i honestly cannot stop watching this

I am honestly laughing so hard right now thinking about the utterly ridiculous events that unfolded at Sherlock’s family’s house at the end of The Final Problem. Like I cannot stop laughing just imagining some cartoon cronies hammering that 10 x 10 room together in the front yard and stapling pictures to the walls for dramatic effect while Sherlock just lies like a dead-ass tuna in the middle of it. You know those minions were watching from the bushes with binoculars like, “Damn good touch with the dog bowl, Stanley.” That entire scene was so ludicrously implausible that I cannot stop laughing at the absurdity of it all. Like did Euros shout commands at a team of stage hands with a megaphone to set that all up before she had her level ten psychotic break? Did they all zip-line from the walls of Sherrinford and barrel-roll right into the front yard with the stage props in their hands? How did they transport two grown-ass male bodies to the yard in that amount of time? Is Euros a licensed pilot as well as a criminal mastermind and movie director? Where were all of the cronies that helped her set it all up? Were they all posted up in Mr. and Mrs. Holmes’ bedroom watching The Great British Bake Off while Sherlock ran screaming through the yard? Did anyone think to go back for John’s feet in the well? The whole thing is such a fever-fuck, I’m wasted. 

Those flashbacks punched me in the heart.

I honestly can not begin to fathom, how pure, honest, beautiful and true, the love between Isak and Even is. I am sitting here crying over the love these two teenagers have for each other and I honestly can say I have never seen, heard or read about a love that has touched me the way Evak has, does and always will. This is the most beautiful, real and epic love story I have ever had the privilege to see. Julie Andem is a genius, and Tarjei and Henrik are the most beautiful and talented souls to have ever walked the planet. I am dramatic I know, but I really needed to put into words, the effect this show has on me. I am a crying mess who cannot stop watching that emotional 6 minute clip. I will probably move on to rewatching the whole season again for the 20th time soon. 

I will always be moved by their love.

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Antis stress me out because 80% of their arguments make NO sense and are completely illogical, and you can’t argue with them because they just repeat what you already said doesn’t make sense.

I cannot comprehend how people are mad at Tony because he attacked Bucky. He literally just watched the man standing next to him murder his parents. Do you honestly believe ANYONE would be thinking “that sucks, but I know Bucky is messed up in the head, so whatev.” (we dont know how much Tony knows about the brainwashing) NO. HE’S THINKING THE GUY STANDING NEXT TO HIM MURDERED HIS PARENTS.

And because I saw this today; no one is mad that Steve tried to stop Tony from attacking Bucky. I don’t know where you came to that conclusion, almost everyone agrees that Tony shouldn’t have attacked Bucky. We just don’t blame Tony for being angry.

I’m so tired. You people make me tired.

it never stops amazing me how andrew and neil got to their happily ever after, that they fell in love and realized that they could have a future together and be happy. like at the start they’re both so angry and resigned? neither of them even thinks they have a future, let alone one they could share with one another. they can’t stand each other at the start. and then over three books we get to watch that change.

honestly, just picture neil and andrew at the start of book one and then at the end of book three - holy shit, the difference, the journey, the happiness. i’d have never thought they’d be able to get to that point if i hadn’t seen it myself. the andriel relationship is such a beautiful thing.

I cannot believe that I got on this crazy train at the station of Snape the Straight White Cis Dude and have now arrived at the station of Snape the Israeli (and/or Roma) Asexual Trans Woman, I honestly have no idea how I managed to sleep through my stop and end up here but clearly fate was watching out for me and I am so grateful.

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Tell us something you've never shared about you here on tumblr :') and if you want, make a list of 5 things you do when you're sad/to prevent or stop sadness c:

i honestly cannot think of anything! i’ve been pretty open with a lot of stuff about myself on here!

things i do when i’m sad/to prevent sadness:

- listen to music

- talk to my mom

- write in my journal

- take a long, hot bath…wash my hair, give myself a facial, etc

- watch videos on youtube or shows/films on netflix!

Confession:  In Origins and 2 I always support the Circle Mages. I don’t let Gregoir annul Fereldan’s circle, and I stand against the Templars at the end of 2 (though I do kill Vengeance). But the Rebel Mages in Inquisition are just terrible. Here you have the Templars who admit they e done wrong and made mistakes, and WANT to fix their own problems and then submit themselves to to your judgement vs. the Mages who ally with Blood Mages and Slavers, expect you to clean up THEIR mess.

They have the audacity after their fuck up to demand that you trust them enough to treat them as allies. And the when the finally get to Haven as full allies they fucking expect you to give them better quarters than are available, and that the Temps who are there to stop watching them. Keep in mind when the Temps are recruited their only request is that they be allowed to bring Mages who committed crimes to justice. I honestly cannot recruit the mages and only ever recruit the Temps.

In Defense of Jonsa

I know I posted about this earlier, but I literally cannot stop thinking about it. Honestly, I have almost as much problem with the “But they were raised as siblings!” argument about Jonsa as I have with it about Westallen (although they are part of VERY different fandoms). Because, no, they most certainly were not raised as siblings. Not as we understand a sibling relationship.

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First of all, now that R+L=J is canon, it casts new light on how Ned viewed Jon. He always knew who Jon was, and clearly didn’t really have a long-range plan as to when or how he was going to tell Jon of his parentage. It’s well known that Cat was incredibly cold to Jon (and passed this onto her children), but we also know that Ned treated him differently as well.  In 4x01 (while reacting to Robb’s death) he talks about how he wanted Ned to look at him the way he looked at Robb, but he could never hate Robb for having his parent’s love in a way Jon didn’t. I imagine that Jon interpreted that as Ned not being as affectionate with him in deference for his wife, but given new information it’s because Robb was his son, which means that he would love him in a way that he didn’t love his nephew.

Second, we have to remember that this is fictionalized medieval Europe we’re talking about. Blended families weren’t as accepted (or in existence) the way they are now. Hell, this is a world where divorce doesn’t even seem to exist. We (by which I mean modern day America, since I’m not qualified to speak on any other culture) see people growing up in the same house and automatically accept that they must be treated like family, but this is not the case in Westeros. It’s canon that having a bastard live with the rest of the family is highly unusual and understandably so. Jon’s presence would always be contentious for the person who is closest to his mother, and the source of most of the parenting in the house since lords probably don’t do much child-rearing until they’re old enough to pick up a trade.

I think the closest modern analogue to Jon’s position in the family would be that of a foster child who is constantly reminded that they are a foster child, never feeling quite at rest, never knowing when they’ll be sent away. If this is the case, it makes sense that Jon would have such a deep desire to join the Night’s Watch. Not only an honorable profession where he could have leadership positions regardless of birth, but it would be his home forever and always the way Winterfell could never be.

Now, if we accept this- how does this explain his relationship with his siblings? To be clear, we only know that he has a relationship with three of them; Robb, Arya, and Bran. We see him looking after Bran; giving him tips on how to shoot arrows and figures out a way for him to get a direwolf- a more paternal relationship than a fraternal one which is understandable given the difference in ages.

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We also see him in a playfully affectionate relationship with Arya, which is probably because she’s felt much like an outsider too, more interested in fighting and swordplay than lady things and Jon encourages her.

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Finally Robb and Jon seem to have the most equally fraternal relationship (since they’re about the same age), but with that comes the subsequent rivalries over accomplishments (as I mentioned before). But it’s clear that they love and respect each other, and I think this friendship led to Robb soothing a lot of the friction between Catelyn and Jon.

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Who do we not see him with? Rickon and Sansa. We don’t ever see them interact. Rickon’s too young (six in the first episode) and likely still being kept away from Jon by his mother. However, we know that Jon still has that hybrid paternal/fraternal instinct which led him to charge after Rickon in 6x09. But Sansa…we never see what their relationship is like. Sansa says she was awful to him, and the audience accepts this because we were all a little annoyed with how shallow and shortsighted she was in Season 1. As we all are when we’re thirteen. This tells me that Sansa, while probably being generally affectionate to Jon while she was young, at some point was really taken in by Catelyn’s logic that Jon was a pretender in the family circle. Given Sansa’s obsession with songs of knightly love and valor, it really doesn’t surprise me that she would take umbrage to a walking reminder that the world isn’t really like that. She might have also taken pride in having this sense of superiority to the brother closest to her in age- since Young!Sansa does strike me as someone who likes lording over something on someone.

In any case, Sansa and Jon had had a strained relationship for a long time pre-series, and it’s clear that Jon was treated differently even by Ned, his presumed father. Now in the wake of Season 6, Jon and Sansa are still trying to learn about each other and forge ahead with a new relationship that’s more like two stranger becoming friends than reunited siblings. As to what the revelation of Jon’s lineage will change things- I’m excited to find out!

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I normally hate reviewers who play up the whole “this thing I watched/played/read was so bad that it ruined my life” angle but honestly just looking at this cover and realizing that I have 26 more Knuckles comics to read is having an immensely negative effect on my mental health, like I honestly cannot properly describe how dead inside these comics make me feel, I’m being dead fucking serious here I feel like if I had to go to a therapist their first piece of advice would be to stop reading these goddamn Ken Penders Knuckles comics

my digital media teacher must honestly hate me because i just make youtube poops in his class and I’ve thrown up in his room on two separate occasions. once i started bleeding and he offered me a band aid and i was like no i got it and i licked the blood off in front of him (im so sorry) also today he watched me take a hallway garbage can and walk down the hallway with it with no context i feel so bad for the guy but i Cannot Stop


Wonderful, you & I by kaetzuu

Instead of sleeping I am laying in bed on this stupid website worrying about these villain children.