i heart marc

i just want to say that i love the penguins and i love marc andré fleury more and i hope he gets what he deserves next year as a starting goalie, with the penguins or not. he proved he could still do it and that he was dominant in front of his net and he deserves the whole fucking world.

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“Normally…I can cry with movies! These kind of movies when it’s like a team fighting for a championship or…you know, there is some connection there.”

(After the Flag, Le Mans 2012)

I had a rly nice afternoon/night with yael…, we planned to go on a dinner date so I dressed fancy (in my black velvet dress) but when I got to her house I realized how much fun I was having just hanging out with her and finn at the house so we ordered sushi? And stayed in! In our “fancy” clothes. And goofed around and she showed me a musical she’s been wanting me to listen to and then we got ice cream @ sonic and when we came back I showed her a web series I’ve been wanting to show her and then we watched Anastacia and then it was suddenly like 1am! We got to spend so much time together and my heart is so full. I love being near her I can’t wait to be near here More. I love summer bc it means, her


Goodbye, Kurt Hummel : [Week 1] The moment you fell in love with Kurt

[CUT TO: INT. HALLWAY - DAY. KURT walks up to the sign-up sheet
and writes down his name.]
[CUT TO: INT. AUDITORIUM - DAY. KURT is on stage.]
KURT: Hello, I’m Kurt Hummel, and I’ll be singing “Mr. Cellophane”.
[KURT sings “Mr. Cellophane” from Chicago.]

Part Two of The Raven Cycle Fancast;

  • Remco Boxelaar as Richard Campbell Gansey lll
  • Marc Schulze as Adam Parrish