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Serra, @half-bloodprince1 is a blog dedicated to drarry art buuuttt all their posts are reposts.. And getting more notes by the day. Do you think they don't understand how tumblr works, or just plain ignorant..

(Prev anon!) Oh and they disabled their asks and messages so i have no idea how to contact them. Could you please signal boost this, at least for people in the H/D community to be more aware since they also tag their reposts with [drarry squad]. Thx!

Honestly? They’re probably just that ignorant because i’ve heard people mentioning them before. The best we can do is to not reblog the stolen art they post, and let the artists know so they can submit a DMCA report to tumblr so the stolen art can be taken down. As far as i’m aware, when a blog is reported three times for art theft their blog will be deactivated as well. @half-bloodprince1 what you’re doing is art theft and awfully disrespectful to the artists who spend hours on their work, you should be ashamed.

story time: presidential edition
  • so you know how everyone has a story
  • you know
  • like the story
  • like if you’re at a party and someone turns to you and says, tell the story
  • and you know exactly what they mean
  • the story
  • well 
  • i have a story
  • and not unlike most good stories, it involves three key components:
  • barack obama
  • pre-2008 reebok sneakers 
  • and the absolute earth-shattering horror you can only feel after making the worst mistake of your life

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@probablyfakeblonde said I can finish some of her sketches (thank you so much, I know I say it a lot, but honestly I needed a way to destress and this was a perfect!)

I did a lot more then I expected, so I’ll have to post them separately.. 


did anyone else notice that niall brought his new guitar onto the stage even though he didnt use it???? like, he just wanted people to see how beautiful his baby is… i cant with this kid anymore.

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Hey there, I was wondering if you could update the fake married tag? Thanks for everything yall do!

sure friend

The Accidental Hale Brood by Julibean19 (1/1 | 42,356 | R)

“I know, I just…” Derek trailed off, rubbing his forehead with both hands, frustrated that the right words weren’t coming to him.

“What?” Stiles asked honestly, pulling on one of Derek’s wrists until he could see his expression again.

Derek’s heart pounded in his chest so loud he figured even Stiles could hear it. He inhaled deeply and let the air out slowly through his nose, trying to keep his voice even. “When we take them places, and spend time with them, and make them smile… it feels like…”

“It feels like they’re yours,” Stiles finished for him, licking his lips before snagging the bottom one between his teeth.

“No,” Derek said, taking Stiles by surprise. “It feels like they’re ours.”

“Oh,” Stiles said simply, mouth still slightly open while he contemplated Derek’s words.

Or, the one in which Stiles and Derek have been BCPD partners for years when they are assigned Halloween duty and run into a couple of kids from the orphanage. One fake marriage and two real adoptions later, they somehow become a family.

Game On by Sarcastictilltheend (1/1 | 1,428 | NR)

When Derek and Stiles get assigned to the same undercover mission, having to pretend to be married, they’re not happy. They get a little distracted fucking with each others heads, and their mission goes out the window.
It all collides in the bathroom a few hours, and some alcohol later.

push/pull by twnkwlf (2/4 | 9,569 | NC17)

“Wait– you said– you’re her replacement?”

“I’ll be going under with the same cover you drafted in your profile. We’re newlyweds. Everything from your mission plan with Agent Martin still applies.”

“Everything still applies except you’re a dude.

Hale just turns his head sharply in Stiles’ direction, nostrils slightly flared and eyes hard.

“Are you going to be professional about this?”

Beacon Hills Horror House: Werewolves by howsthismylife (1/1 | 5,420 | PG13)

The entrance fee is five dollars. Outside the gym, a poster is posted which reads:
“Beacon Hill’s Horror House: Werewolves
$5.oo per head
Not for the faint heart
(No, seriously, if you have any heart condition, pregnant, or just simply a scared-y cat then this ride is not for you, might as well go with the carousel (I’m talking to you, Greenberg!). The management will not be responsible for any physical harm, fainting, shat pants, or cardiac arrest.)”

so, i’ve reached 100 followers, and i just want to say i appreciate each and every one of you. as i’ve mentioned before, this is the first time i’ve ever done indie rping, and so to be welcomed into this community so warmly was such a wonderful feeling. 

this is just a post to tell you i appreciate you guys so much, and to give a shoutout to those of you who are my friends and some of you who i haven’t really talked to as much, if at all, but who i admire greatly. 

(in alphabetical order)

@anditsxsorrows, @bennettprxdigy, @bourbonandheels@causeimadick, @compassicn@compassiongifted, @divinedlight, @emilyslineage, @eternalstud, @fiercerebekah, @griefbeat, @hellregent, @hishell, @hungryeyesx, @immortallionheart, @nightixgale, @niiklausx, @nothatevolved, @petrcvadcppelganger, @petrovanity, @rainsblood, @screamiiisms, @seesgood, @survivorcurls, @thequeencfhell, @wasepiic, @withliight, @yoursobersponsor

Random Prompts

- “You eat kitkats like a monster, honestly I don’t think I can love you anymore.”
“At least I know how to cough into my elbow like a civilized being.”

- “Do you ever realize that we act like an old married couple sometimes?”
“We are an old married couple…”

- “Do you know how to cook anything besides ramen?”
“Um… microwave popcorn.”

- “You are so weak when it comes to spicy food.”
“No I’m not.”
“Name 1 spice you enjoy.”
“Pepper counts, right?”

- “I would do anything to prove my love for you.”
“Drink that entire bottle of hot sauce then.” “I don’t love you that much.”

- “Dude, you cry over everything.” “No I don’t.”
“You cried when a fly you called your ‘friend’ flew out of the window, you left open.” “Listen, I just felt really close to Fred.”

- “Why do we have a dog? We didn’t have a dog before I left.”
“Yeah, well, get with the times. Things change. Ugh, you’re just another old guy who doesn’t wanna accept that the world is changing.”
“1, You’re older than me. 2, You still haven’t told me why we now have a dog.”

- “Hey, do you love me a lot?“ “Of course!” “Enough to give me your garlic bread?” “F**k no.”
  • what she says: im a'ight
  • what she means: honestly everyone in RFA is always worried about mc but no one worries about jaehee like she is so stressed and overworked why are they worrying about the wrong person i wish i could help my girl i wish i could take some burden and stress off of her i wish i could always call her to comfort her and support her but i don't have enough hourglasses and im currently broke she is so amazing and needs to stand up for herself but she also needs to be protected because wowie she is an angel i am in love with her i am so gay

Ok but me and my sister came up with something and honestly this made me feel so much better. Think about this , everytime a SW actor die they join the SW universe fully. So nope, Carrie is not really dead , she became one with Leia Organa , she is now in the Sw universe FITE ME ON THIS. SO if you want to see what she’s doing you will have to wait for next year or go re-watch the originals so you can see Carrie aka LEIA. SHE IS ACTUALLY ARGUING WITH TARKIN THO , and Artoo is just beeping excitedly because he is no more alone c;

“sides” of tumblr

Science side- smol gay science lovers wanting to educate people.  v nice

Animal side- Happy ppl ecstatic over animals and want everyone to know. Strangely knows a lot about otters.

Art side- tHESE FUCKERS ARE AMAZING AT ART. 10/10. Know history about famous artists. “did you know this dude painted a asshole as a fuck you to this other dude? haha!”

Plant side- Tol nice people who honestly just like gardening. No drama, it’s paradise. 


Musical side- these fuckers are the best. Will show you gOOD ASS SONGS, LIKES HISTORY SIDE BECAUSE OF THINGS LIKE HAMILTON.

My SAI brush settings!

For @sera-xiv, and anyone else that’s interested I guess. c:

My most used and trusted brush, I don’t think it’s too different from the default but I’ve used it for so long who knows.

My new brush for softer, thinner and more delicate lines! It’s just an edited crayon brush though lol.

Once again, only slightly edited from the default.

I think this IS the default, but I don’t know so just in case. :’o

Airbrush + Eraser, does what it says on the tin. And finally the blur brush, I combine this with the pen for my soft colouring style.

All the other brushes should all be 100% the same as the defaults so I left them out.

Park Place (6/7)

Summary: You go on your usual walk with your dog only to bump into someone special.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: ~1200

Warnings: A little bit of angst. Mention of blood & injury. 

A/N: Second to last part! Eeek! I’m working on a new series as we speak. If anyone has any, I’ll take requests! Pretty much anything is fair game honestly.

Tags: @hymnofthevalkyries @lilasiannerd @feelmyroarrrr @barnesfuckedmeup @andhiseyesweregreen 


Staying in the tower by yourself was interesting, you found out that next morning. You had such an expanse of rooms to go to or things to do - you didn’t know what you wanted to do first. You opted to walk with Lola in the indoor track first, not wanting to go out in the cold.

         As you were walking, you heard the communicator beep. You looked down at it, raising your wrist closer to your face.

         “Y/N?” you heard Bucky’s voice from the small speaker.

         “Bucky! How are you? Are you okay?” you asked. “How’s South America?”

         “I’m fine. Everyone is, besides a little jetlag. And it’s warmer, and busy,” he answered. “How’s life in the tower?”

         “Empty,” you replied. “This place feels a bit like a ghost town with zero Avengers here. It’s like a restaurant with no chefs.”

         You heard Bucky’s laugh, and you smiled to yourself. You missed him already.

         “Well, that’s why you’re there. We should make you an honorary Avenger,” Bucky told you. You heard a faint voice say something before Bucky cut off the sound, but you could have sworn you heard your name. “Sorry, Tony was being Tony again. Anyway, we’re about to leave soon to get some more intel.”

         “Shouldn’t you not tell me what you’re doing?” you asked. “I mean, I feel like my security clearance isn’t high enough. Will my car suddenly blow up?”

         “Nah, I’m not telling you the actual stuff. But your car wouldn’t explode, it’d probably be your apartment,” Bucky retorted.

         “Okay, glad we’re avoiding that. Stay safe.”

         “Anything for you, doll. I’ll talk to you later.” With that, the communicator beeped again and turned off.

         Bucky’s calls a few times a day were the only thing that allowed you to relax a bit. Even though you could go swimming in the heated pool, or sit in a luxurious massage chair, or do whatever various unknown things you had yet to see in the facility, you were still stressed.

         Monday morning, you were lying in Bucky’s bed, having been talking to him for the past hour and a half when something happened.

         “How’s Lola doing?” Bucky asked you.

         “She’s good, I think she misses you. She snuggles down in your blankets a lot. Your bed is going to smell like dog when you get back,” you told him.

         “Well, tell her I miss her, too. And that I don’t mind that my bed stinks,” he replied. “I miss you, Y/N.”

         You sighed. “I miss you, too. Just a few more days, right?”

         “Yeah. And I know it’s cold out, but maybe we could go to the park. The Christmas lights should be up, and—”

         Suddenly, Bucky stopped talking.

         “Bucky? What happened? Bucky!”

         When sound came out of Bucky’s communicator again, it was mostly static, but you caught one word out of what he was saying: HYDRA.  

         After anxiously waiting an hour, just to see if it was due to a sudden change in the mission, you tried contacting Bucky for what seemed like hours. And no response, not even static. It was like he was gone.

         You barely slept the next two nights, but you were relieved by the fact they were all supposed to return today. You waited anxiously, still trying to contact Bucky through his communicator, and still no response.

         It was 11:59 on Wednesday night, and no one had returned. Despite the fact that they were late, you assumed that they would just show up in the middle of the night Thursday.

         But that wasn’t the case either, as Thursday no one showed up.

         Lola sensed your unease, and whined, resting her head on your arm. You were bundled up in Bucky’s bed, gripping a pillow tightly, trying to find something that smelled like him to calm you down. But nothing could work. You pulled Lola close, and you cried into her fur. You had to believe they were all okay, that they were just late. There was some reasoning for the lack of radio silence from Bucky. He was okay. He had to be.

         You stayed in Bucky’s bed all day Friday, and despite the fact you were exhausted, you couldn’t sleep. Not if Bucky might try to contact you, or if they’d come home in the middle of the night. Your eyes eventually closed from just how fatigued you were, but when you heard the loud engine of a quinjet Saturday afternoon, you bolted out of bed. You would have taken the stairs, but you knew the elevator was faster. You didn’t care if you were just in sweatpants and one of Bucky’s t-shirts – they could mock you all they’d like. That is, after you gave them a stern talking-to.

         You waited painfully as the quinjet landed. Sam was the first one off, and he bolted toward you.

         “Do you have any idea how worried I’ve been?” you practically screamed at him. “You’re three days late! And I’ve dealt with radio silence for six! How could—”

         “Y/N,” Sam interrupted, placing his hands on your shoulders. You angrily shrugged out of his grip, and he sighed. “Listen, you can tear us all a new one later, but Bucky’s injured.”

         You nearly collapsed on the spot, but as you saw Steve and Nat supporting Bucky, you knew you had to stay upright. That didn’t mean your legs didn’t tremble, and that your heart didn’t feel like it was beating.

         You followed them into the med wing, and Bucky was placed down on one of the gurneys.

         “Y/N, could you remove his vest?” Steve asked you. “I have to get a kit and some sutures. Be careful of his left side – he got shot.”

         You nodded, and began to undo Bucky’s tactical vest. You worked gently, but still quickly, knowing he needed treatment.

         Bucky groaned in pain, and looked at what you were doing. “At least buy me dinner first, Y/N.”

         “You’re in no position to crack jokes with me right now,” you told him. “Shut up and let me help you.”

         “It’s just a scratch, really,” Bucky told you. He winced sharply as you peeled his vest from his left side, revealing his long-sleeved undershirt, and how it was covered in blood from the wound. You began to peel up his shirt, your eyes welling up with tears as you saw the hole the bullet had left. You were working on taking off his shirt entirely, but Bucky’s hands encircled your wrists, stopping you. “Y/N… I’m fine. Steve can patch me up. Go rest – you’re exhausted.”

         You glared at him. How could he expect you to just up and leave him while he’s wounded? “Like hell. Let me help you, Bucky.”

         His grip didn’t loosen, and you saw the look in his eyes. Fear.

         “I…I don’t want you to see my arm. Please. Just… just go outside, or something. I don’t want you to see me right now.”

         Your eyes stung with tears, and you nodded slowly. You didn’t say a word as you left the med wing and stared heading back to the living room. As much as you wanted to help him, to be with him, you didn’t want to make him uncomfortable. But you couldn’t help but feel like you were being pushed away from him regardless.

         And that scared you.

Oh no.

Oh no, I just thought of something.

So. You guys know about how Ace Attorney has a character named Furio Tigre, right?

So… what about Yurio Tigre?

I… I now want to see someone draw Yurio in Furio Tigre’s outfit.

I’m dead. So dead. But I want to see this orz

//honestly I think that Yurio would actually think that Furio Tigre’s outfit is cool

//if this doesn’t happen I’ll be upset… and may end up drawing it myself if I’m motivated enough

Uh. I'm really curious.

How many of you like snk and HAVENT followed the manga?

I wanna know how many anime-only people we’re gonna have in the snk tag on April 1st, like…

I honestly don’t remember what y'all know and don’t know.


Like if you do follow the manga.

Reblog if you only follow the anime.

Ignore if you don’t follow snk at all.

And reply if you sort of know what’s going on in the manga even if you don’t keep updated.

Hey all it’s Nonnie back at it again with more RP accounts. Bringing my OC Astro to life and no longer originally a Skeleton or part of a particular fandom. So. Give this a lil like and/or reblog if you’re interested in a Space Deity who has a massive sweet tooth, bakes a lot, loves tacos and smokes e-cigs just because they taste nice.