scream. Hope you're happy, SJWs.

Honestly, I hope he does.

They were willing to create a site to keep fans up-to-date on news (new episodes, convention appearances, comic books, merchandise, etc.), give them a forum on which to interact with each other, and a place to showcase the best in fan art and fan fiction.  They did this because so many EQD users were already SU fans.  This site would have been tailored specifically to the Steven Universe fandom.

They were never obligated to do this.  It was something they offered to do.

Once again, I feel terrible for the SU fans that had nothing to do with this.  They just enjoy the show, and share their opinions of it with each other unobtrusively.

Unfortunately, there are the fans that:

  • From the very beginning of its existence, started flooding the Uncle Grandpa tag with hatred, complaining that “Steven Universe is better.  Just get rid of this, and show more SU”.  That shit is unacceptable.  How would they feel if the SU tag were 90% whining, overgrown toddlers that feel compelled to tag their hatred just to spite people that enjoy something that they don’t?  This got even worse after Cartoon Network announced a SU/UG crossover.  Literally hundreds of messages screeching like banshees about a crossover THAT WAS REBECCA SUGAR’S IDEA IN THE FIRST PLACE.  If you want to complain about the Steven Universe/Uncle Grandpa crossover, then you’d better take it right to the woman who created your show, because she’s the one responsible for coming up with the idea.

    When fans of a completely different show have to scroll for upwards of ten minutes in their own fandom’s tag (past hundreds of text posts from people who don’t even watch the show that feel compelled to put it down like a bunch of self-important douchebags) just to find something nice to share about a show they like, that’s Grade-A fucking bullshit.
  • Are constantly playing race/gender/body police not only about the show, but also regarding art and cosplay.  The characters are bodiless, shapeshifting aliens:  Technically they don’t have a gender, and their only real body is the gem.  I have seen cosplayers be verbally torn to shreds for cosplaying their favorite character, just because people decided that a fucking PURPLE ALIEN was somehow definitively a black woman (except, you know…SHE’S A FUCKING SPACE ROCK).  A person should be able to cosplay whatever character they want to.  Race shouldn’t be an issue (you know…exactly what we SHOULD be striving for—the same rights for all human beings, including race NOT being a point of contention under which anyone can try to limit the rights of others.  Great job perpetuating exactly what you claim to be fighting against!).  I’ve seen people tear apart pieces of fan art because the person chose to draw the characters differently (and again, they’re SHAPESHIFTERS, and FAN art is all about how the FAN wishes to portray it).  There are humanized ponies, humanized triangles with hats, humanized pads of paper…and then there are furry versions of characters, pony versions of characters, etc..  Getting uppity about body size seems pretty absurd at this point.  People have different artistic styles, the same way they have different headcanons.    There have been people trying to force their own headcanons so hard that they have a glorified shit fit when the show’s canon doesn’t live up to it, and start crying about “lack of representation”, and “transphobia”.  Everyone is entitled to see things differently.  THAT’S WHY THE FUCK THEY’RE HEADCANONS, AND NOT CANONThere are proper places to express social and political issues.  A goddamn CARTOON is NOT one of them, especially when the characters AREN’T EVEN HUMAN. 

  • Complete disrespect for the people making the show.  Running a fucking writer off of tumblr over whether an alien likes food or not (and mind you, he wasn’t even the head writer on either episode)?  What the fuck is WRONG with you people??  They’re making this cartoon for you to enjoy it, but it’s still THEIR cartoon.  It’s not YOUR place to decide what happens in it.  Nobody working on the show owes you a fucking thing, so stop acting like goddamn entitled little sacks of shit.
  • Have now taken to whining about people creating a news site for their fandom, simply because they never moved on past 2011.  Seriously, how empty is your life that you’re still crying this hard over the existence of people you didn’t expect to enjoy a cartoon about pastel ponies?  Even better:  Who the fuck cares SO MUCH about what people they’ll never even meet watch in the comfort of their own home that they have to resort to making up lies about them?  Fake stories of alleged near-abduction/assaults of children (what kind of a twisted psychopath makes up stories about child abuse??  What kind of petty high school shit is that?  Not to mention that it’s fucking gross…),  lying about harassment of the voice actresses that the voice actresses themselves are later forced to publicly deny over Twitter (I’m sure they really appreciate people even THINKING of bullshit like that about them, let alone spreading it as the gospel truth), and badgering another voice actress ON THANKSGIVING DAY over a picture she posted, to the point where she publicly asked people to stop talking about it, which they didn’t. 

    As a woman who actually interacts with the fandom, I can tell you right now that most of what you hear about bronies is a complete load of shit, and the fact that there are people still holding this much of a grudge about something that has zero impact on their lives is some of the most childish bullshit I have ever fucking witnessed.  To top it off, the MLP fandom has actually accomplished a lot of good for others (tens of thousands of dollars to numerous charities, including childrens’ hospitals and breast cancer awareness), while I have seen SJWs on this site accomplish literally NOTHING good for anyone else, while simultaneously acting goddamn horrifying under the guise of “activism”.  Doxxing, death threats…mailing a fucking knife to someone’s house??  People claiming to be advocates for “social justice” have amassed a pretty damning rap sheet that begs to differ.

They’re so pathetically afraid of the show being “ruined”, despite the fact that the only one “ruining” it for anyone is them.  Rebecca Sugar wrote a show with a diverse group of characters, with a little boy as the main protagonist.  It’s not a “girls’ show”.  It’s an everyone show, and from the videos I’ve seen from kids that they use as bumpers on the network all the time, little boys seem to enjoy Steven Universe just as much as girls do.

Some of you need to get the fuck over the fact that cartoons are for everyone.

They are not “yours” when they are broadcast to the public.

More viewers are not going to “ruin” a show.  Higher ratings = more show, and more merchandise.  If you’re intentionally hanging around where you see opinions about a show that you don’t like, then that’s your fuckin’ problem.

You can stop pretending anytime now that women don’t draw adult content for “kids’ shows” or “boy franchises”.  Do I even have to remind you people of Transformers, Tintin, Harry Potter, Team Fortress 2, The Avengers, etc.?  Tumblr has more dicks than a goddamn dildo convention, so you can drop it with the double standards.  Shit, there are people shipping the kid from Big Hero 6 with his own brother, yet no one bats an eyelash.  I have never seen a single fandom without adult content in it, and this practice has been going on since the 1920′s (Google “Tijuana bibles”).  Calm your tits.

The internet now has places to house adult content.  Those places have filters enabled that keep their content from showing up in a Google Safe Search, and little girls probably shouldn’t be on the internet unattended in the first place, especially when these days, you can watch at least four of the Faces of Death documentaries right on Youtube.

Grow up, and learn to share your fuckin’ toys.  Seriously.  This is just getting absolutely ridiculous and pathetic.  You’re all acting exactly like the kind of gender policing bullshit that so many of you claim to be againstYou’re no better than a bunch of little boys telling a girl that she can’t play kickball with them.  Guys enjoying less masculine things should be seen as progressive and encouraged, not a reason for you to become the bully you always wanted to be.  Segregation is NEVER an acceptable solution when you’re talking about human beings.  I shouldn’t even have to say this shit.  Anyone over 13 should bloody well know better, and the fact that so many DON’T is incredibly disappointing, not to mention disturbing.

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How do you feel about how Rose was portrayed in the extended intro? Do you agree with the speculations about how sinister she appeared to look? I mean the SU staff are amazing at capturing the visual essence of body language, and how she looked very much mimicked the posing/expressions used in a lot of anime for sinister intent. I honestly don't know how to feel about this. I'm sure she's no saint and has done terrible things, but part of the show's motif is also redemption. Thoughts?

Well, I never read it as sinister, personally. I mean, I can see why people read it as sinister, and that’s cool, that’s just not my take on it. Which might just be because I really don’t watch that much anime? But I read it more, like, looming and mysterious, to sort of play into how Steven is living in her shadow. I mean, during that segment he’s singing about how he’s fighting to be what everyone wants him to be (which is like Rose) and she’s just towering over him. This giant he’s trying to fill the shoes of.

I’m really not…. into a whole “only good or evil” sort of thing. I don’t think the show is going for “Rose is secretly evil”, because its so black and white, so polarizing. I feel they’re going for a more morally gray thing. And, as you said, the whole show has a theme of redemption and making up for your mistakes and “you can become better” sort of a thing. I feel like Rose just being evil would be a pretty arbitrary twist that really wouldn’t serve the plot or themes at all.

I do however think Rose has done sinister things. We know she was an extremely powerful figure in Gem history and it’s all but confirmed at this point that she was/is Pink Diamond. The ship in “Friend Ship” is pretty much definitely hers (or affiliated with her, similar to how Peridot is affiliated with Yellow Diamond) which means she was part of the initial invasion of Earth - which we pretty much already know from Greg’s talk with Steven in “The Return”. I also pretty firmly believe that Rose was involved in the creation of the Kindergartens (I kind of think its something she developed - growing Gems like how we know she can grow plants) and I believe she had zero remorse about it initially (she may well have harvested many other planets to their destruction in the past as well). I feel like in the beginning she was just going to use up Earth and leave and just never even spared a thought to the life on Earth that would be destroyed by doing so. But I think something happened. Some random happenstance she experienced that gave her a new perspective, that caused her to question everything she knew. Caused her to have a change of heart and that is what led to her eventually turning on her own kind.

Like, I definitely do not think Rose is anywhere near as perfect or as totally naturally kind as the characters have painted her to be. But I also don’t think she was totally evil or just totally pulled one over on everyone. There’s a reason the Crystal Gems and Greg hold her in such esteem even if they make her out to be better than she was. I find it hard to believe that, even though Rose kept a lot of secrets, that everyone is just completely wrong about her and that she was just horrible. I don’t think its anything like that. I think its more like she’s done terrible things, and she was trying to make up for them the best she could. I feel like she was someone who was probably trying very hard to be a better person. I think she struggled with it, I think it’s hard to just be a new person (especially when you are not a person), but she seemed to be trying - in “We Need to Talk” she’s shockingly callous and dismissive of Greg, treating him more like a thing than a person. But she also seems genuinely surprised she was being hurtful by it and seemed remorseful at knowing he was hurt, as well as expressing a desire to learn how to be better. The vibe I get from her is that she seemed to want to be a good person but had no idea how. I feel like compassion is not a natural Gem trait and its something they really actively need to work at

I think she definitely has done Very Bad Things in the past, chilling things, maybe even downright cruel things and I think she probably felt a lot of guilt about that, which is why she devoted the rest of her life to defending a planet from the problems she helped cause. It makes sense to me, it fits the theme of making up for your mistakes, it fits the theme that you can change, it fits the theme that a person isn’t wholly good or bad.

That’s what I believe anyway.

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does jonghyun... have a bad relationship with SM? like lately he gets the bare minimum promo (and sometimes none at all) for his projects, and i'm starting to think that it's deliberate. could it be a problem that he collaborates with artists from other companies? it's strange and unfair that jonghyun constantly gets shafted like this when other companies (like tablo's) would probably snatch him up in a heartbeat. i know you don't know for certain, but i'm curious about your thoughts.

honestly? i don’t think it’s deliberate or linked to jonghyun specifically. sm is pretty notorious for not promoting shinee the way that they should be. look at how terribly they did with shinee’s odd promotions: sloppy with the release of teasers, the music video was released over a day after the album, barely any appearances on radio or variety shows. or even: we haven’t seen them do any hype on key’s theatre debut or minho’s casting in any of his movies or his upcoming drama. jonghyun’s solo debut was hyped very well, but obviously this station single and his compilation able weren’t dealt with as well as they should have been. it’s a tricky situation overall because, while sm doesn’t give them the hype that they deserve (and i won’t say “need” because shinee are regarded as being talented and considered as the most popular boy group as of now after big bang and exo, overall), shinee and jonghyun specifically do get a lot of creative freedom and input in what they do. example? jonghyun was not only the first sm artist to have a double title track, but the first to collaborate with multiple non-sm artists on an album. he was also given the chance to release a novel, and was the first sm artist (not including artists that debuted solo like boa, of course) to have their own solo concert. they also allow him to do his songwriting segment on blue night (and, yes, that would require some sort of an “okay” not only from mbc but from sm themselves). so, they’re very good to him in that respect, but they really do need to work on the hyping. like jonghyun is always referred to as their “representative singer - songwriter” so obviously they know how talented he is. they wouldn’t give him all the opportunities that they do as a songwriter if they didn’t, but how well his song lee hi did is proof that, if they tried a little harder to hype him, he could easily become a certified digital monster.

there’s no way to know for sure, but it’s possible that there may have been some stipulation in shinee’s contract when they resigned in the last year or two that gave them more freedom but at a “cost”. maybe they’re aware that they need to fend for themselves more; who knows. it’s pretty annoying and disheartening but i always try to see it from the most optimistic angle because it could be worse. (like shinee could be treated as badly as super junior are as a group at times, or they could be completely neglected like csjh or trax.)

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So this might be a difficult question but how do you gain confidence? Like I go through these really short phases where I'm satisfied with myself but then like 2 minutes later I'll be like "I am trash. Why am I like this? I'm not good enough for anyone." And I find myself almost like on a roller coaster and I don't know how to deal with it. You seem like you're really confident and I wish I could be more like you <3 you are a wonderful person and thanks for taking the time to read this >.<

Fake it ‘til you make it
It’s honestly the best way. Walk like you’re the shit, walk like you’ve graced everyone with your presence, dress in clothes you feel powerful in, listen to beyonce, wear dark lipstick, and like RADIATE shameless self love
When you appear confident (even if you’re faking it) other people really take notice
And then it really starts to become normal to you, it will come natural to you
You have to normalize the concept of loving yourself, otherwise it will always be this radical far off unattainable dream. You can’t treat it like an impossible goal.

You can’t treat it like it’s radical. Treat confidence like the base setting of being a human, because really it should be. You should always love yourself but other shit tends to get us down and keep us from it. Try to rid yourself of those thoughts saying you are trash and unveil underneath a pure self-love.

anonymous asked:

do you remember when all the fandom was arguing the unhealthy that the relation between he tian and momo was? and now everyone looks so in love about these two... funny right? cuz we are talking of the same he tian bully and same guanshan hahaha, what do you think about?? i'm so inlove of these two, but you know.. i was having this useless thought... the development is so fast with them hahaha!

hi, anon!! i personally didn’t notice this much change in the fandom, i feel like there are still a lot of people who don’t like the relationship between he tian and guan shan, or find it unhealthy, but it’s true that the side of the fandom who ships tianshan is very active these days and we try to spread as much positivity as we can about the ship, so it’s possible that the negative posts seem fewer now compared to some time ago

i kinda have to disagree with you on the fact that we’re talking about the same he tian and guan shan as the beginning, for the simple reason that there’s clearly been a change in their characters and in their relationship after the kiss, which in my opinion is what makes all the difference, because it was pretty clear to me since i started shipping them (after the chapter where the two of them are in he tian’s apartment and guan shan cooks beef stew) that for a relationship to actually happen between them something had to change, their dynamic couldn’t stay the same forever, especially not with he tian being so forceful and aggressive towards guan shan

if this was going to remain the same then yes, that would have been an unhealthy relationship and i would have been very disappointed, but thankfully this didn’t happen: there has been a change after the kiss, especially in he tian, and now we’re starting to see it happen in the way he didn’t force guan shan to help him with his hand but let guan shan make that choice, in the way he’s keeping his distance and not invading guan shan’s space anymore. of course this is a small change and there’s still a long way to go (i definitely want he tian to apologise for how he treated guan shan and for kissing him like that), but it’s still something, it’s still a sign that things between them are going to grow and develop into a healthy relationship

i think that sometimes we forget that people and relationship are not set in stone, and yes, he tian and guan shan’s relationship at the beginning wasn’t healthy,  but of course i didn’t expect a romantic relationship to happen between them when their dynamic was like that, i expected it to grow and change and get better: he tian and guan shan are still just two 15 years old kids, there was no reason to believe that he tian was never going to mature and see what he did wrong and atone for it (of course there are abusive behaviours that, kids or not, you don’t recover from and that can’t be forgiven, but i don’t think this is the case)

i actually think that old xian did an amazing job with their development, it probably feels fast because they appeared in less chapter than the mains and yet they’ve already kissed, but the truth is that it’s just been very gradual but constant, and im honestly SO EXCITED to see how their relationship is going to grow from now on!!