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Caius x F!Reader (Request)

I couldn’t really find a gif that just had Caius and Marcus in it without Aro I apologize.

Here is the request: hi there 😊 could you do a oneshot where y/s is Caius’ mate and she is new and not really used to the feelings she has for him and sometimes doubts his feelings because she’s insecure. and one day Marcus (who is jealous) tells her that Caius actually hates her and only acts like he loves her to humiliate her and that she is just a game for him. it would be really cool if you could write it eith a happy end. 😊

A vase filled with roses sat in front of you, a note tied to one.

You picked it up and it read, “My beloved, I hope your day is going wonderfully, I can’t wait to see you. Yours, Caius Volturi.” It’s been a few days ever since you first arrived in Volterra and everyone has been welcoming to you, Caius would give you small smiles and check to see if you were doing good.

Caius treated you like a Queen, technically you are one but it was just surreal. You’re not used to this feeling. Was it love? Every time you were around him you couldn’t help but feel conflicted.

When you first arrived Caius introduced you to the other rulers, Aro and Marcus. They were both kind and welcomed you with open arms. Marcus stared at you and Caius sometimes, as if in envy. Caius took notice and he had told the tragic story that had transpired long ago.

The next few days seemed to pass by quickly, Caius wouldn’t ever leave your side. One morning you felt you body being shook lightly, opening your eyes Caius’s figure loomed over and soft spoken words made it into the air “Amore Mio, I have to go tend a trail, I will be back.” With that he planted a gentle kiss on the top of your head and left.
This became a routine quickly, Some days he was here and others not. You began to question his love for you.

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Michael Latta- Cuddle Confessions

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Requested by the lovely anon who asked “ yoooo can u maybe do a michael latta one where you’re best friends and u end up cuddling after a bad day or something and he ends up telling u he loves you?? i’m the biggest sucker for cuddly latts lmao ” 

Honestly I feel you man, I’m the biggest sucker for cuddly anything. 

Warnings: sad moments/ in depth detailing of dim, sad environments

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anonymous asked:


Ha! I’m sure you are just a troll but whatever xD 

How am I racist when I was cheering on Finnrey before the movie was released? I was extremely excited for it. I started shipping Reylo after the movie came out but it doesn’t mean I stopped loving Finnrey. I’m also a huge fan of the Finn Skywalker theory <3 I really love Finn’s character and I truly believe that there’s more to him. So to call me a racist, that’s pretty low of you but I honestly don’t care anymore when people call me racist just because I ship Reylo. I know in my heart that what you are saying is not true, so whatever you are trying to do here or you think you’re words are going to hurt me, it isn’t working. I’m sorry to disappoint you.

And btw, Reylo hasn’t happen yet, so therefore I’m not supporting abusive relationships. 

And yes, Star Wars is about the Skywalkers but they aren’t the only characters in the movie. I mean, isn’t that outing all the other characters, like Finn? I also can’t stand when some people leave out Leia and Kylo. They are Skywalkers by blood:

At this point, there is no proof that Luke ever had a wife and child because of the TFA movie/book, Aftermath Series and Bloodline but also we know that Rey was left on Jakku between 8-4 years before Luke’s Jedi Academy was destroyed, so she wasn’t hidden from Kylo like everyone thought she was and Kylo has never even met her before the events of TFA.

If Luke had a child, I definitely want it to be Finn. Before I get hateful comments saying, “You only want Finn to be a Skywalker because you want Reylo to happen.” No, it’s not for that reason at all. It’s because of the similarities that I see between Finn and Luke which I plan on writing about very soon. But it would be also unexpected and it would be very epic <3

THIS! This right here is what I want to see in Ep8 <3 <3 <3

Maybe One Day

Fandom: Haikyuu!!

Pairing: Bokuaka

Summary:  Akaashi can hear the increasing giddiness in the man’s voice as he says each of those hey’s, the ey in a slightly rowdy manner but managing to stay unbearably endearing. He can picture his face, eyes lit with excitement, twinkling like the infinite galaxy up there in the sky. He can picture the tiny dimple in his cheek, the crinkles on the corner of his eyes, his chapped lips stretching over his mouth.

A/N: ANGST. Not saying any more because I don’t want to spoil it. For @nairuru –> (enabler extraordinaire) 

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Too Late(Angst)

 You sit on the couch scrolling through your phone as you waited for your boyfriend to get home, which was the everyday routine ever since he debuted. The same cycle everytime and you were more than over it. It was getting late and you were getting impatient. 

To keep busy and forget about the time you continue scrolling through Instagram. You come across a picture of nine familiar smiling faces, one in particular standing out to you the most. You stare at the particular face as tears threaten to come out. Before anything else could happen you quickly lock your phone, throwing it and it landing next to you. 

You sit there in silence in the big yet sad and lonely apartment that you and your boyfriend shared. You remember how things used to be before, him coming home more often and not so late at night. You guys having meals together while sharing childhood memories. You missed how close you guys used to be. You guys were inseparable and undefeated. No one and nothing came between you two. He always had time for you. He always had time to love and care for you. But all is different now, he has gotten busier by the day. You hardly see him.

 Face to face conversations turned into phone calls and texts. Dinner for two turned into dinner for one. Sometimes sleeping in a bed together turns into sleeping on the couch by yourself. And the apartment itself felt cold now, it didn’t have the warmth of love in it anymore. But you knew that that was what came with dating a new rookie in the kpop industry. Once debuted, there came obligations and rules to abide by.

Before debuting you and you’re boyfriend talked about what was going to happen to your relationship. He promised that nothing was going to change and that everything would remain the same as always but you knew in the back of your head that some things would change due to his busy schedule. But both of you weren’t ready to give up on each other because the love that you had was much stronger than anything else. You thought that you could handle what came your way but now that you look at it you were wrong. 

You had been thinking about cutting things off but you loved him too much. Everytime the idea popped up you always convinced yourself not to do it. But you mainly were thinking about Taeyong at the time more than yourself. You thought about his career. You thought about how cutting things off will help him loose a bit of stress. You also thought about the sadness it would bring him knowing that you are willing to loose your love, and you didn’t want to hurt him. As always the immense love that you had for him took over the thoughts and you never really pulled through.

But now that you sit here alone with an emotional hurricane building inside of you, you were sure that today would be the day you pulled through. You weren’t thinking about Taeyong anymore, you were thinking about yourself now. You were hurting more than him and you don’t want to hurt any longer. As much as it hurts your heart and as much as you don’t want to hurt Taeyong, it is the best thing to do in situations like this. You don’t want to let go of the true love that you have but you are too weak to handle the loneliness anymore. You knew that no matter what, you will always love Taeyong. Always.

The rumbling of keys made you break away from your thoughts. You gulp hard preparing your heart for what you were about to do.

~Taeyong’s POV~ 

 I quickly make my way up the stairs and make it to the front door of our apartment. I was more than ready to open the door and have my baby in my arms again after all this time of not seeing her. I have missed her so much. I take out my keys from my pocket to open the door in order not disrupt (y/n) from her sleep since it was very late at night. 

Once I walk in I notice that (y/n) was sitting on the couch looking down at her feet.

 “Jagi, what are you doing up so late? I thought you were asleep.” I asked as I make my way to sit next to her. But she doesn’t answer and she remains looking down. 

 As I reach in attempt to have her look at me, she stands up and walks away. “What’s wrong jagi?” I worriedly ask while her back faced me. 

 “We need to talk.” She says still having her back face me. A sigh of relief left my mouth. “ Oh can we do it tomorrow? I’m so tired and all I want to do is sleep with you in my arms. I have missed you tons. ” I walk behind her and hug her waist as I nuzzle my face onto her neck taking in her scent. 

“No. I want to talk now.” She says sounding more serious this time. She shrugs me off and walks away from me. With confusion plastered on my face I go back to sit down on the couch waiting for her to speak. She takes the silence as the cue to continue talking.Before speaking she takes a deep breath. 

“I have given this decision a lot of thought for a long time. And I thought about doing it sooner but I would always convince myself not to. But today, today I want to do it before it gets harder for me.“ I could here her struggling to speak now. I can tell she’s giving it her all to keep going, it almost sounds as if she’s about to cry.

 I begin to get up from the couch to make my way to her when she stops me. “No! Please stay where you are, you will make it a lot easier for me to do this.” I ignore her plead as I grab her and hug her tight.

 “Look at me Jagi, what’s wrong? Why don’t you want me near you?” She slowly begins to turn around and faces me. I could see that her eyes are already glossy from the tears she was obviously trying so hard to keep in. My heart ached at the sight, she looked hurt. I place my hand on her cheek to caress it and comfort her but she pushes me away. 

“Please Taeyong don’t make this harder than it has to be!” She yells as she backs away from me for the third time tonight. I look at her with confusion and hurt on my face. “What do you mean? ” I ask. I begin walking towards her again.

 “Jagi, plea-”

“Taeyong I think we should end this.” She says as I stop right in front of her in disbelief. I continue to stand there staring right at her trying to comprehend what she just said. 

 “What?” I faintly ask. I felt like my world was slowly crashing down. Like my heart was slowly beginning to sink. She remains quiet for a second, and then beings to speak. 

“I think we-” 

“I know what you just said! I mean what as in what triggered you to take this decision?” Tears begin to form in my eyes but I try my hardest for them not to spill out.

“Did you stop loving me?” I ask before she can respond. She looks at me straight in the eyes. Both reflecting sadness.

“I will never stop loving you.” Once those words left her mouth I felt somewhat relieved but still confused on why she wanted to end things. 

 “Then, I don’t understand why you want to leave me.” I responded.

“Tae, before debut you promised me that nothing was going to change in our relationship once you debuted, but honestly nothing feels the same anymore! You’re hardly even here! We hardly even spend time together! I miss you! You don’t know how much I hate being here all alone!” Her voice cracks which indicated she was going to cry. I try to comfort her but she pulls away. Which hurts me a little too much since she has been avoiding my touch tonight.

 I sigh, “(Y/n) you act like I do it on purpose. We both knew how busy I was going to be but we both agreed to work this through because our love was stronger than anything. Don’t you remember?” 

“Yes! But honestly everyone and everything has a breaking point Taeyong, and I’ve reached mine.” Her words cut through me like knives as they poured out her mouth. I felt my heart continue to sink because I knew I was losing her.

“I’m done feeling alone and hurt. I don’t want to live another day feeling like this.” She says as tears rolled down her cheeks. 

“So you only thought about YOUR feelings? What about mine? You don’t have a clue how I feel when I leave you here alone while I go work.” I say as I begin to walk closer to her. “You don’t know how much more i prefer to be here with you in my arms than out there working. You don’t know how much I want to kiss your lips while I’m away. How much I miss your touch. You don’t know.” 

“I have thought about your feelings too! And plenty of times! That’s why I never had the guts to do it before. But, honestly Taeyong, it’s my turn to think about myself and my feelings now and this is the best decision for both. Let’s end this now before we end up hurting more.” She says as she wipes the tears that remained on her cheeks.

“No. I’m not willing to give you up! Not now not never! ” I say as I grab her and kiss her. I knew that this wasn’t the best move but it was the only idea that came to my mind. I didn’t like the idea of me losing the love of my life, cause that is what she is. She pushes me away again breaking the kiss.

“Taeyong, why make this harder than it has to be!” She screams. “ I’m not willing to lose you, because if I lose you I’m afraid I’ll lose who I have given all my love to. (Y/n) can’t you see we love each other too much to ever leave one another?! I have fallen into deep, I can’t think about giving it up. Jagi please don’t do this!” She begins walking towards the door and I follow quickly behind grabbing her by the wrist.

“Taeyong! Please let me go! Can’t you understand that this hurts me just as much as it hurts you! If you love as much as you claim you do you will let me go.” As soon as those words left her mouth I let go.

 I stood there numb as I felt my heart finally sinking to the bottom. It was official, I have lost the love of my life

.I continued to stand there until (y/n) walks up to me and lightly kisses me on my cheek. “I never wanted to hurt you but this is the best for both. I want you to know that I will never stop loving you Lee Taeyong.”She opens the door and walks half way before turning back inside again to kiss me one last time on the lips. I kiss back with intention of wanting to taste her lips for the last time.“I know you will make it big one day and I will be cheering you on from afar. I love you Taeyong and never forget that.” She finally says as she makes her way to the door again, walks out and closes the door behind her.I continue to stand there in complete silence as I felt something building inside me. It was anger. I screamed as I grabbed a vase that was sitting on the center table of the living room and smashed it against the wall. I began moving across the apartment throwing everything my hands caught hold of.

I was angry at myself because I couldn’t make the only person that I loved stay and let her slip right through my fingers. I couldn’t love her the way she was supposed to be loved. I couldn’t keep her the promise I made her.
My anger was soon was taken over by sadness as I look back at the mess that I made and saw how lonely the apartment looked now without her here.It has only been a few minutes and I have completely lost my shit without her. I lean against the door and slide down until I was sitting down with my knees close to my chest.The tears that I was trying so hard to keep from escaping began quickly falling down my face as they hit the ground.

It felt like (y/n) had taken every single part of me with her. My life will literally be completely different without her now. Incomplete. Lonely. I straighten my legs out in front of me as I still remained sitting against the door. I hear something fall from my pocket and turn to see what it was. Recognizing the small object, I pick up the small black box in my hand. My heart ached as I remembered what the intention for this was but it was all useless now since she was gone. If she would’ve known my intention would she have stayed? If I wasn’t too stupid and I would have done it sooner, maybe none of this would’ve happened. I gave it too much thought just like she did with her decision. But the only difference was that she actually pulled through and I was too late.

Part 4 Solangelo Pirate AU

Will wanted to believe it was his pride that kept him from breaking eye contact with this captain. But the tightening in his chest told him otherwise. There was something about his gentleness that had managed to win him over. The touch on his cheek, the look of pride in his eyes when he saw Will helping his old shipmates, the way he’d intervened before Will could get killed. The way he’d tried to hide his injury.

And as he’d cleaned him, the look in his eyes had been so caring and sincere. It was the look he should have been giving his first mate. But he was giving it to Will. Then and now as he held onto his shirt and grasped his arm to remain standing.

Nico hadn’t moved in to force him to obey. This one would be up to him. This one would be his choice and his only. He could feel the hot breaths against his face, he could feel his own heart beating through his chest as the warm chocolate brown eyes stared at him. “I don’t tend to follow orders, Nico,” he said, speaking his name for the first time.

He managed a breathy, impatient chuckle. He slid his hand behind his neck, and whispered, “I order you not to kiss me, Will.” Will’s breath hitched and he looked into his tired eyes. They were already so close. Dignity could be ignored for just a moment, he’d said. As he began to lean in, the door burst open.

Will looked toward the door as Nico slumped in his arms. The first mate. The look he gave him could kill a kraken. “What are you doing?” he growled. He looked at his captain and his eyes widened. He pulled his sword and pointed it at Will. “What have you done to him?” he shouted. “You’ll hang for this!”

“Percy,” Nico muttered, muffled by Will’s clothes. “Percy!” He managed to push himself away from Will to face Percy. “He helped me. The other pirate… he stabbed me. W-The prisoner healed it. I’m simply tired.”

That was when the hurt registered in his face. He seemed to realize the brittleness of his loved one’s affections. “Give us a moment,” Nico told Will gently. “Go back to your crew. Return their weapons.”

“You trust him to-”

“Do not go against my orders, Perseus, or the one hanging will be you!” He scowled at the first mate who had fallen silent, but glared back with eyes that seemed to hold a raging sea. “Go,” he commanded Will.

He did, the door shutting behind him as soon as he could see the sunset. The other pirates were getting everything back into order. He could see his own crew returning to the lower deck. “Lou Ellen,” he called. She turned and eyed him curiously. “The captain of the ship said you could all get your weapons back.” Her eyes widened. “Don’t ask me why, I don’t know. He only said to return to you and return your weapons.”

“He is giving us the opportunity to riot against him?” she asked incredulously. “Is he an absolute imbecile?” She smiled suddenly. “This is brilliant. Quick, Will, let’s get the weapons and go free!”

The realization dawned on Will then. This wasn’t an opportunity to overthrow the captain. It was a choice for Will. Would he want to leave and take his crew with him? Or would he want to stay and convince the others they were safe? “I don’t think we should,” he said. Before she could begin the string of curses he was certain were at the tip of her tongue, he said, “The captain saved my life, Lou Ellen. He’ll keep us safe. We have food and shelter here, what will we have if we leave?”

“You’d rather live a slave?” she snarled, using his words against him.

“We are not slaves! He’s brought us in as part of his own crew. We are his crew!”

She scoffed and looked at him angrily. “I don’t know who’s more pathetic. You or the first mate.” She turned away from him and joined the others. But Will didn’t want to. He didn’t want to see their faces when they realized he was a hypocrite.

Instead he looked around to see where he could be of use. He decided to help with the supplies and fixing the things on the deck. He couldn’t help but glance at Nico’s cabin door now and then. The first mate was still in there, and Will wasn’t sure how he felt about that. Perhaps they were arguing. Perhaps the captain was manipulating him in that sadistic, seductive way of his. But there was only so much Nico could handle with the wound he had.

“Oi, ain’t you one of the prisoners?” the pirate he’d been helping asked. “Oi, look at this one, mate!” he called to another who looked very similar to him. “S’the prisoner the Cap’n fancied!”

“Aye you’re a lucky dog, mate!” the other said. They both had playful, wide smiles. “Cap’n don’t take much liking to no one. Ye’d be dead as a mast by now if he hadn’t fancied you!”

Will didn’t respond. He felt uncomfortable, if not slightly used. He turned away from the two pirates and returned to the lower deck where his crew was. They had their weapons, but they all seemed uncertain. “Is it true, Will?” one of the pirates said. It was Cecil, a good friend of his. “Lou Ellen said there’s an affair with the captain. That you don’t want to leave anymore.”

His brows furrowed together. As he glanced around, the other pirates seemed curious about his response. “I’ve no affair with that man,” he answered honestly. It was honest, wasn’t it? “He’s taken an interest in me. I don’t know why. But I don’t want to leave anymore. We’re in the middle of the ocean. He treats us well. You all have good clothes on your backs do you not? You’ve been fed, your weapons returned. What is out there for us if we attempt to escape?” He looked at the others solemnly. “The captain saved my life. I feel… safe here. But if you want to leave, I will ask the captain to allow it.”

“You won’t come with us, will you?” Cecil asked quietly. Slowly, Will shook his head. “I stick with you,” he said.

And slowly the others agreed. Here and there pirates declared their loyalty to him. Even Lou Ellen who had been so upset, agreed to remain on the ship. Then, just because he wanted a reason to talk to the captain again, he went to tell him the news.

When he reached the cabin door, he hesitated, unsure of whether he was supposed to interrupt or not. Before he could decide, the door opened and the first mate stepped out, a sly grin on his face when he saw Will. “Can I help you?”

“No,” Will responded. “The captain can.” The first mate hummed, making a point of tying the string of his shirt. Will clenched his jaw and swallowed hard, suspicious of the insinuation. The green eyed man jerked his head toward the cabin and Will pushed past him, entering. “Nico?” he called to the seemingly empty room.

“Come in,” he answered tiredly. He was sitting on his bed, still shirtless. “What is it?” he asked.

“My crew…. They’ll stay.” He paused momentarily. “I’ll stay.”

Nico smiled, though there seemed to be a form of pain in his eyes. “I’m glad,” he said quietly. Unsure what else to say, too distracted by the finger marks on his arms, Will began to turn away. “Will,” he called. Will stopped but didn’t turn. “You’ve something to ask me, love.” It wasn’t a question. He knew.

Will turned around and faced Nico, looking him in his dark eyes. “You… and him…. You…?”

Chocolate brown eyes gazed into his solemnly. He wouldn’t hide anything from him. He wouldn’t lie to him. Will wasn’t sure how, but he knew that. Slowly, Nico nodded. “But it wasn’t love. I don’t love him.” Will furrowed his eyebrows. “I don’t know how to love or what it means.” He stood and neared Will slowly. He lifted his hand but hesitated as he reached for Will’s face. “I fear he may kill you if he knows of my interest in you. He is already suspicious. I had to convince him he was wrong.” Will didn’t respond. He wasn’t sure how. He was upset, but he wasn’t sure he was supposed to be or what to do because of it. “Forgive me,” Nico whispered. “Will, please forgive me.”

Then, very slowly, he leaned in to press his lips softly against Will’s cheek.

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Just saying || part five

“Cause I’m better than him, just saying”


part one | part two | part three | part four

-inspired by the song Just Saying

No one liked having Arzaylea tour with the boys, she just added more stress by constantly being with the boys, invading their space and inviting friends along with them. At one point Michael cursed out Luke telling him that she needed to leave, but he didn’t see the problem having Arzaylea stay. Saying ‘she’s not doing anything-wrong.’ 

Everyone thought she had to go.

The boys stayed together in the green room ‘preparing’ for tonight. Ashton and Calum played with snapchat, Michael was on his phone sitting next to Luke and Arzaylea who was sitting on his lap wanting his attention, although his mind was off somewhere else. 

She played with his blonde locks watching him text the person she hated. She scoffed watching the text between the two of them. “You still talk to her.” 

Luke wasnt in the mood to argue with his girlfriend about her, when there was nothing to talk about. She would always jump to conclusions thinking she was going to take her away from her Luke. Arzaylea hated the way y/n would have all the attention with the boys, completely ignoring her.

A small knock came from the door, thinking it was their manager saying that it was almost to go on. “Come in!” Michael shouted from the couch. 

The door creaked open slowly, seeing someone familiar come through. In complete surprise their favorite person came to visit. “Hey guys!” y/n smiled seeing them all here and Arzaylea giving her a dirty look. 

Michael immediately stood up running to give her a hug. He spun her around lifting her off the ground, y/n squealed holding him tight around his neck. “Okay! Its nice seeing you too! Put me down Mike.” she laughed. 

Y/n went after her blonde friend saying hello. Luke never hugged Arzaylea or even missed her that much before. He held her tight having her scent linger again before he left.  “It’s nice seeing you again Luke.” she muffled in his chest, giving him the tightest squeeze, not wanting to let go. “Ive missed you so much.”

Arzaylea stood their with her arms crossed as everyone came together for a giant group hug, having tiny y/n under the six feet boys. “What are you doing here!” Calum said.

“I requested a week off from work, so I’m spending my vacation here. If you dont mind?” 

“No thats great!” Ashton cheered, “You should have told us first so we could hang out before the show.” 

“That’s okay, I wanted to keep it a surprise.” she winked. 

“Pretty damn good surprise.” Michael stated. 

The boys and y/n catch up on things from the past few months, enjoying a laugh. Y/n tensed up feeling Luke’s girlfriend stare her down knowing how much she hated her. She would occasionally talk wanting the attention but none of them really cared what she was talking about. 

Someone banged on the door yelling that for them to get ready. “I wish I bought tickets for the show.” y/n frowned wanting to see her best friends on stage. 

“You can watch from the side stage.” Calum suggested. Y/n agreed, not wanting to be alone in a room with Arzaylea. The boys all put their hands together, including y/n chanting ‘5sos’ hearing the fans scream their name before they all hopped on waving at the crowd. 

Y/n watched her friends act like goofs on stage seeing them pursue their dream. Hearing them play her favorite songs and dance around stage rocking their instruments. Calum would walk over waving a hello to her and Michael dragged her on stage wanting the fans to say hi knowing they all loved her. 

After the show they all came in gross and sweaty group hug with y/n underneath trying to break free.“Ew no you guys smell gross!” 

“That’s the point.” Calum muffled in her shoulder. 

“You guys are disgusting.” she laughed. 

Y/n stayed in the room with Arzaylea alone waiting for the boys to clean up and meet with the backstage fans. It was awkward sitting on opposite sides of the couch with her, knowing that she was being judge. Y/n didnt understand why she would hate her but she didnt want to start anything with her, she just wanted to become friends. 

“So-how did you and Luke meet?” trying to start a conversation. Arzaylea rolled her eyes looking away from her phone. “Met at a club. How do you know my Luke.” she asked rudely. 

“We’ve grown up together, same with the rest.” Arzaylea hummed going back on her phone not wanting to talk with her anymore. 

So much for nothing…

Ashton celebrated with y/n coming down by throwing a get together outside with a fire going. Everyone was their having a good time sharing beers, enjoying their time in the humid night. Luke seemed busy making out with his girlfriend near the pool. Arzaylea kept him there not wanting him to go anywhere, especially near y/n. 

“Um-what’s up with Luke’s girlfriend not liking me.” she said to Ashton who sat across from the fire. 

“No idea, she hates anyone who goes near him.” he said taking another sip of his beer. 

“I tried being friend with her but-” 

“Trust me you dont want that.” Calum joined, “She’s horrible.” Arzaylea was always with Luke purposely not letting him near y/n. She couldnt hold a conversation with him without her being all over him, and Luke knew what she was doing. 

“Go fuck somewhere else!” Michael yelled over to the couple. Luke tensed up pushing her away. Arzaylea smirked thinking of what to do on the tour bus. Surprisingly Luke turned down sex to he could talk to y/n, setting her on edge. 

Luke sat with his best friend where the heat of the fire was heating their face. Seeing y/n’s beautiful smile and hearing her laugh was all Luke wanted.His heart fluttered seeing her so happy wanting to stay with her the whole night to just relax. It was perfect, only thing that would make it spectacular was to kiss her, right now. Luke listened to her talk about what’s going on back at home and of course hear about her boyfriend and how ‘great’ he is. 

At one point neither of them talked, just sitting on the bench looking up at the stars as the fire crackled. Y/n rested her head on Luke’s broad shoulder telling him how much she her blonde dorky friend. 

“Oh my god!” y/n shouted suddenly spotting two pale asses run across the field and jump into the pool. 

“Y/n you should come in!” Michael suggested but she refusing going in a pool with her naked friends. Luke and Ashton joined in with Michael and Calum, this time wearing swimming trunks. She could hear them acting like idiots splashing water at each other and Michael wanting to touch everyone with his dick. 

Arzaylea was clearly drunk and pissed at her boyfriend for leaving and having y/n stay for the week was going to be hell. She drew the line on seeing the way y/n was all over Luke. “Why the hell were you on Luke like that.” suddenly yelling at y/n. 

“What?” confused to what she was talking about. Y/n stood from out of her seat to face her, “You were all over my boyfriend.” she angered. 

“He’s my best friend and besides I’m seeing someone. Seriously, get over yourself.” 

“Then you have a someone to do all that with, get off my boyfriend and we wont have a problem.” she threatened pushing y/n forcefully. Y/n didnt start anything so she just grabbed her things and walked out, trying to not let the tears spill.

Luke saw from a distance his girlfriend and y/n face to face, it wasnt looking good either. So he got off the pool making sure everything was okay, he ruffled with his wet hair a bit, putting the towel around his waist “Everything okay?” 

“Clearly your girlfriend doesnt want me near you so I’ll just go.” grabbing her things she left, Arzaylea stood back smiling to herself finally watching her leave. Luke ran after y/n wanting her to stay “Hey slow down.” 

“Just leave me alone Luke. Have fun.” she frowned walking back to her hotel, Luke swore he saw a tear fall down her face making him furious to what Arzaylea did. 

“Why the hell would you do that.” 

“Do what?” batting her long eyelashes pretending to be innocent. Luke had enough with her attitude with everyone and seeing the girl he loved walk away because of him. Honestly, he wanted nothing to do with her anymore. 

“I want you to fucking leave. Go take a flight back to LA and never talk to me again.” he told her, meaning every word not looking away from her eyes. 

“Fuck you Hemmings. Have fun with that whore.” she spat pushing him out of the way. It was a sense of release having her finally leave, but now he had no one distract himself from y/n, who’s probably heartbroken from tonight.  

A/N: honestly dont know here I’m going with this…hope it was okay! 

request for part six

adjkpop  asked:

I'm really sorry about your grandma and I wish you and your family all the best. Please don't force yourself to write if your not up to it, we don't want you to put yourself under anymore stress. Please take care of yourself and know that we are here for you.

Thank you so much! Honestly, everyone’s messages have been making me tear. I really appreciate how beautiful everyone’s souls are <3 Thank you for being so understanding and for being here for me ~ I definitely would like to do something for you all in return for your kindness before I leave for the week! 

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Making Up

A/N: The follow up to First Real Fight


Once you were settled in bed, it didn’t take long for you to start feeling guilty about the stupid fight that had happened earlier in the night. Maybe Harry had been right about you overreacting earlier; maybe you did need to calm down, not that you’ll ever admit that to his face. Like he said, it’s not like he was returning the girl’s advances, he would never do that to you. Realizing your mistake, you can’t help but feel like a total bitch for lashing out at him for no reason and making him sleep on your very uncomfortable couch. Before you can convince yourself otherwise, you quickly throw off your covers and tiptoe your way downstairs.

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Loving Strangers (Part 3)

Part 1
Part 2

“I drowned him”

You swallowed as your throat feels tight, and Dan can sense the fear rising.

“Stay here, Don’t move from the bed.” Dan instructs as he stares at you with those dark eyes.

Dan turns around and leaves the room, leaving you alone to think. You lay back on the softness of the mattress. Of course you were frightened, but not as much as you should be, and that was confusing. You felt your body jump as you heard the sound of keys downstairs, followed by the sound of doors being locked.
How long was he going to keep you here, was he eventually going to kill you too? You weren’t the only one thinking of these unanswered questions, as they repeated themselves in Dan’s mind also.

His heavy footsteps could be heard traveling up the stairs and back towards the bedroom as you lay down on the bed, facing up at the ceiling. Clearly feeling exhausted, Dan walked around the bed and collapsed onto the other side.

Hours ticked by and you thought you would never get to sleep. At some daring point, you had decided to turn on your side and face Dan. How could someone with such evil tendencies still looks so beautiful and peaceful? His slightly chapped lips were pouted and you could see the movement under his eyelids as he was lost in whatever sort of dream this man had.

At some point in the early hours of the morning, your heavy eye lids had obviously gotten the best of you as you fell asleep, only to dream of the recent events.

When you woke up the bed was cold and empty beside you, bed sheets going in every possible direction that only proved there had been another sleeping in this bed. You were still coming out of your sleepy haze when you heard Dan’s booming voice yelling downstairs. You had no control of your body as you were suddenly jumping out of the bed and running to the stairs that lead to the kitchen and front door.

“Fuck off! This is the first time I’ve ever been caught!”

“I should have last night but I fucking couldn’t!”

The yelling stopped all of a sudden, and Dan almost too casually walked into your view of the kitchen. He got a glass and started pouring some juice in it when he looked up and straight into your eyes.

“Would you like some?” He offered but you declined.

You continued down the stairs and stood at the bottom. Dan gestured to the stool at the breakfast bar, and assuming you shouldn’t deny him, you walked over and took a seat.

“Who were you arguing with before?” You questioned with sudden confidence.

“What? I wasn’t arguing with anyone…” Dan replies with an eyebrow raised.

“You were yelling”

“I seriously don’t know what you’re talking about” He replied once more, It was strange as he honestly looked confused. You decided you had better not push him anymore and simply nodded.

“Okay, seeing as I don’t know what to do with you yet, pretty cafe girl, I’m going to give you two options” Dan suddenly began, his tone serious. And why did you blush when he called you pretty? this is not the right time for flattery.

“I have more… business… I need to take care of tonight. You have the option of either staying here, in my house, and I will be locking you in one room… Or, you come with me, and you do not leave my side” Dan explained the options to you, your eyes widening throughout his speech.

“So?” He pushed

“I’ll come.” what are you doing?

“Things may get what normal people describe as gruesome” Dan warned you, as if it mattered after all of this.

“I want to come.”

You Should Be Here

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Member: Jungkook (x Reader)
Genre: angst

She plopped down deeper on the sofa, tapping away on her phone. Sighing, she felt something amiss.

“I miss him.”

She received a text right away. “Why’d you say so? Isn’t he there right now?”

“Exactly, Tae.”

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How about Mercedes redoing the candle scene

Things were going great for Sam and Mercedes. After everything with glee for settled most if their friends had returned back to their lives away from Lima. After 5 days of staying at the hotel, Mercedes had pretty much moved in with Sam at Beiste house. Beiste didn’t mind having her there she told Sam it was nice having another woman in the house to keep things even. Sam didn’t really understand that seeing as now he was the only man there.

Their work schedule was tough because Mercedes had to drive to the nearest city just to find a recording studio she could use. Sam and Beiste spent hours after school and during the day he took courses at the community college. After weeks of them fumbling through their schedule they finally found a way to spend quality time together.

They had date nights that sometimes ended up being cancelled due to Mercedes long hours at the studio. They also had their first awkward conversation with Beiste due to their night time noises. She said the noises made things hard for her to look at them the next day. Mercedes was beyond embarrassed and they promised to be more discreet about their night time rituals. Sam was still laughing about it as he sat across from Beiste at the dinner table.

“What’s so funny, Sam?”

“Nothing just thinking about something Mercedes said.” He lied.

“Oh!” She replied tearing into her food. She ate like a cave woman but Sam had no problems with that. In the house Mercedes was the only one with take manners at all. “How are you going to deal with things when Mercedes is gone?” Beiste asked.

“Umm… what are you talking about?” Sam asked.

“Well you are always thinking about her obviously and you know she’s going to have to go soon…”

“No she doesn’t… she can keep going to Dayton and record like she has been.” Sam said annoyed. The way things were was working for them. He didn’t see any reason for things to change.

“Look, I’m not trying to rain on your parade. Mercedes is a recording artist! You and I both know she’s on the way to some heavy duty stardom.” Beiste said looking at Sam. “Lima… and even Dayton can’t keep her hear. She needs to be in LA or New York or something…”

“I didn’t like New York and she said LA made her squint too much!”

“Come on Sam, do you really believe that? She left LA because she missed you. That’s the only reason she left. And the only reason she didn’t go back to New York was because you moved back here.” Sam shook his head not willing to accept what Beiste was saying. Even though his subconscious was saying she was right.

“Long distance never worked for us… it’s always been the real reason we break up.” Sam added sadly. Beiste sighed loudly.

“Maybe this time you’ll make it work.”


Sam thought about their discussion for hours. When Mercedes got home they decided to chill out on the couch. They were supposed to be cuddling and watching a rerun for the Legend of Korra, but instead they were making out. Any other day Sam would have been enjoying this but he was in his head too much at the time.

“Babe, what’s wrong?” Mercedes said pulling away from him.

“Nothing…” He lied. Mercedes looked at him suspiciously then smiled and started kissing on his neck. “I guess I’m just a bit tired.”

“Too tired to make out with me?” She asked as she continued to kiss on his neck.

“No… no…” He said as he pulled her up for a kiss. “I was just wanted to come with me on one of our away games. First ones this Friday” Sam lied as he began to kiss on her neck.

“Mmmm Sam that feels good.” She mumbled. “But I can’t… I won’t be in Ohio!” She replied softly with her eyes closed.

“Where are you going?” Sam asked looking at her in shock. Her eyes were closed still as she responded.

“I have a meeting with the label in LA and I have to start promoting the album.”

“So when do you leave?” Sam asked scooting away from her slowly. She opened her eyes finally realizing that he’d stop kissing on her long ago.

“In 2 days… why are you so far away?” Mercedes asked moving to kiss him. Sam placed his hand up stopping her causing her to kiss the palm of his hand.

“What the hell, Mercedes?” He said standing up.

“Did you just…”

“When were you going to tell me that you’re leaving?”

“I…I was going to… but I’d get home so late and then we’d make out… and then…” Mercedes trailed off looking away.

“You did that on purpose? You used sex to avoid having to tell me about this!"Sam said realizing why every night she’d been initiating it. He began to pace. "I can’t believe you!”

“Sam, you’re acting like I’m leaving forever!” Mercedes added walking over to him. “I’ll be gone a week… 2 weeks… give or take…”

“Give or take?”

“Yeah I can’t really predict how these things will go, Sam!”

“You should have told me.” Sam said sitting down. His conversation with Beiste playing in his head over and over. He wasn’t really mad she didn’t tell him. He was mad that Beiste was right.

“You’re right.” Mercedes walked over and sat near him. “I guess I was scared. We always seem to break up whenever I go away. I just don’t want to waste our last days arguing about it like this.”

“So… what… you were going to break up with me at the airport or something?”

“No… Sam… I’m not going to be gone forever…”

“Well what about next time? Huh? Like you said we don’t do distance well. And honestly you know you can’t stay here in Lima.” Sam kept thinking about what Beiste said. “I’m holding you down like an anchor. I’m just some small town assistant coach…”

“I’m proud of what you’re doing…”

“You’re this big time celebrity and I’m holding you away from being where you should be amongst the stars!”

“Where’s all this coming from?”

“I don’t want to hold you down anymore! I don’t want to be the reason you keep leaving where you need to be.”

“Sam Evans you better not be breaking up with me! Not over this!” Mercedes said standing up. Sam placed his face in his hands gripping at the top of his hair. He felt her staring at him and then stomping away. “Fine, I’ll leave then!”

“Mercedes, don’t be ridiculous! It’s 2 in the morning!” Sam said getting up and following her to the bedroom where she was packing all her stuff. “Mercedes?”

“Don’t worry about me!” She said stomping past him. “I’ll get the rest of my things when I return.” And with that she left.


-2 weeks later-

Sam was a mess but he tried to keep it to himself. Of course Beiste had overheard their argument but she didn’t press the issue instead things were awkwardly quiet between them at home. Sam hated that Mercedes left the way she did and tried texting her to apologize. She didn’t reply till two days later saying it was OK.

They both weren’t okay and they both vented out to their best friends the next day. Sam called Blaine and explained what happened. Instead of helping him deal with it Blaine offered to read him a fanfic he wrote. Sam not being in the mood for that told him he’d talks to him later and went to the Lima Bean.

“Hey Sam!"Kurt said noticing Sam the moment he walked in. Sam walked over to him forgetting he came for coffee and sat down. "I heard what happened…”

“Yeah… I guess that’s all we’re good for…” Sam said smiling. “Break up…”

“Sam, I know one thing out of everybody from glee club nobody does that better than the two of you…” Kurt added.“But you guys always find a way back to each other and I believe you will again.”

“I don’t know about that… but I hope you’re right… I kinda miss her!”

“Who are you fooling?” Kurt said before they both started laughing.

“I know I never said it but I’m sorry about you and Blaine.”

“Que sera sera…” Kurt said smiling. Sam had no idea what he meant but he smiled and nodded.

That was two weeks ago though. His day started off slow til he received a text from Mercedes saying she wanted to talk. She gave him an address and told him to meet her there. The address was on the outskirts of Lima but not too far away. When he arrived at the house he noticed a car parked so he parked his next to it.

The house was nice, nothing big, it reminded him of his parents house that they’d lost. He stepped to the door and noticed a note on it.

“Please, come in!” Written in Mercedes handwriting. He smiled as he walked in. The moment he walked in her single “Leave a light on” began to play in the background and he noticed a trail of candles down the entrance hall way. Again he smiled as he followed the candles trail. At the end of the hall was another note. “Don’t worry I have a fire extinguisher just in case one of them tips over!” He chuckled at that then noticed another card. “Open the door!” He smiled and pushed opened the door expecting to see Mercedes inside but she wasn’t. The livingroom was decorated exactly like the brownstone. He saw another note on the mantle and walked over to it. “Does this look familiar?” She wrote.

“Mercedes Jones, you’re crazy!” He said to himself.

“Crazy about you!” Mercedes said causing him to turn around.

“Mercedes, what’s all this?” Sam said smiling but unsure about what was going on.

“This is us!” She said walking over to him slowly. “I had a lot of time to think about what you said. And I prayed about it as well. Something you said clicked, only days after it replayed in my head.” She paused. “You said you hold me down…"she smiled. "You’re right!” She continued to walk towards him slowly. “No one has held me down like you have. Without you who knows where my career would be.”


“Your fear is that when I leave I won’t come back… so I bought us a house…”

“You bought this…”

“I need you to understand how important you are to me and how proud I am of you. Proud of the man you’ve become.” She reached him and held on to his hand. “This song I wrote for you and I mean everything I say on it. This is where I need to be!” Sam placed his hand on her cheek stroking it softly before pulling her in and kissing her.

Okay this was getting out of hand so I had to stop myself before I choke on all the fluff😭😂 I love leave a light on… So yeah I’m going to reference it alot 😄

In my head Mercedes got guap y'all😂😭😂

I kinda got carried away though y'all my bad

JUSTIN BIEBER IMAGINE ✨ "She's Not You" part 2 ✌🏻️

“I’m not leaving here till I have you”

The words giving me top notch anxiety.

“Well , if you’re waiting to have me back you might as well take some sips of bleach till it kicks in cause it’s not gonna happen” I say turned my head at him.

“Please don’t be like this y/n, I honestly can’t do this without you, I’ve been so depressed and down lately and I know it’s because you’re not here with me anymore.” He came closer to me

“What about you saying you’re fine without me? Those pictures you sent me of you and hailey, any of that ring a bell?!”

“That wasn’t real! Do you not understand I was putting up an act to make you jealous ! None of it is real man , none of it. No matter how much I tried to like and what other people , she’s not you, nobody is.”

“Honestly Justin, I can’t.” I turn around and nod my head, but he comes holding my hips from behind me and whispers in my ear “please do baby, I need you”

I freeze as I hear his words hit my ear “I don’t want to get hurt again.” I say under my breath, he holds me in tighter “that’s not gonna happen” this time whispering into my neck.

“I don’t know” I say , he turns me around and kisses me softly and slowly “ I know you know about that”
“Stop it” I say “well I don’t see you pulling away” he kisses me again , harder pushing me against the wall this time , having me unable to escape his grasp. “Listen Justin, I don’t want to try us again and deal with your old ways” he backs up a little

“I know that babygirl, believe me being without you the time I did makes me appreciate you even more, every moment we had. It makes me feel like a dick head knowing that I didn’t treat you the way you deserved to be treated, I’m sorry baby.”

He pulls me into him cups my cheeks and ask “am I forgiven?”

No matter what happened it’s true , I really do love him and there’s no one I can be with that I feel the same towards, I don’t know where this is going but I can’t help it.“

"You’re forgiven” I say holding onto him tight.

Clipped Wings - pt. 2

The photo is not mine!

Boy(s): Fallen Angel! Luke
Rating: R
Requested: Are you gonna continue Angel Luke? It’s sooooooo good!!! 😭😭😭😭                                                                                                       Warnings: Just the norm…you know smut ;)                                              A/N: It’s finally here! The continuation of Clipped Wings is finally here and it’s smutty! Hope you guys enjoy!

“Luke! Where are you?” I whisper-yelled, closing the door to the warehouse behind me. “Damnit Luke where the hell are you? This is not time for one of your stupid games.”

“I’m right here (Y/N). Check the bathroom next time, before you start yelling at me.” He said, coming into view with wet hair and nothing but a towel covering his lower half. I tried to keep my eyes from wondering downward, but that did not go as I had planned. Luke cleared his throat and brought my attention back up to his face. “Is there a reason you came in screaming like a mad-woman?”

“Oh, shit yes. My parents are going to be here in about…three minutes! We need to get your corner cleaned up and get out of here.” I rush over and throw all of his stuff into a bag and toss it out the window. When I turn back around, however, he is still not dressed. “Didn’t you hear me?! My parents are going to be here soon!”

“I heard you, but you tossed all of my clothes out the window!”

“Shit, alright then just climb out in your towel…just please, please keep it closed!”

“Like I would just drop the damn thing.” He retorted. Just as I moved to climb out the window I heard the door to the warehouse being pulled open. I knew we didn’t have time to climb out the window so I grabbed Luke’s hand and pulled him into the nearby supply closet.

The supply closet was not meant for two people, that’s for sure. Every time Luke and I moved we would end up even closer to each other than before. I could barely hear what my parents were saying on the other side of the door but I could tell they weren’t leaving any time soon.

“It’s freezing in here.” I whispered.

“I know. I normally just burrow under blankets but that’s not really an option here.” Luke responds. I cut him a look and wrap my arms around my body hoping to warm up.  About fifteen minutes later my parents are still walking around the warehouse and it is continually getting colder in here. “(Y/N), I need you to come closer to me.”

“What?!” I whisper. “Why on earth do you need me to do that?”

“Would you just listen to me.” He hissed.

“Fine.” I grumbled and shuffled closer to him.

He wrapped his arms around me, pulling me flush against his chest. I squealed in surprise making him chuckle. I was just about to pull away when he opened his wings as much as he could in the small spaced wrapped them around both of our bodies. Heat instantly enveloped me with his wings, and any thought of pulling away left my mind. We stayed like that for fifteen more minutes until we finally heard my parents exit the warehouse.

When I shift my leg, I feel something poking my thigh. My eyes widened and heat rushed to my cheeks, hoping Luke didn’t realize I had figured out he had a bit of a problem. I opened the door and rushed out, leaving Luke behind. I got his bag from outside the window and put it back where it was before I moved towards the entrance.

“You’re leaving?” Luke called.

I froze in my tracks. “Um, yeah, I uh, yes.” I stuttered, sounding like a complete idiot.

“(Y/N), are you okay?” He asked, slowly moving towards me.

I turned around, a rush of relief falling over me when I noticed he had slipped into a pair of jeans. “Will you ever be able to return to the heavens?” I blurt.

“No, why do you ask?”

“I don’t know, I guess I was just wondering what you’re going to do when you can’t stay here anymore.” Honestly, I want him to stay but I know he can’t stay in the warehouse much longer. It’s been six weeks since I found him in my dorm room that night, so he only has two more weeks before he has to find somewhere else to stay. I’ve visited him almost every night and spending all this time with him made me start wishing he and I could be more. But he’s an angel.

“(Y/N) is something wrong?” I turned my head to avoid meeting his eyes. “Hey, look at me.” He whispered, having finally made it over to me. He took my chin in his hand and turned my face to look at him. My breath caught when his face came into view. The moonlight was filtering in through the windows and casting a sort of glow upon his already gorgeous face. Neither of us said a word. He slowly started inching toward me until our lips were only a breath apart.

“Stop.” I whispered.


“W-we can’t do this.”

He smirked. “I think we can.” Then his lips were on mine. My body responded immediately. I wrapped my arms around his neck and ran my fingers through his hair. His arms wrapped around my waist and he pulled me flush against his body.

I broke the kiss and looked up to meet his gaze. His usual perfectly blue eyes were now darkened with desire. My breath caught and against my better judgement I grabbed his hand and led him over to his makeshift bed. I pushed him down and lowered myself down, so that I was straddling his waist. I moved my hands along his bare chest, committing every dip and curve to memory. I forced my eyes away from his chest and up to his face. His eyes are watching my every move. I lean down to press my lips against his but he stops me. His hands travel up my waist, pulling my t-shirt up with them. I lift my arms above my head giving him access to remove my shirt completely. I move my hands down and pop the button on my jeans open. I move to get up and take off my jeans but Luke stops me and flips us over.

“I’m tired of you being in charge.” He pulls my jeans off in one swift motion leaving me in just my undergarments. He then stands up and takes off his jeans, leaving him completely bare to my gaze. I fight the urge to stare but I can’t help my gaze from traveling from his face downward. He smirks and I blush at my lack of control. I reach up and grab his hand, tugging him back down on top of me.

“I’ve been alive for millions of years and yet I cannot remember a single person who’s beauty compares to yours.” Luke whispers as he trails his lips from my jaw to my collarbone.

“Like I’m going to belie—” I start, but then his lips are on mine cutting me off.

“Well, you should,” he says pulling away from my mouth, “because it’s completely true.” I rolled my eyes then reach around and unclasped my bra, keeping him from continuing on with the subject at hand. His eyes immediately traveled down to my newly freed breasts and his eyes darkened even more than before.

I wrapped my arm around his neck and pulled his lips onto my in a heated kiss. He grasped my hips, his fingers digging into my skin. I moaned at the feeling. He trailed his lips down along my collarbone and continued traveling south until his lips found my left breast. He latched onto my erect nipple sending shivers down my spine. His one hand left my waist to give my other breast the same attention. I arched my back off the bed, needing more. I could feel the wetness growing in panties every second his mouth and hand were on my breasts.

“Luke, please I need more.” I groaned. He smirked and moved his hands down to the line of my panties. He hooked his fingers in the waist band and kept eye contact with me the whole time as he slowly pulled them off me. Once I was bare and open to his gaze, I began to feel self conscious. That didn’t last long, however. I moaned as Luke’s thumb ran along my slit.

“Fuck, (Y/N), you’re so wet for me.” He moans. It’s like music to my ears. I reach down between our bodies and rub my hand along his length wanting to hear the beautiful sound again. He groans as my hand comes in contact with his throbbing erection. I move to flip us over but he fights back and keeps me pinned to the mattress. I whine at the restriction.

“Luke, I want to touch you.”

“Tonight is all about you baby. But believe me, there will come a day that your pretty little mouth and hands will be wrapped around me.”

“Fine,” I sigh, “then I just want you in me. Save the foreplay for another day.” He chuckles but nods his head in agreement.

“Do you have a condom?”

“Fuck, no, don’t you?”

“You do realize that up until few weeks ago I was an angel. I had no need for condoms.” I blush as the realization comes over me that this would be his first time. I’m definitely no expert, having on ever had sex with my ex, but it never occurred to me until now that he had no experience. The way he was touching me earlier, it certainly didn’t feel like he’d never done it before.

“Can you just pull out? I’m clean and am I correct to assume that you are as well?”

“Very funny (Y/N), yes I’m clean.” Tired of all the chit chat, I pull his lips down to mine. He grabs my knees and pushes them apart, giving him complete access to my throbbing pussy.

He lines his cock up with my entrance and without any warning he thrusts in. I gasp at the sudden intrusion, but the original discomfort soon turns to pure ecstasy. He looks to me for permission to move and I gladly give it. He slowly pulls out until his tip is about to fall out then thrusts back in, sending a jolt of pleasure through my entire body. He soon finds a rhythm that brings equal pleasure to both him and me.

It doesn’t take long for us to both be close. I feel his thrusts becoming more and more sloppy. His thumb attaches to my clit. I scream out at the added pleasure. His thumb keeps pace with his thrusts sending my whole body into euphoria. I arch my back and grasp his shoulders and I cum around him. His lips capture mine and he continues thrusting into me, prolonging my orgasm.

“Fuck, I’m gonna cum.” Luke moans. He quickly pulls out of me and releases all over my stomach. He continues to hover over me as we both attempt to catch our breaths. I notice him watching me intently, so I run my ring finger along my stomach collecting some of his juices. His eyebrows scrunch together, his confusion as to what I’m doing evident. I place my finger between my lips and suck off his cum, moaning at the taste. His eyes widen at my actions and he bites his lip.

“If you get to taste me, then I think it’s only fair I get to do the same.” He says. I smirk and open my legs eagerly for him. His lips quickly attach to my sensitive pussy lips.

“Ah fuck!” I scream out. He thrusts his tongue into my entrance collecting my juices. I moan at the feeling. Barely recovered from my previous orgasm, I can already feel my next one coming along. He removes his lips from my body and quickly replaces his tongue with two fingers.

“Come on baby, cum for me.” He says, roughly finger-fucking me. I moan at his dominance and scream out as I cum around his fingers. He removes his fingers and sucks my juices off of them, leaving me slightly annoyed at the sudden emptiness.

He lays down next to me and says, “Well, if there was any chance of my going back to heaven before, that’s out of the picture now. I enjoy that way too much.” I turn to look at him, confused.

“I thought you couldn’t go back?”

“Technically I could have, if I’d repented for my sins and hadn’t indulged in any human pleasures while I was on earth.” I frown.

“I don’t want to be the reason you can’t go back. I don’t want you to hate me later on.”

“I could never hate you, (Y/N). I don’t know how to explain it, but when I look at you and when I touch you,” he says, cupping my face with hands, “I can’t help but believe that you were made just for me. I could never go back to place where you weren’t. Never.”

I feel tears beginning to well up in my eyes. I pull his face to mine and gently brush my lips against his. He kisses me back, but this time is different from before. It’s not filled with lust or desire. His lips press against mine as if he would die without me. His kiss is filled with love.

A/N: Hope you guys enjoyed ;) Love ya xx

Find part 1 Here.

Second Guessing

Characters: Lucifer x Reader, Dean, Cas
Words: 1115
This Is Part Six to
Tongue Lashing
No More Teasing
Between Me And The Devil
Hi, Luci      
Sneaking Around

     You felt the tears rolling down your cheeks as you dropped your bags into the motel room. You couldn’t really believe Dean and Sam had asked you to leave the bunker. At the same time, you didn’t blame them.

           But being alone was not something you had counted on feeling so terrible. That’s when you started thinking about the decision you had made.


           “Where have you been?” Lucifer sounded angry when it had been a week since you had been to see him.

           You didn’t go into the cage. He could tell something was wrong just by looking at your face. And his expression softened, “What’s wrong, Y/N?”

           “They kicked me out of the bunker,” you said, “I … I’ve been staying in a motel. Alone.”

           “They kicked you out!?” his anger instantly returned, much stronger than before, “How could they do that?”

           “Because of us,” you said, “They found out I was sneaking around to see you and they kicked me out.”

           “Those sons of …”

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"Imagine the look on Dean's face when you told him you sold your soul to save him" One Shot

Author: Charlie (from the Chatbox)

Original Imagine Link: 

Warnings: your death, very sad


You parked the Impala at a crossroads, Dean had left it to you and Sammy. His last words were basically “Look after my baby.” And you knew he wasn’t talking ‘bout you.

You let out a final breath before opening the car door, making sure you had the small metal box in your hands before closing the door. 
Kneeling down on the dirt, you dug a small hole in the ground, you could attempt to explain your feelings but there was nothing there. You were numb.

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Get a Filter. :: Nate Maloley.

[Request:: Hi babe, could you please do an imagine with Nate where he and y/n will argue about Nate party too much and he will something really bad, she will be like ‘Oh, okay then, goodbye’ and after she’ll say it he will be like ‘Nonono, babe, I didn’t mean it’ and you can tak it from here but happy end pleeeeease :’) Thanks! :–*] Here you go! I really hope you like how I whipped it up. Thank you for requesting!

8:20 P.M.

I hated family dinners. I hated how they usually always ended up being hosted at my house. I hated how Nate thought it was okay to go out and get high with his guys beforehand, or go to a bar and skip out on our plans. I hate how he didn’t care to check in, or call, or apologize to our families and I. We had them monthly to catch up, remain close. This one was important. I hated family dinners.

But, here I was. Sitting next to Nate’s empty chair, both of our families spread out along our dining room table and waiting for Nate to show up, their plates empty. Embarrassment was an understatement. I felt humiliated. This is the third time he’s done this, swearing each time it wouldn’t happen again. Spending hours after a small argument convincing me that he’d come. I believed him, stupidly, but this was the last time. I was done.

‘’Darling, how about we just dig into dinner? We’ve been waiting for 20 minutes, the children are getting grumpy. If he comes late this time he can just sit down and eat, alright?’’ My mom spoke up after leaning into me a bit and whispering. I nodded slowly, feeling defeated. 20 minutes wasn’t long, but I had both of our parents, siblings, nieces and nephews here. I kept them waiting for him. For nothing.

9:36 P.M.

My stress and embarrassment began to wash away throughout the dinner. Everyone acted as if the 20 minutes and third time of not showing up never happened, which helped. We acted as if he wasn’t meant to be there, although I knew we all really wished he was.

Nate’s mom, my sister, and I were about to get up and empty our dishes when a banging came from the entryway in the next room. Anger started to boil inside me, Nate’s mom giving me the ’Take it easy on him’ look before taking my plate and walking off with my sister so I could answer the door. I let out a breath before walking out of the dining room and through the living room to where the front door was, smoothing out my dress as I open the door.

There he stood, a smug smirk spread across the right side of his face as he held his body up by leaning on the door frame, his eyes drooped slightly with visible bags under them. He reeked of weed. His heavy breathing told me he had also been out drinking.

‘’Nate, you’re an hour late! You’re also high and drunk!’’ I whispered through gritted teeth. I could feel my face turning red with anger. He shook his head with a snicker and pushed past me, stumbling into the entry way. ‘’Lil’ Ma, it’s all good! I only had one beer, I’m pretty sober. Sammy remembered I had the dinner before I drank anymore and drove me home. I’m here know, you waited for me this time, right?’’

‘’Yeah, Nate, always do! Don’t I? Sammy was late in remembering. Look, everyone’s about-’’

‘’Thanks, baby, I’m going to go get freshened up real quick! I’ll be out in ten minutes. Just give me ten minutes!’’

Before I could even tell him everyone was getting ready to leave, he had jogged upstairs and turned into our bedroom. Honestly, I felt stupid for being upset about this, but each time that feeling came I remembered why this dinner was so important in the first place and the anger instantly came back.

Nate’s ten minutes turned into twenty-five, but after fifteen everyone was all packed up and ready to go home. Giving me looks of sympathy as I helped them out the door. I couldn’t choose between going to bed or confronting Nate about being late once again, until he came out of our shared bedroom wearing a black v-neck along with dark jeans, that same smug look on his face as he jogged down the stairs, it disappearing when he saw the empty chair and dirty plates in the kitchen sink.

‘’(Y/N), where’d everyone go? I told you to give me ten minutes-’’

‘’Then why’d you take thirty?’’ I spat, rolling my eyes as I slipped off my heels and kicked them to the pile of shoes by the front door, walking out of view from him and into the kitchen to start cleaning the dishes. ‘’Lil’ Ma, I needed a shower. I didn’t want my mom knowing I was high! Do you know the lecture I would have gotten right then and there?’’

‘’You shouldn’t have been high in the first place, Nate! You promised you’d be here tonight! You swore that you’d show up. This dinner was important this time, but you thought it’d be a good idea to go get high off your ass and come an hour and thirty minutes late. Did you really expect for me to have them sit down for another twenty god damned minutes for YOU? No, Nate I-’’

‘’Look, I’m sorry. You’re giving me a fucking headache. We’ll talk about this later. I’m going to bed.’’ He interrupted me. He closed his eyes tightly and rubbed three of his fingers into them as he turned away from me, shaking his head while going to walk up the stairs.

‘’No, we are going to talk about this right now! I’m so sick of you coming home this late, always with the guys, always drunk, always high! I love the guys, but I can’t stand the way you try to act like you have no responsibilities when you get around them! Newsflash, Nate, You’re engaged!’’ I snapped. I was sick of him acting as if this was nothing to me and brushing it off. I knew he’d wake me up, make me breakfast, cancel plans for the day and try to make it up. I didn’t want that this time. I wanted him to understand that if he was going to marry me, he had to act like a husband. He’s not a teenager anymore. Not if he’s willing to propose.

‘’Why do you always have to plan these at night, huh? Why so late? I have a life other than constantly being here playing house with you!’’ He was kidding me, right? Playing house? Where the hell did he think he was going with this argument? He was proving himself stupid.

‘’Then you shouldn’t have proposed to me, Nate,’’ I said, my voice barely calmed, ‘’You shouldn’t have asked if we could have a kid, you shoudn’t have even gotten into a relationship with me if you weren’t going to change.’’ My fists were curled by my sides and I hadn’t even noticed how close Nate and I had gotten to each other. Reality of our fight was starting to set in and I began to notice how angry he’d started to look. His eyes were wide, probably mirrored to mine. His face was one of disgust and he was red, looking like he was about to explode.

‘’SHIT, (Y/N), I’M SORRY I GOT YOU KNOCKED UP, OKAY? YOU’RE RIGHT, I SHOULD HAVE NEVER ASKED FOR US TO HAVE A KID. YOU ALREADY ACT CRAZY ENOUGH WHEN YOU’RE NOT PREGNANT, NOW I HAVE TO DEAL WITH THIS? FUCK THAT, (Y/N)! I REGRET IT ALL, IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT TO HEAR? I REGRET IT!’’ His voice boomed and I had started to cower in front of him. His body was hunched over mine a bit and I felt like I was about to fall backwards from how far I was leaning back. My eyes were wide and filling with tears, but I quickly started to blink them away and pull back from under his angry, heavy breathing figure to walk back into the kitchen and over to the sink, mumbling a quiet ‘’Okay,’’ not knowing what else to say to him.

‘’Wait, (Y/N), I didn’t mean that, okay? I got caught-’’

‘’Yeah, you got caught up in the moment. I get it. Whatever, Nate. Go to bed, I’ll be up there after I clean the kitchen and dining room table,’’ I mumbled barely loud enough for him to hear, but he did because after a few seconds, an annoyed, guilty sigh came from him along with slight stomps as he walked up the stairs.

We never said anything like that to each other when we fought. Never. I never got scared of him. Never. But, in that moment I felt nothing but fear, anger, hurt, and guilt for screaming. This wasn’t me. I always, ALWAYS stood my ground when we argued.

After thirty minutes of soft weeps and cleaning, I was finally able to head upstairs. That unfamiliar feeling of fear started up in my stomach again and I stood in the middle of the staircase, picking at my nails and wiping my eyes while debating whether or not to walk up there or sleep on the couch. I decided Nate was most likely already asleep, so I headed upstairs. The closer I got, the more I could hear Nate’s voice, a slight laugh coming from him. When I reached the door, I peeked half of my body into the wide crack in the door to see him sitting on my side of the bed that faced the wall with his phone to his ear.

‘’Yeah, I know. Anyways, I apologize Mrs. (Y/L/N)…… Mhm, she’s probably going to come in here in a few and attempt at ringing my neck…… I know, I’m excited to, but keep it a secret until tomorrow, I’m setting up dinner this time…… Yeah, I called everyone and they said it’d be okay…… Yeah, I’ll see you tomorrow. Again, thanks for everything. Alright, bye.’’ He called everyone and scheduled another dinner? I smiled a bit, watching him throw his phone to the side and fall backwards, cupping the front of his face in his hands. 

‘’You really didn’t have to, you know?’’ I spoke softly, stepping into the room through the crack and closing the door behind me. He rose quickly, looking a little startled from not knowing I was there before replying, ‘’Yeah, I did. I said some fucked up shit down there, (Y/N), but I hope you know I didn’t mean any of it,’’ Yeah, I did know, but he had no right to let it go that far. Nate knows better. I sighed, looking down at the floor as I walked to the bed. My attention turning to his stressed look as I crawled into bed.

‘’Yeah, but it still hurt. I mean, honestly.. are you sure you want a baby, Nate? Because it’s only been a few weeks, I can-’’

‘’No, don’t even think about getting rid of this baby. I want them. I want you. Forever. I’m sorry, baby,’’ He reassured me, gripping onto my waist and pulling me down to lay on top of him, my body more above his so that he could nuzzle his face into my neck. ‘’I just need to get a filter for my mouth, huh?’’ He joked while mumbling into my neck causing me to laugh out.

‘’Let’s head to bed, baby. Go get out of this dress and get in a shirt of mine. I made it a bit earlier and we need to get up early to make this perfect.’’

  • "You love yourself more than you could ever love me."
  • "There's no time for tears."
  • "I don't know what I want, so don't ask me."
  • "You have a way of coming easily to me."
  • "You never did give a damn thing honey but I cried, cried for you."
  • "Nobody ever lets me in."
  • "No one notices until it's too late to do anything."
  • "Love was all you wanted, 'cause you're giving it away like extra change."
  • "You're really gonna be someone, ask anyone."
  • "Even now just looking at you feels wrong."
  • "It was a moment of weakness and you said, yes."
  • "I should've been there in the back of your mind."
  • "They never believed we'd really fall in love."
  • "Man, I didn't kiss her, when I should have."
  • "I'm only me when I'm with you."
  • "You can’t see me wantin' you the way you want her."
  • "Every time you smile, I smile."
  • "Now that you're close I feel like coming undone."
  • "Thought I knew you for a minute, now I'm not so sure."
  • "I'm no one special, just another wide-eyed girl who's desperately in love with you."
  • "I said, leave, but all I really want is you."
  • "I don't know how it gets better than this."
  • "Take me somewhere we can be alone."
  • "Can't help it if I wanna kiss you in the rain."
  • "Why are people always leaving?"
  • "I honestly believed in you."
  • "She'll never know your story like I do."
  • "What you're looking for has been here the whole time."
  • "You've got a smile that can light up this whole town."
  • "You say you're fine—I know you better than that."
  • "You might think i'm bulletproof, but I'm not."
  • "Why do you have to make me feel small?"
  • "It's killing me to see you go after all this time."
  • "Sometimes it doesn't work out."
  • "You don't have to call anymore."
  • "I never knew I could feel that much."
  • "My heart's not breaking, cause I'm not feeling anything at all."
  • "You're not scared of anything at all."
  • "I had the best day with you today."
  • "It’s hard to fight when the fight ain’t fair."
Ashton: I Never Meant To Hurt You

It was midnight, and there you were again, alone. It’s been the fifth time this week. As much as you hated it, it gave you a sense of peace that nothing else gave you. How unfortunate that something as empty as nothingness made you feel so whole yet so lonely on the same note. You grabbed a small blanket and carefully made your way out the window, and sat up onto the roof. You laid there tangled in your blanket, blankly staring out at the stars. You looked up at the sky, and into the darkness and that’s all you felt, was darkness. A huge empty void inside of you just seemed to grow. At this point in your life, all you could do was stare, and yet still you felt nothing. At this point in your life all you could seem to do is just stand back, and watch everything in your life pass you in this painfully treacherous slow motion. It hurt, yet still you felt more alone than you had in a long time. But in everyone else’s point of view, what did you have to be upset about? Your life was like a dream to them. You lived in your own home, with your beautiful giggly boyfriend, and basically had everything you’ve ever needed. But they were so fucking wrong. Everything around you seemed like a nightmare, because honestly, you had nothing left anymore. All your friends, gone. Your family, gone. Your peace of mind, long gone. All you were left with was your boyfriend Ashton, and honestly, at this point, you felt like your life would be so much happier if he too, was gone. You took a deep breath as you sat up, dangling your feet off the edge of the roof. You weren’t planning to do anything, but the rush you got just from that feeling of being on the edge, made you feel a slight spark of life again.

“Baby! Babe where are ya?” you heard Ashton call from inside the house. It made you feel a little disappointed knowing he was home again. Here we go again, you thought as you took a deep breath and tried to ignore his calls. “Baby! (Y/N) where are you, sweetheart?” Ashton called again with a slight hint of worry in his voice. You opened your mouth as to reply to him, but nothing came out. Soon, Ashton noticed the open window and peeked his head out looking up to you. “Holy shit, (Y/N)!” he whispered in a strained voice. “What the fuck are you doing?!” He said slightly louder as he tried climbing up to where you were.

“Ashton stop, you’re gonna end up hurting yourself, just go inside. I’m really not in the mood for all of this again.” You sighed as you looked away from him. No matter how mad you were at him, you couldn’t stand seeing him sad.

“(Y/N), I-I wasn’t gonna fight with you again.” He said more offended than you’d imagined. “Is this really what you think every time you see me, now? That I’m just going to argue with you?” Ashton whispered as he tried to keep his trembling voice strong. “Baby, get inside. Please, please just get inside, love.” He extended his hand to you, and helped you back inside. As soon as you made your way inside, you quickly rushed to your bedroom, and locked yourself in. If you were going to be in the same house as him, you truly weren’t going to speak to him. Not tonight. Tonight you actually planned on getting some sleep and getting your mind back together where it should be. “So are we not going to talk again tonight?” you heard Ashton ask from the other side of the door.

“No.” you whispered painfully, “No, I don’t think we’ll be talking for a while Ashton.” You took a deep breath, and soon the tears reached your eyes, but you weren’t going to let out a sound. No matter how upset you were at him, you didn’t want Ashton to know that he was the cause of your sadness.  

“Fine” Ashton murmured “I’m not fucking leaving though. I’ll even stay here all night if that’s what it takes. I’m not giving up on us, (Y/N).” he said as his voice cracked. But no matter what you weren’t letting him in. You needed some time to think.

Ashton was all you had left. You had no friends, and surely no more family. But honestly, it was all because of him. They all begged you to stay away from Ashton. They all knew he wasn’t good for you. You two had a destructive relationship. You loved hard, you fought hard, and you weren’t willing to let each other go. Ashton would always come home late, drunk, and covered in sorrow. Every night he would come home at the same time, with the same drunk look on his face, and it always ended the same. Him screaming and crying about anything and everything he was hurting about, and you always desperately trying to pick up the pieces. It wasn’t that Ashton was ever abusive toward you, it was just that in this relationship, you always gave more. You always cared more, and you always tried more. As unfortunate as it was, Ashton wasn’t as happy as people always thought he was. After all, the biggest smiles have gone through the worst sorrows; and the brightest eyes have always witnessed the worst pain. He was just a boy, that got caught up in a lot of pain, and didn’t know how to handle it. You always knew that no matter where he was, there was always a bottle nearby. This pattern continued for years. It hurt, not only him, but you and everyone around you. Having everyone seeing you day after day pick Ashton up, care for him, and watch him fall again wasn’t easy on anyone. Seeing him screaming in pain and crying out of anger every night wasn’t any easier for you either. But you weren’t going to give up on him, ever. He was the love of your life, and you were never going to let him go. You both knew that all too well. There were some nights when Ashton took that for granted and other nights where you were his entire world. It was a game of Russian roulette between the two of you, but it always ended the same way. Shattered vases on the ground, strained voices, and you and Ashton tangled in each other’s arms, asleep on the floor. Soon, everyone gave up on trying to drag you away from him, and just left you. At the time, you never really cared. You chose Ashton over them anyways. How funny to see how wrong you were to choose this life, over the incredible one you had. You gave everything to a boy, who was just stuck like a broken record. You were in love with a boy who destroyed everything he touched. And the worst part is that it was never even on purpose. You just had to stand back and watch it all crumble in his hands, all to his utter shock. He was such a beautiful boy, and no matter how much you loved him, you knew it was best for you to leave. You had to leave. Three years of your life all led to this confession, you were no good for him either. You had to leave. You fucking had to leave quickly and set aside your thoughts long enough before the painful thoughts of separation could even kick in. Before that idea even finished passing through your mind, you were already up and packing up all of your clothes.

“Babe what are you doing!” you heard Ashton call in shock from the other side of the door. ‘Baby, please! Please! What are you doing! Please don’t tell me you’re packing up! Please don’t leave me!” he said with tears now shaking through his entire body. “(Y/N)!” he screamed, now completely in pain. You wanted to answer him, you really did, but you knew it would only hurt you two that much more. You could only pack faster, so that’s exactly what you did. Soon everything you owned was packed up and ready to go. “(Y/N)! Please open this door! Open this door, baby!” Ashton said now screaming and pounding on the door which only led to the both of you crying even harder. “Please! I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I never meant to hurt you!” he screamed even louder, his voice thick with tears. “I never meant to hurt you! Please!” he screamed as the door came crashing down. “(Y/N) no! Please don’t pack up!” he said desperately trying to unpack your things. “No this isn’t happening. This isn’t happening.” He kept repeating in disbelief. “Please talk to me!” he cried “Please don’t just let me go!” you tried to reply to him but you honestly couldn’t stop crying. After three hard years, it was so difficult for you to believe that this is how it would end. You slowly looked up into Ashton’s eyes. You were supposed to marry him. You were supposed to travel the world with him. This boy you were leaving was supposed to be the one to grow old with you. And here it was, all these years of loving him coming to an end. But you knew deep down inside, that no matter what, your love for him would only continue to grow.

“Ashton” you whispered. “No. I can’t do this anymore.” You choked out as you quickly wiped away your tears. “We both knew that this wasn’t going to last forever” you lied. “I can’t live this way anymore Ashton, and it fucking hurts me cause I love you so much! I love you so fucking much and it kills me having to leave you!”

“Then don’t! Don’t leave!” he cried as he held your hand. ‘Don’t leave me, (Y/N).” he whispered as he looked deep into your eyes “I don’t want you to go.

“Ashton stop!” you cried a little louder pulling your hand away from his. “I can’t stay and you know that. But darling, do you honestly think that what I’m doing here is wrong?” you questioned sadly. Silence took up the room before he could even bear to reply.

“No.” he whispered sadly “I don’t think that what you’re doing is wrong. I think I always knew that deep down inside this would happen, I just never wanted to admit it to myself. I always knew you were going to do incredible things, and I just always wanted to be part of your life and get to live it with you. I knew you would always find someone better, who would provide you with a better life, and I always knew that he would be better for you than I am.” He cried out.  

“Ashton stop! Can’t you see it!? You’re the fucking love of my life! There will never ever be anyone that I love more than you. You’re my fucking world. But we have to admit that this relationship can’t last.” You whispered as you looked up and slowly wiped away his tears. Despite his tall figure, he looked so fragile and broken at that moment. He quickly pulled you into a tight hug as he cried into your neck. “Listen to me Ashton, please. When this conversation is over I need you to know that I’m going to be leaving. Ashton I need you to know that there will be no coming back.” You cried into his chest as Aston’s sobs grew heavier. “Ashton there’s not going to be any more phone calls, or texts, or visits, anything Ashton. I need you to be ok with that. I can’t leave knowing you’re not ok with any of this.”

“I love you, (Y/N). I love you so fucking much” he cried out. “I love you so fucking much and if that means that you’re going to be better off leaving, then I’ll let you. Darling I only want the best for you in life. You deserve a happy life and I never gave that to you.”  He said as his grip around you grew tighter. “I just love you more than the world. And I love you enough to know that you weren’t happy. I know I wasn’t good for you, but you’re free now. So go live your life and make something incredible out of yourself like I always knew you would.” He cried as he quickly tried wiping away his tears. “I want you to go out there (Y/N), and make me proud. Make me proud like you always did. Because sweetheart I know you’re going to go far in life, and I won’t be there to hold you back anymore. And I need you to know that no matter what happens between us” he said as he took a deep breath, “I will always love you. I will always be cheering you on, no matter where we are. I will always be on team (Y/N)” he laughed out softly. “I love you”

“Ashton,” you cried “I love you too. I don’t want you to ever think that I left because I wasn’t happy. Because honestly, though this was painful, it was the best fucking years of my life. And I will always carry you with me through everything. I will never stop thinking about you, and I will never stop worrying about you. But at this point I just need you to know that I will only love you more as each day passes.” You cried out. Suddenly it hit you that this was the last conversation you would ever have with Ashton. It was unbearable, but you had to live with it.

“Thank you for always picking me up when I fell. And thank you for helping me through everything and never giving up on me, sweetheart. I know I wasn’t in a good place for a really long time, and I dragged you through it, but I need you to know how much I love you because of it. You always made me smile, love. You were always the reason I smiled, even if for a second. Thank you for giving me such an incredible life. I will never forget you. You were always too good to me. (Y/N), thank you.” Ashton cried out as he slowly let you go. “Never forget how much I love you.” Ashton said as he gave you a weak smile.

“I won’t” you whispered with a small smile on your face. You took one last look at him before you picked up your belongings. Ashton slowly leaned down and kissed you gently on the forehead.

“Go out there and make me proud.” He whispered as tears slowly rolled down his face. You gave him one last smile, before you turned and headed out the door. And just like that, the three best years of your life came to an end. After that, you never heard from Ashton again. You were finally free.