i honestly didnt have time to think this one through

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Hi, i am wondering what do you think about izira's medaillon? Couldn't praxina just look for it or iris and use it to timetravel before Mephisto got killed? Could izira not just use the medaillon or even Talia to timetravel to before gramorr even betrayed the king? I mean it was quite convinient for iris that she could why didnt the others? What do you think?

Partially because the show favors Iris and honestly that was highly op on her part but she has stopped time (sort of) before. The Xerins seem to have a long history with it and I do find it odd that they had the medallion, the Ephedian spellbook, aaaand Zenavion’s book of spells 👀👀👀 the medallion did drop before Mephisto’s “death” and the twins have a lot of connections to Xeris (not strictly through Talia alone); I hc their Pappie was the court jester in Xeris and their parents or one of them, worked in the royal library (access to spellbooks, knowledge of Talia and Izira, the spellbooks locked away, and access to ancient texts, plus ability to use the medallion); really hoping Talia and Izira can find a way to Meph (especially if we get flashbacks, lore, Xerin family, twin backstory, spirit world/ghosts, time travel, new Ephedians, and shady Xerin council) Also bcuz I’m me I’m going there. I’m not saying Ydinora would become canon, but it took two evil halves to use it. Talia alone as a light magic user couldn’t use it properly. Only iris who had spent time prior as both a light and black crystal user used it flawlessly.

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