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Every live performance of Jet Black Heart

Legitimately. Every. One.

It’s simple. I miss michael. I also miss seeing new videos of michael performing jet black heart, my favorite 5sos song, live every night or so. because of this, i made this masterlist of nearly every live performance of jet black heart

((well pretty close to every one,,, please don’t sue me)) ((also if i missed any cities or fucked up anything please let me know xx))

You’re welcome.

Rock Out With Your Socks Out

~North America~

since it was only played at the very end of rowyso… also i think jones beach was the first place it was played but i could be wrong its been over a year

Sounds Live Feels Live



~North America~


  • Melbourne - September 29th ((only half))
  • Brisbane - October 2nd
  • Sydney (1st night) - October 4th
  • Sydney (2nd night) - October 5th ((LAST SHOW IM EMO))

Don’t care for the live performances? 

do not fear. here’s some alternatives:

yes this did just take me like 2 weeks to make.
do i regret it?

absolutely not.


anonymous asked:

For the ask meme, could I ask for Riku and Lea with either 26 or 28? not necessarily romantic, if you decide to do it ^^

28.Teaching the other something new

Riku’s teaching Lea how to not throw his Keyblade every single time because he’s used to his chakrams, and there’s a lot of progress to be made

Do not repost or use anywhere without proper credit. Asked permission is preferred.

Do not tag as le/a-ku or a/ku/ri/k/u


time moved too fast

you play it back

please do not repost :)

kiLLING TWO MEMES WITH ONE STONE with swanky meme squad @maqui-chan @pemprika @exucaribur yo waddup homies


This drawing took me five days. It started as a random experiment and ended up as probably one of my best drawings ever. Of course it’s neither “perfect” nor “very good”, it’s full of mistakes and a lot of things could have been much better, but I’m proud of what I did. I’ll keep practicing and maybe one day I’ll finally be able to call myself an artist, who knows. 

This guy’s name is Allan, a new OC of mine. I’m looking forward to drawing him again sometime. 

My internet best friend said the most amazing thing to me today. I asked her to describe me in 5 words, and one of them was “protective”, and she said “It makes me feel safe, it’s cool because you’re miles away and I still feel safe”

Just goes to show that no matter where you are in the world or how far away a loved one may be, you can still make them feel safe and loved

Day 10: SET C - “FREE SPACE”

“It won’t be.”
“It won’t be okay, unless we make it.
"You have a plan?”
“Not yet. We don’t know enough. Our only chance at the moment is to play along.”
“So, you do have a plan.”
“I doubt it’s worth calling it that.”
“Pft, whatever. Don’t be so grim, Isa. We can do this, right!”

I felt like falling. It was a vertigo, things were keeping to blur before my eyes. It was hard to keep myself together at that time. Being with you helped.
Apparently I was the only one struggeling with this. I know for sure that you didn’t.
Then again, I was also the only one who had had an X carved into his forehead. 

It was incredible how fast the wound had healed – or rather, how fast it had scarred.

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