i honeslty think the dynamic between these two could never be topped

The Flarrow Screening - It was real

Usually, when you start to write, you know where to begin. You know what you are gonna tell your audience, you know how it’s gonna end. Today, I’m not sure where to start, I don’t know what to say. The entire Flarrow Screening experience has been so overwhelming that it’s pretty hard to summarize everything, to put a name on every emotion and to not forget anything.

How it began

I’ve never been the kind of girl who wins stuff. I’ve never won anything at the lotto or even at the local bingo when I was a kid! I’m pretty lucky in life as I live in the US now and fair enough, this country offers much more opportunities than many other, especially when it comes to TV shows.  A lot of people asked me how I manage to win. Well, easy answer :) I entered… and I won! Pure luck! I haven’t entered everyday… I did ask my friends to enter the contest but I’m the one who won at the end. I’ve had a really hard time settling in the US so I saw this as a payback from the universe :)

I received the email just after Draw Back your Bow. I finished my review on the episode, was about to post it and just checked my emails before that. I could not believe it! I could not believe this was real! I actually had to have the CW bracelet around my wrist to really believe we would make it (nice reminder on the stroke jbuffyangel, i almost forgot!).

What goes through your mind at this moment is just indescribable. I was to see the entire cast of my favourite TV shows. The shows I’m dedicated to. The shows that rhythm my week and make me happy. The actors I follow on Twitter and consider like my babies. There’s just no word for that! Just a gasp, followed by a lot of pacing, reading the email over and over again! Don’t forget the shakes… I was shaking for one hour! I’m a really rational person but this just blew out my mind!!

When you enter a contest, you don’t necessarily think that you’re gonna win. You think that you may win but quickly, the reason takes over and you realize that the odds may not be in your favor. This is nothing else that a defense mechanism to avoid disappointment. I’ve always told myself though that if I was to win, I would totally invite @jbuffyangel… Looks like I kept my word :) I told Jen that I truly believe that if you do good for people, people will do good for you. Jen is somehow (and I haven’t told you this hun), the one who brought me back to writing and blogging, for the first time in English. To me, that would deserve at least a ticket to see the cast of Arrow and the Flash!

Once my brain was back to normal functioning, I HARASSED Jen, I literally HARRASSED her. She could probably tell the story from her side but I was so afraid she wouldn’t get the message on time that I harass her to answer my messages… after an episode like the Cupid one… yeah, good try Em, but Jen was really likely to be writing her meta at that time! She indeed reply the morning after :) and then it was organized! We were to go to LA to attend the premiere of the Flash and Arrow crossover. Blow minding!

Meeting Jen

I won’t bother you with the details of the logistics to organize a last minute trip. I’m from Northern California so literally I can drive to LA… for 8 hours but still. Was not that much of a big deal! My boss gave me Friday off for me to enjoy my screening. Sweet!

I arrived in LA on Friday night – Jen was to land on Saturday midday. By pure curiosity, I drove by the theatre in the am.

There was a massive line waiting in front of the theater!!! And it was only 10 am! Guys, at that very moment, I freaked out! I freaked out big time because I was on my way to pick up Jen and there was no way on Earth we would make it on time to have good seats! Nothing like a wrong impression to increase your adrenaline. We learnt later on there was an event in the am and it was not at all a line for the arrow. Pfffeeww relieved!!

But let’s come back to the story. I was on my way to the airport to pick up Jen. In LAX… not that this airport is the most gigantic airport ever… To meet someone in such a massive space, it requires a bit of organization! Especially when you’ve never seen each other… We made it though!

It’s funny how quickly you can bond with someone you share a passion with J a few miles on the motorway and here we are talking Olicity theories and Arrow concepts. I don’t know how many of you can talk about their obsession… no, sorry… addiction to their friends and family but this is surely not my case. My entourage doesn’t understand this side of me and most of the time is not even aware of it.  It was just a fantastic experience to be able to talk with Jen about Arrow, Olicity, Oliver, felicity, Black Canary, etc… And you all know that, Jen is pretty amazing, right? You know what, she’s the very same in real life! She’s funny, spiritual, super smart and so loveable! If I would like to be really cheesy, I could say that she’s a big part of the reason why this event was so unforgettable and unbelievable!

The wait

Queuing is a part of the full experience. There’s no fan event without a bit of Queuing and a bit of bonding. It’s one of the most genuine and loveable part of it. You cue, you talk to people who share the same interest as you, you get to know them, you exchange names and numbers. You sometimes meet people who aer hardcore comics fan (I was surprised how many they were!!) They are of course 100% Lauriver fans – sorry, can’t talk to you or we’ll start a fight in the middle of the queue! Some fans are REALLY onto it! Like quiver and T-shirts onto it! Some have seen some light and decided to give it a go. The crowd is eclectic but they share one thing : everyone is really enthusiastic! No drama, just a crowd eager to see what will happen. We happened to be next to the parking entrance and get to see the limos dropping off Stephen Amell and Co.

The excitement spreads in the crowd… we’re almost there. LA is getting colder as the sun goes down but the crowd goes suddenly warm when Stephen Amell appears in person to greet fans! Bless this guy! May this god of hotness and smile be blessed! I honeslty thught I would react like this :

But instead I was pretty petrified. And I was not the only one! Everyone was so quiet… like OMG, he’s here!!!! He’s fucking here!!! There was a lot of swearing when he appeared!! WE SAW STEPHEN AMELL!!!!!!!!! He was the first one we saw and somehow the most important!

Unfortunately he stopped 5 feet from us… gutted! I envied Jen so much being tall… from my 4'9, i couldn’t see much…But still, we saw him from really close and we would never have this opportunity if it was not for the event. I’ll come back on Steven Amell later on, in the second part of this recap :)

(there’s nothing as rewarding as a crappy photo of your favorite actor!)

Then goes the ID check and bracelet (I’m still wearing mine). The best informed fans share what is about to happen “there’ll be goodies for everyone and a surprise at the end” SWWEEEEEEETT!!!! Open the doors guys!!! After bumping into Mrs Amell (damn she’s gorgeous!) and Jen recognizing Captain Boomerang, We are good to go! Let’s enter the dream.


The screening was organized in 3 parts : The Flash and Arrow screening back to back, the Q&A session and the surprise – the projection of the Winter Finale teasers.

The episodes

I won’t spoil here in terms of what had already been released BEFORE the projection, I’m just gonna give my opinion on a few things.

The Flash

If I had to choose between the two episodes, I would be Team Flash (and not because of my Star Lab Tshirt!). I’m an Arrow fan first and if I had to choose one show between the two, I would go Arrow 100%.


The Flash vs Arrow is such a great episode. It combines character development, humor, action, romance, team bonding and unexpected sequences (ish..). Grant Gustin delivers a spectacular performance in this episode, Diggle is incredibly funny, Oliver’s entrance is to die for, Cisco is as hilarious as ever, Whels as mysterious as ever too! Add on top of that some A-MA-ZING special effects, some core team Arrow, team Flash, a real relationship developed between the two worlds and you have the recipe for an excellent episode.

The crowd couldn’t stop laughing and cheering – it was a fantastic moment. Some lines are incredibly funny – you’ll understand when you’ll watch it! The strength of the Flash relies on combining all these components with a really good story. It works! I’ve never believed I would love the Flash so much but I do. I don’t ship West Allen. I could ship SnowBarry… but I just watch the Flash for the Flash! Love it!

Don’t make me wrong, it’s really hard to pick when you watch the two episodes back to back. They have such a different style, a different atmosphere, a different dynamic. Give it a try someday. Watch one episode of the Flash followed by one of Arrow. The shift in dynamic is obvious. That’s what we felt with Jen last night and that how the crowd reacted as well.


As soon as the Flash was over, the darker side of Arrow took over. Think about it, The Flash mainly happens during day light when Arrow is mainly a night show. The two heroes have a lot in common but have different personalities, different pasts and are at totally different stages emotionally speaking. It impacts their respective show drastically.

The Arrow episode was really good as well. The team was still at the centre of the episode but somehow, Oliver is not as important in this episode as Barry is in his. This is just my opinion, 24 hours after watching the show, without (obviously) rewatching it. In this episode, we have our bad guy, the beautiful Team Arrow (and Olicity) moments, the sweet moments that tear us up J , the incredible stunts and a good portion of humor as well, brought by Colton, Diggle, Cisco and Felicity as usual. One of our favourite elements of the show is used a bit differently and IT’S FUNNY! Genuinely speaking, my memories begin to fade already and the sleep deprivation not helping, I struggle to remember the entire episode! I know, this is shameful!!

What I remember though is that THE END of this episode is the best moment of BOTH episodes. Yes, Arrow Episode, you win on that one! Let’s call it a tie!

The teaser

I’m gonna talk about the teaser quickly as it is still episode related. I’ll develop an article on the actors and Q&A a bit later on. Either tonight or tomorrow (I have 4 hour sleep and 8 hour drive in my system at the moment… it’s pretty unbalanced!).

I’m not a Flash addict so unfortunately, I don’t know what has been revealed so far for the Winter finale so I prefer not taking about it! It looks awesome as such, dramatic and intense.

Once more I won’t spoil anything about the Arrow teaser. AT ALL. If there’s anything that should not be spoken of, it would be this teaser. This is the first time I’ve seen a teaser for Arrow looking like a movie. Looking like I would pay some serious money to actually see this. Marc promised a 9 out of 10 Olicity scene. I think he’ll deliver. Stephen Amell promised a season finale quality episode, I think it will be better than our two first season finales. Maybe we were just really high on Arrow emotions and we found the teaser absolutely fantastic… or maybe it just promises to be a fantastic piece of Arrow.

TBC… Actors and the end of the journey… tomorrow!