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in which gabe is a Good Dad ™ and backgrounds are not real

(dont tag as mcr//eaper i will Fight You)

If Jack does a Charity Livestream where Anti is on the shirt, I’m gonna get it.

Then I’m gonna take my Dark shirt, and Anti shirt, cut them in half and sew both of them together.

Just like:

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Hey everyone ! I recently passed 50 followers here on Tumblr and I just can’t thank you guys enough. Thank you to everyone that has been supporting me. Here’s a little 50 Followers Gift ! I recolored the beautiful heart hole t-shirt by @waekey

The colors are from a little thing me and @comfysim have been working on so if you like the colors, stay tuned :o There are 15 neutral/natural swatches + white and black. I shall leave the swatches as a little surprise for you guys. Happy Simming and Enjoy ! (This has been play tested, but let me know if there are any issues for you)



Standard TOU (don’t be a butthead) 

3/17/17 - UPDATED DOWNLOAD LINK (moved to simfileshare)

Stolen T-Shirts, Stolen Heart

ask : could I have another Percy oneshot? Where she steals all of his shirts and him whining, “You’ve already taken my heart what more could you want from me?”

i hope you like it !! sorry it took so long for me to put up :(

It started off innocently.

Three months into your relationship, and you popped the question.

“Can I have one of your hoodies?”

The son of Poseidon didn’t think anything of it, tossing you one of his blue hoodies. Slipping it on, you smiled at him, wrapping your arms around his torso and stepping on your tippy-toes, pressing a soft kiss to his lips.

“Thanks baby.” You smiled. Percy pressed his lips against yours again, thinking nothing of it.

It was just a hoodie, right?

Jackson remembers that day like it was yesterday. To say he regrets it he’ll deny, but you’ve seen that he has.

Stealing one hoodie turned into two hoodies and a shirt. You once walked into a meeting at Camp Half-Blood wearing Percy’s infamous ‘Jaws’ shirt.

“Isn’t that Percy’s, Y/N?” Connor asked, and Percy’s head rose quickly. For a second, he frowned, before he smiled again.

“Looks cute on you.” He said truthfully, but he was wondering how you got it.

That’s his favorite shirt after all, but he didn’t put much thought into it. Besides, you looked very cute in it, and he couldn’t deny that.

Two hoodies and a shirt turned into five shirts and three hoodies, that you were almost positive Percy would never miss, but he did.

“Babe, have you seen my blue tank-top with the corny sea saying on it?” Percy called from his closet. You frowned down at the shirt you were wearing.

“Which one?” You called back. You were pretty sure it was the one you were wearing right now. As he described it, you smiled sheepishly, standing up and tapping his shoulder. “This one?” You asked, and he turned, looking down at you.

Percy sighed. “Yup. That’s the one.” He turned to his closet again, tugging out a different shirt. “I’ll just wear this one.” He smiled at you, but you could see he was slightly annoyed about you taking his clothes.

It didn’t bother you too much, you just loved wearing what’s his. It reminded you that you were his, no matter how many dirty looks you got.

Sooner or later, you raided his whole closet. Knowing that he’d notice, you quickly distanced yourself from Cabin Three.

“Y/N L/N!!” Percy’s shouts were heard from all across camp, and you booked it, finding your way towards Bunker Nine. Barging in, Leo screamed, falling off the ladder that both Piper and Jason were holding.

“DIOS MIO Y/N!” Leo shouted, groaning from the impact on the floor.

“Sorry I-” The door flew open again, and this time Percy stepped in, looking pretty harmless, and you smiled sheepishly.

“Hi babe…” You trailed off, and he smiled back at you.

“Hey. Care to tell me why half of my closet’s gone?” He asked innocently, and you looked down at the shirt and zip up hoodie you were wearing.

That was Percy’s.

“Uh, I like your clothes?” You weren’t so sure yourself. Percy threw his hands up in exasperation.

“You’ve already taken my heart, what more do you want from me?” He whined, pouting at you like a baby seal.

“I look cute in it though.” You matched his expression, tugging at the hem of the shirt. Percy cocked his head at you.

“That isn’t gonna work on me Y/N.” He responded. You pouted again, and he frowned a little bit.

“Okay, maybe it might.” Percy admitted, but he crossed his arms. “But I want my shirts and hoodies back Y/N. I mean it.” You looked down, shuffling on your feet like a scolded puppy.

“Okay Percy.” You finally answered, a sad undertone in your voice.

“Y/N, don’t do that.” He responded, reaching out for you. You passed him, your head hanging.

“I guess I’ll just give them all back.” You were at the door to Bunker Nine now, sulking dramatically.

“Fine. FINE! You can wear my shirts and hoodies.” Percy gave in. You squealed in happiness, running back inside and pressing a kiss against his lips.

“Thanks babe!” You shouted happily, before bolting out of the bunker.

“You’re soft, Jackson.” Leo commented, not even bothering to get up from his position on the floor. Percy smiled at the door from where you ran.

“What’s wrong with that?” He responded, before waltzing out of Bunker Nine.

Percy knew he wasn’t getting his shirts back.

And he was weirdly okay with that.

- nezzie

Feyre Back at the Spring Court
  • Tamlin: Hey remember that time you thought you were mated to Rhys lol
  • Feyre: *wearing an 'I Heart Rhys' t-shirt* Yep
  • Tamlin: Those were the days lmao
  • Lucien: Tamlin are you sure nothing seems weird to you
  • Tamlin: *oblivious to Feyre hoisting piano over his head and preparing to let it go* Whatever could you mean my small foxy friend
I Want To Save You

Pairing: Dean x Reader
Words: 1073
Requested by @captainemwinchester:  May I request a Dean x Reader. Dean and the reader are hunting budys and something goes wrong with the hunt and he’s just really protecfull of the reader

           Dean had never wanted to bring anyone else into his hunting “circle” besides him and Sam. He didn’t want to put anyone else in danger. It took you months to weasel your way into the Impala. And before Dean realized it, you were hunting with him and Sam regularly. You were a part of the team.

           Sam was on a case with Garth when you and Dean caught wind of a possible rugaru in a town not far from where you were. The two of you could handle it; you had taken on worse individually.

           “Watch your back,” Dean instructed as the two of you made it into the house where you had tracked the rugaru activity.

           You nodded, “I got it.”

           You were in the kitchen when you heard someone behind you. You turned quickly, but it was just a cat, running from another room.

           Just as you were about to turn back around, you felt someone grab you from behind. You had just enough time to scream before the arm was around your neck.

           You knew you were a goner. This guy was going to rip you apart with his teeth. You were going to die right here.

           As you tried to fight against him, you felt his grip loosen, but instead of just letting you go, he pushed you hard, making you stumble and fall against the counter. You felt your head hit the counter and you were out. 

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q & a;

member- taekook x you

genre- so fluffy you may die

words- 1,863

summary- (requested) taehyung is a youtuber & his viewers really want you and Jungkook to do the relationship tag. polyamorous!au

a/n- finally more taekook! this is for @sugasangel since you were so sweet and wanted a taekook scenario!! i know this isn’t your specific request, but i hope you still enjoy it! 

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You were sold right away by the idea, but Jungkook took a little convincing.

“It’s silly,” he insisted with a frown and crossed arms.

Taehyung made his best puppy-dog eyes and stared right into Jungkook’s soul. “C'mon, please? All my viewers really want this video to happen and I can’t do it with just Y/N.”

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your arms around me, and i’m home

pairing: riley matthews & lucas friar 
word count: 2,034
prompt: “day six: hugging - just let the kids hug gosh dang it”
written for: rucas fanfic week 2017
summary: because home isn’t always four walls and a roof, sometimes it’s two arms that keep you warm and a heart that loves you. 
notes: this has been a scene that has been stuck in my head for literal months now and i finally sat down and wrote it and honestly?? i’m so pleased with the results. this actually takes place in my sign of the times fic universe, during riley and lucas’ senior year of college, so it’s almost a preview of the future of sorts, but oh well. this is very fluffy and heartwarming and i’m really proud of it. please enjoy! 

“Hey, what did your mom want?”

Lucas didn’t respond right away, and Riley looked up from the cereal she had been eating. She smiled when she saw Lucas standing in the doorway, a nervous look on his face. They had been woken up that morning by Lucas’ phone ringing, his mom telling him that he needed to get over there. She hadn’t offered much of an explanation, but Riley had still been half asleep when Lucas slipped out the door.

Truthfully, she still wasn’t fully awake as he was coming back through the front door twenty minutes later.

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I Can't Believe I'm-No, We're Doing This (Cisco Ramon X Reader)

NSFW! SMUT! DO NOT READ IF YOU ARE NOT MENTALLY MATURE! (I’m not gonna judge you 13 year olds who want some of Cisco.) Christ my future jobs are gonna find this. And this isn’t even good smut, it’s the first time I’ve posted smut. Damn me and my sexual frustration. I hope you all are satisfied.

“Stop teasing him (Y/N). All the low tops and short skirts are driving that man crazy.” Barry laughed, shaking his head.

I giggled, glancing at Cisco from the left side of the cortex. He tried to hide that he was staring, but failed, quite badly.

“I’m not even wearing anything that bad Barry. Just a tank top and leggings.” I said innocently, flicking my gaze back to Cisco’s flustered form.

“Leggings two sizes too small, and a tank top that literally has everything hanging out. Class, not sass (Y/N).”

Caitlin walked to stand next to us, a tray of samples in her hand. Her comment had me in a fit of giggles,
Nearly knocking myself over. Suddenly, a thought came to my head.

“If I stole him away for maybe 20-30 minutes, do you guys promise to try and not find us.” I whispered, my grin widening at their nods. Barry nodded at me, before dragging Caitlin away.
I ruffled my hair, getting quite giddy at the prospects.

Alright, I’ve only done this a few times, so I was still rusty. But hey, I can be sexy if I want too. And if my boyfriend didn’t find me sexy, we were gonna have a problem.

I walked towards the computers, leaning my body against the back so I was looking down at Cisco. The rail just presented my boobs even more.

“Ciscoooo.” I sang, watching with a loving smile as he flicked his eyes up and caught my figure.

“You sing like that again and I’ll fuck you till you can’t stand.”

My heart sped at his words, watching as he began to rub his temples in an attempt to concentrate. So loyal to his work, one of the many more reasons to love him.

My inner self was practically drooling at what he said, wanting him to have at it right now, not caring about who saw. I had to calm myself, clearing my throat to catch his attention. His looked at me again, practically daring me to try anything.

“Ciscoooo please don’t ignore me.” I purred, letting the notes role off of my tongue. I was shocked when he stood out of his chair suddenly, walking around the computers to grab my hand.

“I warned you.” He said, dragging me out of the cortex. As we left, I caught sight of Barry throwing a thumbs up.

As we entered the hallway, he slammed me against the wall, the lust dancing in his eyes as he scanned my body hungrily. This side of him drove me wild. The silly side had basically just jumped into a bush to watch as the more hungry side too over. He leaned forward slowly, just to tease me more.

“Did you seriously do all of that this week just to rile me up?” He asked, the more inquisitive voice of his returning. I nodded, biting my lip to suppress a grin. He shook his head, grinning, before finally slamming his lips to mine.

This was not other kiss he’d ever given. This was lust filled, hungry, and powerful. And I sure as hell wanted to know what else he could do. I moaned softly into the contact, trying to press my body further up against his. His movements were calculated, precise, like he knew every trigger that would make me lose it.

The slight grinding, the growling, the hand placement. It was as if he just watched me, trying to see what would get a reaction from me. Damn, was he right about it all.

After five minutes of just pulling at the rubber band that connected our two primal instincts, waiting for it to snap, I pulled back.

“Let’s go back to your lab.” I suggested with a whisper. The smile that appeared on his face clearly indicated his thoughts.

“Lead the way Princess.”

I slipped out from underneath him, sprinting down the hallway towards his office. I heard his footsteps following close behind, and the feeling of excitement that was building in my core was insane. The less rational side of me wanted him to fuck me senseless in the hallway, but we both knew that was a horrible idea.

Just as I stepped through his door, I felt him run in, slamming the door. Before I could turn around, he had his arms around his waist, and he sat me hungrily down on one of his tables. He just swiped stuff off of the desk, letting it crash to the floor.

“So when Harry does it, you get ticked. But when it’s me, you don’t care?” I teased, tangling one of my hands in his hair.

“If it means I can do this every time, I will break every object in this room.”

I giggled, bringing his head back to mine, pressing kisses from his forehead, down his nose, and along his jaw. When I got to his ear, I bit down gently, causing his to moan my name quietly.

He started tugging at my shirt, and I finally allowed him to pull it off. Nothing too fancy, just a soft pink bra laid under my shirt. Suddenly, my head traveled to my imperfections, leaving Cisco alone with my shell.

“Princess?” He asked, recognizing the look in my eyes. He used to get this way, judging the many things that made up him. He hated that point in his life, and to see his girlfriend’s expression hold the same sadness, it crushed him.

“(Y/N), hey, look at me.” He said finally, pulling the my head into his hands. I snapped out of my gaze, finally falling back to earth.

“Stop it. I know that gaze anywhere. Judgment. Regret. Just stop. Everything about you is absolutely perfect. No one can tell you otherwise.” He said, rubbing his thumb in circles on my side, in a calming gesture.

“You are the most incredibly perfect woman I have ever met, and I should say something. I’m the guy about to make you scream my name.”

The loving grin that followed after almost immediately had my spirits lifted. I just giggled, shaking my head before bringing myself back close to him.

(Christ on a Bike, it’s my first smut. End me.)

The feeling of soft, yet calloused hands making there way into the hem of the leggings I wore, catching on the edge of the underwear I currently had on caused me to hum in excitement. Cisco’s kisses gave me the extra boost, not wanting to wait much longer.

Go big or go home, I guess.

I suddenly kicked off my shoes, before pulling the leggings I had on swiftly off. I was now left in nothing but my bra and underwear, while Cisco, the little cheater, still had everything on. I grinned, moving to try and unbuckle his pants, but I was stopped by him literally bending me backwards until I laid flat against the desk.

He had my heart rate through the roof from his smile alone, but the feeling of something pressing to the space in between my legs had me breathless. Cisco moved his hand slowly, trying to make sure every inch of me was explored beneath his grasp.

I was putty in his hands, moaning his name increasingly more and more with each movement of his fingers that he made. I hadn’t even seen him unbuckle his belt, for my core had made my vision go hazy from the stimulation. Suddenly, he ripped my panties off of my legs, leaving me exposed to the cold air of the room.

“I can’t believe I’m- no, we’re doing this.” He whispered, laying against me. I felt a completely different appendage brush against my entrance, causing me to moan slightly.

“Dammit Cisco.” I mumbled, trying to slow my heart so I didn’t give myself a heart attack. I curled my hands into his t-shirt, smiling as I read the words ‘Han Shot First’. He just grinned, pressing himself further into me. My core was practically begging me to just slide down, that’s all it took to have him inside of me, but I waited.

“Impatient are we?” He asked, the smugness returning to his grin. His eyes were lust filled, but something else danced beneath the surface. Meant for only me. Complete and utter adoration. I rolled my eyes, sliding down on the table, feeling the tip of him enter me slightly.

I moaned again, stifling a laugh before commenting.

“Sorry if I tear any of your p-papers.”

Of course I was stuttering, this incredible man chose me, out of all the girls in central city, he chose me, and I was going to enjoy this.

“It’s not problem.” He mumbled, before fully sliding into me. The gasp that escaped my lips was audible, and I immediately found myself winding my fingers into Cisco’s hair.

He groaned softly, the vibrations of it fluttering through me. We locked eyes, before nodding to each other at the same time. In sync, like any good couple should be.

His pace was slow and deliberate, pushing me more and more towards my edge, before dragging me back at the last second. He was practically torturing me.

He tried to keep his moans at a minimum, but I had completely lost it. I was constantly begging him to go faster, screaming his name. He did say he would have me at that point, but not this slow. This was more loving that his original actions, but I knew what he was doing. He knew what he was doing.

At some point, he hit a specific area in me, causing my moan to be louder, and I tugged at his hair. The loud moan that escaped him had me feeling stupid at my forgetfulness. He had told me he was really into his hair being messed with. Especially pulling, and I think I would have to use that to my advantage.

I tugged, and he moaned again, this time, slamming into me faster. Way harder also.

Hell yeah, I found the trigger. Good job (Y/N), putting that brain to good use. Good use being fucking your boyfriend, but still.

I pulled harder, causing him to slam into me again. Oh hell yes. the moan that escaped my mouth was not as loud as his, as he became the one to beg.

“Oh my god (Y/N) why are you s-stoAHH”

Mid sentence, I tugged his hair, half giggling and half moaning as he slammed into me again.

“Trade. You keep up this pace, I’ll keep up mine.” I purred, pulling lightly at his hair. He nodded vigorously, before suddenly, he quickened. I didn’t even have time to adjust before I was a moaning, needy mess. I did keep up my end of the bargain, pulling at his hair with each thrust he took.

It didn’t take long for my core to tighten, and the urge to just let go was getting stronger and stronger. But I didn’t want this to end. I wanted to keep my boyfriend this close and carefree for as long as possible.

He locked eyes with me, and we both shared the same expression. We’re close.

I mumbled an 'I love you’ as I kissed him again, tugging as hard as I ever had at his hair. That’s when he lost it. He quickened again, throwing me over the edge almost instantly, following me not long behind. We stayed connected, trying to calm our tremoring bodies from our high.

Cisco pulled out softly, just gazing down at me.

“Thanks for the pick me up Princess.” He chuckled, gazing lovingly down at me. I pressed a kiss to his nose, suddenly feeling tired from the extremes we had both been at. I could see the weakness in Cisco’s eyes, but he was a lot more determined to stay awake than I.

“Can I sleep on your couch in here for a little bit?” I asked, gazing half lidded up at him. He nodded, finally getting off of me. He buckled up his pants one more, and picked me up bridal style from the table. I had no idea where my underwear went in the ordeal, but Cisco, being the amazing man he was, always kept spare clothes in the labs for me, in case I stayed on a late night with him.

I pulled the new pair of underwear on tiredly, along with a pair of sweatpants and one of Cisco’s meme shirts. I spread out on his couch, smiling sweetly as he laid a blanket across me.

“Alright, I’m gonna head back up to the cortex to try and get some work done, just come up if you need me.” He said gently, leaning down to kiss my forehead. I groggily smiled, nodding.

“That was fun. We should do it again some time.”

“Most definitely.”

Holy fuck. HOLY FUCK I DID IT! I WROTE SMUT! I HOPE YOU SINNERS ARE HAPPY! YOU THIRSTY CHILDREN! It was very artsy tbh, but I like I how I wrote it. Watch out 50 Shades Of Grey, I’m coming to kick your ass.
Sorry if this sucks guys, I wrote it on my iPod.

Imagine Going on a Hike with Jared Leto

“Hey, Y/N, wake up” I heard Jared’s voice, then I felt his lips on my shoulder. “C’mon babe, we gotta get up” he said and kissed my cheek.

I opened my eyes and he was lying on his right side with his right arm under his head, looking at me.

“Mmmmm, already?” I opened my eyes and started stretching out in the bed. Then I covered my face with a blanket not wanting to get up.

“Ha, ha, yeah already. C’mon sleepyhead, It’s gonna be a great day” Jared chuckled and took the blanket off my head, put his arm over me and kissed my cheek again. “Up. Now” he said and rubbed his nose over mine, then he rolled over and got up first “Don’t make me drag you out of the bed” he pointed his finger at me pretending to threaten me while he was going to the bathroom.

“Fine, fine, I’m up” I said and set on the side of the bed putting my face into my hands, trying to wake up completely.

It was 6 am, and I was not an early bird. Jared on the hand loved the dawn, and morning hikes, which he planned for us today. I love spending time with him, especially doing stuff that he enjoys. It’s the perfect opportunity to get to know him, but this was just too exhausting. Especially considering we can never go to bed early enough.

I’m not hearing footsteps!” Jared yelled from the bathroom.

“Ugh, I’m up you big nag” I said and headed to the bathroom. When I got in, he was finishing brushing his teeth and he rinsed it with a mouthwash.

“I’m never sleeping over again if you plan on waking me up like this” I said and washed my face. As I was putting a toothpaste on my toothbrush I saw Jared looking at me, while he was leaning against the counter folding his arms over his chest.

“What?” I asked and started brushing my teeth. 

“Nothing” he said and bite his lower lip “I was just looking at how beautiful you are when you wake up all cranky” he said, ran his fingers through his blond hair and scanned my entire body from top to bottom. I was wearing his big t-shirt, and a pair of panties. My hair was up in a messy ponytail and I couldn’t think of a less attractive sight than this. While, on the other hand, he was shirtless, wearing only the pajama bottoms. Still, this “bedroom edition” of me turned him on. 

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When You Became Mine - Zig x MC Special Part 3
Summary: Zig has a Valentine’s Day surprise up his sleeve for MC and the time has come to reveal part of his plan. Will this special day turn out to be the start of something beautiful? 

Authors’ Note: Read the first two parts here: Part 1 (by @kittenmusicals) and Part 2 (by @choicesmyway)

[Zig and MC are still celebrating Valentine’s Day in this trilogy’s finale! @choicesmyway, @kittenmusicals and I have worked together to create this Zig x MC fanfic. Zig may not have been a choice in @playchoices’ Game of Love, but we still get to celebrate Valentine’s Day with him through this piece. We’ve divided this story into three amazing parts. It’s been a labor of love for us so we hope you enjoy it!]

When You Became Mine - Finale

The festival was in full swing as night fell over Hartfeld. Lanterns strung across the football field illuminated the booths and the crowd, laughter echoed through the various parts of the grounds. The moon was high and stars glittered in the sky, lending an air of romance to the Valentine’s Day fair.

“This is the last of it,” she sighed, holding up a pink cloud of cotton candy between her fingers. “But I don’t think we should eat any more of this.” She and Zig had been munching on hotdogs and popcorn through the afternoon; and once they discovered a shared weakness for cotton candy, they couldn’t stop snacking on the fluffy treat.

“Speak for yourself,” Zig smirked. He took her hand and placed it close to his lips, his eyes steady on hers. Her lips parted, seeing a sudden desire in his eyes. And no, she thought, it wasn’t just for cotton candy.

Using her fingers, he took the little cloud of cotton candy between his teeth. As the spun sugar melted, he slid her fingers in his mouth, his tongue flicking over her fingertips, sending shivers through her body, weakening her in the knees. Thank goodness they were seated.

He continued gazing at her while he gently caressed the back of her hand, spreading feather-light kisses from her fingertips, to her fingers, on her palm, on the inside of her wrist.

“Zig…,” she moaned softly, unable to suppress another shiver.  

“That,” Zig whispered, burying his face in her hair, “was delicious.”

“I knew you just wanted me for that cotton candy,” she giggled, punching him lightly on the shoulder.

He planted a kiss on her cheek. “Cotton candy and my girl? I’m in heaven.” He got up and looked around the grounds, as if searching for something in particular. “C’mon, there’s something I want to try with you.”  

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“I just love looking at you.”

Pairing: Luke and You

Word Count: 1000+

Warning: sfw

Just a fluffy lil blurb bc the idea of boyfriend!luke keeps me up at night.

Masterlist | Feedback

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Headcanons for Modern Day AU Marquis De Lafayette:

• So Lafayette was born and raised in Chavaniac, France but due to interest in America’s culture he moved to the U.S to go to college immediately after graduating from high school. He was quite unsure of his major, but he’s leaning a bit towards American Studies.

• The first thing Lafayette did when his plane landed in New York was buy an “I Heart America” t-shirt.

• After meeting Laurens and Mulligan, Lafayette was low-key like, “‘Zeeze American men are hotter than a warm baguette on a Sunday morning.” It got even worse when he met Hamilton. Meeting Hamilton was just like, “You’re hot. I’m hot. You’re an immigrant. I’m an immigrant. Let’s be best friends.” He believes that he’s in a polyamorous relationship with the three other guys. Mulligan’s not really into it.

• Lafayette is high-key Pansexual (but leans more towards men). And also hella polyamorous as well. He literally loves everyone.

• He wears skinny jeans and leggings like every day. When he doesn’t, he’s wearing the shortest shorts ever known to man. He wears tank tops pretty much every second of the day. People sometimes wonder how he doesn’t freeze to death in the winter time.

• No one has ever seen his hair down. EVER.

• He’s that annoying kid who brings French pastries and escargot to lunch while everyone else has like a turkey sandwich.

• Thomas Jefferson is one of his best friends. But Lafayette cringes every time he mentions anything about France. Lafayette’s pretty fed up with Burr, and only likes him when he mentions war.

• When the Paris Attacks happened, normally chatty Lafayette didn’t speak a word. He was so devastated that he stayed in his room for a solid three days, only leaving if he needed to get food.

• Sometimes he dresses in drag, just out of boredom.

• To sum it all up he’s American’s favorite fighting pansexual who loves baguettes, wears women’s clothing, and can work a school hallway like it’s a damn runway.

‘I left my heart on Kadara’ Women's Relaxed Fit T-Shirt by Aurora Patera
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