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Card Suits AU - King of Hearts, Ouma Kokichi

Ok so I came up with the idea for this au at like 3 in the morning and it stuck with me for the entire day, so now here I am. 

I’ll probably post something separate explaining a little more about this au, but basically all of the ndrv3 characters represent one of the four card suits and hold a position of either King, Queen, Jack, or Ace.

Will I do the rest of the Royal Flush? Probably. Should I be stopped? Probably.

Anyway @royalflushstories, you only have yourselves to blame. 

Royal Flush: 10, Jack, Queen, King, Ace, Joker

grandpa: my facebook screen is small, what do i do?

me: oh, here. you just click this fullscreen button like so, and there we are.


grandpa: i knew how to do it, though, i was making sure you were still sharp.

Choi Seunghyun -  “Can you guys just fuck already?”

@chanyeolspout​ asked: NEVER too early for TOP!!! So I’ll have him with “can you guys just fuck already?” I love you I’m happy you’re back get KakaoTalk so CL and I can fangirl over your beautiful self being back.

Warning: Contains smut, biting and control tendencies. If that is a trigger for you, please don’t read.

The jagged edge of his angled jaw felt sharp under your fingers as they caressed along it, his piercing gaze not leaving your eyes. Bravely, your shyness drowned in one too many shots of whatever expensive Japanese liquor you were being feed, you allow a brazen smirk to play across your lips in response. The flicker of his eyes to your mouth only causes it to grow, one side perking slightly higher than the other.

Your body shifts closer to his, breasts pressing heavily against his muscled bicep as your knee edges it’s way slightly over the expensive suit pants covering his thighs. Silently you thank the choice of restaurant, a traditional Japanese one, for it’s lack of chairs allowing you to move this close to him. His lips grin deeper, and he bows low to whisper something carefully into your ear, humid breath caressing against it’s shell.

‘Another one?’ He questions with a gesture to the bottle on the crowded table, the smoothness of his low tone sending a shiver straight to your core. A hand comes to cup against the one you were using to explore his jaw, which he pulls away quickly before spreading the palm open, drawing it to his lips for a quiet kiss.

Your shoulders shrug, uncommitted as his smile broadens and his pouty mouth rubs against the flesh of your palm again before he licks a strip down your inner wrist. Tiny pinpricks of  pleasure shoot through your skin at the contact, only fueling the fire that was burning wildly inside you.

You don’t know how this had happened. You don’t know how the supposed plan has gone awry, or how Seunghyun had found you so irresistibly attractive that he’d been willing to sabotage it so easily. You don’t even know why he’d barely been able to look anywhere else but at your cleavage the whole night. As far as you were concerned, you were in the swanky private room of the restaurant as part of a ploy to set you up with someone other than Seunghyun. It had been Jiyong who’d been the apparent intended target - a blind date arranged by a friend and casual in theory. When you’d shown up to the address, however, it had been a different story. The two men, both impeccably dressed in suits, had begun vying for your attention. Seunghyun’s chiseled jaw, his stony gaze and fresh dewy skin had you stunned from first glance, making it obvious within the first few minutes who had the upper hand. It was game over for Jiyong before he’d even poured the first shot with his delicately long fingers.

‘Jesus…,’ Jiyong lets out a slow sigh, reminding you of his presence in the room. ‘Why am I even still here? You’ve clearly won.’ His voice is curt, his position from across the table isolating him from the intimacy of Seunghyun’s touches on your body, and yours on his. It was obvious Jiyong’s comment was directed at Seunghyun, but if it wasn’t for the alcohol that Seunghyun had kept pouring making your head spin you’d probably have paid more attention to it. You would have realized that you were part of something bigger between the two. But honestly, even if you weren’t drunk you don’t know if you would have cared. Seunghyun was intoxication enough.

‘You tell me…’ Seunghyun chuckles, his gaze coming to rest on the upset face of Jiyong, the smirk he’d given you hardening and becoming more sinister.

‘Can you guys just fuck already?’ Jiyong spits nastily, his anger at having lost whatever game they were playing evident as he draws himself up already. ‘I’m done with this. It’s fucking stupid.’

‘Have fun with the ratty club hoes at Cake Shop, my friend.’ Seunghyun’s sentence is punctuated with a chuckle, his eyes leaving you again to watch as Jiyong stands, pushing himself up from the low, non-existent seating of the floor. Before you can even spare a goodbye he is out the door, the sting of his defeat too much for him to bare.

‘Was this some weird game both of you had going on?’ You question, unable to ignore the obviousness any longer.

‘A bet.,’ Seunghyun admits without a hint of embarrassment, another kiss feathering across your wrist. ‘Fifty million weon to whoever you chose to stay longer with, two hundred million weon if said person manages to sleep with you.’ His mouth moves slowly, dotting kisses in a smooth line towards the joint of your elbow. Honestly, you should have felt embarrassed. You should have felt shame in being reduced to a silly little gamble between two friends. But the softness of Seunghyun’s touches had your core melting, and you couldn’t deny that the idea you were a valued prize between the two men was only fueling the heat in the pit of your stomach.

‘I’m only worth 200 million?,’ You pout, playing coy as you attempt to tug your wrist away from him. ‘I’m disappointed.’ His hand grips tightly against your skin, fingernails puckering hard red dents into the flesh as a flash of annoyance appears in his eyes. Your heart flicks a beat of panic before he eases off, and you pout down at him with furrowed eyebrows.

‘I’m not submissive. Not in the least. If this is going to happen, you need to know I don’t play like that.,’ His voice has dropped lower than before, an edge of seriousness crisp in his words. ‘If you want his to happen, you have to submit to me. I guarantee it will be worth your while.’

Suddenly, it was all too overwhelming. His cute flirtatiousness had nose dived, and you were unsure of what you had gotten yourself into. Hiding under his lustful exterior was a dominant big bad wolf - one you had no idea how far would take it.

‘So, you’re saying I just have to sit back and take whatever you throw at me?,’ Your arm tugs away from his, snapping from his hold on your wrist with a sharp jerk. ‘And I’m meant to sit here with a smile while you get 200 million weon out of it? Do you know how ridiculous that sounds?’

‘It’s not like that at all. I won’t take it easy on you. I’ll be rough. But if you don’t like something I’m doing, I’ll stop. It has to be consensual.,’ He responds. ‘But trust me, you’ll be smiling through it all. I guarantee.’ His confidence has you believing every word almost immediately.

‘And I’m meant to ignore the fact this is all a game for you? A silly bet with a friend?’ You question, still confused.

‘Would you have said no if you didn’t know about the bet?,’ He counters, an eyebrow raising curiously. ‘The only reason Jiyong mentioned it was because he didn’t want me to win. It’s a tactic. He’s sneaky like that. But I was honest, wasn’t I? I’m not holding anything back, all my cards are on the table.’

He had a point. If you’d never known, you’d still be wowed by his irresistible charm, legs pressing together in a desperate attempt to sate the desire he was making you feel between your legs. Surprisingly, the development of his dangerous edge was not off putting - his honesty in his intentions was refreshing. Most men didn’t make themselves so clear.

‘And we’re doing it here?’ You question again.

‘You’re overthinking it.,’ His silken pink lips turn upwards into a smile. ‘Let’s just play for a little bit. No one will come in. I promise. If you want to stop, tell me.’ He leans forward, palm returning to grip your wrist with a mild force, head tilting towards yours for a full kiss. His mouth opens, free hand reaching to cup your chin and draw you towards him. In a second, his tongue is looping around yours, nails drawing a sharp sting against your face as he drags them towards your mouth. Oddly, the sensation coupled with the delicate emotion of the kiss has a deep groan clawing itself from your throat. It passes on to Seunghyun, and you feel his lips smile against yours.

‘Jesus…’ You say as you pull back, confused at the pleasure such a rough move had offered you.

‘I told you you’d like it.,’ Seunghyun chuckles, fingers gripping around your wrist again in a tight squeeze. ‘I can spot the ones who do a mile away. Even if there was no bet, we’d be exactly where we are right now.’ He releases your hand, a rough shove of your shoulder asking you to lay backwards. You comply immediately, body falling against the cushions on the tatami floor, arranged in a single row along the side of the low table.

Seunghyun is on top of you in seconds, pulling both hands above your head in a sharp twist, and pinning them down as he comes to hover over you. His lips press into you, teeth flashing a sharp bite into the flesh of your mouth. He works carefully to not break the skin, but the sting is still tart and causes your hips to jolt upwards towards him. Pulling away only briefly to relieve himself of the constraints of his suit jacket, the luxe material pulled off his broad shoulders and lost on the floor in a matter of seconds, he sets to work on your neck as one hand still pins your arms above your head.

His kisses are rough, sucking aches against your collarbone that you know will leave bruises in the morning. You don’t have time to think about it, though, because his flurried pace is contagious, and the frantic energy he has is seeping straight into your core. For the first time, his teeth graze against your skin in a deliberate prick and another moan slips from your mouth. Your breathing heavy, chest heaving, you don’t try to hide the pleasure he is giving you - each mark blossoming a sin against your skin you never knew before.

‘Shit…’ Is all you can manage, his heady movement rushing straight to the junction between your thighs. You’d never experienced anything that turned you on so quickly before. Your hip bones press up, and with a smirked laugh Seunghyun’s large hand presses them down towards the floor again.

‘Patience.,’ He coos softly. ‘Let me work on this pretty neck of yours first.’ The palm on your hip bone skips across your torso, the material of your dress hitching ever so slightly as it is dragged upwards. His fingers, long and slender, find their way to your collarbone, caressing gentle circles against the red patches already displaying themselves.

His tongue is on your throat in seconds, teeth soon following to nash against the flesh. A sharp gasp slips from you at a particularly rough bite, Seunghyun lifting his head to check in on you. Your lips form a pout, sadness peeking at the corners of your mouth due to the loss of contact.

‘Hmm?’ You protest wordlessly.

‘Too rough?,’ He questions. ‘I don’t want to put you off on your first time with me.’ You shake your head, cheeks puffing outwards.

‘No. I like it.’ You blink at him behind hooded eyelids, unaware of the effect it would have on him.

‘I told you I could pick it.,’ He chuckles, smile playing softly. ‘I don’t think I’ve ever had a girl respond like this, though. Now, let’s go.’ He pulls himself up, offering an arm to you. You take it, and in one swift tug he has yanked you upwards in a sharp jerk.

‘Where?’ You ask, confusion at the sudden change of plan.

‘Cake Shop. I’m feeling like I want to rub you in Jiyong’s face a little bit before I take you home.,’ Seunghyun’s voice is matter of fact. ‘That little shit was all talk this morning. I want him to see your neck and how you let me play with you, so he knows without a doubt what I am going to do to you tonight. God, he’ll be pissed he missed out on someone so into it.’  

You knew that your hair had fallen out from being rubbed against the tatami mat floor. You knew that your lipstick was half smeared across your face and your eyeliner was smudged due to the heated kisses Seunghyun had offered you. You even knew that the low cut neckline of your dress offered no coverage of the deep bruises he had sucked into your skin. But as he reached for his coat, and as he cast a questioning eye back your way after standing, hand out and offered to you, you knew there was no way you could deny him. 

Because a man like Seunghyun, who exuded such natural control, could get you to follow him anywhere. 

My Brothers’ Keeper- Brothers Thomas & John Shelby

Request// Please may I request one where John has a twin sister please and how she fits into the whole family dynamic??? Thank you love!

*Getting back into the rhythm of things and correct me if I’m wrong, but the Peaky community has grown quite a bit since last time a wrote! More to come.Also this gif is from @fin0nia! xoxox*


You’d admit that it didn’t take much to ruffle your feathers, but this was an all time low…even for John. By the time you found him in the shop, he was already up on the board, writing up the daily figures. Lucky for him, you weren’t looking to make a seen today.

“Ah, just the idiot I wanted to see,” you gritted out as you gripped his forearm hard, pulling him into the closest empty office.

“Already in a sour mood, eh Y/N,” he taunted back.

“Enough of your nonsense, John,” you scowled him. You only felt free to speak openly once the office door was shut. “Mind telling me why Henry didn’t come to take me out this afternoon?”

He took a moment to think over his words before producing them. “Never liked him much anyways. A coward of a man he was.” He pulled out a cigarette and lighter from his pockets, trying to distract himself from your venomous glare.

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Date with a Hidden Weeb

I went on a  date with a hidden weeb. So I asked out a woman from my gym. She’s caucasian and cute and fit and a professional. Professional is really all I’m looking for, the rest is just a bonus and race doesn’t matter to me. So usually you date a white/black/latina or whitewashed api and get the “what are you?” question, right? Well, the hidden weeb got around to it very artfully. It was kind of worked into the “what do your parents do?” part of the date interrogation with a “where are your parents from” snuck in there with some cute tone. It was ok and much appreciated compared to asking my nationality. If you were wondering my passport says U.S.A. under nationality. Anyway, I explained that my father’s from the Netherlands but emigrated from Indonesia as he’s Javanese. Hidden Weeb was visibly disappointed. “Javanese? Wait don’t you mean Japanese?” Nope. Javanese. Java. Its like a different island further south from where you were hoping. “Oh I thought becuase your name contained Nomo you were Japanese” - as if I intentially misled her masquerading as a Japanese person with a fake last name. She was not happy. I tried to keep the rest of the date fun for both of us but she just wasn’t up to it. Thinking she had finally snagged her ultimate prize - a for real Japanese (/American?) guy! - but alas she wasn’t a big enough person to hide her disappointment and resentment towards me. She got out of there as quickly as possible. She’s annoying at the gym now, like I’m a second class citizen or something but whatever, I hold all the cards now possessing the secret of the hiddden weeb!

Ya know, it’s kinda a random thought, but I think my desk says a lot about me as a person.

If Cristiano Ronaldo becomes available then the best clubs in the world will be queuing up to sign him. But I still feel Real Madrid hold all the cards, it will be down to them.

Obviously as a Manchester United fan I’d love to see him go to Manchester United.

It’s fairy tale stuff. This is fans dreaming, fans were brought up being allowed to dream.

He’s the best player on the planet at the moment, he’s probably going to win the Ballon d’Or again, he won the league and the Champions League – who wouldn’t want that?

—  Rio Ferdinand
Supernatural Preference (How they deal with people bullying you)

Sam walks into the bunker only to find you in the library early from school sobbing on the floor. At first you didn’t notice, but when he slowly starts to approach you with a sympathetic look you start to relax.
“Whats wrong y/n/n?” you never want to tell your brothers why you’re sad because you hate to see them upset but you think he might as well know
“These stupid boys at school are teasing me, no big deal, I’m just being stupid” for some reason he looked calm and next thing he said really surprised you
“So these stupid boys would still be at school right now” you looked a bit confused by just nodded.
“Okay, I’ll be back” and like that he was gone.
*1 hour later*
It had been an hour and you wondered where your brother could be until a text came onto your phone, from sam
-sam: I got it sorted sweety, and I’m bringing home pizza for dinner :)

You sat on your bed sobbing, people are so mean to you, I mean high school is tuff enough without people judging you for how you look every 5 minutes. With the familiar sound of wings you open your eyes to reveal Lucifer. For a while now he has made it his personal mission to look out for you and always makes you feel better, so seeing him now was the biggest relief.
“Why are you crying y/n”
You really didn’t want to tell him out of fear of what he’d do to the people if he knew what they had said, but you thought it worth the risk.
“Some people at school have been making fun of me for how I look and it just got me really upset thats all”
Lucifer looked surprisingly calm but you could see he was frustrated by the clenching of his jaw.
“Who would these few people be”, he said trying not to give away to fact that he wanted to rip their heads off.
Once you told him the names he was gone in a flash.
*Lucifer at the bullies house*
Once Lucifer appeared in the room all the laughter that had once filled it stopped. Everyone looked terrified and so they should be.
“I heard you lot have been picking on y/n and if you don’t stop I can make you a lot more scared really quick”, he warned the group of teenagers in a surprisingly calm voice.
Some cried and some begged for their lives, but lets just say after Luci’s little visit the bullying stopped and his favourite human was a lot more happier.

Castiel doesn’t like conflict or hurting anyone so when he saw you on the kitchen floor eating a bucket of ice cream and your face covered in tears he felt worried and wanted to help as soon as possible.
“Whats wrong y/n?” he ask taking the spoon out of your hand and replacing it with his own.
“My friends at school have been spreading lies about me and it really hurt, and I just feel like I can’t trust anyone”
Cas looked at you with sadness in his eyes.
“You can always trust me y/n and I’ll always be here to make you happy” and with the flutter of his wings you were waiting in line for a ride at a carnival some where in Europe. Knowing that this was Cas’ way of saying I love you and everything will be alright you grabbed his hand and kissed his cheek, knowing that everything would be okay.

Gabriel hates seeing you sad and can always make you feel better, so when he appeared in your room with bags full of candy you guessed he already knew about the problems you’d been having with mean messages online.
“Hey kiddo, don’t listen to them”, he smiled as he closed your computer.
“Its nothing a little candy and cuddles can’t fixed”, you smiled as you made room for Gabe.
“How about we also watch some Simpsons” you suggested, knowing it was both your favourite t.v. show.
Gabriel just stared at you and slowly smiled.
“Hells yeah!” he said as a few Simpsons discs appeared in his hands.

Balthazar was always one for perfect timing and today was no exception. Lately boys at school had been shoving you against walls while girls called you horrible things.
“You’re a fat fucking loser you know that right, and know one will ever love you” as soon as those words came out of Sarah Joson’s mouth for the thousandth time, Balthazar appeared right behind her so only you could see.
“Oh, uh, sorry, but um did I just hear you correctly.”
All four girls flipped their heads around only to be shocked to see Balthazar (who was disguised as a teacher) holding up detention cards for all of them.
“I don’t tolerate bullying, so I guess I’ll be seeing you awful ladies in detention on Friday after school.”
As he ushers them off to class he winks at you with a big smile.

Michael was a powerful archangel so of course he was going to use that to his advantage when he found out his favourite human was being wet with hoses and laughed at by awful people at school.
Michael appeared into every single one of their rooms walking slyly by their winds or wardrobes scaring the crap out of each and everyone of them. Each of them gave a terrified reaction and lets just say that after his little visit, y/n was never bullied again in fear of the strange man coming through their window again and killing them. 

Even though Dean doesn’t like showing emotion that much, when he finds out that you’d starting harming yourself again because of the things people had been doing and saying to you at school he was more than a little upset.
You sat on the cold tiled floor of the bathroom with your brother just holding you.
“y/n I never want you to do this ever again”, you manage to hear through a choked up voice.
“Those people are not worth it and you are way better than this. So how about we stop the tears and I get us both some hot chocolate and we watch, ‘The good, the bad and the ugly’”, even though you both had tears in your eyes you gave each other big smiles, which continued through out the night, thanks to the best brother ever.

Your brothers never really knew of your friendship with Crowley, but when he came into your room one night to comfort you after a long day of school work and bullies, the boys were less than impressed.
“Crowley, what the HELL were you doing in y/n’s room”, you heard your brother Dean shout.
When you heard this you feared for your friends life and ran out of your room.
“Guys leave him alone, Crowley’s my friend and he was helping me feel better about people at school so he was reading to me.” 
Your brothers looked shocked, but once they noticed your dried tears and the smile you gave Crowley they knew you’d be safe.

****Okay so this is my first time ever writing something like this so don’t judge me too harshly. I might start writing things like this once in a while, but please no requests. I hope everyone enjoyed it and if anyone has POSITIVE advice or feedback please message me.****

I bought a ygo tin awhile ago and it’s already almost full smh. When the semester starts back up I’ll probably get another one.

only in the Miraculous Ladybug fandom can you need 4 different pairing names to describe all the possible ship dynamics of the same OTP


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Am i the only one that i like feeling the pain that drama causes even if it is hard to watch and analyze? For me that is good drama. And i want robron even if robert turned to a serial killer cause its fucking fiction. But i want for once for robert to feel that aaron is not the gay man that was always and always will be in love with him. I want robert to feel threatened ,aaron to be the one in control

I’m not a huge fan of drama for drama’s sake. For me good drama is when the drama makes sense. Which is why I was having trouble with this particular storyline. BECAUSE LITERALLY NOTHING MAKES SENSE! I’m so confused by how deliberately 2015 if feels. It’s like they took 2015 and Spinal Tapped it. They just turned it up to 11. People acting OTT and OOC. Seriously, was I suppose watch Robert in last Thursday’s episodes and not laugh like a lunatic as he tried hiding from Ross and then raced out of town while practically smacking his head against the window? It was ridiculous. Which is why I continue to live on the border of Denial Land and Theoriesville. I feel like we’re still missing something or we still haven’t been given all the information. Maybe it’s The Theory™, The Theory™ 2.0 or maybe it’s my ridiculous spice dream plot Theory™  (listen people they are messing with time and at this point I don’t put anything past them) I’ve decided to roll with it. Just to have fun with it and my attitude and enjoyment has improved ten fold. I will say if you want someone is who almost next level loving this check out my girl Rachel (@aarondinglestears). Her love of the ONS is near frightening but I love her anyway.

I know that everyone always thinks Robert holds all the cards but if you really think about it he really doesn’t. He’s terrified ALL THE TIME that he is going to lose Aaron. That’s his biggest fear in life. Everyone focuses on Aaron’s insecurities but Robert has just as many. He’s never felt good enough, loved enough. Even Aaron has pushed him to “change” and “be better”. So then when he does screw up he tries to cover it and makes it 100x worse than had he admitted his mistakes in the first place because he’s convinced himself that he’s not good enough for Aaron. So in that respect I don’t agree that Robert is in total control. Now if we’re talking about some UNFOUNDED jealousy I would be all over that. Aaron finally convinces Robert to go out to a gay bar but Robert’s still not comfortable with it. So he sits on the side while Aaron plays pool and laughs it up with some of the other guys. Robert seething with envy every time someone casually pats Aaron on the back or throws an arm around his should because they are winning. Aaron’s completely oblivious until finally Robert grabs him by the hand pulling him toward the loo. Pushing him up against the wall. Branding him with kisses and Aaron just laughs a little and says he would have taken Robert there a lot sooner had he known the effect it would have on him. Yes please.

Pretty Bird Pt. 9 (Yoongi Angst)

Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 |


BTS members: Min Yoongi

Genre: Angst

Word Count: 3.151

Summary:  You are Big Hit’s newest trainee, and you have the luck to be tutored by BTS. But the thing is no one asked them before installing you in their dorm. They’re mad, but you’re stronger than you look.

N/A: Feedback is more than welcome!

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The first rehearsal was a nightmare, just as you expected.

At first, they thought your idea was great, but as time passed you proved yourself unable to come up with a concept that could bring your idea to life. You did not have the time to create an elaborate and complicated choreography, and the members were struggling as much as you were trying to find the point the performance was lacking.

‘Guys, we need to focus.’ Namjoon had spent the past half an hour trying to bring everyone’s opinion together, adding it to the pieces of information they had at hand. ‘We need to specify which song we are using for the performance… We cannot use all of them. So: What am I to you and I Need U or Hold me Tight and House of Cards? All of them? None? ’

‘We have too many options and to make an arrangement would be a complete chaos.’ Yoongi’s realism brought them back to reality. ‘We don’t have twenty minutes to do what we want on stage. ’ The mood was grim, as they stared at the floor in defeat. They had wasted the last two hours just trying to find a way to make it work, bringing up every thought that crossed their minds, no matter how ridiculous it was.

Nothing seemed right.

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Hi, can I please have a past/pres/future reading? Thank you 💜💜

Past, 10 of Stones Reversed: Obstacles, delay, and displeasure. It would seem that you’ve had your fair share of hardship in the past, leaving you feeling like you’re not where you should be, and unhappy with your place in life. 

Present, God of Stones Reversed: Persecution, violence, tyranny. Perhaps what you have been through in the past has prepared you for what you’re going through now. Be it someone you know personally, or some other force affecting your life, things are not easy for you right now. 

Future, Three of Stones Reversed: Hopes, desires, attempts, and wishes. Clearly you have been through and are going through a lot in your life, but I think there’s always something to say for hopes and dreams. They have a profound affect on us and our lives. Listen to your dreams, and hold out hope. 

Over all I think it’s significant that every single card was reversed as well as a suit of stones (wands for a regular deck). It’s clear that things are not how you want them to be in your life, but that doesn’t mean you should give up. 

I hope this reading was helpful!! Good luck, and thank you for your patience  

The Boyfriend Tag


“Hey there world!” I grin, waving at the camera. Ashton giggles beside me, lifting his own hand as a greeting. “As you can see, I’ve got a very special guest with me this week.”

“Hey everyone!” Ashton beams, before turning to smile at me instead of the camera.

“You guys probably know, this is my boyfriend Ashton.” I smile, nudging him with my elbow. “And since so many of you have requested this, we’re finally going to do the Boyfriend Tag.”

“I’m going to get all of them right because I’m the best boyfriend ever.” Ashton grins cheekily, making me roll my eyes.

“Alright Irwin.” I scoff, grabbing my phone and opening the questions. “When did we meet?”

“January 2014, it was a Wednesday and you complained that it was raining so loudly in Starbucks to your friend that I got fed up and bought you a coffee to shut you up.”

“I was not complaining that-”

“Y/N everyone could hear you. I’m surprised they didn’t kick you out.”

“I wasn’t that bad.”

“Don’t worry baby.” He smirks, wrapping his arm around me and pulling me into his side. “I still thought you were cute.”

“Whatever.” I grumble, glancing at the next question. “What was your first impression of me?”

“Well we’ve already established you were complaining pretty loud-”

“ I wasn’t-”

“But like I said, I thought you were cute. Plus, when you actually smiled at me I thought you were beautiful.”

“Thanks.” I blush, looking down at my hands. Ashton nudges me playfully, grinning when I look up at him. “I was just grateful for the free drink.”

“Glad to know that’s  what made you fall for me.” He smirks, making me laugh. “Go ahead, laugh at me. I know what I’m worth now, and it’s free coffee.”

“Yep.” I grin, my eyes moving back to my phone. Ashton chuckles, his lips brushing my temple in a short kiss. I smile at the gesture, before reading the next question, which changes my smile to a smirk of my own. “What was our first date?”

“Oh..erm..it was..” Ashton stutters, looking at me worriedly. I lift an eyebrow, waiting patiently. “We..I took you..”

“Yes?” I grin, and he sighs. “Come on Ash, first date, important moment in our relationship, what did we do?”

“I don’t know.” He pouts, squeezing my hip. “It was so long ago!”

“I have a picture of us on it on my mirror! You literally see it everyday.”

“Oh! OH!”” His face lights up, looking between me and the camera excitedly. “It was the beach cafe! I knew that!”

“You had no idea Mr I’m The Best Boyfriend Ever.” I chuckle, and he smiles sheepishly. “It’s okay, we did go on like seventeen dates in a week.”

“It wasn’t seventeen.” He chuckles, grinning at the camera. “By the time I finally asked Y/N out, we only had a week and a half before I went on tour, so we had to cram in a load of dates before I left.”

“Which is why he can’t remember the first one.” I clarify. “I could though. Just saying.”

“I remember the dates just not the order we had them in!” He protests, both of us giggling. “I know all the important stuff.”

“Like what?”

“Our anniversary. Your birthday. Your Starbucks order.”

“That last one’s definitely important.” I grin, and Ashton gasps dramatically, spinning to look at the camera.

“I said she only liked me for the free coffee!”


“Hey guys!” I start the video, nudging Michael with my knee to make him wave. “This week I’ve got Michael with me, and we’re going to play a little game.”

“I’m so going to win.” Michael grins, causing me to scoff. “What? You think you’ll beat me?”

“I know I will.” I nod, before looking back at the camera. “Anyway, so what we’re going to do is ask each other questions about ourselves. The person who gets the most right is the winner, and the loser has to do a forfeit.”

“Basically Y/N’s going to have to do a forfeit.” Michael smirks, and I roll my eyes. “I’m asking you first.”

“Alright then, here we go.”

“Okay.” He grins, glancing at his phone. “What shirt was I wearing when we met?”

“Michael are you serious?” I exclaim, spinning to glare at him. “How on earth am I supposed to remember that?”

“Meeting me should be the best day of your life, why wouldn’t you remember what shirt I was wearing?”

“You probably don’t even know what shirt you were wearing!”

“Are you going to answer or not?”

“I don’t know, your flannel?”

“Nope. It was my Ozzy Osbourne shirt. And I know because I actually instagrammed a picture that day.”

“Oh my god.” I sigh, glaring at him again. “That wasn’t fair.”

“So that’s no points to you. What’s your first question Princess?” He grins, his knee knocking against mine as I huff in annoyance.

“How old was I when I broke a bone for the first time, and which bone was it?” I ask, looking at him expectantly. Michael furrows his eyebrows, his eyes scanning my body quickly.

“Didn’t you break your arm when you were twelve?” He asks slowly, and I grin triumphantly.

“Nope. Trick question, I haven’t broken a bone ever.” I tell him, and glares playfully.

“That’s not fair.” He mutters, before he looks confused. “I could have sworn you broke your arm when you were twelve.”

“Nope, must be your other girlfriend.” I joke, and Michael chuckles.

“Must be.” He nods in agreement, before we both grin. “Can’t wait for those rumours.”

“Oh god.” I groan, turning to look at the camera. “We’re only joking guys. I’m Michael’s only girlfriend. Well, I share him with Calum but that’s completely different.”

“Yeah, Calum’s been demoted to my bit on the side ever since Y/N came along.” Michael smirks, making us both burst out into a fit of laughter. When we finally manage to calm down, Michael pulls me into his side, his lips finding mine before he grins cheekily at the camera. “But seriously guys, I’m not cheating on Y/N, she’s not cheating on me, so let’s not start any rumours okay?”

“Anyway, back to the game.” I grin. “We’re both still on zero.”

“Well your question was mean.” Michael pouts.

“Oh and yours was a piece of cake was it?”

“Yeah it was.” He nods, smirking. “So, next one. What’s my favourite song to play on guitar hero?”

“Iron Man by Black Sabbath!” I say excitedly, spinning to grin at him. Michael smiles back, making me hold his arm as he refuses to answer. “It is, because it’s the one you have the highest score on and you play it every time.”

“Yeah it is.” He nods, laughing when I sigh in relief. “Well done Princess.”

“I thought you were going to lie and say a different song.” I admit, whilst Michael chuckles. “And I was going to get mad because I knew I was right.”

“No you were defintiely right.” He smiles, and I smirk.

“I’m winning.” I tell him, and he glares at me.

“Not for long.”


“Now, everyone behave.” I grin, causing the boys to laugh before I look at the camera and wave. “Hello everyone! This week, I’ve finally persuaded Luke to be in another video.”

“She’s lying guys, she never asked me until this morning.” Luke says from the other side of Ashton,, who was sitting in the middle of us.

“You’re such a liar!” I exclaim, glaring at him before looking back at the camera. “Anyway, we thought we’d do a Boyfriend Tag Mr and Mrs thing, so we’ve got Ash here to ask us questions and we’re going to hold up a card with the name of the person we think is most likely to do whatever he’s said.”

“I’m also here to prevent any fights that may break out.” Ashton says, making us all laugh.

“Cal and Mikey are also behind the camera, just in case you were wondering who the extra voice are.” I clarify, before looking at Luke and Ash. “Ready?”

“Okay first question.” Ashton grins. “Cards at the ready please. Who… takes the longest to get ready.”

Instantly, Luke and I both hold up a card, but Michael and Calum both shake their heads to signal we got it wrong. Ashton looks between our answers, laughing.

“Well this is already going well.” He grins, as Luke and I look at each other incredulously.

“You know this is you.” Luke says, and I shake my head.

“Luke, you take the longest showers known to man.” I reply, and Calum and Michael shout in agreement. “See! The boys agree!”

“Yeah but after I shower I just have to dry my hair, put some deodorant and aftershave on and get dressed. You have to shower, do your hair, your make up, spend six years deciding what you’re going to wear, change your shoes three times, and then spend another ten minutes debating whether you like the outfit altogether.”

“That is so..”

“Accurate.” Michael chuckles, and I shoot him a glare as Ashton checks the next question.

“Moving swiftly on.” He giggles. “Who… is most likely to teal something that belongs to the other one?”

Luke instantly holds up the card with my name on, and I sigh, looking down at the cards in my hand whilst Luke scoffs.

“Don’t even think about it.” He warns, and I look up at him. “This is definitely without a shadow of a doubt you.”

“You take stuff too!” I protest weakly, despite knowing he was right.

“You are literally wearing my beanie right now.” Luke smirks, making all of us laugh.

“Alright fine. It’s me. I’m the biggest thief.” I sigh, rolling my eyes at Luke’s smug grin.

“Okay well we all know the answer to the next question, but who is the messiest?” Ashton grins, making everyone but Luke laugh. I hold up my card with his name on, and we all wait patiently as he sighs before doing the same.

“Yeah, it’s me.” He nods, shrugging. “I’m messier than Y/N.”

“And the rest of the human population.” I add, making everyone laugh.

“Next one is… Who is the most attractive?” Ashton asks, rolling his eyes as we hold up each other’s names. “Seriously?”

“That’s disgustingly cute.” Michael adds, whilst Calum scoffs and rolls his eyes.

“Y/N is the most beautiful person I have ever seen she is by far the most attractive.” Luke says, ignoring the retching noises Calum and Michael had started making.

“Luke is the most gorgeous man to walk this earth and he is one million percent the most attractive.”

“Nope. I refuse to let you win this one. You’re the most attractive.”

“You have millions of girls screaming your name every night.”

“And you have millions of subscribers who constantly comment on how gorgeous you are.”

“But you-”

“Moving on.” Ashton interrupts, causing us both to giggle. “Who wastes the most money?”


“How’s it going guys! Some of you, or all of you, know I’ve joined the 5SOS boys for the last leg of their tour, so this week I wanted to film a video with my favourite guy. Unfortunately, RJ couldn’t be here today, so I’ve got this one instead.”

“Oh wow. Thanks Angel. Feeling the love.” Calum drawls, moving to get up. “If that’s how it is I’ll just go.”

“No I’m kidding, you’re my favourite, stay.” I grin, grabbing his arm and pulling him back down. “For all of you who don’t know, although you’d have to be living under a rock not to, this is Calum, the bassist, and also my boyfriend.”

“Hi guys!” He beams, waving at the camera. “Have you all missed me terribly? I know Y/N’s videos just don’t have that, pizazz without me in them.”

“You mean without you randomly interrupting them?” I grin, making Calum pout. “I’m joking, I’ve missed you being in them.”

“Aw relationship goals.” Calum grins sarcasticly, making me smile.

“Anyway, today’s video is basically just the Boyfriend Tag, as I realised we’d never actually filmed one and so many of you wanted us too.” I explain to the camera. “So to start off, how long have we been a couple?”

“A year and three months.” Calm grins happily, and I nod in agreement.

“How did you meet?” I read, looking up at Calum with a smirk, and he groans. “Want to tell them?”

“We met in L.A. when you had VidCon and I was doing some writing.” He says, and I shake my head.

“Calum stalked me.” I explain to the camera.

“No I didn’t!” He protests. “It was a complete coincidence!”

"It was a coincidence that we just so happened to be staying in the same hotel was it?”

“Yes. I don’t book the hotels.”

“The boys told me you requested-”

“They lied. I didn’t stalk you. It was a coincidence.”

“Whatever Cal.” I grin up at him. He pouts, and I roll my eyes when I realise what he wants, placing a quick kiss on his lips before looking back at the camera. “Now, what do we argue about the most?”

“Erm, we both get jealous I think.” Calum says, glancing at me and I nod.

“Yeah but not like jealous as in ‘Oh my god who are they are you cheating on me?’, more like you’re spending loads of time with them and not talking to me and I miss you.” I clarify, and Calum nods quickly.

“Yeah, I mean the distance just makes it easy to argue because we miss each other. But we don’t argue a lot.” He shrugs, glancing over my shoulder to read the next question. “Do we have nicknames for each other, where did they come from?”

“I just call you Cal.” I muse, before thinking of something. “Or Rockstar sometimes, for obvious reasons. But mainly just Cal.”

“Yeah I think nickname wise, it’s definitely me with calling you Angel that’s the big one.” He agrees, scratching the back of his neck as he grins.  

“There are so many different theories for why you call me that.” I smirk, making Calum laugh. “Like how I saved you from something.”

“Alright guys, truth is. it doesn’t really have an origin or anything. Like, it’s not because Y/N’s my guardian angel or anything, I just used it once and it stuck. Sorry to disappoint you all.”

“It’s cute though. I like it.” I grin, and Calum smiles back at me.

“I like you.” He says, wiggling his eyebrows. I groan, shoving his shoulder lightly as he laughs.

“Idiot.” I giggle, pulling a face as he pulls me into his side and kisses my head. “I like you too.”

“Aw relationship goals!”

“Oh my god shut up.”

So I went to the library with my girlfriend today and honestly I have never felt such a blend of happiness, clarity, relief and excitement for the future in my lifetime. 

A long while ago I tried to find resources on magick and Wicca and I could never seem to find anything at my local library. I think this also had to do with the fact that I was trying to hide it from my family. I was raised by my grandmother who is a devout Roman Catholic and I knew she would be extremely upset if she even saw a book about such topics. So perhaps the fear of making my family angry kept me from really trying to find anything like that. 

It’s a sad thing too. I always had a firm belief in Karma and the power that nature holds over all of us. I had become pretty good at reading Tarot cards, and never left home without them… but eventually, I gave up, or simply just forgot about my quest to find a spiritual way of life that I actually cared for. Although I still actively disagreed with the practice of forcing children into religions that their family believes in. 

Long story short, I have the best girlfriend I could ever hope to have. We live together … with my parents, but that will change in the future. She showed me books at the library about things that I had long given up hope on. We talked and laughed together about the things we were reading and I cannot even begin to say how grateful I am for her in my life. 

I can’t wait to practice this wondrous way of life with her~