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Do you know any barista au? Thank you!! Love the blog btw ❤️

Hey friends, thanks for asking! Sit down, get cozy, grab a cup of coffee, and get ready for some delicious fluff and amazing writing!

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Coffee Shop AU

#baristalife by fan_nerd, Mature, 9.6k
Victor, proud owner of Muse café and roastery, goes searching for a local bakery to buy sweets for his store. When he does, he finds Yutopia, a quaint little place tucked away in a small part of town. The good news is, he quickly becomes business partners with the lead patissier, Yuuri. This is an amazing fic, must read!

life and love by novocaine_sea, Gen, 12k
Twenty-two year old Yuuri Katsuki travels to Italy to study photography. One day, while going around the city taking photos he gets lost and ends up at a coffee shop, ultimately meeting one Victor Nikiforov who would take him all around Florence, showing him what life and love are really all about. Italian Victor… I mean?? I DIED AND WENT TO HEAVEN READING THIS

the view from the top. by realangeleren, Mature, 21k (WIP)
When Viktor gets hurt, he’s forced to take the season off. He ends up in a little town, finding himself very taken with the adorable barista in town. But the closer he gets with the cute little barista, he soon finds he might not be as far away from the ice as he thought. I love this fic so much!

Shoebox of Photographs by Yuzururu, Teen, 20k (WIP)
Unlucky culinary grad student, Katsuki Yuuri, comes to Tokyo in search of a future pursuing his cooking passions. Instead, he finds more adventure than he’s bargained for…in the form of a dog Cafe run by a certain Russian model. SO GOOD OMG

Assuming Makes An Ass Out of You and Me (or how not to find out someone is multi-lingual) by Stories_to_be_read, Gen, 2.6k
Yuuri learns to never assume that the cute guy you have a crush on doesn’t speak Japanese. LOVE!

Walls by pastelprince, Mature, 23k (WIP)
There are many walls in Victor Nikiforov’s life. After his sudden retirement, he has nothing, hears nothing, and is lonely, injured and traumatised. Nothing goes right. Until he meets a cute barista with long black hair and glasses who makes a sweet, sweet latte. Thumbs up!

Cherry Blossoms by HEClementine8, Teen, 7.6k (WIP)
“What would you like today?” A gentle, smooth voice interrupted his reading. Viktor closed his phone and opened his mouth to order as he looked up. The words died in his throat and he felt like he was just punched in the gut when all the air in his lungs suddenly deserted him. There was a goddamn angel in front of him. LOOOVEEE!!!

here’s to the fools by MissSpock, Teen, 3.9k
In which Victor is an actor with a 1000 watt smile and Yuuri is the cute barista of the cafe across the lot from the film company where he works. Highly recommend!

Iced Coffee by luciferwearsprada, Gen, 4.8k (WIP)
In which Yuuri and Phichit work at the Yu-topia coffee shop, Viktor loves Yuuri’s cookies (that’s not a euphemism), Guang Hong is a sweet cinnamon roll, JJ is that one hetero friend, and Otabek terrifies almost everyone. cAN YOU HEAR MY SCREAMS

matcha cookie monstrosity by lunaetude, Gen, 1.6k
Pretty Eyes pulls out an entire can of Monster Energy. ‘Could I get four shots of espresso, two pumps of matcha syrup, and this entire can.’
‘…Are you sure you want that, sir.’ Just read this, it’s so fluffy!

Coffee And Contemplation by TheGabbing, Teen, 15k (WIP)
Yuuri expected to be tired, deal with rude customers every day, and study every second of his free time but what he didn’t expect was his life-long idol to walk through the doors. Definitely recommend!

Just Ask Him Out Viktor by down_into_underland, Teen, 1.6k
Viktor is a business man who has just recently moved to America with his adoptive son, Yuri Plitsetsky. Everything is as normal as it could be for Viktor when he walks into a new coffee shop to see the man of his dreams. Amazing!

sugary sweet by kevincriesblood (The_Messenger_of_Olympus), Explicit, 5.8k (WIP)
Katsuki Yuuri works at a coffee shop. Unfortunately, it is a coffee shop that happens to be his idol’s favorite. He regularly sees the vlogger he has posters of, which he’s not sure if that’s good or bad. Yuuri also has a not safe for work blog that he updates, with a rather sweet, odd anon. Sweet!

Bitter Coffee by koukkai, Teen, 1k
In which Yuuri works at a coffee shop and Viktor scores a date with the cute barista. Cute!



(I know there’s this amazing ask blog ( @ask-gaymermell ) and while this is separate from theirs (and I kinda came up with this idea before I knew about the blog) I still highly recommend that way more than these silly ideas.)


•Starts out doing EXTREME stunts on vine of all places.

•They are freakin INSANE OK?

•Jake is the one who films it

•He does get pretty popular

•A little bit before Vine dies, Rich moves to YouTube and makes his videos more of showing him doing the set ups and showing what goes on for a stunt.

•They are still really reckless but that’s what everyone is there for.

•It’s soon coming up on the anniversary of him doing stunts for 3 maybe 4 years and he wants to do something EPIC

•Something that has NEVER been done before. And he hyped it up months in advance and his audience is mega hyped!!

•Until Rich suddenly disappeares

•For like three months, people thinking that he just… quit.

•Until Rich finally comes and uploads a video.

•It’s really vague, something happened with his stunt. Involving a fire. Him being in the hospital. And a friend getting hurt as well.

•Rich says that he can’t do stunts anymore, and that he doesn’t even know what to do anymore. YouTube was the way he made a living. But he doesn’t know what to do.

•"So… this might be goodbye. I’m sorry everyone.“

•There is a lot of people who felt bad for Rich and many who thought he was being a baby. This incident ended up becoming huge, news articles putting up stories, information being revealed.

•After 6 months, Rich appears again in a new channel. A vlogging channel of all things.

•Rich confesses that he had never truly showed himself to his audience before (for some reason…). And he had "edited” his lisp out of his videos. But he said that from then on, he was going to be honest and true.

•People were a bit salty about him still not doing stunts. But to Rich it didn’t matter, soon he admitted that he was having more fun doing this rather than stunts.

•Soon after a couple of months on the first day of June, he comes out as Bi. Telling a story that he had never thought of guys before and when he did he denied any sort of attraction. Until after the fire, when he decided to be true to himself.

•He does make an icon out of that, no longer being known as the “stunt guy” but the “bi boi” which made Rich laugh.

•Not soon after did Rich introduce his best friend (soon later to be boyfriend, but I’ll explain that later) Jake. Who had been shown in videos before but never introduced.

•But Rich always kept a jacket on. And wore makeup on his face.

•Many people would ask about what happened but Rich never wanted to talk about it. Many theories about it arose about it.

•Until on its anniversary, where Rich decided to tell how he was “convinced” to do this big fire stunt. Even though Jake and others had warned him.

•Rich then took off his jacket and his makeup to show his burns.

•In the middle of the video Jake had to come in and help Rich talk about what had happened.

•Jake had saved his life, but had broken both of his legs in the process. Jake still had to wear braces on his legs at the moment.

•But it was getting better. Rich and Jake were often considered the “power couple” of YouTube. Despite the fact that Jake didn’t have a channel. Or did he?


•Loves music, so much. And puts his music on YouTube for fun.

•This is even before Rich had moved to YouTube or had even gotten big on Vine.

•He never shows his face, he makes his own art for the song and has it play in the background.

•He wasn’t popular at all. No one knew about his channel, not even Rich. But Jake rarely uploaded anyway. Only like one song ever couple of months.

•Jake wrote about being popular, about having fun, about summer, and about school.

•One day… he wrote about love.

•It was after the fire and Rich was in a full body cast. Him in a wheelchair. Rich had confessed everything to Jake. The Squip. The stunts. Everything.

•It only took a month for Jake to fall for him and write a song about it.

•and it EXPOLDED

•Which Jake didn’t even realize until Rich came in happier than he had been in weeks saying “Jakey D! You gotta check this out!”

•When Jake heard his own voice, he was shocked. He then checked later to see that it had over 1 million views.

•Jake started getting emails, asking to sign on. But Jake denied them all. Music was hobby, and Jake didn’t really want it to be more than that.

•But he continued to write music, but now. He wrote about his family. About being alone. About drugs. Each one getting more and more popular.

•And Jake honestly couldn’t believe it. Especially when his best friend / crush became his biggest fan.

•He never planned on telling anyone. But one day as Rich had one of his worst days in awhile. Jake wrote another song. For him.

•But instead of uploading it first. He came into Rich’s room with his guitar. And he sang.

•Rich originally thought it was just another one of his songs. Playing from his phone. But he didn’t recognize the song. So when he looked up at Jake, he was shocked.

•Jake sung about all the things he loved about Rich. How despite everything they went through he still loved him. Jake poured his heart and soul into it.

•when he was done, Rich kneeled on his bed grabbed him by the shirt into a big kiss. Didn’t really matter that the big guitar was in the way.

•Jake didn’t reveal himself as the mysterious artist for awhile. But the inside jokes that Jake and Rich had may have hinted at it.


•Jeremy was told by Rich, who he had met in passing. Recognizing him on the spot. To get a Squip, and that’s how Rich could do all that crazy shit he did.

•Jeremy wanted to be cool like that. Have fans. Michael already had his own gaming channel, but Jeremy wanted to be better.

•The Squip had decided that Jeremy should ditch the gaming and do challenge videos instead. All the popular stuff. Even though Jeremy didn’t really care much for it.

•Soon Jeremy was starting to do more dangerous stuff. Talking about sensitive topics.

•Michael tried to talk to him, but Jeremy just said that he was jealous that he was getting more subs than him.

•The Squip is about to make him do something really crazy when Jeremy finds out what happened to Rich. So he gets Michael’s help and shuts down the Squip.

•Jeremy then makes an apology video about the sensitive stuff he said. And deletes his channel. Making anew as a Lets Player.

•And he and Michael start dating.


•Michael had been doing Lets Plays for YEARS!!!

•He loves it a lot.

•But as Jeremy ignores him, his motivation for videos slip.

•When they have a fight where Jeremy just thinks Michael is jealous. Michael does have a panic attack and just can’t make videos because of it.

•Once it’s all resolved. Michael apologizes and promises to put more effort into his videos.

•Michael is also a big figure in the LGTB+ community (like Rich) having no shame in admitting since the very beginning.

•Once Jeremy and him start dating they start a collab channel that is them either playing games. Doing funny stuff. And vlogs.

•They are kinda of like the Dan and Phil of this universe.

•They have people guessing for months if they are dating or not.

•Till at Vidcon they are doing a panel and someone just yells at them to kiss.

•Which they do, to the surprise of MANY!

•"Man, I was having fun teasing everyone though.“

"Think of it this way, now you can kiss me anytime you want.”

“True that.”


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Do you still go on iscribble? I think i've watched every speed paint you have up there and they're so mesmerizing. I love how they go from just blobs of colour and value into these epic compositions. I envy your storytelling and would love to know what would be best in terms of giving art more "umph" or feeling? The comic you did with Orianna and Blitz or the one with Kindred and Soraka, they're FULL of emotion and always make me feel something. Love you art to death :)

Hiya! I pop on iS every now and then, but I don’t use it for sketching anymore.. the new HTML shift kinda changed the feel of its response, and I’m just more comfortable working in Photoshop. Glad you like the replays though, it’s a great feature for sure.

There are multiple things that contribute to storytelling in an illustration/comic: Frame composition, shapes within the frame, camera lens, camera position, lighting, colour, props/background. And then there’s the characters themselves with body language, gesture and expression(acting). Alot of this study is closely tied to cinema!

Pushing for emotional impact often rely on camera placement and framing/shot size to ‘put you in the moment’ or ‘in someone’s shoes’. Colour and value(and every other element/principle of art) helps direct your eye and can enhance the emotions even more.

Book recommendations!!!!!  

  • Framed Ink : Drawing and Composition for Visual Storytellers, Marcos Mateu-Mestre
  • The Visual Story: Creating the Visual Structure of Film, TV and Digital Media, Bruce Block
  • Cinematic Storytelling: The 100 Most Powerful Film Conventions Every Filmmaker Must Know, Jennifer Van Sijill

What I like to first do when working on a scene is to decide what part of the story/moment appeals to me the most, then work toward selling that scene. It’s a highly subjective process and everyone has their personal way of composing from the same idea, the challenge comes in leaving a strongest impression.

The Blitz/Ori comic was really bare- simple render/lighting, no backgrounds, alot of close-ups. But its simplicity helped immerse you in the scene more, since the characters and their emotion(or lack of) are the focus of the story. (but this doesn’t work all the time, context is very important). The frames lead the viewer’s eye, and you have to be conscious of what visual information you’re putting in(or leaving out).

I left the general palette muted and dull to synergize with the mood, and let the colour blue be the contrast colour of the light(life). I’m not always aware of what I’m doing, but the more you understand what you need, the more you can design your work to be successful.

I can’t tell you how to UMPH a piece of art in the best way- there are only multiple variations with different focuses. Build your own visual library of artwork like illustrations or screenshots from film/comics that you find interesting. Learn the conventions that artists use by breaking down an image to its elements. You’ll start seeing patterns everywhere. And if that’s difficult, just look around online for blogs/tutorials/studies where smart people explain the thing for you.

Good luck! Practice alot! And constantly ask friends/people for feedback. They don’t have to offer fullblown critique- they’re just as valuable for telling you that ‘they don’t understand what something is’ or ‘something feels off’ or if their response is opposite of what you hoped to achieve.

Anyone who is considering seeing La La Land (2016, Damien Chazelle), please do it is a genius musical that is much more then just a musical. It’s a beautiful story about following your dreams and how not everything you want is just given to you. Anyone who loves film can really appreciate the thought that has gone into each shot, even the first scene stands out from most movies. A majority of it has such profound undertones of how not everything works out the way you want it to but you have to just go with it and grow up. Anyone who sees this movie can relate to some aspect of it. It takes you to a place where you forget everything around you when you watch it, its magical.The awards it has won it clearly deserves. The acting is amazing, everyone knows that Emma and Ryan are amazing actors and the casting for this film is perfect they work so well together and the chemistry between them is uncanny. I highly suggest you see it, it will forever have a place as one of my favorite movies. 


Handsome Devil - Currently on Netflix. Highly recommend. Ned is shipped off to a boarding school that is obsessed with something he doesn’t care too much for, rugby. To his surprise he gets assigned a roommate who is a star rugby player. Being roommates it gets Ned more involved in the world he didn’t think he belonged in. Not everyone thinks this is a good relationship. I really wish more happened between certain characters. It has a very light atmosphere while touching on some serious subjects.  Ned is life.

Hello everyone! In case you haven’t read my previous post, I will be sharing some of my favorites, so you all can get to know me a little bit better! 

Today we are staring off with : Disney’s Treasure Planet.

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I love all Disney’s works, but I believe that this movie is greatly underrated. So, I wanted to share  my thoughts and opinions as to why this movie is great! This movie was based on the classic novel “Treasure Island” by Robert Louis Stevenson. The film follows a teenage boy named Jim Hawkins who stumbles upon a treasure map leading to the infamous “Treasure Island”. In the Disney’s adaptation, Jim Hawkins, desire to sets things right with his reputation, sets off on action packed adventure in hopes to prove to everyone (and himself) that he is capable of great things.

I don’t want to give away too much about the movie, however, I am going to discuss about the characters and what makes this movie stand out as a whole. 

James Hawkins, or “Jim”  is the main character of the movie. Unfortunately, everyone in town looks at him as a delinquent and we can see Jim throughout the beginning of the film believing these attributes about himself. I feel like the audience can really relate to Jim and his struggle as he transitions to adulthood. What makes his character so imperative is that he is the personification of redemption. The movie manifests that true greatness comes from suffering, endeavors, hope, and bravery. 

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 He is such a dynamic character and he was perfectly executed. I feel like many could relate to his struggles, especially those of us who face self-doubt in success.

Captain Amelia  is one of the very few female roles in this movie, however, the film makes up for this by her strong and kick ass personality. She does not take crap from any man who tries to come in her way! I absolutely love her and even with a crew filled with men she still keeps everyone in place.

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Delbert Doppler

Next we have Dr. Doppler, who is possibly the funniest character in the movie. He brings a comedic and lighthearted element to the film, while still remaining to be the intelligent and responsible one towards the crew and Jim.

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John Sliver 

Saving the best for last! Silver is my favorite character in this whole entire film. He plays the father figure for Jim, teaching him how to carry and believe in himself in times of suffering. Let me say that the “father and son” moments will just tug your heart strings! I can’t describe how much I adore this dynamic duo. However, what makes the plot even more interesting is that he also plays the main villain. This conflict ultimately leads to both of the character making hard decisions. 

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“You got the makings of greatness in you, but you got to take the helm and chart your own course.”

-John silver

This whole movie was done so perfectly and it’s a shame that not many people talk about it. Every time I watch it, I get this overwhelming feeling of joy. I highly recommend this to everyone!

Also I highly recommend listening to the soundtrack! In particular, I would recommend listening to “I’m still Here” By John Rzeznik. It’s is one of my favorite songs to this day and you will not regret it! 

Let me know what you all think of the film and soundtrack! Would love to hear your thoughts and opinions! 

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Hi I need to do some research about classic toku do you have some series that you would recommend

Sure and thanks for the second part as well, that narrows things down just a little bit.

If you are going to look to classic tokusatsu, you need to start at the roots and that’s the work of Eiji Tsuburaya.  Tsuburaya pretty much pioneered what we think of as tokusatsu today through his work at Toho Studios in the 1950s and 1960s.  Everyone known his work (if not his name) because he was the director of special effects for Toho classic kaiju films including 8 of their Godzilla films (though he was only supervising on 3 of the later ones). He also worked on tons of other movies and I highly recommend some of them such as Frankenstein Conquers the World (Frankenstein vs. Baragon), The Mysterians and Matango.

However, it is his TV work that I absolutely love.  In the mid 1960s Tsuburaya decided to form his own production company and start producing high quality science fiction and fantasy programming for television.  His first series was Ultra Q, a weekly show about mysterious happenings and monsters that brought the thrill of kaiju home to the masses that they usually had to go to the theater to see. 

However, it was the follow up series, his first in full color, that really proved to be the huge hit he was seeking.  That show started the Kyodai Hero (Giant Hero) genre of tokusatsu TV shows by introducing a gigantic superhero to battle the monsters and aliens that would appear each week.  That show (and hero) was Ultraman.

I cannot stress how absolutely crucial Ultraman was to the history of TV tokusatsu.  There had been heroes on TV before (such as 1958′s Moonlight Mask and 1960s National Kid) but nothing like Ultraman. It is the series responsible for kicking off the second kaiju boom and taking tokusatsu out of the movie theater and into homes on a weekly basis.  

Though the first series is massively groundbreaking, I would actually venture that the second Ultra Hero show, Ultraseven, is the better series. It has a refined sense of storytelling, improved effects and better set designs than its predecessor.  It also has my favorite hero of the franchise in the title character.

Fortunately, all three of these series are available on DVD in the US at reasonable prices (seriously, if you shop around the Ultraman DVD set can be bought for like $10).

With any success comes imitators and those came fast on the heels of Ultraman. Shows like Ambassador Magma*, Iron King and Spectreman flooded the airwaves until by the early 1970s there was a glut of giants rampaging Japanese airwaves.

Heck, Toho even threw their hat into the ring with shows like Ike! Godman, Ike! Greenman and Ryuusei Ningen Zone (Zone Fighter) the last of which tried to up the star power by bring in Godzilla as recurring guest star.

By this point though, there were just too many giant heroes and the formula was growing a bit stale.  Tsuburaya could still get big ratings with Ultraman sequels but the derivatives were proving less and less popular with audiences.

That’s when the human-sized Henshin Heroes brought new life to the genre, starting with Kamen Rider. I won’t get into him too much as you already know his story and success but along with the Rider franchise came others, some from the same genius creator, Shotaro Ishinomori.  These shows included the amazing Jinzo Ningen Kikaida (Android Kikaider) about a robot hero battling the evil organization DARK while protecting the children of his creator and searching for their Father who is wandering Japan suffering from amnesia after escaping the forces of darkness. It spawned a sequel, Kikaider 01 that told the tale of the main hero’s android brother, an earlier prototype.

There was also Akumaizer 3, the story of three demons who have escaped their service to evil to defend humanity from their former allies.

It also had a sequel called Choujin Bibyun, which featured heroes based off of rejected Kamen Rider designs! The three heroes here were the reincarnations of the heroes from the previous series.

Oh and for recommendations, I would be remiss without mentioning Kaiketsu Zubat, a very unique show about a man travelling Japan and battling evil to find the man responsible for the death of his best friend. It has a very interesting hero named Ken Hayakawa who may actually be more interesting out of costume than in!

There are so many more I could talk about here like the Go Nagai created series Star of Pro-Wrestling Azteckaiser and Battle Hawk.

However, I would be utterly remiss if I didn’t mention the series that lead to me creating this blog, the first of a franchise that’s lasted to this very day, Himitsu Sentai Goranger.

This was the very first of the the Super Sentai series (though it wasn’t called that at the time), the series that would come to rule the airwaves in the next decade (the 1980s).

This is really only scratching the surface.  There are so many more shows I could go into but these really are the most important to the development of the art of tokusatsu on television.  I hope this helps with your research and thank you for the question!


Satoshi Kon - Editing Space & Time

Satoshi Kon was one of the best Japanese films and animation directors of our era but he sadly passed away 5 years ago due to pancreatic cancer. He was extremely influential and inspired creators such as Christopher Nolan(specifically in Inception) and Darren Aronofsky( in both Requiem for a Dream and Black Swan), this video details the masterful editing techniques that he used to make what are, in my opinion, some of the most surreal, spectacular, and well crafted pieces of animation ever. I highly recommend that everyone check out all of his films as well as his anime series Paranoia Agent.

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I just watched the film Gerald's game after the liveshow and yeah strong STRONG warning it is highly disturbing and I barely could sit through it despite being very much of age so please everyone be careful with it

yeppp. ik the curiosity can be powerful but there’s a reason people are providing strong warnings for it. if you absolutely need to see it bc youre dying to know, i’d always recommend searching for a general summary of the film (lol or read the whole plot in detail) jst to get a sense of what you’ll be dealing with.

Hi everyone! I don’t know why I never posted it here, but last summer I encoded Nicanor Tiongson’s Four Values in Filipino Drama and Filman essay which challenges not only filmmakers and scriptwriters, but each and every Filipino to boot, to break stereotypes and revolutionize Filipino culture through arts.

This is highly recommended reading, please check it out!  ✨✨


My Bromance (Pee Chai) - a slice of a gay teenage boy's life

Warning: May contain

Released on February this year in Thailand, My Bromance has been the talk in some circles. It is a gay-themed coming-of-age film starring not just one, but two Flukes: (Fluke) Pongsathorn Siripinta as Bank and (Fluke) Teerapat Lohanan as Golf. Both boys are products of broken families. Bank and his mum moved in to Golf’s place after their parents got married. At first, Golf was very apprehensive of Bank. Golf is a boy who never gets much attention from his parents and he thinks things have gotten worse after they separated. His dad only showers him with material things and money but lacks the love and warmth parents give to their children.

Bank tries everytime to reach out to his new stepbrother only to be met with hostility. He was turned into a minion doing everything Golf orders him to do: carrying Golf’s backpack, hailing a red truck to school, writing notes, tying Golf’s shoes, to name a few. There might have a been a few hurdles in the beginning but soon enough, they slowly learned the essence of being a brother to one another. And the rest, it’s for you to watch.

Seven years after similarly-themed Love of Siam made waves not just in Thailand but across Asia, My Bromance is set to become the next can’t-get-over movie for many young gay boys out there. I have to admit, I really haven’t moved on LOS even after several years since I have last seen it. Everytime I hear songs from Pchy (one of the lead actors) and his August Band (the band in the movie which transitioned to mainstream), memories and emotions flood back. Even if MB doesn’t involve much music, the storyline is enough for me to look back and go lovecrazy all over again.

If I must put the movie into a few words, I could say it is sort of a slice-of-life. MB has a lighter approach than LOS but has a more refined texture than the latter. LOS was rough and raw. MB was lighthearted and bubbly. The former had an indie movie atmosphere (despite being a mainstream commercial film). The latter had a brighter, more upbeat spirit. But this isn’t a comparison of the two movies. Both of them were great and I would highly recommend them to everyone, gay or straight.

While the story is a reflection of a typical teenage gay guy’s foibles and fumbles, it hardly touched any of the real societal issues surrounding homosexuality in Thailand. It wasn’t meant to ruffle feathers or trigger landslide reactions. Simply, it was the act of skipping stones on a placid lake surface creating ripples on every spot it hopskotches. To put it this way, it was meant to create a network of small talk which could turn big and wide as opposing ripples touch. And big talk it did.

Broken families are bad enough for a child. The stigma of being a bastard haunts his spirit and manifests in his behaviour. What more if your dad’s new wife moves in to your house bringing along her son? Golf’s apprehension towards Bank is understandable. The more Golf slaves Bank, the more Bank does things dutifully for Golf which may explain his sudden air of change. But why does it have to be romantic? I asked that to myself. And there begins my own reflection as a young gay man.

I’ve had (more than) my fair share of misadventures in love. Even higher perhaps than straight people. For young teenage gays (and even men), love is both a gift and a curse. A gift for having that feeling of bliss, a curse for being prone to false hopes and persecution. What Golf may have felt for Bank was real brotherly love after all. However they mistook it as one of a romantic in nature owing perhaps to their longing for a brother figure to enter their lives. Bank never had an older brother. Golf never had a younger brother.

Hence, the longing. At their age, love is a very tricky thing to handle. It could be the worst prank that even the best television show would not dare pull off. If Golf and Bank were not in a familial structure, falling in love wouldn’t have been farfetched an idea. So how can two stepbrothers love each other romantically? Aside from the fact that they know they aren’t blood-related, there’s really not much of an excuse for them not to pursue being a couple other than their parents are married to each other.

In very conservative Thailand, such things are still frowned upon despite the widely believed notion among non-Thais that gays are accepted in their society more than any other Asian country. Golf’s dad and aunt were vehemently opposed to his relationship with Bank. Bank’s mum meanwhile is a submissive housewife typical in Asian patriarchal families where the wife is hesitant to challenge the opinions of her husband. And this is why Golf and Bank had to stay apart. It invokes anger in the hearts of those who are in the same shoes as Golf and Bank, and those who symphatize with young gay boys and men who have to deal with prejudice day by day.

I just noticed though that in LOS and MB, both the families of parents who were opposed to the relationship of their sons are Christian. The religion of Tong’s family in LOS was clearly evident. In MB, just find out for yourself why I say Golf is a Christian.

But then, who are we to judge? As Golf had asked, does love have to be a matter of gender? Is it wrong to love someone of your own just because both of you have the same set of genitals? Is love right even if a gay heart beats the same as anybody else’s heart?

I admire how Thais create gay-themed movies. Less sex, more substance. In my country, gay movies almost always had to have sex. The word “indie” itself had been abused. No wonder the Filipino people has a misconception that independent films equate to pink films that our only out to satisfy the sexual cravings of its niche audience. With LOS and MB, the stories are tied to a reality that is undeniable: that love transcends gender, age, and belief. And a terrible reality that this kind of love is less of a bliss than its sugarcoated surface may suggest. If LOS is sad enough, MB will make you cry buckets.

For nearly eighty percent of the movie, I watched it with my hands in cringe position. I banged the table, knocked my head down several times, and dropped S and F bombs (and some locally made PI missiles too) on every intense moment, whether it be cheesy, envious, or sorrowful. But for the most part, it was because I was envious of every cheesy moment. With two eyecandies as lead actors, who wouldn’t fall in love with them? Or at their story? It was my ideal kind of bromance. A goodlooking couple, a sexy one too, not to say. And there are lots of goofy and cheesy moments to share with. The second half of MB also somewhat satisfied the sexual fantasies each young gay boy wishes to do with their crushes. (And oh, did I say that Golf and Bank had sex? Yes, there was a slight reference but the act was never portrayed.)

Overall, I find MB a certified can’t-get-over movie especially for young gay boys and men out there. There was a cuteness overload and your movie companion can’t blame you for the constant arm spanking and cheek squeezing. I just didn’t expect how the movie ended. But that’s yours to find out. So have you found your bromance today? Or are you just about to find yours? Me too.

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Hi, anon from earlier. Are you not aware of what farm and especially factory farm animals go through to get that meat? Or not aware that they feel the same thing that dog would have felt. They deserve good lives too. Honestly ask yourself what the difference is between a pig and that dog and your own pets. Have you seen the film Earthlings? I highly recommend it. Everyone needs to know what actual harm they are doing to get that cow in your plate. And if you cannot watch it, think abt it..

Excuse you? Yes… I eat meat. The fuck you think you are? I am trying to help a poor defenseless puppy and you come at me asking me if I eat meat? Get off of my page if you have nothing positive to say. Have a nice day ❤


The Fall

It’s inspired by the movie The Fall, which is incredible and one of the most beautiful films ever. I highly, highly, highly recommend it to everyone, and best without any trailers or summaries beforehand. Not knowing at all what it is about (also because it’s difficult to describe succinctly what it is about). But if you’re the kind of person who needs to know something about a film before watching it, you can read this non-spoilery review. After you’ve seen it, hurry up and read this amazing analysis in two parts (Part I, Part II). Do it, do it, do everything I’ve said.

The mask itself is a present for the awesome goldfishhavenomemory, who made this great little film about my masks.

“Having to prove the existence of God to an atheist is like having to prove the existence of the sun, at noon on a clear day. Yet millions are embracing the foolishness of atheism. “The Atheist Delusion” pulls back the curtain and reveals what is going on in the mind of those who deny the obvious. It introduces you to a number of atheists who you will follow as they go where the evidence leads, find a roadblock, and enter into a place of honesty that is rarely seen on film.”

I highly recommend this movie to Christians, atheists, and everyone inbetween. It is deeply moving, and will leave you in absolute awe of the beauty and grace of God. The purpose of this movie is to make you think, simply to consider the points that are made.

To the atheist reading this, a single question is asked: Would you be open to evidence of a divine Creator? All that is asked, is that you keep an open mind and truly consider the evidence presented.

Watch “The Atheist Delusion” FREE on YouTube now

Looking for Alaska - John Green

Rating: 10/10

I absolutely adored this book from start to finish. John Green yet again had me hooked and sat on the edge of my seat throughout the entire novel. It made me laugh, cry and completely ripped my heart out of my chest.

The story follows a boy called Miles who moves to a boarding school during his junior year. He has hardly any friends and when he hosts a birthday party nobody shows up. He moves to Culver Creek and meets a mish-mash of individuals all with different personalities and interests, making friends quickly with his room mate the Colonel and a girl called Alaska. Alaska is clever, outgoing, courageous and hot…but she also has a boyfriend. The narrative follows Miles as he begins on adventures with the different characters and becomes closer to Alaska, finding out more and more about her during one summer when they both stay at the boarding school during the Christmas holidays. But one night changes everything, leaving Miles with infinite questions and no answers whatsoever.

This was Green’s first novel and published in 2005 has recently shot into the limelight due to the success of ‘The Fault in our Stars’ (scroll down below to see my review of this book!) being made into a major motion picture and bringing his writing into the forefront of teenage literature. With rumours of 'Looking For Alaska’ being made into a film in the upcoming future.

The book received a 10/10 because I absolutely adore this book and highly recommend for you all to read it purely because I enjoyed reading it so much and made me want to be a little bit more like the character of Alaska. A must read for everyone this summer because I’m certain if you give this book ago that you’ll enjoy it just as much as I did!


Lindsay Duncan. I highly recommend that you stop whatever you’re doing, and google this woman. If you do, I can almost guarantee that you will have the same sudden realization as I once did that Lindsay Duncan is everyone, and in everything. She is a brilliant Tony-awarded Scottish actress with an exceptional career on stage, television, and film. I won’t try to list the unbelievable array of roles that she’s taken on in her uniquely prolific career (they are all fabulous – I particularly recommend Under the Tuscan Sun, just for her). 

Instead, I would like to voice my appreciation for her often under-rated performance(s) in the 1999 Mansfield Park. In this film, as I didn’t realize when I was younger, she plays both the opiated, pampered Lady Bertram, and the struggling, and very much awake, Mrs. Price. By double-casting these two characters, this film thickly underscores what might be Austen’s later-in-life attempt to qualify the lessons of her earlier works: while marrying for love is ideal, it isn’t everything, or, as Mary Crawford puts it: “A large income is the best recipe for happiness I ever heard of.” Lindsay Duncan perfectly plays these contrasting characters, and every other role, as no one else could. 

Oh, and here she is in Merlin: 

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And Doctor Who: 

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“If I’m lucky enough to get the choice, it’s the writing, primarily. I suppose that’s always been my guiding light. […] Nothing formulaic. I just want to be in something where somebody’s got something to say, and maybe I can help them say it.

-Lindsay Duncan on how she chooses projects to work on

See more Austen Actors in the Spotlight

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I remember you talking about the movie I Saw the Devil so I watched it last night and loved it. Do you have any more Korean movie suggestions you think I should check out?

I’m so glad that you enjoyed it! “I Saw The Devil” is definitely not for everyone, but when it is your thing, it’s a goddamned masterpiece.

Luckily, K and I watch a ton of Korean movies, and there are a lot of stand-outs that we highly recommend! Fair warning, this list is pretty much entirely horror or otherwise dark films, because that’s just how we do:

  • The Vengeance Trilogy by Park Chan-wook (Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance, Oldboy, and Lady Vengeance) — Oldboy is by far the most famous of these movies, but each one is better than the last. If you enjoyed “I Saw The Devil,” these three are instant favorites. Of the three, “Lady Vengeance” is actually our favorite and is a very mature and satisfying wrap-up film for the trilogy.

  • The Good, The Bad, and The Weird — If I could watch only one movie over and over again, it would be this one. This comedy-action film is in the style of classic Westerns (if the title wasn’t giant clue already), with gun-slinging and badlands galore. The three dueling characters are intensely dynamic, the action is over-the-top, yet still believable, and the ending’s twist is as fun as it is surprising. I lament what happens to my favorite character, but them’s the breaks!

  • The Host — The only monster flick to make the list, this one blows most out of the water (ha!) because it paints the human drama as just important or more so than the actual monster. The special effects are exciting without lumbering through the uncanny valley and the whole thing is a darkly fun trip.

  • A Tale of Two Sisters — This one got an American remake (“The Uninvited” 2009), but as per usual, the original is best. A very fairytale horror with the expected dynamic of two sisters, a wicked stepmother and an oblivious father. As you’ll come to expect, Korean horrors tend to come with twists and this one is no exception. Dun dun DUN!

  • Hansel and Gretel — Speaking of fairytale horror, why not go for a direct reference! This film takes the classic Grimm fairytale and adds several more layers of modern weirdness to it. We spent so much of this movie trying to figure out what was going on, thanks to its surreal pacing, and it turned out to be a favorite!

External image

  • Arang — A cop-based horror with a detective haunted by her nightmares of a brutal crime. The deaths of an ex-con and his associates become tied to a missing girl case, turning a moody film into the outright supernatural. Another very satisfying end!

External image

  • Bestseller — Another film that got a less-than-stellar American remake (“The Marsh” 2006), this follows the story of a bestselling author who is plagued by accusations of plagiarism, so she moves to a remote home in the country with her daughter to write her next book in peace. Of course, things start to get spooky and plagiarism turns out to be the least of her worries.

  • Thirst — In an interesting take on vampirism lore, a modern day priest volunteers to take an experimental vaccine intended to cure a deadly virus, but the vaccine instead turns him into a vampire. There’s no way to pitch this movie in a way that doesn’t sound hokey, but it’s very far from it — this film is well-shot, well-acted, and just fascinating.

  • I’m a Cyborg, But That’s OK — Hey, look! It’s not a horror! This film is about two mental institution patients bonding and experiencing the inevitable complications of juggling reality with genuine emotions and trauma. Very charming, dream-like visuals, and completely fun without stigmatizing its characters.

  • Snowpiercer — The only movie on this list that is mainly English-language, with Korean only being spoken by two Korean characters, but it’s still Korean-directed, so it counts! Chris Evans (aka Captain America) stars in this dystopian flick about the few remaining survivors of the human race trapped on a brutally class-dominated train that circles a post-Nuclear Winter Earth. Dark, dark, dark, and beautiful. One of those movies you watch once, feel glad you did, and vow not to see again.

So, that’s the list! So far, probably. I could really go on forever, but those are definitely the tops. I hope it helps and that you enjoy them!