i honestly can not even with this intro

Beautiful in Dallas

1) Wonho is too much and I want to die
2) all of them are fucking gorgeous in person and I want to die
3) I.M.’s stage presence was 👌🏻🙌🏻
4) Kihyun’s dancing was the best and I was constantly drawn to him
5) I feel attacked by WONHO’S and Jooheon’s / Kihyun’s stages. Just fuck me up.
6) Wonho can throw tiny ass candies to the 2nd level - I KID YOU NOT
7) I.M. basically tried to injure ppl throwing candy and pelted it lol
8) KIHYUN THIS BITCH. He hit me in the goddamn head with candy TWICE
9) Kihyun’s English is somehow the best thing ever??????
10) Shownu’s English is the cutest thing and I just wanted to hug him bc he’s my precious dad (NOT MY DADDY GD)
11) Jooheon’s skin is glowing and smooth af and I am ??????? Drop your skincare routine plz
12) Wonho is a jerk and he did not come to play ok
13) Minhyuk has a cute aura (I know surprising)
14) I will never ever get over Wonho in red like ever
15) Wonho silly distractions when others are talking (bonus: some feat. I.M. & Minhyuk)
16) Can Jooheon not kill me with his raps plz? Ty
17) I wished for death when I heard Broken Heart start
19) 넘사벽 Incomparable was better than you could have ever imagined imo
20) they did not perform Stuck and so I was :/
21) Minhyuk pinching WONHO’S ass is iconic
22) Wonho lying on the stage is too much and I am so envious of y'all that were right there
23) I only nearly cried twice - once during the intro before they even did anything; and then during 넌 억때 I’ll be There (bc I thought about producer Wonho and I can’t)
24) also, the first song that came up when I began my drive to the concert was 신속히 RUSH so 👏🏻 GG Pandora shuffle
25) the reassurance about Hyungwon was too cute especially when Shownu talked about it in English
26) they did not sing any of Hyungwon’s parts
27) I.M.’s narration for the trailer stuff 👌🏻
28) I.M.’s “much romantic”
29) WONHO’S signature greeting in Korean bc he refuses to let us have nice things
30) WONHO’S pants were seriously so tight - how does he move in them??? How many has he already ripped on tour???
31) Wonho being the sexiest yet cutest person alive - how is this possible??????????????? I still do not know
32) their relentless compliments and appreciation to Monbebe was so sweet and I can’t believe I Stan such beautiful, talented, gracious babies
33) Jooheon mouthing ‘I can’t. Sorry’ to a fan when presented with the fan’s phone. It was cute and I love him.
34) the sass on I.M. is serious
35) in conclusion, I would die for Monsta X


I think that’s all for now :)))

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Supernatural AU- I think this is a perfect intro into the other Avengers! Maybe Natasha decides that she likes them well enough after beating Steve soundly and teaching Bucky some Russian swear words and brings along Clint?

Natasha has no idea what Tony sees in these idiots (honestly, she considers eating them and stealing Tony for herself), but he’s happy and Jarvis is not… displeased with them, so she decides they can live. For now.

Tony finds Natasha to be excellent company and Steve and Bucky seethe with jealousy when they’re talking about work and Natasha says something that makes Tony laugh. They are even more jealous when Tony asks if they’d mind if he spend each Thursday with 'the girls.’ “Who exactly are the girls?” Steve asks suspiciously. Tony shrugs, oblivious. “Oh, you know. Natasha, Pepper. My friend Janet. Couple colleagues Jane and Darcy.” “And you’re invited,” Bucky asks in disbelief. Tony turns his nose up at them. “I’m always invited when I offer to make the margaritas.” “Top shelf liquor,” Natasha agrees. “And fruit flown in from foreign countries.” “…Can I come,” Steve asks, and Tony scoffs at him and tells him absolutely not, it’s girls’ night. Steve has dreams about those wonderful margaritas. It’s a tragedy.

But then girls’ night sort of migrates to the bar after margaritas, and Steve is incensed. “WHO IS THIS. HE’S NOT A GIRL.” Clint lifts a wing to wave at him. “I mean, technically–” “That’s very judgmental of you, Steve,” Tony tells him seriously. “You don’t know Clint’s life!” “Yeah, uh, I’m trans? I was part of the group when I was Claire and they let me stay as Clint so Tony isn’t threatened by all the estrogen.” Steve flails backward, nearly slapping Bucky, then leans in toward Clint apologetically. “I’m sorry.” Clint still looks uncomfortable. “Steve’s just mad because he never gets margaritas,” Bucky explains. Clint’s face smooths out with understanding. “Oh, yeah, I’d be upset too. They’re really good.” “TONY PLEASE JUST LET ME HAVE A MARGARITA!” Steve wails. Pepper frowns at Tony sternly. “Give Steve a fucking margarita, Tony.” “All he literally had to do was ask me,” Tony exclaims defensively. “He didn’t ask for margaritas, he asked if he could come to girls’ night.” “You pedantic asshole,” Jane giggles into her vodka tonic. “Tonyyyyyy,” Steve wails, wrapping his arms around his waist and flopping into his lap. Tony’s in one of the tall chairs. It’s very uncomfortable. “Oh my God you idiot,” Tony says, trying to pry him off, but fondness seeps into his voice.

“Well,” Clint says, talons clicking together awkwardly. “Good luck with your boyfriends.” “Thanks,” Tony deadpans. Steve looks up from wallowing in Tony’s lap. “It was nice to meet you, Clint. Sorry I stuck my foot in it.” “Actually I was kinda flattered,” Clint admits. “Usually people see a harpy and they think I’m just a flat-chested girl. So, uh, thanks for that.” “I just wanted a margarita,” Steve says sadly, sinking further onto the floor. Clint gives Tony a long look. “Give your boyfriend a margarita.” “Oh my God, I’m going to!” Tony exclaims, exasperated. He turns. “And to save myself some grief–Bucky, do you want a margarita too?” “Nah,” Bucky answers immediately. “I prefer straight liquor.” “Heathen,” Clint and Tony say at the same time, then nod at each other in understanding. Bucky laughs.

Highlights of RENT

•Mark Cohen is still Bi and going strong twenty years later god bless
•they dabbed during La Vie Bohemé after “ to any passing fad”
•Mark just threw himself up on the table during La Vie Bohemé
• Angel jumps off the table in like full out 7 in heels
• The entirety of Out Tonight and Mimi in general
• Angel boops Mark’s nose in Santa Fe and Collins’ in You Okay Honey
• Our entire theatre started mooing when Maureen asked
• Christmas Bells is amazing
•Roger joins in on “ reasons says I should’ve died three years ago”
•When Benny says “ You’ll see boys he lifts Angel’s skirt”
•Roger mimics Mimi’s dance on “ I once was born to be bad”
•At one point Benny was doing a dance thing to the camera and Roger mimicked that too
•They just tangoed across the entire stage during the Tango Maureen
•All of Roger’s lines during Goodbye Love were directed towards Mark • Like even when Mimi was singing to him he tried to tear away and go to Mark •They changed “ you can take the girl outta Hicksville ” to “ You can take the girl outta Jersey” •The lighting!! Just wow • Honestly I hate Contact so much but the Angel was just so good that it made it better • Angel’s new costume!! •Without You was also surprisingly good •Out Tonight had the best intro bc it comes after a ton of softer songs and then Mimi just comes in w/ a big guitar note •Also the choreo for Out Tonight is my fav right next to What You Own’s •Kaleb Wells is one of the best Rogers in my opinion •Kaleb and Skyler and David and Aaron’s chemistry was off the charts • The cast is my new favorite • Danny sounded exactly like a mix of Anthony Rapp and Adam Kantor •When Collins said “ you can drum a gentle drum” Mark does a little beat on the drum •" Next up, vampire welfare queens who are compulsive bowlers!“ Tl;DR: this musical ruined my life please get tickets to this tour I’m physically sobbing

How to survive high school (by a straight A and mentally ill high school graduate)

If this post isn’t a way to show that through 4 years of high school I have SUCKED at titling things then I don’t know what is.

Anyways, long-ass titles aside, this is a mini guide for kids about to go into grade 9, or any grade really, who want to prepare themselves or change themselves.

Cause boy do I know you change a lot through high school. Thank god. 

Don’t expect this to be formal, or funny (unless you have my sense of humour in which case I think it’s fucking hilarious but that’s besides the point), but hopefully it will be helpful. (tip 1; long intros like this are useless 90% of the times, this time being part of that 90%) 

1) Honestly you may as well just buy yourself two locks for your locker right away. Have one locking your locker, and the other on you or at home. My locks broke so many times, or I forgot what the combo was, I went through so many of those fucking things (except in grade 12, I just gave up and stopped using my locker even though that was against the rules at my school lmao)

2) Dressing nice can be fun and can be a way to motivate yourself to get up in the morning, but don’t stress about what others will think about how you’re dressed or how you look. By the end of the day everyone’s going to look like trash any ways, so don’t bother

3) Those guidance counsellors? Yea. Use ‘em. Even if they’re the worst people on the planet Earth, use them. They can help tell your teachers about your problems, or just give you a quiet place to sit for a bit. 

4) DON’T STRESS ABOUT THE FUTURE. Everyone’s gonna say “you’re in grade 9, you better start thinking about what you wanna be” and they’ll say that every goddamn year. But let me tell you. I knew from grade 7 I wanted to go to art school. I really wanted to be an artist. I applied to an art school this year, I got into that art school this year, and I declined the offer. In my last few months of high school I changed my mind. I decided that I didn’t know what the fuck I wanted to do, so I chose a program that’s sort of like English. TLDR; people change their fucking minds. So don’t stress about it

5) Now this may differ from country to country but Universities and colleges don’t look at your grade 9 or 10 marks. They don’t give a shit if you got a 20% on a test in grade 9 (which I did lmao). They will only look at 11 and 12, and really they only look at your grade 11 marks for early acceptances. If you have shitty grade 11 marks but good grade 12 marks then you’re fine.

6) Speaking of Universities, apply to every single one that you can. I applied to something like 10 different schools/programs. Some of them I didn’t even know if I wanted to go into them. Some of them were incredibly hard to get into and I was sure I wasn’t going to get in. But I applied to everything that caught my interest, so that I could have doors open. (and, as it turns out, the program I’m going into was one of those last minute ‘i’m not sure if i’ll like this or not but it sounds kinda cool so I’ll apply’)

7) Learn new study habits. The jump between grade 8 and 9 (and 10 and 11 so rip your 10ers) is insane. It’s normal for grades to drop a bit (or a lot @ my multiple failed tests in gr 9 lmao) but just take it with grace and learn which way of studying works best for you. (protip: figure out if you’re an auditory, visual, or kinesthetic learner. If you’re 2, or like me and all 3 of them, then your just have to figure out which subject you learn best with which learning style. for example, in math I learn best by doing (kinesthetic) but I suck at learning math by seeing (visual), but in history I learn best by discussing and hearing (auditory) and seeing (visual), but if you make me act out history, write notes or anything like that I won’t learn shit.) 

8) If you’re not a math or science person, don’t take them. Same goes for English, or any other subject. In my school system it was required for you to take english every year, so there was no getting out of that, but I could chose to stop taking math after grade 11, and science after grade 10. A lot of people associate being good at math and science as being “smart”, and I got a lot of comments that because I wasn’t taking them my studies were “easy”. And trust me, if you decide to not take them you’ll hear the same thing. But the thing is, you don’t need them. If you’re going into an English program, then why in the fucking world would you take Chemistry or math?? What’s the use of it? Once you know the basic skills in both subjects I say drop it, unless you need it or find it fun. 

9) Speaking of not doing things that you can’t, each country has different terms for the “upper” level classes and the “lower” level classes. So I’ll be referring to them as just that. If you find that an “upper” level class goes too fast for you or you just aren’t learning from it, go to the lower level. Not all your classes have to be “upper” and not all have to be “lower”, it all depends on you. You’re not smarter for being in an “upper” level class, and you’re not dumber for being in a “lower” level class. It’s all based on styles of learning. That’s it. and 95% of the time, the two levels learn the same things, just at different paces and with different techniques. 

10) If you have a mental illness, let your teachers know. Even if you don’t want to tell anyone. Even if you think it’s embarrassing. Trust me, telling your teachers will make your life 100% easier, a lot of them are very understanding. I had teachers who would let me leave the class with a friend at any point I felt like I was going to have an anxiety attack. And when I went through my major depressive episodes and missed weeks of school, my teachers let me do work at home that was strictly in class work or let me delay tests or just skip units all together, and I often got extra time for everything. But if I hadn’t told them about my situation, I would have ended up being stuck and probably would have failed all my classes.

11) If someone offers you help, take it. ALWAYS ACCEPT HELP. Even if you have a stupid sense of pride (like me) and think you can do everything by yourself (like me) YOU CAN’T (like…you guessed it, me). Trust me, when a parent, teacher, or even sibling helps you with homework, or essays or studying, it just makes things easier. 

12) Take notes. I know I said taking notes doesn’t always help me, or other people, but do it anyways. And not on your computer. Hand write your notes, even if you have the messiest fucking handwriting, just do it. It’s been proven that you’re more likely to retain information that you handwrite over notes on a computer or reading, no matter what your learning type is. 

13) Don’t do things last minute. Don’t do your project last minute, or your essay, or study for a test. Cramming doesn’t work. Basically what I’m saying is manage your time properly. If you have 2 weeks to study for a test, take those two weeks. Don’t take just 10 hours the night before. 

14) We’re almost done, don’t worry. Join extra curricular activities! HAVE A LIFE. Literally it’s one of my biggest regrets that I didn’t do more. If you aren’t a sports person, join clubs. If you aren’t a clubs person, join sports. If you’re neither, join student council or something. If you want access to everything (sports, clubs, etc) join Yearbook, it’s a great way to be involved while also hiding from everyone. But join things, make new friends. Have a life. It’ll make things SO much easier

15) Speaking of friends, don’t worry about them. You’re going to make new friends, lose friends and then repeat. You and everyone else change so much through high school it’s almost impossible to constantly have the exact same friend group. So don’t worry if you lose friends, you’re going to make new ones, I promise. 

14) My last and most important point; GRADES DON’T MATTER. It’s a number (or letter) that is marking you on how you felt the day you were taking a test or doing a presentation. That’s all it is. It’s not testing your intelligence, it’s not something to compete over. It’s just a stupid little number. I’m not saying ignore it completely, still try to work hard to learn things, but don’t do it for the sole reason of getting a good grade. One of the biggest things I learned in my last two years of high school was that when I was stressed about my grades and studied for the only purpose of getting a 90%, and literally gave up my life to study, I often didn’t do well. Those are the times when I failed tests, and also the times where I barely was able to get an 80% average. But in 11 and 12 I decided to take it easy. I studied a little bit every second or third night, but I tried not to stress about it. On nights before tests I would limit myself and never stay up past midnight. I forced myself to not care about grades even though every little anxious bone in me told me to care. And I went from having an 80.2% average in grade 10, to an 88% in grade 11 and a 92.5% in grade 12 (i feel inclined to say it was 95% but I had two hard ass teachers second semester so uh yeah that sucked). SO DON’T STRESS. LET GO OF THE IMPORTANCE OF GRADES. RAISE YOUR MIDDLE FINGER TO THAT A. Just do the best you can and then continue to push yourself to do better. Do it because you want to, not because you want a higher grade.

I hope this was somewhat helpful. High school is what you make of it, it can be fun, or horrible, so try to have fun with it. I have a lot of good memories from it. The best piece of advice I can really give is just be aware that your life isn’t only school, and it doesn’t end after high school. (Also always buy your teachers christmas gifts or end of year gifts, they will love you and you will instantly become a favourite)

  • <p> <b>Lucifer:</b> Welcome to Hell yadda yadda yadda.. I honestly ain't bothered with this intro thing anymore... Is anyone even listening?? Hellloooo you realise youre in HELL, capital H and every thing right?<p/><b>Me:</b> [looks up from fanfiction] Did you say hell? OoooMG you must be Lucifer! In the flesh! Can I have your autograph??? Pleeeease?<p/><b>Lucifer:</b> Kids these days. Dunno why I even bother anymore<p/></p>

The Zodiac Tag

Okay so i was looking at developing my sims personalities and i decided to give them zodiac signs. I had a lot of fun doing this and so i have decided to make a tag. The rules are pick your main characters of your blog could be 1 or all of them and state which zodiac sign they are. I spent a lot of time reading through them all and I feel that the signs i have chosen are very fitting for my characters. You can present it anyway you like! :D once you’ve done it tag others who’s sims you want to know better :)

“ People born under the sign of Leo are natural born leaders. They are dramatic, creative, self-confident, dominant and extremely difficult to resist, able to achieve anything they want to in any area of life they commit to. There is a specific strength to a Leo and their “king of the jungle” status. Leo often has many friends for they are generous and loyal. Self-confident and attractive, this is a Sun sign capable of uniting different groups of people and leading them as one towards a shared cause, and their healthy sense of humor makes collaboration with other people even easier.”

after having read quite deeply into the personality of Leo’s i can honestly say Teddy is a Leo Through and through. Just to be extra i even added a birthday for him - July 27th 

I’m gonna do one for everyone but this is the intro post! so I'm tagging people in the first post! 

I tag @thefoxandhersimblr @josiesimblr @soleilsim @nadehzdia @0sims @storybooksimblr @oakglow @felicitum @andromeda-sims @maxvillareal Of course you don’t have to do it but i had lots of fun so i thought i’d share it! Do it even if you’re not tagged :) use the tag #zodiac tag so i can look at the posts :D

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Do you think Star can now "normally" return to Earth in season 3, or later?

Honestly I don’t know, thanks to the way the intro, outro, the show being in Summer, so no school, and what little we saw of S3 so far are, I think the general feeling is that the season is going to shift its focus on Mewni, but this is all fan speculation and nothing has ever confirmed or officially hinted at that -and even then, I don’t think they’d ditch completely the Earth side of the story and characters. We can only wait and see!

The only sliiightly more official thing that might have alluded to it is this tweet by Adam, but:
1- Adam often jokes around
2- it could be referring to other elements in the intro, not to Marco’s room apparently being in the Castle

I’m Tia, a 17 y/o high school sophomore (yeah i messed up lol, don’t be like me, kids. stay focused.) I figured that I needed to improve my study game and stop procrastinating and develop better study habits, so I chose to make a studyblr.

About me:

- i live in the mideastern u.s

- I am an esfp

- co’20 (19 if lucky lmao)

- i’m obsessed with astrology, SAGITTARIUS POWER!

- I’ll be 18 on November 30th, how lit?

- I attended summer school for the first time EVER on July 5th until August 4th for Algebra 1 (10 credits) and Physics 9 (5 credits) it was embarrassing because I’d never had to go to summer school before, ever.

Things I Like:

- K-pop (EXO, Pristin, Monsta X, NCT 127, NCT Dream, NCT U, BTS, Cosmic Girls, Girls’ Generation, Miss A, Boyfriend, SEVENTEEN, NU’EST, Boys Republic, Gugudan, VIXX, Wonder Girls, and more.) I’ve been a k-pop fan for years and honestly, it’s been the best two years ever, man.

- LEARNING LANGUAGES. I’m in the process of learning Spanish and Korean. I grew up speaking Spanish pretty well, but I guess I grew out of it? And I’ve been *trying* to learn Korean, but each time IN THE PAST 2 YEARS, I become a language hoe and begin learning a different language- I need to stop.

- K-dramas. Yeah… My free time went into these. They are to blame for why my gpa is terrible, imo.

- Stationery. I love buying stationery, but I’m a little messy(?) and clumsy so I end up losing it or never getting it back from someone loaned something to. BUT NOT THIS YEAR. I always buy so much stationery every year only for teachers to say “oh you don’t need this” or “this isn’t necessary” or even the classic “why’d you buy that? didn’t the school send a list home?”

- BUBBLE TEA, FROZEN YOGURT… all i can say is yes. Buy me a Red Velvet bubble tea and I’ll love you forever. Froyo is just everything, yes. You can’t not like froyo.

- Art. I like reading, writing poems/short stories, essays, and all that. I want to take photography this year, graphic design or even intro to psychology (ok maybe Early Childhood Education too. I don’t even think I can switch that many classes)

Full Year Classes

- Geometry (5 credits)

- English 10 (5 credits)

- Chemistry (5 credits)

- U.S History 1 (5 credits)

- Spanish 1 (5 credits)

1st Semester Electives

- Physical Education 10 (2.5 credits)

- Theatre 2 (2.5 credits)

- Financial Literacy (Switching to Photography 1 or Graphic Design 1 if available) (2.5 credits)

2nd Semester Electives

- Health 10/Driver’s Education (2.5 credits)

- Criminal Justice (Switching to Psychology if available) (2.5 credits)

- Clothing 1 (2.5 credits)

Why ‘Soju-Studies’?

I honestly have no idea. I thought it sounded very cute, so I picked it… creativity was not flowing well, ok? Don’t come for me, it was a brain-fart!

Studyblrs I love a lot:

@studyblr @studyign @stuydies @studying-jedi @studying-hard @my-little-studyblr @hobifulstudies @mildlineurs @studydiaryofamedstudent @studyskylar @studywithinspo @tbhstudying @elkstudies @emmastudies @stillstudies @studywithinspo

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hi, carla! I actually have a similar question as lingvistiko. this is my new studyblr/langblr and I have no idea who to follow or where to start in regards to posts? I found you through my personal tumblr and I really like the stuff you post, but I don't really know many other blogs. do you have any recommendations as a more experienced langblr? I really appreciate any advice you send my way!!

hi!! welcome to the community :)

when it comes to finding people to follow, as i said before, try to find people who are learning the same languages as you and interact with people you like! i saw in your intro post that you’re learning italian and korean 

here are some blogs i know that are learning italian: @polyglot-oneday @languagenerds @thatwordofmine @langsandculture @otrapolyglot @hardlyfluent

here are some learning korean: @watashiwahaksaeng @woailanguages @studymission @chloestudiessometimes @gaijingrace @fromirelandtokorea

(if any of of my followers is learning italian and/or korean reblog this or hmu pls!!!!)

as for posts, you can make a vocab list in your target or even your native language (i think my first post was a vocab list in spanish hahha) you cant go wrong with those. honestly u can just share anything u like, u can explain a grammar point in ur target language, u can share a song and translate it, maybe even translate a funny meme! its all up to u. i hope this advice was helpful to u i wish u the best of luck with ur studies! 

Oh look, another Jojo/Jojo reference; so soon! This was based on a gag on the Ask Lars Alexandersson tumblr, and I decided to make a print of it because, why not? Plus, a lot of people feel that Tekken is getting more anime; why not include a Jojo pose feature (it would certainly make the intro/win poses more interesting!)?

…I can honestly say that I hate drawing Lars’ armour in Tekken 7, and I’ll probably avoid working on it so extensively again if I can help it.

(No I won’t, lmao). 

[TRANS] 160925 J-hope’s Log

September 25th 2016, J-hope’s log.

It’s been a long time since I filmed a log. How long has it been? I don’t know how long it has been but I’m filming it after a long time. This is my studio. I’m filming log alone at a studio like this. 

26th, so tomorrow is the 26th huh? My concept trailer Intro video is going to be revealed soon on the 26th. I’m really nervous. How will the response be like? I’m curious too. I came after a schedule so my mind was blank, but now come to think of it, it’s the release date tomorrow. I’m somewhat excited too. I want to quickly see the fans’ reactions and monitor myself. If something is released, there will be a lot of mentions and other stuffs. When I look at those, I would think “So I have worked hard”, “So my effort didn’t go in vain”. When our fans all over the world love it and leave us mentions and words like “You’re really cool”, it makes me emotional. I really love seeing things like that, and reactions too. My video is going to be revealed soon, I want to watch the reaction videos. Which part of the video will they like? Actually, I haven’t watched the final version too. I want to see it quickly, but now it’s being revealed… I want to watch it too. 

Tomorrow, the result of my hard work and effort is coming out, so I’m very excited. This time, I had sharpened my knife and practiced a lot to show people the best of me, to create some attachments with this video. I’m looking forward to tomorrow when it’s release. 

So, 3 years, my first intro after debuting for 3 years. Actually, rapper line has done it many times, Rap Monster and Suga-hyung have done it before. Many people often ask, “When will Hobi’s intro be out?”. Every time like that, honestly… There are people who await that day, who have anticipation for me. I always thought that I must repay their anticipation. So this time, through the intro, I combined that thought in and practiced even more. If I normally practice for 1 hour, then I would do for 1 more hour, double the time of practicing. I made time for practicing and focused like that. I hope many people would like it. This intro… I want to receive a lot of applause for this. It’d be great if they can give me a big hand. I want to hear people saying “As expected of Hobi” when they watch the video. When I think of this, it feels like I’m born to be a singer. 

Anyway, we are going to show how we are through the soon-to-be-release intro. I think I have put my emotions into today’s log. Actually, it’d be great if I film logs regularly, I can film regularly, but I just can’t get my thoughts out. It’s been 5 minutes already. Anyway, it’s good that I can show my heart through this log. I worked really hard so please wait until it’s released. And after it’s released, please watch my video a lot to. 

You worked hard. 

September 25th 2016, J-hope’s log ends.

wow so i said i’d do something for 300 followers and i think i just hit 400 sometime today?? i’m probably making too big a thing out of this, but i’ve only had this blog for about a month and half, so even this much support was so surprising, but also super welcome :-) ilysm guys, thanks to each of my followers for helping me get this far <3

i’d like to give a special shoutout to @charllesmacaulay for being my awesome and hella encouraging intro to social mythology tumblr things!! honestly brittany, without you, i wouldn’t ever have had the courage to create stuff of my own, thank you <33

also shoutout to people i feel like i can actually call my friends lmao ( @constllations / @daniellewlds / @gansgay / @kingcnsey / @richavdpapen / @svcredstars ) i know i can be trash at keeping in contact, but ily kids!!!

bold - faves, italics - mutuals!

a - f

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rynne  asked:

Can we talk about bisexual!Usagi? Because I'm down for her epic destined love with Mamoru, but last week's Crystal episode was Makoto's intro, and you will never convince me that Usagi didn't develop a crush on Makoto from the moment they met. And I don't remember the old anime all that well, but I think I recall a really flirty friendship with Haruka as well.

Usagi is so so so crushing on like…ALL of the other scouts, it ain’t even funny. Bisexual Usagi is the only valid reading of the series honestly. 

Me on a first date: So what is your favorite Fall Out Boy album?

Them: That’s a hard question. Take This to Your Grave is such a pop-punk anthem, but I appreciate how emo From Under the Cork Tree is and Pete’s screams are a treasure. Then again, I feel like Infinity on High as a whole is under appreciated but has so many great, catchy songs. And while they’ve always been catchy, Folie à Deux is the epitome of catchy songs and even if they don’t make much sense, some of the lyrics really hit home. Believers Never Die was an A+ greatest hits album and honestly a great intro pack to FOB. Save Rock and Roll was an amazing comeback album though, but American Beauty/ American Psycho has some top-notch singles, and it makes me happy that I can jam to them on the radio. Oh but I can’t forget all those solid EP’s in between albums like PAX AM Days and My Heart Will Always Be the B-Side to My Tongue.


Me, stuffing breadsticks into my purse: We gotta go home and make out to the entire Fall Out Boy discography right now. You’re in.

You Meet Him At A Concert (Ashton/4)

Request: Can you make an ashton one where he meets you at a concert?



“Are you ready?” Your best friend, Jenny calls

“Yeah! I’m just getting my ticket!” You shout back

Tonight, you are going to see one of your favourite bands, All Time Low. You booked the tickets ages ago and now the night has finally arrived. You’re so excited!

You rush downstairs and say goodbye to your parents, “Dad are you still picking us up?”

“Yes, I’m still picking you up. Now go on, go have fun” He smiles

You and Jenny make your way out to the bus stop just down the road.

“Hey, I’m really excited” Jenny beams when you reach the stop.

“I know so am I! I’ve just got this feeling that it’s going to be the best night ever!”


“Well I’m gonna go to the bar, you want anything?” You announce when the two of you have found your place

“Erm, just a coke!” Jenny smiles

“Coming up” You reply, before going to find the bar.

You eventually find it back at the front of the venue, and you wait in the growing crowd of people. You’re being pushed around by people in front of you, beside you and behind you. You’re about to give up on buying drinks, as this is just getting ridiculous. But as you stand there, determined to stay where you are, you’re pushed by someone in front of you and your head smacks off the person behind you.

“Ow!” both you and the person behind you exclaim in unison

You turn around, “I’m so sorry! I got pushed by someone in front of me, I’m really, really sorry!”

“Hey, don’t worry about it” the young guy smiles at you, and you instantly recognise him. But you don’t want to seem creepy and mention it, so you play it cool.

“It’s so crowded here” You state

“Yeah” he laughs “You can say that again”

You don’t quite know what to say after that so you go to turn back around, but he speaks up, “So, you a big All Time Low fan?”

You nod, “Yeah, I am! Take it you are too”

He nods, “Always have been and now…err…I don’t want to brag or anything, but now they’re good friends of mine…you know who…”

You nod, “I do, don’t worry. You’re not bragging. You’re friends with them, I know you are”

He giggles anxiously, “Yeah sorry, I just never know if people recognise me or not, I kinda never know what to expect”

You laugh, “It’s okay. I recognised you straight away but I guessed you didn’t want a big fuss so I didn’t say anything”

He smiles at you, thankfully “Thanks. I’m sorry but I don’t even know your name…”

“(Y/N)” You announce

“Hi, err, I’m Ashton” He says biting his lip

“Yeah, I know” You state

Her nervously giggles, scratching the back of his neck at the same time.

After that, the two of you do nothing but talk. You talk about All Time Low, you talk about other bands, his band, you, him…you talk about pretty much everything. You actually find that the two of you have a lot on common, and it’s almost as if you’re not talking to Ashton Irwin from 5 Seconds of Summer…you’re just talking to some guy you bumped into. Which, you suppose, is what it is.

“What can I get you two?” The guy at the bar says as the two of you approach it

“Oh, err” he stutters “She’s first, not me”

“Oh no, you go first” You insist

“You were in front of me, you go” He smirks

You smile, “Thanks Ashton”

“Can I have two cokes please?” You ask the bartender

He smiles and nods before proceeding to bring you your drinks.

“You’re here with a friend?” Ashton asks you

“Yeah, she’s called Jenny. She’s waiting at our spot” You explain

He nods, “Cool”

The bartender gives you your drinks and you pay him. Once you’re done, Ashton orders his drink and you decide to wait for him.

A minute later and you’re squeezing out the crowd of people to get to an empty spot.

“Where are you and your friend tonight?” Ashton asks you

“We’re over there” You say, gesturing over to where you had left Jenny.

“Right well, give me that drink and I’ll carry it there for you” He suggests

“I can’t ask you to do that” You object

“No, seriously, I err, I want to” He blushes

“Well if you insist”

You lead him to where Jenny is and you have to warn her with your eyes not to freak out. She loves 5sos. You hand her the drink you carried, and Ash hands you your coke.

“Jenny this is Ashton, I bumped into him in the crowd for the bar. Pretty much head-butted him in the chin. Ashton this is Jenny” You introduce

“Hi Jenny” Ashton says politely

“Oh my god hi” Jenny pretty much squeals

“Hey (Y/N)?” Ashton begins


“I mean, I know we’ve only just met but I’ve really enjoyed spending this short time together. So I was just wondering if I could have your number?” He asks, anxiously

You blush, “Erm, yeah sure. Pass me your phone”

He takes his phone out of his pocket and hands you it, and you enter your number and save it to his phone, “There you go. Text me anytime!”

“I will, thanks (Y/N)” He grins “I should get back to the boys, but it was nice meeting you two”

“Wait! The other boys are here?” Jenny questions.

You want to face-palm at her eagerness.

Ashton laughs, “Yeah, yeah. They’re all backstage with the guys from All Time Low”

Jenny’s eyes nearly fall from her sockets, “That’s so cool!”

Ashton bursts out laughing, “See you two later!”

“Bye!” we call together

“Oh my god, look at you two getting on well together!” Jenny exclaims once Ashton has walked away

Before you can reply, the lights go off and the intro begins to play. It’s time for you to see one of your favourite bands for the very first time. Except, you’re even more hyped than you were before. You just gave Ashton Irwin your number because he actually asked for it. How cool is that?


“Was it good?” Your dad asks as you and Jenny climb into the car once you exit the venue

“Yeah, it was so good!” You call

“Honestly, Jack Barakat must be some kind of God. Gosh, I love that man!” Jenny continues

You laugh, “I don’t know, Mr Gaskarth was looking pretty fine tonight”

“So did Zack. And Rian” Jenny adds “….just, all of them! All of them are fine to the bones!”

You and Jenny laugh as your dad rolls his eyes. He still hasn’t got used to the whole teenage-daughter-crushing-on-band-members thing yet. You don’t expect he ever will.

Your phone beeps and you just expect it to be your mum asking if you’re on your way back yet, but your heart skips a beat when you realise it’s from an unknown number. There’s only really one logical person it can be.

Hi (y/n) it’s Ashton here. So, did you enjoy yourself tonight? They were insane! :)



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