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Chat Noir’s social media - headcanon
  • So, Adrien isn’t…he doesn’t have much social media. Nathalie requires him to update his instagram and twitter, but it all has to be approved by some poor intern of a publicist
  • Chat Noir, however, has a helluva following. 
  • Chat Noir has the following platforms: instagram, snapchat, and twitter, because they can all be easily maintained from a burner phone.
    • it’s a lot but the teenaged, sheltered boy has a lot to say about his life, so let’s go over what he posts on each one. 
    • it’s under the cut because it’s…longish?

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First Kiss: Kun


I just want to say that I did not write this! @oodorisummer did, so thank you so so much! This is literally so funny like your humour is incredible and the story line is juST ADORABLE you’ve done Kun justice so I applaud you for that. Thank you also to your friend who edited it - I hope he knows I’m very grateful for him too! Please go and check out her blog and give her some love because this was incredible, tysm!❤️❤️❤️

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this gif actually fits in perfectly with the actual story line like omg this is perfect

  • Okay so Taeyong organised a group hangout including you and precious bby Kun both of you are single btw
  • And by that he actually told the rest of the members individually not to go
  • Because TY knew you had a thing for Kun-Kunnie 
  • You told him yourself bc you thought you trusted the man with a face created by the hands of the creator itself
  • Anyway
  • So you and Kun went out to the city together
  • He didn’t want to go in alone and wait for you so he arrived at your place (dropped off by TY)
  • And you two took a bus together 
  • You both listened to Jay Chou Kun’s fav throughout the whole ride
  • how cute
  • Okay now both of you were oblivious to Taeyong’s plan
  • One of you anyways
  • You thought the other members had a good excuse not to go 
  • And Kun was the only one left
  • But Kun wasn’t thickheaded 
  • He knew Taeyong’s plan
  • Because he also told momma TY that he liked you
  • So Kun took the opportunity to plan the date hangout even further 
  • His first idea was a light lunch 
  • So Kun-Kunnie took you to a chocolate restaurant (hey i didn’t say it was a healthy lunch)
  • bc c'mon who doesn’t like chocolate 
  • You both ordered a chocolate fondue to share and yes it was delicious 
  • and i’m not just talking about the chocolate ifyaknowhatimean
  • Kun knew you loved marshmallows so he let you take all of them
  • You didn’t even dip half of your mallows you, just shoved it in your mouth
  • Which left the white powder all over your lips
  • He giggled as he watched you enjoy the sweetness of the chocolate
  • He stared at you so lovingly it made the couple next to you two jealous
  • But of course you couldn’t see it bc chocolates before boys you were enjoying yourself 
  • After lunch, Kun took you around to the shops to walk off all that chocolate
  • It was great because the puns were great
  • There was the produce aisle
  • “We make a great PEAR”
  • “ORANGE you glad it wasn’t a bad joke”
  • “LETTUCE celebrate!”
  • And then the soft drinks aisle 
  • “Walk into the club like whaddup i got a big COKE-“ 
  • “Is this real life or FANTA-sy”
  • “Let’s get FIZZY-cal!”
  • “The doctor is in the house” *holds up a Dr. Pepper”
  • And then the other foods
  • “What do you call a sleeping pizza”“piZZZZa”
  • “What is a ghost’s favourite pie”“boo-BERRY pie and i-scream”
  • “What did the duck eat for lunch”“soup and quackers”
  • One hour later Kun takes you to the ferris wheel 
  • The line was an hour long
  • And you got really bored
  • Kun decided to be like a cute boyfriend to keep you entertained
  • He stood behind you and put his head on your shoulder and whispered gossip about the members in your ear
  • “Johnny and Ten netflixed and chilled last night”“OMG really???”
  • It gave you a good laugh which made him happy
  • He had always loved your smile. Seriously he could stare at it forever
  • okay here comes the moment we’ve all been waiting for
  • So as you both stepped forward to move on in the line
  • With Kun still holding his head on your shoulder
  • It was a pretty bad idea
  • Somehow you both ended up tripping
  • You regain your footing but Kun didn't 
  • So CLICHÉ MOMENT you caught him yeah it’s the other way around but it’s 2k17 ya’ll
  • It ended with Kun looking up at you
  • And you looking down at him
  • You had him in your arms
  • Neither of you could move though
  • And neither was anyone else because everyone around turned to see what the commotion was about 
  • Everyone saw what was coming
  • So did Taeyong 
  • While Renjun and Jeno tried to cover Jisung and Chenle’s eyes
  • And Jaehyun nommed on some fairy floss
  • You and Kun just continued to stare at each other
  • So Taeyong took out his phone
  • And Yuta tried to hold back WinWin
  • And you both went for it
  • You pulled Kun up to his feet and at the same time leaned in for that kiss
  • He placed his hands on your shoulders as his lips met yours and
  • It was like magic *throws glitter*
  • Everything around the two of you disappeared 
  • The kiss transported you two to your own world of love and romance 
  • His lips were soft and comforting
  • A first kiss in public would be embarrassing 
  • But Kun was able to make it seem like the easiest thing in the world 
  • Kun hadn’t planned the kiss to go this way
  • But 
  • He still got what he wanted
  • So after 5 seconds
  • But in love time it was eons
  • You two pulled away but NCT was still screaming like fangirls at a concert 
  • And that was when the blushing started 
  • Kun burried his face in your neck to hide the fact that it was bright red 
  • so red it would put Haechan’s tomato hair to shame
  • But your face was red too ofc
  • After that you two finished your date on the ferris wheel
  • Where you two continued that kiss
  • And where the members spammed you both with texts and photos 
  • After that you two were officially a thing just like johnten
  • honestly qian kun AKA angel will wreck everyone bias lists mark my words

First Kiss series

@fadelurker is the artist (as always, posted with enthusiastic permission from him)

sometimes, i think it’s easy to forget just how many issues plague the small lives of ut!sans and uf!sans. even getting close can be so hard when you’re used to pushing everyone away. it’s hard to let someone else in, even when it’s someone who couldn’t possibly know you better.

you crack a joke. you hold his hand. you smile. you act like everything is going to be okay, even when your worlds are falling down around you. you just want to hang on to something true and good in your life. something that’s for you. for once, you want to be really and truly selfish. 

you try to not think about your real feelings. you try to not think “i don’t deserve a damn thing.”

brahmazing  asked:

aaaaa is it okay if i have some s/o and ut sans lazy day headcanons? thank you!!

Of course it’s okay. And oh, how I crave a good lazy day with Sans

~ Get ready for not getting ready because you two aren’t leaving bed until at least an hour of moaning in despair of how “it’s mornin’ alreadyyyy?”

~ Cuddles. Cuddles in bed, cuddles on the couch. Sans. Stop cuddling me I’m making coffee

~ You two get to babble on about life and topics you both enjoy on the couch while the TV is on just for background noise and you two are holding hands, snuggling, or laying on top of each-other

~ Sometimes Sans just holds you close and presses his face into your head and hair with his eyes closed and a comfortable silence between you

~ Puns. Lots of them. Lazy puns, couch puns, those real clever puns that somehow make sense. If you join him you are never stopping for the rest of the day, it’s now a competition

~ Leave your sadness behind because he really just wants to spend a day with you alone, being happy and lazy. Please, let him have this

~ If he’s feeling especially good, he’ll eventually take your hand and pull you outside and show you the stars.

~ Papyrus hates your lazy days “GOD DAMMIT SANS”

* Mod Jay


I love the anime movie: Doukyuusei

To start off, usually yaoi animes either have: Rape, non con, murder, death, aggressive behaviour, ignoring the words ‘no’, not listening, speaks rudely to each other or doesn’t like being homosexual/doesnt want to out themselves, ect. 

This one is so real, the characters are so real and sweet.

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Fight,for yourself.

Hai assalamulaikum engkau orang semua. Actually dari semalam lagi aku rasa macam nak tulis something but semalam adalah hari paling hectic kot untuk minggu ni. 

Sooo,what’s up? Sky? Yup sky. Bagus korang,pandai. Tepuk leh sikit,adohai. 

From to stranger and become a special one and stranger again. Korang pernah ada orang yang macam ni dalam hidup korang? Aku ada. Ramai. Takdelah ramai,dalam empat lima orang jugak. Perempuan ke laki ke sama je. Dari tak kenal,kepada rapat tetiba ehhhh apsal awkward gila nak mati. Something happened and yes,things are different after that. It’s normal for losing someone on your life. Dan kita memang tak boleh nak expect pun orang orang yang keluar masuk hidup kita. Even jadi kawan,family,teachers and colleges. Hari ini,circle kita lain. Esok lusa,circle kita lain. Sama ada kita ditinggalkan atau kita yang memilih untuk berlalu pergi dari hidup seseorang. 

And it’s not fair to blame people who leaves us. Because we sometimes do the same thing to different people. Kan? For some unclear reasons pun,kita berlalu pergi. I did it a lot,people. Bukan sebab benci,bukan sebab dah tak sayang,bukan. But because i appreciate myself more than all those people could. They don’t appreciate us? Yes it’s a fault. But for leaving us,please sometimes it’s a blessing. Hidden blessing from God. Tak nampak sekarang,maybe esok lusa,minggu depan,tahun depan. Or maybe sepuluh tahun lagi. 

Stop blaming each other. But please care for yourself first. If someone is not worth to fight for,stop fighting for her/him. Know your self worth. Know where is your limit. A thing that i learnt a lot from my passed and also now. I’ve stopped to fight. I’ve stopped holding someone who do not make any effort to stay. Who slowly avoiding me for no reason. I stopped explaining myself to who already put a perception about me. Because this kind of people will hear you not to know and dive into your real soul pun. They already put their barrier between you and them. 

I received a lot of questions,and i only answer certain because i know,all those questions are relate much. Know your self worth. Looking back for what you want to be and achieve in your life. Be positive even i know it’s hard to handle your emotions,your anger and your tears. The demons are now not under your bed. But they had living with you. Please,don’t let it over you. Control your feelings,read a lot of books,watch movies as many as you can. Be pretty for yourself. That’s all can make you strong,for knowing that you are strong. 

You gonna failed and hate your life. Confuse with your surroudings,don’t know what the hell is actually happen. Why you are being here? Why you must do this and that. It’s okay. I tell you,it’s okay. This is life. You will meet the wrong person many times before you find the one who gonna build their happiness together with you. Now,just create your own happiness. Do not blame people for leaving and do not blame yourself too much for couldn’t fight to stay. We have our own limit too,right?

I’m writing this for myself,to be honest. Because whenever i’m sad,tumblr is the best way to recall myself back. 

I love myself,and i love you all too. Keep strong,this life is too temporary :)

Ordinarily, she would have put her coat on the back of the chair to save her table in the corner before going up to order. That was her table, the one she always sat at, so she wanted to make sure she got it before she bought her drink. Today, though, it was far too cold for that. Even inside the coffee shop, the temperature was well below comfortable levels, and the door constantly swinging open and shut with patrons entering and leaving didn’t help.

The baristas must hate working like this, she thought. Why didn’t they sort the heating out? Then again, they didn’t seem to be shivering. Maybe their clothes were charmed? Personally, she couldn’t bear to take her coat off, so she went straight up to get in line, hoping no one would take her seat while she was gone.

It was so grey outside. Grey clouds, grey buildings, grey coats and hats and gloves as grey barriers against the cold. Yes, there were flashes of colour here and there, but mostly it was grey. Not that she minded – somehow, she liked the greyness of this holiday. It was comforting, a reminder of happy memories from this time of year. But it was still grey.

She considered sitting down at the corner table while she waited for her name to be called, but in the end left it – drinks didn’t take too long to make, and she didn’t want to get too comfortable if she was just going to stand up again.

She hovered by the counter, another woman and an older man nearby, her mind racing over the things she had to do this week. A hundred and one little jobs for work, things to get sorted in the house, gifts to buy, all sorts. And figuring out where exactly to spend the holidays. With family? Friends? Alone? The last one didn’t seem like the cheeriest of options, but at least it would mean she wouldn’t have to dress up and she could just do what she liked all day.

“Katherine!” a barista called out.

“Here!” she said, stepping forwards toward the counter – as the woman next to her did the exact same thing. The two knocked shoulders and bounced off each other, and then quickly smothered each other in a flurry of apologies.

“I’m so sorry, I thought that was for me!”

“Oh, no, I thought it was mine! I’m so sorry.”

“It’s fine, don’t worry.”

“Cathy?” the barista asked hesitantly, holding up another coffee cup.

“Yes, that’s mine,” the other woman said, smiling apologetically in Katherine’s direction.

Both women reached for their respective cups, looking awkwardly at each other.

Suddenly, Cathy frowned and looked at Katherine’s face again, more closely.

“Don’t I know you?”

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