i hit it first official video


“Hey, I’m Aaron Tveit, and we’re here in Brooklyn filming the Wicked studio sessions. There’re gonna be some really good songs from the show done in ways you haven’t seen before.” (x)

^ In case you hadn’t seen Aaron’s tweeted teaser! Then if by some strange chance you haven’t done so, check out the first video in the series - Out of Oz: Wicked Studio Sessions “Defying Gravity” - where he duets with Rachel Tucker. “Out of Oz” appears to exclusively be a web series at this point, so do make sure to hit up the official YouTube video to repay their work in views!

Fuck.., I've never been a Little Mix stand or even a Zerrie stand but shit. I've defended Zayn because I truly believe that there is more to the story and he was also hurt at a point but now.., nah. Fuck him tbh. Seeing Perrie that fucking upset just isn't fair man. No one knows what truly happened but damn, seeing the video of Perrie cry hits home and I realized how bad it was. First it was turning against Louis and 1D in general. Than the Zerrie break up (in a shit way cause over text.., damn) so now I have officially unstand Zayn. Sorry for anyone that was looking at my blog for that reason but not anymore. Sorry but I have to do what feels right and taking the circumstances.