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I SWEAR, all carnists go through the same argument structure. First they insult vegans in the name of "personal choice." Vegan points out the benefits of veganism. Carnist responds with some statistic about quinoa fields, insults the person. Vegan debunks the argument, adds other sources. Carnists mentions a random person with an illness that can't go vegan. Vegan points out not everyone has to go full vegan. Carnist ignores this, repeats step 1 and blocks the vegan. (My experience every time).

I honestly think there are only about twelve anti-vegan arguments, and they all fall into more or less the same structure, with a step added or taken away here and there. I find that 90% of the time it goes something like this:

1) Try to establish that animal products are necessary.
2) When shown data demonstrating that animal products aren’t necessary for most people, use anecdotes of people who can’t go vegan or did and got sick.
3) Admit it’s a choice for most then try to justify that choice (canines, protein, nature, land/water use, ancestors, humane animal products etc.)
4) When justifications fail, try to show that vegans are also bad (plants feel pain, soy, quinoa, crop pickers, no ethical consumption under capitalism etc.)
5) When this is shown to be hypocritical or irrelevant, return to earlier point, sidetrack, claim the vegan isn’t listening/isn’t answering their points, call vegan “problematic,” block, delete post or declare it’s “pointless” and stop replying.

 It gets unbelievably boring dealing with the same lines day in and day out running a blog like this, but at the same time, you at least know you’ll always be able to shut it down, because you’ll have dealt with the exact same argument in some form dozens of times. You may be interested in my masterpost on the most common variations of them.

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Is it true that post-op bottom surgery transmen can't feel sexual stimulation????? I keep hearing this, I've even seen it on a documentary and it's honestly made me scared of ever considering bottom surgery. I've heard the sensation compared to the same feeling you'd get if someone touched your lower back or stomach??? ?? Please tell me that's outdated info or a myth??

No, that is completely false. I’ve explained how sensation is achieved numerous times and you can find information on that here, here, and here. If someone can’t provide legitimate sources for their information and/or cannot explain their information then you shouldn’t put any weight behind what they say. Just because it’s said in a documentary/tv show/by someone famous that doesn’t mean it’s true. This is one of the most widely perpetuated myths out there and I am so sick of people spreading it. If you’re interested in information on surgery you might find my bottom surgery tag helpful. There are different tags for phallo-specific and meta-specific information. The links I provided above are phallo-specific because conversations about not having sensation are almost always solely about phalloplasty. I’ve spoken to several surgeons across the world, had direct conversations with maybe 80 people who are post-op, have seen over 2,500 pictures of results, and have seen about 20 people’s results in-person (all of this includes meta and phallo). With that knowledge I’ve done my best to provide information in as accurate and concise a way as possible to ensure that these myths are stopped.

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Hey bro I could really use some help. i'm compling a list of resources to give my parents about trans things (I'm ftm) and I need a lot of good, reputable, and preferably scientifically-backed-up sources. However, every dang website I've been on is all "Transgender people don't need dysphoria", which is obviously NOT HELPING ME CONVINCE MY PARENTS TRANSITIONING IS A MEDICAL NECESSITY AND NOT A CHOICE, and I can't find sources. Can you help me? Props is they're not on tumblr, they hate this lol.

Honestly, I think that Hudson’s FTM Resource Guide is pretty good on covering a lot of transitioning stuff.

Other informative (and relatively unbiased sources) I found include an article from the American Psychiatric Association (though it does include some ze/zir stuff), the passage about gender dysphoria from DSM-V (it starts on page 283), and here is a study (it’s a PDF file) that found certain similarities in the brains of transsexuals (mtf and ftm) to cis individuals of the corresponding genders.

I hope this helps, anon!



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I can't find a source on Feynriel's design. But the lore is pretty explicit that elf-blooded humans, from Ser Michel to Alistair to Feynriel, are completely human in appearance. So if people found his design "elfy," I would honestly just lump that into the "Varric is an unreliable narrator" category along with enemies falling out of thin air and every male elf "extra" being the same bald guy.

Posting this too to add to the discussion. Thank You. :)