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[flourishing a paper dramatically] for my next batch of weirdly specific and irrelevant headcanons, i give you: voltron driving hcs

pidge – too young to drive, but when she turns 16 literally no one is surprised to discover she is an awful driver. her turns are too sharp, her stops are too sudden, and she doesn’t watch her speedometer (“ma'am do you know how fast you were going?” “uh…35” “60”). i’m not entirely sure that she even passed her driving test, but i am totally sure she takes matt’s car anyway.

hunk – also not a great driver. he just. never really gets a feel for driving. in the first six months he drove, he got three flat tires and countless dents. good news: he’s good at fixing cars. he just cannot drive them.

lance – honestly, a good driver, but he always has music blasting and is always dancing and it scares the life out of hunk (“lance please put your hands on the wheel!” “lance please stop tapping your foot, that’s the gas pedal!” “LANCE YOURE GONNA MISS THAT TURN–”). he has never been in an accident, though, and genuinely enjoys driving. therefore he is the official driver between himself, pidge, and hunk.

keith – That Asshole who thinks traffic laws don’t apply to him. has never gone the speed limit in his life. common conversations in his car:

  • “keith, stop tailgating that guy, he’s going the speed limit” “well it’s too slow!!”
  • “keith stop that’s a red light” “don’t worry, there are no cars around and this intersection doesn’t have a camera”
  • “please slow down oh my god that’s a sharp turn yOURE GONNA FLIP THE CAR” “[laughing as the tires squeal]”

again, though, he is a genuinely Good Driver and has never been pulled over, much to lance’s annoyance.

shiro: everybody /thinks/ he’s a good driver bc he’s the model of safety whenever he’s driving the kids (“i’m not pulling out of the driveway until everyone is buckled up”). then, one day, the kids are driving on the highway and they see shiro’s car speed past, going at least 90mph and weaving between traffic. incredible.

allura: doesn’t drive often, but when she does, she has RIDICULOUS road rage. like, she’s a good driver otherwise, but whenever someone cuts her off or something, she’ll hold down the horn and then rant at her unfortunate passenger (usually shiro) for a solid minute. at least.

coran: perfect driver. uses turn signals perfectly, smooth turns, effortless merging. if he’s running late for something? all of that way past the speed limit. best driver.

matt: could be a good driver in theory, but never focused on the road. he zones out so easily that, like pidge, he’s almost constantly over the speed limit. “[staring unseeingly at the road for five minutes] shiro do you think gerard way is happy?“ "please god let me drive”

Read It Wednesday

Week 15! I’m finally starting to catch up on series, so hopefully you’ll start seeing your own in here! Note that drabbles are no longer included due to the length of the recs. I hope y’all enjoy this weeks compilation. 

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After Hours

She wakes up sweaty.

It’s the middle of the night — 4 a.m. to be exact, Alison glances at the clock next to her bed - laying down once again, eyes wide open as she becomes aware of her current situation.

Her breathing’s ragged, and the sheets feel way too heavy and constricting. She strips them of her body in less than a second — hissing when they brush against her sensitive and swollen breasts. She cannot believe this is her life right now.

Putting behind the homicidal maniac that is still out there right now, being impregnated with her friend’s eggs, having to deal with those (still very) confusing feelings for that friend, and now having to practically live with that friend — this is way worse.

She’s horny.

Fuck, she hates that word; always has (it reminds her of all those neanderthal boys in high school — it repulses her, and it’s no different now) but that’s the only word she can use to describe the state of desperation, want, and frustration she is experiencing right now.

She presses her legs together, biting back a whimper as the ache between her legs is momentarily relieved.

She’s aching. It makes her mad.

Goddamn hormones, she curses as she runs her hand through her now protruding belly, that just seems to grow bigger everyday. Probably because of Emily’s —

“Emily…” she whispers to herself, pausing as her mind starts racing.


Emily, who’s sleeping down the hall right now, (because they don’t actually sleep together, at least not every night. Only when one of them has a nightmare, or when they pass out during an episode of Cupcake Wars, or on those regular occasions where they get takeout and Alison’s room seems too far away when she’s already half asleep on Emily’s bed, with her head on the brunette’s chest as she gets her hair played with). Emily, who told her to consider keeping the baby, and Alison did it because it’s Emily, and it’s been so long since she’s been able to deny her anything, (and maybe because the idea of having a little brunette with big doe eyes running around fills her up with longing, but with so much happiness too. And maybe, just maybe, because she gets to keep Emily because of this; and even though she knows it’s wrong, she can’t help it).

And safe, Emily always makes her feel safe.

Especially with that lean toned body of hers. ‘Ooh! And her arms,’ Alison thinks as she licks her lips, ‘all muscley from all those swimming years’. Obviously, Alison’s aware Emily doesn’t have the exact same physique she had when she was 16 but she’s in good conditions. That much Alison knows. She carries like 8 more bags than Alison carries, when they get home after groceries. Emily mows the lawn — and that might be Alison’s new favorite thing to do on sunny days, because Emily wears practically nothing and she always gets really sweaty and hot and —

If it wasn’t enough confirmation for Alison to know how attracted she is to Emily Fields, she is certainly aware by the sudden and greater warmth between her legs.

It’s too hard to ignore now, she’s sure.

All of her being is just begging her to walk that 8 feet distance to Emily’s room; her body’s just aching for it because she hasn’t been able to erase what had happened almost a decade ago; the feeling of Emily’s warm skin on her, the brunette’s soft lips, her teasing tongue and the way she had whimpered when Alison had ran her nails through her back and —

“Fuck,” Alison groans, finally relenting and moving her hand to the waistband on her underwear, until she gives up on the thought instantly; her head falling back onto the pillow.

She wants Emily.

She wants her, Alison thinks as she rubs her eyes in frustration.

“You know what,” she says to herself as she sprints out of bed barefoot, “this is her problem too,” she mutters, marching decidedly to Emily’s room.

When she gets there, Alison opens the door in a blink, grateful that it didn’t wake up the brunette — because how exactly is she supposed to explain this current dilema — and stops dead on her track at the view.

Emily’s on her back; her worn out t-shirt riding up just a couple of inches short from her breasts to be exposed, and all Alison wants to do is touch and wow she hadn’t realized how close she was until she realizes she’s sitting by the edge of the bed and her hand is just an inch from the brunette’s tantalizing skin.

She touches, softly. Just a feather-like touch. Careful not to awake her. And then, she thinks, 'Maybe I don’t even have to humiliate myself to Emily.’

Maybe she’ll be good with just touching and taking in the brunette’s presence and then going back to her room, Alison thinks.

Yeah, that’ll work.

So Alison touches.

She runs her hands through Emily’s smooth legs - loving specially how the brunette hums contently when Alison reaches her thighs - and yeah, legs might be a dangerous territory. So she runs her hands up and down her toned arms, and her stomach - reveling on the taut muscles that flex when her hands go too high and she remembers how Emily’s always been ticklish in her belly so she stops that too, (also because Emily’s chest has always been a weakness of hers and she is not about to let Emily catch her fondling her while she sleeps, and— Oh, god. How creepy would that be).

Now aware of what the hell she was actually doing, Alison carefully stands up for her spot in Emily’s mattress and tip toes to the door.

It’s not when she hears a distinct, “Ali?,” coming from behind that she stops dead in her tracks.

This cannot be happening.

Hey, honestly I’m kinda high rn and this was not meant to be to serious but if u guys like it and shit then yeah cool. (I might have written another part to it ?) Also idk send me shit to write about maybe ?

Also I haven’t watched the show since like season 5 so like sorry if it’s not accurate enough to what’s going on rn. I tried.

“You see, that was my wife who you decided to….Fuuuu-”

I drew @aizy-boy ’s genderbent version of Mr. James Reynolds, Jamie Reynolds.

Check out her animatics because she’s honestly so talented. I’ve been watching them non stop and I cannot get enough of them! 11/10 would recommend 👌🏽

I am honestly laughing so hard right now thinking about the utterly ridiculous events that unfolded at Sherlock’s family’s house at the end of The Final Problem. Like I cannot stop laughing just imagining some cartoon cronies hammering that 10 x 10 room together in the front yard and stapling pictures to the walls for dramatic effect while Sherlock just lies like a dead-ass tuna in the middle of it. You know those minions were watching from the bushes with binoculars like, “Damn good touch with the dog bowl, Stanley.” That entire scene was so ludicrously implausible that I cannot stop laughing at the absurdity of it all. Like did Euros shout commands at a team of stage hands with a megaphone to set that all up before she had her level ten psychotic break? Did they all zip-line from the walls of Sherrinford and barrel-roll right into the front yard with the stage props in their hands? How did they transport two grown-ass male bodies to the yard in that amount of time? Is Euros a licensed pilot as well as a criminal mastermind and movie director? Where were all of the cronies that helped her set it all up? Were they all posted up in Mr. and Mrs. Holmes’ bedroom watching The Great British Bake Off while Sherlock ran screaming through the yard? Did anyone think to go back for John’s feet in the well? The whole thing is such a fever-fuck, I’m wasted. 

Haikyuu!! Chapter 255: Discovery




Of course, he seizes it as a chance for revenge to stop the annoying oddball quick (and the oddball duo) he has to deal with daily.

Hahaha, and the freak duo get what he means with his words and expression (Hinata shudders in fear, Ukai is just amused). Honestly, these Karasuno first years give me life. (That reminds me to finish my first years fic, askflasjflaflahfajhlaskjd;asd;af;jd)

Another thing that caught my attention:

Akiteru’s small cameo even looks so sad that he cannot go watch his brother’s games. But what’s interesting is how well the others know his reaction to Tsukki’s excellent block (OMG, Akiteru is such a sweetheart and precious older brother). I wonder whether they often meet and hang out outside Karasuno matches as fellow Karasuno alumni and supporters, along with Ukai. After all, they seem to come up with the idea of Saeko with her Taiko group. I kinda want to be the fly on the wall to see whatever shenanigans they get to. Adults don’t mean anything when they’re with fellow adults.

Anyway, another prideful moment for Karasuno.


This is what potential Tsukki has seen of Hinata, confirmed by Hoshiumi.

Remember how skeptical Ukai and Suga was when Hinata told them that he saw things in slow motion in the air? And yet? Tsukishima came to his own conclusion on his own, and even gave Hinata the opportunity to polish his spike in the training camp, in order to keep his skill sharp despite being a ball boy. Huh. Now I can understand Akiteru’s feeling, I feel like crying with him in pride for you, Tsukki. (And may I add that’s how I started to ship Tsukihina?)

Fuki, the All-Japan Boys’ Representative Coach makes an appearance, also an interesting observation about Hinata.

His words pretty much an echo of every coach’s observation and opinion of Hinata, that makes him ineligible for training camp. His value relied on Kageyama. Of course this makes a perfect segue to Hinata’s slowly but surely stepping out of Kageyama’s shadow.

Naturally, it’s Kageyama who realizes it first. After all, old Kageyama would have tried to give the easiest toss for Hinata to spike after repeated block out, not the best toss, which angered Hinata back then.

Honestly those scenes shows how much Kageyama, and Ukai trusts the team. Ukai understands his students very well. He even gives insight of what is going on Tsukishima’s mind. I’m putting this into my album of Ukai’s best coaching moments.

Still, I cannot really figure out Hinata’s expression. Definitely not calm, not disheartened, but… what?? It’s the strangest expression I’ve seen on him, as if he doesn’t quite know what to feel. Annoyance and admiration mixed together? But honestly, Hinata’s officially known as Kageyama’s partner by now. XDDD

The next chapter’s gonna be interesting now we’re closing in to the match point. Who’s gonna win the first set?


Daichi saves the day (again).

Karasuno really needs to up their defense, they shouldn’t let Daichi and Noya do all the work.

cherry-red-kiss  asked:

Honestly, I know it's been a year, but the longer from the movie the angrier I get. It's such bullshit, and lazy writing. I went into the film being the biggest Cap fan, but the second time I watched it, everything fell into place and I lost my mind. I cannot believe people consider Tony the bad guy. Like, did we watch the same movie?!! I honestly could rant forever. My friends find it interesting, but they aren't as invested. Like honestly, I just need bitter friends.

I just get so angry because Tony spends the whole entire movie trying to help team Cap. He’s trying to stop them before Ross sends a kill squad, he’s trying to help them when he realizes that there is another threat, he’s trying to be held accountable for his actions. He’s just trying so hard dude, and I can’t understand why people hate him for it. 

anonymous asked:

Honestly been a fan of your blog for so long, even though I've stopped watching PLL for awhile but your comments on Gal Gadot have left me so sad. I cannot believe you sought out 4 sources to justify your support for her when you could have so easily sought out 20, 30, 40 sources from Anti-Zionist Palestinians & Jewish persons whom have repeatedly shared over and over why Gal Gadot, who is pro-IDF and a fan of Shimon Peres, should not be supported. This is a classic tale of white feminism.

This is the only message I’m going to reply to about this – not because I don’t care, I do, but because this discussion does not belong on this blog, nor should it be a discussion when all I said was that the movie changed me. 

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Fight Sequences - Wonder Woman

This isn’t a post going in depth into the new Wonder Woman film. I’ll leave my overall opinions elsewhere, but I cannot stop thinking about the action/fight sequences. People. I love action and fight sequences. My eyes dilate, I squeal and bounce in my seat when watching a good one. Like, I honestly couldn’t tell you the plot of Season 2 Daredevil (zombies?), but I can damn well remember that fight in the stairwell. 

They are such a great study of film basics on a micro scale: Pacing, Editing, Blocking, Camera Direction, Character, you name it. It’s fucking thrilling when it’s done well, and beyond frustrating when poorly-executed. Full rant below:

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I promised myself that I would stop judging people’s parenting skills since I have no desire to have children of my own, but there are some things that I cannot watch without… judging. 

To be fair, her two sons were being a little silly. They kept walking away from her, touching things, asking her if they could have something… normal for 5-7 year olds on a weekend, honestly. 

Older son picks up a comically-sized lolipop and says (clearly jokingly): “Hey mom, can I have this?”


“What about when I’m older?”

“When you’re older and have your own money, but right now when I CONTROL YOU, no.” Woah. Strong choice of words… 

I see that the kids are touching a lot of candy and I figure that the mom is mostly concerned about having to buy candy. For the purposes of keeping little kids in good spirits, we have a bucket of candy to hand out at the registers. Right now it has candy canes. I catch the mom’s attention and ask her if it would be alright to give them one.

“I’m not giving them anything artificial.” Wow. Snoot all the way to the sky.

And I figure maybe they have an allergy to dyes or something so I let it go and ring her stuff out. She is MASSIVELY upset that she can’t use the same coupon twice in one transaction. I’m sensing she just has like… general control issues. 

So she’s done and one of the kids comes up with this beanie baby dragon plush and asks if he can have it. She says no, he tries to barter a little like… if you get me this I will do extra chores for a week and she still says no. 

He puts it back, slowly. But apparently not fast enough because she rips the toy out of his hand and shoves it back into the display.

 Now very upset, the kid deadweights. This is a common tantrum tactic so I’m used to moms spending a little bit of time to the side trying to talk their kid through the trouble so they can get back to the rest of their day. 

Not… this mom. 

She pulls him by his arms, dragging him across the floor while he screams. And she’s yelling at him: “YOU LOST THE RIGHT TO USE YOUR LEGS TODAY” as they leave the store with the other son following quietly behind. 

Everyone who saw this is just… mouth-agape and wide-eyed and we’re trying to figure out if we should call someone. 

I want to believe that this was just words and how she reacts to things not going the way she wants them to, but her choice of wording REALLY FUCKING BOTHERED ME. 

Antis stress me out because 80% of their arguments make NO sense and are completely illogical, and you can’t argue with them because they just repeat what you already said doesn’t make sense.

I cannot comprehend how people are mad at Tony because he attacked Bucky. He literally just watched the man standing next to him murder his parents. Do you honestly believe ANYONE would be thinking “that sucks, but I know Bucky is messed up in the head, so whatev.” (we dont know how much Tony knows about the brainwashing) NO. HE’S THINKING THE GUY STANDING NEXT TO HIM MURDERED HIS PARENTS.

And because I saw this today; no one is mad that Steve tried to stop Tony from attacking Bucky. I don’t know where you came to that conclusion, almost everyone agrees that Tony shouldn’t have attacked Bucky. We just don’t blame Tony for being angry.

I’m so tired. You people make me tired.

heck the formatting wouldn’t stop messing up and I accidentally deleted this ask!!! i hope you feel better soon anon i had so much fun writing this aaaa


- when he picks you up you just start talking about how his hair looks like a lemon
- didn’t realize at first that you’re all loopy from the anesthetic but when you start singing random songs really badly he gets it
- yoooosung. yoo-sung. what did yoo sung? we don’t know!!!!
- “oh my gosh mc youre literally the funniest person in the world”
- takes a million videos of you
- he loves it so much and is having so much fun listen to you
- when you get home he guides you to the couch then goes to get you some water
- when he comes back you’re curled up in a ball on the floor crying
- for some reasons he thinks that giving you a lot of blankets will help when you’re in pain
- thank you but i don’t know how this will help my mouth pain-
- hugs your face and gives you lots of kisses

- the most dramatic about it
- over exaggerates a lot to make you laugh when ur feeling bad
- when you’re all Drugged Up™ he nearly pisses himself because he’s laughing so hard
- “mc how do you feel?”
- puuuuuurrrrrppplleeee draaaaankkkkkk
- “pffft– do you want me to get you some grape soda, honey?”
- you snap your head up and glare at him
- “what…. what do you want”
- PEAS!!!!!!
- you start to cry because you really just want some frozen peas
- he gets you some and you just cuddle with the bag
- ok… ok mc


- acts just like a mom to you
- when you’re acting super crazy she’s just understanding
- i don’t have kneecaps…. can’t… find… my salsa
- u touch jaehee’s knees
- oh good… they’re still there
- “yes, yes, they’re there”
- brings you everything you want and turns on your favorite movie for you
- the drugs have worn off and now all you feel is needles in your jaw
- you just cry about it and she wipes your tears and gives you hugs
- buys some pain relievers for you and looks up some natural remedies
- makes you tea and watches over you until you feel better


- does not let you out of his sight even for a second
- is pretty unresponsive to your drugged up babbling but he can’t help but smirk at you
- you turn to look at him while laying in his lap and slowly lick your hand and press it on his cheek
- not even phased he just plays with your hair and reads a book
- comforts you while you’re hurting and reassure you that it will end soon


- THE WORST!!!!!
- he is cackling and doubling over in laughter at you and honestly he is literally going to wet himself
- when he comes to drive you home he opens the door for you
- he holds his hand up to give you a high five and you miss his hand like 40 times but you won’t stop trying
- he is dying
- when you get home he watches you as you stare at the microwave for twenty minutes
- you think it’s the tv
- his lungs cannot take this
- “mc, how do you feel?”
- “fucking fuck fucked the fucked up what the fuck do you think I had to fucking fuck up my fucked up teeth”
- when you’re in pain though he does try his best to take care of you
- rubs your back and gives you lots of kisses


- the nicest ever
- he’s so gentle and kind to you even when you’re yelling that his hair is so blue
- gives you your space when you are angry but gives you all the attention you want when you’re hurt
- kisses your forehead a lot and when you wake up the next day there’s a rose by your bed
- he chuckles at you being loopy but he respects you too much to take videos
- instead he just goes along with what you say
- you softly sing britney spears to him and he loves it

Iz’s Fic Rec MasterPost: Overwatch

Hello everyone, my name is Iz and I read a lot of fanfic. A lot. A somewhat appalling amount to be honest. Today is Fanfiction Writers Appreciation Day and just like last year, I’m determined to send some love to my fav fics and writers by compiling some massive rec lists for the various fandoms I read up on. Please note that these are only my personal favorites: there’s so much good work across fandoms and everyone should be acknowledged for the great work they do here. So that being said….


Gather the Ends: @smokehill


“Call me Pharah, but if you scream in terror a few times I’ll get the message. Now, hands in front, you’re going to fly with me.”

Symmetra bungles a midnight mission, makes a friend, and then finds destiny. Or something. (Complete, PG)

My rec: Look man, this fic sold me on this ship. It sold me. It came into my room, kicked down the door, said “Iz, you’re gonna embrace this ship and you’re gonna do it now” and I just was forced onto the ride. It was a good ride. Entirely worth the ride to be honest. Live the dream. Accept this fic as the ship fic we deserve. Live the dream. 


First off, I have a whole list of recs for this ship here and they remain as excellent as ever. If you haven’t read any of these pieces by talented authors, please give them a look: they’re worth your time. Since I posted that, there’s been more great work out of that side of the fandom, and here are some of those pieces that are worth a mention. 

A Lesson on Gravity: chopsticks

Summary: Five years after the Second Omnic Crisis, Commander Jesse McCree is the current face of Overwatch, much to his own chagrin. However, there is little time to complain when his days are filled with slews of meetings, a constant threat of monkeys falling from the moon, and memories of an ex-boyfriend that just won’t leave him be. (M, WIP)

My Rec: A yes, angst. Sweet, sweet, angst. This puppy just started up and while it’s a WIP, it’s a damn good one, which promises to break my heart and then leave me crying on the sidewalk. Hanzo had to get married to someone else for reasons yet revealed, McCree is still a wreck over it, and the sexual tension will likely kill us all. Also worth a look just for Jesse and Fareeha being the best friends we deserve. Wonderful characterization, wonderful writing, wonderful pain. 

Weeds or WildflowersIlyen

Summary: A mission where Hanzo has to draw out Yakuza agents by pretending he’s back to reclaim the Shimada empire. It goes as well as you’d expect. (M, WIP) 

My Rec: This puppy just came out and man is it a doozey. Terrible angst, just warning you, but angst worth checking out. The characterization here is just lovely, the relationship is well built, and the entire situation (avoiding spelling it out because spoilers) is terrible to watch unfold because you know what is bound to happen and you can’t stop it. Absolutely worth the heartbreak. I’ll be refreshing this until the cows come home until the next update. 

A Long Wayholdontoyourhulahoops

Summary: Hanzo and Genji have a long overdue conversation. (G, Complete)

My Rec:  While this is a McHanzo fic, it’s more of a brotherly bonding fic than anything and that makes it great. There’s so much good insight here into both Shimada brothers, into why Hanzo is so guarded and Genji’s protective nature. Honestly, I cannot give it enough praise. And the end scene is just quality. Shower it in love. 

Every Other Freckle: barghest

Summary: Highschool junior Jesse McCree needs a prom date. New student Hanzo Shimada needs a friend. (T, Complete) 

My Rec: The high school Au we deserve! Let me sing my praises about this fic always and forever. Great character dynamics? You got it. Slow build? You got it. McCree being the best friend/soon to be boyfriend ever? Bam, done. A Halloween scene? God bless. Treat yourself. Read this fic. 

Back Home: ObsidianCoffe

Summary: McCree is back from a long mission and Hanzo is having so many feelings. (T, Complete)

My Rec: Look man, I’m a sap for relationships where the banter has no bite and everyone really cares about each other but is too emotionally repressed to say it out loud. Which is why this fic gets me, because it’s clear everyone is having so many feels but no one is willing to put them into text. Plus, it’s a clear one shot with striking prose that is absolutely worth your time. The situation shown here is heartfelt, devastating in a quiet way, and I hope to see it explored more in canon. Also, check out the linked art! It’s amazing!


Painless: @wantonlywindswept

Summary: Gabriel turns himself over to the new Overwatch to finally get his body fixed, and is greeted by a face he thought he’d never see again. (G, Complete) 

My Rec: I don’t read a lot of this ship: I’m picky and it will be my downfall. But this fic man. This fic. I love this fic. It’s just…so pure. A literal summary is “ex’s realize the other isn’t dead, feels” Just, it’s a feel good piece with so much quality emotion and incredible writing.  Worth your time. 

Got7 Reaction To Their GF Debuting As A Leader of a Girl Group

*GIFs Not Mine*

Reaction Masterlist

Anonymous said:

can you do got7 reactions to their girlfriend debuting as the leader of her group and officially becoming an idol i love your blog btw

Mark: *Being completely adorable in the audience with the rest of Got7. He can’t stop beaming watching you perform. He’d be planning a special night for the two of you to celebrate, too. Honestly he cannot contain his happiness and that he’s so proud of you*

*GIF Credit: Unable to find original post, please message about credit*

JB: *no chill as he’s dancing in the audience. He knows all the lyrics and moves after watching you practice them almost all the time. When you catch sight of his moves from the stage, you almost burst out laughing, which almost happens twice when you see the ‘wtf’ looks Got7′s giving him while they’re with him.*

*GIF Credit: Unable to find original post, please message about credit*

Jackson: *being so extra as per usual. You can’t help but seeing on stage considering he’s practically jumping multiple feet up into the air with excitement. You can only imagine the proud shrieking the others are bearing witness to. But as you keep glancing at him, you can’t help but keep a smile on your face. Him being there makes it so much better.

*GIF Credit: Unable to find original post, please message about credit*

Junior: *Let’s pretend it says girl and not boy. Junior had helped your group with the music and choreography so he was backstage to watch. Seeing accomplish the goal the two of you had been working toward together was filling him with pride and warmth. He did maintain more composure than some of the others, but I just think, in general, he is calmer than they are. You can definitely expect hugs and celebrations after you step off stage with him*

*GIF Credit: Unable to find original post, please message about credit*

Youngjae: *going hard as he celebrates with you. He cannot seem to stop cheering and since you’re on the stage you can’t tell to stop because of his voice. But let’s be real, the fact he’s so excited and proud of you makes you incredibly happy at the same time. This is what you’ve worked so hard for and you’re thankful for the opportunity to experience it with your sunshine in the audience.*

*GIF Credit: Unable to find original post, please message about credit*

BamBam: *remains composed on the outside for once as he watches you. But somehow you can just tell he’s freaking out with excitement on the inside. He can’t help but be happy and proud of you. Not to mention now that you’re both idols, it’s more likely that you’ll actually be able to go public one day. He likes that idea too and that’s actually what’s got him distracted enough to not be utterly freaking out.*

*GIF Credit: Unable to find original post, please message about credit*

Yugyeom: *He does not want to be teased for freaking out too much or being too extra so he’s composed like Junior and BamBam. But, after practicing the moves so often with you, he can feel his own muscles wanting to do the dance with you, however, he still manages to hold back. Everytime you catch his eye, he claps and gives you a thumbs up so show how happy he is for you without being so obvious that his hyungs will swoop down upon him with endless rounds of teasing.*

*GIF Credit: Unable to find original post, please message about credit*

I cannot believe that I got on this crazy train at the station of Snape the Straight White Cis Dude and have now arrived at the station of Snape the Israeli (and/or Roma) Asexual Trans Woman, I honestly have no idea how I managed to sleep through my stop and end up here but clearly fate was watching out for me and I am so grateful.