i helped name her

    '' Tea Party ''
myrtle & marauders
  • Peter was the one who found Myrtle’s bathroom.
  • Not like find find. They knew the bathroom was there, they just didn’t know Myrtle until Peter decided it was a good place to hide from Slytherins they just pranked.
  • Myrtle was not very welcoming at first but Peter was nice to her, so she let him hide there without making a scene.
  • As soon as he got to their dorm room Peter told the boys about her and the bathroom. Jamie, I think you’ll get along with her very well.
  • It was empty, no one went in there and they really needed somewhere to make potions without getting caught.
  • So, Peter took the boys to meet Myrtle. 
  • Myrtle took great interest in Sirius, Remus took great interest in leaving

Sirius: Moony, you are not jealous of a girl, are you? A girl who is also a ghost? 
Remus: Of course, not.  
spoiler alert.. he is.

  • However the rest of the Marauders were convinced that they can use the bathroom.
  • Myrtle approves. Because you know, four mostly attractive boys in her bathroom, doesn’t get better than that. 
  • James flirts with her, Remus is kind to her when she’s not swooning over Sirius, Peter talks with her like she’s a normal person and Sirius.. well, he doesn’t have to do anything to get Myrtle to like him.
  • Remus is the first one to ask her how she died, he doesn’t get a reply and Myrtle starts to cry. 
  • And boy, does she cry. She makes weird noises while she cries so James starts calling her Moaning Myrtle, it gets stuck.
  • Myrtle hates the name and doesn’t hang with the boys like she used to. They are just as cruel as Olive Hornby was.
  • One day, Mulciber hears Marauders talking about Moaning Myrtle. Him and his gang decide to pay a visit to the ghost that’s haunting the abandoned girl’s bathroom and make fun of Myrtle.
  • Remus is on his way to library from Great Hall and hears Myrtle cry when he goes in to check on her, he sees the Slytherins throwing things at the poor girl.
  • No one, and I mean no one, messes with Marauders’ friends.
  • Remus gathers the other boys and they plan a revenge.
  • This revenge results in Mulciber and his friends landing detention with McGonagall for 3 days in a row. To this day, they are still not sure how they pulled that one off.
  • Myrtle hears about what happened while visiting the Prefects bathroom.
  • Myrtle is back with the boys and now she’s even helping.
  • Turns out Myrtle is really good at pranking, the next prank on Slytherins is her idea. 
  • At one point, Myrtle even gives relationship advice to James and Peter.
  • Moaning Myrtle is Moaning Myrtle because of the Marauders and they love her.

Hello my fellow simblrs!

My daughter helped me design this hair so I named it after her. I hope you like it!

Thank you to @teanmoon for holding my hand through this one. It caused me some tears today lol! Needless to say, it’s not perfect but I love it anyway. It comes in all 18 colors.


TOU: Please don’t edit the mesh, upload it as your own, or put behind pay links. Feel free to recolor it all you want, just don’t include the mesh and credit me.

Weiss is suddenly now my role model

I legit thought Weiss was gonna up and jump out the window

Then I thought there was a secret passage under her bed

like I’ve always known she was a lowkey badass, but this is something else entirely


MY QUEEN /◕ヮ◕)/

We have a no cellphone policy in our theatres. Like all theatres in this year of our Lord 2017 should.

Anyway someone called the theatre phone from INSIDE THE THEATRE and here’s how it went

Me: “[cinema name], how may I help you?”
Me: “the previews are louder than the actual movie, but our theatre has a no cellphone use policy”
Her (sarcastically): “Yeah my phones off right now”
Me: “yeah if you could turn that off that be great” *hangs up*

Like what the fuck, had she walked less than 10 feet out of her seat she would have found all the employees without being an asshat to everyone else in the theatre by screaming on her phone????

@zharkfins bring you, soft girl with soft and messy lines. And world’s most uncomfortable shoes.

I friccn did it look at my crappy shading

This is friccn Mae, (or Tea) guys


She doesn’t have a name, but some mornings you’d swear her crescent shaped birthmark glows in the dewy light. 

I’d love help naming her. She is calm, quiet, and wise beyond her years. Some might even call her standoffish. However, around certain subjects, her cool demeanor quickly turns icy. Most just tend to give her some space.