i heart pbs

Okay, about to blow your mind. Or not if you’ve been paying attention.

Everybody knows that PBS was the network that brought Doctor Who into many of our household, but there have been “Time Lords” all over the channel since it was known as NET, which it was from 1958 until 1970. 

See, even PBS is a Time Lord of sorts regenerating into a same yet different being.

You have numerous characters and personalities displaying Time Lord-like behavior over the decades, particularly The Doctor. One doesn’t have to look too far to see the similarities, and some are more obvious than others.

  • Mister Rogers is a kind, grandfatherly figure who uses a small vehicle, the Neighborhood Trolley, to traverse time and dimensions to travel to the Land of Make Believe.
  • Oscar the Grouch is more curmudgeonly, but his vessel of choice is a TARDIS, shaped as a trash can, which has space for an elephant, a collection center, and other things unseen by the naked eye.
  • Miss Frizzle and The Cat in the Hat are eccentric, odd characters who take unsuspecting kids in a strange, transforming vehicle (the Magic School Bus and the Thingamajigger, respectively)  to explore time, space, and dimensions no one has ever traveled.
  • Maya and Miguel are fraternal twins representing chaos and order. You have the chaotic Maya, who is more aware of what she really is (If you doubt me, explain her magic barrette, I dare you!), who’s more playful and reckless while her brother Miguel is more down to earth and a voice of reason. They balance each other out, which is why they’re each other’s best friend. 
  • George Shrinks is a kid who, stuck in a tiny form,  travels through the world around him with a unique vehicle exploring it knowing the dangers he may encounter due to his size.
  • Mr. Conductor is also small in size, living in a signal box at a train station being a voice of wisdom and knowledge to those around him. Unlike the others, there have been many incarnations of Mr. Conductor over the years. The first one was a musician, quiet and shy. The second incarnation was a trickster with a wry sense of humor.
  • A possible third incarnation of Mr. Conductor is a jovial, full-sized troodon living in the Cretaceous period traveling through time and dimensions aboard a train. The Troodons are the only species on the show wearing clothes, carrying watches, and using technology and what we call modern living (seats, tables, plates, and paper tickets) as a whole. Certainly an advanced species in the world of  Dinosaur Train, and nobody questions it.

Evidence of time lords on PBS that aren’t Doctor Who.

Do with this knowledge what you want.

  • Eliza: in their eyes I see you, Alexander
  • My heart: simultaneously shatters into a million pieces, sets itself on fire, jumps out a window