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in which gabe is a Good Dad ™ and backgrounds are not real

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interviewer: so you love 1d

harry: yes

interviewer: are you sure

harry: ……yes

interviewer: are you SURE you didn’t hate being in the band and think you’re better than the other members

harry, unbuttoning his shirt to reveal an “i heart 1d forever” t-shirt: does this answer your question

harry: you better not wear a t-shirt to our wedding

louis: [shows up at the altar in a plain white t-shirt]

harry, in his own t-shirt with “i heart louis” on it: checkmate

louis: you sick bastard

If Jack does a Charity Livestream where Anti is on the shirt, I’m gonna get it.

Then I’m gonna take my Dark shirt, and Anti shirt, cut them in half and sew both of them together.

Just like:

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Hey everyone ! I recently passed 50 followers here on Tumblr and I just can’t thank you guys enough. Thank you to everyone that has been supporting me. Here’s a little 50 Followers Gift ! I recolored the beautiful heart hole t-shirt by @waekey

The colors are from a little thing me and @comfysim have been working on so if you like the colors, stay tuned :o There are 15 neutral/natural swatches + white and black. I shall leave the swatches as a little surprise for you guys. Happy Simming and Enjoy ! (This has been play tested, but let me know if there are any issues for you)



Standard TOU (don’t be a butthead) 

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Stolen T-Shirts, Stolen Heart

ask : could I have another Percy oneshot? Where she steals all of his shirts and him whining, “You’ve already taken my heart what more could you want from me?”

i hope you like it !! sorry it took so long for me to put up :(

It started off innocently.

Three months into your relationship, and you popped the question.

“Can I have one of your hoodies?”

The son of Poseidon didn’t think anything of it, tossing you one of his blue hoodies. Slipping it on, you smiled at him, wrapping your arms around his torso and stepping on your tippy-toes, pressing a soft kiss to his lips.

“Thanks baby.” You smiled. Percy pressed his lips against yours again, thinking nothing of it.

It was just a hoodie, right?

Jackson remembers that day like it was yesterday. To say he regrets it he’ll deny, but you’ve seen that he has.

Stealing one hoodie turned into two hoodies and a shirt. You once walked into a meeting at Camp Half-Blood wearing Percy’s infamous ‘Jaws’ shirt.

“Isn’t that Percy’s, Y/N?” Connor asked, and Percy’s head rose quickly. For a second, he frowned, before he smiled again.

“Looks cute on you.” He said truthfully, but he was wondering how you got it.

That’s his favorite shirt after all, but he didn’t put much thought into it. Besides, you looked very cute in it, and he couldn’t deny that.

Two hoodies and a shirt turned into five shirts and three hoodies, that you were almost positive Percy would never miss, but he did.

“Babe, have you seen my blue tank-top with the corny sea saying on it?” Percy called from his closet. You frowned down at the shirt you were wearing.

“Which one?” You called back. You were pretty sure it was the one you were wearing right now. As he described it, you smiled sheepishly, standing up and tapping his shoulder. “This one?” You asked, and he turned, looking down at you.

Percy sighed. “Yup. That’s the one.” He turned to his closet again, tugging out a different shirt. “I’ll just wear this one.” He smiled at you, but you could see he was slightly annoyed about you taking his clothes.

It didn’t bother you too much, you just loved wearing what’s his. It reminded you that you were his, no matter how many dirty looks you got.

Sooner or later, you raided his whole closet. Knowing that he’d notice, you quickly distanced yourself from Cabin Three.

“Y/N L/N!!” Percy’s shouts were heard from all across camp, and you booked it, finding your way towards Bunker Nine. Barging in, Leo screamed, falling off the ladder that both Piper and Jason were holding.

“DIOS MIO Y/N!” Leo shouted, groaning from the impact on the floor.

“Sorry I-” The door flew open again, and this time Percy stepped in, looking pretty harmless, and you smiled sheepishly.

“Hi babe…” You trailed off, and he smiled back at you.

“Hey. Care to tell me why half of my closet’s gone?” He asked innocently, and you looked down at the shirt and zip up hoodie you were wearing.

That was Percy’s.

“Uh, I like your clothes?” You weren’t so sure yourself. Percy threw his hands up in exasperation.

“You’ve already taken my heart, what more do you want from me?” He whined, pouting at you like a baby seal.

“I look cute in it though.” You matched his expression, tugging at the hem of the shirt. Percy cocked his head at you.

“That isn’t gonna work on me Y/N.” He responded. You pouted again, and he frowned a little bit.

“Okay, maybe it might.” Percy admitted, but he crossed his arms. “But I want my shirts and hoodies back Y/N. I mean it.” You looked down, shuffling on your feet like a scolded puppy.

“Okay Percy.” You finally answered, a sad undertone in your voice.

“Y/N, don’t do that.” He responded, reaching out for you. You passed him, your head hanging.

“I guess I’ll just give them all back.” You were at the door to Bunker Nine now, sulking dramatically.

“Fine. FINE! You can wear my shirts and hoodies.” Percy gave in. You squealed in happiness, running back inside and pressing a kiss against his lips.

“Thanks babe!” You shouted happily, before bolting out of the bunker.

“You’re soft, Jackson.” Leo commented, not even bothering to get up from his position on the floor. Percy smiled at the door from where you ran.

“What’s wrong with that?” He responded, before waltzing out of Bunker Nine.

Percy knew he wasn’t getting his shirts back.

And he was weirdly okay with that.

- nezzie

100 letters - peter parker

fandom: the avengers/spiderman

word count: 1042 

character pairing: tom holland’s peter parker x reader

warnings: kinda sad kina cute lol

prompt: friends don’t let friends do stupid shit alone. (taken from this prompt list

notes: i rly lov this goofy man kfjvnsjf idk what this is but enjoy i guess lmaonlfvjajenfv (i also have zero clue where the gif came from bUt)


friends don’t let friends do stupid shit alone.


“i’m going to germany.“

you snort from your place curled up on peter’s bed, not bothering to look up from the book you were reading. “while you’re there, try some schnitzel for me, yeah?” peter blinked, confusion clouding his features before he rolled his eyes, realizing you thought he was joking. he took a seat on the bed next to you, leaning back so that his head was resting on your stomach. he looked at his cieling.

“i’m not- i’m not kidding,” you peeked at him over your book, eyes narrowing. “you remember that day tony stark was here? he asked me if i wanted to go to germany with him.” you carefully put down your book, not looking at him.

“for what? an internship?” you questioned, and peter winced when he detected the ice in your voice. “why’s he taking you to germany, peter?“ peter closed his eyes briefly, turning on his side as you adjusted yourself to sit up a little, looking down at him with a blank expression.

"he wants me to fight,” peter exhaled, not meeting your eyes. he felt you stiffen. “against captain america. it’s all going to- it’s all going to shit, Y/N. he needs me.”

“peter,” your voice was an octave higher than you wanted it to be. “peter, you can’t.” he sat up then, grabbing both your hands and leaning dangerously close to you. this wasn’t surprising to you; you knew more than anybody about peter’s lack of perception of personal space.

he could sense the panic rolling off of you like waves, hands squeezing his ridiculously hard. he didn’t show any signs of pain, only looking into your eyes with a type of intensity that made you feel like crying.

all you could imagine was peter lying dead on the concrete, his mask lying several feet away from him, torn and shredded to reveal his beaten and bloody face, eyes wide.

“they need me,” he breathed, eyes flickering down to your lips before meeting yours again. “they need me.” he repeated.

“i need you,” you exhaled, resting your forehead against his. it was getting ridiculously intimate between you two, and your heart couldn’t help but do somersaults in your chest. “what about me, peter? i need you.” he shut his eyes, and you could feel his forehead crinkle against yours.

“i don’t know what to do,” he whispered, nose slotting with yours. your breath caught in your throat, his lips millimetres away from brushing against yours. “tell me, Y/N. tell me and i’ll listen to you. tell me i can’t go, and i won’t go.”

and then you pulled back, taking your hands with you. “i can’t do that, peter,” you leaned against the headboard, pulling your knees up to your chest. “i’m not your mom, i’m not your aunt, i’m not your-” you broke off at his sudden intake of breath. “i’m not your girlfriend, peter.” i wish i was.

“why not?”

your lips parted, and you could feel your face heating up. you stood up quickly, snatching your sweater off the desk-chair and making a beeline for the door without meeting peter’s eye. you couldn’t do this, not now. you’d always thought of confronting your feelings for peter head on, but this was too sudden. dear god, you couldn’t do this.

and then there was a hand on your waist, spinning you around and lightly pressing you up against the wall. you looked up to see peter’s face inches away from your own. he hesitated a minute. “i’m not gonna take that back, in case you were wondering.” you found yourself unconsciously leaning closer towards peter, lips a breath away from his. you felt one of his hands find yours, and you didn’t hesitate to interlock your fingers, squeezing his hand tight.

“peter,” you exhaled in a needy whisper, hands making their way to his hips, pulling his body closer to yours. closeness with peter was no stranger to you. “this is gonna make leaving so much harder.” he was close enough that you could feel his heart hammering through his t-shirt.

“i know,” he said quietly, leaning down at the same time you leaned up, pressing your lips together in a way that had you fisting your hands in his t-shirt, definitely wrinkling the fresh-pressed material. but fuck, you had wanted this for so long, and everything was so perfect, until-

you pulled away from him, letting your head fall back and hit the wall. peter’s lips fell from yours, and you stayed completely silent as he breathed heavily, seemingly in disbelief.

“you’re leaving for germany soon,” you whispered, and went to meet peter’s eyes with a sad smile. “i should leave now.” peter stayed quiet, letting you slip out of his hands with a kiss to his cheek.

“please don’t go.”

you turned back to face peter just before you left his room, bracing your hand on his door frame, right where the white paint was chipped and peeling. you dug your fingernails into the soft wood, calculating the chances of you actually walking out of his apartment that night, if his puppy-dog eyes and heart-breaking expression had anything to say about it. your walk towards him was slow, but when your arms wound around his waist, your hug was tight.

“hey, peter?”

“yeah, Y/N?” you buried your face into his shoulder, hiding your smile before pulling away and taking his hands, drawing him to his bed. the back of your knees hit the mattress, and you fell backwards, pulling peter down so he was laying next to you.

you turned onto your side to face peter, propping your head onto your hand. “i hope you own a fairly large suitcase.” he looked up at you, confusion etched into his features.

“and why is that?” he asked, still not catching on.

“well, cause i don’t have any suitcases, and i’m gonna need to put my clothes somewhere when we get on that plane to germany.” you rolled onto your back with a grin when peter sat up immediately, staring down at you with wide eyes.

"oh come on, peter. you know better than anyone; friends don’t let friends do stupid shit alone.”

q & a;

member- taekook x you

genre- so fluffy you may die

words- 1,863

summary- (requested) taehyung is a youtuber & his viewers really want you and Jungkook to do the relationship tag. polyamorous!au

a/n- finally more taekook! this is for @sugasangel since you were so sweet and wanted a taekook scenario!! i know this isn’t your specific request, but i hope you still enjoy it! 

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You were sold right away by the idea, but Jungkook took a little convincing.

“It’s silly,” he insisted with a frown and crossed arms.

Taehyung made his best puppy-dog eyes and stared right into Jungkook’s soul. “C'mon, please? All my viewers really want this video to happen and I can’t do it with just Y/N.”

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Taylor Swift's groping case victory is her most influential moment yet
Women don’t get an easy ride in the music industry.

The Telegraph - Alice Vincent -  15 August 2017 11.37 am

Women don’t get an easy ride in the music industry. Ever since there have been aspiring hopefuls looking to shine in the bright lights, there have been older men, in positions of professional power, taking advantage.

The list of pop’s household names who have grisly stories to tell about sexism and assault is endless. From Joni Mitchell to Lady Gaga via Madonna, Bjork and Beyoncé. Now we can add Taylor Swift’s name to the list, after she went to court against a former radio host who groped her before a concert.

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Feyre Back at the Spring Court
  • Tamlin: Hey remember that time you thought you were mated to Rhys lol
  • Feyre: *wearing an 'I Heart Rhys' t-shirt* Yep
  • Tamlin: Those were the days lmao
  • Lucien: Tamlin are you sure nothing seems weird to you
  • Tamlin: *oblivious to Feyre hoisting piano over his head and preparing to let it go* Whatever could you mean my small foxy friend

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I am not sure if it has been asked already but can we get the Sanses (UT/UF/SF) to react to a S/O who drew a portrait of them and for some reason, hid it because they think it sucks ? (Aka a S/O artist who doubts their artistic skills)

uhhhh i’m a dingus so when i first answered this i misread swapfell as underswap so you get a bonus us sans too you lucky anon - m.m.


You knew he’d find it eventually. It’s hard to hide anything from Sans, much less something so banal as a drawing. You’re not proud of it at all, but there’s a twinkle in his eye as he looks up from it to you. “nice work babe, who’s the studmuffin?”

The first thing he does is have Papyrus hang it up on the fridge for all to see. It’s never getting taken down–because even if you try, somehow it always manages to end up back in place by the end of the day. 

Too bad, babe, you’re just going to have to accept that you’re talented.


He actually walks in on you when you’re trying to hide it, so that plan went out the window before it even had a chance. Casually he snatches it out of your hands, laughing a little at the very idea that you’d used him as some sort of muse, before he realizes–

This is good. This is real good. He’s gonna keep this around. Real close to his heart.

& by “close to his heart,” I mean he gets a T-shirt printed with your drawing on it. Now everyone in the Underground knows you’re a talented artist. Deal with it, doll.


You don’t even realize he’s been gazing over your shoulder for the last ten minutes until you look up to see his bubbly little grin right next your face, with (literal) stars in his eyes. Heck, you don’t even have a chance to react before he’s swept it up & is running around the house trying to find Papyrus to show it off. 


He has the picture blown-up & placed like a portrait in their living room above the TV. Now whenever you have company your drawing is the first thing they see. A fate worthy of such a wonderful artist.


It’s similar to US!Sans in that he’s been standing there nearly the whole time, but the look on his face is less than impressed. Really, date-mate, you draw the Marvelous & Intimidating Sans, & you don’t even call him in for a reference?? Honestly, you can do better than that. It looks nothing like him.

In fact, for your impudence, he’s confiscating it. Think of it as punishment for doing such a poor job. Do better next time.

He’s got to be the most subtle of the Swap!Sans’s when it comes to this sort of thing, because only Papyrus knows about the framed drawing he keeps tucked under his pillow. It’s an incredibly well-kept little secret of his.