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The Bird and the Bees (RWBY)

This is for @megaexguilmon, I was your @rwbysecretsanta. You said you liked the Bees and the Branwens. Couldn’t put both birds in there, but you got one bird and some bees. Hope you like it, had to write fast to get it out today. Enjoy, and happy holidays!

Words: 2871
Relationship: Bumbleby
Characters: Yang Xiao Long, Qrow Branwen, Blake Belladonna

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some things i noticed during hamilton
  • king george does the turn off your cellphones announcement right before it starts and he says “enjoy MY show” lmfao
  • i was already tearing up during alexander hamilton rip
  • in the beginning laurens and hercules are v loud and usually drunk there are multiple instances of it in aaron burr, sir, the story of tonight, satisfied, and the story of tonight reprise and they always made the audience laugh
  • in my shot laurens turns to hamilton and says “you and i do or die” more privately and quietly to him alone and then turns back and continues  
  • peggy is actually reluctant in the schuyler sisters and tries to stop angelica before being quite literally dragged across the stage when she sings “and peggy”
  • when everyone exits in the story of tonight hamilton and laurens leave with their arms around each other :’)
  • in farmer refuted the squad is standing off to the side listening to samuel seabury and hercules and lafayette nudge and push hamilton forward while giggling to themselves until he finally challenges seabury
  • during you’ll be back king george jerks his shoulders up and down in time with his da da da das he looked absolutely ridiculous it was so funny
  • in helpless after hamilton gets eliza’s father’s blessing he looks to eliza and does this ridiculous little celebratory dance but then mr schuyler looks back over at him and he makes a show of composing himself
  • also in helpless washington was the one who helped hamilton get ready for the wedding and he fixed up his coat it was such a nice moment :’)
  • yo satisfied literally changed my fucking life ok bc obv renee is SO TALENTED WOW and bc the choreography was so cool man they did actually rewind everything somehow so it was the scene at the beginning of helpless im not entirely sure how they pulled it off tbh
  • in the story of tonight reprise the squad sways/thrusts their hips crudely while they tease hamilton for getting married it’s so fucking funny
  • wait for it is life changing. that is all
  • history has its eyes on you blew me away i love chris so much
  • yorktown is INSANE so many things are happening at once and the lights go crazy and the ensemble dance breakdown is just incredible
  • at the end of what comes next king george held out his hands expectantly then huffed and stomped off stage when no one started clapping immediately honestly all of his appearances were 10/10
  • oh my god dear theodosia was too much for me because it’s just burr and hamilton alone on stage singing tenderly to their newborn children
  • eliza walks in and delivers the news about laurens’ death (it’s not in the soundtrack) and hamilton’s demeanor changes immediately and after about a minute of grim silence he says “i have so much work to do” and exits and during this entire thing laurens stands off to the side surrounded by blue light and quietly and sadly sings the beginning lines of the story of tonight i damn near started bawling y’all
  • in non stop burr and hamilton are at a trial and burr gets v exasperated as hamilton delivers the long winded opening statement and after burr says “that’s all you had to say” hamilton looks like he’s going to stop but then in a typical hamilton fashion he darts back to keep talking when he says “one more thing–”
  • i especially loved nonstop bc the blending of the different character harmonies being sung all at once is phenomenal and outstanding i was completely blown away
  • in what’d i miss jefferson was encouraging the crowd’s applause and cheers and cupped his hand by his ear and leaned forward to hype the crowd up and it made everyone go even crazier it was so great
  • after jefferson finishes his argument in cabinet battle #1 he drops the mic and madison’s hand is waiting underneath to catch it lmaooooo
  • eliza beatboxes during philip’s rap/poem in take a break and philip’s voice breaks really badly so it ended up sounding like “you can write rhymes but you can’t write MINE” and that’s why hamilton says “WHAT”
  • also hamilton declines the invitation to the schuyler vacation and angelica starts after him to talk some sense into him but eliza stops her and shakes her head and they leave arm in arm they don’t even KNOW
  • maria wore a red dress with red lipstick in say no to this and i got chills bc jasmine is so talented and i am very gay that’s all i have to say
  • ok i lied towards the end of say no to this maria to sits on hamilton’s lap and places one of his hands on her stomach and the other on her chest i was vvv side eye emoji
  • i also got chills during room where it happens and one last time and literally every song ngl i’m trash
  • jefferson literally sniffs hamilton and makes a disgusted face when he says hamilton “smells like new money” in cabinet battle #2
  • king george comes back in i know him as the others are exiting and he flinches away in disgust if any of them got close to him it’s hysterical and then he jumps around as he excitedly anticipates being able to see adams crash and burn as president
  • KING GEORGE ALSO GOT BURR TO BREAK CHARACTER!!! burr laughed as he sang the beginning of the adams administration because george was making exaggerated gestures from where he set up a stool on the end of the stage to watch adams’ disastrous presidency i feel so #blessed
  • oh my god and then when hamilton calls john adams a “FAT MOTHERF–” in his iconic drag he drops a stack of books off the balcony so the thud censors the rest of it as the red strobe lights flashed it’s so extra i love it
  • in we know jefferson’s “whaaaaat” is pure giddiness and he rushes over to snatch james reynolds’ letter out of burr’s hands to read for himself he’s such an asshole
  • hurricane is AWESOME ok it’s one of my faves the lights were dimmed and hamilton is alone on stage singing and then maria gives hamilton the quill i was like bro…… that’s some poetic shit………
  • lord the reynolds pamphlet was crazy everyone was moving around and making it rain and then king george came down the stairs and smugly pranced across the stage while hamilton is trying to plead with everyone that at least he was honest about the money
  • burn was so fucking sad and it didn’t help that eliza was on her knees for half of it just lay me to rest y’all
  • JESUS and then after philip’s death in stay alive reprise eliza wails mournfully as she sobs over his body it’s the saddest thing i’ve ever heard i felt like i was hit by a train
  • sjdfnskfnksfj nothing will ever prepare you for seeing it’s quiet uptown live it’s a beautifully sad number bc hamilton and eliza are standing center stage while people move in slow motion in dim blue light around them but eliza stares straight ahead while hamilton begs for forgiveness until she finally reaches for his arm and rests her head on his shoulder and says “it’s quiet uptown”
  • burr actually runs around grinning as he eavesdrops on all the peoples’ views of him and he even fist pumps a bit in the election of 1800
  • your obedient servant was so funny bc there was only one desk and burr wrote one letter to hamilton and after a dancer delivered it burr and hamilton switched places at the desk and hamilton handed off letter after letter to be delivered to burr and burr just looked so done
  • god the choreography in the world was wide enough was a++++ because burr fires the gun and a dancer shows the motion of the bullet by acting as if she was holding it and moved it closer to hamilton and then everything slows down as hamilton has his moment of reflection and he actually runs away when he notices how close the bullet is getting at one point but then he finally decides to accept his fate and doesn’t move as the bullet comes rushing towards him when time resumes normal speed
  • towards the end of who lives, who dies, who tells your story eliza and alexander face each other and hold hands but then hamilton steps back and eliza turns to the audience and at the veeeeery last moment she holds her hands out and gasps and smiles as if she sees him on the ~other side~ after decades of being apart and she’s ready to go be with him forever and then the lights cut to black and it ends i stood up immediately and clapped with goddamn tears in my eyes
  • TL;DR there are a lot of little quirks in hamilton that make it a wonderful live experience and basically however you imagine the show it’s 100000x better trust me

anonymous asked:

My English teacher left me very confused when learning about Romeo and Juliet. He said that it wasn't a love story because they didn't love each other; Juliet just basically used Romeo, but I don't know what to think. Can you please explain to me if it's a love story, tragedy, or both?

Did your teacher say that Juliet used Romeo? How rude.

The first thing we have to remember is that the feud is the exponent of an unhealthy ideology that promotes violence, hatred, prejudice, and brutal misogyny. Don’t ever forget the world they lived in. Romeo and Juliet are not normal teenagers living in a normal world and making stupid decisions. They are children whose mental health ends up destroyed by the ideals of their families. I just won’t stand anyone who refers to them as ‘dumb’ because it’s a very insulting way of dismissing the destructiveness of social oppression and abuse. It’s so evident that their families caused their deaths that at the end of the play nobody has the guts to blame them for their own deaths and dismiss their emotions as shallow or dishonest. What they have done is too monstrous for them to deny. When both patriarchs find the young lovers dead together in the crypt they see the wrong in their actions and take responsibility for it. They know they killed their children. It was not teenage folly that ruined Romeo and Juliet. It was a sick society that glorified violence and prejudice.

Perhaps your male teacher is annoyed by the fact that Juliet hardly fits in the role of a sixteenth-century obedient wife who goes along with whatever her husband has to say. On the contrary, Juliet has a voice of her own. It is evident from the first conversation between the lovers that she has a very particular, specific way of thinking, and which doesn’t necessarily match that of Romeo. For instance, she gently mocks his stereotyped courtship when she says “you kiss by the book.” I would say she is a far better poet than him—he actually learns from her. Think about the way she corrects him when he tries to swear his love by the moon. She literally rationalizes everything. Romeo needs to get on her level. Later on, he will ask her to “sweeten with thy breath / This neighbour air, and let rich music’s tongue / Unfold the imagined happiness that both / Receive in either by this dear encounter,” to which Juliet answers that “conceit, more rich in matter than in words, / Brags of his substance, not of ornament”. You see, she doesn’t always agree with him, and she presents her own points of view resolutely. She is the one to give lessons.

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Since I’m perpetually stuck between being full of ideas (which I do - I have an entire storyline plotted out) and an unmotivated slime without interest and encouragement, here’s what I’m going to do. If this post reaches 50 note, I will begin a full-length fanfic featuring Yoriko and Shizuka. (and probably peter @sentochoryu every step of the way tbh)

me in 2013: frozen was so good!! but also i need bh6 right now please

me in 2014: bh6 was so good!! but also i need moana right now please

me in 2016: moana was so good!! but also i need gigantic right now please

me in 2018 (probably) gigantic was so good!! but also i nee


FFXV Ardyn Izunia wig & make-up test

Here I am guys. Deep in “Trash-Lord” hell. I hesitated a lot before i finally decided to give it a shot, because Ardyn is one hell of a hot guy. I have to improve the wig a bit and the makeup a lot. Its my first time trying something similar to this. Makeup tipps would be very much appreciated.

So what do you think?

My contribution for “One Kingdom”, the @captiveprincezine
Thank you for letting me take part in the adventure =D <3

I hesitated a lot to do a more romantic scene but I finally kept this idea. I wanted to play with the problems that were standing between Laurent and Damen. so BLOOOD etc etc ( please excuse my lack of explanations, that’s totally the reasons why I’m an illustrator and not a writer at all. I suck with words 8D )

When Things Fell Apart: Part Three

​- okay so it was highly requested, again I am surprised but let’s go with it - 


Walking away my eyes focused on this box. What was inside? Was it something significant to me or to the both of us? But more than anything else was Liz apologising when I turned away. How her own son was afraid to admit to his faults, but was she just trying to comfort me? Probably. I came all this way because she asked me to, I did it with some hesitation but not a lot- did I secretly want to see him again? Probably. Will I let this affect my feelings? No.

Once I was around the corner I lent against a wall and rang for a taxi to take me to some hotel for the night, my flight was early hours in the morning so I’ve got a while to kill. As I finished talking I put my phone in my pocket and saw a familiar dog run towards me, at first I was apprehensive, doubting if I were correct. But then the joyful bark and lick on my wrist made me believe I was right.

“Molly?” I bent down in front of her, stroking her fur and forgot how much I missed her. Glancing up I stood back up, brushing off her fur from my black jeans and smiled. “Hey Andy.” I half smiled, Andy never made much of a scene about the breakup, he was upset yes but didn’t address it with as much force as Liz did.

After greeting me Molly kept brushing her head against my hand, whining as she did so. “Looks like someone missed you as well.” He joked and I went down to her level, allowing her to lick my cheek like she used to first thing in the morning. “We, we miss you.” Andy spoke up and I could make out the sad smile on his face if I squinted, blocking out the sun. Standing up I opened my arms and gave him a hug, being aware to keep the box tight in my grip. As I pulled away he had that look like the others did at the locket. It held sorrow but also gratitude, uneasy I placed my hand on it, unsure what else to do.

“How’s everything been?” I asked, trying to feel comfortable about the matter but struggled to make small talk with someone I used to play games with when I couldn’t sleep from jet lag. He shrugged his shoulders, “Different.” A simple statement that said more than he intended. “I mean Molly misses you, she misses you a lot and Liz talks about you when Luke’s not home with her.” The almost spat out the last bit of the sentence and I was taken back by this. Raising an eyebrow to his remark he shook his head, “It’s not been easy, finding out things.” All I could do was nod before glancing back to Molly who continued to pant loudly.

“Guess there’s only room for one dog eh Mol?” I mumbled under my breath but Andy proceeded to laugh. Immediately I felt embarrassed, “I’m sorry I shouldn’t have said that.” I covered my head with my free hand. Letting out a deep sigh I exposed my face to the bright sunlight yet again, “I haven’t really spoke about it, at all.” He brought me into another tight hug, similar to the one Liz gave me.

“Take care of yourself.” He spoke up and patted my shoulder, “And do as my wife says with that box, wait until you’re going home.” With that we exchanged goodbyes and he and Molly were off back home, leaving me with more pieces of the puzzle to connect.

Once I got into the taxi I couldn’t help but fiddle with the latch on the box, examining the hinges and the slightly chipped edges, seeing where it had been marked or scratched. Curious to how old or new it could actually be. Yet I had a word to keep, I stopped running my fingers over the smooth wood and placed it next to me instead, glancing at my phone ignoring the sea of notifications before locking it once again. 

Arriving at the hotel I quickly checked in, keeping low key and not expecting any form of attention. Yet since the break up people can’t help but address me from time to time about my feelings, my appearance, about my friends who I’m seen with. Everyone’s a suspect, it leaves me with little security. A gentle tap on my shoulder alerted me and as I turned two girls faced me with opposite expressions written across their faces. 

The girl with dark brown hair flipped her hair behind her shoulder, phone close to hand and kept a straight face, seeming unimpressed. Whereas the other girl struggled to contain her excitement, there had been few occasions where people, fans of Luke’s band wanted to meet me as well as him. Most of the time I offered to take photos on their behalf and ensure they had a genuine experience, yet now with no one else it felt awkward. 

“Hi?” I spoke up to the two girls unsure on what to say as I slipped my phone into my pocket and held my room key tightly as I stayed pressed against the reception desk. 

My name was practically squealed from the enthusiastic girl and I squinted at the sound, apprehensively nodding she engulfed me in a hug, unsure what to do her friend pulled her away obviously embarrassed by the situation due to the light crimson that crossed her cheeks. “Sorry, I just,” She pushed her hair out of her eyes and took a deep breath. “I always wanted to meet you and I’m really sorry about you and Luke.” A sympathetic smile was displayed and I half smiled back, still trying to process what was happening here. 

“Thank you, it’s lovely to meet you guys. You just in the area?” No matter how I look or come across I want it to be pleasant for these people, they don’t deserve sly comments or arrogance. 

They both nodded and told me how they were shopping when they thought they recognised me, “But don’t worry, no one else knows.” I mentally let out a sigh of relief, my plan was to be low key, go unnoticed and then slip back into my everyday life. “Is that the locket?” Brunette motioned to her friend as she raised an eyebrow to my locket which I defensively covered with my hand. 

“How’d you know about my locket?” I asked, generally curious.

“Luke used to post about it or mention it.” She rolled her eyes and all I could do was nod. “Not over him are you?” I could hear her mocking me in her tone whilst the other girl held sympathy in her eyes. 

Shaking my head I straightened up, “We’ve both moved on for the better, I’m happy that he’s found someone who is right for him.” I practically spoke through gritted teeth whilst forcing a smile. 

They weren’t buying it, I knew in that instance by the forced smiles on their faces and how they avoided eye contact with me. Shortly after we parted ways, I went to the lift and allowed myself to relax but the flash of a camera alerted me and I lost whatever peace may have been temporarily in place. 

Walking out of the lift I kept my head low, no one would know me in some average hotel. People who came to hotels in the middle of the day were there to keep secrets, be scandalous, and remain anonymous. You would see people sneak out one by one from these rooms, re buttoning shirts and ignoring one another or wiping their noses, putting sunglasses on and prepare to face reality. That’s the thing about places like these, it’s a short term get away. 

Opening the door the smell of damp hit me hard, I tried my hardest not to pull a disgusted face but it was a few hours, a few hours and then you’ll be gone. Perching on the edge of the bed I stared at the box I placed on the table next to the miniaturized essentials that I couldn’t stop thinking about with an ongoing sense of curiosity. 

I mean, if I opened it they wouldn’t know. But if both Liz and Andy want me to open it once I leave is it serious? What if it’s a pregnancy test and Arzaylea is pregnant with Luke’s baby? Or if it is a strand of Luke’s hair that his mum cut off? Or a letter from Liz to say goodbye? What if it’s something to do with me? What if? 

Standing up I shoved the box in my bag and decided to go for a shower, freshen myself up before going back to a confined state for the next day in my life. Seeing myself as I went for a shower I wish I looked less disheveled, reflecting on the fact that this is how I presented myself to Luke, to his family and to his fans. Groaning at myself I got into the shower wanting nothing more than to wash away the regret that lingered over being here, the images of Luke looking like he did when I would wake up in the morning during his breaks from tour and the picture of her with him instead of me. How his mum told me he was sorry, he made a mistake. In that moment I wanted nothing more than the pool of water around my feet to grow past my head. 

Allowing the cool air to hit me as I opened the door from the bathroom I walked back into my room, decided some music would distract the moans and cries that could be heard through these thin walls that made my skin crawl. Turning the song up to full blast I lost myself in the moment as I swayed from side to side, completely unaware of it ending and the new song beginning. As the song played I froze, it felt like I was back in front of him again. Except he wore a smile and a suit, held his hand out to me to dance in the evenings after dates under the stars where we would be truly alone without anyone to disturb us. We would laugh and dance badly no matter how much we tried. 

Except as I open my eyes there is no suit, no smiles or laughter. I’m stood alone in a towel in a hotel room, completely and utterly alone. 

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I was going to write a long rant but honestly all of it can be summarized like this:

stop saying asexual when you mean aromantic stop confusing the two and do some research before you talk about it google is right there it will take you five minutes at most to understand the basic difference

and stop saying ‘well x character is asexual so obviously y pairing can’t happen’ because most of the time you’re using asexuality (and thinking aromanticism) to denigrate a pairing you don’t like and it’s incredibly insulting to have it used like this

neither asexuality or aromanticism should be reduced to being a tool to support your shipping preferences or to attack people who don’t ship the same thing as you

if you prefer a pairing as platonic it’s fine by me but don’t go around misusing words you don’t understand to ‘prove’ it can only be platonic, it won’t make you right, it will just let people know you don’t know what you’re talking about


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I’m so cautious and hesitant when meeting new people and a lot of those people think I’m rude or uninterested, when I’m really just observing to make sure they’re okay to be around.

anonymous asked:

i am a distance runner like 6-12 miles but because i think a lot of people are hesitant to call themselves runners if they don't run far i just wanna say to anyone ANYONE who's running even if it's 1/4 mile and then you need to stop i give you MEGA PROBS CALL YOURSELF A RUNNER EVERYONE STARTED SOMEQHERE DONT BE STIGMATIZED

I love you and yes :) If you run, you are a runner!

[LOVE LETTER] 170107 [FROM.Ren] Bye~~~~ I had fun today as well

저는 늘생각하고있는데 표현을 어떻게해야할지 몰라서
많이 망설였던것같아요!
러브들과 함께했던 지난 순간순간이 너무 좋았고 행복했어요.
다음에는 진짜또소풍도가고~~ 고기도 구워먹고..
렌 옆에러브들 꼭꼭 붙어있기로 약속해.
내가고기구워줄게!! ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ
나 고기잘구워요~~~ 진짜로.

잘자요!! 러브들
내가 열심히 돌아다닐게~꿈에서 만나요!!
I think I hesitated a lot because I’m always thinking about it but I don’t know exactly how to express it!
I have been so happy and great all the times that I spent with you ㄴㅇㅅㅌs.
Next time let’s really go on a picnic~~ with a barbecue..
ㄴㅇㅅㅌs promise that you guys will be right next to Ren.
I’ll grill the meat for you!! ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ
I’m really awesome with the grills~~~ Really.

Goodnight!! ㄴㅇㅅㅌs
I’ll be roaming about~meet you in your dreams!!