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Here are some Domestic Boyfriend/Girlfriend!Zutara headcanons because I’m trash
  • The two are literally the cuddliest couple you will ever meet. When most people who’d known Zuko before Katara see the two together, they’re shocked. Zuko has never seemed like someone who enjoys physical contact, but with Katara, it’s like they’re joined at the hip. If you turn around, they’re always holding hands, or linked at the arms, or hugging. 
  • BUT they don’t throw it in your face. They aren’t one of those gross couples who can’t keep their hands to themselves. In fact, for the longest time, no one had ever actually seen them kiss. Besides cheek kisses, of course. Cheek kisses are a common occurrence. You’d think with all the motherly kisses Katara gave Aang, she’d give more than she receives. You’d be wrong. Cheek kisses are almost always given by Zuko to Katara. 
  • One day though, Sokka caught them making out behind a pillar at the royal palace, and they were both so embarrassed they couldn’t look him in the eyes for a week. He has NEVER let them live it down. 
  • Even as teenagers, the two were the mom and dad couple. Everyone KNEW they were going to get married. They act like grandparents. When Katara visits from the SWT, they take daily walks through the gardens and feed turtleducks. 
  • Everyone in the Fire Nation hardcore ships the two. Ever since Katara saved Zuko’s life, the people have loved her. Zuko’s council didn’t like her at first, and hated the idea that a waterbender was invited to join meetings as an ambassador. Katara didn’t take any of their crap, and eventually won them over. When the two finally start dating, the Nation FLIPPED OUT. Towns and villages everywhere celebrated. 
  • Once, at the start of their relationship, Katara confessed to Zuko that she always secretly loved the idea of running to hug someone and having them spin you in their arms. Ever since then, WITHOUT FAIL, Zuko makes sure to pick her up and spin her when they are reunited. 
  • While Katara and Zuko have been jealous people in the past, the two are weirdly never jealous of the other… At least, not in the angry way most people are. When one sees the other talking to someone who may or may not be flirting, they don’t run over and start slapping them. The two just gravitate towards one another. So say if Katara is talking to a nobleman at a party and the nobleman starts sweet talking her, Zuko will magically appear behind her, wrap his arms around her, and join the conversation. If some Fire Nation fangirl starting giggling too much around their Fire Lord, Katara will be right next to them, giggling just slightly louder. The two are so in love with each other and oblivious to other advances, however, that they don’t realize that the other has come to rescue them from a flirty pursuer. They’re just happy that the other turned up. 
  • They both have only had ONE angry jealous moment each, both at the start of their relationship. An adviser’s daughter somehow slipped on a piece of ice (which is so weird, since it was a FIRE NATION party) and into a servers tray of wine, and a poor, unsuspecting busboy who tended to flirt with anything and anyone stood too close to one of the torches in the room, and his pants burned clean off, leaving him in his underwear in front of everyone. 
  • Zuko would never, ever, in a million years admit this, but he loves having his hair played with. Katara discovered this fact on accident. He was running late for a meeting and asked her to help him put his hair up. As she started to gather it up, she noticed he instinctually leaned in slightly at her touch. Curious, she continued running her fingers through it, and Agni as her witness, he closed his eyes and sighed happily
  • Lucky for him, Katara loves playing with Zuko’s hair. It’s just so soft! During cuddles, she will always absentmindedly run her fingers through it and twirl it. Once it got to around his shoulders, she even started braiding it. 
  • For all their cuteness, however, the couple has one fatal flaw: They’re competitive as fuck. It started with just Katara. Everyone was on a vacation at Ember Island, and the two were challenged to a beach volleyball game. They both got really into it, but Katara got too into it. When the opposing team won with a foul move, Katara lost it and started yelling at them. Zuko had to throw Katara over his shoulder and drag her away as she kept yelling. But then the opposing player insulted Katara, and Zuko flipped. The two went back for a rematch and obliterated them into the ground. They were sore winners, too. 
  • Katara and Zuko are not allowed to play beach volleyball. 

hey guys, something really, really shitty happened out of nowhere. my mom was brutally assaulted last night by a completely worthless excuse of a man that she used to call a friend. she just got back from the hospital and has a huge black eye, broken nose and messed up chin.(id prefer not to post pictures out of respect for her privacy but i guess if you really want proof you can message me privately) it’ll take weeks to heal up and it really sucks because she was trying to get a new job and now she doesn’t feel confident enough to even leave the house. 

I’m also trying to get a job but in the meantime i would greatly appreciate some commissions, or if you have just a few dollars id happily accept donations to jen.fosnight@gmail.com. i just want to be as helpful as i can while she recovers and i know money cant “fix” things but it really helps to at least be able to like…get food when we’re hungry and do laundry when we need to and stuff. you know how it is. thanks for reading

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now all i want is sana telling isak about yousef and talking to him about her crush because she feels like she cant talk about it to the girls someone please write the fic!!!

oh man!! yes i can see this so clearly. isak probably has sana over to study all the time, and she hardly ever says no. they’re the kind of friends who can actually get studying done together, and that’s rare, and honestly, sometimes hanging out with isak and even is way less exhausting than hanging out with the girls. there are too many expectations there, and she’s constantly reminded that she’ll never be that carefree. she never thought she’d enjoy being the third wheel to a guy she used to dismiss as a fuckboy and her brother’s one weird white friend, but here she is, doing her homework on their floor because their only table had collapsed yet again. even claims that ikea instructions can be confusing as hell, but sana thinks they’re both just idiots.

(the next time she’s coming over, she’s just going to bring a screwdriver that actually fits, she swears they actually get a kick out of living in a barely functional home, because they think it’s romantic.)

isak and sana are both kind of mumbling to themselves, trying to work through a particularly hard problem before they compare answers, when even calls out from the kitchen that it’s dinnertime. isak casually asks sana to stay, and he’ll keep asking, even though she always goes home then. to his surprise, she actually says yes after letting out a sigh, and when he tilts his head, she says, “i can’t go home, my brother has friends over.”

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Sick Peter

A/n: Hey lovelies! I’ve been having some pretty bad writers block and have been busy with some school as well. I know this one is kinda small, but hope you enjoy anyway. 

Also please send in requests!!!! Please. Pretty please

Summary: When Peter gets sick its worse than a normal human.

“Ned where is Peter I haven’t seen him at all today?”

“May made him stay home because he’s sick. I went over yesterday and his room was a tornado. I mean worse than the usual tornado. I also think he got me sick. I feel a scratchy throat coming on.”

“I’ll go see him after school.”

Neither May or Peter opened the door so I used my spare key to get in and saw that the place was a mess. I picked up the trash that missed the can and washed the dishes and fixed the couch that was disassembled everywhere.

It was very quiet so I assumed both of them were sleeping and would probably want to eat something that wasn’t canned when they woke up. 

May always keeps her fridge stocked since Peter eats almost 2x his weight each meal. The chicken noodle soup got started and pretty soon May wandered out of her room with a blanket around her shoulders.

“Y/n? I didn’t realize you were here.” 

“I made soup. Ned told me Peter was sick so I wanted to come and see if he was ok ,but I thought you guys were asleep and so…. soup.” I told her.

“That’s very sweet. You even cleaned up and it smells delicious.”

“It’ll be done in like 5 to 10 minutes since it’s been on for awhile.”

“You haven’t checked on Peter yet? When you do be quiet and careful. His room is a mess. More than usual.”

“So i’ve been told.” I smiled and carefully went to walk in his room.

The door pushed stuff out of the way as I walked in. I literally could not see the floor with all the clothes and tissues lying around. He was still sleeping and next to him was a 2 liter of ginger ale and saltine crackers.

I threw most of his clothes into his basket and the tissues in his trash before I washed my hands and took my sweatshirt off. He had May’s humidifier going and the heat all the way up and I was starting to sweat. My sweatshirt hung over the edge of his bed and I sat by his head to brush away his hair.

He shot up. “Y/n?”

“I made soup if you’re feeling up to it. Or I can get more saltines if you aren’t?”

“You’re going to get sick.” His voice was all scratchy and an about half an octave lower.

“Well someone has to get you and May to eat.” He sighed.

“ Well I was puking for about an hour straight so I don’t know if soup will be good. I had soup earlier and puked it up.”

“So saltines?”

“yea and maybe just a small bowl of soup. This isn’t the canned one right?”


I got up and came with a bowl that wasn’t all the full and a new carton of saltines. He ate all the soup pretty fast along with the entire carton of saltines.

“I guess you’re feeling better.” I told him.

“I mean I still feel pretty shitty. My head hurts and its cold.” He pulled the covers tighter around him as I took his bowl away to the kitchen. When I came back he was groaning and laying on his side.

“Do you need to puke?” 

“No my head and throat hurt.”

“Did you take medicine?”


“Peter are you that dense? I’ll get you an Advil or do you prefer Tylenol???”

“I can’t sdolwojrpill” He whispered into his blanket.


“ I can’t swallow the pill. There I said it. I’m a sixteen year old who can’t take a tiny ass pill.” He groaned making me laugh.

“You do realize you can crush it up and put it in food right?”


“Honestly why do I even ask?” I said rolling my eyes and laughing at him. 

I left and crushed up an Advil and mixed it in with applesauce. 

“What are you doing?” May asked.

“Peter can’t swallow a pill.”

“He cant? I’ll show him how later.” She smiled putting her empty bowl in the sink then headed over to the couch and turned on the t.v.

“Peter I have your medicine.” I handed him the bowl of applesauce.

“Thank you.” While he ate I looked at his clock and realized it was getting really late.

“Hey I have to go soon. It’s getting late.” I went to get my sweatshirt, but it wasn’t at the edge of the bed anymore.

“Peter where did my sweatshirt go?” I asked looking around the room for it.

“I don’ know.” He pulled the blankets closer to him.

I smiled and crossed my arms across my chest “Peter are you wearing my sweatshirt?” 

“What?! No I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

I pulled on his covers sending him shivering and saw him in my sweatshirt. “So you’re a liar now???”

He groaned and curled up “Its just soooo softtttt.”

“That’s because I bought it in the mens section. You can wear it. I’ll just steal one of yours and go home.”

“Noooooo. Don’t leave.” He whined stretching his arms out towards me.

“Peter I have school tomorrow.”

“You can still go to school. It’ll just be a sleepover.”

“You’re sick I don’t want to keep you awake Peter.”

“Y/n pleaaaaaasssssseeee.” His voice cracked as he shivered.

I sighed picking up the covers and sat on his bed.

“Alright.” I pulled the covers back around him and pressed my lips to his forehead which was burning. “Do you want some more soup? You’re burning up.”

“No. I’m not hungry.I’m just really cold. Cuddle?????” 

I laid on his pillow and pulled him on top of me and he stopped shivering as he rested his head on my chest.


“Mmmhmmm” I ran my fingers through his hair and felt him relax more into me as he played with my other hand.

“Night Parker.” I told him as I felt myself fall asleep with the warmth he radiated.

Next day I showed up to chem sporting Peter’s sweatshirt since he still had mine and Ned was surprised to see me.

“How are you not sick? You spent the whole afternoon and nigh over in the disease ridden apartment. Even aunt may got sick.” Ned sniffled.

“I’ve got super powers didn’t ya know?” I joked.

“You mean like deadpool?” He poked me with a pencil.

“Nope. Just a really good immune system.”

“Dude what are you doing here?” I turned around to find that Ned was talking to Peter. He was in my sweatshirt slouching with tired eyes. He was better than yesterday.

“I can’t miss the Spanish test.” His voice was barely above a whisper.

“Yes you can go back home.” I told him trying to push him back out of the class before the bell rang.

 “Y/n I’m seriousss.” 

“Go home. I’ll take it for you.”


 “You have Spanish two periods before me. I can miss english and go to your Spanish class dressed like you. I already know how to copy your handwriting. Now go before you infect the whole school.”

“But he’ll notice it isn’t me.”

“ Not if I sit in the back with the hood on and hair tucked in. He knows you’re sick so he’ll probably just think you aren’t feeling well.”

“I don’t know….” his voice disappeared the more he talked and he was wobbling at this point.

“Peter I swear if you don’t go now I won’t come over later.”

“Alright nice to see you guys I’m going back to bed.” Peter waved good bye.

I showed up at Peter’s apartment and a sick May in sweatpants with a messy bun opened the door.

“I brought more soup!”I told her

“Y/n you are a savior.” She let me in and grabbed a bowl from the cupboard.

“ How is Peter doing?”

“Well he was asleep for a bit and I think he is awake now because he said you would be coming over.”

I opened his door to find him in a fort of blankets in which I had to refrain from laughing at.

“Did you leave any blankets for May? She’s sick too you know.” I said slipping his sweatshirt off. 

“How’d the test go?”

“Pretty good. Like I said he didn’t even realize that I wasn’t you.” 

“How did you learn my handwriting again?” He asked opening part of his blanket fort to me.

“Dont worry bout it Parker.” I winked at him and slid under his arm into his side. “ now you can go get some more soup that I brought and then we can watch tv or something.”

“I love you. You’re the best.” My heart stopped and I tensed against his side.

“What?” I looked up at him.

His eyes widened when he realized what he said. “ I-i said I love you a-and you’re the b-best. You’re always there for everything no matter how big or small and I just…”

“Love you too Parker.” 

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-Among the staff at Mckinley its always been a thing that Marvin and Trina can be seen together fighting over literature. Because of their jobs, its easy to get into battles over Shakespeare and Hamlet and interpretations of the texts and they get SO HEATED And NEITHER refuse to let it GO

-Cordelia is the one who takes Whizzer under her wing when he starts bc he has no idea where the bathroom is and she sees him struggling and just ……. protects him

-when he sees Marvin and Trina fighting over some great work once, Whizzer asks Cordelia, “theyre married, right?” And Cordelia chokes on her drink and starts laughing so hard (you know the laugh) and he just “……. a no, then?”

-Charlotte and Marvin are the teachers at school dances that pull kids apart and go “Save room for Jesus”

-Mendel can be helping a student and if he sees Trina walk by he ALWAYS stops what hes doing and awkwardly waves to her and she always smiles and waves back and he just pets his cat and is 100 times calmer

-since they coach together, most days the kids are either on Marvin or Whizzers team and they scrimage, and the two get more into it then the kids


-When Cordelia approached Charlotte about being a sort of ‘lab assistant’, Charlotte was so taken aback by this Angel sent from God she just kind of nodded dumbly

-Charlotte’s overqualified for her job, shes insanely smart, so much so that sometimes her teachings go over the heads of her students, but with Cordelia there to help sometimes, its easier for all involved

-once whizzer realizes he wants to definitely date this Mr. Marvin, he makes sure to make it VERY obvious to Marvin in any way he can

-“oh, me? I’M free this Friday. Completely open. No committments whatsoever. At all.” And marvin genuinely does not catch on. “Oh, that’s nice. I have some papers to grade. Maybe get some dinner. Not sure.” And Whizzer just slams his head into the teachers lounge’s table

-mendel tries to tell marvin that he needs a companion without REALLY saying it and Marvin’s not an idiot so he just “i get it, you think i need some sort of lover. Im not a student you have to council.” And Mendel just awkwardly laughs

-Trina and Cordelia both love the arts, and Cordelia is one of the teachers who Co-directs the theatre department with Trina when they do the school musical

-Whizzer tries to be slick about asking what Marvin’s type is to other people, even his students at some points

-“what’s a guy like him even like? Brown hair?? ……. blonde hair?” And the kids just spout out what they assume Marvin would be in to so theres just varieties of answers

-once (ONCE) Marvin is caught by Charlotte staring at Whizzer’s butt in those shorts but cmon…. who can blame him

-the school does West Side Story and Trina enlists the help of Marvin with casting and directing as well, because Romeo and Juliet is such an influence on the show

-that means all of a sudden Whizzer has volunteered to be the Set Builder and tells Marvin that means they have to work together to get around Raquetball practice and the rehearsals and set building days together (which was his plan all along)

-Cordelia is the costume designer and she is GOOD

Sorry for the terrible punctuation and such…. im super tired!! My brain just had to spit these out before i fell asleep !! I love this au!!!!

lucas and max totally grow up to be the friends to sit in the background and talk shit about everyone else with each other and say they’re “too good for drama” but as someone gets the tiniest bit confrontational they’re on their feet throwing fists

Why do you guys take everything so seriously??

I am getting tired of seeing how worked up and aggressive you people get to defend or attack other fans and queens. Valentina could have stepped up but she still cant control what her fans will say. And everyone who attacks her fans only add fuel to the fire by starting arguments. Honestly i just cannot deal with how you act towards each other in comments and it’s ridiculous and does nothing. So. Stop maybe?
How bout we all just
Get a grip.
Get a life.
And get over it.
Its just drag.

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what hair products do you use? such luscious hair cannot be just shampoo, condition and go

Seana Gorlick!!! She’s my groomer, they call her Seana the Sauna, she gets heated very quickly. 

Anyway, for years she tried very expensive products, heavy duty stuff, but I kept telling her I use hotel hand lotion in my hair! She didn’t believe me so she kept trying different things. Then she asked Chris McMillan who does Jennifer Aniston’s hair, “what do you do with curly hair?” and he said “nothing you cant do anything with it, just leave it”…Later that day he walks over and goes, honestly “I just use hand lotion”. 

Sauna comes to me and goes “this is the last thing I wanna say, but you’re totally right, I guess we’ll have to use hand lotion” The best one: trader joes -mid summer’s hand lotion, has to be heavy but still greasy, Im a real grease ball. 

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rick started writing the pjo series so his students who arent straight, cis, white,ablw bodied and neurotypical could see themselves represented in their targeted media. his goal is to make it as realistically diverse as possible without using stereotypes as a crutch or as a characters only trait or making the story have forced diversity, while apollo is most definately bi, there isnt enough pan characters in his stories he does immense ammount of research so he can be as true to the 1/2

2/2 kids hes trying to represent. reyna has been depicted as once having strong feelings for a male character, and whe sexuality is most definately fluid it can be incredibally harmful to make her a full out lesbian after being rejected by her crush, amd people move across these kinds of spectrums, sometimes year to year sometimes hour to hour, so please guys let reyna be bi or pan. it doesnt mean she cant later identify as a lesbian if she feels strongly related to that label in the future.

yes everything about this, yes. 

Understand that when rick started this series, society was in a different place. We’ve made a lot of fast-paced progress since, so now there’s more diversity. He’s not trying to exclude anyone, he’s just being realistic and honestly? Very, very thoughtful. Because imagine, he says sure she’s a lesbian, and I SWEAR A BNCH OF PEOPLE WOULD START A DISCOURSE OVER LESBIAN STEREOTYPES AND HOW RICK JUST MADE HER A LESBIAN SINCE SHE COULDNT GET THE GUY BLAH BLAH BLAH

ANd don’t bother denying it, it’s already happened with some straight relationships where everyone got upset that he added a relationship. It’s even happened to solangelo. 

It’s like there’s people who make their lives revolve around nitpicking at whatever they can and making a big fucking deal out of it. “Abusive” solangelo believers, I’m looking right at you. 

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its been literal weeks and i still cant get over matt saying "is looking into my eyes making you fall in love with me all over again?" to steph send help

Honestly what a mood, Matt’s unending need to flirt with Stephanie during competition livestreams is one of my favourite flavours of stephew (right up there with casual touching stephew, fond looks stephew, and Stephanie doing something while Matt like plays with her hair or massages her hand stephew).

Guide to CLC

YAYAYAY! Because of CLC’s new comeback, many people may be curious about the group and the members. Leggo.

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First thing’s first- 

Name: CrystaL Clear (CLC)

Company: CUBE Entertainment

Debut: 15.3.19 with “Pepe” - First Love EP 

CLC debuted with a cute and sassy concept that caught the eyes of many people

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Oh Seunghee 

Birthday: 95.10.10

Height: 163 cm

Position: Main Vocalist

Languages: Korean

  • Seunghee appeared in BtoB’s “2nd Confession” MV and G.NA’s “Pretty Lingerie”
  • Participated in Girl Spirit
  • mother of CLC
  • likes to change her hair color
  • plays guitar, piano, and writes songs
  • voice of a goddess 
  • Came in 1st place in Gwangju’s“1st Cube Star Auditions”
  • used to be leader but felt it was too much pressure for her bc she has a hard time expressing her feelings so she passed it on to seungyeon
  • memey dork
  • cutie
  • she likes apples and pizza
  • Her fruit symbol is a green apple


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Choi Yu Jin

Birthday: 96.8.12

Height: 162 cm

Position: Vocalist, Lead Dancer

Languages: Korean, Japanese

  • Yujin appeared in G.Na’s “Pretty Lingerie” as well as BtoB’s “Beep Beep”
  • She now introduces herself as the “Baby Goblin”
  • she really does look like a baby tho sooo cute <3
  • the other members feel like they need to protest their “cute puppy”
  • but have you seen her fierce pictures bc HOTDAMN
  • most flexable
  • considered the best dancer in the group (even though seungyeon is the main dancer)
  • she’s usually the “center”
  • trained longest out of the group (over four years)
  • “best body proportions” lol
  • plays the harmonica
  • likes healthy korean food
  • Her fruit symbol is a strawberry.


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Chang Seung Yeon

Birthday: 96.11.6

Height: 163 cm

Position: Leader, Vocalist, Main Dancer

Languages: Korean (and i think Japanese but dont hold that against me)

  • Seungyeon appears in G.NA’s “Pretty Lingerie” and BtoB’s “Beep Beep”
  • honestly, i cant tell if she’s my bias or bias wrecker- shes so hot omg *hearteyes* 
  • strong vocals (YAS BBY)
  • Her dance is lit as hell
  • plays guitar
  • i would pay her to hit me with that bat
  • charming and charasmatic 
  • beautiful monolids
  • the messiest out of the group
  • likes pizza and spring rolls
  • performed Sistar’s “Touch My Body” with Twice’s Momo, Gfriend’s Yuju, and Red Velvet’s Joy - look it up
  • Her fruit symbol is an orange.


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Chonnasorn Sajakul

Birthday: 96.11.18

Height: 164 cm

Position: Vocalist

Languages: Thai, English, Korean, Mandarin

  • Sorn appeared in G.NA’s “Pretty Lingerie” and was the winner of the first season of K-Pop Star Hunt. She also appears on Idol Party with NCT’s Yuta.
  • our resident thai hottie cutie <3 
  • was born in Bangkok, Thailand
  • “OMG! I know her face but I dont know her name!” - it’s Sorn
  • If you know anybody in CLC, it’s prolly Sorn
  • is really good friends with BlackPink’s Lisa
  • LOVES fashion- espicially active wear
  • voice of an angel 
  • she couldn’t speak korean very well when she first met the other members, so they communicated through body language
  • annoying orange
  • so funny- like seriously
  • plays flute and guitar
  • likes chicken
  • bias?
  • Her fruit symbol is a watermelon.


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Jang Ye Eun (more like DANG YEEUN- HOT DAMN GURL)

Birthday: 98.8.10

Height:166 cm

Position: Main Rapper, Vocalist

Languages: Korean, Mandarin (learning), English (learning)

Yeeun appeared in G.NA’s “Pretty Lingerie” and BtoB’s “Beep Beep”

  • Mini Hyuna???
  • Hardly wears makeup outside of idol life (she dont need it- she’s perfect *hearteyes*) and usually just wears lipstick if anything
  • Owns lots of socks (???)
  • In charge of cooking with Seunghee and is very responsible
  • loves watermelon and spicy rice cake (not together… i dont think)
  • plays percussive instruments (taakgi)
  • She’s seriously an underrated rapper tbh-
  • Her fruit symbol is a tomato (i think???)


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Chong Ting Yan

Birthday: 98.11.2

Height: 163cm

Position: Vocalist

Languages: Cantonese, Mandarin, Korean

  • Elkie was introduced as a CLC member in February of 2016. She was previously in the Hong Kong group Honey Bees and was a child actress.
  • The first song she promoted with CLC was “High Heels”
  • She appears in BtoB’s MV for the song “I’ll Be Your Man”
  • She’s gorgeous (fact)
  • v long legs
  • plays guitar
  • Sorn’s advice to her was to not practice her Korean too hard bc people will think it’s cute if she messes up a little bit (she knows from experience)
  • Her fruit symbol is a cherry.


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Kwon Eun Bin

Birthday: 00.1.6

Height: 167 cm

Position: Maknae, Visual, Vocalist (and rap too apparently like damn gurl GET IT)

Languages: Korean

  • Eunbin was also introduced as a CLC member in February of 2016. She was supposed to promote “High Heels” with the rest of the group but couldn’t do to her participation in Produce 101.
  • “Mood Maker” of CLC
  • Gained a lot of attention from P101. In the “Bang Bang” performance, she’s the one with the eyepatch. 
  • She has such long legs omfg she’s like a giraffe
  • plays guitar
  • cute
  • Her fruit symbol is a lemon.


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CLC’s Fifth mini album!!!!

CLC came back with a new revamped image- and its lit

  • HyunA wrote and choreographed the title song “Hobgoblin
  • HyunA even worked with each member indiviually on their stage presence to make this comeback successful
  • Eye popping choreography
  • hot dang
  • they look really cool
  • girl crush as hell
  • everything about this is great tbh
  • glitter and lipstick and bats
  • it’s going to be a “smash” hit
  • get it?
  • bc of the bats?
  • im sorry


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Same goes for Lyla tbh who you can’t convince me didn’t keep a close eye on Felicity during the 2016 crossover and how she managed to contact a fucking time travelling spaceship. Like Dyla might be on the rocks rn BUT THIS IS JOHNNY AND HE’S IN DANGER POSSIBLY DEAD AND BOY OH BOY HELL HATH NO FURY ON A LYLA MICHAELS PROTECTING HER FAM. Lyla will absofuckinglutely utilize any and every resource and connection she has to get them all back.           

LEGIT SHIT I NEED THESE 3 TO FUCKING DEAL WITH THIS TOGETHER B/C ISTG I WILL FLY TO LA AND I WILL HAVE WORDS WITH THE FUCKING ARROW PPL   …………………… (oops. rant over - ok no i can go on and on but - sorry about that)             

honestly, all of this is true (Lyla copied Curtis’ balls so you cant tell me she doesnt have the time travel batsignal somewhere)

Oliver goes home and is v sad and confused and angry and he has William by his side (because he’s a good dad and not malcolm) and he’s like ‘lyla i need your help’ because he’s also a lil dummy and doesn’t do tech things

and so Lyla takes this information (and William to one of the argus agents because we always do?) and contacts Sara

Sara is all “im kind of busy what u need?”

and so Lyla tells her and she’s like “oh ok give me 2 seconds imma put jax in charge” (”why cant i be in charge” says ray “because ur immature jax is in charge”) and then Sara saves them and yay they’re safe

it would be a good first episode, dedicate the entire episode to saving the team with Lyla, Sara, and Oliver.

Oliver doing the least because he’s w/ his son just hanging out in the background

In which Simon gets a little too nosy with Penny’s messages with Baz

“Who’re you texting?”

“No one.” Penny set her phone down on her nightstand face-down. It vibrated again, but she ignored it. “Have you figured out the answer to number five or do you need my help?”

Simon glowered at his maths homework, the numbers swam together. Nothing was making any sense. “I haven’t even gotten the first problem.” He tapped the end of his pencil against his paper, staring at the equations. “I’m hungry.”

“Of course you are,” Penny deadpanned. “I’ll go downstairs and get some scones, at least try to do the first problem.”

She was out of the room before Simon could thank her.

Her phone buzzed again. And again. Simon flipped it over. There were messages from Baz Pitch

[Basilton, 5:07pm] I cant just tell him. Can I?

[Basilton, 5:15pm] Bunce, do you really think I should tell Snow that I have a crush on him? Is that honestly a good idea?

[Basilton, 5:20pm] Please reply. This is imperative.

Baz had a crush on him? And Penny knew about it? Simon unlocked her phone and pulled up the messages. His hands trembled. Baz Pitch, star of the football team, with his impeccably styled hair and handsome face, had a crush. On him. Simon Snow, the boy who could hardly do maths and looked like a twelve-year-old.

It must’ve been a joke, or a plot. Something.

But still. Simon hated how happy it made him.

He typed a quick reply.

[5:23pm] Sorry, working on maths with Simon. But go for it. Tell him how you feel.


[5:23pm] He feels the same about you.

[Basilton, 5:24pm] Really?

[5:25pm] Really.

guys i saw great comet today…. ITS FUCKING AMAZING if you’ve listened to the cast recording… that amazing… BUT THE ACTUAL PRODUCTION IS MIND BLOWING I HONESTLY CANT EXPRESS IN WORDS HOW AMAZING THE PRODUCTION IS. THE LIGHTING ADDED A WHOLE NEW EFFECT TO THE SHOW. ALL THE PERFORMERS WERE INCREDIBLE (if i could caps lock that even bigger i would) literally there’s no bad spot in the theatre wherever you are you feel fully immersed into the show the actors walk everywhere around the theatre. i was on the mez and brittain ashford talked to me!!! DURING THE SHOW LIKE HOLY FUUUUU. on the topic of brittain SHES A FUCKING BEAST HER VOICE IS SO LOW AND BEAUTIFUL I CANT GET OVER IT. i’m not going to explain every detail of the show but one thing that i found absolutely astounding was at the part in “the ball” when natasha and anatole kiss and there’s like a soft echo ringing sound. so in the production all the actors are spread out on all levels of the theatre and all of them are holding wine glasses and during that part after the really loud noise (so not descriptive but i forget which instrument makes the noise ??? sorry) they circle their finger tips over the edge of the wine glass and the sound echoes throughout the theatre and after a minute or so they stop and helene is the last one to stop and she takes her finger of the glass and then it’s dead silent. i explained it horrible but it’s actually truly beautiful to hear and see. also amber gray is probably one of the sweetest people i’ve met. my uncle knew her so contacted her earlier and she was like “ill put you on the list and you can come back stage” so she brought us back stage and also on stage and she talked to us for awhile and she was so sweet. she wasn’t feeling very well but she still took time out of her schedule to talk to us and give us a tour. i also saw grace who was waiting for amber so they could get dinner together. we didn’t talk but she had the nicestd smile. in conclusion, go see great comet for a mind blowing breathtaking experience and also you get russian dumplings and egg shakers.