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HC’s on Kakashi and Gaara’s S/o Going into Labor and Giving Birth

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  • Kakashi has been SUPER supportive of his girlfriend through the entire pregnancy. He’s read every book, been to every class, went to ask questions at the hospital. He would get his girlfriend all the food she needed, let her take her emotions out on him, give massages, help her get up when she has to pee and her stomach is the size of an exercise ball. 11/10 highly recommend.
  • He also made a list of what he’s not going to do as a father that he keeps in his nightstand drawer. Number One: Don’t abandon child. He’ll add to it every so often just as another preparation.
  • He also totally did not diaper pakkun as a part of diaper training. 
  • I totally see his wife going into labor the same way Rebecca did on the show “This Is Us.” I recently watched it and as soon as I saw that scene I was like, “Yup. That would def happen to Kakashi.”
  • For those unfamiliar with the show lemme draw you a picture:
    • It’s going to be a random night and Kakashi is going to be his charming self and request a sexy dance from his nine month pregnant girlfriend (real smooth). She’s not having any of it and instead of putting on the lingerie she’s going to come out of the bathroom fully clothed with the lingerie on top of her clothes. Kakashi is going to be sitting on the bed with a shit eating grin, he’s doing this more so to tease his gf versus actually being in the mood.  
    • “Well. I’m waiting.”
    • “Kakashi, I feel like Choza Akimichi. I literally have no idea how you still want this.”
    • “Shhh, don’t talk about Choza. And because I’ve wanted that since day one.” 
    •  “In the academy, really?”
    • “Of course. Those pig tails were so..hot,” ~ he’s going to say that while stifling a laugh.
    • “Uh-huh. Be lucky you’re cute.”
    • “Always am. Now, do your thing!”
    • His gf is not even going to dance, she’s going to awkwardly strut because she feels so unattractive. Kakashi smiling the entire god damn time.
    • She won’t even make it to the bed before she stops because the first contraction hits. It’s not a pain she’s used to. This causes her water to break and Kakashi’s mouth to drop. 
    • His gf will look at him, “This is what you get for trying to make me uncomfortable!” And then she’s going to hunch over from the pain.
    • Kakashi grabs his mask and any discarded clothes, scoops his girl up, grabs the overnight bag, and leaves.
  • He’s super supportive, the most supportive out of all of them. He’s a better coach than Naruto, very encouraging. Totally lets his gf crush his hand. He uses a shadow clone to get ice chips, he wants to be there every step of the way. I definitely see him reading to her while the wait (cause labor takes a long ass time). He’ll time every contraction, and will inform her when the contractions are getting shorter.
  • Now, baby time! Unlike Naruto and Sasuke, I definitely see complications with this one. I’m feeling a breech birth may happen:
    • His girlfriend is going to be pushing and pushing, but nothing is really happening. All she knows is that despite the drugs, she’s still in a lot of pain. Kakashi’s wiping the sweat from her forehead and whispering sweet encouragements, but it’s secretly killing him seeing her like this. He’s more level-headed and smart enough to not snap at the doctors though.
    • But she’s going to turn her head towards him and mutter a “Something is wrong.”
    • Kakashi’s going to look down and see no baby but a LOT of blood, so he’s becoming uneasy.
    • Then the room starts getting more hectic. The doctor is going to tell them, “Your baby is breeched. That means it’s coming out buttocks first.”
    • “Is she going to be okay?!” ~ Kakashi’s cool is slipping.
    • “Yes she is, but you need to leave the room. We have to do a few things and can’t have you crowding around us.” 
    • “Okay, but I’m the father!” He’s 110% not okay with leaving his gf in such a painful state
    • “Sir, I realize that but you need to go.”
    • “Kakashi, go. I’ll be okay.” ~ His lover will say very weakly. This only encourages him to stay by her side.
    • Nurses eventually drag him out and he’s left waiting outside the delivery room. This is the only time he wishes Obito had the byakugan so when he gave Kakashi his eye, he would have the ability to see through walls.
    • Definitely summons Pakkun to comfort him.
  • It would be a long time before Kakashi saw his girlfriend again, the process of delivery would take longer than expected. However, he would be awake for all of it. 
  • He would cringe every time he heard her scream in pain, and would beat himself up for not being there with her.
  •  When the doctor comes out of the room, Kakashi is on his feet in a flash and ask, “How is she?” 
  • His girlfriend and baby would be healthy. She would be out of it because she’s physically exhausted and the drugs they gave her made her sleepy. She would have to stay in the ICU for a short period of time, just until her blood pressure was normal.
  • The baby is healthy, they were able to deliver it without any bone breakage or without having to worry about the umbilical chord suffocating it. It would be in the room, in the bed/cart thing they bring to mothers after the birth of a baby.
  • All of the weight is immediately off Kakashi’s shoulders and he goes to join his girlfriend in the room. She’s immediately a level 100 badass because he would not be able to do what she just did. He’d give her a peck on the forehead before going over and seeing his newborn. And he’s just blown away at how fragile the small being before him is. He also tries to look for resemblances even though it was just born.  
  • He’d end up crashing on the chair next to the bed because he is emotionally wiped. 
  • Overall: Very happy that his wife and newborn are safe and is excited to be a father.


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  • My sandy son.
  • Gaara is okay on the support scale. He is better than Sasuke but not as great as Kakashi, he just as no experience with this. It’s not like his Dad sat him down and was like, “Well son, here’s what you do while your wife is pregnant.” What is this, Happy Days? hA.
  • However, if his wife needs to vent then he will gladly listen. If his wife needs food he will gladly get it (or order someone else to do it). And when she gets to big and drops something and has trouble bending over, he’ll use his sand to pick it up for her. He also uses his sand to make a softer bed for her. 
  • He tries to be there whenever he can, but he’s the Kazekage. So it’s not like he can take off to go to a lamaze class, and he’s only read 1 or 2 books on the matter. But when he’s not with his darling wife, he makes sure one of his siblings is with her. Kankuro and Temari rotate days on when to be with her. I have a feeling Kankuro would be a little more fun to hang out with though…
  • When Gaara’s wife goes into labor, she’s not even close to her due date. In fact, she’ll only be about 7 months. Their child is gonna be a preemie! Like father like child.
  • Here’s what’s gonna happen:
    • She’s going to be hanging out with Kankro, the two are about to go out to lunch (Kankuro loves pigging out with Gaara’s wife. It’s like the sister he never had). 
    •  She’d grab her bag, happy and ready to go, but then she feels water running down her leg. And a wave of pain that causes her to drop to the floor on her knees. Kankuro catches her and asks, “What’s going on?!” 
    • “I-I don’t know. I think I’m going into labor.” 
    • “But I thought you weren’t due for another two months?” 
    • “I am. I think it’s premature labor. Quick, go get Gaara.” 
    • “Gaara?! No, we need to get you to the hospital.” 
    • “B-But I need him. I need him to be with me.” ~ Cue the tears. 
    • “Yes, but he also needs you to be healthy. I will get you to the hospital and then haul his ass to you, sound like a plan?” She would nod and try to stand but the contractions would enable her from doing so. Kankuro would end up carrying and running his little sister in law to the hospital.
  • Kankuro would actually order someone to fetch Gaara and Temari because he felt obligated as a brother-in-law to stay by the girls side.
  • Poor Gaara. He was in a boring meeting, thinking about how he was going to go home and cuddle with his wife and then all of a sudden an out of breath ninja comes to inform him that she’s gone into labor. This literally causes him to have a panic attack. He was a premature baby and his mother died because of this. He does not want that to happen to his beloved wife because A) He loves her and would be completely heart broken. B) Because he wouldn’t know what to do with a newborn without them. So after that shocking news, he runs out of the room and heads straight for the hospital.
  • When he gets there his wife is already in the operating room. Kankruo informs him that his wife passed out from the pain and the doctors had to do an emergency C-Section for the two to have any chance of survival. Needless to say they’re not letting anyone into the room. 
  • Gaara sits down next to his brother and his leg starts bouncing up and down rapidly. He hates feeling useless, he hates that his wife is in there alone, he hates not knowing. The boy is on the verge of tears. But! He does get an idea. 
  • He summons his third eye and gets it into the operating room so he can see what’s going on. He’d keep it in the corner so the doctors don’t freak out because of a floating eye. 
  • The sight breaks him. The love of his life is strapped down to a table, tubes running in and out of her, she’s cut open, her organs are out, and she’s barely, if even, conscience. He feels the need to comfort her and to make up for the fact that he’s not in there with her. So he decides to feed sand under the door until it goes across the room and reaches his wife’s hand. He then shapes the sand into a hand and holds hers with it. It calms him when he feels a slight squeeze back from her.
  • Gaara DOES cry when he sees the doctors pull the tiny baby out of his wife. He just can’t believe that that is his child. And he’s blown away at how small they are. He gets the sudden urge to protect the child with everything he has. 
  • He feels relief when he hear’s the baby cry from outside of the room. 
  • He would watch the doctors put the baby aside and then stitch his wife back up. He wouldn’t be able to tell if she’s okay so he is back to a tense state and practically tackles the doctor when they walk out of the room
  • The doctor would inform Gaara that his wife is okay but she would need to stay in the hospital for a few extra days so they keep an eye on things. He was also welcome to go down to the NICU to see his newborn. 
  • After seeing that his wife got to a room and properly medicated, Gaara would speed walk to the NICU. He would immediately know which child is his because his would be the only one with red hair. And when he sees their little hands and little feet up close he practically melts and almost cries again. 
  • When he holds them for the first time and gets perspective on how small they are, he’s just at a loss for words. I made this. I can’t believe I made this. And would vow on his life that no harm would come to them for as long as they lived.

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