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I've never seen a fandom quite like the Sherlock fandom. (And TJLC!) The amount of creativity and thought and all around amazing-ness of theories and fanfic and fan art, it's all incredible. Everyone is so brilliant! I was also disappointed by the way things turned out, but one thing I think we can agree on is that we as a fandom(and maybe specifically the johnlockers) will always remain loyal? To the work and love poured into everything we created.Even if the writers turned everything to shit.

Agreed, Lovely. Johnlock will live on in fandom. I love the show and its characters so very much (these two will always be John and Sherlock to me), and I am sad that Mofftiss decided they didn’t like it anymore, but at least we have each other. Everything before TAB (and possibly parts of TLD) are still canon to me unless they explain things. I plan on staying loyal for as long as my heart can take it <3

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Julian or Jace?

Definitely Julian. I don’t even have any remorse, just save Julian at all costs. That poor boy has been tortured so much. Someone just save him. Please. #ProtectJulian2k17

This is random but is anyone else concerned about that whole “ruthless heart” thing? Like poor Julian has been through SO MUCH CRAP and people are judging a slight character flaw, which is honestly just him trying to protect his family? Like I don’t see anything wrong with that? And I love Julian so much and I’m so worried about him in Lord of Shadows and now I’m rambling but ugh what is going to happen when he sees Mark and Emma together? It’s going to destroy him but he’s already broken so much and you guys we literally need like 3 hours just to talk about Julian Blackthorn. 

Send me two characters and I’ll tell you which one I’d save.

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God, I really love berena

You know?, I have never been this invested in a ship before.

It occupies an unhealthy amount of my brain space.

It’s weird, I feel like I really know these characters and I really, genuinely care about them.

When they hurt, I hurt. When they get all heart eyes, smiley flirty around each other, you should see the big grin on my face. It’s ridiculous.

I think it’s why I’m a bit miffed we didn’t get to see cute coupley berena before Elinor Gate. I think we’ve all have invested so much time in this fandom and yet we really haven’t had the payoff. Everything seems to be happening off screen.

IDK, is there any hope of fluff considering what’s happening in the storyline right now?

Sherlock BBC - human error

I’m still really angry and sad about Sherlock BBC. Dont get my wrong - I still love J and Sher - but… Im so done with self-righteous men who think they can do what they want. They really fucked up these season. I dont talk about Johnlock, but about story and characters. Previous seasons, especially the first and second, are extremely intelligent mystery, which we all loved to solve. In this season only Mrs. Hudson and Lestrade were themselves. Its really sad.

I miss ironic and confident detective with a heart of gold…

I miss the faithful, brave Doctor, who never returned from the war…

I miss Myc, Moriarty, Irene, Donovan, Anderson… And Molly deserved better. Sooo much better…

I will continue to write about Sherlock, but the last season for me… doesn’t exist. I’m sorry for all those who had faith in the writers. You were not wrong. Never.

I believe that soon we will hear another story of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson.

They will always be together. At any time, in any world. No matter who will play them, or describing their adventures … Like Sher said “just the two of us against the rest of the world”.

“It’s quite exciting,“ said Sherlock Holmes, with a yawn.”
Arthur Conan Doyle

I want to remember them just like that…

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I have recently read Debt of Time and while I never really thought of Hermione as a strong and independent woman, Mia has amazed me throughout the series with her strength and power and I'm honestly jealous how one can write such good fanfictions! I would also like to ask if you have a collection of all the quotes and poems you used? It's a unique idea to have the characters quote poems and I love it and would like to go through all the quotes as whole instead of reading it in the series.

Thank you so much. Writing Mia was just … cathartic. I may have Mary Sued her a bit (in regards to power and knowing everything) but she was so flawed in so many other ways. Detrimentally stubborn, hot-tempered, vicious, violent, cruel, and dramatic. It was the story I need to write in order for my brain to go “Okay, we’ve successfully fixed canon for the satisfaction of our own heart, now we can play in sandboxes where everything doesn’t always get cleanly figured out in a perfect happily ever after.”

I don’t have a collection of the quotes I used, unfortunately. I should make a list and keep it around somewhere. Most of the poetry used was from Pablo Neruda (because I swoon) and I carried my love of his words over into Tying the Nott.

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Rules: list ten favorite characters from ten different fandoms, then tag ten different people!

1. Russia and America from Hetalia. It used to be just Russia, but I honestly can’t imagine America being anything but my favourite. I guess that’s what I get from writing him so much.

2. Zuko from Avatar. It was favourite character at first sight with this one, and I could predict his future in the show down to the letter.

3. McGonagall from Harry Potter. Looking back on the series now, she IS the most badass one of them all.

4. Yuri Plisetsky from Yuri!!! On Ice. While I will always love Viktor and our main character, this angry kitten just stole my heart the moment he showed that next to an angry 15-year-old, he’s also just a major dork. And a goddamn athlete.

5. Reigen from Mob Psycho 100. Another case of favourite character at first sight. The wittiest con artist this world has ever seen, and I love every second of sceentime he gets.

6. Baz from Carry On. I have only finished this novel like, not even an hour ago, but I already know this one will be my favourite for a long time. It is perfect, he is perfect.

7. Stanley Pines from Gravity Falls. As the show becomes a memory, I realize that he was the strongest character of the entire two seasons after all, for me at least. Bill had an amazing lot of charisma, and Ford was interesting, but Stanley. Stanley. He deserved that happy ending more than anyone.

8. Wilson from Don’t Starve. Just because he’s such a pseudo-gentlemanly dork and I always choose him.

9. Saitama from One Punch Man. Because what’s not to love?

10. Rhys from Tales From the Borderlands. Still one of the most fun games I ever played, and I can’t get over this guy. Especially not when you put Vaughn next to him, these two are too much together.

Explanations aren’t necessary, but I felt like giving them anyway because I had time on my hands and too many thoughts in my head.

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Its strange to think that 8 years ago Ben and Martin, fairly unknown actors, only known well in the UK embarked on this show that really took off because of their stupendously good acting and they really did put everything they had into these episodes including the ones from s4 but because the writers they, like us, trusted so much gave them so little to work with, they are going to go through the mental turmoil of blaming themselves for the mess that this series was.

I really just want to give them both a hug, especially Martin because of the struggle he’s gone through to play along side his ex partner, and tell them that they will always in my heart be the most amazing Sherlock Holmes and John Watson, and they really have done justice to these characters

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Honestly your angsty teen video made my heart hurt so much for the dad character like wow damn who knew I could love a dad like that great acting my dude

Omg that makes me so happy hahaha thank you

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"I am literally the only person who LOVED it, aren't I?" Nope, absolutely not. I definitely did as well. While the suspension of disbelief required was higher than usual, and I'm disappointed that they took away Redbeard the dog, I honestly LOVED the character development that happened with every single one of them, especially Sherlock and Mycroft. More so Mycroft at the end, though. And canon Sherlolly. :-)

Ummm… I was with you until the canon Sherlolly. Yes, Sherlock loves Molly, but not in that way. He freaked out like that because of how much respect and platonic love Sherlock has for Molly. And he hates hurting her. Why? Because she is probably literally the one truly decent person he’s ever known. And he broke her heart to save her, only to find out he got mind fucked. I may be wrong. But I don’t think Mofftiss is making a romantic series. It is about feelings, but not really about romance. Love is about so much more than sex and romance.

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GEN! I'm completely dead. DEAD I tell you over Where the Heart is. It has killed me. You have killed me. This is such a beautiful piece of literature and I'm so incredibly in awe of your writing talent. I cannot tell you how much I love this story and these characters. They are beautifully flawed and so well constructed. Even the secondary characters are incredible. The emotion that came through this story and that it evoked in me has left me speechless. It was amazing. Thank you. xo

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Denzel Washington was so good I hated him in that movie. And Viola is powerful, man.

Jesus i hate his character so much like. This movie is so welll done my heart is just BREAKING im getting chills… theyre amazing actors 😖

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First I just want to say thank you all so much! I can’t believe I’m already at 200+ followers! I hope Negan will continue to be loved for being the amazing and complex character he is and always will be! The winner of this giveaway will get 100 costume gif icons for their muse PLUS a custom promo gif set made by yours truly. Hit “Keep reading” to be aware of all the rules that apply. Thank you again!  ( ✗ )  Contest Time: January 16th through January 21st 

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rules: tell us your one favorite character from ten different fandoms and tag around ten people

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1… The Joker from Batman/DC Comics. particularly the joker from the arkham game series. my gorgeous murderous son. my original obsession. he consumed about three years of my life. still does.

2… Deadpool from Deadpool/Marvel Comics. he’s so cute and complex and he deserves more than he gets. his character flaws and acceptance of said flaws just makes it so much easier to relate. he’s a big inspiration to me tbh.

3… Lucio Correia Dos Santos from Overwatch. he’s just ??? so pure ??? art of him always cheers me up and hearing his voicelines in game is just a heart-warming experience i strive to be that positive one day.

4… Vasiliy Fet from The Strain. portrayed by my very favorite actor, how could i not love him? fell behind in the show, i want to catch up, but i did read the books and he’s still a++++++ even in word form.

5… Asa Farrell from Outsiders. another fave actor. my scruffy boy. my heart and soul. wish he’d stop fucking his family up and making things difficult and throwing himself into danger but haha what can ya do? fuck.

6… Starscream from Transformers. i used to rp this guy. he meant a lot to me. i kind of detached from the fandom but i’m working on getting back into it.

7… Lito Rodriguez from Sense8. i’m a fuckin’ mess.. i’m a fuckin’ mess, hernando. fine? fine? no i’m not fine i have a horrible pain in my stomach, it’s– i’m paralyzed. it feels like a tumor. *sobbing* you know cancer runs in my family, hernando! what if it’s cancer?! *car honk* what is it? what is– what is the point?! what is the point my lane isn’t going any faster, you– FUCK!!! *aggressive honking* I SEE YOU VILLAIN!!! I SEE YOU!!! WITH YOUR FUCKIN’ VILLAIN MUSTACHE!!! FUCK!!! *incomprehensible sobbing* i can’t.. i can’t breathe..! I can’t think, i can’t remember anything..! *sniffle* hernando, hernando, are you there? you know, before, i went to order elotes. you know i love elotes. but when i tried to order them, i couldn’t remember that elotes are called elotes.. oh you did not.. EXCUSE ME! I–YOU– YOU TACKY, CHEAP WEAVE, PLASTIC-TITTED WHORE!!! I SEE YOU!!! I SEE YOU!!!

8… Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th. i really love this sad little boy. he is just so misunderstood. when i was a child i just wanted to give his mask a cheek kiss and honestly i still do.

9… Hawke from Dragon Age 2. what a gay inspiration. and his hair. his magnificent floofy hair. i have a lot of feelings for him. go kiss fenris you little sweetheart.

10… Geralt of Rivia from The Witcher Series. i’m getting into it. i played the second game but want to play the third and ahhhh his attitude is the best. another inspiration for my own characters to be honest. he’s a total badass with silver hair and pretty eyes and just *heart eyes emoji*.

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Happy Birthday Yuri!

I’ve never done a character birthday celebration before but then again I’ve never put out so much art so fast for any series ever. 


Ok i’m kind of a huge loser and needed to draw this stuff to get it out of my system and I feel like I put enough time into it to… post it to my main blog. 

I imagine Tom and Janna would have a great friendship where Janna is constantly giving Tom near heart-attacks. I actually want to draw more just general interaction stuff for them for fun, so I’ll do that later. I figured I’d post these on their own though. 


Jessica Jones meme: [2/3] characters • Trish Walker
“I want justice for my friend. For that girl in prison. For you and me. I want Kilgrave to live long and alone and despised until he wants to die, but can’t. Because that’s justice and I’ll fight like hell for it.”