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Jungkook: Best Friends

So because I’m bored and our queue is slowly disappearing, I’m gonna start posting scenarios/imagines I’ve written on my wattpad account. Like this one lol

Jungkook’s POV…

“Jungkook-ah, who are you texting?” I shrugged off Jimin hyung’s arm and hid my phone as I continued the conversation I was having with (Y/N). I haven’t talked to her in months and I missed talking with my best friend. We grew up together before she moved to America. That made it hard to talk but me being in an idol group made it even harder.

“Yah! 형!! Give me back my phone!” I reached for the phone as Jimin held me back and read the texts.

“Who is (Y/N)? Is she your girlfriend? Jungkook, you have to be careful. If the fans or the company get a hold of pictures of the two of you, who knows what will happen,” Jimin warned as he handed me phone. I quickly told (Y/N) I couldn’t talk for a little bit but I’ll text her when I can.

“What are you two talking about?” Hobi hyung asked as he walked into the room while drinking water.

“Jungkook’s girlfriend,” J-Hope choked, quite loudly, on his water and the other members ran into the room.

“What happened?” Rap Monster hyung asked in a panicked voice.

“Jungkook has a girlfriend,” J-Hope said when he stopped choking.

“WHAT?!” I flinched at the loud yell from the other four members.

“Jungkook, you know you can’t have a girlfriend just yet. If people find out about the relationship, lord knows what could happen to you or her,” Suga hyung scolded.

“But-” why won’t they listen?! She’s not my girlfriend.

“No buts, Jungkook. You have to break up with her to keep her safe. You guys can date in the future but I don’t think you want her to get hurt by sasaengs,” Rap Mon said.

“One problem,” I said.

“What would that be?” Jin asked in an exhausted tone.

“I can’t break up with someone I’m not even dating. She’s my best friend. We grew up together. We aren’t dating!”

“The texts say otherwise,” Jimin stated.

“We have a really close friendship that’s all,” I defended. I could feel stares coming from each of the members before throwing my arms in the air, “Read the texts if you want. We aren’t dating though! And I told her she should come see me since she’s going to be a visiting in Korea for a little bit and I haven’t seen her in four years. I want my best friend meeting the other members of the group. Is that so wrong?”

“Is this (Y/N) the one who gave you that stuffed 토끼 on your bed?” V hyung asked with narrowed eyes. He’s thinking of something.

“The bunny? Yeah, why?”

“You have always had that by you when you sleep. You said it helps so you don’t toss and turn all night because it’s really special. Let’s see if you can sleep without it,” I screamed internally because I can’t sleep without the tokki.

“형!” I whined. I won’t be able to sleep. When we were kids and when she used to live at my house since it was humongous (and her parents were getting divorced so she and her mom needed a place) before we moved to a new one, we would share a bed. It didn’t matter we grew up sharing a bed. I can’t sleep without her there or something to remind me of her. I still have trouble sleeping but the bunny at least keeps me from staring at the ceiling all night.

Yes, I will actually stare at the ceiling.

We’ve tried sleeping in separate beds and I couldn’t fall asleep at all that night.

“Let’s just move the 토끼 for tonight,” he said before going to get the bunny. I was about to stop him but Jimin and J-Hope held me back as V returned with the 토끼. I’m screwed.

• Night Time •

I knew V hyung was awake to see how I slept and I tried sleeping but I couldn’t find a comfortable position. There wasn’t the comforting smell of vanilla that the bunny held from (Y/N) to lull me to sleep. I’m screwed. I’m going to be dead tired tomorrow.

I groaned internally before turning on my back crossing my arms. I stared blankly at the ceiling in frustration. I needed the 토끼. I heard my phone ding and grabbed it to see a text from (Y/N).

I got a flight to Korea in a few days kook!
Yay! Tell me when you fly in so I can meet you at the airport or find a time for us to meet. We have three weeks of break with the occasional practice in there
K and shouldn’t you be asleep?
I don’t have my 토끼 :(
My hyungs took it from me to see how I sleep with a reminder of you here with me
Kook try and sleep please. You’re extremely grumpy, whiny, and clingy when you don’t sleep.
I’ll try
Good. Goodnight, 오빠. 사랑해요
나도 사랑해

I turned off my phone and went back to attempting to sleep but yet again, failed. I actually saw the light from the sun as it rose. I sighed, threw my covers off of me, and went to look for something to eat. Quiet frankly, I was mad. I didn’t have the 토끼 and I couldn’t sleep. I told them I wouldn’t be able to sleep without the 토끼.

“What are you doing up so early?” Jin asked, taken aback slightly by presence, as he grabbed a bowl, cereal, and milk, “How’d you sleep?”

“I’m just contemplating on why I didn’t hurt Jimin and J-Hope to steal back my 토끼. And I slept amazingly if you count tossing and turning and almost getting up to punch all of you,” I snapped before stomping back to the room I shared with V.

“Whoa,” I heard Jin mumble. I snatched my stuff off my bed and went to shower since I had nothing better to do. When I came out of the bathroom in new clothes and dressed, I saw the members staring at me. Jimin tossed me the 토끼 and I caught it before glaring at everyone and going to the room. I fell asleep with the 토끼 close to me and curled into a ball around it.

• Three Days Later •

“여보세요?” I answered as I sat down at a cafe.

“Kook! I’m in Korea right now!! I thought you should know that I was back.”

“정말?! Do you know how to get to Namsan Tower?”

“Yeah, when do you wanna meet?”

“Today. Drop your things off and text me when you’re heading there. I’m so happy you’re here! I want you to meet the members of BTS though they will ask you if we’re dating. That’s how the 토끼 thing started,” I growled near the end of my statement as she laughed.

“I’ll leave now then because I just put my things in my hotel room,” she hung up and I called a taxi to go to Namsan. I got there the same time she did and followed her without her knowing. While we were going to the top of the tower, I grabbed her waist and back-hugged her, “Jungkook, you scared me!”

“미안해, (Y/N). I’m just happy to see you,” she laughed at me before elbowing me in the stomach to get me to let go. I pouted and rubbed my stomach as she turned to face me. I was at a loss for words as she pinched my cheek.

“Jungkook?” I shook my head and cleared my throat as she looked at me with big, confused eyes. The bunny eyes as I called them when we were younger.

“It’s just that. Wow. You’ve dyed your hair, you’re still shorter than me though,and you’ve just gotten prettier since I last saw you. Not that you weren’t pretty then, you were, but now you’re… I sound stupid, don’t I?”

“Just a little bit. You’ve changed too. You’re handsome and no longer the cute kid who loved video games. You’re taller and it looks like you finally got up to gain muscle,” I smiled but pointed to the top of the tower to show that we were almost there. It was pretty early so I doubt that there were many people here. We walked around and I ran off to get a lock. I ran back and poked her shoulder making her spin around. I held up the lock and a marker as she giggled a little bit at me.

“Let’s lock it,” I pulled her to a place where we could write on it and I wrote 내 토끼 on it with a plus under it while she wrote 내 긱. I put a heart in the corner and she put a small smiley face by it. We found a place to lock it, kissed the key, and threw it far. We wondered around talking and laughing but at a good enough distance that if pictures were taken it wouldn’t look like we’re dating.

“Tell me about the other members. You’ve never really mentioned them,” she said as she sipped the coffee I got her.


“Jungkook 오빠!” I turned to see a few fans running towards us, “오빠, is this your girlfriend? She’s really pretty,” I signed the little notebook she handed me before looking up.

“아니요. She’s just my friend. And she is very pretty, isn’t she?” I said as I smiled quickly at (Y/N) before finishing up with the fans. She responded well to them and they were all nice to her, “Well, we have to go, I’m sorry,” I said before waving and walking off with (Y/N). We walked to the dorm that BTS was living in.

“Yah!!” I shook my head at V while (Y/N) giggled.

“I’m back!” I yelled as we took off our shoes. I grabbed (Y/N)’s wrist and pulled her gently. She rolled her eyes at me and followed me lazily.

“Jung- who is this?” Jin said as he saw (Y/N).

“This is my best friend, (Y/N). (Y/N) these are my hyungs, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Rap Monster, Jimin, and V. 형 this is (Y/N),” I said as awkward silence slowly started to take over.

“안녕하세요, 저는 (Y/N),” she greeted with a smile.

“안녕하세요,” Jimin said with a quick wave.

“Well this isn’t awkward at all,” (Y/N) said making me laugh. I nudged her shoulder and walked to the room I shared with V while she followed me.

“Jungkook,” Suga warned. I heard (Y/N)’s laugh ring through the room as I felt my cheeks warm since I never thought he would even imply that.

“형!” I yelled as I turned around and faced them. I groaned at them before turning to find a giggling (Y/N). I glared at her and she tried to hide her smile and laughing.

“미안해, 오빠,” she said before I rolled my eyes and walked past her with her following me, “You really do have the 토끼.”

“Huh? Oh yeah. I, uh, need it to sleep,” I said while coughing to hide my embarrassment. I sat down on my bed and she sat down next to me.

“I thought you were joking about that but that’s so sweet. But why do you need the tokki to sleep, 오빠?”

“This is really embarrassing,” I said as I laughed.

“Tell me,” she urged. I rubbed my face and laughed shortly.

“Remember how we used to share a bed when we were younger? I can’t sleep because I was used to you being there and having that vanilla smell lingering. The bunny has that smell so it helps me but I still struggle to sleep,” I hid my face in my hands and fell back on the bed. I felt a dip close to me before my hands were moved and I felt someone kiss my cheek.

“That’s very sweet and I don’t think it’s embarrassing,” I smiled at her. She placed the back of her head on my chest and took out her phone before unlocking it. I played with her hair while looking at her phone to see a photo of us as her wallpaper. The door opened and in came V before smirking at me and getting whatever he wanted before walking out, “변 태.”

“He’s not normally like that. I promise,” I snagged her phone and went to camera. I started taking selcas before she tried taking the phone back, “Wait. Let’s take a picture together so you have an updated one.”

“Fine,” we sat up as she grabbed her phone and I wrapped my arms around around her waist. Right as she was about to hit the button, I kissed her cheek. The picture came out with her still smiling though, “What was that about?” I could faintly see her pink cheeks and hugged her tighter.

“I like you.”


“I wanted to give you a little kiss,” she faced me as I smiled innocently at her, “One more thing.”

“What?” I kissed her on the lips as she froze up. I pulled back to see her cheeks pink and her eyes slightly wider than before. I kissed her again and again until she finally snapped out of that dazed state and kissed me back.

“I love you,” I said as I pulled back.

“I love you too. But we’re best friends. We always said we’d be best friends no more, no less.”

“We’ll still be best friends, 자기. We’ll always be best friends, just not the type of best friends we were before,” I said as she scoffed and hit me in the shoulder.

“Whatever and why are you calling me 자기? I’ve never said I’ll be your girlfriend, 바보.”

“Maybe but remember, you’re my best friend. 내 자기야. No one else’s. And I’m calling you 자기 because I love you,” I kissed her nose making her scrunch her face cutely, “Best friends, remember?” (Y/N) smiled and hugged me back.

“Best friends.”


형 || Hyung || Brother
토끼 || Tokki || Bunny
왜 || Wae || Why
오빠 || Oppa || older male to females
사랑해요 / 사랑해 || Saranghae(yo) || I love you
나도 || Nado || Me too
여보세요 || Yobosaeyo || Hello (when on the phone)
정말 || Jeongmal || Really
미안해 || Mianhae || I’m sorry
내 || Nae || My/I
긱 || Geek
아니요 || Aniyo || No
안냥해세요 || Annyeonghaseyo || Hello
저는 || Jeonuen || I am/I’m
변 태 || Byun(-)tae || Pervert
바보 || Pabo || Idiot/stupid/fool
자기 / 자기야 || Jagi(ya) || Baby/honey/sweetie

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