i honestly don't know a thing about fashion

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My biggest pet peeve in Miraculous fanfiction is people writing about aged up Mari being a fashion designer while having no idea of how that works. Because like, my mom is a fashion designer and most of the things people write don't actually happen. I mean, I guess not everyone has a designer mother so not everyone knows what's like to be a designer, but still

honestly i think fic enjoyment is a complete ignorance system

like if you DO have knowledge of a topic youre writing about and your readers dont they are just like ok and if they DO then theyre still just like ok kudos for accuracy

and if you dont know what youre talking about and your readers ALSO dont know shit about it thEYRE STILL LIKE OK but the ones that DO are like NOOOOOOOOO

like I’ve read some fics where I’m like I would be enjoying this so much bUT THAT’S NOT HOW OIL-PAINTING WORKS and it whereas if I had never oil-painted I’d just be like ‘ok’ and roll with it 

I think you should def make a post about tips on working in the fashion industry tho I’m sure a lot of writers would be really grateful to have it as a resource (and if you don’t want to come off anon you can send me snippets in asks and I can post them to @miracurefladyblog)