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Nothing Could Compare

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A/N : Sorry guys! I know its been a while since I’ve posted but I was lying in bed and this idea just came to me. I thought it was a good prompt and rushed to write it out for you guys to read so here you go~! I hope you guys like it c: (Please excuse it if it absolutely horrible, I haven’t wrote for Newt in a while)

- Newt is stressed about finishing his book and has been ignoring Y/N by spending more time in his case and with his creatures rather than with her. Y/N was ok with it for a while but soon it becomes too much. -

It’s been a whole two weeks and you were starting to lose faith in your relationship with Newt. The stability you felt was crumbling from underneath your feet as you continued to avoid confronting him about it. 

You knew better than to do so though. You understood that it was no one’s fault other than your own. Communication was one of the most important factors in a relationship and if you were feeling like this way, it was up to you to speak up about it. 

You knew you had to do it but you just wanted to try to figure out why first.
You didn’t know what had happened for him to be acting like this. The only time you’d see him out of the case was to grab something then he’d rush back inside without a single glance or word. You had tried to start dozens of conversations with him either when you’d bring him something to eat or with a cup of his favorite tea but he’d just brush you off and walk in the other direction. 

You knew that you needed to voice your concerns and communicate instead of waiting for something to magically happen but you were scared of what he’d say to you. After pacing around the room for a few more minutes, you came to understand that one of the main reasons you were reluctant to say anything were to spare your feelings.

It hurt seeing your relationship become like this. Your heart basically cracked and crumbled under all the anxiety and stress this was causing you. With every cold shoulder and if you got lucky an emotionless reply, it felt like he was talking another step away from you and soon you’d be alone. 

The flat the two of you shared and started to call home after settling from your travels didn’t give you as much comfort as it was before. It had grown cold without Newt there, smiling and laughing. You tried to keep busy by cleaning up and running errands to keep Newt’s supplies up to stock but your mind would always drift back to him.

You missed him though. You missed seeing him smile, hearing him laugh, and curling your fingers through his soft auburn hair while the two of you lied down on the couch. 

The pacing stopped and you soon found yourself planted on to the floor. Searching through your mind, you looked for anything that may have caused him to act this way but as usual, nothing.

What happened? You seemed to have asked yourself that question dozens of times now. You had to be overlooking something… You continued to beat yourself up until something new popped into your mind. 

What if he lost interest in you? 

The sudden new thought nailed you to the floor. Maybe that was it and he didn’t know how to break it to you. Newt was never the one to express his thoughts or feelings about people if he knew that it would cause a problem or upset them. So perhaps that was why he was avoiding you, to give himself time to think of a way to break it you. 

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Caius x F!Reader (Request)

I couldn’t really find a gif that just had Caius and Marcus in it without Aro I apologize.

Here is the request: hi there 😊 could you do a oneshot where y/s is Caius’ mate and she is new and not really used to the feelings she has for him and sometimes doubts his feelings because she’s insecure. and one day Marcus (who is jealous) tells her that Caius actually hates her and only acts like he loves her to humiliate her and that she is just a game for him. it would be really cool if you could write it eith a happy end. 😊

A vase filled with roses sat in front of you, a note tied to one.

You picked it up and it read, “My beloved, I hope your day is going wonderfully, I can’t wait to see you. Yours, Caius Volturi.” It’s been a few days ever since you first arrived in Volterra and everyone has been welcoming to you, Caius would give you small smiles and check to see if you were doing good.

Caius treated you like a Queen, technically you are one but it was just surreal. You’re not used to this feeling. Was it love? Every time you were around him you couldn’t help but feel conflicted.

When you first arrived Caius introduced you to the other rulers, Aro and Marcus. They were both kind and welcomed you with open arms. Marcus stared at you and Caius sometimes, as if in envy. Caius took notice and he had told the tragic story that had transpired long ago.

The next few days seemed to pass by quickly, Caius wouldn’t ever leave your side. One morning you felt you body being shook lightly, opening your eyes Caius’s figure loomed over and soft spoken words made it into the air “Amore Mio, I have to go tend a trail, I will be back.” With that he planted a gentle kiss on the top of your head and left.
This became a routine quickly, Some days he was here and others not. You began to question his love for you.

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Slowly//Stiles Stilinski

Characters: Stiles Stilinski, Reader.


You stare at the ceiling, counting the hours of sleep you could get if you went to sleep right now. You glance at your clock, it was 3:28 a.m. You sigh, jumping as you phone rings.

“Stiles? What’s wrong?”

“I can’t sleep. I’m assuming you can’t either since you answered on the first ring.”

“You’d be assuming right.”

“Can I come over? I want to see you.” He sounds anxious.

“Yeah. Come through the window though.”

“Leave it open for me. I’ll be there in a minute.”

“Will do.” You hang up and open your window.

He’s there in less than ten minutes. “Hey.” He looks exhausted.

“God, Sti…don’t take this the wrong way, but…”

“I look terrible, I know.” He chuckles as he sits on your bed beside you.

“How are you doing?” You ask sincerely, placing your hand on top of his.

“Honestly? I’m absolutely wrecked. Y/N, I just…I can’t sleep anymore. I’m anxious all night long.”

“Here.” You move over on your bed, pulling the covers back. He kicks his shoes off and gets under. You run a hand through his hair as he sighs.

“Stay here for the night, I’ll talk with you until morning if I have to.” You smile.

You ended up watching a movie and cuddling, he was asleep within five minutes of having you in his arms.

You woke up in the morning with his arms still around you. You turn over and look at the sleeping boy before you. You study his features, the way his moles speckle his skin.

You eventually fall back asleep, awoken by Stiles removing his arm from your waist. “Hey.” He smiles.

“Did you sleep well?” You sit up.

“Yeah. Probably too well.” He chuckles as he climbs out of the bed. “I should probably head home before my dad realizes I wasn’t home all night.”

“Okay.” You nod. “Call me when you’re home.”

“Of course.” He slides his shoes back on and pulls his hoodie over his head. He slips back out the window.

He came back that night and slept again, your arrangement becoming routine. Your mom never asked you about it, she always trusted Stiles. It had gotten to the point where the two of you couldn’t sleep without each other.

You FaceTimed Stiles, the phone’s shrill ring all too familiar.

“Y/L/N!” He grins. He’s lying on his back shirtless, his phone positioned so you can see the start of his chest hair.

“Stilinski!” You giggle. “What are you up to?” You roll onto your stomach.

“Trying to convince myself that I’m not in any immediate danger. Y'know, I’m your local anxiety professional.” He shrugs.

“Is your anxiety bad today?” You ask.

“Not particularly. It’s just a nagging feeling at the back of my mind.”

“Do you want to come over?” You raise an eyebrow. “Your bestest friend in the world may or may not have rented the entire Saw series.”

He smiles and sits up, “I’m on my way.”

“The window’s unlocked.” You grin before hanging up.

He climbs in just as you put the first movie in. “Did you get popcorn?”

You turn around and smile, he was wearing the best friend shirt you’d gotten on spring break. “Stilinski!” You shout, pointing at your matching shirt.

He laughs and jumps onto your bed.

“Yes, I got popcorn. I even got the movie theater kind that you like.”

“You’re a saint.” He smiles.

“I’ll go pop it now.” You start out the door.

“Wait!” He jumps up and you turn to look at him. “I’ll come with you.”

You both ran to the kitchen, Stiles betting he could beat you.

You slam your palm on the counter when you beat him. “I win.”

“Oh yeah?” He steps closer.

“Yeah.” You breathe out as his chest meets yours.

He stares at you for a second before pressing his lips to yours.

He picks you up and sits you on the counter, your legs instinctively going around his waist. You slide your arms around his neck as he pulls away.

He presses his forehead to yours. “Was that weird?”

“I mean…I was into it.” You smile.

He chuckles, “I’ve wanted to do that for…quite a while now.”

“I’ve wanted you to do that for quite a while now.” You shrug.

“So..what does this whole situation mean for us then?”

“I don’t know…maybe you should take me out Saturday and we can find out.”

Stiles laughs, “It’s a date.”

The fact that Taylor feels she can’t go out anymore because the media twist even every picture of her makes me feel so angry. Like, I joke about it a lot I know but legitimately I wish I could be there every time they follow her because I honestly really want to create a human wall between Taylor and their cameras and sabotage their pictures. I remember readin about how Michael Jackson fans literally used to do that. Those who were big/tall would prize their way into the huddle of photographers and put their hands up to the lenses, helping to guide him through. They’d say, “Leave Mike alone! Here Mike, we’ll help you,” and it made me choke up watching it, especially now Taylor is having such similar issues. I honestly would do the same without hesitation if Taylor’s ever in my neck of the woods, Like, who’s with me????? I’m not even kidding. #TaylorDefenceSquad™ for life.

Michael Latta- Cuddle Confessions

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Requested by the lovely anon who asked “ yoooo can u maybe do a michael latta one where you’re best friends and u end up cuddling after a bad day or something and he ends up telling u he loves you?? i’m the biggest sucker for cuddly latts lmao ” 

Honestly I feel you man, I’m the biggest sucker for cuddly anything. 

Warnings: sad moments/ in depth detailing of dim, sad environments

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Coming home//Tig Trager

Prompt 35: “I waited and waited, but you never came back”

Warnings: swearing

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“Wh-what’s all this? Why do you have all that shit packed, doll? What’s happening?” Tig uttered out in shock.

“Just, just sit down, Tig” y/n spoke.

He slowly walked to the couch in the living room, pulling her between his legs by her waist, his face right beneath her breasts. He held her close, inhaling her scent, holding her good as it may be the last time. He held in his sobs, but tears fell silently, wetting her shirt.

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  1. “Don’t cry over him anymore, he’s not worth it.”
  2. “Quick – it’s safe in here.”
  3. “I never meant a word I said.”
  4. “Give it back.”
  5. “You mean absolutely everything to me.”
  6. “Mine.”
  7.  “You’re not scared, are you?”
  8. “So what, you’re just going to leave?”
  9. “Did you honestly think I wouldn’t figure it out?”
  10.  “That was harsh.”
  11. “Did you mean like … this?”
  12. “Do you want me to leave?”
  13. “I might have had a few shots.”
  14.  “Excuse you?”
  15.  “I shouldn’t be in love with you.”
  16.  “You weren’t supposed to laugh!”
  17. “Have I ever lied to you?”
  18. “You don’t know you the way I do.”
  19.  “You weren’t supposed to hear that.”
  20.  “Prove it.”
  21. “I want to see you lose your mind.”
  22. “Don’t try and stop me now.”
  23. “I won’t tell anybody.”
  24. “Just hold onto me.”
  25. “I don’t care.”
  26. “Does he know?”
  27. “Do you think I’m scared of a woman?”
  28. “Please, stay awake!”
  29. “I dreamt about you last night.’
  30. “I love you.”
  31. “Do you like him/her?”
  32. “God, you’re pretty.”
  33. “I don’t want to be alone.”
  34. “Do that again and you’ll regret it.”
  35. “You’re sexy when you’re angry.”
  36. “Who did this to you?”
  37. “Take it off.”
  38. “Teach me?”
  39. “Close your eyes.”
  40. “Good girl.”
Maybe One Day

Fandom: Haikyuu!!

Pairing: Bokuaka

Summary:  Akaashi can hear the increasing giddiness in the man’s voice as he says each of those hey’s, the ey in a slightly rowdy manner but managing to stay unbearably endearing. He can picture his face, eyes lit with excitement, twinkling like the infinite galaxy up there in the sky. He can picture the tiny dimple in his cheek, the crinkles on the corner of his eyes, his chapped lips stretching over his mouth.

A/N: ANGST. Not saying any more because I don’t want to spoil it. For @nairuru –> (enabler extraordinaire) 

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Too Late(Angst)

 You sit on the couch scrolling through your phone as you waited for your boyfriend to get home, which was the everyday routine ever since he debuted. The same cycle everytime and you were more than over it. It was getting late and you were getting impatient. 

To keep busy and forget about the time you continue scrolling through Instagram. You come across a picture of nine familiar smiling faces, one in particular standing out to you the most. You stare at the particular face as tears threaten to come out. Before anything else could happen you quickly lock your phone, throwing it and it landing next to you. 

You sit there in silence in the big yet sad and lonely apartment that you and your boyfriend shared. You remember how things used to be before, him coming home more often and not so late at night. You guys having meals together while sharing childhood memories. You missed how close you guys used to be. You guys were inseparable and undefeated. No one and nothing came between you two. He always had time for you. He always had time to love and care for you. But all is different now, he has gotten busier by the day. You hardly see him.

 Face to face conversations turned into phone calls and texts. Dinner for two turned into dinner for one. Sometimes sleeping in a bed together turns into sleeping on the couch by yourself. And the apartment itself felt cold now, it didn’t have the warmth of love in it anymore. But you knew that that was what came with dating a new rookie in the kpop industry. Once debuted, there came obligations and rules to abide by.

Before debuting you and you’re boyfriend talked about what was going to happen to your relationship. He promised that nothing was going to change and that everything would remain the same as always but you knew in the back of your head that some things would change due to his busy schedule. But both of you weren’t ready to give up on each other because the love that you had was much stronger than anything else. You thought that you could handle what came your way but now that you look at it you were wrong. 

You had been thinking about cutting things off but you loved him too much. Everytime the idea popped up you always convinced yourself not to do it. But you mainly were thinking about Taeyong at the time more than yourself. You thought about his career. You thought about how cutting things off will help him loose a bit of stress. You also thought about the sadness it would bring him knowing that you are willing to loose your love, and you didn’t want to hurt him. As always the immense love that you had for him took over the thoughts and you never really pulled through.

But now that you sit here alone with an emotional hurricane building inside of you, you were sure that today would be the day you pulled through. You weren’t thinking about Taeyong anymore, you were thinking about yourself now. You were hurting more than him and you don’t want to hurt any longer. As much as it hurts your heart and as much as you don’t want to hurt Taeyong, it is the best thing to do in situations like this. You don’t want to let go of the true love that you have but you are too weak to handle the loneliness anymore. You knew that no matter what, you will always love Taeyong. Always.

The rumbling of keys made you break away from your thoughts. You gulp hard preparing your heart for what you were about to do.

~Taeyong’s POV~ 

 I quickly make my way up the stairs and make it to the front door of our apartment. I was more than ready to open the door and have my baby in my arms again after all this time of not seeing her. I have missed her so much. I take out my keys from my pocket to open the door in order not disrupt (y/n) from her sleep since it was very late at night. 

Once I walk in I notice that (y/n) was sitting on the couch looking down at her feet.

 “Jagi, what are you doing up so late? I thought you were asleep.” I asked as I make my way to sit next to her. But she doesn’t answer and she remains looking down. 

 As I reach in attempt to have her look at me, she stands up and walks away. “What’s wrong jagi?” I worriedly ask while her back faced me. 

 “We need to talk.” She says still having her back face me. A sigh of relief left my mouth. “ Oh can we do it tomorrow? I’m so tired and all I want to do is sleep with you in my arms. I have missed you tons. ” I walk behind her and hug her waist as I nuzzle my face onto her neck taking in her scent. 

“No. I want to talk now.” She says sounding more serious this time. She shrugs me off and walks away from me. With confusion plastered on my face I go back to sit down on the couch waiting for her to speak. She takes the silence as the cue to continue talking.Before speaking she takes a deep breath. 

“I have given this decision a lot of thought for a long time. And I thought about doing it sooner but I would always convince myself not to. But today, today I want to do it before it gets harder for me.“ I could here her struggling to speak now. I can tell she’s giving it her all to keep going, it almost sounds as if she’s about to cry.

 I begin to get up from the couch to make my way to her when she stops me. “No! Please stay where you are, you will make it a lot easier for me to do this.” I ignore her plead as I grab her and hug her tight.

 “Look at me Jagi, what’s wrong? Why don’t you want me near you?” She slowly begins to turn around and faces me. I could see that her eyes are already glossy from the tears she was obviously trying so hard to keep in. My heart ached at the sight, she looked hurt. I place my hand on her cheek to caress it and comfort her but she pushes me away. 

“Please Taeyong don’t make this harder than it has to be!” She yells as she backs away from me for the third time tonight. I look at her with confusion and hurt on my face. “What do you mean? ” I ask. I begin walking towards her again.

 “Jagi, plea-”

“Taeyong I think we should end this.” She says as I stop right in front of her in disbelief. I continue to stand there staring right at her trying to comprehend what she just said. 

 “What?” I faintly ask. I felt like my world was slowly crashing down. Like my heart was slowly beginning to sink. She remains quiet for a second, and then beings to speak. 

“I think we-” 

“I know what you just said! I mean what as in what triggered you to take this decision?” Tears begin to form in my eyes but I try my hardest for them not to spill out.

“Did you stop loving me?” I ask before she can respond. She looks at me straight in the eyes. Both reflecting sadness.

“I will never stop loving you.” Once those words left her mouth I felt somewhat relieved but still confused on why she wanted to end things. 

 “Then, I don’t understand why you want to leave me.” I responded.

“Tae, before debut you promised me that nothing was going to change in our relationship once you debuted, but honestly nothing feels the same anymore! You’re hardly even here! We hardly even spend time together! I miss you! You don’t know how much I hate being here all alone!” Her voice cracks which indicated she was going to cry. I try to comfort her but she pulls away. Which hurts me a little too much since she has been avoiding my touch tonight.

 I sigh, “(Y/n) you act like I do it on purpose. We both knew how busy I was going to be but we both agreed to work this through because our love was stronger than anything. Don’t you remember?” 

“Yes! But honestly everyone and everything has a breaking point Taeyong, and I’ve reached mine.” Her words cut through me like knives as they poured out her mouth. I felt my heart continue to sink because I knew I was losing her.

“I’m done feeling alone and hurt. I don’t want to live another day feeling like this.” She says as tears rolled down her cheeks. 

“So you only thought about YOUR feelings? What about mine? You don’t have a clue how I feel when I leave you here alone while I go work.” I say as I begin to walk closer to her. “You don’t know how much more i prefer to be here with you in my arms than out there working. You don’t know how much I want to kiss your lips while I’m away. How much I miss your touch. You don’t know.” 

“I have thought about your feelings too! And plenty of times! That’s why I never had the guts to do it before. But, honestly Taeyong, it’s my turn to think about myself and my feelings now and this is the best decision for both. Let’s end this now before we end up hurting more.” She says as she wipes the tears that remained on her cheeks.

“No. I’m not willing to give you up! Not now not never! ” I say as I grab her and kiss her. I knew that this wasn’t the best move but it was the only idea that came to my mind. I didn’t like the idea of me losing the love of my life, cause that is what she is. She pushes me away again breaking the kiss.

“Taeyong, why make this harder than it has to be!” She screams. “ I’m not willing to lose you, because if I lose you I’m afraid I’ll lose who I have given all my love to. (Y/n) can’t you see we love each other too much to ever leave one another?! I have fallen into deep, I can’t think about giving it up. Jagi please don’t do this!” She begins walking towards the door and I follow quickly behind grabbing her by the wrist.

“Taeyong! Please let me go! Can’t you understand that this hurts me just as much as it hurts you! If you love as much as you claim you do you will let me go.” As soon as those words left her mouth I let go.

 I stood there numb as I felt my heart finally sinking to the bottom. It was official, I have lost the love of my life

.I continued to stand there until (y/n) walks up to me and lightly kisses me on my cheek. “I never wanted to hurt you but this is the best for both. I want you to know that I will never stop loving you Lee Taeyong.”She opens the door and walks half way before turning back inside again to kiss me one last time on the lips. I kiss back with intention of wanting to taste her lips for the last time.“I know you will make it big one day and I will be cheering you on from afar. I love you Taeyong and never forget that.” She finally says as she makes her way to the door again, walks out and closes the door behind her.I continue to stand there in complete silence as I felt something building inside me. It was anger. I screamed as I grabbed a vase that was sitting on the center table of the living room and smashed it against the wall. I began moving across the apartment throwing everything my hands caught hold of.

I was angry at myself because I couldn’t make the only person that I loved stay and let her slip right through my fingers. I couldn’t love her the way she was supposed to be loved. I couldn’t keep her the promise I made her.
My anger was soon was taken over by sadness as I look back at the mess that I made and saw how lonely the apartment looked now without her here.It has only been a few minutes and I have completely lost my shit without her. I lean against the door and slide down until I was sitting down with my knees close to my chest.The tears that I was trying so hard to keep from escaping began quickly falling down my face as they hit the ground.

It felt like (y/n) had taken every single part of me with her. My life will literally be completely different without her now. Incomplete. Lonely. I straighten my legs out in front of me as I still remained sitting against the door. I hear something fall from my pocket and turn to see what it was. Recognizing the small object, I pick up the small black box in my hand. My heart ached as I remembered what the intention for this was but it was all useless now since she was gone. If she would’ve known my intention would she have stayed? If I wasn’t too stupid and I would have done it sooner, maybe none of this would’ve happened. I gave it too much thought just like she did with her decision. But the only difference was that she actually pulled through and I was too late.

Making Up

A/N: The follow up to First Real Fight


Once you were settled in bed, it didn’t take long for you to start feeling guilty about the stupid fight that had happened earlier in the night. Maybe Harry had been right about you overreacting earlier; maybe you did need to calm down, not that you’ll ever admit that to his face. Like he said, it’s not like he was returning the girl’s advances, he would never do that to you. Realizing your mistake, you can’t help but feel like a total bitch for lashing out at him for no reason and making him sleep on your very uncomfortable couch. Before you can convince yourself otherwise, you quickly throw off your covers and tiptoe your way downstairs.

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Just saying || part five

“Cause I’m better than him, just saying”


part one | part two | part three | part four

-inspired by the song Just Saying

No one liked having Arzaylea tour with the boys, she just added more stress by constantly being with the boys, invading their space and inviting friends along with them. At one point Michael cursed out Luke telling him that she needed to leave, but he didn’t see the problem having Arzaylea stay. Saying ‘she’s not doing anything-wrong.’ 

Everyone thought she had to go.

The boys stayed together in the green room ‘preparing’ for tonight. Ashton and Calum played with snapchat, Michael was on his phone sitting next to Luke and Arzaylea who was sitting on his lap wanting his attention, although his mind was off somewhere else. 

She played with his blonde locks watching him text the person she hated. She scoffed watching the text between the two of them. “You still talk to her.” 

Luke wasnt in the mood to argue with his girlfriend about her, when there was nothing to talk about. She would always jump to conclusions thinking she was going to take her away from her Luke. Arzaylea hated the way y/n would have all the attention with the boys, completely ignoring her.

A small knock came from the door, thinking it was their manager saying that it was almost to go on. “Come in!” Michael shouted from the couch. 

The door creaked open slowly, seeing someone familiar come through. In complete surprise their favorite person came to visit. “Hey guys!” y/n smiled seeing them all here and Arzaylea giving her a dirty look. 

Michael immediately stood up running to give her a hug. He spun her around lifting her off the ground, y/n squealed holding him tight around his neck. “Okay! Its nice seeing you too! Put me down Mike.” she laughed. 

Y/n went after her blonde friend saying hello. Luke never hugged Arzaylea or even missed her that much before. He held her tight having her scent linger again before he left.  “It’s nice seeing you again Luke.” she muffled in his chest, giving him the tightest squeeze, not wanting to let go. “Ive missed you so much.”

Arzaylea stood their with her arms crossed as everyone came together for a giant group hug, having tiny y/n under the six feet boys. “What are you doing here!” Calum said.

“I requested a week off from work, so I’m spending my vacation here. If you dont mind?” 

“No thats great!” Ashton cheered, “You should have told us first so we could hang out before the show.” 

“That’s okay, I wanted to keep it a surprise.” she winked. 

“Pretty damn good surprise.” Michael stated. 

The boys and y/n catch up on things from the past few months, enjoying a laugh. Y/n tensed up feeling Luke’s girlfriend stare her down knowing how much she hated her. She would occasionally talk wanting the attention but none of them really cared what she was talking about. 

Someone banged on the door yelling that for them to get ready. “I wish I bought tickets for the show.” y/n frowned wanting to see her best friends on stage. 

“You can watch from the side stage.” Calum suggested. Y/n agreed, not wanting to be alone in a room with Arzaylea. The boys all put their hands together, including y/n chanting ‘5sos’ hearing the fans scream their name before they all hopped on waving at the crowd. 

Y/n watched her friends act like goofs on stage seeing them pursue their dream. Hearing them play her favorite songs and dance around stage rocking their instruments. Calum would walk over waving a hello to her and Michael dragged her on stage wanting the fans to say hi knowing they all loved her. 

After the show they all came in gross and sweaty group hug with y/n underneath trying to break free.“Ew no you guys smell gross!” 

“That’s the point.” Calum muffled in her shoulder. 

“You guys are disgusting.” she laughed. 

Y/n stayed in the room with Arzaylea alone waiting for the boys to clean up and meet with the backstage fans. It was awkward sitting on opposite sides of the couch with her, knowing that she was being judge. Y/n didnt understand why she would hate her but she didnt want to start anything with her, she just wanted to become friends. 

“So-how did you and Luke meet?” trying to start a conversation. Arzaylea rolled her eyes looking away from her phone. “Met at a club. How do you know my Luke.” she asked rudely. 

“We’ve grown up together, same with the rest.” Arzaylea hummed going back on her phone not wanting to talk with her anymore. 

So much for nothing…

Ashton celebrated with y/n coming down by throwing a get together outside with a fire going. Everyone was their having a good time sharing beers, enjoying their time in the humid night. Luke seemed busy making out with his girlfriend near the pool. Arzaylea kept him there not wanting him to go anywhere, especially near y/n. 

“Um-what’s up with Luke’s girlfriend not liking me.” she said to Ashton who sat across from the fire. 

“No idea, she hates anyone who goes near him.” he said taking another sip of his beer. 

“I tried being friend with her but-” 

“Trust me you dont want that.” Calum joined, “She’s horrible.” Arzaylea was always with Luke purposely not letting him near y/n. She couldnt hold a conversation with him without her being all over him, and Luke knew what she was doing. 

“Go fuck somewhere else!” Michael yelled over to the couple. Luke tensed up pushing her away. Arzaylea smirked thinking of what to do on the tour bus. Surprisingly Luke turned down sex to he could talk to y/n, setting her on edge. 

Luke sat with his best friend where the heat of the fire was heating their face. Seeing y/n’s beautiful smile and hearing her laugh was all Luke wanted.His heart fluttered seeing her so happy wanting to stay with her the whole night to just relax. It was perfect, only thing that would make it spectacular was to kiss her, right now. Luke listened to her talk about what’s going on back at home and of course hear about her boyfriend and how ‘great’ he is. 

At one point neither of them talked, just sitting on the bench looking up at the stars as the fire crackled. Y/n rested her head on Luke’s broad shoulder telling him how much she her blonde dorky friend. 

“Oh my god!” y/n shouted suddenly spotting two pale asses run across the field and jump into the pool. 

“Y/n you should come in!” Michael suggested but she refusing going in a pool with her naked friends. Luke and Ashton joined in with Michael and Calum, this time wearing swimming trunks. She could hear them acting like idiots splashing water at each other and Michael wanting to touch everyone with his dick. 

Arzaylea was clearly drunk and pissed at her boyfriend for leaving and having y/n stay for the week was going to be hell. She drew the line on seeing the way y/n was all over Luke. “Why the hell were you on Luke like that.” suddenly yelling at y/n. 

“What?” confused to what she was talking about. Y/n stood from out of her seat to face her, “You were all over my boyfriend.” she angered. 

“He’s my best friend and besides I’m seeing someone. Seriously, get over yourself.” 

“Then you have a someone to do all that with, get off my boyfriend and we wont have a problem.” she threatened pushing y/n forcefully. Y/n didnt start anything so she just grabbed her things and walked out, trying to not let the tears spill.

Luke saw from a distance his girlfriend and y/n face to face, it wasnt looking good either. So he got off the pool making sure everything was okay, he ruffled with his wet hair a bit, putting the towel around his waist “Everything okay?” 

“Clearly your girlfriend doesnt want me near you so I’ll just go.” grabbing her things she left, Arzaylea stood back smiling to herself finally watching her leave. Luke ran after y/n wanting her to stay “Hey slow down.” 

“Just leave me alone Luke. Have fun.” she frowned walking back to her hotel, Luke swore he saw a tear fall down her face making him furious to what Arzaylea did. 

“Why the hell would you do that.” 

“Do what?” batting her long eyelashes pretending to be innocent. Luke had enough with her attitude with everyone and seeing the girl he loved walk away because of him. Honestly, he wanted nothing to do with her anymore. 

“I want you to fucking leave. Go take a flight back to LA and never talk to me again.” he told her, meaning every word not looking away from her eyes. 

“Fuck you Hemmings. Have fun with that whore.” she spat pushing him out of the way. It was a sense of release having her finally leave, but now he had no one distract himself from y/n, who’s probably heartbroken from tonight.  

A/N: honestly dont know here I’m going with this…hope it was okay! 

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Part 4 Solangelo Pirate AU

Will wanted to believe it was his pride that kept him from breaking eye contact with this captain. But the tightening in his chest told him otherwise. There was something about his gentleness that had managed to win him over. The touch on his cheek, the look of pride in his eyes when he saw Will helping his old shipmates, the way he’d intervened before Will could get killed. The way he’d tried to hide his injury.

And as he’d cleaned him, the look in his eyes had been so caring and sincere. It was the look he should have been giving his first mate. But he was giving it to Will. Then and now as he held onto his shirt and grasped his arm to remain standing.

Nico hadn’t moved in to force him to obey. This one would be up to him. This one would be his choice and his only. He could feel the hot breaths against his face, he could feel his own heart beating through his chest as the warm chocolate brown eyes stared at him. “I don’t tend to follow orders, Nico,” he said, speaking his name for the first time.

He managed a breathy, impatient chuckle. He slid his hand behind his neck, and whispered, “I order you not to kiss me, Will.” Will’s breath hitched and he looked into his tired eyes. They were already so close. Dignity could be ignored for just a moment, he’d said. As he began to lean in, the door burst open.

Will looked toward the door as Nico slumped in his arms. The first mate. The look he gave him could kill a kraken. “What are you doing?” he growled. He looked at his captain and his eyes widened. He pulled his sword and pointed it at Will. “What have you done to him?” he shouted. “You’ll hang for this!”

“Percy,” Nico muttered, muffled by Will’s clothes. “Percy!” He managed to push himself away from Will to face Percy. “He helped me. The other pirate… he stabbed me. W-The prisoner healed it. I’m simply tired.”

That was when the hurt registered in his face. He seemed to realize the brittleness of his loved one’s affections. “Give us a moment,” Nico told Will gently. “Go back to your crew. Return their weapons.”

“You trust him to-”

“Do not go against my orders, Perseus, or the one hanging will be you!” He scowled at the first mate who had fallen silent, but glared back with eyes that seemed to hold a raging sea. “Go,” he commanded Will.

He did, the door shutting behind him as soon as he could see the sunset. The other pirates were getting everything back into order. He could see his own crew returning to the lower deck. “Lou Ellen,” he called. She turned and eyed him curiously. “The captain of the ship said you could all get your weapons back.” Her eyes widened. “Don’t ask me why, I don’t know. He only said to return to you and return your weapons.”

“He is giving us the opportunity to riot against him?” she asked incredulously. “Is he an absolute imbecile?” She smiled suddenly. “This is brilliant. Quick, Will, let’s get the weapons and go free!”

The realization dawned on Will then. This wasn’t an opportunity to overthrow the captain. It was a choice for Will. Would he want to leave and take his crew with him? Or would he want to stay and convince the others they were safe? “I don’t think we should,” he said. Before she could begin the string of curses he was certain were at the tip of her tongue, he said, “The captain saved my life, Lou Ellen. He’ll keep us safe. We have food and shelter here, what will we have if we leave?”

“You’d rather live a slave?” she snarled, using his words against him.

“We are not slaves! He’s brought us in as part of his own crew. We are his crew!”

She scoffed and looked at him angrily. “I don’t know who’s more pathetic. You or the first mate.” She turned away from him and joined the others. But Will didn’t want to. He didn’t want to see their faces when they realized he was a hypocrite.

Instead he looked around to see where he could be of use. He decided to help with the supplies and fixing the things on the deck. He couldn’t help but glance at Nico’s cabin door now and then. The first mate was still in there, and Will wasn’t sure how he felt about that. Perhaps they were arguing. Perhaps the captain was manipulating him in that sadistic, seductive way of his. But there was only so much Nico could handle with the wound he had.

“Oi, ain’t you one of the prisoners?” the pirate he’d been helping asked. “Oi, look at this one, mate!” he called to another who looked very similar to him. “S’the prisoner the Cap’n fancied!”

“Aye you’re a lucky dog, mate!” the other said. They both had playful, wide smiles. “Cap’n don’t take much liking to no one. Ye’d be dead as a mast by now if he hadn’t fancied you!”

Will didn’t respond. He felt uncomfortable, if not slightly used. He turned away from the two pirates and returned to the lower deck where his crew was. They had their weapons, but they all seemed uncertain. “Is it true, Will?” one of the pirates said. It was Cecil, a good friend of his. “Lou Ellen said there’s an affair with the captain. That you don’t want to leave anymore.”

His brows furrowed together. As he glanced around, the other pirates seemed curious about his response. “I’ve no affair with that man,” he answered honestly. It was honest, wasn’t it? “He’s taken an interest in me. I don’t know why. But I don’t want to leave anymore. We’re in the middle of the ocean. He treats us well. You all have good clothes on your backs do you not? You’ve been fed, your weapons returned. What is out there for us if we attempt to escape?” He looked at the others solemnly. “The captain saved my life. I feel… safe here. But if you want to leave, I will ask the captain to allow it.”

“You won’t come with us, will you?” Cecil asked quietly. Slowly, Will shook his head. “I stick with you,” he said.

And slowly the others agreed. Here and there pirates declared their loyalty to him. Even Lou Ellen who had been so upset, agreed to remain on the ship. Then, just because he wanted a reason to talk to the captain again, he went to tell him the news.

When he reached the cabin door, he hesitated, unsure of whether he was supposed to interrupt or not. Before he could decide, the door opened and the first mate stepped out, a sly grin on his face when he saw Will. “Can I help you?”

“No,” Will responded. “The captain can.” The first mate hummed, making a point of tying the string of his shirt. Will clenched his jaw and swallowed hard, suspicious of the insinuation. The green eyed man jerked his head toward the cabin and Will pushed past him, entering. “Nico?” he called to the seemingly empty room.

“Come in,” he answered tiredly. He was sitting on his bed, still shirtless. “What is it?” he asked.

“My crew…. They’ll stay.” He paused momentarily. “I’ll stay.”

Nico smiled, though there seemed to be a form of pain in his eyes. “I’m glad,” he said quietly. Unsure what else to say, too distracted by the finger marks on his arms, Will began to turn away. “Will,” he called. Will stopped but didn’t turn. “You’ve something to ask me, love.” It wasn’t a question. He knew.

Will turned around and faced Nico, looking him in his dark eyes. “You… and him…. You…?”

Chocolate brown eyes gazed into his solemnly. He wouldn’t hide anything from him. He wouldn’t lie to him. Will wasn’t sure how, but he knew that. Slowly, Nico nodded. “But it wasn’t love. I don’t love him.” Will furrowed his eyebrows. “I don’t know how to love or what it means.” He stood and neared Will slowly. He lifted his hand but hesitated as he reached for Will’s face. “I fear he may kill you if he knows of my interest in you. He is already suspicious. I had to convince him he was wrong.” Will didn’t respond. He wasn’t sure how. He was upset, but he wasn’t sure he was supposed to be or what to do because of it. “Forgive me,” Nico whispered. “Will, please forgive me.”

Then, very slowly, he leaned in to press his lips softly against Will’s cheek.

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Hi Tumblr

I honestly don’t know what to do with this blog anymore.

I used to be here for my friends.

And when that fell apart I was here for the fandom.

Now I am part of the fandom in different ways and I just don’t know what to do with this.

Should I keep going? Drop it? Leave it?

If anything this blog is now more for me than for keeping in contact with friends. But do I even want it anymore???

fizzy-custard  asked:

If you were given the chance to move to Middle earth and live with Thorin, but you had to give up everyone you know from this world and you would NEVER see them again, any of them...would you still do it?

Oooohh that’s hard.. DAMN!!! 

Honestly, no matter how hard it is to leave everyone I know behind but there is no need for me to live here anymore because my work in this world is done, I would gladly move to Middle Earth and live with Thorin.

But, if I am still needed here, I’ll still stay. No matter how the prospect of living with Thorin is soooo tempting.

Loving Strangers (Part 3)

Part 1
Part 2

“I drowned him”

You swallowed as your throat feels tight, and Dan can sense the fear rising.

“Stay here, Don’t move from the bed.” Dan instructs as he stares at you with those dark eyes.

Dan turns around and leaves the room, leaving you alone to think. You lay back on the softness of the mattress. Of course you were frightened, but not as much as you should be, and that was confusing. You felt your body jump as you heard the sound of keys downstairs, followed by the sound of doors being locked.
How long was he going to keep you here, was he eventually going to kill you too? You weren’t the only one thinking of these unanswered questions, as they repeated themselves in Dan’s mind also.

His heavy footsteps could be heard traveling up the stairs and back towards the bedroom as you lay down on the bed, facing up at the ceiling. Clearly feeling exhausted, Dan walked around the bed and collapsed onto the other side.

Hours ticked by and you thought you would never get to sleep. At some daring point, you had decided to turn on your side and face Dan. How could someone with such evil tendencies still looks so beautiful and peaceful? His slightly chapped lips were pouted and you could see the movement under his eyelids as he was lost in whatever sort of dream this man had.

At some point in the early hours of the morning, your heavy eye lids had obviously gotten the best of you as you fell asleep, only to dream of the recent events.

When you woke up the bed was cold and empty beside you, bed sheets going in every possible direction that only proved there had been another sleeping in this bed. You were still coming out of your sleepy haze when you heard Dan’s booming voice yelling downstairs. You had no control of your body as you were suddenly jumping out of the bed and running to the stairs that lead to the kitchen and front door.

“Fuck off! This is the first time I’ve ever been caught!”

“I should have last night but I fucking couldn’t!”

The yelling stopped all of a sudden, and Dan almost too casually walked into your view of the kitchen. He got a glass and started pouring some juice in it when he looked up and straight into your eyes.

“Would you like some?” He offered but you declined.

You continued down the stairs and stood at the bottom. Dan gestured to the stool at the breakfast bar, and assuming you shouldn’t deny him, you walked over and took a seat.

“Who were you arguing with before?” You questioned with sudden confidence.

“What? I wasn’t arguing with anyone…” Dan replies with an eyebrow raised.

“You were yelling”

“I seriously don’t know what you’re talking about” He replied once more, It was strange as he honestly looked confused. You decided you had better not push him anymore and simply nodded.

“Okay, seeing as I don’t know what to do with you yet, pretty cafe girl, I’m going to give you two options” Dan suddenly began, his tone serious. And why did you blush when he called you pretty? this is not the right time for flattery.

“I have more… business… I need to take care of tonight. You have the option of either staying here, in my house, and I will be locking you in one room… Or, you come with me, and you do not leave my side” Dan explained the options to you, your eyes widening throughout his speech.

“So?” He pushed

“I’ll come.” what are you doing?

“Things may get what normal people describe as gruesome” Dan warned you, as if it mattered after all of this.

“I want to come.”

Second Guessing

Characters: Lucifer x Reader, Dean, Cas
Words: 1115
This Is Part Six to
Tongue Lashing
No More Teasing
Between Me And The Devil
Hi, Luci      
Sneaking Around

     You felt the tears rolling down your cheeks as you dropped your bags into the motel room. You couldn’t really believe Dean and Sam had asked you to leave the bunker. At the same time, you didn’t blame them.

           But being alone was not something you had counted on feeling so terrible. That’s when you started thinking about the decision you had made.


           “Where have you been?” Lucifer sounded angry when it had been a week since you had been to see him.

           You didn’t go into the cage. He could tell something was wrong just by looking at your face. And his expression softened, “What’s wrong, Y/N?”

           “They kicked me out of the bunker,” you said, “I … I’ve been staying in a motel. Alone.”

           “They kicked you out!?” his anger instantly returned, much stronger than before, “How could they do that?”

           “Because of us,” you said, “They found out I was sneaking around to see you and they kicked me out.”

           “Those sons of …”

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