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Myshuno Meadows Park – replacement for Myshuno Meadows, 64x64, no cc

It’s a park. It has some trees in it and other stuff. Not a lot of landscaping, because I didn’t want it to load for hours.

Some, um, highlights:
1. Kids’ corner – a “sandbox” with toys for toddlers and a llama game table/monkey bars for children.
2. Pervy corner – some park stuff to woohoo in.
3. Community garden –  fruits, veggies and flowers – normal quality so you don’t get too rich.
4. A lake and the Boathouse – no boats there.
I kept the wedding arch but removed the chairs – sims haven’t been sitting at weddings since 2015, so why keep pretending.

There are also yoga mats, chess tables, speaking podium, workout machines and some space to place whatever your heart desires. I would advise against building something on a foundation unless you hate my masterpiece of a park sculpture, “Ballerina and a Spaceman”. Or the playground. Or both.

You can find in on the Gallery, tagged with #simmingstuff or download clicking below (unzip and place in your Tray only the files from the “tray files” folder):

download (SFS)


The world may suck ass and people may smash your heart over and over again but damn am I so thankful for THIS.
The ability to stretch the stress away, to bend the anxiety out of existence.
Yoga is life.
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100+ followers ficlet!

As promised, the ficlet for hitting the 100+ followers mark! This isn’t actually a ficlet as it holds several strings with the main plot. This is set in part 3 and I’ll probably include it in the fic waaay later so this is like, a giant preview of what is to come when I finally sit down to fill in all the parts linearly. Hope it isn’t too much to take in now, but don’t worry, it’s not as serious as it looks like. TW for mpreg, a/b/o and such. (This probably won’t make sense at all if you’re not familiar with the series)


The reporter’s smile is sickeningly sweet and she shakes Yuri’s hand before he more or less slumps on the sofa across her. There’s also a nondescript man lingering around the room. He asks if Yuri would like a glass of water and Yuri shakes his head.  

“Yuri,” she says, and then pauses before giggling, “can I call you Yuri?”

Yuri stares her dead in the eye. “It’s my name.”

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Leggings and shorts by Fractal 9

Fractal9 was looking for ambassadors this past week, and I participated in hopes to join her amazing group of yogis! She’ll announce the winners next week! Her mini challenge was heart openers and questions for her to get to know us.

Day 1- What is one thing you love about yourself? Something that I love about myself is that I am very observant and open to new ideas. I’m naturally a quiet person, but I love to watch and understand everything whether it’s people, things, or ideas. Trying to understand everything that I can.

Day 2- What is a goal you are currently working towards? One of my goals that I am working at right now is my Bachlor of Fine Arts project. My field is Spatial Art which is 3D like ceramics, glass, metal, wood, found objects. I am currently working on an installation piece that I have been planning to do for 2 years. This semester the project is finally coming to life which is both terrifying and exciting. This project will mainly contain about 400 small ceramic sculpted abstract ocean creatures, and found garbage from the Bay Area. These will all be suspended in the air to look like a wave. My work deals with ocean garbage and trying to create awarness of The Great Garbage Patch in the ocean, and how plastic never biodegrades. This is my main goal right now till the end of the month where I will be having a gallery opening. Yoga wise I will be planning a SF Bay Area Instagram meetup for June!

Day 3- What are your 5 greatest loves? ●Joshua Tree National Park/U.S. Southwest. Joshua Tree has come to hold a special place in my heart. I never thought I’d come to love the desert so much especially cause I love the ocean so much. I’ve gone all over the Southwest, but after I graduate I want to do a roadtrip all around. I’ve been wanting to visit Bryce, Arches, Monument Valley, and Canyonlands!
●Traveling and experiencing new places. I’ve been and lived in the Bay Area all my life and have traveled around to many states, but I have a big Wanderlust to travel to other countries to enjoy their beauty and fun. I’ve been wanting to go to New Zealand since I was a kid and want to save up enough to travel there for a month!
●Family. Growing up as an only child I dont know what having brothers and sisters feel like, but i’ve grown up with a ton of cousins to make up for it especially coming from a big Mexican and Filipino family. They all drive me crazy, but I love them unconditional. Family also extends to close friends that feel just like family. As well as my kitties Roux and Rosie.
●Ceramics and art. I’ve always been creative by doing art and craft related things all my life. When I was at a certain time in college, it wasn’t till i took a ceramics class and was encouraged to keep going. I had never been encouraged that much by any art teacher till then, so i naturally took another class and fell in love with it. I had finally found my medium in the art world that i was passionate about.
●My Yoga Practice. Even with loving art so much, I fell into a rut a couple years ago and wasn’t sure what I was doing art wise. Feeling frustrated and depressed. I had already been doing yoga, but when I was hitting this rut, yoga helped fill me. It was something completely unrelated that took my mind off of my art, and helped center me again. Now I feel a balance between them.

Day 4- When was the last time you forgave yourself? I recently had to forgive myself for being really defensive after a recent troll. Everyone always tells me to ignore and block people who make rude and unwanted comments about myself, and to not respond to keep them egging on and influence others. After finally blocking them I in the moment deleted someone else’s comment that hit a chord in me. When they DM’d me I kind of went on a long rant, not at them, but at explaining my defence for the way I reacted to their  comment but mostly the haters  comments. I woke up the next morning feeling guilty for just spilling that all on them and apologizing. Even though I know I shouldn’t had been so defensive to someone who was just trying to be helpful and nice, I still feel my comment in a general sense was understandable. The reason I try to talk with people who are trolling and saying rude things is to actually understand their thinking even though I know it’s illogical. I want to create a conversation with them and not just ignore the fact that their thinking about people they don’t know is just plain ridiculous. Sometimes I know this isn’t the place to do it, but when a get in the mood I’ll just do it till someone tells me that I shouldn’t. I apologize for going off on a rant and being influenced, but forgive myself for getting defensive because there are some topics need to be addressed.

Day 5- What is your mantra? Why? “Anything you can do, I can do almost” It is the quote that I have on my Tumblr. Many people have commented on it because they think it is not so positive, which in retrospect to me it is. I’ve always liked the quote “anything you can do, I can do better” with the commercial with Michael Jordan and Mia Ham, but I’m not the kind of person to say I’m better than someone else. It is saying that whatever someone else can do I will be able to almost. Where I’m almost there all the time because there is no end goal with that I am doing because it is all about the journey. I’m trying to keep myself motivated and not think just because I can do a certain pose doesn’t mean I can’t keep working on it and improving myself in a positive way. I’ve always thought this throughout my life as well because I’ve felt I always had something to prove. To prove that if there was something that I enjoyed but wasnt seen as something I could do because of percieved expectations/limitations pushed on me, that I would prove ‘them’ wrong and do what I pleased. To prove I could be just as good at art, physical activities, dance, yoga, so that I could maybe feel a respect that I did something to push the norm of what is expected of me on my own terms. It may take the same time or longer for me to do something but I will always keep motivating myself.

Day 6- How? Why did you start to practice yoga? I started my yoga journey about 4 years ago when I took a semester yoga class at my university. It was years earlier that I had wanted to try out yoga, but things always came up. My best friend had taken yoga a semester before me, and it had reminded me that I wanted to do it too. I remember the first class being surprised that doing simple poses was so difficult, but being excited to keep it up and get better at it. My yoga instructor was an older man named Lawrence Caughlin and he was very encouraging no matter what poses it was. Always being positive and telling us it took even him time to get a pose. It wasn’t till my friend had asked me to be her maid of honor for her wedding. That is when I made my Tumblr to use as a progress blog as I had wanted to lose a bit of weight to fit slimmer into a dress. After that I hit a rut in my art and was super depressed, kept making sad art that was to personal to me, and didnt know what to do. Doing yoga and traveling was the only thing to take my mind off of overthinking what I wanted to do with my artwork. Yoga has become a personal therapy that has helped me so much. Even though everyone sees me physically, its more of what yoga does for me mentally. I thank to much to my practice for always being the supporting hand on my shoulder when things get tough.

Day 7- Why do you want to be an ambassador for Fractal9? I would love to be an ambassador for Fractal9 because I would love to behind an amazing brand of active wear to support bodies of all sizes. While at the same time having fun and beautiful leggings and shorts. I love to live my life as much as I can, and as colorful as I can. There is something about fun leggings that just puts you in a good mood to not take things so serious in life. I love that Christine promotes that not all bodies are the same which is amazing that that she does custom sizing to fit a persons body perfectly. I love that she has extended her line for bigger bodies, and would be so proud to help support her and all the beautiful bodies who would love to wear her clothes!

Heartwarming Starfish Ornaments.

Hi Taylor ! taylorswift !

This is the…fourth? I think? of long posts typed on tumblr….sorry if it gets really long. There’s so much i want to say and I know now, starting off this letter, that there’s no way I could ever say all of it. This isn’t to say, well looks like i gotta meet you or something with a windy face. Yes, it would be an honor to meet you. And YES, I want to talk to you about god knows what. Anything. But since this is just me, typing this in my dorm room on a lazy saturday dreaming of starbucks, ill just tell you a little about me.

Hi! My name’s Isabelle, i’m 17, and I’m from Rockville, MD, right outside DC basically…! My birthday is on Christmas, aka 12/25, so i’m a capricorn! wait-give me a second-mumbles to self..EVERGREEN AND MINT AND WRAPPING PAPER AND RIBBONS AND ORNAMENTS AND THAT ONE ORNAMENT MY BROTHER HAS THATS ACTUALLY A GINGERBREAD COOKIE BUT HOLD UP DONT EAT IT CAUSE ITS FROM WHEN HE WAS LIKE 4 AND NOW HES 22 SO NAH AND THOSE DELICATE STARFISH ONES THAT MY GODFATHER GAVE US AND-im done. I love christmas, not  just cause you take my birthday and roll it into christmas-LIKE COOKIE DOUGH I HAVE NO CHILL- but no, since i always get this question whenever my birthday plus christmas comes up , i doesn’t suck…i don’t get half the presents? i think I’m gonna start giving people a sassy face when i get asked this next, because I’m not deprived….anyways ill write something just on that later, my apologies. 

I have 2 older brothers: Jerry who’s 25, and Adam who’s 22. Jerry went to Notre Dame, as well as my parents and one of my uncles. Adam went to Boston College-THE RIVALRY IS ALIVE- I love them so much. For the last 3 years, actually, my mom and I have participated in-i think it’s formal name is-the Notre Dame alumni family volunteer camp-maybbbeeeee you could joinnnn SO FUN i mean maybe that would be hectic, as life seems all the time, for youuuu! But it is really, truly, an awesome experience. 

I love swimming, it’s really the only sport that i am remotely good at, I dabble in badminton, i tried volleyball and lacrosse. I can follow sports, i think? Just tried aqua zumba a few weeks ago-pretttty fun! I love art. I love theatre-one of my great loves, if you will. In high school I stopped actually performing onstage and became so in love with backstage work; stage managing, assistant producing….taking notes on what the director said, wearing a headset and shhhh-ing people….sigh. Here at collegeWHOA IM AT COLLEGE i’m still trying to find my footing in the theatre program, i tried out for the improv team here but didn’t make it…partly because i was nervous and there were 30 people auditioning when they only wanted to cast 2 or 3 people. but i still go to their shows, because, good segway!!!!!—improv, or comedy in general, stand up, etc…more great loves of my life. nbcsnl inspires me so much, i always say thats the dream..to work there…not necessarily to be a cast member although whaddup that’d be so awesome, but maybe a writer? just interning for late night, tonight show, snl, would be magical. or of course for taylor nation, your tour crew or whatnot. 

I have been playing piano since I was 3. Piano lets me be good at something because while I’ve been told in talent shows and other stuff that I am a good singer, piano is something i know i’ll continue for the rest of my life. 

Last spring, i graduated high school and now here I am-officially a rambler at Loyola University Chicago. I love it here, it’s funny I told myself i wanted a school, well yeah, like notre dame, not just cause i’m a legacy, but also because the campus is beautiful and not really surrounded by skyscrapers. I told myself when i started the dreaded college application process that i DID NOT under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES want a “city school” I guess i STILL don’t want that-but hear me out. What i didn’t/don’t want is to go to school in a skyscraper where most of the buildings look the same. With LUC, i’m right on the lake, and i have a metro stop right across from my dorm and can be in the lovely downtown chicago magnificent mile area in 20 mins. i LOVE cities. ESPECIALLY new york. Really, not just plugging Welcome to New York. My mom and I try to go to NY at least once or twice a year for a weekend when we go..if not longer. I adore broadway and, like i said, everyone in the 30 rock area!!! I would love to live there someday. Last year for my 17th birthday/christmas my mom surprised me with an NYC trip the day after birthday/christmas, (if it comes up again I’m going with birthmas because typing is starting to hurt my fingers) and we explored…we saw Matilda on broadway, if you haven’t seen it-go !!! It’s incredible. I’ve been told by my theatre friends..and everyone basically..that i look like Matilda from the movie. It all started when our tech outfits for moving set pieces across the stage for The Wiz at my high school in junior year was a black button down shirt, for me, with the show shirt underneath, and black yoga pants, WITH….cue matilda, a bandana worn however we want…so I tied it like a headband, rosie the riveter style. Mine as you can infer was indeed red. So, Matisabelle was born. ON A RANT, SORRY!!!

We visited some friends that live in NYC, some live right near Central Park, the other lives in Brooklyn-and i loved visiting the World Trade Center/9/11 memorial. It’s heart wrenchingly beautiful. I don’t really like saying it is a perfect memorial, because I feel like it seemed irreverent, but I realize now that it IS perfect. It is so beautiful. i think i stood for 15 minutes in front of someones name at the North tower fountain with a white rose-for this person’s birthday. SO beautiful. Breathtaking, in more ways than one. 

I have to mention 1989 since it. has. begun!!!!!!! IF I had to choose a favorite song, it would be Wildest Dreams, but if we’re talking about the exclusive target bonus songs version of 1989, then I would definitely go with You Are in Love. “and why I’ve spent my whole life trying to put it into words” means so much to me because I struggle with saying what i need to say, messing up, regretting stuff. Recently i had two presentations i had to give for a couple of my classes here at LUC. One was in french, the other-english..for the english one I spent the whole night prior to the actual presentation attempting to memorize what I should say. I get super nervous presenting. You Are In Love reminds me exactly of my grandparents, who also live with me-a few years back we decided to move into their house with them, where my mom grew up, to fix up their house and it’s so nice to be with them all the time. I miss everyone so much here in Chicago, though.

Thank you for staying genuine and always showing yourself as you truly are, you’re so chic, and classy….so to quote anchorman because DUH, you stay classy. much love, 

Isabelle Parshall

i gotta ask to reblog this, don’t if you don’t wanna, but it would be so nice.. much love lovelies! 

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so much love.

John from Redondo Beach

It was my last night at Joshua Tree, about 6:00pm, when the sun was finally starting to get low enough for me to climb out from under my rock (really) and start thinking about making dinner. I’d situated my campsite, unfortunately for me, along the trail to Arch Rock. It’s a short, easy trail, and many day visitors and the other campers at White Tank used it frequently. It was a little footpath superhighway in the desert, less than 10 yards from my tent. Oops.

This one guy is walking back from Arch Rock, heading south on the trail, when I notice he slows down and is scoping me out. He’s squinting hard into the sun, and instead of just moving on, he leaves the trail and starts walking straight toward me. I’m sure the sun blinded him to the WTF face I was making. He walks up and points to my camera, still mounted on the tripod from the previous night’s semi-successful attempt to capture the Milky Way.

“Hey, I noticed your camera rig. Are you out here to shoot the stars?” I told him that was part of it, and explained a little about my partial success and what I’d do differently next time. We chatted a few more minutes about how hot it’d been, other small talk, etc. He turned and made his way down the road, and I thought that was an odd but brief interaction, a vaguely impolite invasion of my space. But I moved on.

Until about an later, when I’d finished eating, and he returned with a lightweight portable chair and the biggest can of Dos Equis I’d ever seen, sweating and dripping in the desert twilight. “Mind if I hang out a while?” I was fixing to get into my pint of Bulleitt right about then, and while I’d have preferred to sit and drink it and smoke a Cuban in relative quiet, I didn’t have the heart to say no. 

So John from Redondo, 55, an electronic component sales rep, with one kid in college and another in high school, hung out with me until about 10:30. When he finished his massive beer, he went back to his tent and got another. His wife was up in Joshua Tree (the town) for some kind of yoga retreat, and he was camping in the park. He was going back up to get her in the morning and then they’d head back to the south bay on their motorcycle.

It wasn’t an unpleasant evening. He was a funny, engaging guy. Salesman. Deep into that second massive beer he started telling some outrageous tall tales, and he veered a little bit into some political talk (anti-Kaepernick), and rather than volley with him, I steered the conversation in other directions. He was pretty cool, but he’d indicated earlier he was carrying and even after a pint of bourbon, I had my wits about me enough to realize I didn’t need to have a political argument turn into an eventual hunt for my body. And I can tell ethanol-fueled tall tales, too. Apolitical ones.

After eventually downing that second beer and taking a leak on one of the big rocks by the car, he bid goodnight, grabbed his chair and his empties and walked back to his campsite. We’d traded emails. Maybe we’ll stay in touch. 

By the time I left in the morning, about 6:30, he’d already broken camp and headed north.