i honestly can't color this movie

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I honestly don't want to be mean, or make anyone feel bad, but fuck! Does all of this mean that if I like a poc character like, say, Parvati, I can't cosplay her? Because I'm white? I can't change my skin color!

Andy: Yes. They can still be your favorite character, but you can not cosplay as them.

It’s offensive and it erases her important representation in the movies/books because there is much more to Parvati than just her skin color. 

All of her decisions and why she makes them, all of her interactions with other characters, her favorite foods, holidays, etc. all will come from her cultural background. 

Taking away her skin color would take away some of her best character traits, erasing her as a person. 

It’s why representation is important.

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I went into Civil War knowing nothing about Black Panther other than his being Marvel's first superhero of color on track to get his own solo movie and I was honestly not excited because I though they would mess it up and we'd see a character clearly written just so they'll be able to say they had a lead of color. To this day I still can't believe he was one of the best parts in a fairly mediocre movie and that I have been extra levels of stoked for his solo movie ever since.

Me too! He stole the show in Civil War tbh and I focused more on his amazing character development than anything else.

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hey i was wondering, in the TMNT movie (the new one) what color is Donnie's eyes?? i can't tell ^-^;

Uh….I’m honestly probably not the best person to ask this…I’m colour deficient….

Okay this is what my eyes tell me at least….I see them as icy blue…and I say that because that’s what i saw especially during the snow chase scene and he’s talking to Raph in the truck.

Then again…sometimes they look green…or even amber…same fucking thing

Honestly, their green skin really fucks me over so….eh….sorry bruh….

You might wanna ask donnies-pop-tart and cosmiclumi about this though, they’re more likely to know ;)