i hide it all behind a fake smile

Since it’s midnight and I have a flight to catch at 5am, why not break down this little argument scene?

This scene is short but it’s important. We tend to quantify closeness by the times we see Viktor and Yuuri kissing, hugging, or otherwise acting explicitly intimate, but this little argument is just as important in conveying a shared emotional intimacy between the two. 

It’s pretty obvious from the start that Viktor doesn’t care about the damn nuts. He seems irritated already by the beginning of the scene, and I don’t think it’s because of the missing bag. Judging from Yuuri’s flustered state, he’s probably been dragging them all over, re-tracing their steps panicking trying to find the bag he lost. 

Viktor is patient so he’s gone along with it, but even he has his breaking point. Despite his irritation, he does what Viktor tends to do when he’s angry, and hides his feelings behind a fake smile. He’s aware of Yuuri’s anxiety which is probably why he’s placated him up till now, but he’s no saint and anyone would be tired and frustrated after being dragged around a city looking for a missing bag. Still, he doesn’t want to upset Yuuri further, so he appeals to logic: the shop is closed, aren’t you tired?

Yuuri isn’t having it, though. He sees right through Viktor’s fake smile and he knows what he’s doing. He hears Viktor’s words and feels that he is being blamed for a ruined evening. He doesn’t like it and he tells him so. 

This scene feels so realistic to me because it’s an argument I’ve had with my own girlfriend many times. The argument of semantics. There is no resolution here because neither Yuuri nor Viktor is really in the wrong. They’re just both in bad moods: Yuuri, because the bag got lost and he feels bad about it and thinks that Viktor is mad at him because of it, and Viktor, because the nuts don’t matter to him and he just wants Yuuri to stop fixating on it and let them enjoy their evening. 

What’s so striking is that neither of these characters is confrontational. Yuuri tends to fall into self-deprecation and, as previously mentioned, Viktor hides his feelings behind a smile. Yet, here they are, getting peeved at each other over something so minor. And not only getting mad but expressing that anger. For characters that tend not to do that, it speak of an extremely strong mutual trust. 

They know that an argument isn’t fatal to their relationship. They trust the other to not abandon them if they exhibit anything other than an agreeable attitude.

And then they walk in silence and the argument resolves itself. They don’t have to part ways, they don’t have to break everything down verbally, they just need to cool down and give each other the time and space to do so. 

I feel it’s rare to see such a realistic couple’s tiff. Normally, things are always 100% wonderful or extremely dramatic. But sometimes these little arguments pop up, sometimes someone gets hangry or anxious or tired and they take it out on their partner because that’s who is available and–unconsciously or not–that’s the person you know won’t abandon you just for showing a non-ideal side of yourself. 

I was never skeptical of Yuuri and Viktor’s relationship to begin with, but especially not now. We’ve seen them tackle so many different hardships together, we’ve seen Yuuri correct Viktor when he really was in the wrong, and now we’ve seen them resolve a minor clashing of personalities respectfully and maturely. This is a couple I can realistically see staying together. They’re not together for convenience, they’re not together just because they idolize each other or find the other hot–they truly seem to understand one another and work well together, and it makes their relationship a joy to watch. 

Give Me Love, 12

Throne Of Glass High School AU

Note: Theres a scene below that belongs to Sarah J Maas. I take no claim over it. I simply rewrote it a bit to fit my story. Enjoy!

Summary: He thinks she wants nothing to do with him. She thinks he can’t remember her. Aelin and Rowan were friends once upon a time. But high school drove them apart. However, one night - one party - is about to change not only their lives, but the lives of their friend as well.

Chapters: XXX



Aelin knew what this day was going to hold. She could already tell. It was going to be horrible. Drama-filled. Downright dreadful. And here was why: The Havilliard’s were coming.

Aelin had zero problems with Dorian coming over for dinner. It was the rest of his family the she’d rather leave outside. His brother, Hollin, was a little devil. Aelin always wanted a sibling (Elide and Aedion didn’t count) but every time she saw Hollin, she couldn’t help but be grateful it was just her. Then there was Georgina Havilliard, who had her nose so far in the air Aelin was sure she could see her brain. And of course, Mr. Havilliard, Dorian’s father. He refused to be called anything but Mr. Havilliard, never mind the fact their families had been friends forever. Aelin wasn’t even sure she knew Mr. Havilliard’s actual name.

But the Havilliard’s weren’t the only thing about the day that was horrible. Because Aedion and his family were coming over also.

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BNHA 144 RambLE...

First of all… I think Kirishima looks 100000000 times better with his fluffy black hair, he still looks good now but his black hair is awesome.

This poor child… how is he gonna heal from this? He’s definitely gonna get scars from this…

But wow, this chapter was pretty deep. So we now have an insight to Kirishima’s true feelings, how he has low self esteem and low confidence.

Maybe his past is why he relates to Suneater so much, Kiri hides behind fake smiles but in actuality he’s pretty sad and afraid.

I think it’s nice that Kiri has a simple backstory of a normal teenage anime character than having that heavy tragic backstory, like everyone else he just wanted to show people what being a hero is all about.

A furry?????

This was hilariously adorable.

Now about Mina… I don’t know if this a weirs but I feel like her personality was a bit…. exaggerated here, like I think it’s cool that she’s popular and all but at the same time she was the same person in USJ who was cowering in fear and wasn’t able to do a thing… she’s still the same currently but she’s also not the same?

Plus, since they were in the same middle school I actually thought they’d be a little closer but oh well. Either way its cool how Mina also inspired Kirishima to be a hero.

My favorite part about this chapter was how Kirishima recognized ‘the middle school student who jumped out to save him’ (Izuku) rather than ‘the badass middle school student who resisted the villain’ (bakugou).

He’s the only person apart from All Might who actually recognized Izuku for his heroism and I really like that.

But I don’t think Izuku was actually Kirishima’s source of inspiration I could be wrong but it honestly just seemed like Kiri was comparing himself to Izuku. To Kirishima, Izuku was a manly person who risked his life for someone else, something that he couldn’t do

He felt ashamed for not stepping out and felt like he didn’t deserve to apply to U.A, although what he did here was completely normal, anyone would’ve been too scared to go.

Since he most likely dyed his hair red, I’m pretty sure it was Crimson Riot’s words that inspired him to apply for U.A. Crimson Riot was a real hero and not a hero who just wanted the spotlight and it seems like Kiri is a really big fan of him so that’s the only reason I can think of.

Well it was a good chapter and I thin there’s still more to Kiri’s origin story that we have to see.


“I’ve taught myself
To keep in the tears
And to smile
When I’d rather cry
I’ve become
A reflection of myself
Always trying to hide
What I’m really thinking
Who I really am
If I’d show
They’d only worry
And they wouldn’t understand
So I hide
Behind fake smiles
And forced laughter
And I cry in silence
In the dark
When I really should be sleeping
And in the mornings
When I wake up
With more sadness
And more demons
Than before
I light up my eyes
With any happiness
That’s left
To keep the sparkles
In my eyes
I put on my black clothes
And call it
Because you all know
That I’m really happy
I put layer
After layer
Of fake happiness
On myself
But no one seems to notice”

Was tagged by @winchilsea to post the first line of my WIP (thank you!!) I’m gonna cheat and share a partial scene-in-progress:

The gala runs late enough that the cab Victor booked has come and gone. Yuuri doesn’t understand enough Russian to grasp Victor’s side of the phone conversation, but he can hear the tight exhaustion through his polite, questioning tone. 

Victor switches to English as he hangs up. “They didn’t get far,” he says. “Should only be ten more minutes.”

“Okay.” Yuuri shivers. The new suit, he has to admit, looks nice. But it might as well be paper against the wind.

“Do you…” Victor doesn’t quite manage to hide a heavy swallow. “Want to go back inside?”

Yuuri means to be diplomatic. Victor’s been diplomatic all night. If Yuuri’s face is stiff from fake-smiling, Victor’s must be in actual pain.

What slips out of Yuuri’s mouth instead is, “I never want to look at any of those people ever again.”

With a bark of a laugh, Victor slots himself behind Yuuri and rests his forehead against Yuuri’s shoulder, wrapping the front of his coat around both of them.

“I’m giving up my sponsorships,” he mutters. “All of them. We’ll live with your parents. We’ll work at the inn. I’ll learn to fold fitted sheets. I’ll do anything.”

“Don’t say that.” Yuuri brings up his hand to sift through Victor’s hair. “What if we meet an eccentric billionaire who loves skating and hates people.”

"That could be us one day,” Victor says dreamily. “Sponsoring talented young skaters on the condition that they never invite us to parties.”

“Here’s your money,” Yuuri says. “Never talk to us again.”

Victor giggles into his shoulder and wraps them tighter against the chill.

Dearly Beloved.

Summary: “I’ve been stuck with you for twelve years. I can’t do a whole life time. You’re a pretty annoying guy. I can’t marry that.”
“And you’re a whiny bitch. I can’t marry that.” He replies, following your glance across the grass.
“So what do we do?”
Jimin pauses, his head inclining upwards towards the night sky and the overbearing stars. He has an idea. 

Ever since you were seven you spent every summer with the boy you loathed. Your parents had forced you year upon year to put up with Park Jimin and neither of you knew why. It only became apparent now, that they had decided you two would be married whether you liked each other or not.

Genre: Angst and Fluff

Words: 11,311

A/N: So this is the arranged marriage! Jimin fic I had been talking about writing for ever. It wasn’t meant to be anywhere near this long, and the funny thing is, it’s not even over!! I really hope you guys enjoy it because it was really fun to write. 

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Giovanni Falcone (18 Maggio 1939 - 23 Maggio 1992)

Io non dimentico. Dimenticate voi per diventare complici di Caino, dimenticate per nascondere la vostra vigliaccheria, dimenticate per giustificare la vostra ignavia, per dire che il male non si può vincere  nascondendovi nelle vostre paure, per negarvi una voce. Dimenticate chiudendovi nell'indifferenza, dicendo che il vostro presente e il futuro dei vostri figli non vi interessa, dimenticate pensando che il male non appartiene a questa terra accecata dal dolore, crocifissa dall’ingiustizia, tradita ad ogni canto del gallo dai suoi stessi figli.

E’ scritto che gli uomini  si distinguono dalle belve perché quest’ultime credono solo nella forza e fanno della morte il loro unico verbo. Tu tutto questo  lo sapevi. Gli uomini credono nella legge, nelle regole che loro stessi si danno in accordo e consenso. Tutto questo era il tuo fine. Chi difende quest’unione degli uomini nel consenso del loro convivere, e per questa sua difesa viene ucciso dalle belve che col sangue vogliono celebrare l’abisso in cui sono, quest’uomo non può essere dimenticato, nell’animo di tutti deve restare ad esempio e prova dell’amore che unisce gli uomini. Tutto questo lo hai lasciato a noi: la vita è solo una parola nel vento, il senso di quella parola è una montagna, un mare, un fuoco che nessuno può smuovere o spegnere, questa montagna, questo mare, questo fuoco è il motivo per cui non possiamo dimenticare

Dimenticate voi che siete ancora i servi di principi e baroni, abituati a vivere piegando la schiena solo per baciare le mani. Dimenticate voi che svendete i diritti degli altri, voi che vi pensate al di sopra al di la di ogni legge che amate vantare la vostra furbizia assassina e vivete come i corvi e i vermi sui corpi dilaniati dei morti, contando i vostri trenta denari.

Quante volte l’angelo nero della morte ti ha l’annunciato la tua. Quante volte ti sei visto in mezzo al sangue sull'asfalto o nelle lamiere contorte di una macchina. Sono gli eroi che rendono fertile il mondo ed eroe è chi affronta conoscendolo, il suo destino funesto perché il prezzo di questo è nella salvezza di molti, nel affermare i diritti dei giusti, nel confermare le leggi che guidano la vita degli onesti

Dimenticate voi, seduti sulle vostre poltrone d’oro, con le vostre fasce tricolori comprate con favori oscuri, scambiati con le mani strette sotto i tavoli, dietro la cassaforte in una banca, voi che uccidete non sparando ma comprando, pagando, raccomandando, proteggendo, tacendo, non vedendo, negando, votando in cambio di un posto, giurando il falso in cambio di una busta dal fetore di soldi.

Io non dimentico. Può un figlio svendere la madre che l’ha creato? tradire il sangue da cui è nato? negare ogni legge e credere solo nella morte? Io non dimentico. Può un padre accecare i domani dei suoi figli, lasciare la loro vita nelle mani di chi uccide a tradimento, di chi si nasconde dietro le bombe o dietro le minacce come un serpente sotto una pietra, come un ladro nel buio, un usuraio dietro ad un sorriso. Io non dimentico: per tutti quelli cacciati in altre terre o vinti in questa santa terra dal bisogno, per tutti quelli il cui sangue cola ancora dai muri abbeverando di lacrime la nostra isola e soffoca silenzioso il suo tempo uccidendole ogni speranza, avvelenandole ogni futuro, per tutti questi martiri della giustizia, per avere ancora il diritto di chiamarmi uomo libero, il dovere di essere un uomo giusto, il coraggio di essere uomo, io non dimentico, io non posso dimenticare, io non voglio dimenticare.

I do not forget. You can forget to become Cain’s accomplices, forget to hide your cowardice, forget to justify your sly, to say that evil can not be won, to hide yourself in your fears, to deny you a voice. You can forget closing in the indifference, saying that the present and the future of your children is not important for you, thinking that evil does not belong to this earth blinded by pain, crucified by injustice, betrayed at every singing of the rooster by her own sons.

It is written that men stand out from the beasts because beasts believe only in the force and they make the death as their only verb. All this you knew. Men believe in the law, in the rules that they give to themselves in mutual agreement and consensus. All this was your vision. Who defends this union of men in the consensus of their coexistence, and for this defense is killed by the beasts who with the blood want to celebrate the abyss in which they are, this man can not be forgotten: in the mind of everyone must remain an example and proof of love that unites men. All this you have left to us: life is just a word in the wind, the meaning of that word is a mountain, a sea, a fire no one can move or turn off, this mountain, this sea, this fire is the reason for which we can not forget you.

You can forget that you are still the servants of princes and barons, accustomed to living bending your back only to kiss their hands. You can forget so you deceive the rights of others,  you can forget who think your self free from every law, you that love to boast yourself as a murderer cunning and live like crows and worms on the dead bodies of the people, counting your thirty dinars.

How many times did the black angel of death announce yours. How many times have you seen yourself in the blood on the asphalt or in the contorted plates of a car. The heroes make the world fertile and hero is the one who faces knowing his fateful destiny because the price of this is in the salvation of many, in asserting the rights of the righteous, in confirming the laws that guide the life of the honest

You can forget, seated on your golden seats, with your tricolor bands of mayor bought with dark favors, exchanged with your hands under the tables, behind a safe in a bank. You can forget, you who kill by not shooting but buying, paying, protecting, be silent, not seeing, denying, voting in exchange for a job, swearing the fake in exchange for an envelope with the dark smell of money.

I do not forget. Can a child dispose her mother who created him? To betray the blood from which he was born? Deny any law and believe only in death? I do not forget. Can a father blind his children’s tomorrow, leave their life in the hands of those who knock out betrayal, who hide behind bombs or threats like a snake under a stone, like a thief in the dark, a usurper behind a smile. I do not forget: for all those who are thrown into other lands or won in this holy land by their need, for all those whose blood still falls from the walls scrubbing of tears our island and choking silently her time, killing her hope, poisoning her future, for all these martyrs of justice, to still have the right to call me free, the need to be a fair man, to have the courage to be man, I do not forget, I can’t forget, I do not want to forget.

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27, gotta be 27! :P

I was really itching to write this one and I ended up having so much fun doing so!! I hope you like what I came up with, love!! Thanks for all the love! Right back at ya! *muah*

27.   “Stripping clearly wasn’t in the plan.”

Winter had once again settled in the small town of Riverdale, a dreadful wind twirling the dry autumn leaves under the heavy grey sky. Betty liked the scenery; it was very Tarkovsky, that monochrome of nature. Bringing a knitted blanket more up her chin, Betty smiled to herself as she was sure her boyfriend of over a year would be very proud of the cinematic metaphor in her head and sighed in content as she continued reading Anna Karenina for what seemed like the hundredth time. Whatever concentration she had previously though was now completely shuttered by the mere thought of her hot boy and his promise to drop by later, Betty feeling her cheeks already flushing at the things she already knew they were going to be doing once he’d climb up her window, like another prince charming in search for his queen. Even though their night rendezvous were anything but chaste and purity laced at this point.

Betty expected him to be naked at some point during the night. What she didn’t expect was her six feet tall boyfriend climbing up the wooden ladder perched against her window with just his dark grey boxers and his color coordinated beanie, dripping wet from the top of his covered head to the soles of his black converse.

“What the heck happened to you?!” Betty wondered in a high-pitched voice and green eyes rounded in disbelief upon rushing to open the window sill, assisting him in bringing his lanky limbs awkwardly over the small bench attached to it. He replied with a full of irritation side glance, a “don’t even ask” shade on his blue eyes behind his also wet eyelids.

“I thought you were at a bro date with Archie?” she tilted her head in confusion, scanning his absurd appearance and suppressing her need to laugh at the comical sight of him dripping on her fluffy carpet, while protectively holding his laced hands at his front, over his manhood.

“I was.” He snarled, clearly not in a mood to be tampered with, huffing at his damp raven locks that stuck against his forehead.

“And since when they strip you naked and spray you with water like a freaking Calvin Klein ad down at the arcade?” Betty scoffed amused, closing her arms over the Blue & Gold logo that was sprawled in bold letters at the front of her black t-shirt (Cooper – Jones Agency: Full murder search by day, full body search by night being printed at the back, a cheeky gift from Veronica to both of them at their one year anniversary), raising an eyebrow and really dying to hear his explanation.

Stripping clearly wasn’t in the plan.” He raised his eyebrows cleverly, a shiver running down his spine, his body now aware of the cold temperature. “Can you please give me a towel?”

“Yeah, yeah of course.” She mentally scolded herself for not thinking about his wellbeing sooner, but could you blame her? Jughead Jones in such ridiculous state was truly a sight to see. As soon as she wrapped his shoulders in a fluffy, lime green towel, rubbing his arms over it with vigor to offer him some warmth and gaining a small thank you from the boy now sitting at the edge of her bed, story time began.

“Some of those hooligans from the Greendale Panthers ambushed us when we were leaving the arcade, restrained us, took us six miles out of town, stripped us naked and then showered us with two water tanks. Not to mention that they left us to walk all the way back!” Jughead let her know in exasperation, Betty’s eyes widening in shook, as he took off his beanie and ran the towel over his wet locks, grumpy and irritated.

“What?! Why?!” she asked incredulously, eyes examining him for any other sign of damage, now catching a faint redness creeping up around his eye and a small cut on his lower lip. “And what happened to your face?” she gently turned his head by his chin for him to look at her, thump brushing over his wounded lip and making him flinch.

“I fought back of course!” Jughead narrowed his eyes in spite. “They are being a bunch of illiterate, violence-feeding bullies! Those are just pranks they play every time a game between them and us is about to take place.” He informed her in anger what he later had learned from Archie on their walk of shame home.

“You are not even in the team.” Betty wrinkled her nose in confusion.

“Highly irrelevant.” Her boyfriend threw in sarcasm, standing up to examine his face on her vanity mirror. “Ugh, this is gonna be a bitch to cover.” He groaned at the sight of the growing mauve bruise around his left eye. “Will you do your magic girl stuff?” he pleaded with a look over his shoulder, not really wanting to appear like every other cocky jock next morning at school.

Betty sighed, shaking her head with a faint, surprised smile, while walking to his side. “What else can I do since my boyfriend is proving to be more of a fighter than a lover once again?” she teased him goodheartedly, seeing him roll his pretty eyes but cracking a small smile at her words. “Maybe we should tell Sheriff Keller… or coach Clayton.” She became serious, knitted eyebrows indicating that she was ready to fight against any kind of bullying and for anyone’s rights.

“Like this will matter.” Jughead scoffed at her idealistic good-girl ways. “This is bro world; it’s a fucking zoo.” He colored the swear word with bitterness. “There’s a meaning behind naming those teams after animals. Beast mode and male ego dominance and all that stuff. It really makes my blood boil in anger.” He huffed, fuming again, messing his already disheveled locks just out of spite.

“Who are you and what have you done to my boyfriend?!” Betty retorted incredulously, a clueless grimace of confusion adorning her pretty features. “I want back my Thomas Hardy not this Rocky Balboa.” She said in fake warning and disgust, rounding a finger over his ridiculous state that depicted his whole new persona.

Jughead licked his lips, trying to hide his cheeky smile. “I’ve told you before, Betts. I have layers.” He reminded her with a wink, totally forgetting about his bruised eye and flinching instantly in pain, making Betty chuckle lightly at his dorkiness.

“Whatever.” She patted his chest in affection. “Just try not to get yourself between punches again, alright you tough guy?” she spoke to him like scolding a five year old for making a watercolor mess on the floor. “I’m very fond of that face to see it brushed every once in a while.” She grabbed his chin and shook his head lightly from side to side, before closing his cheeks between her thump and her middle finger and smooching his pushed out in a funny fishy way lips. “Grab your hidden shirt and sweatpants from the back of my underwear drawer and put something on before you catch pneumonia. I’ll get you a bag of frozen beans and something to clean this nasty cut, Robin Hood of Riverdale.”

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Reigning Madness – Chapter 40


Disclaimer: Fiction.

Warnings: None

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“Yes, that’s right, I’m your fake girlfriend. Big emphasis on the fake there, buddy. How about you calm down?” We had started walking back to the cars. I had my elbow crooked around Jared’s and I could see Susan ahead of us, hand in hand with the poor tech Jared had suckered into escorting her. Shannon and several other members of the crew were behind us.

   “You shouldn’t be hanging all over other guys in public,” Jared whined. It was clear he was rattled. I could barely hide my smile, knowing what was coming next.

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Ugh I miss stydia sm do you have any stydia fic recs?

  • Here is a sneak peek to the long ass fic that I still haven’t finished. btw it’s stydia in their road trip 

( this isn’t finished so probably there is mistakes but I want to share it because it’s cute and it might make you happy. )

She remembers the way he stared at her from the passenger seat as he tried so hard to fight sleep. He had his pillow behind his head on the seat’s headrest, a blanket covering him as he curled up in his seat.

“I think we should sleep.” He gave up.

“You can sleep,” she informed him, glancing at him.

“Lydia, I am not gonna sleep till you sleep, come on it’s almost 2 am.”

She gave him a warm smile, “There is no motels close to us.”

“We can sleep in the backseat,” he suggested, sounding hopeful.

“It won’t be comfortable” she argued.

“It will, just trust me.”

“Stiles, just sleep in the passenger seat you already look comfortable.”

“I will be more comfortable if you’re next to me.”

“Why are you so stubborn?”

“Lydia, I won’t sleep as you drive. We sleep together or I will stay awake with you, so can you just park anywhere?” He demanded, his eyes hard on her.

“Come on, you will sleep on top of me and it will be comfortable.” His stare and voice softened.

So that what they did, Lydia made her way to park the car on the roadside, while Stiles jumped in the backseat, taking his blanket and pillow with him. when she parked, she turned her head to look at him as she undid her seat belt, he was laying on his back. His eyes closed and a warm smile on his face.

“Stiles, we wont fit.”

“We will, just jump,” he said as he opened his arms for her.

When she got into the backseat, she comfortably laid on top of him, one of his hands buried in her hair, gently massaging her scalp, while the other is circled around her middle, holding her tightly, and when she laid her head against his chest, she smiled, because even thought that the sleeping situation isn’t the best, but at least she still got her lullaby.

His steady heartbeat.

“Are you cold?” He asked her. Gently, he rubbed her back.

“No, this is nice,” she informed him, dropping a kiss above his heart.

“Yeah it is,” he muttered, kissing the top of her head, “my ideas are always great.”

“Lets not go there,” she chuckled, “I don’t have the energy to prove you that you’re so wrong right now, maybe tomorrow.”

“Yes, we can do that tomorrow,” he slowly added, before resting his cheek on top of her head and closed his eyes.

She looked up at him surprised, and crossed her arms over his chest, resting her chin on them. “You know that you just agreed that you want me to prove that your ideas aren’t always great.”

He opened his eyes just to stare at her, to admire her.

“I know,” the hand that was massaging her scalp moved to twirl a strand of her hair with his finger before tucking it behind her ear, “I just love it when you say facts.”

She smiled shyly, before burying her face into her crossed arms to hide her smile, only showing him her eyes.

“Wow, you just confirmed that it’s a fact that your ideas aren’t great.” She looked up at him again awe written all over her beautiful face.

“I just don’t have the energy to prove that you’re wrong.” he closed his eyes and let a long dramatic sigh out before opening one eye to peek at her while he smirked.

“Very funny,” she told him, faking a laugh.

And he could tell that she was so happy by the way her eyes were glistening. He couldn’t help himself but kiss her forehead and let his lips linger before pulling back. “Sleep.”

One minute later.

“Lydia?” He whispered.


“The seat buckle is digging into my ass,” he whined.

“Your great ideas, your responsibilities, sweetheart.” her voice was muffled by his chest, but he still could hear the sarcasm in her tone.

“So heartless,” he joked.

A grin slowly formed on his face when he heard her laugh.

Minutes passed, Lydia is still sprawled on top of Stiles, awake. He weirdly fell asleep quickly considering that he kept whining about the seat buckle hurting his ass. His chest rose and fell slowly with each breath he took, moving her body with him.

Slowly she moved her hand away from his chest, replacing it on the seat buckle, under his ass, she successfully managed to move it away, so it won’t bother him.

Then she looked up at him saw that he is still fast sleep, she smiled softly at him then laid her head back on his chest, his heart under her ear, then slowly her eyes fluttered closed.

Never Be Like You

Draco Malfoy X Reader
Word Count (excluding lyrics): 912 

A/N: Aspired by Never Be Like You by Flume. 
Please read below,
I’ve requested this fanfic from @slythrjns, and they did a wonderful job with it here (Thanks again!), please do check it out! 

I had a different take on it with the meaning of the song, so I thought I’d give it a try. 
Hope you enjoy! 

What I would do to take away

This fear of being loved, allegiance to the pain

Now I fucked up and I’m missing you

Never be like you

He took a sip of water, trying to wash away the discomfort gnawing in his throat. Being the Slytherin Prince, everyone was trying to win his attention. Yet, his eyes kept darting back to the one person who always did have it. He drank her form in greedily and yet sorrowfully; (h/c) locks draping perfectly around her face, (e/c) that hide so much mystery behind them, that contentful smile that never asks for more than enough.

I would give anything to change

This fickle minded heart that loves fake shiny things

Now I fucked up and I’m missing you

Never be like you

It was honestly his fault, even if she doesn’t agree. He had an image to uphold; one worthy of the Malfoy family, one worthy of the ‘Sacred Twenty-Eight’. She understood that. So when he allowed random females to flock around him, her eyes shined in understanding despite all the insecurity swallowing her whole. So when he had to ask Parkinson to the Yule Ball instead of her, she bit her tongue and forced herself to curve her lips as she watched them dance. So when he didn’t do anything to stop a pureblood bimbo from kissing him, on the lips, she took in a shaky breath, blinked away the salty tears, and left.

How do I make you want to stay

Hate sleeping on my own, missing the way you taste

Now I’m fucked up and I’m missing you

Never be like you

It’s a miracle she stayed with him that long, with all the hassle of sneaking around they had to go through just to embrace each other for a few minutes. He knew the attraction was undeniable, even after the heartbreak he knew he could still make her whole world shake. He loved her, so of course he could see it in her eyes when she stared into space from the (y/h) table, food barely filling her stomach. And maybe it’s better that she left… he thought as his eyes travelled down to his left arm, sheltered by the black suit he now constantly wears. He didn’t know which hurt him more; the wretched mark forever etched on his skin, or the absence of your warmth close to his. Nevertheless, he now has his duty to accomplish, and no one can make him stray away from it.

Stop looking at me with those eyes

Like I could disappear and you wouldn’t care why

Now I’m fucked up and I’m missing you

Never be like you

He was on his way to the Room of Requirements, hair tousled and heart drumming inside. He expected Anxiety to wrap her fingers around his and guide him to his task, but what he did not expect was Grief to appear and twist his head to the other side of the hallway. A sharp yet shaky intake of breath he took, as his eyes glazed over the two familiar figures not too far from him. “I can’t do it George, I can’t forget about him…” and it took him all his might to not crumble right there and then upon hearing the brittle tone in her melodious voice. “Shh… I know, I know (y/n), but let me help you.” He stuck around for a bit, eyes uncontrollably blinking, mouth opened and gasping for air, knuckles clenched in pure whiteness as he heard her pleading “Yes” upon the Weasley’s proposal. At least you’re in safe hands.

I’m only human can’t you see

I ma-I made a mistake

Please just look me in my face

Tell me everything’s okay

‘Cause I got it

Never be like you

The evening his job was completed, he locked himself in his room. He shouldn’t be so shaken up about it, he’s a Malfoy, it’s in his blood, but he knew no matter how much he tried, he is incapable of becoming the atrocious and ruthless monster that is his father. He couldn’t sleep, because if he dared close his eyes, total darkness will engulf his vision. And no, it’s not the pleading look of his former Headmaster that haunts him, it’s his brain creating scenarios of how things could’ve been if he had allowed the wise man to help. Instead, he shuffled through the items in his closet and brought out an old, small photo of him and her. That night, all he did was search for possible answers on how he became so infatuated with her.

I’m falling on my knees

Forgive me, I’m a fucking fool

I’m begging darling please

Absolve me of my sins, won’t you

He sees her again, and despite how battered and dirty she looked, the halo above her head and wings behind her back still remained. He hears the Dark Lord reveal the death of the Boy who Lived with glee, yet the confidence in her eyes never dull. He didn’t want her to die, but he didn’t want to see her give in and join the side that reeks of cynicism. So he opted to keep quiet. He didn’t want to admit defeat either, but when their eyes clash as he bit his trembling lips when he hears his mother’s soft voice calling out to him, his eyes water in defeat upon seeing hers flicker with disappointment. And it must be the worst time for him to realise, but right there and then, the sky cleared up and opened the gateway to his answer.

I’m only human can’t you see

I ma-I made a mistake

Please just look me in my face

Tell me everything’s okay

‘Cause I got it

As he stood beside his mother, he tried hard to suppress the smile threatening to outshine the melancholy on his face. He loves her because she is everything he aspires to be. She is kind, bold and brilliant. She follows her own dreams and goals without letting anyone disrupt her. She does not play by the rules given, she rewrites them for her own benefit. She stands her ground even if she has reached a dead end. She is everything he cannot strive to be. And he will always love her for it. So if she could feel free and alive on the other side, where his hands will never be able to reach hers, so be it… because unlike him, a bird stuck in a cage for show, she is a bird that will fly to the ends of the sky.

Never be like you

Reckless Love pt. 2

(A/N): This… is… idk

Pairings: Maria HillXReader

Request: Yes! I’m the anon who requested the Maria Hill imagine and i LOVED it!! You portrayed Maria’s feelings regarding Y/N exactly as I imagined thank you so much!!! Could you please please please do a part two??

Part 1: [x]

Warnings: Angry Maria… that’s about it

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After (Y/N) had been released from the hospital and everything went back to normal. (Y/N) healed up, got promoted and Maria continued to be their partner during missions while continuing taking orders from Fury. All was going great but Maria didn’t know what to do with the feelings she had towards them. She couldn’t deny the chemistry the two had but she had important things to do, meetings to attend, people to save, she didn’t have time for a relationship and as much as she tried to keep away from them, (Y/N)’s bubbly personality always seemed to follow her. As much as she hated it before, she loved it more than ever.

Maria finally quit trying to push away her feelings about (Y/N) but didn’t admit it to them. She started hanging out with them more out of work, inviting them to coffee or a simple jog but it was all kept professional mostly. She didn’t know if she was ready for a relationship but she felt (Y/N) knew that because they never seemed to bring up the subject, instead sending friendly smiles and flirty comments.

Maria loved what the two of them had but there was one issue. Since they weren’t together, SHIELD agents always would always try to hit on (Y/N) and it always had Maria fuming. She knew they could take care of themself but she couldn’t help but worry some douche bag agent might whisk them away and she didn’t want that. (Y/N) was hers, they made her feel something that was so foreign yet amazing and she didn’t want anyone else to feel what she had. It sounded selfish but Maria always strived for the best and in her eyes, (Y/N) was the best.

It was a regular day at SHIELD, (Y/N) was running around, doing some paperwork while Maria was researching some leads Fury gave her to investigate and nothing seemed out of the ordinary. (Y/N) was typing in their office, eyes becoming blurry from staring at the screen too long and they give a groan before laying their head on the table. They run a tired hand through their hair before standing up to take a walk around the building, hoping to clear their head. They walk around, passing busy agents which causes them to groan, knowing they should get back to work before Fury rides their ass. They slowly drag themself back to their office only to be stopped by someone blocking their door. They look up and give an internal groan at the agent who’s been hitting on them for a couple of weeks. “Hey (Y/N).” He smirks out smoothly as he leans his arm on the door frame and (Y/N) forces a smile.

“Hey Levi. Do you need anything?” (Y/N) questions politely as they cross their arms and a Cheshire smile grows on his face which makes their insides churn with discomfort.

“Oh, nothing. I just came by to see if you’re busy Friday night.” (Y/N) purses their lips at the statement, this being the third time he’s asked in two weeks and it’s starting to make them slightly annoyed but they continue to use fake smile while politely declining.

“I’m sorry, I have plans.” They try and he cocks his head before taking slow steps forward, forcing them backwards if they want to keep the distance. “Levi, stop.” (Y/N) demands but he continues.

“Come on, a movie and a couple of drinks aren’t going to hurt you. I’ll make it a good time.” He smirks out as he notices (Y/N) hit the wall behind them and their smile falls into a look of disgust. He places his hands next to their head as he leans towards their face, devilish smirk still in place. “You deserve someone that’ll treat you nice.” He brings one of his hands to brush their cheek but it’s quickly slapped away with their quick hands.

“Don’t touch me.” (Y/N) growls out and his smile drops as he shakes his head.

“I always wondered why everyone liked you, hell I did too but I can see right through you now, (Y/L/N). You fake it, you’re not as wonderful as you seem. You hide behind a mask so people don’t know how broken you really are so, no one will hate you but news flash… it’s not working. Also, why don’t you also stop kissing up to Maria, she’s just being nice to you. She doesn’t like you at all.” He spits venomously and (Y/N) can feel tears prickling in their eyes at his words. They usually don’t let negativity get to them but these words really stung. He gives a huff of air, staring down at (Y/N) with disgust. “That’s what I thought. Not so happy anymore, are we?” They avoid his glaring eyes, tears threatening to fall as he begins to walk away but is stopped by an angry voice that is all too familiar.

“Agent Greyson, I hope you’re satisfied with what you just said because it will be some of your last. You will no longer be an agent under me or of SHIELD if I play my cards right.” Maria states professionally, even if her insides are boiling with rage, and he gives an exasperated, angered look.

“I was just saying the truth! You can’t be serious!” He yells angrily, taking a step towards her and with lightning speed, Maria pulls out her gun, pointing it at him with no emotion. His anger melts into fear as Maria presses her gun against his chest.

“I never liked you. You were the one always kissing ass not (Y/N), they earned their position so don’t you dare say anything against them and if I see you ever try to lay a finger on them again, I swear I’ll break everything in your body and nobody will question me.” Maria growls out as the man in front of her is quivering in his place. She pulls back her gun before sending an unexpected punch to his face causing a pained scream to leave. “And that was for making them cry. Now, I better see you in Fury’s office by the time I get there.” He scrambles up, holding his nose, running down the hallway and Maria gives a low growl before turning to (Y/N), who has a few tears running down their face.

“Hey, you okay?” Maria asks, anger melting to concern as she walks over, using her thumb to wipe away their tears and they give a pitiful sniffle before nodding their head, avoiding her icy eyes. Maria sighs before wrapping her arms around their frame, making them freeze at the sudden PDA before melting into her embrace. They stay like this before Maria pulls back, frowning at their red, puffy eyes. “I’m sorry about what he said to you… I know you work hard and your happy spirit is what keeps everyone going. Don’t change, okay?” (Y/N) gives a watery chuckle and genuine smile.

“Thank you, Maria.” A soft smile curves on Maria’s lips and they turn to walk away before she stops them.

“(Y/N)…” They stop and turn to her with expectant eyes and she swallows the nervous lump in her throat. “D-Do you want to go to dinner with me on Friday?” (Y/N) smiles and Maria’s heart leaps.

“I’m always free for you.” They answer with a grin as they turn into their office and they miss the huge smile that develops on Maria’s face.

5k+ Masterlist

A Hundred Broken Fragments by bazyounumpty

The second the car passed my window I knew it was yours.

Heatwave by Fletcher_is_a_fangirl

Set a few months after the end of Carry On. Baz is sneakily working Simon’s hormones up - but just because Simon doesn’t go off magically anymore doesn’t mean he won’t crack under pressure…

Only Time Will Tell by andonewillbringhisfall

Agatha goes to the future and finds something rather unexpected…

Opposite Day by bazyounumpty

I’m a mess by the time I reach the room. My knuckles are bleeding from the walls I’ve been grazing them along, and my hair raw and dry from the amount of times I’ve raked a hand through it. I don’t even want to think about my face. I haven’t cried, but it wouldn’t take an idiot to see that I’ve worked myself into a state.

Pastel sweaters and leather jackets by sunlightschadow

At first glance Simon Snow and Baz Pitch really don’t match. Simon is all pastel colors and sunshine smiles and Baz is leather jackts and evil sneers. But what if Simon suddenly wants to stop their rivaly and be friends with Baz instead? How is Baz supposed to hide his love for the other Boy now when he can’t do it behind a mask of hatred?

Prankster by andonewillbringhisfall

Simon pranks Baz the Normal way, using flour, and hair dye, and a fake love letter and yeaaaah you know how it’s going to end.  

Secrets and Admirers by pixiecodesnowbaz

I find myself again at Simon’s door. Technically, it’s Simon and Penny’s flat, but I come for Simon. Penny answers the door.

Sick of Losing Soulmates by rosebudbasilton (tw)

Sixth year at Watford, and Simon Snow turns up sick. Baz ‘doesn’t care’.

Surprise! by jamesxlilyxpotter

It’s Simon’s 19th birthday and Penelope wants to throw him a surprise party. She decides to have Baz take him out for a few drinks to get them out of the way. A truce for one night just before summer, Snow and Baz get to finally know each other after living together for almost a year.

Truth by redbeard

Baz and Simon visit the Grimm family for Christmas and get hit with a terrible curse. 


Not my gif! Gif credit goes to it’s rightful and amazing creator!

Imagine: You Leave Konoha Because You Feel Unwanted And Worthless, And Naruto Goes After You.

The biggest knuckle head ninja of the Hidden Leaf Village was in hot pursuit of your languid long strides. Your back facing him on the dull green horizon only made him that much more determined to stop you. ‘She left Konoha without a word to the guards, Naruto. She just stepped right out of the gates and kept on walking until she eventually disappeared.’ Sakura’s saddened voice continued to hauntingly echo through his skull with every stride that he took after your fading form. This didn’t make sense to him.

You leaving would be the worst thing that could happen to him after Sasuke had left some time ago. It was already eating him inside. The thought of never seeing your encouraging smile warm him up after he came home from a mission or the two of you just pigging out at Ichiraku Ramen’s stall, made a bile taste tickle his tongue.

“[Name]!” he cries out in anger after you, his feet aching, pounding into the hard dirt path. The way he called your name made guilt hit your gut so hard you became paralyzed in your tracks, just disappearing into the deeper parts of the forests surrounding Konoha. Tears that had long dried upon your cheeks resurrected upon your waterline, spilling over immediately as the boy you loved came into hot pursuit of you.

In moments he comes to a skidding halt behind you, huffing and puffing like a train going at full speed. “Where the hell do you think you’re going?” he growls out furiously, his fists so tightly bawled that his knuckles turn milky white and crack. Your silence only angers him further, to which pains you. “Answer me!” he blows like the steam shot out of a steam engine, wild and untamed, whilst his face grew monstrously red.

“I’m going, Naruto. I’m not good for Konoha.” your voice trembles from the tears that hopelessly spill down your face like a murky grey river filled with dangerous rapids.

“What are you talking about, [Name]?” the ferocity in his voice consumes him, his big hand encases your feeble wrist as he pulls you back to him, wishing to see you. When he see’s your tear stained face his anger bubbles further. “Where did this all come from? Just yesterday we were clowning around and everything was fine!”

“Stop wasting your time on me when you have a mission to prepare for, Naruto.” your tone shows just how exhausted you are as you try to roll your wrist from his incredibly tight grip.

“To hell with the mission!” he roars like a raging lion. “And here I thought you were different, [Name]! You can’t just leave us like Sasuke did.” and to that his throat becomes husky at the remembrance at his old rival, his comrade, his friend.

“It’s not like that, Naruto. I-”

“Then what is it like, [Name]?” his blond brows knit together, his baby blue eyes absorbing you in, watching you intently. “What’s so important out here that you need so badly? What’s not good enough about your village, your home, your friends, me?…” he trails off, averting his eyes from yours for but of a moment.

“There’s nothing out here that peeks my interest,” you tug your wrist free of his hand, rubbing the sore spot. “But I’m not worth a thing for that village. Nobody wants me.” your statement completely takes this knuckle head ninja by complete surprise.

Soon his expression becomes solemn and deep before he concludes this with a head shake. “You’re wrong.” he spits, his eyes smoldering into the ground between the two of you. “You think that leaving the Hidden Leaf Village will make things better? You think your absence won’t be noticed by anybody?” and his eyes meet yours, filled with tears and so much emotion. “You’re the most important person in my life, the only thing that I have left really, and you didn’t even bother saying goodbye! Sakura found me, told me that you left without a single goodbye. That’s so selfish and bitter.” he snaps frantically, taking a step towards you.

“You’re worth so much to me and you don’t even notice it! You’re too busy hiding all of your feelings behind that fake smile of yours! And you don’t think I pay attention to that do you? You don’t think I see the pain in your eyes? How blind do you think I am?” his voice breaks, tears streaking down his cheeks. “Why can’t you just see what I see for once? Why can’t you just look into the mirror and for once tell yourself that you’re worth every bit of love that I have for you!?” his words cut deep wounds within you, leaving your knees close to buckling.

“I know what loneliness is like, what it’s like to feel like you’re unwanted and not worth a thing, but god dammit [Name], just listen to me for once!” he shouts, closing the space between the two of you entirely. “You might not be wanted by everyone in that village, but I want you… No, I need you. Ever since Sasuke left you’ve been the closest one to me and I don’t get how you can just leave me like this, without a word, without an explanation! I give you so much to prove that what happened to you doesn’t define you now, that you have someone here for you no matter what time of day or night. I’m here.”

“N-Naruto I-I-”

All of your words were erased from your skull as his lips found yours in a sweet passionate mold. His hands cupped your wet cheeks, deepening the kiss, trying at some attempt to get you to stay, because losing you would be the worst thing that could ever happen to Naruto Uzumaki. You were the one to always believe in him, to stay by his side no matter what the cost.

Once his lips broke apart from yours breathlessly he whispers, “Don’t leave me when I need you more than anything right now…”

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🐘  Meet Me For A Cup Or Two
(College!Seokmin, feat. stressed out reader + a fake phone number)

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And Seokmin swears that his heart stops for a second when he actually sees you for the first time, ringing up customers with a tired but nevertheless bright smile. He doesn’t move from his spot in line as he continues to watch, even as the people in front of him are served. The customers behind him let out a few noises of complaint for him to get a move on, and he watches as your attention is temporarily diverted and you meet eyes for the first time. Your smile grows even wider before you let out a wave, and all of a sudden he wonders if he’s the one making a fool out of himself. It’s Seokmin’s turn when he flashes the brightest smile he can possibly muster, his nervousness evident in his fiddling hands that he hides behind his back. 

“I think you owe me a cup of coffee.”

{{I hear times are busy for many, so I wish you all the best of luck! Please eat and get some rest and remember to have some time for yourself. Your best work comes from a healthy and rested brain~}}

Selfishly Whole


“Good thing this is the right room, or else this would have been really awkward,” the figure stepped forward with a grin, the window still opened behind them. “Sorry if don’t have a formal invitation slip.”

Weiss stood frozen, speechless.

The figure paused, stance turning unsure. “I uh… I didn’t really need one, right?” The figure asked with a nervous laugh, pulling down their hood. “I mean, of course I need one to enter the actual party- but uh, I didn’t think I’d need one to enter your room- not that I’d ever walk into your room uninvited of course even though I… just sort of… did…”


Weiss finally found her voice. To think, all of this time spent apart from her partner and the first thing she had to do was stop some typical inane rambling. Of course.

Or, the one where I’m self indulgent, feel a bit of holiday inspiration and cheer, and give these two the reunion they need.

Pairing: Ruby Rose/Weiss Schnee (Whiterose)

Music: Literally the only thing I listened to 
Read it on: AOE
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Hermione Granger, Regulus Black, Tom Riddle

One-shot: complete

Read on [AO3]

For my love @cece2046 and @honeyweeds

For greater experience, please listen to Juno and Hanna - Air . I promise.

19:03 PM

He was waiting outside the building, standing straight, wearing black leather jacket and their compulsory black leather gloves. “It comes with our job, son,” one of the senior once told him. He wasn’t sure at first what it meant. But after four years doing what they do, he understood.

Traces were not to be left.

The door of the building swung open and the young woman with a pink backpack that he has been waiting for, came out carrying folders ー too many for her two small hands ー with inaudible curses along her way.

“For greater grade my arse. How much greater can I score!”

He snickered but quickly covered it with an exaggerated fake cough as she glared at him.

“I’m sure you’ve done excellently, Miss Granger,” he said as he opened the car door for her.

She gingerly lowered herself so not to drop the folders. He took them off her and she smiled at him gratefully, squeezing his arm firmly once he put all her folders safely beside her.

“Thank you, Regulus. I don’t know what would I do without you.”

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all i wish not to remember by thealmightyavocado


this additional scene was written specifically for my dear yen @harrys who i love soo soo very much and i’m incredibly thankful for all of her support ✨

this takes place in the beginning of the last chapter, act viii, so it is in louis’ pov. its all very dramatic and impossibly emotional but what else would you expect from me rip

***as it contains spoilers, i would not read this if you have not read AIWNTR or if you are planning to at some point.

i hope you enjoy loves! :)

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Small students in a giant school

“Yinnie! It has been a while since I have said anything, I hope you are doing well❤️ Anyway I am in class right now and I just thought about pocket Astro at school, can you do a imagine were they went to school with you? If you are taking requests anyway and haven’t done this already, if you have you can ignore this. I think it would be so cute ^^ ~ cutie pie anon”

I’m always taking requests my dear ! I don’t get enough requests to turn them down so you can send as many as you want ~

“Woah, this place is so big !”

“You’re right, it’s bigger than my former school. From your tiny height it must look gigantesque”

Your tiny friends all look around them impressed as you walk through your school. All except pocket Sanha who just brags to his hyungs.

“He, I’ve been there many times already ~”

“I bet y/n is a top class student, the most intelligent one !”

“And the most popular one too !”

Pocket Moonbin obviously becomes his possessive self at the thought of boys revolving around you all day.

“What ?! Looks like I’ll have a lot of work here..”

“Binnie stop it”

“Rocky-ah, I’ll need your help this time”

“Leave it to me ! We’ll protect y/n from those big guys together”

“Like I said, stop it !”

Ignoring the boys’ antics you enter your classroom and join your friends who immediately coo at the sight of more tiny cuties. Then a classmate hesitantly comes to you and asks to copy a part of your essay. This time pocket Eunwoo is the one changing attitude as he goes full mom mode on.

“Hey, how dare you ask such a thing ? Do it yourself or don’t do it and just assume it ! You have to be more responsible, school is important for your future. It helps you grow up well and hard work is always rewarded so-”

“Eunwoo calm down, you’re scaring him… It’s ok, I didn’t do it either anyways.”

“What ?! Y/n, you’re neglecting school now ? I knew I shouldn’t have stopped helping you… I wasn’t very helpful but at least you were doing your homework”

“Don’t overreact, I’m not neglecting school. I just forgot to do this essay this time because you guys kept distracting me”

“Hum, y/n ?”

“What is it, Jinjin ? Don’t deny the fact that you all seek for my attention 24 hours a day”

“That’s not it. Just… your classmates are staring at us. And they’re kind of scary…”

This is only then that you notice everyone in the room -even your teacher who just came in-  is turned towards you, their mouth wide open.

“Y/n… what are those ??”

“They are so tiny !”

“They’re moving ! Are they really alive ?”

“Kyah, so cute ! I want one too”

The pocket boys get scared by all that attention, everyone hiding behind their leader.

“Aw, one of them is protecting the others ! They’re so cute, can I keep one ?”

“Why him thought ? He seems to be the smallest of them all”

“… Jinjin-hyung, I think they like us. They’re smiling the same way y/n does when we act cute”

“I think so too… We should verify it, Sanha show them some aegyo !”

Pocket Sanha shyly walks towards the spectators then executes his signature aegyo, making all the girls coo and fake fainting. The boys melt on the spot, but they’re too “manly” to admit such a thing.

The class is now long forgotten as the small stars have fun with their new fans. Pocket Mj, Jinjin, Moonbin and Rocky don’t miss a chance to show off their talents while Sanha and Eunwoo let people get impressed by their cuteness or beauty. 

“This boy is much more pretty than I am… I want to be jealous but he looks so innocent, I can’t”

“Look at this one ! He keeps spinning around, how cute is that”

“I’m not cute ! I’m swag… *spins again and makes a pose* Rocky SWAAAG”

“Aw so cute ! I wanna bring him home ~”

“No ! I’m not cute ! I am-”

Pocket Rocky lets out an exasperate sigh then dramatically falls on his knees, making everyone laugh.


“Hey y/n, we had a lot of fun today. Can we come back again ?“

“And can we bring our own lunch too ? The food there isn’t as good as yours”

“Ok, if you promise not to disturb the lesson this time. My first class got postponed because of you guys”

“Promise ! But you have to promise you’ll do your homework seriously from now on”

You chuckle at pocket Eunwoo’s motherly words as you wait for your bus home. The boys are all seated either on your shoulders or in your pockets and excitedly chat about today’s experience.