i highly recommend this artist they are really amazing

I commissioned some amazing artwork from the one and only @smartchocobear She was a complete delight to work with, If you guys and amazing artwork done by an amazing artist, I highly recommend her. 

Sasuke and Sakura were waiting for Kakashi and Naruto. At first Sasuke was really frustrated because they had been waiting for over 30 minutes so he and Sakura sat under a nearby tree.

 After an hour of waiting  “Sasuke-kun…I’m going to rest my eyes for a bit, wake me up if they show up.” Soon after, she was asleep, Sasuke noticed that she was slumped in a very uncomfortable position. “Tch, Annoying girl” Sasuke said to himself as he repositioned himself behind her so that she can rest on his chest. “She smells so good” he thought, “her hair is so pink, how is this natural?” as he picked up a few strands. Sasuke couple feel his face getting warmer, “Shit, why am I acting this way? Sakura’s just a fan girl…right?” he thought to himself. He began to think about the land of waves, and how she was crying on his chest. He remembered how beautiful she looked with her hair all over the place and with such a look of relief on her face.

“Maybe she’s not just a fan girl…” As he held those strands to his mouth and smiled ever so slightly.

abunnydreamingofkisses  asked:

≡ ∞ Ω ?

≡ - Most recent game played.

The most recent game I played was either Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky (I love that game way too much), or Mother 3. Both are great games I would highly recommend!

Ω - Got any Tumblr “Senpai’s” and if so who?

Too many. I love SO many people here on Tumblr, that it would be hard to name them all, but the top ones would have to be @dailyserperior, a really nice and incredible artist, @dailyshinycutiefly, so good at things such as expressions and anatomy (surprising for a fly), @braixendaily, who pretty much has my dream style, and @dailybraixen, who makes amazing art (and shes my sister, so), and @dailyrowlet, who I think started the daily blogs, and they have such beautiful and expressive/stylized art!

∞ - How did you get into Tumblr?

Already answered!